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I recently bought myself my very first designer handbag. It was quite pricey. The thing is, I felt like such a big girl. My very first proper handbag. This was a huge milestone for me. It was like saying my first word. Taking my first step. Getting my first car. I was so very proud of myself! Naturally, I wanted to buy myself another PRADA bag to congratulate myself on my first PRADA.

My reasoning was simply that if my goal is to get my ducks in order, then how will I ever be able to afford such a luxury (and by the way... I feel absolutely great!). Tomorrow, as a result, I'm going to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to face the world with a new, glossy positive attitude. I've replaced that chip on my shoulder with a fabulous shoulder bag. If attitude is everything and employers want to see this, they should buy all women designer hand bags. Doctors should also get in on this; instead of prescribing medication for depression, they should prescribe a Valentino. Fuck loosing 10lbs. A glorious hand bag will curb that appetite.

More facts: a handbag will heal a broken heart. It will dry your salty tears. After I purchased my bag, I felt like I'd made something of myself. Practical Peggy will tell you, buying a new home is an accomplishment. Oh Peggy! What about a home for your lip gloss or pocket book? The real question is: would I walk around feeling this high if I saved every single penny? My advice is: it's ok to splurge once in a while. If you buy a hand bag, buy your self something classic. Go for timeless instead of trendy.

We live in a world where everywhere you turn, like Dorothy calling for home, you see fashion. Your favourite actress is modeling for perfume. That $300 bra went on sale for $75. Do you trample the old and infirm to get to it or do you simply ignore it? Magazines, TV, and film inspire us to enhance our image and feel better about ourselves. From your hair conditioner to your Manolo Blanik shoes .

Fashion has been around for a very long time and is here to stay, and for those of us that religiously tend the shrine of Fashion, it's all too easy to make irrational decisions with our hard-earned money. Let me say it again - I have yet to master the art of saving. I apologize to the Practical Peggy's who are reading this. I'm not a financial journalist. I'm just a girl devotee hypnotized by the glitz and glory of shopping.

I Heart Living On A Budget  

I heart living on a budget

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