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Take a wrecking ball to your insurance costs At Square Mile Broking we specialise in the demolition industry and have over twenty years’ experience in looking after NFDC members. We have now introduced an exclusive demolition scheme with full asbestos and environmental liability cover. You will enjoy the significant cost benefits our innovative approach brings whilst having the peace of mind that we have genuine expertise in your industry. As award winning Chartered Insurance Brokers, our tailor-made policies can keep your premiums low while ensuring that you’re fully covered in every area you need to be and none that you’re not. • Environmental Impairment Liability • Liability cover for drones • Full licensed asbestos cover to full policy limit • NFDC Discounts • Fees For Intervention (FFI) Cover • Financially secure ‘A’ rated UK based insurers • Extremely competitive rates with low minimum premiums • Extended period policies • No height or depth restriction • Workable Heat Condition • No hazardous works restriction


INSITE Events Done, Events to Come This column is being written more than a month after the industry gathered at The Belfry for the first-ever British Demolition Awards. And, to be honest, all of us at Demolition magazine are still riding an unprecedented high that continues to grow with the positive feedback received from all those in attendance. It would be easy to rest on our laurels; to pat ourselves on the back; and to take some time to bask in our unexpected glory. It would be equally simple to say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, hit the repeat button and see everyone back at The Belfry, same time next year. But instead, we’re back on the case, laying plans for what promises to be an even bigger and more spectacular British Demolition Awards in 2019. The Belfry is now fading into the distance in our rear-view mirror as we have secured the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel for next year’s event to provide even more demolition professionals with an opportunity to attend. We already have several key sponsors on board, a number of tables have been prebooked, and we’re currently working on extending the list of awards that will be up for grabs. You can track all of this on our newly-launched and dedicated website: www. The second coming of the British Demolition Awards is scheduled to take place on 19 July 2019; which means the UK demolition industry is in for one seriously busy summer next year. Because two weeks before we all gather in Manchester, the industry will be heading for the Hertfordshire Showground for the fourth DemoExpo exhibition. There is no better way to judge the power, performance and productivity of a particular machine than seeing, hearing and feeling it first-hand and in action. So we are throwing our full weight behind the 2019 DemoExpo. Before the event opens its doors, we are planning to produce a new – Demolition Talk - book based upon the very best content from the Demolition News Radio podcast. But there’s more. If my memory serves me correctly, next year marks the 78th anniversary of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors - along with the Institute of Demolition Engineers - one of the hosts of the DemoExpo. To mark that, we are going to produce just 78 printed copies of Demolition Talk. And those 78 copies will be on sale ONLY during DemoExpo 2019. If you ask nicely, I might even sign it for you too. You can hear more about this in an exclusive podcast here:

EDITORIAL Mark Anthony 07973 465 166 SALES Ben Chambers 01903 899942 Charlotte Lane 01903 899941 GENERAL ENQUIRIES 01903 899823 PRODUCED & PUBLISHED BY Chambers Media Ltd Unit 1, Chatsworth House, 39 Chatsworth Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LY 01903 899823 Demolition is published 6 times a year by Chambers Media Ltd. The subscription rate is £60 per year. Subscription records are maintained at Chambers Media Ltd, Unit 1, Chatsworth House, 39 Chatsworth Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LY Articles and information contained in this publication are the copyright of Demolition Publications and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publishers. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, uncommissioned photographs or manuscripts.


Rhodar Makes Inroads Rhodar, one of the UK’s leading asbestos removal companies, has launched its new brand, formally showcasing its ability to provide an end-to-end specialist enabling works solution for the construction industry. Founded in 1976, Rhodar now offers demolition and land remediation to complement its established asbestos removal services. Turnover this year is projected to be £48 million, with a growing workforce of over 500 professionals operating from 12 strategically located facilities across the UK.

demolition specialist Bagnall UK into Rhodar in late 2016, having worked hand-in-hand on projects for over 10 years within the Lexia Solutions Group. The evolution of the business continued last year with the establishment of a new remediation division with global expertise, unlocking further growth potential.

Jason Davy. “We’re proud to deliver an unrivalled and sustainable customer journey and are very excited to be formalising and amalgamating our expertise under the new Rhodar brand, continuing our evolution to deliver effective solutions for our customers.”

Rhodar’s client base includes NHS trusts, transport infrastructure providers, schools, universities, housing, nuclear, MoD and the wider construction industry.

“Rhodar is a team of innovators and we are always looking to challenge standard practice to find new and efficient ways of delivering projects. Each of our three service disciplines has a strong reputation and track record in their specialist field,” says Rhodar managing director

Rhodar was recently recognised as a finalist in the 2018 Construction News Specialist Contractor Awards and was named winner in the 2018 UKRIA (UK Rail Industry Awards) in the ‘Outstanding Projects’ (under £3 million) category for their innovative, unique project for Great Western Railways (GWR).

This strategic move began with the process of integrating



Building on a Legacy

STUFF It is six months since C&D Consultancy founder and driving force John Woodward sold his business to friend and colleague Mike Kehoe. And the company is going from strength-tostrength whilst maintaining the standards and work ethic that Woodward set in place. Mark Anthony reports. He may have a penchant for sharp suits and flashy shirts, ties and shoes; but when it comes to business, John Woodward is a nononsense individual. So when he sold C&D Consultancy to colleague and long-time friend Mike Kehoe at the beginning of the year, he did so with the minimum fuss and fanfare; he just slipped quietly away from the spotlight leaving Kehoe centre stage. Indeed, most of C&D’s clients barely noticed the changeover which says much about the smoothness of the transition and just as much about Kehoe’s continuation of and adherence to the Woodward Way. A key part of that “Woodward Way” is a work ethic that defies logic; that runs contrary to good sense and work/life balance; and which makes a job at C&D ideally suited to an insomniac blessed with super-human levels of stamina. Some years ago, I labelled John Woodward the “hardest working man in demolition” and, even though the sobriquet was bestowed with my metaphorical tongue planted firmly in my cheek, I was entirely serious. The reputation of C&D Consultancy was built upon an “anywhere, any time” approach to customer relations. If a company needed training at a weekend or on a remote island, C&D would make it


stuff happen. If a customer needed support during an emergency response situation in the middle of the night, C&D was there. The name of the company owner might have changed, the company logo might have been tweaked and modernised; and the head office may have relocated, but that “always on” approach remains an integral part of the company DNA. And while a change in ownership can often lead to customer uncertainty and even a temporary lull in workload, C&D Consultancy has maintained and increased its upward trajectory under Mike Kehoe’s tutelage even against a backdrop of wild and unexpected industry fluctuations. Depth is Strength John Woodward continues to develop and deliver training for the business. But the Kehoe-

era C&D Consultancy is evolving and changing. “In the past, C&D’s workload was about 95 percent contractor led. But we recognised that we needed to be more client-led to meet the real demands of the modern demolition world,” Kehoe insists. “Although the business remains as diverse as ever, it now has three key areas of focus: a principal designer role; thirdparty qualifications; and helping clients identify and appoint the best and the most appropriate contractor for a specific contract.” That principal contractor role (CDMC in old money) now accounts for around 30 percent of C&D’s business; and it is a field of expertise that is growing both financially and in importance. “At its core, the principal designer role involves collating information to ensure that

the demolition contractor is forewarned and forearmed when they arrive on site,” Kehoe explains. “But we go much further than that. We have the expertise to analyse method statements and risk assessments and to know if they are correct and that the demolition design is right, even down to the loadings on a structure as the demolition progresses.” That ability to dig deeper and to go the extra mile is one of the key tenets in C&D’s ongoing success. The company regularly audits demolition contractors before and during a contract, even if they have already passed a National Federation of Demolition Contractors’ audit. “The NFDC audit looks predominantly at the site’s paperwork,” Kehoe explains. “We delve deeper. We possess the skill set to judge just how a contract is being carried out, including the methods employed and how the work matches with the method statement.” Contractor Conduit This attention to detail has elevated C&D Consultancy to the industry big league. The company has been working with Berkeley Homes for a number of years; but its client portfolio now also contains several other big hitters from the housebuilding fraternity, including Redrow and Barratt. Most recently, the company has carried out project management work for construction behemoth Mace, demonstrating yet another skill from an already impressive armoury. “Previously, we would generally have been brought in by a main contractor to look over the demolition paperwork,” Kehoe


stuff says. “But increasingly, we are being asked to fulfil a project management role using our demolition expertise, monitoring the demolition contractor as the works progress.” A key element of working directly for clients, however, works to the advantage of the demolition contractor as well, as Mike Kehoe is quick to point out. “How many times do you hear a demolition contractor say they were told to start work tomorrow? All too often, and regardless of the leadin time stipulations within the CDM Regulations, the demolition contractor is given insufficient time to plan effectively,” he says. “But by given a bit more time, a demolition contractor can carry out a pre-demolition audit to devise more efficient methodologies. They can recycle and reuse materials from the

soft strip process such as doors, carpets, computer flooring and ceiling tiles. If the client is willing to give the demolition contractor the time, they can save them money and reduce the carbon footprint of the project too.” A Matter of time You get the impression that time is a key consideration for Kehoe and for the C&D Consultancy team. Precise time management allows the team to visit multiple sites each day. That same time management also allows Kehoe to work with clients and contractors both here in his native UK, and – increasingly – overseas. Time management also allows the team to accommodate emergency response calls, carry out training at the weekend or at night to suit the needs of their customers.


Amidst all of this, Mike Kehoe (together with fellow C&D Consultancy man Matthew Bardgett) is in the middle of a Masters Degree in demolition, a commitment that must be a massive drain on his time and energy. Not that you would know it. Kehoe retains the enthusiasm of a man half his age. He is perpetual motion made human. He seemingly has no “off-switch”. Maybe that’s just in his genetic make-up. Maybe he was like that before he joined C&D Consultancy. Maybe his ceaseless energy is merely a reflection of the fact that he was raised in the Woodward Way. And maybe – just maybe - there is a new contender for the “hardest working man in demolition” crown.


Improving by Degrees The University of Wolverhampton has signed an agreement with the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) to provide a new qualification in Demolition Management.

The Undergraduate Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree will be partly delivered by the IDE up to Foundation level and then topped up by the University. The University of Wolverhampton launched the first Demolition Management


Master’s degree in Europe last year. Accredited by the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE), the course has been designed in conjunction with industry specialists and is being delivered by both academics and demolition sector experts.

Ground Breaking since 1988 Five times winner of Rammer UK Dealer Award

Our Products We offer world leading products from manufacturers including hydraulic and demolition shears, static pulverisers, grapples and screening buckets.

For Information on all Murray Plant products, Please call Fergal O’Neill on 07968 340382 or email or Mick Reeve on 07919 212 292 or email

stuff This follows the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of Wolverhampton and IDE, providing significant opportunities for students and existing practitioners. IDE practitioners have been involved in the development and delivery of the new degree which will provide a pathway for people interested in working in the industry. The new qualification was announced at the EnTRESS ‘This is Demolition’ Event held at the Springfield Campus recently. The event brought together academics, industry and practitioners from the demolition industry as well as businesses and employers to share ideas and consider

knowledge transfer to feed into the degree curriculum. “Today has been a long time in the making and it’s very exciting. I feel very privileged to be at the helm of the IDE whilst signing the official document today,” says IDE President David Darsey. “This is a huge milestone for the industry and, having started at the bottom of the ladder it’s very encouraging to see how things are progressing in the construction sector. This new degree will provide a vital stepping-stone to encourage people to join the demolition industry whilst also offering them pathways to progression.” This view is echoed by Jackie Dunne, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University. “This

“Our aim is to provide a service second to none”

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important partnership with the IDE will ensure that there is a ladder of education for young people which links back to the construction industry,” Dunne says. “We are very proud that we are the only University in the world that offers a programme for the entire lifetime of a building from design right through to demolition and it is thanks to the tireless efforts of partners like IDE that we are able to develop programmes which are both relevant to industry and vital to supporting local, national and international economies.” Applicants can register for a phone call from an advisor on A Level Results day or call the Clearing Hotline on 01902 518585.


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The Wider Cost of Pollution Construction companies who now face companiesincreased fines for breaching massively who now face legislation need to act environmental massively quickly as Dr Richard Coulton, CEO of increased –fines Siltbuster the UK’s leading authority for water on breaching treatment, explains.


When Tesco and Thames Water were fined £8 million and £20 million respectively last year for pollution incidents with disastrous impacts on nearby water courses, it was a real wake up call for companies involved in the construction sector.

STUFF The fines, issued as a result of the new sentencing guidelines introduced in 2014, are the largest to date and established a new framework against which the magnitude of future fines for lack of environmental compliance will be set. The 2014 guidelines set out a standardised approach in which sentences for a pollution event are determined on the basis of not only the significance of the incident but also the size of the company and the degree of corporate culpability. In particular, the guidelines establish a range of culpabilities from ‘low or no culpability’ through to ‘deliberate’ where there was an intentional or flagrant breach of the law by those in positions of responsibility. Systemic Failures The systemic failures identified in the Thames Water case led the presiding judge to conclude that they must have been the result of ‘deliberate’ action by those in authority within the company. In giving his judgement, the judge took the sentencing process a step further than the formulaic approach set out by the Sentencing Council by also applying the following principles: • •

it should not be cheaper to offend than to take appropriate precautions; shareholders need to understand that the environment is to be treasured and protected, not poisoned; significantly sized fines will get that message across.

