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INSITE The tens of thousands of you that read last year’s Demolition Directory and Yearbook might recall that we tried to bring you a publication that was forward-looking and not the usual navel-gazing look back at the past. We were planning to do the same again this year. But this year was different. For many reasons, this year has been a tumultuous one. The UK demolition industry lost several high-profile and respected companies; there were incidents and accidents; and – of course, 2016 will be remembered by us all as the year of the Didcot disaster in which four demolition men so tragically lost their lives. However, as 2016 draws to a close, we once again have the opportunity to look forward. And while we should never forget that fateful day in February 2016, we must all move on whilst learning the painful lessons of the past. So this new Directory looks back and it looks forward. It has widened its scope to include updates on subjects as diverse as engine emissions and dust control. And the directory itself has expanded to include not just mainline demolition contractors but smaller specialist contractors with drilling and smallscale demolition expertise because – well – sometimes that is all you need. We have also widened the circulation of the publication. Last year’s edition was received by around 68,000 individuals across the construction and demolition sector. This year’s edition will be received by more than 100,000 industry professionals and decision makers. We really hope that you enjoy this second-ever edition of the Demolition Directory and that it will become a useful source of reference for you in the coming weeks and months. We hope that you will take the time to check out what our numerous advertisers are displaying – after all, it is their support that has made this publication possible. And, above all, we sincerely hope that 2017 proves to be a safe, productive and profitable one for us all.

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Plant Theft


Switching Focus With equipment theft now considered “inevitable” in some parts of the country, the industry is switching its focus from prevention to recovery in the ongoing battle against the plant thieves. Mark Anthony reports.

I started writing about equipment theft in the late 1980s. At the time, estimates suggested that plant theft was costing the UK construction industry somewhere in the region of £100 million per year. And there was little to stem the tide. Most equipment was easily started with a universal “one-sizefits-all” key. Plant hirers were unwilling to invest in any kind of equipment protection that didn’t offer an immediate return on their investment. With one or two notable exceptions, the police were largely indifferent to equipment thefts, claiming that they lacked the expertise required to track and identify stolen equipment. And equipment manufacturers – in the midst of a boom – seemed to view the loss of a digger purely as the opportunity to supply a replacement.

Constant Innovation

Fast forward three decades and much has changed in the field of plant theft. Many plant hirers are now differentiating themselves from their competitors by the use of a variety of theft prevention measures.


Police forces across the country have united successfully to address the problem. Many equipment manufacturers are now installing anti-theft devices and systems as standard. And yet the cost of plant and equipment theft – although still estimated – has risen inexorably to a staggering £1 billion per year. Recent studies suggest that around 92 percent of contractors and plant hirer have been the victim of an equipment theft. Opportunist thieves seeking a fast buck have been replaced by organised criminals using increasingly sophisticated measures to part man from machine. Equipment theft has become almost inevitable in certain parts of the country. And the industry has been forced to concede that for all its theft prevention intentions and measures, rapid recovery in the event of a theft is now the default position, a fact that has given rise to an unstoppable tide of devices, systems and gadgets to make stolen machines easier to find and simpler to return to their rightful owners.

Demolition And it is a constant battle. “There are criminals out there that can earn in a day what most people might earn in a year. And it’s a problem that is not going away,” says Datatag’s Kevin Howells. “Every time we make a significant step forward in the fight against plant thieves, the criminals find a way around it. We are having to innovate constantly in order to stay one step ahead.”

order for the kit in the Thurrock area, and a great deal of GAP plant was now missing, the thieves having seemingly stolen the identity of a reputable company. Thankfully, in this instance, the plant was fitted with the LiveTrak discovery system, meaning it was easily located by the depot. Manager of the GAP Thurrock Plant and Tools Hire depot, Bill Robinson, visited the location of the plant as according to the tracker and instantly called the police. Inside, the items were found along with the criminals who had attempted to steal them.

Balancing Act

But the battle against the parasitic plant thieves is as plagued with peaks and troughs as the construction industry itself. The Combined Industry Theft Solutions (CITS) organisation brings together specialists from the police, insurers, finance companies, equipment manufacturers and plant hirers and has been instrumental in many of the key anti-theft innovations the sector has seen in recent years. Similarly, the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) has been doing its level best to help police forces reduce the theft of construction and agricultural equipment.

Fraudulent Hire

And they are having to innovate hard! While equipment left unattended overnight or over a weekend by the side of a road remains a soft target for opportunist thieves, organised criminals are taking a more sophisticated and long term view to satisfy their nefarious ends. They are even going as far as creating bogus companies or illegally adopting the identity of an existing company in order to place spurious hire requests to facilitate large-scale thefts.

Yet, at the same time, the number of specialist stolen vehicle squads appears to be in terminal decline. “When I started in this industry, there were around 60 stolen vehicle squads in police forces across the UK. Those squads knew the equipment, knew where to find VIN numbers and knew how to identify different types of yellow metal,” Howells recalls. “Today, there are just a handful of those squads remaining.”

Leading plant hirer GAP Hire Solutions recently found themselves the victim of a fraudulent hire, the incident taking place at their Thurrock Plant and Tools Hire depot. The staff at Thurrock received a seemingly normal request from one of their wellestablished customers in Yorkshire, and the delivery was duly made. However, upon the production of the first invoice, the customer thought to have placed the order questioned the matter in its entirety. They had never made an

In the seemingly endless battle against plant theft, it seems that it is a case of one step forward, and one step back.


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Demolition Attachments Detached

signal. Indeed, AMI recently unveiled a new tracking device for hydraulic hammers. “It has always been a challenge to track a pecker, partly because they’re a solid piece of metal and it’s difficult to conceal a tracking device, and partly because of the abuse and vibration they encounter,” says AMI’s Peter Stockton. “But we have devised some new compounds to protect the trackers from vibration and some new covert locations in which to conceal them to ensure that these attachments can be readily tracked and recovered in the event of a theft.”

However, according to Kevin Howells, use of systems like the CEA-owned CESAR scheme, the growth of the Combined Industry Theft Solutions, and greater industry awareness has made equipment theft more challenging to even the most sophisticated thieves. But equipment thieves are every bit as flexible and dynamic as the equipment manufacturers upon which they prey. They have become adept at homing in on equipment that is easy to steal, difficult to trace and fast and lucrative to sell. A prime example of this constant shift is the significant upswing in incidence of attachment theft, a fact that has hit sectors like the demolition industry particularly hard. Attachments are easy to unbolt from the carrier machine, relatively easy to transport, and fetch a price of tens of thousands of pounds. “Attachments are easy to steal and easy to sell,” says CanTrack’s Peter Thompson. “In fact, to a plant thief, they are as good as cash.”

Much of the latest technology harnessed by these tracking system suppliers has been developed to overcome the widespread use of GPS jammers which according to CanTrack’s Peter Thompson – is an item of equipment carried by every self-respecting plant thief. “The CanTrack Asset system detects the use of a GPS jammer and automatically switches to a mobile phone-style quad band GSM signal that provides sufficiently accurate triangulation to allow our team of inspectors to locate a stolen item of equipment,” he says. “Furthermore, this works even when the equipment is hidden in a shed or a shipping container.”

But the industry is fighting back. The recently-introduced Compact CESAR system can be used to identify both the attachment and its rightful owner; while tracking devices from the likes of CanTrack and AMI Group are now sufficiently vibration-resistant to withstand the impact shocks of a harsh demolition environment while providing a precise location tracking

Helping Ourselves

In an age in which we can track equipment and monitor its performance via satellite Pictured: Tommy Lee taking delivery of his new with nothing more complex a Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0than from RK6


Demolition smartphone, it seems remarkable that one of the biggest hurdles to preventing plant theft remains the use of a universal key. “There are dozens of equipment manufacturers out there that can see the benefit of switching to a unique key starting system but many customers don’t want it. They like the convenience of a single key that allows a driver to collect multiple machines,” Howells explains. “But if you look on a popular online auction site, it is possible to buy for £40 or £50 a key that will start 80 or 90 percent of the kit on the market.”

identify. And yet the potential return on the thief’s “investment” is roughly the same. And, of course, the plant theft business is far more resistant to the peaks and troughs of demands that plague the construction industry upon which it feasts. When the going gets tough for the wider construction sector, there is a ready market for no-questions-asked and low-cost equipment. And when the going is good, there is a surfeit of potentially lucrative “stock” parked unattended by the side of a road just waiting for the thieves to go shopping.4

Furthermore, organised criminals still see equipment theft as a relatively soft target. The theft of a Ford Focus – for example – is wrought with risk. A car is easy to identify, easy to track and easy to trace. A hydraulic hammer, shear or pulveriser can be hauled away inside a container or truck; it’s hard to track and hard to

Despite the best efforts of the industry, plant theft is a problem that is not going away any time soon. To view an exclusive video detailing the latest developments in plant theft prevention and recovery, please visit:


Demolition Anatomy of an Accident DemolitionNews’ editor Mark Anthony was involved in a demolition accident this year. And the incident proved to be every bit as informative, enlightening and frustrating as it was painful. Even before the US electorate went to the polls and decided to set us all on a path towards Cold War 2.0 by choosing Donald Trump as its next Commander in Chief, 2016 had been a year most of us would like to forget. It was the year in which large swathes of the UK succumbed to the politics of fear and decided to leave the European Union even though – at the time of writing – Brexit remains just out of reach like the clean fresh opening page of your 2017 diary. It was also the year in which the world said a fond and premature goodbye to cultural icons such as David

Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince and Leonard Cohen; to household names such as Terry Wogan, Caroline Aherne, Ronnie Corbett, Alan Rickman, Paul Daniels and Victoria Wood; and to ageing rockers like Lemmy from Motorhead and Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns. And, of course, 2016 will be the year that – in demolition circles – will forever be remembered as the year of the Didcot accident in which four demolition men lost their lives in tragic and prolonged circumstances.

Luck Ran Out

From a personal point of view, however, 2016 will be the year in which my luck ran out; the year in which my number came up; the year in which the demolition gods that had once smiled upon me so benevolently turned their backs. On 22 August 2016, I was involved in my first (and, hopefully, only) demolition accident. Up until that point - in a career that has seen me on and off demolition and construction sites for almost 30 years – the worst “incident” I had previously witnessed first-hand was a burst hydraulic hose in which precisely no-one was injured. Sure, I had tripped over my bootlaces once,


Demolition much to the amusement of the real demolition men around me. I cut my hand on a freshly cut piece of steel once but the cut didn’t even merit a Band Aid. Oh, and a wasp stung me on the arm at a power station that was being demolished but, frankly, that could have happened anywhere.

positioned approximately 25 metres from the base of a five-storey former office block. To my right was the high reach excavator charged with taking the structure down. To my immediate left was the site manager and to his immediate left was a very large dust suppression unit that stood a good two metres tall and which was almost as wide.

22 August was different. Without taking you to the site, it would be virtually impossible to explain just how my accident came about. But I’ll try.

The high reach was starting work that very morning and had actually been working for less than three minutes when a “clump” of bricks fell five storeys to the ground.

I had gone through the usual site induction required of all site visitors these days and walked to the “safe” area in which I was planning to photograph and film a high reach excavator in action. Ironically – well, it is ironic now – I was talking to the site manager about the Didcot accident while we walked to the work area. I was

For reasons that I have yet to fathom and which subsequent investigations have failed to explain, one of those bricks was ejected sideways. It managed to miss the dust suppression unit, apparently came over the site manager’s shoulder and then hit me square in the face.


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Demolition Medical Professionals

About half an hour after head met brick, I was in the local A&E Department accompanied by one of the guys from site who was calling his boss regularly to assure him that I hadn’t expired. And that was when the fun began. I spent the best part of eight hours in A&E during which time I was seen by – variously – a triage nurse, three doctors, a facial injury specialist, an eye specialist and a plethora of other medical professionals that each took great care of me whilst I sat and kissed goodbye to my youthful good looks once and for all. One of my lasting memories of that day was that all of the countless medical professionals with which I had an interaction went to enormous lengths to be reassuring. “It’s not that bad” said one; “that will heal up nicely” said another; “there will barely be a scar” chimed in yet another. Later that evening, the site manager that had laid me on my camera bag arrived. Apparently, he had missed his bedside manner training as he took one look at my face and said, simply “oh shit!”

I saw it coming. But it was traveling at such speed that I managed to duck no more than a few inches before I felt the impact. Much to my surprise – and this only became evident afterwards – it did not knock me down, neither did it render me unconscious. Instead, the site manager reacted quickly and laid me down in the recovery position – my camera bag is blood-stained to this day - while those around us sprang into action, calling ambulances, halting work and alerting those that needed alerting.

Painkiller Haze

With help from friends and family, I managed to make my way home that same day (not easy as I was several hours away when the accident happened) where a hefty dose of paracetamol got me through the night. I awoke the following day with one eye completely closed, one functioning nostril (the other closed by swelling), teeth that felt like they belonged to someone else, and a toothache of the entire head.

I am told that the ambulance took less than 10 minutes to arrive. But with blood streaming down my face and my brain assuring me that I was now blind in one eye, it felt a whole lot longer.


Demolition I received a call from the managing director of the company upon whose site the accident happened (see panel) assuring me that an investigation was already underway and that his insurance would take care of the resulting claim. I also had a call from the site manager to make sure that I had got home safely and that I was OK. I assured him that I was, even though I couldn’t see clearly enough to make myself a cup of tea. Within 24 hours, that reassurance had proved misplaced and I was back in A&E again sporting the mother of all headaches and a left eye that looked like it had been plucked straight from a low-budget slasher film’s special effects department. A big whack of antibiotics and enough codydramol to fell an elephant later and I was sent home. But any thought that my interactions with the medical profession were now over was premature in the extreme. After three days on co-dydramol, my body reacted in a spectacular and adverse manner. My wife found me semi-conscious on the bathroom floor and called an ambulance. Thankfully, the paramedic quickly diagnosed me apparent intolerance for this painkiller and any crisis was averted. By this time, I had still not heard from the contractor’s insurance company so I was forced to call them myself. At this point, they told me that it was my job to make the claim (even though they had been informed of the accident) and that I needed to put it in writing (even though they were already working on an investigation). With my vision still impaired, I dictated a letter to my youngest son and sent it off. At the same time, I sought some advice from a demolition insurance company

that I know and trust to find out what the process might be and how long it might take. I was informed that the process might take between three and six months, which was of scant consolation as – as a self-employed person – I had already lost more than a week of work. I am fortunate, however. Despite the fact that I would ultimately lose the best part of a month through initial injuries, subsequent treatment and almost countless follow-up hospital appointments, I had the support of our publishing partners at Chambers Media who did their best to keep the financial coffers filled. If I were a selfemployed demolition worker, I would have been financially snookered.

Fun & Games

Once the external swelling had subsided, the real fun and games began. To date, I have had three sets of x-rays, two MRI scans, four maxillofacial appointments, four visits to Moorfield Eye Hospital (and another to follow before the end of the year). My eye socket which was fractured in the accident remains tender to the tough. My teeth still don’t quite meet as they should and several have been loosened by the impact. And both my left temple and upper lip area remain largely numb.


Demolition Worst of all is the damage to my eyesight. The vision in my left eye has been greatly worsened by the accident, and while my usual reading glasses help, I am still only able to look at a computer screen in relatively short bursts.

According to the numerous eye tests, my eyesight is improving, but in VERY small increments and it might take up to six months before any internal swelling has subsided and the true extent of any lasting damage can be ascertained. Until then, I am living with severe double-vision whenever I look up, and a weird black mark when I look left without turning my head. Headaches caused by eye-strain have become my constant companion.

I learned that demolition men’s ability to respond to an incident is probably without equal outside the emergency services and armed forces. Never have I seen men act with such calm and composure when faced with a bleeding man lying on the ground.

• I learned that the UK’s National Health Service really is as good as everyone claims it to be. I have been on this planet for 51 years now and – aside from a tonsillectomy at 18 and a burst appendix last year – I have managed to give hospitals a swerve. Having now spent more than my fair share of time within them, I have nothing but praise for the people that put my face back together in roughly the same way as God intended.

Soft & Squidgy

Aside from the obvious “think twice about where you stand, even if a trained professional assures you it’s OK” and “use the zoom lens, it’s safer back here”, the accident has proven to be a great – if unwelcome – learning experience.

