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Time Flies They have evolved from novelty toy to indispensable tool in just a few short years. And the rise and rise of drones shows no signs of abating. Mark Anthony reports.

About 18 months ago when I first became involved with DemoVision and its drone filming capabilities, the conversation with demolition companies whose site I was about to visit was very different. Back then, the question “is it OK to bring the drone,” was greeted with a response that was either “what is a drone” or, at best, “I will need to check” which was shorthand for “I don’t know what a drone is but I know someone that might”. Things have changed. Today, that same question is usually met with a response of: “You might as well. We have been filming the site with our drone since before work began.”


And while our use of drone technology has allowed us to put a unique twist on our footage for Demolition TV and for a variety of demolition clients, we have merely been scratching the surface of what these incredible tools can actually do.

From small beginnings

Floating effortlessly and able to be positioned with great accuracy, drones – also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – are becoming an increasingly popular tool in the construction industry. Named after stingless male bees, drones were originally a military

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