The implications of the case for companies operating in the construction sector are clear: there is now little choice but to ensure they adopt best environmental practice when it comes to the treatment of

on-site waste water or face the risk of incurring much greater costs by not complying. The Thames Water and Tesco cases make it clear that environmental compliance is now the least cost option. Prevention, Not Cure Prevention is always better than cure and the simplest way of avoiding an on-site water pollution disaster is to minimise the risk of a breach of environmental legislation happening in the first place. To achieve this, I suggest that all construction companies should implement eight key action points: • Foster a culture of zero harm and extend the philosophy beyond the protection of employees and the public to include the surrounding environment. • Introduce a programme to educate site personnel on the environmental risks posed by construction activities. For example, most construction workers are aware of the risks of silt and oil pollution but are more than happy to allow concrete wagons to wash out in leaky waste skips even though high pH concrete wash water is as toxic as oven cleaner. • Plan the works in a way that minimises the environmental risks. For example, only strip the minimum area necessary for the works in hand, install measures to prevent silt pollution, refuel vehicles in designated areas where adequate spill prevention can be provided and wash concrete truck mixers out in a unit designed to treat the high pH water – like our ‘Big pHil’ integrated concrete washout, pH Adjustment and water recycling unit.


Ensure the RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) cover the environmental risks associated with each construction activity and that operatives are briefed on those risks and how to manage them. Put appropriate measures in place to manage any residual environmental risk. For example, segregate waste by different types, install settlement units to remove silt contamination from water pumped off construction sites, provide oil spill kits and only wash out concrete trucks into a system designed to neutralise the high pH water. These measures need not be expensive and systems can typically be hired on a weekly basis. Plan for the unexpected – it rains a lot in the UK, even in the summer! So, make sure your environmental protection measures can cope with sudden downpours or flooding caused by sustained periods of rainfall. Know where to get specialist help and equipment to manage the residual risk imposed by construction activities and make sure that this equipment is installed and operational before commencing work. Last but not least, ensure that sufficient funds are included in the budget to cover the cost of environmental protection measures as ultimately, under the new sentencing regime, this is likely to be significantly less expensive and less detrimental to the alternative of being fined.

I firmly believe that it is only by adopting a systematic approach

stuff to environmental management on construction sites that both the risk of a serious pollution incident occurring and the magnitude of the resulting fine can be minimised. Act Now Maintaining environmental compliance clearly takes planning and can represent an increase in workload for engineering and environmental departments. It requires specialist knowledge of not

only the proposed construction works but also the hydrology and appropriate methods of water treatment.

by providing the specialist consultancy services needed to prepare site water management plans.

At Siltbuster, we have been actively preparing the industry for the new sentencing regime over the past few years through our inhouse training courses which have so far been attended by over 5,000 delegates. We have also given technical support to those involved in major infrastructure projects

To ensure your projects comply with the latest in industry best practice, book a place on our CPD accredited course ‘Prevention of Pollution on Construction Sites’ or, to arrange a bespoke technical training day tailored for your site-specific activities, call 01600 772256 or email



Keltbray Sets Health Standard Keltbray Group’s dedicated in-house health and wellbeing business, KML Occupational Health, has achieved SEQOHS accreditation. This provides independent and impartial recognition that KML has demonstrated competence to deliver against a set of standards devised by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine as a ‘Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service’. This SEQOHS accreditation aims to raise the standards and quality of services provided by occupational health providers in the private sector and the NHS, and KML has worked tirelessly over the past two years to achieve this. “Clients can be reassured that we meet the highest possible standards of quality in our sector. This accreditation is a badge of quality and is a testament to our people and our service, and I am incredibly proud of our Business Development Manager for KML, Adam Hodkinson, and his team for achieving the top quality standards required by SEQOHS, and now valid for five years,” says Group HSQE Director, Simon Hulme. “KML offers a modern, bespoke occupational health service, whilst acting as a consultancy in occupational health; advising clients on best practice, mandatory and regulatory requirements through policies and procedures, the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) governance and other influencing factors. KML operates using the latest technology to

ensure accuracy, portability, usability and visual aids for the best patient and client experiences.” The company provides a number of different service delivery options to maximise accessibility; be it in one of its established clinics or mobile unit equipped with state of the art, readymade, clinical environment and the latest technology, or by taking advantage of its remote support


options, such as online and digital portals/documents or telephone services. “In essence, this work has helped to align our occupational health and wellbeing provision with the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal,” Hulme concludes. “That means we will now be able to broaden the scope of our business and target companies in all sectors across the UK.”

First Krupp, then Atlas Copco, now Epiroc

Krupp patented the first hydraulic breaker in 1963

Atlas Copco added attachment tools to the portfolio

Epiroc - reducing the cost of ownership of attachment tools

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Epiroc UK & Ireland Ltd

Epiroc was formed to be a stronger partner for you in hydraulic attachment tools. Building on our Krupp and Atlas Copco heritage, we are continuing to develop our technologies to ensure our equipment is competitively priced, easy to maintain and economical to run. With the same great build quality and reliability we keep down your cost of ownership and ensure good residual values.

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O'Donovan Wins MRW Award The results of the National Recycling Awards have been revealed, and O’Donovan Waste won in the Health and Safety Initiative category.

With 19 targeted categories, the awards cover every aspect of the recycling and waste management industry, from Food Waste Initiative to Recycling Excellence. The MRW National Recycling Awards 2018 aims to recognise and celebrate best practice and innovation in recycling and waste management. The awards provide industry recognition and unrivalled networking opportunities. “This year’s winners showcase the innovation and creative thinking being applied by those


who are leading the way in the field of resource and waste management,” says Andrea Lockerbie, Associate Editor of MRW. “There is a lot that others can learn from them.” Jacqueline O’Donovan, Managing Director of O’Donovan said: “We are thrilled to have won the Health and Safety Initiative Award at the National Recycling Awards. It is testament to the dedication of all our team and we are delighted to be recognised at a national level for all the hard work that goes into operating at the highest standards.”



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Tuff Enough Having previously destroyed several iPhones on site, Demolition magazine editor Mark Anthony finally gets his hands on what might just be a demolition-proof smartphone.

I went to the Hillhead 2016 exhibition with a spring in my step, a song in my heart, and a shiny new iPhone in my pocket. Within hours of arriving at the Buxton showground, my step had become muddy and waterlogged, the song in my heart had fallen silent, and my iPhone had a massive crack in

the screen and would soon die, succumbing to the moisture in my rain-soaked trousers. There was no way I was falling for that twice (I say twice but I have dropped and destroyed just about every iPhone I have ever owned, mostly on site). So I reached out to a company called


Tuff Phones who – as their name suggests – specialise in making tough phones and devices that can withstand the worst that a demolition site and a clumsy journalist can throw at them. And possibly against their better judgement, they agreed to loan me one of their devices for the duration of the Hillhead show.

stuff Fully-Functioning Now I have to be honest. I am unashamed Apple fan-boy. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I have an Apple Watch. And I have Apple TV. So when I opened the box containing the Tuff T400s smartphone and found that it runs the Android operating system, there was a little bit of me that wanted to put it back in the box and take my chances with my beloved iPhone and the rocky terrain of the Hillhead show.

durability. The T400s also has a 5” Sharp IGZO display that comes protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 offering improved performance against drops onto rough surfaces. The device is also IP68 certified water and dustproof; and drop and shock resistant at heights of up to 1.5 metres. Unlike my iPhone which has overheated on several occasions, the

But I am nothing if not professional and thorough. And so, having taken the phone out of its box, I decided to put it through its paces. Annoyingly, the first thing I had to do was sign-in using my existing Gmail address and password. So about four seconds later, the phone was populated with my emails, my calendar, the in-progress documents I have residing in my Google Docs folder, and the photos I have stored in Google Photos. In fact, in under a minute, I had a fully functioning device that would allow me to do just about everything I needed to do during the three-day show. So chalk one up to Android and colour me impressed. Sleek & Stylish As an Apple fan-boy, my taste in phones is best described as sleek and stylish; minimalist yet functional. Even the team at Tuff Phones would struggle to describe the Tuff T400s as sleek or stylish. This is a durable device that wears its toughness as a chunky badge of honour. The T400s sports a MIL-STD 810G military grade body and features aluminium-titanium alloy frame that serves as the foundation for the device’s


T400s can withstand extreme temperatures, which was just as well. Because Hillhead 2018 was like Hades on a warm day. Now with any mobile device, battery power is a key consideration. Even with social media notifications switched off, my iPhone generally requires a mid-day recharging; although the fact that I have long since




1.5T-120T COUPLERS Increasing safety, reducing downtime, isn’t it time you chose TEFRA? 028 3025 2555 | |

stuff abandoned a landline probably doesn’t help. The Tuff Phone comes powered by a monstrous 5000 mAh battery that offers up to 580 hours standby time and plenty of talk-time. The manufacturer claims that the battery will easily see you through the day and during a two-day visit to Hillhead, they were absolutely right. In fact, even though my iPhone stayed in my pocket for most of the show, it still needed recharging before the T400s. There is a downside, however. That battery, coupled with the heavy-duty body and frame, makes the Tuff T400s heavier than my usual phone. But some additional weight is a small price to pay for a phone that will not self-destruct at the first sight of concrete, dust or water. Smooth & Responsive One of the strange things about modern smartphones is that we now use them for so many other things that their ability to make calls is almost secondary. So it goes without saying that the T400s performed perfectly adequately as a mobile phone. The handset also offers DualSIM capabilities, accepting up to two Nano SIMs, or alternatively one Nano SIM and one Micro SD card. Equally good was the device’s computing capabilities. At the heart of the device lies a 1.5GHz quad-core MediaTek 6737T processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage; more than enough to keep the device smooth and responsive. One area in which there was a noticeable difference between the T400s and my usual iPhone was in the camera. The TUFF T400s comes equipped with

one of Sony’s newest generation CMOS sensors. There’s a 13MP camera on the rear that offers fast and accurate Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) with LED flash. There’s also a 5MP camera on the front for those allimportant video calls and selfie moments.

time sat safely on my desk. Also, while the additional weight of the Tuff Phone was no issue when it was in the pocket of my jeans or tucked into my backpack, it would look unsightly in the trouser or inside pocket of a suit that I still wear several times each week.

All of that is pretty much on par with the latest Apple iPhones. The difference, however, was noticeable in both the photos and the video footage we shot at Hillhead.

So ultimately, I sent the Tuff Phone T400s back to the manufacturer; but I did so reluctantly. And every time I have been on site with my iPhone since, I have regretted that decision just a little more.

While the iPhone tends to lend moving and still images a faint brown/yellow tinge, the images captured by the Tuff T400s have a discernible blue feel. Oddly enough, although that is something that I am not used to, I actually quite liked it as it seemed to polarise the blue sky that looked down upon Buxton throughout the Hillhead show. I guess the ultimate test is would I switch my beloved iPhone for a Tuff T400s? Well the answer is no, even though there were many features of the T400s that I genuinely appreciated. But mobile devices are a horses for courses choice. And while I spend a day or two each week on site, the fact is that my mobile device spends the majority of its


You can check out an exclusive video of the Tuff Phones T400s here: Cl8emb7obwE. Furthermore, if you are in the market for a demolition-proof smartphone, we have negotiated a discount code with Tuff Phones that will give you a 00 percent discount off the list price. You can find Tuff Phones at:


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Say It Like It Really Is I am constantly frustrated by the lack of gender, sexual and racial diversity in the demolition industry. I am annoyed that demolition training is hard to get in a timely fashion; that it is prohibitively expensive; and that it is constantly changing, seemingly to extract yet more money from the working man. And I hate the fact that demolition is still seen by many as the poor relation to construction when our health, safety and environmental standards make construction look amateurish. But, by comparison, all of these things are just petty gripes and troublesome niggles; something

for me to piss and moan about when I have nothing better to do. Because the single greatest evil in the global demolition industry is that we continue to injure, maim and kill those working within the sector. And yet, it is a subject that we never speak about. It is a subject that is somehow taboo; off-limits; prohibited. Words Unspoken The industry holds regular conferences and seminars across the globe to discuss the latest advances in training; to look at the latest developments in the field of equipment; and for contractors to brag to their peers about just how well they carried out a particular contract. Yet the subject of site accidents and – more specifically – site deaths are continually swept under a large industrial-sized carpet. The words “site death” are to the demolition industry what the name Macbeth is to the theatrical profession. No-one dare say it out loud. Now I kind of understand the reasoning behind this. If you’re an event organiser hosting a demolition conference, you probably don’t want someone putting a downer on an otherwise upbeat event by talking about the fact that someone died. If you’re a trade association, you probably don’t want to discuss an accident or fatality that might involve one of your members. If you’re a senior person within the industry, you need to tread carefully lest you prejudice any investigation or


subsequent prosecution. And if you’re a contractor that has recently experienced an accident or fatality on one of your sites, you probably don’t fancy sharing that information with your peers and – more importantly – your competitors. But I’m sorry. In the age of transparency, none of these is a valid excuse. Site deaths are a scourge, an industry evil. And evil prevails when good men fail to act. Seldom Deployed Condemnation is a bullshit word used predominantly by bullshit people in bullshit professions such as politics or the media. However, in the event of a site accident or site fatality, condemnation is often the only weapon immediately available to us. And yet it is a weapon that is seldom if ever deployed. Deliberate or otherwise, there is quiet and unspoken battle going on in the demolition sector over the use of the word “voice”. The National Federation of Demolition Contractors used to refer to itself as “the global voice of demolition.” Here at DemolitionNews, we demonstrated a stunning lack of originality by staking a claim for “the independent voice of the global demolition industry.” Not to be outdone, the NFDC then upped the stakes by changing its mantra to “the most powerful voice in the demolition industry.” But what is the point of having any kind of global, independent or powerful voice if you don’t say

stuff anything? How can you claim to speak about or for an industry when you’re afraid to call it out for its worst crime? The primary function of the NFDC here in the UK is to represent and meet the needs of its members. I understand that; I respect that. Likewise, the National Demolition Association in the US is required to put the needs of its members first. The European Demolition Association does the same across Europe. DemolitionNews and Demolition magazine is bound by no such conventions, requirements and dictates. We have a voice, and we have an audience. The time has come to use it. So here goes. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the cause of the accident in Miami. Florida that resulted in the death of AlliedBean project manager Samuel Landis. It will be for the police and the authorities to ultimately appoint blame and to act accordingly should a subsequent prosecution be forthcoming. But