• I learned that – with one notable exception – those associated with demolition really DO deserve their “salt of the Earth” reputation. I had


Demolition almost countless messages and emails of support, several gifts, and a stream of phone calls and social media messages checking to make sure that I am OK. For that I shall be forever grateful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (this time with more feeling and personal experience). Please be careful out there. One of the hardest and most unforeseen factors of my accident was the impact it had on my ability to report upon the accident.

• I learned that the human body – even a soft, squidgy bit like an eye – is remarkably resilient, even when it’s struck upside the head with a brick travelling at terminal velocity. • I learned that the insurance sector – at least the very specific bit that I am dealing with – is in no hurry to help the victim of an accident and about as communicative as the average mime. At the time of writing, it is three months since the accident. In that time, I have received one phone call and one letter followed by a great deal of radio silence and resolution remains elusive.

On the one hand, this was the first – and hopefully last – time that I have seen a demolition accident unfold before my eyes. As a reporter, it is sorely tempting to report the accident and every subsequent twist and turn, using my influence to make life deeply uncomfortable for the contractor on whose site the accident happened.

• I learned that the term “freak accident” does not even begin to describe just what can happen on a demolition site. Since I was hit by a brick that dipped and swerved like a ball struck by Dimitri Payet, I have heard tale of people being hit by steel that bounced under a fence and – more amazingly – a piece of concrete that punched through the base of an excavator windscreen, hit and broke one of the pedals before ricocheting upwards and breaking the jaw of the operator. Quite how health and safety professionals are expected to carry out meaning full risk assessments when concrete is going around not one but TWO corners I just don’t know.

But, on the other, I didn’t want my reporting of the facts to bore readers of DemolitionNews and Demolition magazine. I didn’t want prejudice any legal proceedings that might arise as a result of the accident. And, most of all, I didn’t want to be the guy that draws a living from the demolition industry and then publicly crucifies one of its number for personal and financial gain. Even though it goes against the very genetic make-up of a career journalist, that is why I have not named the contractor in question.

Most of all, I learned that accidents really can happen to anyone. They have no respect for 30 years of experience or the volume of PPE you’re wearing.



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Demolition The accident that befell the workers at Didcot A Power Station back in February will change the demolition landscape forever. Our job now is to ensure that those changes are for the better. Mark Anthony reports.

When industry historians look back at 2016, they will view the events of 23 February as a watershed moment: they will refer to the period before that fateful day as pre-Didcot; the regulatory and legislative changes that will unquestionably follow will forever be known as postDidcot.

During the writing of the This Year in Demolition book, it was clear that the shadow cast by the tragic accident that claimed the lives of four demolition workers had cast a shadow across the entire industry; that its effect would ripple and echo across the industry for the whole of 2016 and beyond. Indeed, our tribute to the workers killed when the boiler house collapsed would go on to become the mostviewed story in DemolitionNews history, outstripping its nearest rival by more than three-to-one. It has been republished in the UK, US and Australia and attracted a (sadly unsuccessful) journalism award nomination. So, as we rapidly approach the first anniversary of the worst demolition in living memory, that article is reproduced below: Although our professional paths likely crossed, I never had the pleasure or privilege of knowing Mick Collings, Ken Cresswell, Chris Huxtable and John Shaw personally. But having followed every overlong twist and protracted turn of their collective story for almost seven months now, I know that their names will be etched upon my psyche for as long as I am associated with the demolition industry. I will remember those names for as long as I live. And it is important that the wider demolition world remembers those names too. Not just in a minutes’ silence on the anniversary of their tragic demise - although 23 February would make a wholly fitting day upon which to remember all those killed and injured in this industry of ours – but in a far more ever-present and meaningful manner.


The names Collings, Cresswell, Huxtable and Shaw should be present in every toolbox talk or safety briefing, even if those names are not uttered audibly. Those names should be woven – unseen – into every risk assessment and method statement produced henceforth in this sector. Those names should be etched - indelibly but invisibly - onto the hard hats of every new recruit joining this industry as a constant and poignant reminder of this industry’s darker side. That said, even though it was how these men earned their living, fed their families and to which they paid the ultimate sacrifice, demolition does not define them. First and foremost, they were someone’s son. They were – variously - husbands, boyfriends, fathers and uncles. Demolition is just what they did to facilitate everything else in their lives; it was not who they were. But – and let’s make no bones about this – it was demolition that ripped these men from the arms of their individual families. And it is demolition that must learn the greatest lessons from this tragic, brutal and unforgiveable disaster. The industry must take a long hard look at itself and figure out how - in an age of technological advancement and spiralling training costs – four decent men were allowed to perish in this

Demolition manner. It should look again at the methods it employs and be willing to admit that “we have always done it that way” is no proof of the efficacy or safety of a methodology. And most of all, those within positions of power and influence within the industry must ask themselves just how well they would sleep if they were sending their sons and daughters to work on sites still cursed with the ability to maim and kill. So on 23 February 2017 (and every year thereafter), we should each raise a glass to Mick Collings, Ken Cresswell, Chris Huxtable and John Shaw. We should light a candle for each of them. We should stop work for a moment and reflect upon their cruel and needless passing. And, if that’s your thing, we should say a prayer for the families they each left behind. But we should each do more. It is important – VITAL – that the deaths of these four men should mark a step change in the demolition sector’s attitude to safety. The fact that demolition killed these four men is terrible, tragic, awful and unpardonable. The thought that their loss is not used as a catalyst to make this industry safer is just too unthinkable for words. So, as we rapidly approach the first anniversary of the worst demolition in living memory, that article is reproduced below:

am associated with the demolition industry. I will remember those names for as long as I live. And it is important that the wider demolition world remembers those names too. Not just in a minutes’ silence on the anniversary of their tragic demise - although 23 February would make a wholly fitting day upon which to remember all those killed and injured in this industry of ours – but in a far more ever-present and meaningful manner. The names Collings, Cresswell, Huxtable and Shaw should be present in every toolbox talk or safety briefing, even if those names are not uttered audibly. Those names should be woven – unseen – into every risk assessment and method statement produced henceforth in this sector. Those names should be etched indelibly but invisibly - onto the hard hats of every new recruit joining this industry as a constant and poignant reminder of this industry’s darker side. That said, even though it was how these men earned their living, fed their families and to which they paid the ultimate sacrifice, demolition does not define them. First and foremost, they were someone’s son. They were – variously - husbands, boyfriends,

Although our professional paths likely crossed, I never had the pleasure or privilege of knowing Mick Collings, Ken Cresswell, Chris Huxtable and John Shaw personally. But having followed every overlong twist and protracted turn of their collective story for almost seven months now, I know that their names will be etched upon my psyche for as long as I


Demolition fathers and uncles. Demolition is just what they did to facilitate everything else in their lives; it was not who they were. But – and let’s make no bones about this – it was demolition that ripped these men from the arms of their individual families. And it is demolition that must learn the greatest lessons from this tragic, brutal and unforgiveable disaster. The industry must take a long hard look at itself and figure out how - in an age of technological advancement and spiralling training costs – four decent men were allowed to perish in this manner. It should look again at the methods it employs and be willing to admit that “we have always done it that way” is no proof of the efficacy or safety of a methodology. And most of all, those within positions of power and influence within the industry must ask themselves just how well they would sleep if they were sending their sons and daughters to work

on sites still cursed with the ability to maim and kill. So on 23 February 2017 (and every year thereafter), we should each raise a glass to Mick Collings, Ken Cresswell, Chris Huxtable and John Shaw. We should light a candle for each of them. We should stop work for a moment and reflect upon their cruel and needless passing. And, if that’s your thing, we should say a prayer for the families they each left behind. But we should each do more. It is important – VITAL – that the deaths of these four men should mark a step change in the demolition sector’s attitude to safety. The fact that demolition killed these four men is terrible, tragic, awful and unpardonable. The thought that their loss is not used as a catalyst to make this industry safer is just too unthinkable for words.

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Cleaning Up Just as we have all grown accustomed to Stage IV emissions regulations, the more challenging and more stringent Stage V regulations have honed into view. Kirstie Henry, from Kingspan Environmental, the AdBlue storage specialists, looks at the market and explains what is in store for owners and operators of Non Road Mobile Machinery.

The demolition sector is in the sights of the European Commission, which is setting in place limits on diesel engine emissions, ranging from small hand operated tools to large construction plant and machines specific to the demolition sector. Classed as Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) what technology will be required to clean up the industry and what legislation will operators have to comply with. In line with the current European Commission legislation all diesel driven plant, machinery and vehicles will have to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions by more than 55 percent under the current Euro 6 regulation and STAGE ratings for construction machinery. This will mean significant changes for operators of plant and machinery and in the demolition market, due to the broad range of tools and equipment used; this may have more of an affect than in other sectors. Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) is just one category of diesel engine machines that come under the European Commission legislation. One of the broadest categories, it is defined as any mobile machine, item of transportable industrial equipment, or vehicle that is not intended for carrying passengers or goods on the road. For the demolition sector this will include: excavators, loaders, bulldozers, demolition robots, rock breakers, grabs, pulverisers and crushers, as well as the smaller hand tools that may be diesel powered such as compressors, breakers, and diamond cutting saws.

Regulation Amendment

Governed by the Emission of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants Regulations 1999 legislation, in time all NRMM will have to apply, regardless of size. In setting the emission standards for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen for all diesel engines, the amendment to the regulations is about to broaden to include small spark ignition (petrol) as the largest engines in the market that were previously exempt. This will also cover used engines imported to the UK and secondary engines mounted on road vehicles that are not used as the main propulsion engine. For diesel engines, the leading technology used by OEMs to meet the new emission regulations on new equipment is Selective Catalytic Reduction. The SCR process involves spraying a fine mist of a urea and water based fluid called





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Demolition AdBlue into the catalytic convertor of the engines exhaust system, which in turn reduces the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The STAGE classifications for construction plant, machinery and equipment, under the Euro regulations categorise diesel and now petrol powered machinery dependent upon its power classification. Under the current Stage IV classifications the power band is over 19 and under 560 kW. For operators running new equipment, the responsibility to comply with Stage IV regulations will have been met by the OEMs from whom they purchased the kit. There are a number of options available for those running older non compliant machinery enabling them to meet the new legislation. Operators can simply replace non-compliant equipment with machinery that does comply and will most probably be fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, using AdBlue to clean exhaust gases, so reducing emissions. Typically for older equipment, the retrofitting of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), effectively a ‘soot trap’ with the ability to clean itself to prevent blocking, is one of the most common fixes. Retrofitting a Catalytic Convertor to the exhaust system will mitigate particulate emissions, however this may be costly. And lastly, the retrofitting of SCRF technology, a combination of SCR and DPF in one single system which is gaining popularity

in the truck market. The most efficient counter measures for reducing harmful emissions is the use of SCR technology and AdBlue and SCR & DPF technology, with research showing that more than a 70 percent reduction in NOx can be achieved.

Quality Storage

With an increased requirement to have stored AdBlue on construction, quarrying and mining sites therein lies the critical challenge of quality storage. The NRMM market is currently being supplied with ‘packaged products’, with AdBlue delivered in 10 litre cans or small drums. Companies like Kingspan Titan is now providing the market with an entire range of bulk storage options through its BlueMaster range. Operators running large SCR fleets are able to store and dispense AdBlue safely on site, maintaining purity, complying with international regulations and ensuring AdBlue remains pure for the lifetime in the tank. The KingspanTitan BlueTruckMaster mini bulk storage unit also offers a portable AdBlue storage solution for when multiple machines need refuelling on remote projects in inaccessible locations, and where larger storage tanks cannot be sited.


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Demolition Demolition The future – STAGE V

Engines installed in NRMM under the Euro 6 classifications are categorised according to the power rating of the engine, with these categories given limits for specified gaseous output. These are more commonly known as the engine’s STAGE rating. The UK is currently working to the Stage IV classification, with the next big milestone being Stage V emission standards. These are scheduled to be implemented between 2019 and 2021 but what does this mean to the industry and what is over the horizon? The Stage V standard is designed to further align European non-road emission standards and will be introduced as a regulation, making direct adoption by EU member states easier. With the impact of Brexit looming it is unsure how these regulations will affect the UK, but compliance is none the less required. Stage V is seen as an opportunity to align all equipment types to a single emission standard, including those types previously exempted. Stage V requirements will introduce stringent emissions standards for compression ignition (CI) engines below 19 kW and all engines above 560 kW, all previously outside legislative requirements.

The penalties?

For OEMs, strict conditions now apply when supplying new equipment. The NRMM Exhaust Emissions Directive states that to sell machines type approval must be gained for the engines from the appropriate approval authority, which in the UK is the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency). This is the responsibility of the engine manufacturer and failure to comply carries a penalty. In the UK this is a maximum £5,000 fine if an OEM supplies a new NRMM fitted with an engine that has not been type approved. Breaking the regulations is also an offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. This means OEMs could face custodial sentences and unlimited fines, as well as being forced to recall and replace products sold. “It is clear that operators will have more legislation to contend with, however Stage V is setting out to create a single set of guidelines. Also as new equipment comes onto the market compliance issues will have already been resolved,” Kirstie Henry concludes. “SCR and AdBlue will be the technologies of choice and these will assist the UK in meeting its requirements to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions for all diesel driven engines.”

Under the Stage V proposal the standards for equipment between 19 kW to 37 kW will become more stringent, and involve upgrading from Stage IIIA to Stage V, and the standards for equipment between 37 kW and 56 kW will be overhauled with the potential expansion for SCR technology. The addition of new equipment classifications in the diesel powered hand held category, with the inclusion of spark ignition petrol engines will see changes in the Particulate Number (PN) for engines between 56 and 560kW most, which is expected to affect the equipment used in the demolition sector. But one of the new measures that will affect all operators across all sectors will be the introduction of random testing of emissions for plant and machinery by use of Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS).


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CALLING DR DUST Dustcontrol UK has launched its new Dust Doctor campaign to help demolition contractors combat the risks associated with dust in the workplace. James Miller, General Manager at Dustcontrol UK, explains the thinking behind this new initiative.

Dustcontrol UK has launched its new ‘Dust Doctors’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the health problems caused by excessive dust in the workplace. Almost all manufacturing, construction or engineering companies produce some form of dust. In factories and on sites where heavyduty machinery is being operated it is an occupational hazard. But the issue of dust in the workplace is a major health concern, and a serious problem for hundreds of thousands of workers up and down the country. And in environments where there is an

excessive build-up of dust – often caused by poorly maintained, installed or malfunctioning extraction


systems – employees are at risk of developing longterm and potentially lifethreating illnesses.

Need for Vigilance

In industries such as demolition, where excess dust is very prevalent, businesses need to be vigilant. There are a widerange of health problems caused as a result of working in dust-filled conditions, from eye, nose and throat damage to asthma and lung cancer. And some of the more serious respiratory diseases, as well as skin conditions, can be traced back to these working environments. Depending on the industry, the common working environment and the equipment being used, some of these illnesses have the potential to become more serious than others. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) dustrelated illnesses are one of the UK’s biggest hazards, and major killers, when it comes to occupational health. We have seen a significant increase in interest in dust extraction over the last year, and have been contacted by various firms

Red Knight 6 Ltd are proud suppliers of fixed and mobile crushers, screeners and material handling facilities from RUBBLE MASTER, Haas Recycling Systems, Anaconda Equipment International and Backers to customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information, please contact: Paul Donnelly: 07432 085591 Aaron McVeigh: 07957 487017 Dan Flack: 07467 956303

Demolition in a variety of different sectors seeking our expertise when it comes to best practice regarding dust extraction.

Best Practice

At Dustcontrol, we stress the importance of best practice and strive for standards above the minimum requirement. However, it’s important that companies don’t feel as though the subject is too inaccessible. Our advice is delivered in a format that’s easy to consume, and is developed specifically to impart the most pertinent information to as many employees as possible, in an efficient and meaningful manner. The majority of business don’t realise the benefits that can be made in both health and safety, and productivity. Businesses often regard dust as a by-product – a nuisance rather than a genuine hazard.

