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With 20 years of homebuilding experience under his belt, Bob Higginbotham’s highly recognizable style of expansive custom homes have made his work stand out from the crowd in DeSoto County. However, even one of the region’s most reputable builders wasn’t immune to the struggles brought on by the economic downturn. “When things were good, they were really good,” he says. “And we’ve had slow times before but when this crunch hit, it was 94 JULY 2013 |

different — it hit everybody.” In addition to numerous accolades from the Home Builders Association of Mississippi, one of Higginbotham’s crowning achievements as a local builder are his homes in Spring Place Estates, a picturesque, high-dollar neighborhood located just off Pleasant Hill and Church Road in Olive Branch. There, each house is built site-specific to maximize the location and provide a unique aesthetic flair. Known countywide for his “can-do” reputation, Higginbotham frequently takes on challenging projects that include expansive estates featuring curved floors,

Five that Survived the Crash  
Five that Survived the Crash