DemolitionNews denounces any aspect of the planning, risk assessment and methodology that is found to have played even a tiny part in this tragic, untimely and wholly avoidable death. We denounce any client that places cost over competence; that lets a contract based on price rather than on safety; that places a desire for profit above the protection of demolition workers. We denounce demolition contractors that – knowingly or otherwise – place their workers at risk through poor planning; by cutting corners; or by failing to adhere to approved work practices. And we denounce any demolition workers that have seen or encountered unsafe practices but who chose not to act; who chose to keep quiet, putting themselves and others at risk. Corny & Trite Even as I am writing this, I know


it sounds corny and trite. I realise that my words will fall largely upon deaf ears; that they will be of no comfort or solace to family, friends and colleagues of anyone killed in the line of their demolition duty; and that they will not prevent another demolition accident or demolition death. But as I said earlier, site deaths are an industry-wide evil. And the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. So I am calling upon all the good men and women in the global demolition industry to join me: • To condemn the cause of any demolition accident that has killed, maimed or injured in the past; • And to condemn the cause of any demolition site accidents that might occur in the future. The time has come to say it like it really is. Saying nothing is no longer an option. Silence is complicity.


The Heat Is On The recent hot weather has brought into sharp focus the need to protect workers from the sun and – in some cases – from themselves. Chris Hoile of Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP reports.

The British summer was unusually hot and unusually long. In addition to causing weeks of sleepless nights and a sharp increase in the number people choosing socalled “staycations” rather than heading for sunnier climes, near-record temperatures brought in sharp focus the potential risks to the health of demolition and construction workers associated with hot weather. Outdoor workers are at a significantly higher risk of skin skin damage damage - including - including developing developing skin cancer skin in the cancer longer interm the

- than indoor workers. The failure to properly appreciate and manage the risks from working outside during hot weather is graphically illustrated by the fact that construction workers account for 44 percent of the estimated 48 ‘vocational’ skin cancer caused deaths per year in the UK, according to the British Journal of Cancer 2017. Occupational disease still accounts for far more lost work days than injuries arising from work-related accidents in England & Wales. It is therefore not surprising there is an increasing focus by the Health and Safety Executive on the health and wellbeing of workers. Duty of Care Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA) imposes a nondelegable duty on employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees. A similar duty is owed by employers under Section 3(1) HSWA in respect of non-employees, such as contractors. Many of the measures that could be taken by employers to minimise the risk of skin damage may be perceived as unnecessary or difficult to implement and manage. However, the law requires duty holders to take reasonable steps to assess and control foreseeable risks arising from work activities and the working environment. A failure to do so will give rise to a breach of that duty, with proof of actual harm


Environmental Services for the Demolition Industry Inner City Environmental are a leading company advising and supporting the demolition industry in all aspects of their asbestos and environmental management requirements. We provide an extensive range of services which include: • Asbestos Surveying • Soft Strip Work • Environmental Cleaning

• Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation • Land Remediation • Licensed Scaffolding

Our experience encompasses a variety of building types which include: industrial, factories, housing, schools, colleges, power stations, sports centres, residential care homes, hospitals and retail. Industry Accreditations Constructionline Exor ISO 9001 OHSAS 18001 Arca

CHAS SMAS Worksafe Contractor ISO 14001 NFDC - Industry Service Provider RISQS

Telephone: 01322 273517

stuff to workers not being required for a criminal offence to be made out. A considerable amount of industry guidance is freely available - including the HSE publication entitled “Keep Your Top On” - to assist duty holders in controlling the risks associated with working in hot weather. What can employers do? Practical ways in which the risk of skin damage can be minimised include; • • • • •

where possible, rescheduling work to cooler times of the day providing more frequent rest breaks and introduce shading to rest areas providing free access to cool drinking water introducing shading in areas where individuals are working encouraging the removal of personal protective equipment when resting to help encourage heat loss, and educating workers about recognising the early symptoms of heat stress

Employers should take their duty to minimise the risks to the health and wellbeing of workers, including the risks posed to those working outside, as seriously as the duty to minimise the risks from work activities such as working at height and the operation and use of plant and equipment. To download a copy of the HSE publication – Keep Your Top on – please visit: https://tinyurl. com/6cpmjfh For more information, please contact: Kelly Davidson at kelly. or Chris Hoile at


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First Aid for Mental Health In the month that Demolition magazine has started to provide free advertising for the Mates in Mind charity to demonstrate our support for the industry’s mental health and to help remove the stigma around the subject, it is pleasing to note that a respected industry company is taking a similarly handson approach.

The UK demolition industry has made huge strides in the field of worker health. Hard hats and other forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are now considered the norm; on-site welfare is better than it has ever been; and a good many demolition contractors now call upon the support of occupational health professionals to help ensure the physical wellbeing of their workers. There is still work to be done; but the industry is winning the war for worker health.

Battle Lines But now the battle lines are being drawn for the sector’s next campaign. And that campaign will be fought in the field of mental health. With one in four people suffering from mental health problems, THSP Risk Management wants to work towards ensuring that everyone has positive mental wellbeing at their workplace. THSP is passionate about the wellbeing of all people

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels


Mates in Mind Let’s start the conversation...

Mates in Mind is working to raise awareness and improve mental health in the construction industry. Be part of the action. Become a Supporter of Mates in Mind today. T 020 3510 5018

stuff especially those within the demolition and construction industry. With the highest suicide rate of all industries across the UK, THSP wants to work with the construction industry to help bring the number of suicides right down to zero.

• Enhanced interpersonal skills such as nonjudgemental listening • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to further support • The knowledge to help break the stigma of mental health

You may ensure the physical wellbeing of your staff with trained first aiders, but do you have any Mental Health First Aiders? No? This is why THSP is now offering the construction Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course, to enable those working within the industry to identify, understand and ultimately help any person who is developing any mental health issues. The course will enable you to recognise the crucial signs of mental ill health and ensure appropriate action can be taken. The course covers: • An in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress

The first Mental Health First Aid Course is being run in central London at the Union Jack Club on 20th and 21st September 2018 and costs just £200 + VAT in total. It is fully certified and all delegates who complete the course will be recognised as Mental Health First Aiders by Mental Health First Aid England. Delegates must attend and complete both days of the course and they will receive a MHFA manual to keep and refer to whenever it is required. THSP is offering this MHFA course on behalf of Passe-Partout who will be using their qualified trainers to teach this syllabus. For more information on the course and to book, visit the THSP training website or call Steve Sellick, Hannah or Kelly on 03456 122 144. Let’s work together to reduce the stigma of mental health and promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.


Setting Foundations for the Future

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stuff Derbyshire-based metal and waste management specialist Ward has shipped its first vessel of HMS 1 and 2 from its dedicated deep sea port at Immingham to Turkey. The MV Fearless ship, which has five storage holds and four on-board cranes to unload the scrap, will transport almost 20,000 tonnes of HMS 1 and 2, grade 80:20 to Habas in Nemrut Bay, Turkey. It is the first shipment from Ward’s fifth site, Immingham dock, which opened earlier this year. “This first ship heading for Turkey is another major milestone for Ward and our metals business. It opens up one of the largest global markets for scrap metal to us, due to Turkey’s production

of rebar for use in construction and manufacturing. We can now independently import and export steel in bulk to and from anywhere in the world,” says Thomas Ward, Commercial Manager at Ward. “At least another five vessels like this are expected ship out this year.” HMS 1 and 2 comprise obsolete scrap metal only - iron and steel recovered from items demolished or dismantled at the end of their life, such as construction and demolition waste or railway upgrade projects. Ward has recovered the iron and steel from its metal and waste processing plants in the UK, as well as purchasing scrap from local customers in and around its other four sites.


Since opening the dock in April 2018, Ward has employed five full time, permanent staff and invested in new infrastructure, site upgrades and plant and equipment, including two Sennebogen 830e and a Liebherr LH40 cranes. The site enables the independent metals specialist to export and import various grades and bulk, sort and process for onward recycling. Ward is a fourth-generation family business and has quadrupled its turnover in the last 10 years, through continuous investment and innovation in metal processing and recycling. It now recycles over half a million tonnes of ferrous and nonferrous metals per year.

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Lend Me Your Ears It’s almost a year since DemolitionNews took to the airwaves. Now, with three regular shows and more than 15,000 listeners, it is riding the wave of the ongoing podcast revolution. Mark Anthony reports.

This time last year, there were three things preventing me from launching the audio podcast I so desperately wanted to unleash upon the world. The first was “techno fear” – The thought of having to learn anything more complex than Microsoft Word filled me with dread and terror. The second thing was that I had no idea if demolition folks even listened to podcasts, so there was a very real possibility that I could just be shouting into the


Colin Hale ADR Limited Construction Dispute Resolution Services

COMMERCIAL AND CONTRACTUAL PROBLEMS? THEN CONSULT COLIN HALE ADR We provide contractual and commercial support and advice. Our core services include: Pre-Contract • Review of contract documents and advising on risk • Negotiating alternative terms • Post Contract • Commercial support during the construction process • Advising on the valuation of variations, and claims for time and money • Final Account preparation and negotiation • Defending claims brought for recovery of Liquidated and Unliquidated Damages • Adjudication • Mediation We specialise in representing Demolition Contractors and are an ISP member of the NFDC and provide a nationwide service throughout the UK. We are delighted to announce that we shall soon be opening our London and North East England offices.

Visit us at: or call 01274 292230

stuff void. And the third thing was my voice or – rather – my accent. Having long-since left my London birthplace, I have fought manfully to disguise my South London accent for so long that – in my head at least – I now sound like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Well thanks to a very clever app called Anchor, we quickly laid to rest our fear of technology. Once our regular podcasts started to appear on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and a whole host of other podcast broadcast platforms, we saw listener numbers ramp up and up. Sadly, there is very little I can do about my accent. But having attracted more than 15,000 listeners literally across the world, it now appears that it bothers me rather more than it bothers anyone else.

offered by scrap dealers to demolition contractors for various types of scrap metals can be the difference between a good contract and a great one; between profit and loss. And so, we have launched the third show in the Demolition News Radio network: ScrapChat. Team Effort Given the time and expertise required to make ScrapChat a reality, we needed a partner; a partner with an expertise in the scrap metal industry but with an understanding of the needs and demands of the demolition sector. And we found the perfect partner is Matthew High who works for Downwell Demolition but who – in his spare time - created the ScrapsAway. website to help demolition contractors and members of the public find the nearest location to dispose of scrap metal and to obtain the best possible price in the process.

Top Priority To sustain that growth, however, we needed to expand our audio output. We started with our monthly Business Briefing which we produce in conjunction with market intelligence provider The Builders’ Conference. That show looks back over the previous month’s new contract awards in the demolition and construction sectors, and charts the industry’s fortunes based upon the value of those new contract awards.

Will anyone listen? At the time of writing, we have produced just one episode but the signs are positive. And besides, each of our previous show launches have been relatively slow starters. Will people be put off by my accent? That also remains to be seen.

Thankfully, for the past seven months, that show has charted an industry enjoying an unprecedented period of stability; with monthly contract award totals topping the £4.0 billion mark consistently since the beginning of the year. Yet there was still room for more. In truth, I would love to produce a show dedicated to the asbestos sector that sits alongside demolition in so many ways. I am also determined to produce a regular training show to monitor the constant shifts in cards and competence schemes, training courses and qualifications. But at the very top of our priority list was the scrap sector. The scrap industry is not only inexorably linked with the demolition business, but the prices

But the traffic analytics for Demolition News Radio and our monthly Business Briefing shows continue to show an upward trend with each new show attracting more listeners than the previous one. Furthermore, it shows that the vast majority (more than 85 percent) are tuning in via a mobile device. It appears that our output is fast becoming the listening of choice for individuals in their car, excavator cab or on the train. If you haven’t yet checked out the show, you can listen (or, better still, subscribe) via more than a dozen podcast platforms. Just search for Demolition News Radio. Alternatively, if you’re an iOS user, you can visit ycrm46hf and listen now.