The emphasis is on education – there are some businesses that are unsure as to what they should be doing and what equipment they should be using, and some may not even be aware they have an issue. Our free dust assessments are designed to help educate businesses on the necessary steps they need to be taking regarding dust extraction. The aim is to improve working conditions, remove potential health hazards and encourage what we call “Healthy Business”. We operate in a wide variety of sectors and have an in-depth knowledge of the problems facing different industries, and what their extraction needs are. Our assessments can highlight the areas where dust management processes are needed, how they can improve working conditions and output.

The demolition industry is a great example of an industry where workers are regularly exposed to dust-filled environments, and are therefore increasingly at risk of suffering the potential ill effects. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are 500 silica dustrelated deaths in the UK every year, and construction and demolition workers have a greater chance (by 2-3 times) of contracting Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) than average. Simple tasks, such as sweeping or pouring powders, can send Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles into the air, which can then be inhaled. Other common practices, such as drilling, cutting and grinding, can be particularly hazardous, especially if done so in enclosed spaces. The industry is thankfully becoming more aware. However, there is still some way to go.

Legally Binding

All companies are required to adhere to the regulations set out in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)


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Demolition Regulations 2002, which highlights the Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL). These limits are legally binding, and businesses must ensure that they abide by the limits contained in the act, and the HSE has advised businesses on how to best manage the problems caused by excess dust. On-tool extraction plays a huge part in dust prevention, as extracting it at source is the most efficient method of control. The main thing to look for is equipment built specifically for the job in hand, combined with a reliable extractor. Extraction units are available in different classes. The HSE recommendations regarding silica dust, suggest the use of a Medium (M) class or High (H) class. An H class unit offers a higher degree of filtration, with a filter leakage of less than 0.005%, making it the most effective option in targeting respirable dusts with carcinogenic properties. The use of an H class system not only offers greater protection against RCS, but those specifically developed for the demolition industry, such as those with primary separation by cyclone and cartridge filters, can help prevent tools clogging up and provide more consistent performance. These machines are also less likely, due to their higher specification of containment, to suffer major accidental dust leakage. Some tool manufacturers offer what they consider to be fully-integrated systems, which include the tool, shroud and extraction unit. However, it is possible to mix-and-match with different brands. Each industry has different extraction requirements. We’ve been manufacturing and supplying our own equipment for more than 40 years, and we can provide flexible solutions that fit the business’ needs.

Settlement & Migration

During demolition, there is a high-risk of dust settlement and migration, as activities such as breaking, crushing, grinding and blasting are more commonplace. Whilst on-tool extraction is the best and safest method, it’s advisable to combine this with ambient air cleaners, such as our Aircube models, which are able to extract airborne dust particles that have escaped into the local atmosphere. On-tool extraction and ambient air cleaners work to separate fine and hazardous dust particles found during the demolition process, where materials such as, brick, mortar, grout and drywall compound are being broken up and taken down. Our ‘Dust Doctors’ assessments are free for businesses that sign up. After registering, we will send out a member of the Dustcontrol UK team to visit and assess the business’ factory, premises or site. After a thorough inspection, we will provide a recommendation on any dust extraction equipment required. We offer solutions that can incorporate either cyclone-based mobile extraction equipment or permanent central vacuum systems. We will take a measured and tailored approach that ensures the business’ specific requirements are accommodated. Those interested in signing up for a free assessment should visit: www.



NEW NOISE MONITORING SYSTEM - Class 1/2 IEC 61672 - Built in 3G Modem - 110/240 or 12 v battery power - Full web-based remote access

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David Banks, Sales Manager - Waste & Recycling Sector at JCB, offers a guide to some of the innovative design features that make Waste and Recycling vehicles both safe and productive.

While speed, efficiency, output, and value for money are essential for any operation – none of these factors should ever trump safety. It is the unflinching focus on safety across all areas of industry that has resulted in a significant fall in the rate of workplace accidents over the last ten years. But as industries evolve, so too will risk – so the focus on safety should continue to be unrelenting. As Martin Temple, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Chair said: “Britain has one of the best health and safety systems in the world, but we should always be


looking to improve and to prevent incidents that cost lives.” Driven by the push for more recycling and reduced landfill, the Waste and Recycling industry is one of the fastest evolving sectors – and remains one of the most hazardous in which to work and visit. Implementing safe practice according to HSE guidance within waste and recycling sites is of course vital. In addition, given that large vehicles moving around increasingly busy waste and recycling sites pose one of the greatest

Demolition safety hazards, then a significant step to mitigating accident risk can be taken by selecting vehicles such as telehandlers, lift trucks and wheeled loading shovels that have been designed with safety in mind. In fact with innovative design, features that improve safety can also boost productivity. Numerous safety features can be found on in a wide range of vehicles commonly operated by waste and recycling sites. Here are seven tips to selecting a vehicle with safety in mind: 1. Operator Visibility - The vehicle’s cab should offer all round visibility for the operator and a clear view of the vehicle’s extremities. A panoramic front screen and a large roof screen will help. These features are made possible thanks to the use of direct glazing, which absorbs some of the torsional body loadings, thus increasing rigidity and strength. It’s important to keep the screen clear on what can be mucky sites. Well designed front fender flaps, such as can be found on The JCB 560-80 Wastemaster telehandler, help keep screens clean by minimising forward spray, in addition to decreasing debris build-up on the machine. Sufficient demisting vents and mirrors should be positioned so that they are unobscured by the cabin’s pillars or bonnet. Heated mirrors will clear condensation quickly to allow the vehicle to become operational without delay. 2. Vehicle Visibility - Features to improve a vehicle’s visibility include high-vis chevrons, presence beacons, flashing rear beacons and a rear detection system. These will make people aware of the vehicle’s location at all times. A reversing alarm will alert bystanders to vehicle movements at all times. 3. Access - There’s a double edge to access when it comes to safety: on one hand, an operator should be able to access a vehicle without hazard. This will require

several points of contact for entering and exiting the machine with evenly spaced access steps that are purposely inclined to ensure safe passage. On the other hand, unwarranted access to the machine’s hazardous areas should be prevented. Take for example the JCB 457 Wheeled Loading Shovel. It has red and white chevrons at the rear of the machine, and gated entry to an electronically operated one-piece engine compartment located safely at ground level. This configuration means operators need not access the top area of the machine, where there is a risk of slipping or falling – especially in icy or wet weather conditions. 4. There will be a reduced risk to technicians and operators conducting routine maintenance and inspections on vehicles that allow daily checks to be conducted from inside the cab. This will also be far more efficient. 5. Operator comfort - Because waste and recycling vehicles generally operate long shifts, it is crucial for an operator to be comfortable so they are better able to concentrate on the task in hand. Cab design should cater for a variety of shapes and sizes of operator. Isolator mounted cabs with reduce vibrations and noise reduction will keep things quiet. An ergonomic cab will allow the operator to intuitively see and reach the controls and operate with minimal effort. Over the course of a shift these features will minimise fatigue and any consequential drop in concentration. 6. Operator protection - Meeting the ROPS and FOPS (Roll Over and Falling Over Protection Regulations) is, of course, essential. A roll over protection structure will provide complete assurance should the unthinkable happen. Dust is common at waste and recycling sites – sometimes it can be harmful. ¬ A cab that is positively pressurised against dust will ensure the


Demolition driver has clean air. Large filters will be harder to block and will ensure constant airflow. 7. Lighting - Front and rear work lights give good all-round illumination, while LED lights allow ultimate productivity and safety in the dark. Where the vehicle has a rear hitch – such as on JCB 56080 Wastemaster telehandler – a work light will make for a safe and efficient operation. 8. Technology - There are numerous technological developments that can enhance vehicle safety. For example: Adaptive Load Control technology to automatically control hydraulic operation, helping to maintain vehicle stability; Hose Burst Check Valves to protect the rams from collapse in the event of a hose failure; an interlocking seatbelt preventing an operator starting the machine until the seatbelt is fastened; telematics to

provide information and performance monitoring, allowing fleet managers and owners have remote access to realtime machine working data, including operating hours and fault codes; and automotive style power brakes that offer proportional braking throughout pedal travel, delivering improved braking and safe stopping. JCB has been serving the Waste & Recycling Industry for 30 years, and in that time it has listened closely to customer requirements. Safety is a clear priority and every JCB Wastemaster machine is fitted with a range of safety features that delivers piece of mind in and around the Waste & Recycling facility. Performance is nothing without a safe environment and when operators know they are well protected they can concentrate on the task in hand. So not only will they be safe – they will be productive also.

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Since our formation in 1980, Demolition Services has established an unrivalled reputation for delivering a safe, trusted and quality assured range of specialist enabling services within the Asbestos Removal, demolition, decommissioning and remediation work sectors across the United Kingdom.


Our aim is to provide our clients with sound advice that eliminates any project risk at the earliest possible stage. Our experienced teams have detailed knowledge of construction, demolition, and sub-structure construction gained from our years of experience working within these industries.


Demolition Services Limited are fully accredited, which allows our Asbestos Division to work with all types of asbestos removal, licenced & non-licensable, within all categories of industrial, commercial & residential projects.


Utilising the safest and most environmentally friendly techniques available, we work within challenging environments to undertake conventional, floor by floor, long / high reach excavator, robotic and controlled explosive demolition.

INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • Health & Safety • Quality • Environmental • Sustainability • Corporate Social Responsibility • Fully accredited

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Demolition Charting a Tragic and Tumultuous Year The latest book from editor Mark Anthony looks back over a year of highs and way too many lows for the industry at large. Based on that success, we have done it again. This Year in Demolition is another collection of Mark Anthony’s words and works, some of which have been published during the past 12 months on DemolitionNews or in the Demolition magazine. But many of the stories and articles in this book are appearing for the first time. “Despite the success of A Site for Sore Eyes, I had no real intention of compiling a second book. But when I looked back at the highs and painful lows the industry has endured this past year, I decided that we needed to document it,” says author Mark Anthony. “It will come as no surprise to anyone in the industry that the spectre of the Didcot disaster looms large in the new book. But there is more, way more than that contained within the pages. I would like to think that it will serve as a record of all the industry has gone through during 2016.” This time last year we published a book called A Site for Sore Eyes; a collection of articles, essays and stories from the pen (PC) of DemolitionNews’ editor Mark Anthony. That book – in both paper and electronic formats – sold right across the world with copies going as far afield as the US, Australia and New Zealand. (The electronic edition is still available and we have precisely 14 copies of the paper edition left if you missed it – Just visit the Demolition News Store using the URL at the foot of this page).

So, as the demolition year grinds to an end and TV channels are filled with repeats of Christmas specials from the 1970s and yet another showing of The Sound of Music, what better time to grab yourself a bit of light reading to ease you into the New Year. The book – available in electronic format only - will be priced at £1.99 commencing 1 January 2017. However, as an early Christmas gift to you – our loyal readers – we are offering it for just 99p for the whole of December 2016. To order your copy, just visit the DemolitionNews Store:




MC 110 R EVO I MC 110 Z EVO

EFFICIENT HIGH ACHIEVERS IN TWO VERSIONS. Whether you opt for the MC 110 EVO Z with its independent double-deck prescreen, or the R-version with its vibrating feeders and integrated slotted grate – the crushing unit with its elevated crushing jaw ensures optimal material feed and an impressively high crushing capacity of up to 330 t/h for both systems. Combined with their innovative and cost-effective diesel-directdrive concept and exceptional transportability, powerful performance is guaranteed. The MOBICAT MC 110 EVO.

Wirtgen Limited - Reinhard House - Paving Way - Whisby Road - Lincoln - LN6 3QW - UK.

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Demolition Services Ltd Purchase Kleemann MC110R EVO Jaw Crush-er Established in 1980, Demolition Services Limited remain a family operated business committed to achieving an unrivalled reputation for delivering a safe, trusted and quality assured range of specialist enabling services within the Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Decommissioning and brownfield land industries across the United Kingdom.





business from her father, Joe in 2011, Jenna R o m a n i - A r n o l d has committed the necessary resources to implement lead-ing, innovative technologies and processes, utilising the most advanced equipment to safeguard our reputation and ensure the highest levels of service to our ever expanding client base. Part of this investment has been the continuous expansion of our Plant, Equipment and Assets, so ensuring that we can meet the rigorous demands of our industry, from a practical, environmental & recycling perspective. Our recent acquisition of a Kleemann Mobicat MC110R EVO is further evi-dence of our commitment to quality and ongoing development,

complementing our existing fleet of over forty items of heavy duty plant and equipment, and reinforcing our commitment to fuel efficiency, improved performance and minimal environmental impact. Rob Coward, Area Sales Manager for Wirtgen Ltd (Kleemann is part of the Wirtgen Group of Companies) adds “we are delighted to be working with Demolition Services and their new Kleemann MC110R EVO”. This machine is able to give the customer unrivalled fuel economy due to it’s direct drive jaw system and true diesel electric operation. This power sys-tem meets current UK emission legislation without the need for Ad Blue or catalytic converters.


The machine has an 1100 x 700 jaw opening installed as standard with an oversized swing jaw. The feed material is continuously controlled by our CFS, continued feeding system, utilising its sonic sensor for constant choking of the jaw. The jaw also has a fully adjustable hydraulic CSS which can be ad-justed at any time during crushing operation. This gives superior production, minimising downtime and blockages. An adjustable deflector plate guides crushed material, including re-bar, easily onto the main conveyor belt which has superior clearance under the engine compartment. A hydraulically adjustable magnet can be controlled up or down via a remote depending on volume of re-bar within the product. There is a unique jaw overload protection system (for uncrushable objects) which can be turned on or off depending on application, therefore tramp metal or hard rock is differentiated and is easily handled in heavy recycling operations.

When it comes to environmental impact, the machine comes with full dust suppression system as standard. The low RPM of dieselelectric operation al-so provides a quieter than average machine, in addition to the low fuel consumption.

For more information please contact: Rob Coward – Area Sales Manager (Kleemann) Mobile: 07766 477829 Wirtgen Limited Reinhard House Paving Way Whisby Road Lincoln LN6 3QW Tel: 01522 889200 Email: Website:


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A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd 1 Linden Avenue Old Basing BASINGSTOKE Hampshire RG24 7HG A P B Boddington Demolition The Old Pow Camp Boddington Road, Byfield DAVENTRY Northamptonshire NN11 6XU A R & M J Harding Construction Ltd Hillcrest Ryall BRIDPORT Dorset DT6 6EJ A R Demolition Ltd 36 Main Street Carlton NUNEATON Warwickshire CV13 0EZ A R M H Reclamation 53 Main Street Milton DERBY Derbyshire DE65 6EF

A Staddon Groundworks Ltd 2 Sherborne Close Elburton PLYMOUTH Devon PL9 8UU A Stevens Plant Hire Ltd Meadows Farm Newmans Lane, West Moors FERNDOWN Dorset BH22 0LW A V Craine and Sons Kiondhoag, East Foxdale Road Foxdale, Douglas ISLE OF MAN Channel Islands IM4 3HQ A W D Diamond Drilling 44 Brompton Lane ROCHESTER Kent ME2 3BJ A Wilkinson-Jones Ltd 36 Dale Avenue STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST6 8AT

A Williams Llidiart Y Rhos CAERNARFON Gwynedd LL55 4AN A1 Infrastructure & Building Ltd 12 Chelsea Close LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 0XF Aa Plant Glass & Windscreens 6 Ash Drive Syston LEICESTER Leicestershire LE7 2PQ Aardvark Groundworks Ltd Olivebank Road MUSSELBURGH Midlothian EH21 6RD Aardvark Hire Ltd Hatton House First Floor Bridge Road BRIXHAM Devon TQ5 0JL Ab Civils Ltd 41b Cobourg Road Montpelier BRISTOL Avon BS6 5HU Abbey Demolition Ltd Abbey Farm Barn Church Street Higham ROCHESTER Kent ME3 7LS Abbeydrill 6 The Old Workhouses North Country REDRUTH Cornwall TR16 4AE


Aberdare Demolition Ltd Prospect House Canal Road ABERDARE Mid Glamorgan CF44 0AG Abraham Brothers Ltd 23a White Lee Road BATLEY West Yorkshire WF17 8AA Absolute Car Recycling 161 Chase Road LONDON London N14 4JP Absolute Demolition Ltd Newbridge Farm Fox Street, Ardleigh COLCHESTER Essex CO7 7PN Absolute Groundworks Ltd 24 Mill Road Denmead WATERLOOVILLE Hampshire PO7 6PA Ac Demolition Services 1 Pikehelve Street WEST BROMWICH West Midlands B70 0TU Ac Projects (Uk) Ltd Office 206 Uk Steel Enterprise The Innovation Centre REDCAR Cleveland TS10 5SH Aca Solutions Ltd 86 Albert Square LONDON London E15 1HH

