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Birth of a Demolition Company Demolition magazine will be following a new company as it places its site boots on the very bottom rung of the demolition ladder. And you can watch and listen to their progress too. Mark Anthony reports. There comes a time in a man’s life when he is forced to accept the passage of time; to set aside childish things; and to convert his pie-in-the-sky list of things to accomplish by the age of 40 into a rather more urgent bucket list of things to accomplish before he dies.

This is something I have discussed with countless start-up companies over the years. But each time, my grand plans have stalled and foundered. Until now.

not the ideal starting point in the formation of a demolition company (and I say this as a man who cut his journalistic teeth on a magazine that covered the hotel and restaurant business).

Just a few months ago, I took a call from a company that was

And yet that is where the b-line story begins.

I have long since accepted that I am highly unlikely to score a winning goal for West Ham United. I am aware that time is running out for me to become an overnight success. And I have even resigned myself to the fact that the chances of me eloping with Gemma Arterton are looking just a bit shaky (her loss, I say). Professionally, however, there is an ambition I have clung onto for about as long as I can remember. That ambition was to find a fledgling demolition company and to follow their progress for the first year, or possibly more. To share with them the highs and lows and the often brutal realities of life in the demolition industry. To see that company take on and train new staff, acquire new equipment, and to take their place in this industry of ours.

“I originally trained as a carpenter,” recalls operations director Ziad Mir. “In 2005, I was redeveloping a property and this allowed me to build a small building team specialising in refurbishment and loft conversions. But in 2011, the recession caught up with us and the work dried up. So I made the decision to get myself a degree in construction management.”

just starting out and which was willing to allow me to follow and share their journey. That company is called b-line. And this is their story. Unusual Beginnings On the face of it, a background in carpentry, property development and staff recruitment is perhaps


It was here that he met Lado Lleshi and the two would soon find themselves working together. “The company had a labour supply division that was supplying staff to major contractors across London. Through that division, we started to see a growing demand in the field of diamond drilling,” he recalls. “Both Lado and I decided that diamond drilling was an interesting niche. So we

Demolition magazine - Issue 25  

The largest-ever edition of the world's largest and most widely-read magazine for the global demolition industry.

Demolition magazine - Issue 25  

The largest-ever edition of the world's largest and most widely-read magazine for the global demolition industry.