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Deconstructing a Landmark

ON SITE The multibillion pound redevelopment of London’s iconic Battersea Power Station has taken place under intense media glare and with the eyes of the world on it. And diamond drilling and robotic demolition specialists Castle & Pryor were right in the thick of it. Demolition magazine reports. The Grade II listed table top chimneys of Battersea Power Station have stood as a London landmark since 1933, but they were no longer structurally suitable. As part

of the prominent building’s redevelopment, they needed to be taken down for safety reasons, and rebuilt to safeguard this icon for national heritage. Castle & Pryor was asked to


collaborate in the removal phase of the chimneys, which were being de-commissioned and reconstructed one at a time to mitigate the impact on the capital’s skyline.


MTKBRE P2.qxp_MUTLEY fp ad 2 12/07/2018 16:20 Page 1


1st for HIRE & SALES of all hydraulic attachments contact our office for your quote today! MTK (Breaker Hire & Sales) Ltd T: 0161 225 9740 E: W: Twitter: @MTKBreakers

The outer concrete structures were riddled with microscopic cracks, making them unpredictable under demolition. According to Castle & Pryor, this meant that the selection of a demolition method was more important than ever. “Before calling us in, our client had tried using a hand held hydraulic crushing method to complete the work but this proved to be very slow and not commercially viable,” Castle & Pryor reports. “An alternative plan had to be hatched if they were to get the job done on time and on budget.” The first decision was to form an opening at the base of the chimney, to give the Brokk demolition robot access to the inner shaft. “We did this by diamond cutting the concrete with a remotely operated track saw, and removing the cut sections non-percussively. This gave the structural engineers a chance to assess the structure and equip themselves with some insight in to how the concrete would behave under demolition,” the company continues. “We knew our Brokk 160 demolition robot was the right machine for the job, but this presented us with a new problem: Getting a large, 1,600 kg piece of machinery up to the top of the chimney structures.” Bespoke Solution But in collaboration with other constructions teams working on the Battersea project, Castle & Pryor devised a solution. The company loaded the


What we do:


Ryan Demolition Services are able to provide expertise and assistance to clients in the early stages of planning, employing a strong culture of co-operation insures meaningful and enduring relationships with our clients, designers and suppliers. Our careful considered approach is guaranteed to generate consistent results and satisfied clients





Contact Us Unit 6 Speedgate Farm Speedgate Hill Falkham Kent DA3 8NJ


Phone: 01474 871 476 Mail:

ON SITE robotic machine on board a bespoke hydraulic lift platform, able to take up to 2,000 kg of weight that had been built inside the chimney cavity by the Delta team which was then raised right to the top to begin work. The Brokk 160 proved to be a huge success as its remotely controlled arm could access all of the concrete outer ring from the constructed platform, allowing the team to remove incrementally and maintain a controlled demolition. It was also a great solution for safety, as the Brokk could be remotely operated from outside the demolition zone on an external scaffold, keeping the whole team out of harm’s way.

“Thanks to our team’s clever thinking and collaborative spirit, we successfully completed the demolition of these towers on time, without incident and with a very happy client,” Castle & Pryor concludes. “This project was a


real joy for us; bringing together the skills of steeplejacks, demolition experts and specialist machinery. It allowed our team to do what they do best, solve problems and deliver just what our clients needed.”

Unb eat rat able es

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Three Bridges Felled Three bridges demolished in 48 hours using Epiroc heavy hydraulic breakers. Demolition magazine reports.

Dutch contractor LEK Sloopwerken recently demolished three 150 metre long viaducts on the A27 motorway in The Netherlands during a single weekend in May. To achieve this the company used Epiroc rig mounted heavy hydraulic breakers equipped with Epiroc’s patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS). The widening of the A27 and A1 motorways between Eemnes and Bunschoten-Spakenburg is a huge infrastructure project. On the Utrecht to Almere stretch of the A27 alone it involves the heavy demolition of six aging viaducts and their foundations.


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JANUARY 22-25, 2019 • SEMINARS: JANUARY 21-25 LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER • LAS VEGAS, NV, USA A selected participant in the International Buyer Program

ON SITE To minimise traffic disruption, the contractor was given a window of 48 hours during the weekend of May 26-27 to demolish three of the old bridges located near Hilversum and Bilthoven, an urban area with restrictions on noise and dust creation. Each bridge was 150 metres long and six metres high, and altogether the demolition work involved breaking 5,000 m3 of reinforced concrete. The job was completed successfully within the timeframe using nine Epiroc rig mounted heavy hydraulic breakers with

service weights of three to seven tonnes: four HB 7000’s, an HB 5800, three HB 4100/4200’s, and an HB 3100. The machines were mounted on Volvo, Cat and Hitachi carriers.

combines Epiroc’s popular AutoControl and StartSelect functions, and automatically adapts the breaker’s operating behaviour to any working condition.

Site manager Maarten Lek says that efficient service for the hydraulic breakers as well as spare machines were provided on-site by Epiroc distributor SAES International BV.

IPS permits more accurate and significantly faster positioning of the hydraulic breaker, thanks to the centring effect, and avoids blank firing that often results in tool damage. Uptime is higher since with IPS no operator intervention is required and thus there is no interruption of the working process.

Epiroc heavy hydraulic breakers feature the patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS), which

Brokk Work - Concrete Crushing Hydraulic Bursting - Wire Sawing Floor Sawing - Wall Sawing - Diamond Drilling

01322 221533 58


EST IN 1988







Rhodar Wins Coveted Contract Rhodar has won a high-profile, competitive tender process that will see it demolish three 18-storey tower blocks that have stood empty for over 10 years.


ON SITE As part of plans to regenerate a key area of Halifax in Calderdale, Rhodar has been appointed by Together Housing Group, one of the country’s largest social landlords, to clear the Beech Hill estate site, which is currently occupied by Cobden Court, Blenheim Court and Westbrook Court. Up to 80 Rhodar operatives are scheduled to work on the internal strip out and subsequent top down deconstruction of the tower blocks, along with a 65 metre super high reach excavator, of which only a handful exist in the UK. The excavator will remove approximately 10 storeys from each block, allowing further high reach kit to demolish the remaining structures. Four excavators ranging from 21 to 40 tonnes will be on hand to process site materials and the existing concrete and rubble will be recycled on site into a specific engineered fill material that will then be used to create a development platform for the next level of regeneration. This will contribute to a significantly reduced carbon footprint for the project by minimising vehicle movements in and around the project area. Rhodar will also utilise special water jets attached directly to the demolition equipment in addition to state-of-the-art mist cannons to mitigate dust migration generated from the demolition works.

The £6 million-plus project win coincided with the company’s recent rebrand in June of this year. Rhodar’s new brand formally showcases its ability to provide an end-to-end specialist enabling works solution for the construction industry, offering asbestos removal, demolition and remediation services. The regeneration of Beech Hill is part of the Calderdale Together Investment Partnership, a partnership between Together Housing and Calderdale Council, which aims to deliver 500 affordable homes over the next five years, including new homes at the Beech Hill site, as well at other sites across Calderdale. Jason Davy, managing director at Rhodar, said: “This is an important milestone for our


business as it will be the first major enabling works package we have undertaken since our corporate rebrand last month, and it’s extremely rewarding for our teams to be working on such a prestigious and highprofile regeneration scheme.” George Paterson, group director of Property Services at Together Housing Group, said: “I, like many people in Halifax, will be delighted to see new, affordable homes replace these outdated tower blocks. This is part of our commitment to address the housing crisis in West Yorkshire where the average home is now seven times the average salary.” The site clearance is expected to take 64 weeks with main demolition works commencing in January 2019.


Playing Away Cawarden Demolition has strayed from its Midlands stronghold to carry out a prestigious contract in Swindon. And according to the company’s Patrick Williamson, this won’t be Cawarden’s last visit to the area. Mark Anthony reports. “Go where the work is” is a mantra that will be familiar to demolition companies up and down the land; and it is why there are very few “local” demolition firms these days. But “go where the client is” is a slightly different take on things; and it is one that has seen Cawarden Demolition leave its familiar Midlands backyard in pursuit of a loyal client and some prestigious work in Swindon. Perhaps not surprisingly, Cawarden’s Patrick Williamson is markedly cagey about precisely who that client is; although he does admit that it’s a repeat customer for whom Cawarden has worked multiple times. Williamson’s reluctance to reveal the client does not detract from the fact that this is a sizeable and prestigious contract; one that was quite clearly worth mobilising men and machines and heading for Swindon.

Ahead of Schedule The building in question – one of several on the sprawling site – was built in the 1960s and was earmarked for demolition due to being prohibitively expensive to keep cool in the summer, and even more costly to heat in the winter. Spearheading the project is Cawarden’s PC490 high reach excavator is going through the building like a hot knife through butter; a fact that clearly delights Cawarden’s Midlands area director Patrick Williamson. “It’s a six-week job but we’ll have this down in 21 days, he says. That will be music to the ears of the unnamed PLC client for whom is working, and which intends to build a large commercial and industrial premises on the site once the demolition works are complete.


“We were approached by the client before being invited to tender for the job. We ultimately negotiated the entire project with them,” Williamson concludes. “They specifically wanted a demolition contractor that could carry out this project quickly and safely. And they welcomed Cawarden’s responsive and forward-thinking approach.”


DEMO AWARDS 2018 British

DEMOLITION Awards Sponsored by



A New Benchmark of Excellence Together with publishing partner Chambers Media, DemolitionNews and Demolition magazine has hosted the firstever British Demolition Awards. And the event is already set to become a mainstay of the industry calendar for many years to come. Mark Anthony reports from The Belfry Hotel and Resort.

Those of us of a certain age might recall the Moscow Olympics in 1980 when, in protest against the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, the United States of America boycotted the Games. Setting aside that the US would itself invade Afghanistan just 21 years later in response to the 911 attacks on New York and Washington, the fact that US athletes stayed at home for the Moscow Games had a lasting impact. Some supreme and world-famous athletes won Gold medals in Moscow. But there was always the suggestion that their achievements were somehow diminished by the


absence of their US rivals; a nagging doubt that they had not – in fact – beaten ALL of the best in their chosen field. There have been UK demolition awards previously; I know, I have attended several of them. And there have been some very good, very notable and very deserving winners. But since those awards have been hosted largely within the confines of a trade association that speaks for just one quarter of its domestic market, there has always been the same thought: Would they have won if the contest had been truly open?

DEMO AWARDS 2018 On Friday 20 July 2018, all that changed. The closed-shop of UK demolition awards was broken wide open and a new benchmark of excellence was set in place as DemolitionNews hosted the inaugural British Demolition Awards at The Belfry Hotel and Resort in Sutton Coldfield. 14 months in the making and the brainchild of Demolition magazine’s publishing partner Chambers Media, the event was a huge success and is now set to become a permanent fixture in the industry’s social calendar. Perfect Venue Chosen primarily to break the “all-roads-leadto-London” ethos of other industry awards organisers, The Belfry proved to be the perfect venue for this first-time event: splendid but not opulent; classy yet never stuffy; seriously upmarket but not overly formal. That set a tone that would be mirrored by the near 300 guests in attendance, many of whom had travelled miles and several of which had flown from overseas to be part of the event. From the drinks reception at the very beginning of the evening, it was clear that everyone was here to have an enjoyable evening among like-minded people. The atmosphere was not just convivial; it was a social gathering and a party all mixed into one. Perhaps more than that, there was a universal feeling that everyone wanted the event to succeed; that they wanted a new and an independent event that was open to all and that excluded no-one. Although I had done precious little to make the event happen – aside from constantly telling Chambers Media why it wouldn’t – I had the honour of kicking things off with a welcome speech. And it was strange. Although it’s something I avoid like the plague, I have spoken at demolition events here and overseas countless times before. But for one thing, these have always been someone else’s event. For another, I have never experienced cheering mid-speech before! Thankfully, my speech was too short for such unexpected adulation to go to my head. And I immediately passed over to my


DEMO AWARDS 2018 colleague and Chambers Media founder, Ben Chambers, who really got the event rolling with his own welcome speech before kicking off with the first of the evening’s nine awards. These included a couple of awards created specifically to recognise some of the unsung heroes of the industry. “Of course, everyone wants to win the Contract of the Year or the Contractor of the Year awards. But neither of these is even a possibility without the input and support of some often overlooked individuals that have skills and expertise worthy and deserving of recognition in their own right,” Chambers says. “That is why we were so keen to introduce the Tender Submission of the Year award (won in this instance by Metro Deconstruction) and the Risk Assessment/Method Statement of the Year award (won by Downwell Demolition). And we will be introducing new awards categories going forward.” Beating the Best As guests enjoyed an excellent dinner, the first five award winners were announced before an entertainment break hosted by a Ricky Gervais/David Brent lookalike and a very moving video and presentation for the evening’s chosen charity: The Rainbow Trust. The “formal” part of the evening concluded with the awarding of the final four awards including the coveted Contract of the Year won by R Collard Ltd for its work at the former GlaxoSmithKlyne facility in Greenford; and the Demolition Contractor of the Year which was won by Erith Contractors. (A full list of winners can be seen below). Even though many chose to dance the night away at the Belfry’s exclusive Bel Air nightclub, a good many were up with the larks to take part in a golf tournament hosted by sponsor Metro Deconstruction. Speaking after the inaugural event, organiser Ben Chambers was adamant that the British Demolition Awards would be back next year. “There was a question mark over the industry’s appetite for another event. There was no certainty that anyone would enter or that attendees would show up on the night,” he says. “But DemolitionNews and Demolition magazine are the recognised leaders in their field and they enjoy a phenomenal level of support from readers, sponsors and



advertisers that have demonstrated that support once again by making this event such a runaway success. They have proved that there IS a desire for an inclusive event like this. They have proven there is a need for an event like this outside the usual confines of London. And the inners have proven that they are the best by beating everyone in their particular category.”