Demolition Access Drilling Services Ltd 5 Lantern View New Mills HIGH PEAK Derbyshire SK22 3EE

Acoustic Demolition Services Ltd Sir Robert Peel House 178 Bishopsgate LONDON London EC2M 4NJ

Account Contractors Ltd 7 Preachers Mews Priestthorpe Road BINGLEY West Yorkshire BD16 4NT

Acs Controlled Demolition Ltd 114 King Street GILLINGHAM Kent ME7 1ER

Accurate Drilling Ltd Workshop 1 The Innovation Centre Vienna Court, Kirkleatham Business Park REDCAR Cleveland TS10 5SH

Action Demolition Ltd Edward House NEWARK Nottinghamshire NG24 1DP

Ace Demolition Services Belmont, The Street High Ongar ONGAR Essex CM5 9NB Ace Recycling Ltd Castlegreen Street DUMBARTON Dunbartonshire G82 1JB Acj Clo Ltd 16 Sandfield Road Churchdown GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL3 2EZ Acl Developments Ltd 17 Mill Road COOKSTOWN County Tyrone BT80 9NU Acorn Groundwork Ltd 29 Hartfield Road LONDON London SW19 3SG

Adm 2010 Ltd Erimus 9 Dullatur Road Dullatur GLASGOW Lanarkshire G68 0AF Adobe Construction London Ltd 10 Heldmann Close HOUNSLOW Middlesex TW3 2PA

Acudrill Ltd 12 Meadway LONDON London SW20 9HY

Adrian Morley Plant & Construction Ltd 82 Hough Hill Swannington COALVILLE Leicestershire LE67 8RL

Adams Brothers Contractors Ltd 43 The Knockans Broughshane BALLYMENA County Antrim BT43 7LQ Ltd Woodlands Staunton Lane Whitchurch BRISTOL Avon BS14 0QL

Adas Service Ltd 8 Wickes House 246-254 Poplar House Street LONDON London E14 0BB Adept Concrete Cutting Unit 6 Enterprise Business Park Mortimer Rise OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 9JH Adept Demolition Ltd Browside Farm Northowram HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX3 7SX

Adex Drilling Services UK Ltd 2 Beechnut Industrial Estate Beechnut Road ALDERSHOT Hampshire GU12 4JA

Adsett Trading Woodlands View Adsett Lane, Adsett WESTBURY ON SEVERN Gloucestershire GL14 1PH Advanced Demolition 1a Crumpets Farm Drive Lytchett Matravers POOLE Dorset BH16 6AL Advanced Demolition The Geddings Pindar Road HODDESDON Hertfordshire EN11 0BZ


Advanced Drilling Services Unit 1 Holt Lane LIVERPOOL Merseyside L27 0YA Ae & At Lewis Ltd Cae Gors Llangwyllog LLANGEFNI Gwynedd LL77 7HJ Aes Plant Ltd Appaloosa Minnetts Lane Rogiet CALDICOT Gwent NP26 3US Afriwest Ltd Unit 22 Athena Court Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park WARWICK Warwickshire CV34 6RT Ag James & Son (Plant Hire) Ltd Tyn Llwyn Farm Ton-YMoch Lane Mynyddislwyn BLACKWOOD Gwent NP12 2DT Agc System Scaffolding Ltd Warmstone Lane Waddesdon AYLESBURY Buckinghamshire HP18 0NF Aggrecom Ltd Unit 9a Ladylea Industrial Estate Ladylea Road, Horsley Woodhouse ILKESTON Derbyshire DE7 6AZ Agriwork Bishops Lane Warfield BRACKNELL Berkshire RG42 6JF



25 years of Plant & Construction Machinery Resprays


Mob: 07977 765 980 Office: 01278 788960


11b Commerce Way, Walrow Industrial Estate, Highbridge, Somerset 2 minutes off Junction 22 on the M5 motorway

Welding/Fabrications/Carbon Fibre & Fibre Glass Repairs & Manufacture.  Shot Blasting/Machine & Company Graphics In-House  4 Bay Modern Workshops  From 08 Tonne Refurbishments to 200 Tonne. We offer on site service for larger machinery refurbishments (subject to facilities). Company vans and commercials are also refurbished within our workshops. We can supply a large national happy customer reference if needed. 30 day payment terms (subject to normal credit check conditions).

Demolition Ailsbury Waterston Road MILFORD HAVEN Dyfed SA73 1DR Aj Butterworth Ltd 42 Cliff View Pudsey Road TODMORDEN Lancashire OL14 8NR Ajh Groundworks Ltd 15 Tournerbury Lane HAYLING ISLAND Hampshire PO11 9DH Ajw Construction Consulting Ltd 206 Collis Street STOURBRIDGE West Midlands DY8 4EQ Alan Few & Company Ltd 3 Maplin Gardens BASILDON Essex SS14 1SR Alan Maunder Pencavo Farm SALTASH Cornwall PL12 5AE Albion Drilling Group Springkerse Industrial Estate 19 Springkerse Road STIRLING Stirlingshire FK7 7SN Albion Jones Ltd Armer Street ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S60 1AF Alford Technical Services Ltd Westbury Quarry, Stancombe Lane Westbury Sub Mendip WELLS Somerset BA5 1HT

All England Building Contractors Ltd Unit 30 Cockridden Farm Industrial Estate Brentwood Road, Herongate BRENTWOOD Essex CM13 3LH All in Demolition Weir Farm Station Road Thorpe-On-The-Hill LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 9BS Allclear Site Services Ltd The Hayloft, Carlton Lane East Carlton LEEDS West Yorkshire LS19 7BE Allen Watson Ltd Rowhook Manor, Bognor Road Broadbridge Heath HORSHAM West Sussex RH12 3PS Allied Infrastructure Management Ltd A6 Walter Leigh Way Moss Industrial Estate LEIGH Lancashire WN7 3PT Allied Site Construction Ltd 11 Gorse Walk Yiewsley WEST DRAYTON Middlesex UB7 8AJ Alpine Demolition Ltd Nuralite Industrial Estate Canal Road ROCHESTER Kent ME3 7JA

Am Jacques Eastland Field Farm Marston Lane, Marston Jabbett BEDWORTH Warwickshire CV12 9SD

Andymac Ltd Unit 1 Reddish Business Centre 123a Gorton Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK5 6EE

Am Welch Building and Roofing Ltd 45 Rectory Close Croston PRESTON Lancashire PR26 9SH

Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Anglian Business Centre W Carr Rd ATTLEBOROGH Norfolk NR17 1AN

Amb Plant 49 Partridge Grove SWAFFHAM Norfolk PE37 7TQ Amg Land Services 14 Kirkvale Drive Newton Mearns GLASGOW Lanarkshire G77 5HD Andidrain Ltd First Floor - Unit 3 Killingbeck Court LEEDS West Yorkshire LS14 6FD Andrew Curtis Construction Ltd Kg House Kingsfield Way Dallington NORTHAMPTON Northamptonshire NN5 7QS Andy Building Services Ltd 153 Hill Cross Avenue MORDEN Surrey SM4 4AZ Andy Philbin Ltd 1 Abdon Close Highley BRIDGNORTH Shropshire WV16 6DY


Anjela Construction Ltd 61 Newlands Road HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP1 2NE Anquale Ltd Sturden Lodge Pye Corner, Hambrook BRISTOL Avon BS16 1SQ Anthony O’Connor & Sons Unit F3-F5 Green Lane Eccles MANCHESTER Lancashire M30 0YD Anytime Demolitions and Groundworks Ltd 8 Magpie Farm Hill Lane Upper Caldecote BIGGLESWADE Bedfordshire SG18 9EZ Apex Construction House 191 Fengate PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE1 5BH Apex Drilling Services Sturmi Way Pyle BRIDGEND Mid Glamorgan CF33 6BZ

Demolition Arbii Demolition Ltd 11 Denning Avenue CROYDON Surrey CR0 4DG Archer Dl Ltd 36 Sunnyside Road LONDON London E10 7BB Archer’s Groundwork Services Ltd 472 Pye Green Road Hednesford CANNOCK Staffordshire WS12 4HT Arh Groundworks Home Farm Seething NORWICH Norfolk NR15 1EL Armac Group Areden Brickworks Coventry Road, Bickenhill SOLIHULL West Midlands B92 0DY Armani Professional Services Ltd 22 Holmesdale Road CROYDON Surrey CR0 2LQ Armitage of Alloa Ltd Almar, 2 Pompee Road Sauchie ALLOA Clackmannanshire FK10 3BX Arry’s Plant Hire Ltd 80 Heol Cae Gurwen Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Carmarthenshire AMMANFORD Dyfed SA18 1PB

Av Asbestos Ltd 49 Reading Road READING Berkshire RG5 3DA

Art Demolition Ltd Forest Dene Eagle Moor LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 9DP

Associated Diamond Drilling Ltd 17 Church Park Close COVENTRY West Midlands CV6 2EQ

Asbestos North Wales 17 Hamilton Square BIRKENHEAD Merseyside CH41 6AX

Astra Demolition Ltd Old Salts Farm Nursery Old Salts Farm Road LANCING West Sussex BN15 8JQ

Ash Demolition 28 Wolsey Street HEYWOOD Lancashire OL10 3AU Ashburner Construction Ltd 36 Lime Avenue CHICHESTER West Sussex PO20 3UF Ashby & Croft 32 Fairway GRAYS Essex RM16 2AD Ashcroft Demolition (Cumbria) Ltd Craika Farm Dearham MARYPORT Cumbria CA15 7EH Ashworth Demolition Unit 5 Stanley Court Alan Ramsbottom Way, Great Harwood BLACKBURN Lancashire BB6 7UR Aspect Four 417 Finchley Road LONDON London NW3 6HJ Aspire Demolition 226 Kingsway Gatley CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 4PB

Asureq Ltd 2 Strathleven Drive ALEXANDRIA Dunbartonshire G83 9PB Aurora Unit 4 Badentoy Place Badentoy Industrial Estate, Portlethen ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire 95 16/04/2013 15:46 Page 95 AB12 4YF 95 16/04/2013 15:46 Page 95

Aw Crane Service’s Ltd 21 Millburn Gardens LARGS Ayrshire KA30 9NG AW Demolition MacDonald Rd Irlam MANCHESTER Lancashire M44 5LH Awilco Drilling 2 Kingshill Park Skene WESTHILL Aberdeenshire AB32 6FL



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ITALMEK IC 7 95 95 16/04/2013 15:46 Page 95


• To fit 8 - 13 ton Excavators for Hire • To fit 8 - 13 ton Excavators DAWSON EMV 300for Hire

EMV 300for Hire • ToDAWSON fit 8 - 13 ton Excavators



HYDRAULIC BREAKERS • To fit excavators 1.5 tonne to 80 tonne • To fit excavators 1.5 tonne to 80 tonne

Due to fleet updating

Large1.5 Selection • To fit excavators tonne to of 80 tonne Due to fleet updating


Hopac500 1600 20 tonne ••Hopac forfor 1.510 - 5- tonne Hopac1000 2300for for520+ ••Hopac - 10 tonne • Hopac 1600 for 10 - 20 tonne •• Hopac for1.5 20+- 5 tonne Hopac 2300 500 for • Hopac 1000 for 5 - 10 tonne • Hopac 1600 for 10 - 20 tonne ••Hopac - 5 tonne Hopac500 2300forfor1.520+ • Hopac 1000 for 5 - 10 tonne • Hopac 1600 for 10 - 20 tonne for1.5 20+ • Hopac 2300 500 for - 5 tonne • Hopac 1000 for 5 - 10 tonne • Hopac 1600 for 10 - 20 tonne • Hopac 2300 for 20+


KINSHOFER D32 Ex-Hire Fleet attachments Large Selection of available for sale including • To fit excavators 1.5 tonne to 80 tonne Ex-Hire Fleet attachments Plate Compactors, Due to fleet updating DAWSON EMV 300for Hire KINSHOFER D32 • To fit 8 - 13 ton Excavators available for sale including Breakers and Augers. Large Selection of Plate Compactors, • To fit excavators 1.5 tonne to 80 tonne Ex-Hire Fleet attachments Due to fleet updating DAWSON EMV 300 KINSHOFER D32 Breakers and Augers. Please call available for sale including Large Selection of Adam Jackson on 07760 312301 Plate Compactors, Ex-Hire Fleet Due to fleetattachments updating Please call DAWSON EMV 300 KINSHOFER D32 oravailable Mike Leech and on 07901 528802 Breakers Augers. sale including • Piling Hammer to suit • Demolition Sorting Grab to suit 20 Largefor Selection of312301 Adam Jackson on 07760 Plate Compactors, 13-22 ton Machine £POA to 30 ton Machine £8000 + vat Ex-Hire Fleetonattachments or Mike Leech 07901 528802 • Piling Hammer to suit • Demolition Sorting Grab to suit Please call Breakers available forand saleAugers. including 13-22 ton Machine £POA 20 to 30 ton Machine. POA Adam Jackson on 07760 312301 We also Purchase used Indeco Breakers. Plate Compactors, or Mike Leech on call 07901 528802 Please • Piling Hammer to suit • Demolition Sorting Grab to suit 20 Breakers and Augers. used Indeco Adam Jackson on 07760 312301Breakers. 13-22 ton Machine £POA We also Purchase to 30 ton Machine £8000 + vat or Mike Leech on call 07901 528802 KINSHOFER MQPto suit 30 20 DAWSONEMV220 • Piling Hammer to suit • Demolition Sorting Grab Please 30 ton Machine £8000 + vat We also Purchase all makes of usedtoBreakers Adam Jackson on 07760 312301 MULTI - PROCESSORS KINSHOFER MQP 30 PILINGHAMMER DAWSONEMV22 or Mike Leech on 07901 528802 • Demolition Sorting Grab to suit 20 MULTI PROCESSORS PILINGHAMMERWe also Purchase used Indeco Breakers. to 30 ton Machine £8000 + vat KINSHOFER MQP 30 DAWSONEMV220 MULTI - PROCESSORS PILINGHAMMERWe also Purchase used Indeco Breakers. KINSHOFER MQP 30 DAWSON EMV 220 For all specifications and all other sizes available please contact: MULTI - PROCESSORS PILING HAMMER For all specifications and all other KINSHOFER MQP 30 DAWSONEMV220 sizes available please contact: MTK (Breaker Hire & Sales) Ltd MULTI - PROCESSORS PILINGHAMMER T/MTK 0161 225 9740HireF/&and 0161 0503 For (Breaker all specifications all 225 other Sales) Ltd

13-22 ton Machine £POA

• Piling Hammer to suit 13-22 ton Machine £POA

• To fit 8 -16 ton Excavators for Hire • To fit 8 -16 ton Excavators for Hire • To fit 8 -16 ton Excavators for Hire

E/ sizes contact: • For Hire fits 20 - 35 ton machines T/ 0161 225available 9740 please F/ 0161 225 0503 For all specifications and all other E/ • For Hire fits 20 - 35 ton machines MTK (Breaker & Sales) sizes availableHire please contact: T/ 0161 225 9740 F/ 0161 225 0503 For specifications andSales) all other MTK (Breaker Hire & Ltd E/ all • For Hire fits 20 - 35 ton machines sizes available please contact: T/ 0161 225 9740 F/0872 331 5170 E/ • For Hire fits 20 - 35 ton machines MTK (Breaker Hire & Sales)


You can find dozers in Beds, or unearth You can find dozers in Beds, or unearth diggers down under with resale weekly. You candown find dozers Beds, or unearth diggers under in with resale weekly. You canyou’re findbuying, dozers in Beds, or unearth Whether selling, or hiring used plant and diggers down under with resale weekly. Whether you’re buying, selling, or hiring used plant and 51 equipment, we can help you gain the edge in the market place. You canwedown find dozers intheBeds, or unearth diggers resale weekly. equipment, can helpunder you gainwith edge in the market place. • To fit 8 -16 ton Excavators for Hire

