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Redefining “Fit for Purpose” When it comes to selecting waste and recycling machines, ‘Fit for Purpose’ no longer means just lifting. David Banks, Sales Manager - Waste & Recycling Sector at JCB, offers a deeper definition.

The waste and recycling industry is a tough business that puts machines through their paces. Naturally, a machine will need to be ‘Fit For Purpose’. But what does that mean exactly? Obviously a machine should be able to lift, place, or shift materials. But being fit for purpose in the modern waste and recycling facility requires much more. The broad range of tasks that machines are expected to perform every day in these sites has evolved – as have user expectations of the machines’ capabilities to deliver a successful operation. Machines must be designed to meet these requirements, working in facilities that are

generally operating long hours, handling increasing volumes, are open to the elements and are occupied by a mix of staff and visitors. Only by fulfilling the following key purposes, will a machine fulfil the expectations of a waste and recycling site. Increasing Efficiency Efficiency is the first key purpose – with economical fuel consumption being a prime factor. A fuel-efficient machine will contribute to your profitability while also providing a cleaner environment to work in. The power unit, being the heart of the machine, is the key to fuel efficiency: the right power unit should meet the latest emissions regulations and deliver fuel consumption savings without sacrificing the top quality performance. Not an easy task in an environment where the jobs are getting tougher. Power coming from an engine that meets Stage IV/Tier 4 Final is a major contributing factor to a machine’s fitness for purpose. Aimed at reducing the hazardous exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in the EU and North America, these are latest stage of the engine emissions regulations, which apply to off-highway machines.


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