British Demolition Awards – The Winners 1. Environmental Innovation of the Year – Red Knight 6


2. Tender Submission of the Year – Metro Deconstruction 3. Training Innovation of the Year – AR Demolition 4. Risk Assessment/Method Statement of the Year – Downwell Demolition 5. Safety Innovation of the Year – Pirtek 6. Trainee/Apprentice of the Year – Patrick Critchley, Rye Demolition 7. Demolition Innovation of the Year – Arden Equipment 8. Demolition Contract of the Year – R Collard Ltd, GSK facility in Greenford 9. Demolition Contractor of the Year – Erith Contractors


DEMOLITION Awards Sponsored by











The House That Squibb Built

SPOTLIGHT If anyone questions the existence of blue chip demolition companies, they would do well to visit the new headquarters of Squibb Group. Demolition magazine editor Mark Anthony takes off his shoes to safeguard the new carpet and takes a look around. Maybe it’s because of our mutual love of West Ham United but I find it incredibly hard to separate any discussion about Leslie Squibb and the Squibb Group from the East End football club. For those lesser mortals that don’t share our passion for the claret and blue Academy of Football, let me tell you a story. From 1904 to 2016, West Ham United occupied the Boleyn Ground at Upton Park. It had become dilapidated and run down; it was grotty and run-down; but it was our spiritual home. And when the decision came to move to the shiny new London Stadium just a few miles up the road, there were widespread objections even though the new stadium was better in just about every conceivable way. During the Hammers final season at the Boleyn, we enjoyed one of our best seasons for more than 30 years. We had employed the services of a mercurial Frenchman called Dimitri Payet, and his skill, passing ability and spectacular goals led us to the heady heights of the top half of the Premiership table. Although it wasn’t the final game at the Boleyn Ground, a testimonial for captain Mark Noble brought the curtain down on the grand old lady in a party atmosphere.


SPOTLIGHT But the party was premature. No sooner had the club moved into its new home than the wheels started to wobble before falling off entirely. A string of poor results saw the club languish at the foot of the table, clinging on for Premiership survival. We parted company with our manager and – much to the consternation of the fans – appointed a questionable replacement. Worst of all, Dimitri Payet got homesick in a way that only flamboyant Frenchmen can and he headed home.

and his company’s move into a shiny new headquarters not a million miles from its former home. That former home in Barking was serviceable but it occupied an area of the town that had seen better days. And while it had evolved along with the growth of the company, Squibb Group outgrew its surroundings. As a result, several divisions of the business were forced to work elsewhere, a fact that made internal communication and crossfertilisation between the divisions problematic.

When the 2017/18 season drew to a close, we had narrowly avoided relegation and fans heaved a sigh of relief and started looking forward to another season in the Premier league.

“I was a big believer in what West Ham did when they moved. It was the right thing to do. It was evolution,” he says. “And it was the right thing for us to do as well. We were operating from four depots and several regional offices. In addition to reducing overheads, bringing it all together under one roof creates synergy. It allows us to bounce ideas around and makes us more proactive. In addition,

Obvious Parallels As a lifelong West Ham fan, Leslie (Les) Squibb will be all too aware of the parallels between the relocation of West Ham United


most of our staff live in Essex. By moving here, they’re not stuck in traffic for up to two hours each day on the dreaded A13. That’s better for their wellbeing and better for our productivity.” Perhaps more than that, the former Barking headquarters no longer reflected the standing and aspirations of a company that counts itself among the largest demolition companies in the UK and among the top 20 in the world. This is a company that regularly operates in the oil and gas and nuclear industries; and while an admittedly wellappointed head office in a pothole-marked road beside a recycling yard tied the company to its working class roots, it was not in keeping with the nature of the business today. But change was far from swift. Even though the group owned a large slug of land in Stanfordle-Hope in Essex, obtaining planning permission for a new headquarters that would reunite


To d t cal o: l J (Read .Mould in Re; D emolit g) ion A 0118 9 57 5 SAP info@ 5 jmoul dread 55 .uk Mus

THE DEM OLIT ION Demolition / Asbestos removal / Tipper haulage Recycling / Concrete crushing / Hardcore / Top Soil Tipper facilities / Reclaimed building materials


SPOTLIGHT the many disparate divisions of the company would prove problematic. Indeed, the planning application was batted back and forth for some seven years before Squibb Group was given the green light to start work on its new headquarters. But it was worth the wait. I visited the site of the new headquarters more than a year ago when it was nothing more than a single storey of barelycomplete steel frame amidst a sea of mud, ruining a pair of perfectly-serviceable chinos in the process. At that time, Les Squibb explained his vision for the ambitious new headquarters; how it would be a pleasant place to work and to meet; an environment so agreeable, in fact, that workers would look forward to going to work in the morning and from which they would be in no hurry to leave in the evening. Les Squibb, who acted as unofficial but ever-present

project manager on the build, has achieved this and so much more; and the new Squibb House brings to impressive fruition that long-held vision. Palatial & Practical Les Squibb’s own office on the top floor is about as far removed from the traditional demolition director’s workspace as it is possible to get. His desk, which holds almost nothing but a computer and a telephone, is largely devoid of paperwork. A pair of sofas are arranged around a coffee table that contains a very small and very neat stack of magazines. One side of the office is almost entirely glass, affording Squibb an uninterrupted view of the Thames Estuary in the distance and bathing the room in natural light. On the walls is a carefullyselected array of memorabilia that Squibb has collected over the years and which reflect his


love of cricket. Facing his desk are a pair of framed and signed guitars: one from Status Quo; the other from Pink Floyd. Maybe these two guitars were chosen to subliminally signal the Squibb Group’s transition from its Status Quo-like down and dirty demolition background to something more grand, more meaningful and substantial like Pink Floyd. Then again, they may have been selected just because they look nice. Similarly, the next-door office of Squibb’s brother Westley is adorned with boxing memorabilia. Is the Roberto Duran display a nod to the tough-as-old-boots industry upon which the company built its reputation? Is the Sugar Ray Leonard display alongside, perhaps, an indicator of the skill and flair the company has employed to remain at the top of the game? Maybe I am reading too much into


FINALLY THE GRINDING AND POLISHING MACHINE THAT DOES IT ALL ON ITS OWN! Klindex s.r.l. SS 5 Tiburtina Valeria km209+200 · Manoppello (PE) Italy | Tel +39 085 859 546 · Fax +39 085 8599 224 ·

SPOTLIGHT it; maybe Westley Squibb is just a boxing fan with a penchant for 1980s’ welterweights. The boardroom and the cafécum-meeting-area on the ground floor each contain some welcome claret and blue. A Brazil shirt signed by Pele himself adorns another wall. But there is more to the new Squibb House than minimalist offices and well-placed memorabilia. Squibb House is a demolition company HQ for now and for the future. And it is just the beginning. Demolition Man Les Squibb has seen big-name rivals such as Erith, Keltbray and McGee evolve and diversify to offer additional, complementary services. But he has no intention

of following suit. “I don’t want to be a piler and I don’t want to be a groundworker,” he insists. “I am a demolition man.” If he is selective about the markets in which he wishes to operate, he is even choosier when it comes to clients. “Is there any other business in the world where, on the day before you’re due to get paid, you don’t know how much you will be paid?” he says. “There are some large contractors that employ people solely to stop suppliers and sub-contractors being paid. I don’t want to work for them, and we don’t work for them.” Instead, Squibb Group has targeted specialist demolition areas such as oil and gas and nuclear decommissioning that are rigorous on their selection of specialist contractors but which

also treat those contractors fairly. The new facility at Stanfordle-Hope is built to facilitate precisely that. In addition to the head office, the compound contains a non-ferrous metal recycling department, a crushing facility, and a 24-hour vehicle maintenance depot to keep the company’s extensive fleet on the road. In addition, there is an on-site laboratory that carries out both soil and asbestos testing. In time, there are plans to add a fully enclosed recycling depot as well. But that may be a little way off. “There was never a good time to make this move. It represents a significant investment,” Squibb concludes. “But we believe in the business. And it was the right thing to do.”

Industrial Waste Wood Burner THE COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO REDUCE WASTE WOOD TO ASH RATHER THAN LANDFILLING The cost of waste wood disposal is a challenge and recycling clean wood leaves stocks of unwanted materials. The Industrial Wood Burner is an ideal solution to reduce the left over wood to ash. This is an Environmentally friendly method of handling your excess waste wood and substantially reducing costs of storage and landfill.

Find out more at: (353) 93 51017 / (353) 86 3053953


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SC Conveyors

02/11/2017 13:51

Rhino Waste is a leading provider of integrated waste management services, oering commercial, construction and industrial waste collection, recycling and disposal services. With a waste transfer station operating 3 miles away from the heart of London we are driving forward in recovering 100% of the waste produced enabling us to oer a zero to landdll option.

Achieving a 100% Landfill Advoidance for a greener and brighter future for generations to come Contact Us Tel: 020 7639 3013 Email: Unit 11 Maypole Crescent Darent Industrial Estate, Erith DA8 2JZ


Instagram Has Spoken Epiroc wins epic Instagram popularity battle to claim firstever DemolitionNews Breaker World Cup. Mark Anthony reports. It was a battle that went right down to the wire. But after three weeks and just over 80,000 votes, Epiroc emerged victorious to claim the inaugural DemolitionNews Breaker World Cup trophy. But that so nearly wasn’t the case. Cat Power To coincide with the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia, DemolitionNews used its fastgrowing Instagram feed and the Instagram Story Poll facility to stage a spoof popularity contest to ascertain which of 16 chosen excavator manufacturers would be most popular among the 27,000 followers of the feed. Caterpillar emerged victorious; and by no small margin. In fact, it soon became clear that with its global reach and massive online following, the US manufacturer had the potential to sweep aside all before it. And not just in the field of excavators. So when DemolitionNews announced that it would be running a follow-up contest to find the most popular hydraulic breaker brand, the writing – it seemed – was on the wall. “During the Excavator World Cup, Caterpillar didn’t just beat the competition. It destroyed them by a huge margin seeing

off the likes of Komatsu, Volvo, Liebherr and Hitachi to claim the top prize,” says Demolition magazine editor Mark Anthony. “There is no question that Caterpillar makes a great excavator. But the margin of victory in each round was so huge that it seemed that Cat’s online popularity would influence the outcome of any future competitions, possibly rendering the result largely meaningless.” Breaker Battle Despite this, the second competition – The Breaker World Cup – went ahead; commencing during Wimbledon fortnight; with Caterpillar joining the likes of Furukawa, Indeco, Montabert, NPK and Rammer in the first round. Over the next three weeks, the knockout competition whittled down the entries to just four semi-finalists: Rammer, Furukawa, Caterpillar and Epiroc. As it had done previously in the Excavator World Cup, Caterpillar stormed to the finals with a victory over hydraulic hammer giant Rammer, while a nail-biting contest between Epiroc and Furukawa saw Epiroc clinch its place in the Grand Final. “It genuinely looked like history


repeating,” says Mark Anthony. “And it seemed that the hordes of global Caterpillar fans were about to skew the outcome again.” It proved to be a titanic battle. It started at 08.00 UK time with Epiroc gaining an early advantage, possibly due to its location in Europe and the fact that Caterpillar’s US fan base was still fast asleep. By lunchtime, the scores read 50 percent each before tipping slightly in Caterpillar’s favour an hour or so later. “At midafternoon, it seemed that Cat had done it again. They were four and even five percentage points in front and US voters were pouring in to extend that lead still further. And then something happened,” Mark Anthony says. “Each time I hit the refresh button on my Instagram Story, Epiroc gained a bit more ground. It whittled the lead down from a seven point disadvantage to a three point deficit. Then it was two points behind and then it drew level.” With the clock ticking and with Instagram Story polls lasting for precisely 24 hours, the battle went right down to the final seconds. “I hit refresh one final time and found that Epiroc had stolen it with 52 percent against Caterpillar’s 48 percent.”