• To fit 8 -16 ton Excavators for Hire

T/ 0161 225 9740 F/ 0161 225 0503 E/ • For Hire fits 20 - 35 ton machines




Demolition Awl Subcontractors Ltd Lochhead Of Elrig Port William NEWTON STEWART Wigtownshire DG8 9RG Axio Special Works Ltd Unit 8 Hove Enterprise Centre Basin Road North, Portslade BRIGHTON East Sussex BN41 1UY Axis Demolition Unit 30 Stella Gill Industrial Estate Pelton Fell CHESTER LE STREET County Durham DH2 2RQ Axis Demolition Ltd 33 Longdean Park CHESTER LE STREET County Durham DH3 4DF B & B Enterprises Contractors Ltd Sudmeadow Road GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL2 5HG B & B Industrial Dismantling Ltd 4 Queen Street WORKSOP Nottinghamshire S80 2AN B & D Groundworks Ltd 5 Bright Street Winewall COLNE Lancashire BB8 8DF B & K (Nottingham) Ltd B & K House Wysall Lane NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG12 5AR

B B Van Hire 4 Cannon Road Heathfield Industrial Estate NEWTON ABBOT Devon TQ12 6SG B Betchley Groundworks Wattlehurst Farm Kingsfold HORSHAM West Sussex RH12 3SD B D B Dismantling Station Road Industrial Estate Valley Road, Wombwell BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S73 0BS B D P Ltd Belfast Yard Gelderd Road, Birstall BATLEY West Yorkshire WF17 9PY B Dinu Carpentry Ltd Flat 1 Nicholson Road CROYDON Surrey CR0 6QT B J D Crushers Ltd Broatsfarm Swainsea Lane PICKERING North Yorkshire YO18 8BW B J P Plants Firebeacon Bridge Firebeacon Lane, Wragholme LOUTH Lincolnshire LN11 7BE B J Patchett Demo Ltd Firebeacon Bridge Farm Firebeacon Lane, Wragholme LOUTH Lincolnshire LN11 7BE

B Kettle & Co Ltd Transport House Sneyd Hill STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST6 2DZ B Lancaster & Son Acres Chadderton OLDHAM Lancashire OL1 2RP B M King Ground Works 23 Chantery Close Huncote LEICESTER Leicestershire LE9 3AE B Olds Demolition & Salvage Co Unit 1 Waldrons Farm Business Units Sidmouth Road, Farringdon EXETER Devon EX5 2JX B W Contracting 13 Thomas Street ELLAND West Yorkshire HX5 9BL B W Contracts 42 Claremont Gardens ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB10 6RG Badentoy Developments Ltd 18 Bon Accord Crescent ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB11 6XY Baker Dougan Ltd Unit 4 Oyster Estate Jackson Close PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO6 1QN


Balfie Ltd 23 Thor Walk CORBY Northamptonshire NN18 9EE Balicrest 71 Dukes Wood Drive GERRARDS CROSS Buckinghamshire SL9 7LQ Ballymore Services 283 Drumnakilly Road Carrickmore OMAGH County Tyrone BT79 9PU Barcol Ltd Oak Lodge Studland Avenue WICKFORD Essex SS12 0JF Bardem Ltd 48 Burnside Road Elderslie JOHNSTONE Renfrewshire PA5 9JU Barker Morris Unit B1 Rose Industrial Estate Marlow Bottom MARLOW Buckinghamshire SL7 3ND Barr Demolition Ltd Old Station Buildings Station Road STONEHAVEN Kincardineshire AB39 3YT Barry Day & Sons Ltd Pear Tree Farm Cratfield Road Fressingfield EYE Suffolk IP21 5QG


Surplus Portable & Modular Buildings

Don’t demolish them un�l you have spoken with us first. We buy and safely remove single and double storey modular buildings throughout the UK.

Telephone: 01482 656590

Demolition Barry Jones Demolition Ltd 383 Crown Lane West NEWTON LE WILLOWS Merseyside WA12 9YU Barton Drilling Ltd 1 Station Road Industrial Estate Latchford WARRINGTON Cheshire WA4 1LB Barton Services (South West) Ltd Shattocks Cottages West Bagborough TAUNTON Somerset TA4 3EG Bath Demolition Ltd Aldermoor Way Longwell Green BRISTOL Avon BS30 7EU Batsworthy Cross Wind Farm Ltd Auckland House Lydiard Fields Great Western Way SWINDON Wiltshire SN5 8ZT Batten Plant Hire Ltd Trelevans Landulph SALTASH Cornwall PL12 6ND Bay Oaks Demolition 63 Clare Gardens BARKING Essex IG11 9JH Bbc Formwork Ltd Unit 1 Buckle Court Millfield Industrial Estate YORK North Yorkshire YO19 6TG

Bdw Contractors Ltd Benroyd Farm Jagger Green Lane Hollywood Lane HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX4 9DB

Bemacross Contractors Ltd Bulbarrow Timber Yard Delcombe Wood, Bulbarrow BLANDFORD FORUM Dorset DT11 0HQ

Beattie Demolition Auchinvole Castle Kilsyth GLASGOW Lanarkshire G65 0SA

Best Demolition Ltd Harcourt Lodge Buildings Burwash Road HEATHFIELD East Sussex TN21 8RA

Bedford Demolition Ltd 36 Knights Avenue Clapham BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK41 6DF

Best Off Contracts Ltd 1 Lane End Old Uxbridge Road RICKMANSWORTH Hertfordshire WD3 9XU

Beech Group Dock Road North WIRRAL Merseyside CH62 4TQ Beechwood Construction (Yorkshire) Ltd 88 Holroyd Hill BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD6 1NP Beechwood Land Developments Ltd 14 Beechwood Close LYTHAM ST. ANNES Lancashire FY8 4BF Belderrig Services Ltd 5 Molash Road ORPINGTON Kent BR5 3NX Belpro (Fabrications) Ltd Finedon Sidings Furnace Lane WELLINGBOROUGH Northamptonshire NN9 5NY

Bestway Environmental The Wenta Business Centre 288b Colne Way WATFORD Hertfordshire WD24 7ND Bettinson Bros R & C High London Farm High London Lane, Winfarthing DISS Norfolk IP22 2EG Bewdley Private Hire 39 Welch Gate BEWDLEY Worcestershire DY12 2AT Bgh Contracts Ltd 8 Park Place Lunanhead FORFAR Angus DD8 3NA Bim Plant Ltd Ivy Cottage Sea Lane Friskney BOSTON Lincolnshire PE22 8SD


Blackheath Demolition & Trading 26c Hythe Quay COLCHESTER Essex CO2 8JB Blackwater Construction Ltd 38 Fulmar Brae Livingston LIVINGSTON West Lothian EH54 6UY Blast & Quarry Surveys 7 Hulls Lane LISBURN County Antrim BT28 2SR Bloom Demolition Excavation Ltd The Yard, Askham Road East Markham NEWARK Nottinghamshire NG22 0RQ Bluewave Engineering Ltd 96 Dalton Road BEDWORTH Warwickshire CV12 8SF Bn Contractors & Mom’s Dishes Ltd 84 Hogarth Gardens HOUNSLOW Middlesex TW5 0QT Boddington Demolition Ltd Oak Farm, Priors Hardwick Road Upper Boddington DAVENTRY Northamptonshire NN11 6DW Bogan & Sons (Haulage Contractors) Ltd 123 Heathfield Road Handsworth BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B19 1HL

Keeping your business moving. With more than 50 years experience and working across multiple sectors, King’s engineers design and build cost effective trailer and load handling products to keep you moving. | 01858 467361 |

Demolition Bogdan Chescu Ltd 68 Sandy Lane Weston Point RUNCORN Cheshire WA7 4ET

Boydcockburn Ltd 2 Woodside Farmhouse West Woodside WIGTON Cumbria CA7 0LW

Bogdan Radacina Ltd 68 Sandy Lane Weston Point RUNCORN Cheshire WA7 4ET

Bradley Demolition Ltd Kent Street PRESTON Lancashire PR1 1RY

Boiler & Plant Dismantlers Ltd 11 Wellfields LOUGHTON Essex IG10 1PB Bond Demolition Unit 15e Greenway Bedwas CAERPHILLY Mid Glamorgan CF83 8DW Borehole Driller Flat 3 Ramsey House 21 Halliday Drive DEAL Kent CT14 7QP Boss Plant Ltd Round Plantation Farm Rufford NEWARK Nottinghamshire NG22 9HA Boswell D & Sons Sledmere Crossing Depot Stamford Bridge Road, Dunnington YORK North Yorkshire YO19 5LN

Brendan Small Contracts 7a Flush Road NEWCASTLE County Down BT33 0QF Brian Sheriffs Ltd 9 Miller Road INVERNESS Inverness Shire IV2 3EN Bridgeplan Ltd Ellen Royd Street HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX3 6DN Briggs Demolition Bridge Works Wellington Street BURY Lancashire BL8 2AL

Brown & Mason Anson House, Schooner Court Crossways Business Park DARTFORD Kent DA2 6QQ

Button Linguard Button House Pix Farm Lane HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP1 2RY

Bsph Demolition Ltd Brentway House 14 Water Lane, Dunnington YORK North Yorkshire YO19 5NS

Bw Micro Tunnelling Ltd 4 Kingfisher Close NANTWICH Cheshire CW5 5YE

Buckingham House (London) Ltd Rainbird House Warescot Road Brentwood Essex CM15 9HD Building Repairs and Drainage Ltd St Georges House Greenhill SHERBORNE Dorset DT9 4HF Burnco Ltd Greenhill Snows Green Road Shotley Bridge CONSETT County Durham DH8 0NJ

Britannia Drilling Ltd 4 Wheatfield Drive Thurnscoe ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S63 0JH

Burnfield Builders & Demolishers Ltd 10 Roebank Street GLASGOW Lanarkshire G31 3HX

Broadcut Breakers Broad Cut Road Calder Grove WAKEFIELD West Yorkshire WF4 3DS

Bushnell Groundworks Ltd 20 Devitt Close READING Berkshire RG2 8EF

Boulton Construction Ltd Cliff House Cash Lane, Eccleshall STAFFORD Staffordshire ST21 6HP

Brookes Services Common Farm, London Road Milton Common THAME Oxfordshire OX9 2NU

Bournemouth Reclamation 54 Southill Road BOURNEMOUTH Dorset BH9 1SH

Brooks Plant & Demolition 179 Mansfield Road Skegby SUTTON IN ASHFIELD Nottinghamshire NG17 3DX

Butler Bros 49 West End Whittlesford CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB22 4LX


C & A Plant Services Ltd 34 Auld Burn Park ST. ANDREWS Fife KY16 8JD C & D Demo Specialists Ltd 57 Southend Road Grays GRAYS Essex RM17 5NL C & G Demolition & Site Clearance Ltd 7 Mercury Way LONDON London SE14 5RR C & W Groundworks Ltd 3 Beech Grove BEDLINGTON Northumberland NE22 5DA C A Drillers Dockers Field Farm Pean Hill WHITSTABLE Kent CT5 3BJ C A Grab Hire Ltd Yew Tree Cottage 62 Wad Borough Road WORCESTER Worcestershire WR5 2QB C A Irwin Rock & Well Drilling 55 Gosford Gardens Markethill ARMAGH County Armagh BT60 1PU

Demolition C A J Services Haydens, Keysoe Road Thurleigh BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK44 2EA

C M E C Demolition Ltd William Isaac Building 3 Gibbons Street NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG7 2SB

C and C Contracts Ltd 8 Worcester Road Mustow Green KIDDERMINSTER Worcestershire DY10 4LA

C M K Plant Hire Ltd Little Shortwaite Shortwaite Lealholm WHITBY North Yorkshire YO21 2AA

C D C Environmental Ltd Chapel Works Newbourne Road Waldringfield WOODBRIDGE Suffolk IP12 4PT C D Demolition Specialists Ltd 39 Longhouse Road GRAYS Essex RM16 4RT C E P Demolition 142a Clydeholm Road GLASGOW Lanarkshire G14 0QQ C Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd Keysoe Road Thurleigh BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK44 2EA C K D Diamond Drilling 4a Shore Street FRASERBURGH Aberdeenshire AB43 7ER C L S Demolition Atherton Way BRIGG South Humberside DN20 8AR

Callaghan Demolition The Estate Office Waterhouse Lane, Kingswood TADWORTH Surrey KT20 6HT

C20 London Ltd 115 Ormside Street LONDON London SE15 1TF Cab 21d Enterprise Road BANGOR County Down BT19 7TA Cader Construction Ltd 1 Doseley Road North Dawley TELFORD Shropshire TF4 3AL Cafferty Construction Ltd 38a Watling Street RADLETT Hertfordshire WD7 7NN

CMR Sneyd Hill STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST6 2DZ C M S Cepcor Unit 1 Vulcan Way COALVILLE Leicestershire LE67 3AP C McCullagh Contracts Ltd 87a Mullan Road COOKSTOWN County Tyrone BT80 0JF C Morris Scaffolding Ltd 22 Church Road Barling Magna SOUTHEND ON SEA Essex SS3 0LS

Cambridge Diamond Drilling 24b London Road Harston CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB22 7QH Cameo Demolition Ltd 8 Slagrove Place Lewisham LONDON London SE13 7HT


BEST FOR... Metal Recycling Investment in the very latest processing capabilities has seen Wokingham Metal Recycling acquire two SEDA Fixed Station De-pollution rigs. Top prices paid for your scrap metal, scrap cars and MoT failures. We also supply Scrap Metal Skips of all sizes free within a 40 mile radius.

C P S Haulage & Plant Hire 51 High Street Finstock CHIPPING NORTON Oxfordshire OX7 3DA C S R Lifting Neurolice Industrial Estate ROCHESTER Kent ME3 7HX C Smith & Sons Rochdale Ltd Sladen Fold Cottages Lightowlers Lane LITTLEBOROUGH Lancashire OL15 0LP


Wet Waste Wokingham Wet Waste is one of the countries leading Waste Management companies in the UK, embracing new technology and the very latest equipment available in order to deliver real added value to our clients. Interceptor emptying and cleaning are one of our specialities.

Loo Hire We not only provide facility hire but offer an unrivalled waste disposal service which has catered for many of the UK’s major outdoor events. The A1 group has delivered total waste management solutions for over 15 years and has developed A1 Loo Hire to meet significant growth in line with increasing client requirements.

Car Spares 1000s of parts for new plate/late model vehicles. We have invested in the very latest second hand car processing capabilities. Not only do we de-pollute end-of-life-vehicles (ELVs), but we also offer you second hand car spares at amazing prices.

Contact us for more information or visit Highland Avenue, Wokingham

Tel: 0118 978 5143

Demolition Cannon Demolition & Co PO Box 2057 SEAFORD East Sussex BN25 3TF Cano Surveys Ltd 157 Unthank Road NORWICH Norfolk NR2 2PG Cantillon 10 Elton Way WATFORD Hertfordshire WD25 8HH Cape Site Services Unit 2 Carlton Road Rear Of Castle Buildings BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S71 3HX Capital Demolition Capital House Woodham Park Road, Woodham ADDLESTONE Surrey KT15 3TG Cara Construction 58 Bury Mead Road HITCHIN Hertfordshire SG5 1RT Cardiff Demolition Co Ltd Ty To Maen Farm Newton Road, Rumney CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF3 2EJ Cardinal Demolition Ltd Blackbridge Farm Cranford Road Burton Latimer KETTERING Northamptonshire NN15 5JJ Carrig Construction Services Ltd 25 Hunters Way LOCHWINNOCH Renfrewshire PA12 4BX

Carroll Construction 583 Ltd 19 St Michaels Road MELKSHAM Wiltshire SN12 6HN

Cdg (Realisations) Ltd Silkwood House Fryersway OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 9TJ

Chamic Industrial Services Ltd 27 Bankhead Drive EDINBURGH Midlothian EH11 4DN

Carthew’s Diamond Drilling Ltd Unit C2 Alpha House Garth Road MORDEN Surrey SM4 4TQ

Celtic Rock Services Ltd Bullycleaves Quarry Buckfast Road, Buckfast BUCKFASTLEIGH Devon TQ11 0EA

Chamic Industrial Services Ltd 396 Gorgie Road EDINBURGH Midlothian EH11 2RN

Central Demolition Ltd Central House Chattan Industrial Estate BONNYBRIDGE Stirlingshire FK4 2AG

Chander Construction Ltd 41 Waye Avenue Waye Avenue Cranford HOUNSLOW Middlesex TW5 9SD

Cash Enterprises Ltd 39 Macauley Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK5 6JR Castleview Developments Ltd 139 Starling Place Boundary Way WATFORD Hertfordshire WD25 7SP Catplant Ltd The Bungalow Holmsley Lane, Brierley BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S72 9EX Causeway Geotech 8 Drumahiskey Road Bendooragh BALLYMONEY County Antrim BT53 7QL Cawarden Co Ltd Scotland Farm Ockbrook DERBY Derbyshire DE72 3RX Cbh Building Services Unit 8 Park Place Lunanhead FORFAR Angus DD8 3NA

Central Demolition Midlands Ltd Lawley Clive Avenue CHURCH STRETTON Shropshire SY6 7BL Central Demolition Recycling Ltd West Carron Landfill FALKIRK Stirlingshire FK2 7RS Central Diamond Services Ltd Shoulderstick Hall Wheelers Hill CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 3LZ Central Metro Drilling Units 36-37 Cinnamon Brow Business Park Makerfiel, Ince WIGAN Lancashire WN1 3DP Central Screen & Crushing Services Ltd Houghton Road North Anston Trading Estate, North Anston SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S25 4JJ


Channel Energy Ltd Auckland House Lydiard Fields Great Western Way SWINDON Wiltshire SN5 8ZT Chapel Construction (West Wales) Ltd Chapel House Spittal HAVERFORDWEST Dyfed SA62 5QT Charles Shaw Plant Hire & Groundwork Contractors Akesmoor Lane Gillow Heath STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST8 6RT Cheltenham Spa Construction Ltd 26 Gwernant Road CHELTENHAM Gloucestershire GL51 3ES Cheshire Groundwork Ltd Wall Pool Lodge Church Lane, Gawsworth MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK11 9RQ

R 960 Demolition.

