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When AI Meets Construction Construction equipment giant Volvo foresees a future in which the lines between man and machine will become increasingly blurred.

The potential for artificial intelligence – or AI – is high on the social agenda. Seemingly, everyone from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Tesla CEO Elon Musk has an opinion on the impact of AI on our everyday lives. But how will the technology of today impact the construction of tomorrow?

cars means a faster mode of transportation and a significant reduction in accidents and emissions. A similar statement can be made about the construction industry. Early adopters are already using the technology to increase the efficiency, safety, and quality of construction projects.

Once confined to the pages of science fiction novels, artificial intelligence (AI) has now become a reality that cannot be ignored. In many ways, we are already using AI – from the news feed we read on our smartphones to the software that enables us to shop online securely. We no longer see AI as a far-fetched concept resigned to our imaginations, it is something we are experiencing and benefiting from every day.

Machines Mimic Man

The advantages of AI are limitless and permeate not just our everyday lives, but across all industries. For the automotive industry, the launch of self-driving

So, what exactly is artificial intelligence? It is a collective term used to describe when a machine mimics human cognitive functions, like problemsolving, learning, and pattern recognition. AI includes a process called machine learning, whereby algorithms are used to enable a machine to learn from the data it is exposed to. Therefore, the more data to which a machine is exposed, the better it will become at understanding and provide insights. In a time when humans are increasing data creation every day, AI provides an endless resource for


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