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155-175 Glasgow Road, Longcroft, Bonnybridge, FK4 1QY

KIT TALK Of course, it is important to point out that the findings of such an online poll do not mean that any one hammer brand is necessarily better or worse than any other. That said, you only get to win a popularity contest by being popular. And in the field of capital equipment, that popularity is based almost entirely upon previous user experience. Regardless, Epiroc’s Keith

Lambourne was delighted with the outcome and was even more delighted to receive a trophy specially commissioned to commemorate the company’s momentous victory. “We are delighted to have won, particularly as this is Epiroc’s Hydraulic Attachment Tools first award in the UK and Ireland. We were a little concerned


that the new company name would count against us in the poll, but clearly people are increasingly aware that Epiroc is the new name for the breakers previously produced by Krupp and Atlas Copco,” Lambourne concludes. “It also means that we are doing something right and people appreciate the efforts we continuously put in to stay top of the pile.”


Kinshofer Optimises Grapple Range


KIT TALK Kinshofer offers an extensive range of excavator orange peel grapples for scrap, demolition, loading and unloading applications.

Unlike competitive grapples, the P-Series hydraulic system is fully enclosed and protected, reducing the risk of damage to hoses and other components. Additionally, the grapple’s unique tine design enhances material penetration, increasing the amount contractors can safely secure in one cycle and saving time on the jobsite. “We’ve spent 42 years researching and testing, in collaboration with our subsidiaries and clients, to develop the best orange peel grabs on the market,” says Francois Martin, Kinshofer North America general manager. “During this time, we’ve spent countless hours ensuring components are FEA optimised to improve the attachment’s life span while providing top of the line speed and force.”


KIT TALK The P-Series orange peel grapples handle loads up to 3.05 m3 within one cycle and are available with three, four or five tines. The grabs also come in four different tine profiles including fully closing, half closing, pointed and wide style pointed, effectively providing an optimised solution for any material. The slim design of the tines guarantees maximum penetration of scrap and demolition piles. The attachment’s hydraulic system is completely protected through its yoke system design. This prevents material from falling into the system and ripping or damaging components or hoses, a common problem in demolition and recycling applications. Kinshofer’s hydraulic cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protection that is hydraulically cushioned for added durability. Removable covers provide quick access to the hoses, oil distribution system and grease points for easy serviceability. The system is fully integrated with a heavyduty slewing ring, which allows for 360-degree continuous rotation and ensures optimum force during operation. Kinshofer also designed the robust slewing ring to withstand the stress and excessive loads of different operating styles, significantly extending the grapple’s service life. The non-return valve, located directly under the rotation device, retains


DEMOLITION DELIVERED The Demarec range: brought to you by Kinshofer

Demolition and Sorting Grabs: DRG

Multi-Quick Processors: MQP



Static Pulveriser: DSP

Rail Cutter: RC

Dedicated Demolition Line: DLP/DRP

Scrap Shears: DRS

Global expertise, local know-how: Get in touch today to locate your nearest dealer and find out how we can benefit your business Kinshofer UK 4 Milton Industrial Court, Horsfield Way, Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2TA

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KIT TALK the grapple’s load to increase safety during unintended pressure drops. Kinshofer Orange Peel grapples are FEA optimised — meaning a 10 percent weight reduction at 20 percent stress reduction — and their overall structural parameters are maximised to meet the toughest requirements and increase longevity. To further improve durability, Kinshofer manufactures its tines and wear plates with wearresistant 400 HB steel and its weld-on tips with high-resistant 500 HB steel. The tine heads and main bearing are widely spaced to reduce the face pressure in the bushings, as well as absorb distortion if the grab is overloaded. The induction-hardened pins are seated in steel bushings and the lateral thrust discs provide a solid support for the tines and also reduce wear during operation. The P-Series standard package includes the grab, rotator or integrated slewing ring rotation, head plate and non-return valve. A hose guard is available as well as a bolt-on bottom plate with a welded lifting eye to hang a magnet. A heavy-duty, rigidmount model with three tines and a larger surface bearing is also available to handle bulky scrap material. The attachments are available for excavators with a carrier weight ranging from 16 to 88 tons. The company backs these grabs with an industry-leading two-year warranty on its P-Series range.


Hazardous Foam Insulated Construction Panel Collection, Treatment, Recycling and Disposal Specialising in the treatment of solvent-blown insulation foams from refrigeration equipment and construction panels, using solvent recovery and thermal destruction technologies.

Construction Sandwich Panels

Precautionary Principle Panels produced before 2004 must be assumed to contain ozone depleting substances unless product markings or sampling prove otherwise. Gases must be recovered and destroyed. Panels produced after 2004 must be assumed to contain flammable hydrocarbons such as Pentane unless product markings or sampling prove otherwise. Gases must be released within ‘intrinsically safe’ inerted shredding processes subject to adequate gas abatement. Contact: Tel: 01664 813354 Unit E Melton Commercial Park, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE14 3JL


Long-Lasting Volvos Prichards of Llantrisant, South Wales, has added a range of Volvo excavators and a new A30G articulated hauler to its extensive plant fleet thanks to the reliability and longevity of existing Volvo Construction Equipment products.


This latest package comprises five 5-tonne ECR50Ds and five 9-tonne ECR88Ds from Volvo’s compact excavator range. From the larger stable, five 14-tonne EC140Es and five 22-tonne EC220Es are complemented by a 30-tonne EC300E and an






2017/18 Contracts

MECHANICAL & HIGH REACH DEMOLITION ON-SITE CRUSHING & SCREENING "Thank you and your team for your efforts over the weekend to get the bridge reconstruction completed safely and on time... ..An area that I am particularly pleased about was the good safety performance and the behavior / attitude of the whole team in overcoming problems in a collaborative manner." Nathan Campsall, Route Delivery Director

Network Rail


Tel: 0151 424 3944

KIT TALK EW160E rubber duck. Finally, an A30G articulated hauler has also been selected - all maintaining a tradition of owning and operating Volvo products. “We are continuing to invest in Volvo equipment for the fleet for two main reasons,” says Plant Manager, Dean Thomas. “Firstly, our existing Volvo machines have proved to be robust and reliable, giving us good longevity. For instance, we don’t experience anywhere near the same level of wear we encounter with some other makes of equipment. In addition, the machines still look good after five - six plus years and our operators appreciate the comfortable cabs. Secondly, but equally important, we enjoy firstclass support and service back-

up from SMT GB’s local support centre at Treforest,” he says. All of the latest machines will be enhanced with a Volvo Blue customer support agreement, meaning that they will be regularly maintained by Volvo trained service engineers using genuine Volvo parts. The machines will be deployed on a wide variety of activities undertaken by Prichards which includes bulk earthmoving, civils, demolition, remediation, quarrying and a rapidly growing division within the company that surrounds the recycling of waste material. This includes inert demolition and building waste, glass, green waste and waste wood destined for biomass.

Established in 1995 by Managing Director, Tom Prichard, as agricultural contractors, the business has developed and grown into a company employing 120 personnel with a plant fleet of in excess of 500 items including excavators, shovels, haulers, screens and crushers. The company also has a large road going fleet of tipper lorries for general haulage, as well as skip lorries, and operates four recycling yards along the M4 corridor in South Wales. Prichards has its head office, plant yard and comprehensive workshops based in Llantrisant and undertakes a whole variety of projects throughout South Wales and the south west corner of England. In 2017, the company generated a turnover in excess of £15 million.

Tel: 020 8903 8020


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Mulchers Ripper Teeth V-Buckets Riddle Buckets Round Pile Croppers 4 Jaw Pile Cropper 5 Finger manual Grapples Manual Pulverisers Pipe Lifter Pipe Probe Hydraulic Sleeper Spacer/Layer

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Hydraulic Plate Grab Post Drivers Timber Grabs Log Grabs Excavator Augers Rock Breakers Pulverisers Selector Grabs Tilting Buckets Compact Plates Screening Buckets Pile Munchers

Coyle Equipment Services (CES) Ltd Unit 1, Canal Wharf, Horsenden Lane North, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 7PH


Modular & Portable Buildings Purchased & Safely Removed Before you demolish a modular building, please call us or email a photograph of the building to us and we will let you know if the modular building has a value and how much we will offer for it. • Buildings paid for in full prior to their removal • We incur all associated removal costs • All buildings removed safely & in accordance with the CDM Regulations We buy surplus • Classrooms • Offices • Canteens • Welfare buildings • Training rooms

We buy and safely remove single and double storey Modular Buildings.

Please call our buyer Michael Ward to discuss your surplus building

01482 656590


Molson is Crushing It Multi-franchise equipment dealer Molson celebrated the opening of the Hillhead 2018 quarry show with the announcement that it had acquired Finlay Plant (UK) Limited and its subsidiary and associated companies (“Finlay Group”), a long established equipment Dealer of Terex Finlay products for England and Wales.

Through this acquisition, Molson secured the distribution rights for the complete range of Terex Finlay mobile crushing, screening and conveying equipment for England, Wales and Channel Islands.

The current Finlay Group Sales, Hire and Service organisations will remain largely unchanged. New key resources have already been added to further enhance Finlay Group’s regional operations. Aftermarket parts


requirements will continue to be provided by Sure Equipment Limited. The addition of Terex Finlay products will directly replace the Keestrack range in the Molson


Incredible cutting powers combined with easily replaceable wear parts • Lowest operational cost of pulverising • Extreme powerful cylinders, all concrete gets crushed • Built of high performance structural steel • Always in good condition, due to easily replaceable wear-parts

Discover our products at

portfolio. Molson have been a Keestrack and OM dealer for 11 years and will continue to maintain a strong relationship, whilst supporting customers with warranty work, parts and servicing requirements on legacy machines. “We are delighted to have acquired the Finlay Group and look forward to welcoming their experienced team into our Molson organisation. The success of the Finlay Group has been built upon a customercentric philosophy to provide innovative products and solutions to the market,” says Molson Group managing director Robin Powell. “Their commitment and dedication to exceptional customer service directly correlates with our own culture and we are delighted that they have joined our team”. This is a view shared by David Statham, Managing Director of Finlay Group: “For almost 50 years the Finlay Group reputation has been built on the diligence of our people and their respect for our customers. Molson Group is also highly respected and there are clear synergies between our organisations for our mutual customers,” he says. “I’m very excited for the future direction and the growth expectations for both businesses I look forward to ensuring a smooth transition for our staff and our clients.” “The Molson Group are already a valued Terex partner, with distribution rights for other Terex lines in England and Wales. This acquisition allows us to strengthen our relationship with this vibrant and progressive business. Terex’s continued success significantly relies on working in partnership with professional and customer focused Dealers. Molson have proved to be just that in the past and we look forward to growing with them in the future. We are particularly excited with the benefits that this acquisition will bring, both for our customers in England and Wales and for our business,” concludes Kieran Hegarty, President – Terex Materials Processing. “Synergies within the existing Molson organisation will provide the depth required to consolidate the excellent growth experienced by the Finlay Group in recent years and will guarantee industry leading customer support across the entire country.”

TELESCOPIC DEMO Be sure to get the most out of your demolition equipment with Kocurek Telescopic High Reach Equipment. Operating heights range from 34m up to 70m. Speak to the experts to find out full details on our extensive range.

t: +44 (0) 1473 217477 e:







HX130 LCR Crawler Excavator


You have a lot to think about, so it helps to have a reliable workmate who is equipped to get the job done in any conditions. The HX130 LCR Crawler Excavator features the latest technologies for sustainable performance and smart, effortless operation. The ergonomic cabin includes an advanced infotainment system that makes your working day more enjoyable and productive. Reduced swing, with optional lock and control systems, improves safety and convenience on busy sites. Hyundai’s All-Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system acts as an extra pair of eyes, warning you when anything comes within five meters of your machine. Thinking about adding the HX130 LCR to your team? Call your dealer today to find out about our 3 years/5000 hours warranty offer! Visit now for more details. The air conditioning system on Hyundai machines contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant HFC-134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 0.75 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.0725 metric tonnes.


JCB Hails Cab Factory JCB today announced an investment of more than £50 million in a new British plant which will create hundreds of jobs and double production of cabs used on its machines. Work is under way on a 32,500 m2 facility for JCB Cab Systems adjacent to the A50 in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, next to two existing JCB plants. The hi-tech factory will have the capacity to produce around 100,000 cabs a year. It will include a computer controlled production line, fully-

automated painting facility and robotic welding and will create more than 200 new jobs by 2022. “This new factory will be the most advanced and productive cab facility in the world and will bring even greater levels of efficiency to the business,” says JCB CEO Graeme Macdonald. “The investment is one of the biggest in the company’s history and underlines our commitment to manufacturing in Britain and in our home county of Staffordshire.” Burton and Uttoxeter MP Andrew Griffiths is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. He said: “This is fantastic news for Uttoxeter, for Staffordshire and also the wider Midlands’ economy. This investment represents a massive boost for


the area and underlines what a great place Staffordshire is to do business. It’s wonderful to see JCB continuing to invest in the county and in British manufacturing – something that can only attract even more inward investment.” JCB Cab Systems currently employs more than 400 people at its existing site in Rugeley, Staffs. The new plant is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. JCB Cab Systems’ General Manager David Carver said: “While new jobs will be created, moving to the new factory will enable us to double capacity without doubling the workforce thanks to high levels of automation. The whole plant is being designed to improve productivity, reduce waste and provide unprecedented quality levels.”