Liebherr, setting new dimensions in Selective Deconstruction • Brand new, in-house-designed, Liebherr class leading demolition machines. • Heaviest tool carrying capability with greater reach. • 360º working envelope providing maximum safety with the new Liebherr Demolition Control System (LDC). • Fuel efficient Liebherr heavy duty engine that complies with emissions standard stage IV / Tier 4f. • Customer specific requirements available upon request. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Darren Bennet on 07831 555488 or Email:

Liebherr-Great Britain Limited, Normandy Lane, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8QB.

Demolition Cheshire Plant Hire Ltd Clough House Farm Rushton MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK11 0SJ Cheshire Slate & Tile Ltd 21 Wimpole Street OLDHAM Lancashire OL1 3JN Chiltern Thrustbore Ltd Chiltern House 15 Stilebrook Road OLNEY Buckinghamshire MK46 5EA Chisholm Construction Ltd 92 Carnac Cresent South Kessock INVERNESS Inverness Shire IV3 8SJ Chris Whittle 21 Duchy Park Preston PAIGNTON Devon TQ3 1ES Christmas Ward Ltd 190 Rye Lane LONDON London SE15 4NF Church Street Demolition 16-28 Brasenose Road BOOTLE Merseyside L20 8HG Ciku Construction Services Ltd 126 Brighton Road SURBITON Surrey KT6 5PR

City Demolition Queens Road BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD8 7BS

Cjm Harvey Construction Ltd High Street ALTON Hampshire GU34 1AW

City Demolition Birmingham Ltd Blews Street BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B6 4EP City Demolition Ltd 18 Clifton Bank ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S60 2NA City Demolition Services Ltd Unit 3 Cliffside Industrial Esta Askew Farm Lane GRAYS Essex RM17 5XR Civil Solutions South Ltd 18 Elgin Road POOLE Dorset BH14 8ER Cj Specialist Construction Services Ltd 88 Greenfield Drive Eaglescliffe STOCKTON ON TEES Cleveland TS16 0HN Cjc Trenching & Excavation Ltd 22 Coe Lane PRESTON Lancashire PR4 6HH Cjd Construction Ltd 47 Hawthorne Close CONGLETON Cheshire CW12 4UF

Clearsite Solutions Ltd 51 South Avenue ABINGDON Oxfordshire OX14 1QR

Cjm Slingers Ltd 172 Warstock Road BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B14 4SW

Clemson Demolition Unit 28 Manor Farm Peppard Common HENLEY ON THAMES Oxfordshire RG9 5LA

Cjs Lifting Ltd The Old Surgery The Drove High Street, Southwick FAREHAM Hampshire PO17 6EB

Clerestory Preservation Ltd 151 Canterbury Road Urmston MANCHESTER Lancashire M41 0PY

CL 16 Leigh Common Westhoughton BOLTON Lancashire BL5 3TQ

Clifbreakers Ltd Unit 16 Blackheath Business Estate 78b Blackheath Hill LONDON London SE10 8BA

Claddagh Construction Ltd 49 Woodville Road Sherwood NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG5 2JS Clarke Demolition Co Ltd Chapel Works, Newbourne Road Waldringfield WOODBRIDGE Suffolk IP12 4PT

Cliff Groundwork & Driveways 155 Ribbleton Avenue Ribbleton PRESTON Lancashire PR2 6AA Cliff Hindle The Old Chapel Tarn Flatt, Marton ULVERSTON Cumbria LA12 0NL

Clarke Foundations 3 The Pinnacles St Marys Island CHATHAM Kent ME4 3PN

Clifford Devlin Clifford House Towcester Road LONDON London E3 3ND

Clearaway Demolition Maidstone Road Five Oak Green, Whetsted TONBRIDGE Kent TN12 6SQ

Clydeinspectionservices Ltd 46 Broom Drive CLYDEBANK Dunbartonshire G81 3HY

60 decommission / demolish / decontaminate

DSM Demolition Ltd. Arden House . Arden Road Heartlands . Birmingham B8 1DE 0121 322 2225 . .


TO GET MORE DONE • • • • • •

Dependable Power with 6 cylinder Cummins Engine IPC System delivering the power you need, only when you need it Advanced Hydraulic System for Maximized Cycle Times 6 Selectable Working Modes give you full control LCD Display & Rear View for all around vision Options of hydraulic auxiliary piping for various attachments

E SERIES EXCAVATORS >>> Available at dealer:


Demolition Code Arc Services Ltd Goleufryn Rhosgadfan CAERNARFON Gwynedd LL54 7HR Coleman Group Shady Lane BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B44 9ER Colin Roberts Jcb Hire Ltd Llain Rallt Upper Road, Gwalchmai HOLYHEAD Gwynedd LL65 4RR Colin Smith & Sons Sladen Fold Farm Lightowlers Lane LITTLEBOROUGH Lancashire OL15 0LP Colin Smith Contractor Silverhillock Cornhill BANFF Banffshire AB45 2AY Collingbourne Demolition Collstar Farm Malthouse Lane, Llantarnam CWMBRAN Gwent NP44 3EE Colton Excavations Ltd 6 Drum Industrial Estate Birtley DURHAM County Durham DH2 1UR Colwill and Davey Construction Ltd 5 Lanyon Court St Cleer LISKEARD Cornwall PL14 5RZ

Comley Demolition Ltd Southern Way Rye Common, Odiham HOOK Hampshire RG29 1HU

Concrete Cutting Services Ltd Hill Farm Tunnel Road Galley Common, Ansley NUNEATON Warwickshire CV10 9PE

Compaction Technology (Soil) Ltd 49 Theobald Street BOREHAMWOOD Hertfordshire WD6 4RT Complete Demolition Ltd Unit 4 Stafford House Westbury Street HYDE Cheshire SK14 4QP Complete House Clearances Ltd Doulton House Doulton Trading Estate ROWLEY REGIS West Midlands B65 8JQ

Concrete Drilling Services Ltd Unit 4 Waters Meeting Britannia Way BOLTON Lancashire BL2 2HH Concrete Services 151 Huddersfield Road Meltham HOLMFIRTH West Yorkshire HD9 4AJ Connell Brothers Ltd Orchard House Orchard Street SALFORD Lancashire M6 6FL

Concept Drilling Services Riverside View Thornes Lane WAKEFIELD West Yorkshire WF1 5QW

Connolly Recycling Solutions Ltd The Stoneyard Church ACCRINGTON Lancashire BB5 0ED

Concrete Complete UK Ltd 7 Gower View LLANELLI Dyfed SA15 3SN

Construction Cms Ltd 39 Pikesyde Dipton STANLEY County Durham DH9 9EQ

Concrete Cutters Unit 26 Ashford Industrial Estate Shield Road ASHFORD Middlesex TW15 1AU

Construction Plant & Machinery Sales (SE) Ltd 3 Bolde Close Portsmouth PO3 5RD E:

Concrete Cutting Services 105 Villa Wood Road DROMORE County Down BT25 1LQ

Contracting Demolition & Environmental Services (Dce) Ltd 4 Eyre Court Bramley ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S66 1XA



Controlled Demolition & Decommissioning Ltd 14 Underhill Road SUNDERLAND Tyne And Wear SR6 7RS Controlled Demolition Ltd Ambergate Saw Mills Ripley Road BELPER Derbyshire DE56 2EP Cook Ground Investigation Ltd 7 Victoria Gardens CASTLE CARY Somerset BA7 7DJ Cook’s Demolition and Plant Hire Ltd 8 Lowden Avenue CHIPPENHAM Wiltshire SN15 1LH Copeland Construction Ltd 7 Townsend Close BRISTOL Avon BS14 8TS Copley Site Services Ltd Unit 3 Meadows Drive Staveley CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S43 3LH Core Construction Solution Ltd Unit 3 Bolding Hatch Business Centre Bishops Stortford Road, Roxwell CHELMSFORD Essex CM1 4LF Core Drilling Contractors 37 Polkemmet Road Whitburn BATHGATE West Lothian EH47 0NY

Demolition Core Drilling Solutions Ltd 22 Beech Avenue Thongsbridge HOLMFIRTH West Yorkshire HD9 7SX Core Drilling Specialists Unit 9 Inchcross Industrial Estate Whitburn Road BATHGATE West Lothian EH48 2HR

County Plant Hire Cheshire Ltd Cornbrook Road Old Trafford MANCHESTER Lancashire M15 4WB

Crushrock Scotland Ltd Fulmar Way Donibristle Industrial Park, Hillend DUNFERMLINE Fife KY11 9YX

Cp Construction Sw Ltd 4 St Lukes Close NEWTON ABBOT Devon TQ12 4NF

Csf Demolition Ltd Westville Farm Westville, Frithville BOSTON Lincolnshire PE22 7HR

Core-tec Drilling 63 Glasgow Road STIRLING Stirlingshire FK7 0PA

Cph Site Services Ltd 51 Woodham Park Road Woodham ADDLESTONE Surrey KT15 3TN

Coretech Diamond Drilling Unit 4 Batley Road Wrenthorpe WAKEFIELD West Yorkshire WF2 0PG

Craig Curry Ltd 25 Ghyll Edge Lancaster Park MORPETH Northumberland NE61 3QZ

Coretech Diamond Drilling 87 Leeds Road Lofthouse WAKEFIELD West Yorkshire WF3 3NA

Crane Aid Service Company 7 Old Road LLANELLI Dyfed SA15 3HR

Cort Demolition Ltd 8 Stony Lane CHRISTCHURCH Dorset BH23 7LQ

Crowther Construction Ltd 1 North Avenue Greenfield OLDHAM Lancashire OL3 7DN

Cose T Contractors UK Ltd Flat 3 47 Provost Street LONDON London N1 7NZ Countryside Demolition & Reclamation Earwig Farm House East End Pavenham BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK43 7PR

Csj Construction 7a Edward Street DERBY Derbyshire DE1 3BR Cuddy Group Francis House Unit 1 Tank Farm Road, Llandarcy NEATH West Glamorgan SA10 6EN

Crusher Spares Ltd Unit 6 Cambrian Industrial Estate East Side PONTYCLUN Mid Glamorgan CF72 9EW Crushintons 108 Northwall Road DEAL Kent CT14 6PP


CW Plant Hire Ltd Aston Lane Chellaston DERBY Derbyshire DE73 6TT D & A Demolition Ltd 30 Barbara Avenue CANVEY ISLAND Essex SS8 0HA D & G Demolition Ltd 46 Ashgrove Manor Portadown CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT62 1UD D & L Landscapes Ltd Hawkswood House Hawkswood Road Downham BILLERICAY Essex CM11 1JT

Demolition D & R Cutting & Dismantling Ltd Deepdale Skinningrove SALTBURN BY THE SEA Cleveland TS13 4AP

D Doyle Contractors (Birmingham) Ltd Station Road BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B46 1HT

DES Unit 4 Regents Court Farmoor Lane REDDITCH Worcestershire B98 0SD

D A Environmental Services Ltd Unit 1 Maida Vale Business Centre Maida Vale Road CHELTENHAM Gloucestershire GL53 7ER

D Drill Unit 1 Shilton Industrial Estate Bulkington Road COVENTRY West Midlands CV7 9JY

D F & Mj Spindler LLP 1 Mallard Close Tollesbury MALDON Essex CM9 8RR

D B Cummins Jersey Ltd Darna, Lane Rue De Lane Marais A Lane Cocque Grouville JERSEY Channel Islands JE3 9AT D B S Demolition 54 Singer Way Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK42 7AF D Barry McGaffin 10 Parkstown Lane Gilford CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT63 6AR D C Services (Groundworks) Ltd 1 King Street Delph OLDHAM Lancashire OL3 5DL D D E Solutions Ltd 2 Hardys Road CLEETHORPES South Humberside DN35 0DH D D S Demolition Charles Anthony House Manston Road MARGATE Kent CT9 4JW

D Drill Master Drillers Ltd Unit 1 Daleside Works Craghead Colliery Industrial Estate STANLEY County Durham DH9 6HB D Drill Master Drillers Ltd Unit 7 Wood Street Poulton Industrial Estate POULTON LE FYLDE Lancashire FY6 8JY D Drill Master Drillers Ltd 6 Hazel Road Four Marks ALTON Hampshire GU34 5EY D Drill Master Drillers Ltd Unit 4 Compass West Industrial Estate West Road LONDON London N17 0XL D Drill Master Drillers Ltd 36-37 Cinnamon Brow Makerfield Way, Ince WIGAN Lancashire WN2 2PR D E Demolish Build & Design Ltd 4 Mill Court Drive Radcliffe MANCHESTER Lancashire M26 1PY

D Hughes Demolition & Excavation Ltd Coteman Heights Farm Hill Top Lane, Delph OLDHAM Lancashire OL3 5RW D Hughes Welldrillers Ltd 8 Birchwood Court DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN4 6SX

D G Hill Ltd 2 Wood Street Cilfynydd PONTYPRIDD Mid Glamorgan CF37 4EY

D J Costin Groundworks Ltd 55 Welton Gardens LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN2 2BG

D G Sayers Ltd Three Acres Whitesmith LEWES East Sussex BN8 6JQ

D J Drilling Ltd 33 Golden Ridge FRESHWATER Isle Of Wight PO40 9LF

D G Site Preparations Ltd 3 Buccleuch Road Datchet SLOUGH Berkshire SL3 9BP D H Groundworks Ltd 41 Harvey Road CONGLETON Cheshire CW12 2DH D H R A Geotechnical Unit 1 Kiln Lane Harpur Hill Business Park BUXTON Derbyshire SK17 9JL D Hanton Excavations & Demolitions Ltd The Old Sugar Works Sankey Valley Industrial Estate NEWTON LE WILLOWS Merseyside WA12 8DN


D J Factory Clearance The Railway Sidings Anderton Road BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B11 1TG D J Giles 20-22 Mill Road Stokenchurch HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP14 3TT D J R Floor Sawing & Sons Babara Crest Norman Road, Eastchurch SHEERNESS Kent ME12 4EU D J Walker Unit S Great Bridge Industrial Estate Bridge Road TIPTON West Midlands DY4 0JL

TEL: 44 (0) 151 424 3944

SPECIALIST DEMOLITION & ASBESTOS REMOVAL (UK & EUROPE) Princes Bridge, Manchester, Demolition by S Evans & Sons

An industry leading, hands on team delivering turnkey packages in specialist demolition, reclamation and asset recovery across all sectors.