MOBIREX MR 110/130 EVO 2

PERFECT FOR HIGH THROUGHPUT PERFORMANCE – IN NATURAL STONE AND FOR RECYCLING APPLICATIONS. The MOBIREX MR 110/130 EVO2 mobile impact crushers feature a state-of-the-art material flow concept and a powerful diesel-directdrive – for high throughput combined with optimised wear and consumption. With their compact design, the machines are easy to transport and as quick to set up as they are to dismantle. The MR 110/130 EVO2 – versatile and ready for high performance. WIRTGEN LIMITED · T: 01522 889200 · · Rob Coward, Sales Manager (North) – T: 07766 477829 · Steve Fox, Sales Manager Central & South West – T: 07780 704944 Aidan Gillic, Sales Manager London and South East – T: 07387 262195 · Keith Campbell, Sales Manager Scotland – T: 07387 262182


Volvo Versatility Able to reach up to 36 metres above ground and 9.5 metres below, the new EC750E HR is the industry’s most versatile multi-use demolition excavator, according to manufacturer Volvo. The new EC750E HR from Volvo Construction Equipment can be easily reconfigured using extensions and differing length booms to become a multi-use deconstruction tool – capable of undertaking a wide range of site tasks – including underground and under water. Based on Volvo’s EC750E general purpose excavator, the EC750E HR has been substantially re-engineered by Volvo for high-reach deconstruction purposes. The heaviest excavator in the Volvo range, the EC750E HR is also among the industry’s largest high-reach demolition excavators available to work in the Stage IV/Tier 4 Finalregulated markets of Europe and North America. The core of the EC750E HR’s flexibility comes thanks to it being offered with two high-reach demolition boom sets, and one digging boom set with extension. The longest of the high-reach configurations allows for a 36 metre maximum pin height – while carrying a substantial tool (at that height) of 3.6 tonnes. A second high-reach configuration has a 26 metre maximum pin height – using a larger 5 tonne maximum tool. Finally, the digging boom set


• Reduce the number of machines on the site. • No staff around the machine during tool changes. • Increased productivity. • Lightning fast change of hydraulic attachments. • Reduced transport costs.

• Always the right attachment for the job. • Eliminates oil spills. • Protected hose run. • Increased profitability. • Improved safety.


KIT TALK with 4.4 metre extension allows for an 18 metre pin height. These components can then be further configured – straightstraight (for high reach), straightbent (for better centre-of-gravity and extended forward safe working area), and bent-bent – for underground work. Central to the EC750E HR’s configuration flexibility is Volvo’s patented hydraulic modular joint concept. The hydraulic modular joint uses a two-pin hydraulic lock mechanism to change from high-reach to digging configuration. As well as the modular joint on the base boom, there is now also a second hydraulic modular joint on the extension boom. The interface on the extension boom is the same as on the digging boom, allowing the boom

configuration angle of both the extension and the digging boom to be set quickly and safely between ‘bent’ and ‘straight’ configurations.

100 tonnes the additional stability offered by its greater weight and width gives the EC750E HR a solid foundation for its best-in-class performance.

With stability the root of both safety and performance in high-reach deconstruction applications, the EC750E HR has an all-new undercarriage. Specifically developed for the demolition segment, the undercarriage is heavier and wider than even that of the bigger Volvo EC950E excavator. Compared to the EC750E it is based on, the undercarriage of the EC750E HR is 0.5m longer and 1.0 metres wider – and has an impressive track gauge of 4.3 metres.

The retractable undercarriage on the EC750E HR features easyto-remove track frames and the ability to self-disassemble/ reassemble – meaning that moving the EC750E HR between worksites is relatively stress free. In most markets, removing the high reach boom set, lowering the counterweight and retracting the undercarriage, all hydraulically actuated, is sufficient to transport the machine. It’s not only the track frames that are easy to remove, the complete counterweight, including the additional counterweights, can be removed in one movement, thanks to a strengthened hydraulic removal system.

With an additional 4 tonnes of counterweight helping push the EC750E HR’s machine weight to






KIT TALK The Volvo Care Cab is the perfect environment for high reach demolition. Large area laminated glazing allows good sight lines of the work area, as well as flooding the cab with daylight. Comfortable and spacious, with controls that fall easily to hand, the cabin also hydraulically tilts up to 30 degrees, reducing operator neck strain and fatigue when working on high-reach jobs. Furthermore, a dust suppression system and camera on the demolition arm are standard, delivering clear images through the high quality in-cab display. The EC750E HR comes with a real-time Total Moment Indicator as standard. An effective load control system, angle sensors on the boom and pressure sensors on the main cylinder

continuously calculate the load moment status. This information is graphically produced on the easy-to-read in-cab display, with visual and audible warnings given to the operator as the stability envelope is approached or exceeded. Both the operator and the machine itself are well protected on the EC750E HR. The high visibility Volvo Care Cab has a frame-mounted Falling Object Guard (FOG) and side impact protection (SIPS). The machine itself has a heavy-duty belly cover and under cover, as well as swing ring protection guard. The boom and crusher cylinders also feature added protection. The EC750E HR profits from Volvo’s long experience of serving high-reach demolition

customers around the world. Custom-built by Volvo’s highly experienced engineers and incorporating the company’s quality assurance practices, the EC750E HR is a complete Volvo solution – design, manufacture, and aftermarket support, with all components supported by a Volvo warranty. The entire machine is designed to Volvo’s exacting specifications and factory fitted into an efficient and integrated demolition solution. As with all Volvo products, these high-reach excavators are backed up with a supportive and knowledgeable dealer network. Supplying genuine parts, Volvo’s highly trained technicians provide a range of solutions to keep customers’ machines working productively.

SMITHS of the Forest of Dean Ltd.

The Tank and Drum Experts

Most products stocked. Feel free to call in and collect or we can deliver nationwide. Ring to discuss your business needs.

Call in to see our stock at our Coleford depot, open Mon to Fri (8:00am-4:30pm). Most Sats 9:00-11:00. Visit or call on 01594 833308.


The Ultra-High Reach Demolition, Decommissioning and Land Remediation Specialist


01506 654 845


Grappling with Cats The new CatÂŽ GSH420 and GSH520 orangepeel grapples, replacing the GSH15B Series grapples, are designed for a wide range of applications, including handling shredded scrap, such as long structural beams and car bodies; handling rocks at construction sites; and waste at recycling and transfer stations.

The performance and efficiency of the new Cat grapples help wastehandling operations, in particular, meet the challenges of increased environmental regulation, growing pressure to recycle a mix of materials, and stringent budgets. The new grapples feature horizontal placement of the cylinders, thus creating a profile that allows for effective material penetration and efficient bulk-material handling.


The design enhances the strength, reliability, and durability of the new grapples, which are available in four-tine and five-tine shell configurations and in closed or semi-open versions. In addition, the GSH420 and GSH520 feature a redesigned rotation system. The new grapples are designed to work with the Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 material handlers. The design of the GSH Series grapples features construction of high-grade, impact-resistant steel that protects vulnerable areas, such as hydraulic cylinders. For added durability, high- quality bushings with lubrication grooves and hardened pins are used




3 Stage Decontamination Area

Welfare Facility Including Sink, Microwave & Fridge


Toilet Facilities

Compact unit with

SINGLE SHOWER for up to 4 workers

Exceeds HSG 247 Asbestos: The licensed contractors guide and HSE's Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Approved Code of Practice, Regulation 23

154+ Our Largest Unit With



for up to 8 workers


SMH Products Ltd

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Available at


Branch or Site



CONTACT YOU LOCAL BRANCH TO ARRANGE FACE FITS FOR YOUR WORKFORCE *Contact your local branch to discuss on site face ямБt testing QUALITY & SERVICE



SMH Products Ltd

KIT TALK in all pivot points. Tines are configured with replaceable cast tips made from BHN 445-555 material that resists wear. In addition, solid hinge-point construction and robust endstops ensure long service life, and routing hydraulic hoses

within the tines reduces hose wear. All mounting brackets feature a solid pin to keep the bracket in an upright position for ease of installation. Also, the new GSH grapples feature a standard lifting eye on the bottom of the housing for expanded versatility, such as mounting a magnet.


The new HR10 rotation group, featuring a new swivel, significantly reduces hydraulic restriction by increasing returnflow capacity by 160 percent and by increasing open-flow capacity by 30 percent. Less restriction results in faster cycles and lower fuel burn.

Durable Performance

Increase the capabilities of your concrete cutting and demolition toolbox. Operate a full range of Pentruder High Frequency equipment simply by connecting the same Pentpak, remote control, motor, and cables to a wall saw, a wire saw or a heavy duty core drill. All Pentruder equipment is Made in Sweden. We produce precision parts in-house, from the best materials, in state of the art production machines. With over 35 years of experience from designing concrete cutting equipment, we know how to build high performance, durable systems. Visit our website for more information & contact details to our distributors: Or check out our facebook page: or Instagram: pentruder_official

Designed and manufactured by: Tractive AB I Gjutargatan 54 I 78170 Borlänge I Sweden Tel: +46 (0)243 221155 I E-mail:


Rising Above A Hyundai HX140L fitted with a Kocurek elevating cab proves to be a perfect fit for any waste recycling yard.

Through listening to customers feedback and understanding their requirements, Hyundai dealer Molson has worked with Kocurek to modify a standard


HX140L with a two metre elevating “hi-rise� cab, allowing operators on waste recycling sites to pick through material and load bins safely and efficiently.


LCM Scrap Company Ltd offers the most competitive service for all of your Ferrous and Non-Ferrous requirements. Under new management, we offer bespoke solutions to all customers with market leading prices and prompt settlement. Copper, Lead, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Iron are just some of the metals in which we specialise.

Call us for a free valuation on 020 7511 7294 or email us at


“With a tried and tested base machine like the Hyundai HX140L, we knew we had a solid and reliable machine to use as a platform for this conversion,” says Molson Service Director, Martyn Tucker. “We have worked with the team at Kocurek on many projects before, so we know how to achieve the best result together. Their engineers worked with us every step of the way on this, from concept to completion and will continue to provide after sales care alongside Molson.”

Prime Health & Safety Ltd ...your safety ensured delivering H&S training to the workplace fom Director to Operative

UKATA Asbestos Awareness UKATA NNLW Non Licensed Training UKATA Licensed Asbestos Removal Training UKATA Asbestos Management Training

The finished machine weighs in at 17,700 kg, with a total reach of eight metres (4.6 metre boom and 3.0 metre arm) and a two metre hi-rise cab. Other additional specifications Molson have put on this custom built unit include 700 mm steel tracks fitted with bolt-on rubber blocks to prevent damage to concreted yards; and a reversing fan to keep the engine running perfectly in a typically dusty environment.

Risk Assessments & Method Statements Fire Risk Assessments Site Safety Audits Bespoke Courses Arranged Principal Designer Services NDTG Demolition Safety Awareness & CCDO Cards

01622 768400

Working at Height, Manual Handing, Fire Marshals & More...

TEL: 01622 768400

For operator and working environment safety Molson have fitted a front screen guard, boom and arm check valves, white noise travel alarm, blue strobes and a green seat belt beacon in addition to the standard orange working beacon. The final addition of a rotation circuit allows full operation of the NPK DG14 selector grab.

Kingsley Place, 46 Mote Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6ES


WE BUY ALL TYPES OF METAL Capital Metal Recycling London Scrap Metal Recycling

We want your scrap metal

Instant payments for metal

Free scrap collection service

Top prices paid for all scrap metal

Free site audit service

Floor tile recycling specialist

All materials accepted at one site

Unrivalled transport service both FORS and CLOCS compliant

Tailored tonnage reports

Total waste solutions

CCTV monitored weighbridge

Address: 104 Scrubs Lane, Willesden, London, NW10 6SF Tel: 0208 964 2120 Email:


Komatsu Wheels Out New Loader The new Komatsu WA100M‐8 Compact Wheel Loader proposes new and improved features. It provides effortless and low‐cost operations with a powerful EU Stage IV engine and the proven Komatsu Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, a new ergonomic design, a high level of standard specifications and an array of new options.

On construction sites, in the recycling industry or for agricultural jobs, with the hydraulic quick‐coupler, Easy Fork kinematic and a wide range of available attachments, the Komatsu WA100M‐8 is a reliable and versatile tool “The WA100M‐8 is built on the strong base of the WA100M‐7” says Sebastian Zienau, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe.” “And with its many new features and options it opens up a whole new range of versatility. We’re really looking forward to offering

such a flexible machine to our customers.” The WA100M-8 has an operating weight of 7,200 kg. Its EU Stage IV Komatsu SAA4D94LE‐3 engine is also more powerful with 70 kW (94 HP) net. Optimised for tough construction applications, it delivers high torque even at low rpms. A fully automatic hydrostatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. With high rimpull, superior breakout power, high lifting and


dumping height, and enough reserves for even the most difficult ground conditions, the WA100M-8 also features low fuel consumption. The operator can rely on Easy Fork kinematic to transport loads with Komatsu pallet forks parallel to the ground without readjusting the fork tines. The after-treatment system includes an integrated Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. NOx emissions are

Arden Equipment will make your head spin with its Arden TiltRotor with 40° tilt and 360° rotation.

Work safer, faster and more efficiently with the Arden TiltRotor!

KIT TALK reduced by 80% using AdBlue®, protecting the operator and bystanders and making the WA100M‐8 ideal for indoor applications. For improved versatility, available options include increased travel speed (40km/h), new high flow hydraulics, a new height‐ adjustable trailer hitch, and new 3rd & 4th hydraulic circuits on the rear of the machine. A 6.000 hour cleaning interval typically makes the DPF maintenance‐free for 10 years. Komatsu’s re-designed 1.3m3 digging bucket has better penetration, a longer bucket bottom, a modified shape of the back and side walls and a new design of the spill guard. Easier to fill, it offers increased

operating comfort, boosts the new wheel loader’s productivity and helps to reduce fuel consumption. KOMTRAX telematics offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime. For maximum operational safety, the machine’s low centre of gravity enhances stability, and its compact dimensions and a new engine hood ensure exceptional all‐round visibility. The new large multifunctional high‐resolution TFT‐LCD widescreen colour monitor panel has 13 built-in languages. The improved, ergonomic controls include a PPC multi‐ function lever with optional


electronic control for 3rd and 4th spool (EPC). The optional air conditioner and Electronic Controlled Suspension System (ECSS) further improve comfort and productivity. All maintenance and service can be performed easily and quickly thanks to the tilting cab. The optional hydraulic cab tilting pump allows the operator to perform maintenance even on the job site. The engine hood opens widely for a quick daily inspection, the electric equipment is well protected behind a maintenance cover, and the easy‐to‐clean radiator is conveniently accessible. A compartment for battery, main switch and relays improves maintenance access to the electrical system.

The performance of the Liebherr R 946 has been second to none ‘We ha ve it a co made policy mpany that al l ne machi nes fro w 30 ton nes up m wards will we a r the Liebhe rr bad ge.’

The R 946 is designed for minimal downtime and greater profitability. “We bought our first Liebherr, an R 954 crawler excavator, back in 2007 and over the past 11 years have used it on a wide range of projects. The machine’s performance has been second to none: it has stood up to everything we could possibly throw at it. With minimal repairs it is still going strong, which is why we have purchased another Liebherr: the R 946 crawler excavator with straight boom. After running the R 946 for a trouble-free 12 months, we have made it a company policy that all new machines from 30 tonnes upwards will wear the Liebherr badge.” Howard Stott, Howard Stott Demolition Ltd. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Darren Bennet on 07831 555488 or Email:

Call today on: 01767 602100 Liebherr-Great Britain Limited, Normandy Lane, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8QB.


Next-Level Noise Monitoring Svantek, a leading manufacturer of noise and vibration instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring application, has launched the SV 200A all in one noise monitoring station with four built in microphones for noise directivity detection. Svantek, a leading manufacturer of noise and vibration instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring application, has launched the SV 200A all in one noise monitoring station with four built in microphones for noise directivity detection. The revolutionary new instrument enables identification of dominant noise sources providing information about their location both in vertical and horizontal directions. Ideal for demolition and construction site monitoring, Svantek’s SV 200A is a Class 1 sound level meter integrated with wireless communication via 3G, LAN, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The measurement of directionality gives the opportunity to indicate the dominant source of noise in the area of measurement, the exclusion of unwanted events or to identify aeroplane flightpaths. The SV 200A noise monitoring station boasts four additional microphones located on the sides of the housing which use the sound intensity technique to detect the direction of a dominant noise source both in the vertical and horizontal axes. The Leq distribution in angle sectors is saved as the time-history and can be used for data filtering and reporting.








Now, Brokk takes the next step in intelligent demolition. Four range-completing wonders with industry-first technology and features: SmartPower™ enables record-breaking power and reliability, SmartRemote™ gives new levels of ergonomics and productivity and SmartDesign™ combines ruggedness and serviceability. Welcome to the future of profitable demolition.

Intelligent Demolition Power

BROKK UK LTD, Unit 2a, Moss End Business Village, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, LA7 7NU +44 (0)15395 66055 |

KIT TALK The SV 200A noise monitoring station can perform a real-time frequency analysis on 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and save it as time history data. Additionally it can record the audio signal for noise sources recognition and data recalculation. The advanced alarms function can send email and SMS notifications triggered by threshold level conditions. Status alarms are also available. The 3G modem, WLAN and LAN provide fast data transfer over the Internet to PC with standard Internet connectivity. Adhering to ISO 1996-2 requirements, the SV 200A uses an electrostatic actuator to perform a periodic system check.

The instrument’s large windscreen is highly efficient reducing wind noise effects even at high wind speeds. Metal spikes protect the station against birds. The weatherproof housing protects against extreme weather conditions while fulfilling Class 1 accuracy. The accurate GPS module provides information on location as well as measurement time synchronisation. An OLED display and five push buttons enable the results preview and measurement parameters configuration. The SV 200A has an internal Li-Ion battery and interface for direct solar panels connection. A waterproof mains adapter for charging the battery and


powering the station is also included. The Bluetooth and Wireless LAN provide an access point for an easy configuration with the SvanNET App. Svantek’s SvanNET is an advanced server solution supporting remote connection with SV 200A. The SvanNET allows usage of all types of SIM cards with the SV 200A modem regardless if there is public or private IP. The connection over SvanNet allows the use of a web browser to watch real time measurement results, manually download files and reconfigure the station, as well as download files and configure the station.










JCB understands the unique demands of the demolition sector, which is why we designed a range of machines specifically dedicated to cope with them. From big breaker work and bulk handling, to working in confined areas and general site duties, JCB has all the machines to complete the job from start to finish. From our designers to engineers, we’re dedicated to delivering legendary JCB build quality, maximum protection and of course ultimate comfort as standard. And our dedication doesn’t end there; our customer support from dealers to service engineers knows no bounds. It’s why buying JCB is such a great business decision. To find out more about our dedicated demolition team, contact your local JCB dealer

Telephone: 0800 581761

ADVERTORIAL 70 Years?? It’s Just The St Start!! art!!

From our humble beginnings in Stepney, the business has continued to grow to the point where we recently moved into our brand new 15,000 Sqft state of art Head Office facility in Stanford-Le-Hope. Based over three floors, our new office brings together all the various parts of the organisation into one central hub including Asbestos, Engineering, Project Management, Environmental and Health and Safety. The building has been designed and constructed in accordance with stringent environmental standards and incorporates the latest reuse/recycling technology to minimise energy waste and water consumption. We value the people that work for us and developing this new space demonstrates our commitment not only to continued growth but also to creating an open and enjoyable working environment. On top of this we have already started to see benefits from the various parts of the organisation working in close proximity. In addition we are continually investing in our facility and our plant and equipment to make sure we are ready to take on more technically challenging opportunities from within our traditional markets through to new markets in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Squibb Group has been established now for over 70 years, originally formed in the East End of London clearing and making safe bomb damaged buildings and over the years the company has evolved to the present where we are now one of the UK’s leading multi-disciplined demolition companies, working in all the

following private and public sectors on a nationwide basis: • Commercial • Residential • Industrial • Energy • Transport • Education • Health • Oil & Gas • Nuclear


ADVERTORIAL This continued development over the years is down to consistent, safe, on time and value for money project delivery which results in repeat business for which we can and have and continue built upon. We are always keen to consider projects ranging from very small asbestos removal projects through to very large complex full demolition projects in challenging environments. We are members of the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors), ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) and ACAD (Asbestos Control and Abatement Division). We can provide reference, case studies for the complete range. As a market leader in this field, we are constantly innovating and employing new techniques through value engineering and to further reduce the risk of accidents and enhance project performance in all other respects.

Our in-house services include: • Demolition • Stripping out • Licenced and un-licenced asbestos removal • Asbestos surveying in conjunction with one of our supply chain partners, Armstrong York, • Dismantling • Environmental Waste Management (recycling services (BRE Smart Waste system used) • Land Remediation • Complete site enabling package • Engineered Solutions (Including Temporary structural works and façade retention, propping, pinning etc. design and installation service) For all enquiries, contact either: Deanne (deannef@, Peter peterg@ or Angus or call on 020 8594 7143



RUBBLE MASTER Prove why they are the Leading Impactor in the Market


ADVERTORIAL Mix It (formerly Modern Mix), servicing the concrete requirements of domestic and commercial clients for over 20 years, has recently taken delivery of a RUBBLE MASTER RM70GO! crusher from Red Knight 6 Ltd (RK6). Mix It provide concrete for every possible project, from layering the base of a shed to the foundations of a new office building. Covering South East England, Mix It cover commercial and housing, engineering and many other sectors, at competitive prices. Dan Flack, Director of Sales at RK6 had been talking to Mix It for some time about the benefits of using a RUBBLE MASTER to

produce a small size aggregate to re-use into the concrete mix for their block making. Mix It had already tried other competitor machines; however, they could not achieve the requirements on the end material that was needed. After a successful demonstration, the RM70GO! proved its superiority and Jim Taylor, Managing Director from Mix It decided to purchase the machine.

Dan commented, “We knew from previous success’s and with the number of settings available on the RUBBLE MASTER especially with the right rotor and feeder speed the RUBBLE MASTER would excel in this application.” Red Knight 6 Ltd is an innovative business supplying the quarry and recycling industries with the sales, service, spare parts and hire of crushing, screening and recycling equipment. As the appointed dealers for Anaconda Equipment International, RUBBLE MASTER and Komplet Recycling Systems, RK6 are experienced in delivering pride in their products and excellence in their customer service.

Jaw Crushers | Shredders | Hammer Mills | Trommel Screens | Conveyors | Recycling Plants

Compact enough for crushing and screening directly on site! Contact RK6 for more info.

01293 862 619 |


Dorton Group ‘go green‘ with new McCloskey Jaw Crusher Sussex & Devon based Dorton Group, have recently taken delivery of a new McCloskey J45 Jaw Crusher to add to their ever increasing specialist range of equipment for demolition and recycling. Founded 33 years ago, Dorton are one of the most progressive and fastest growing companies in their sector in the UK. The groups operating bases are in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and Plymouth, Devon where they also operate a 3 acre recycling facility. Dorton Group are specialists in Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Bulk Excavation and Materials Recycling. Pete Walsh of Dorton Group commented, “As a business working in this modern world, it is important to source the best equipment we can to ensure we keep our projects running to schedule. Through due diligence we identified McCloskey, who in our opinion are leaders in their field, with extremely well built machines that’s offer high production and a superior after service that is required to maintain such hard working machines. We trialled all of the brand leaders and the J45 ticked all the boxes.” In the machines first two weeks it has been in action on Dorton sites in the South East and South West of the country. The heavy duty McCloskey J45 Jaw Crusher, has a true 45” x 27” Jaw with reversible hydrostatic drive, folding Hardox® hopper mounted over vibrating feeder with telescopic dirt belt. Standard features include load sensing magic eye over the jaw, overband magnet, extended main conveyor and dust suppression. The machine can also be supplied with a Pre Screen and or a Recirculation System. Business Development Manager for McCloskey, Colin Wilkie added, “This is just one of a range of world leading crushers and screens manufactured by McCloskey, which has allowed us to become one of the leading suppliers in UK. It speaks volumes when companies such as Dorton Group choose our company and products on merit. We look forward to being of service to them for years to come. We have an ever expanding list of satisfied users many of whom give us repeat business based not only on our quality products, but also the way we provide exceptional aftersales with our own fleet of service engineers and factory direct parts system allowing nearly every part to be available on a next day service. The J45 joins the McCloskey R105 Screener already supplied to Dorton Group. With over 30 years of trading, McCloskey is still a privately owned company and the largest independent manufacturer of Crushers and Screeners in the world, with UK based Noel McCloskey, being pinnacle to the success and expansion of market share and ensuring the name remains known for quality products and proven performance. Dorton Group Head Office McCloskey Equipment Ltd Pipers Court Thatcham Berkshire RG19 4ER Tel: +44 (0)1235 83240

South West Office

Station Goods Yard Falcon House Station Road Eagle Road Burgess Hill Langage West Sussex Plymouth RH15 9DG PL7 5JY Tel: 01444 253333 Tel: 01752 425159


Authorised Dealer in England and Wales Bristol: Molson Group Ltd, Smoke Lane, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 0YA Tel: +44 (0) 1179 820 123 Warrington: Molson Group Ltd, Athlone Rd, Warrington, Cheshire WA2 8JJ Tel: +44 (0) 1925 632 164

FOR ROUGH DEMOLITION The new Rammer demolition tools have been designed to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of the demanding demolition industry and to perform a broad array of duties, regardless of if it is either a primary or secondary demolition application. These new additions share many of the design features and the manufacturing quality characteristics that have made Rammer brand the preferred choice of quarry operators and demolition contractors across the globe. Contact your local Rammer dealer for more information.

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy / Lahti, Finland / +358 205 44 151 / /

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Demolition magazine - Issue 26  

The biggest-ever edition of the world's largest and most widely-read magazine for the global demolition industry.

Demolition magazine - Issue 26  

The biggest-ever edition of the world's largest and most widely-read magazine for the global demolition industry.