Demolition D L Landscapes Ltd Riverside Farm Garage Lane Setchey KINGS LYNN Norfolk PE33 0BE

D T Central Ltd Unit 5d And V Business Park Leicester Road LUTTERWORTH Leicestershire LE17 4HE

D P Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd 3 Hunts Lane Stockton Heath WARRINGTON Cheshire WA4 2DU

D T Maintenance 118 Glenhugh Road Cullybackey BALLYMENA County Antrim BT42 1EJ

D P Drilling Ltd 18 Abbey Court WIGAN Lancashire WN6 7TR D P L Enabling Ltd 16 The Courtyard Gorsey Lane, Coleshill BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B46 1JA D R S Demolition 33 Laburnham Gardens Cranham UPMINSTER Essex RM14 1HX D R Solutions Essex 7 New Road Rayne BRAINTREE Essex CM77 6TG D R Warwick Adsett Farm Adsett WESTBURY ON SEVERN Gloucestershire GL14 1PQ DSM Arden House Arden Road, Saltley BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B8 1DE

D W W Contacting Services Ltd Unit 2c Salters Lane Sedgefield STOCKTON ON TEES Cleveland TS21 3EE D Worthington Ltd 1 Broadsword Way Burbage HINCKLEY Leicestershire LE10 2QL Dales Water Services Ltd Witherick Lane Melmerby RIPON North Yorkshire HG4 5JB Dallam (1984) Ltd Wervin New Hall Wervin Road Wervin CHESTER Cheshire CH2 4BP Dalton’s Demolition Station Road Gogarbank EDINBURGH Midlothian EH12 9BU Dan One Associates Ltd 210 Bowerdean Road HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP13 6XR

Danbar Drilling Services Ltd Unit 5 Leopold Street Lamberhead Industrial Estate, Pemberton WIGAN Lancashire WN5 8DH Daniel R Young Heatherlie Manse Yarrow Terrace SELKIRK Selkirkshire TD7 5AR Dannick Engineering Services Ltd Littlemoor Business Centre Littlemoor, Eckington SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S21 4EF Darren J Pitcher Ltd Court View Dudleston Heath ELLESMERE Shropshire SY12 9LE Dave Mundy Strip- Out Ltd 81 Wickham Avenue Cheam SUTTON Surrey SM3 8EB David & Goliath Enterprsies Ltd 35 Ludgate Hill LONDON London EC4M 7JN David Connor Plant Hire Ltd 27 Clyde Drive Tarbothie SHOTTS Lanarkshire ML7 5LY


David Dyett Ltd Lyon Way Frimley CAMBERLEY Surrey GU16 7ER David Geddes Contractors Ltd Swirlburn Colliston ARBROATH Angus DD11 3SH David Humphrey & Son Beechwood Farm Cattle Dyke, Gorefield WISBECH Cambridgeshire PE13 4NP David Morton Larbert Ltd Glen Works Glen Village FALKIRK Stirlingshire FK1 2BQ Davis & Samson Contractors Ltd Billet Lane BERKHAMSTED Hertfordshire HP4 1DP Davward Ltd Victoria Yard Hepworth HOLMFIRTH West Yorkshire HD9 7TT Daynes Demolition Bonegate Hall Bonegate Road BRIGHOUSE West Yorkshire HD6 1SP Daynes Demolition Ltd Stamton Works Eaton Street CLECKHEATON West Yorkshire BD19 3TN

01252 844688 / /

Demolition Dbs Construction Ltd The Brambles Garden Lane Cadeby DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN5 7SN Dce Demolition Ltd 239b Bury Old Road Off Wiseman Terrace MANCHESTER M25 1SE Dcm Demolition Services Ltd 9 Woodstock Road Broadheath ALTRINCHAM Cheshire WA14 5JB

Deane Plant Ltd 3rd Floor 26 Cross Street ENNISKILLEN Co Fermanagh BT74 7DX Decom Group Ltd 9 Greenfinch Road Easington Lane HOUGHTON LE SPRING Tyne And Wear DH5 0GG

Deltatrax Ltd Common Farm London Road Milton Common THAME Oxfordshire OX9 2NU

Democon Unit 5 Pole Position London Road, Bassetts Pole SUTTON COLDFIELD West Midlands B75 5SA

Delver Construction 24 Garthland Drive BARNET Hertfordshire EN5 3AZ

Democon Ltd 81 Darwin Street Highgate BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B12 0TP

Decom Ltd 9 Farnham Grove Willow Steads BLYTH Northumberland NE24 3HN

Demcon Ltd 41 St Johns Court New Road Radcliffe MANCHESTER Lancashire M26 1NH

Deconstruct UK Burdett House 15-16 Buckingham Street LONDON London WC2N 6DU

Demex Bernera Works Psalters Lane ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S61 1DQ

D-drill Master Drill Ltd 84 Clun Street SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S4 7JS

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd Birchwood Westoning Road Greenfield BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK45 5BH

Demita Ltd Flat 21 Conant House St Agnes Place LONDON London SE11 4AY

D-drill Master Drillers Ltd Unit E Ogmore Court Abergarw Trading Estate, Brynmenyn BRIDGEND Mid Glamorgan CF32 9LW

Deerplay Demolition Services High Deerplay Farm Burnley Road BACUP Lancashire OL13 8RD

D-drill Master Drillers Ltd Unit D Shilton Industrial Estate Bulkington Road COVENTRY West Midlands CV7 9QL

Dees Plant Services Ltd 19 Polden Road Portishead BRISTOL Avon BS20 6DL

D-drill Group Unit 1 Shilton Industrial Estate Bulkington Road COVENTRY West Midlands CV7 9QL

Dean Bassford Construction Management Ltd 78 Frederick Street LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE11 3BJ

Delmoore Services Ltd 4 Blackdale Cheshunt WALTHAM CROSS Hertfordshire EN7 6DF

Dem-master Demolition Pottishaw Place Whitehill Industrial Estate BATHGATE West Lothian EH48 2EN Demo It 92 St Marys Road Harefield UXBRIDGE Middlesex UB9 6AF Demo Men Ltd 102 Bellhouse Road ROMFORD Essex RM7 0LJ Demo One Ltd 3-13 Hepscott Road LONDON London E9 5HH


Demolete Ltd 36 Hickman Road ROMFORD Essex RM6 4PA Demolition & Dismantling Ltd Unit 2 Blainscough Works Blainscough Lane, Coppull CHORLEY Lancashire PR7 5HT Demolition by Derek Nuttall PO Box 87 ROSSENDALE Lancashire BB4 9SD Demolition Estimating Advice Ltd Raiswells House 14 Park Street Barlborough CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S43 4ES Demolition Insurance Rainbird House Warescot Road Brentwood Essex CM15 9HD Demolition J B 50a Aldershot Road GUILDFORD Surrey U2 8AF Demolition Management Services Ltd 81 Lister Road BRAINTREE Essex CM7 1XN

Demolition Demolition North East Ltd 3 St Marys Drive West Rainton HOUGHTON LE SPRING Tyne And Wear DH4 6SP Demolition Services Ltd 2nd Floor Berkley House Berkeley Square LONDON London W1J 6BD

Denon Construction & Site Services Ltd The Old Granary Middlethorpe Farm HARTLEPOOL Cleveland TS27 3AB Denton Construction Ltd 18 Thorneylea BLACKBURN Lancashire BB2 4UQ

Demolition South West Ltd Unit 1 Toldish Lane Indian Queens ST. COLUMB Cornwall TR9 6HL

Denver Drilling Services Unit S4 Capital Business Park Parkway CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF3 2PU

Demolition&Cleaning 4u Ltd Cedar Court 3 Eggars Hill ALDERSHOT Hampshire GU11 3NH

Dependable Diamond Drilling Unit 6 Parkway House Ashley Industrial Estate Wakefield Road OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 9JD

Demon Drillers 11 Earls Park North Team Valley Trading Estate GATESHEAD Tyne And Wear NE11 0RQ Demrec Ltd 17 Middlegate MANCHESTER Lancashire M40 0JP Demtek Ltd 289 Bentley Road Bentley DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN5 9TG Dennis Clancy & Sons Ltd 44a Sillars Meadow IRVINE Ayrshire KA12 0LZ

Dgw (Essex) Ltd 1 Princes Court Beauchamps Drive WICKFORD Essex SS11 8LS DHS Contractors Ltd Manor Farm Knowle SOLIHULL West Midlands B93 0AS Diacore Concrete Cutting Ltd 2 Witheygate Avenue STAINES UPON THAMES Middlesex TW18 2RA Diacutt Ltd 8 High Street Colliers Wood LONDON London SW19 2AE

Diadrill Diamond Drilling Services Villa Kismet 53 Lane Ruelle Vaucluse, St Helier JERSEY Channel Islands JE2 3JE Diamond Concrete Drilling Co Ltd 7 Barskimming Road MAUCHLINE Ayrshire KA5 5AJ Diamond Construction Services 30 South Road Abington CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB21 6AU Diamond Drilling 5 Church Meadow Landkey BARNSTAPLE Devon EX32 0JB

Derby Demolition Ltd Unit 16 Victoria Way Royal Scott Road, Pride Park DERBY Derbyshire DE24 8AN Dereham Water Supplies International Ltd Walnut Barns Scarning DEREHAM Norfolk NR19 2LA Derek Foxwell Drilling Company 1 Guthlaxton Avenue LUTTERWORTH Leicestershire LE17 4ET Dexmark Ltd 6 Long Row High Street Blyth WORKSOP Nottinghamshire S81 8EQ

Remote Controlled Demolition Robots Breithornstrasse 10, D-8185 München, Germany Phone: +49 (0)89-427 205 50 •


Demolition Diamond Drilling & Cutting Specialists Jersey Ltd 2 Quiberon La Grande Route Des Sablons, Grouville JERSEY Channel Islands JE3 9FQ Diamond Drilling & Cutting Specialists Ltd 8 Fineshade Centre Les Baissieres, St Peter Port GUERNSEY Channel Islands GY1 2UE Diamond Drilling & Sawing 14 Houndsway YORK North Yorkshire YO24 3NQ Diamond Drilling (Inverness) Ltd 73a High Street New Pitsligo FRASERBURGH Aberdeenshire AB43 6NF Diamond Drilling Direct 136 Winstanley Road SAFFRON WALDEN Essex CB11 3EY Diamond Drilling Solutions 21 Springhill Lane WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV4 4SN Diamond Drilling UK Ltd 215 Harley Shute Road ST. LEONARDS ON SEA East Sussex TN38 9JJ Diamond Edge Drilling Ltd Hall Place Penshurst Road, Leigh TONBRIDGE Kent TN11 8HH

Diamond K Drilling Ltd 26 Hucklemarsh Road LUDLOW Shropshire SY8 2PW Diamond Offshore Howe Moss Drive Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 0GL Dig - Geotech Ltd 2 Easthams Road CREWKERNE Somerset TA18 7AQ Dig Dig UK Ltd Simpsons Farm Darkwood Lane, Samlesbury PRESTON Lancashire PR5 0RH Dig It Services Sussex Ltd Homestalls, New Pond Hill Cross In Hand HEATHFIELD East Sussex TN21 0LX Digga Stuff Red Barn Farm Rede Lane, Barnham IPSWICH Suffolk IP6 0EP Digger & Driver Hire Ltd 8 Newport Road North Cave BROUGH North Humberside HU15 2NY Dig-It Plant Hire Ltd 135 Peulwys Lane COLWYN BAY Clwyd LL29 8YF

Digtech UK Ltd Rose Cottage Hooton ELLESMERE PORT Cheshire CH66 1NG Direct Demolition 57 Clayford Avenue FERNDOWN Dorset BH22 9PQ Directional Drilling Services UK Ltd 4 Brook Farm Close Wymington RUSHDEN Northamptonshire NN10 9NQ Dismantling & Engineering Services Willenhall Road WILLENHALL West Midlands WV13 3AE Djc Demolition Solutions Ltd 3 Broughton Business Centre Causeway Road HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE28 3AR Djf Landscapes Ltd 83 Penrith Avenue ASHTON UNDER LYNE Lancashire OL7 9JQ Djl Fencing Contractors Ltd 4 Church Lane Featherstone PONTEFRACT West Yorkshire WF7 6BB Dl Demolition & Clearance Ltd 68 Shap Crescent CARSHALTON Surrey SM5 1LU


Dlb Technical Groundwork Ltd The Woottons Forde Hall Lane Tanworth-In-Arden SOLIHULL West Midlands B94 5AZ Dmp Civils Yorkshire Ltd Hayhills House Hayhills Road Silsden KEIGHLEY West Yorkshire BD20 9NE Doc Robinsons Demolition Ltd 3-5 Boothley Road BLACKPOOL Lancashire FY1 3JT Dollarbill Ltd Westminster House 875 London Road WESTCLIFF ON SEA Essex SS0 9SZ Dolphin Drilling Howe Moss Drive Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 0GL Dorton Demolition Falcon House Falcon Business Centre, Plympton PLYMOUTH Devon PL7 5JY Dorton Group Station Goods Yard Station Road BURGESS HILL West Sussex RH15 9DG Dow (Plant & Tippers) Ltd Kelvinhead Farm Kelvinhead Kilsyth GLASGOW Lanarkshire G65 0QH

Your Attachment Supplier

What makes Rotar unique At Rotar we believe that people and machines can operate more efficiently. From this philosophy, we develop state-of-the-art demolition and recycling attachments for hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders. As the manufacturer, Rotar are responsible for the development and production of our products, and can guarantee the efficiency, quality and productivity we are famous for. Our employees treat your Rotar attachment as if it were their own. Our craftsmen always aim to develop the best products, and we often develop them based on our customer’s experiences, suggestions and ideas. Once your attachment leaves the Rotar factory, it bears our name. A name that represents a product with unique performance, produced by a unique team, uniquely for you. You can hire or buy our range of products anywhere in the UK from Worsley Plant – the UK’s leading attachment specialist. Call now on 01606 83 55 44 or visit


Demolition Down to Earth Demolition Ltd Unit 1 Moorbridge Works Bestwood Road NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG6 8SS

Drill Masters Ltd Lime Kiln House 147a Paper Mill Lane, Bramford IPSWICH Suffolk IP8 4BY

Downwell Demolition Newcastle House Oliver Close GRAYS Essex M20 3EE

Drilla Ltd 34 Comben Drive Godmanchester HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE29 2AU

Dragon Drilling Brickfield Lane Denbigh Road RUTHIN Clwyd L15 2TN Drainaway Edenmount, Well Lane Yealand Redmayne CARNFORTH Lancashire LA5 9SX Drainmaster Iow Ltd Leed Street SANDOWN Isle of Wight PO36 9FR Dreamshouse Ltd 28 Wendover Way BUSHEY Hertfordshire WD23 4QD Drew Graham Contracting Ltd Tambowie House Milngavie GLASGOW Lanarkshire G62 7HN Drh Groundworks Ltd 33 Riverside Close KINGS LANGLEY Hertfordshire WD4 8HQ Drill Core (Wednesbury) Ltd 59 Leabrook Road WEDNESBURY West Midlands WS10 7NW

Drillcut UK Ltd Unit 5 Alphin Brook Court, Alphin Brook Road Marsh Barton Trading Estate EXETER Devon EX2 8QR

Drillrite Ltd 6 Simmonds Way Shire Oak WALSALL West Midlands WS8 7AG Drillserve Ltd Roscroggan Mill Roscroggan CAMBORNE Cornwall TR14 0BA Drilltec Unit 11 Sundon Business Park Dencora Way LUTON Bedfordshire LU3 3HP

Dunton Plant Ltd Old House Gorsey Lane Coleshill BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B46 1JA

Drni Ltd 3 Southall Road Dawley TELFORD Shropshire TF4 3NB

Durno Groundworks Ltd 20 Inverarity Crescent Hillside MONTROSE Angus DD10 9HS

Dsdn Ltd Elm Road Ponteland NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne and Wear NE20 9BS

Drillco Ltd 104/106 Market Street Market Street ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH Leicestershire LE65 1AP

Drilling Systems 5 Aviation Park West Hurn CHRISTCHURCH Dorset BH23 6EW

Dril-quip Stoneywood Road Dyce ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 7DZ

Dsm Group Holdings Ltd April Barns Redditch Road, Ullenhall SOLIHULL West Midlands B95 5NY Dt Central Ltd Lanesend, Lutterworth Road Gilmorton LUTTERWORTH Leicestershire LE17 5PN Dudley Diamond Drilling 43 Rangeways Road KINGSWINFORD West Midlands DY6 8PN Duggan Site Services Ltd Hill Top Farm Hill Top Road Oakworth KEIGHLEY West Yorkshire BD22 7PY Dunedin Geoservices Ltd 2f4 8 Bothwell Street EDINBURGH Midlothian EH7 5PR Dunlop Welding Ltd 48 Stobhill Crescent AYR Ayrshire KA7 3LU


Dymacore Ltd 12 Meadow Halt Ogwell NEWTON ABBOT Devon TQ12 6FA E Beirne Drilling Ltd 549 Stafford Road Fordhouses WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV10 6QE E C Groundworks Ltd 3 Berrymoor Court Northumberland Business Park CRAMLINGTON Northumberland NE23 7RZ E D & M A Redpath & Sons Haugh Head WOOLER Northumberland NE71 6QP E D Demolition Services Ltd 15 Dollman Street BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B7 4RP E D S Consulting & Demolition Ltd Wall Green House Whins Lane Padiham BURNLEY Lancashire BB12 7QJ

Demolition E Delaney Demolition Ltd Hale Barnes 17 Chapel Lane MANCHESTER Lancashire M32 9AJ E I’Anson Ltd Highland Laddie Bildershaw West Auckland BISHOP AUCKLAND County Durham DL14 9PL E J B Sumbland 29 Rockside Mow Cop STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST7 4PG E J Clinton Ltd 7 Oakwood Crescent LONDON London N21 1NX E Nicholson 445 Balmore Road GLASGOW Lanarkshire G22 6NX E P S Drilling Ltd 22a Beesands KINGSBRIDGE Devon TQ7 2EN E S Green & Sons 65 Carnbane Road LISBURN County Antrim BT27 5NG E.W.G.nicholls Ltd Unit 7 Severnside Trading Estate GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL2 5HS E17 Earth Movements Ltd 15 Albion Terrace Sewardstone Road, North Chingford LONDON E4 7SB

Earth Solutions Ltd Unit 22 Station Road Industrial Estate Valley Road, Wombwell BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S73 0BS

East Midlands Demolition The Sidings, Duffield Road Industrial Estate Little Eaton DERBY Derbyshire DE21 5EG

Earthcon Ltd The Grey Cottage 65 Lichfield Road Bloxwich WALSALL West Midlands WS3 3LT

Eastland Demolition Nuneaton Marston Jabbett BEDWORTH Warwickshire CV12 9SD

Earthglo Ltd 280 Leicester Road LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE11 2AJ

Eastmidlands Diamond Drilling 1 Lockwood Close NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG5 9JN

Earthworks Solutions Ltd Unit F04 Middlewoods Way Longfields Court Wharncliffe Business BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S71 3GN Easington Construction Ltd 5 Rosemount Haswell DURHAM County Durham DH6 2AQ East Anglian Aerial Platforms Ltd Drakes Lane CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 3BE East Antrim Demolition Ltd 16 Upper Springfield Road BELFAST N. Ireland BT17 0NB East London Demolition Services Ltd 17 Sydney Road BENFLEET Essex SS7 5RD

Econ Econ House Old Maidstone Road SIDCUP Kent DA14 5BA Ecosol Group Unit 1a Gunby Road Sewstern GRANTHAM Lincolnshire NG33 5RD Edept Demolition Ltd Browside Farm Medley Lane, Northowram HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX3 7SX

Eastwood Ltd 135 Shore Road NEWTOWNABBEY County Antrim BT37 9SY

Edinburgh Core Cutting Services Ltd 23 Priestfield Road EDINBURGH Midlothian EH16 5HU

Eastwood Ltd 541 Saintfield Road Carryduff BELFAST County Antrim BT8 8ES

Egp (North) Ltd Greenwell Farm Barn Hob Cote Lane Oakworth KEIGHLEY West Yorkshire BD22 0RW

Eastwood Metals Recycling 152 Hythe Street DARTFORD Kent DA1 1BN

Ehi (Elite Home Improvements) Ltd Unit 4 Evans Business Centre Sycamore Trading Estate BLACKPOOL Lancashire FY4 3RL

Eco Drill England Ltd Unit 18 Longfield Road South Church Enterprise Park BISHOP AUCKLAND County Durham DL14 6XB Eco-Dwell Ltd Ivory House Station Road Chapeltown BOLTON Lancashire BL7 0HB


Ejm Groundworks Ltd 22 Fairways Two Mile Ash MILTON KEYNES Buckinghamshire MK8 8AJ Electrical Engineering Analysis and Resources Ltd Orchard Mews Stoneylands Road EGHAM Surrey TW20 9QR

Demolition Eless Decommissioning Services Unit 16 Graylands Estate Langhurstwood Road HORSHAM West Sussex RH12 4QD Elite Building Contractors (Northants) Ltd 43 Highfield Woodford, Northants KETTERING Northamptonshire NN14 4HD Elite Demolition 2 Hope Close WOODFORD GREEN Essex IG8 7LZ Elite Piling and Foundations Ltd 219 Denton Lane Chadderton OLDHAM Lancashire OL9 9DG Elite Site Supplies Ltd 44 High Street New Romney NEW ROMNEY Kent TN28 8BZ Ellis Civils Works Ltd 15 Ford Road Portglenone BALLYMENA County Antrim BT44 8LL Elmcrest Diamond Drilling Ltd 4 Duncrievie Road LONDON London SE13 6TE Elmswell Plant Hire Ltd Sampson House The Street, Woolpit BURY ST EDMUNDS Suffolk IP30 9QN

Elwood Engineering Services Ltd Newgale Coed-Y-Go OSWESTRY Shropshire SY10 9AT

Empringham Demolition Hallands Farm College Road BARROW UPON HUMBER South Humberside DN19 7ED

Emarivh Groundwork & Utilities Ltd Burghfields Stacksford Old Buckenham ATTLEBOROUGH Norfolk NR17 1PD

Encore Drilling 5 Abercorn Avenue PORTRUSH County Antrim BT56 8HW Endeavour Drilling Unit 7 Mapledean Works Maldon Road, Latchingdon CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 6LG

Emb Contractors Ltd 31 Gainsborough Drive HERNE BAY Kent CT6 6QJ Embassy Demolition Contractors Ltd Pegamoid Site 29 Nobel Road LONDON London N18 3BH

Ensco Ensco House Gateway Crescent, Nigg ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB12 3GA Envirodem Ltd 93 Swanston Street GLASGOW Lanarkshire G40 4HG

Emery Excavation and Plant Hire Ltd Clifden Wanisher Lane Barton ORMSKIRK Lancashire L39 7JR

Envirodrilling UK Ltd 277 Preston Road Standish WIGAN Lancashire WN6 0NZ

Emgerm Ltd 68 Gosterwood Street LONDON London SE8 5NY

Eric Gourlay Plant Ltd 89 Station Road Thornton KIRKCALDY Fife KY1 4AY

Emp Demolition Ltd 2 Delaware Road BLACKPOOL Lancashire FY3 7JZ Empire Building Company Ltd 25 Tyrells Close CHELMSFORD Essex CM2 6BT

Eric McBlain Ltd Dawson & Co 171 University Street BELFAST County Antrim BT7 1HR


Erith Contractors Erith House 7 Queen Street ERITH Kent DA8 1RP Erith Contractors Ltd The Spinney Astley Lane NUNEATON Warwickshire CV10 7PU Essex Demolition & Salvage 2 Wix Road Ramsey HARWICH Essex CO12 5HP Essex Demolition Contractors Ltd 1 Navigation Road CHELMSFORD Essex CM2 6ND Eureka Properties 2000 Ltd Eureka, Packhorse Lane Kings Norton BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B38 0DN Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd Unit 17 Marchington Industrial Estate Stubby Lane, Marchington UTTOXETER Staffordshire ST14 8LP Euro Diamond Drilling Unit 7 Concord Business Centre Concord Road LONDON London W3 0TJ European Plant Services 8 Bakers Park Cater Road BRISTOL Avon BS13 7TT

Demolition Europlant Group 1 Cornerways River Road, Taplow MAIDENHEAD Berkshire SL6 0BB

Express Traffic Management Ltd 2 Denewell Avenue NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE7 7YB

F C Richardson & Son Ltd 194 Yardley Road Acocks Green BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B27 6LR

F Hardwick Ltd Scotch Park Trading Estate Forge Lane LEEDS West Yorkshire LS12 2PY

Evolution Enabling 22 Sirdar Road Brook Road Industrial Estate RAYLEIGH Essex SS6 7XF

Extreme Drilling Ltd Crossing Cottage Latteridge Road, Iron Acton BRISTOL Avon BS37 9TL

F Cooper & Sons 195 Frog Grove Lane Wood Street Village GUILDFORD Surrey GU3 3HD


Evt Contractors Ltd Dunelm Cottage Park Street, Willington CROOK County Durham DL15 0ER Excaliber Services Ltd Sabichi House 5 Wadsworth Road, Perivale GREENFORD Middlesex UB6 7JD Excavation & Contracting Ltd 3 Antrim Road Dallam WARRINGTON Cheshire WA2 8JT Excavation & Contracting UK Ltd New Building West Quay Road, Winwick WARRINGTON Cheshire WA2 8TL


Excel Demolition & Groundworks Hawthorns, Wantz Road Margaretting INGATESTONE Essex CM4 0EP

Our comprehensive excavator attachment range does more than just knock down buildings. From concrete busters to breakers, crusher buckets and grapples, our equipment is economical to run, with exceptional service support. So whichever attachment meets your needs, you can be sure you’re on to a winner.

Excore North East Ltd 90 St Marys Walk Acklam MIDDLESBROUGH Cleveland TS5 7SE

Speak to us for a more detailed range:

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Demolition F T S Demolition Ltd 35 Carsthorne Road Carr Lane Industrial Estate, Hoylake WIRRAL Merseyside CH47 4FB F W Demolition Ltd Demolition House Tanhouse Lane New Road WIDNES Cheshire WA8 0TF Farrell Utility Management Ltd Flynns Cottage Radcliffe Lane, Midgley HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX2 6UT Fastplan Builders and Decorators Ltd 97 Pembury Close LONDON London E5 8JR Faulkner Transport Haulage Ltd 83 Arundale MANSFIELD Nottinghamshire NG19 9RE Fearn Plant Ltd Wall Rudding Farm Saxilby Road, Doddington LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 4RY Fenndrill Ltd 18 Pheby Road BASINGSTOKE Hampshire RG22 6JB Ferndown Demolition and Salvage 17-19 Mannings Heath Road POOLE Dorset BH12 4NQ

Ferrari Demolition 6 Barnfield NEW MALDEN Surrey KT3 5RH

Fnc Construction Ltd Main Street OMAGH Co Tyrone BT78 3SU

Fibre (Kent) Ltd Summit Farm, Arnolds Lane, Off Hawley Lane Sutton-On-Hone DARTFORD Kent DA4 9HE

Forde Construction (London) Ltd 87a Marlborough Road LONDON London N22 8NL

Finch (Elmswell) Ltd The Store Kiln Lane Elmswell BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP30 9QR

Forgewood Group Ltd 158 Redehall Road Smallfield HORLEY Surrey RH6 9RH

Fincham Demolition 16 Lord Nelson Drive New Costessey NORWICH Norfolk NR5 0UE

Foundation Site Investigation Ltd 8 Andrews Crescent Paston PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE4 7XL

Finley Bros Demolition Knox Cottage, Knox Lane Cornsay Colliery DURHAM County Durham DH7 9DU Fir Tree Geotechnics Ltd 12 Institute Terrace Fir Tree CROOK County Durham DL15 8DE First Drill 6 Dean Park Crescent BOURNEMOUTH Dorset BH1 1HL Fisher Environmental Ltd 38 Collingtree Avenue WINSFORD Cheshire CW7 3UH Flow T E K H D D UK Ltd 99 Church Balk Edenthorpe DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN3 2PR

Foundations Cotswolds Ltd 2 Beverstone Close South Cerney CIRENCESTER Gloucestershire GL7 5XT Four Seasons Surfacing Ltd 1 Crown Close BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S70 4DB Fox Demolition 1391 London Road LEIGH ON SEA Essex SS9 2SA Foxglove Contracting Ltd New Tavern House 6 The Green, Great Staughton ST. NEOTS Cambridgeshire PE19 5DG


Foyle and Marine Dredging Ltd Telecom Exchange 630 Baranailt Road LONDONDERRY County Londonderry BT47 4EA Franklin Hire Ltd 1 Rawreth Industrial Estate Rawreth Lane RAYLEIGH Essex SS6 9RL Frog Drilling Ltd Unit F6 Springhead Enterprise Park Springhead Road, Northfleet GRAVESEND Kent DA11 8HH Fusion Interiors (Southeast) Ltd 170 Old Church Road ST. LEONARDS ON SEA East Sussex TN38 9HD G & B Chasing & Drilling Ltd H R S House Garretts Green Lane BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B33 0UE G & I Diamond Drilling 2d Pottishaw Place Whitehill Industrial Estate BATHGATE West Lothian EH48 2EN G & I Groundworks Ltd 41 Stroma Way GLENROTHES Fife KY7 6RD G & J Bircham Ltd 18 Elm Close Loddon NORWICH Norfolk NR14 6LG

T he Bucket Manufacturing Company Ltd (BMC)

Bespoke Equipment

Tailor made for your business, improving efficiency & saving you money

Teeth + Side Cutters Cutting Edges Pins Bosses BMC supply numerous wear parts for a wide range of buckets. For a full check on what we can supply please contact us.

Telephone: 01291 630 073


The Bucket Manufacturing Company, Unit 6c/d, Bulwark Industrial Estate, Monmouthshire. NP16 5QZ

Demolition G & J Demolition Ltd 7 Fairyknowe Gardens Bothwell GLASGOW Lanarkshire G71 8RW

G J Gaywood Ltd Construction House Porters Wood ST. ALBANS Hertfordshire AL3 6NW

G P Paving 4 Rannock Avenue Kingsbury LONDON London NW9 7JN

Galebest Ltd Rother Valley Way Holbrook SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S20 3RW

G B Directional Drilling Services Ltd Woodview Farm, Moor Road Walesby Market Rasen MARKET RASEN Lincolnshire LN8 3TQ

G J P Contract Services Ltd The Corner Bungalow King Street, Broseley Wood BROSELEY Shropshire TF12 5PS

G R P Excavations Ltd Unit 7a County Business Park Darlington Road NORTHALLERTON North Yorkshire DL6 2NQ

Gallons 2011 Ltd Three Fields Barn HENLEY IN ARDEN West Midlands B95 5QD

G Johnston Ltd 7 Hengistbury Lane Tattenhoe MILTON KEYNES Buckinghamshire MK4 3BF

G Smith Groundworks Ltd Fieldview Farm Bletchley Road, Thornborough BUCKINGHAM Buckinghamshire MK18 2DZ

G B M Building Services Ltd 4 Blackbush Spring HARLOW Essex CM20 3DY GBS Unit 4 The Sovereign Centre Farthing Road IPSWICH Suffolk IP1 5AP G C M Services 9 Castle Drive FALKIRK Stirlingshire FK2 7XD GDC Unit 2 Byron Avenue Lowmoor Business Park, Kirkby-In-Ashfield NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG17 7LA G D Pickles Ltd Biltons Farm South Scarle Lane Swinderby LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 9JA G Fry Demolition Ltd Yew Tree Farm Main Road, Westwood NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG16 5HW

G L M Electrical Ltd 18 Ashwin Avenue Copford COLCHESTER Essex CO6 1BS GMD Blainscough Works Blainscough Lane, Coppull CHORLEY Lancashire PR7 5HT

G Stow Plc Lupton Road Hithercroft Industrial Estate WALLINGFORD Oxfordshire OX10 9BS G T B Demolition Co Ltd 25 Cotton Street LIVERPOOL Merseyside L3 7DY

G Morley Ltd Midland Street Off Rotherham Road ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S62 6EA

G T Diamond Drilling Services 26 Fairfield Road DUNDEE Angus DD3 8HR

G O’Brien Demoltion Stephenson Street WALLSEND Tyne And Wear NE28 6UE

G Wilson Groundworks and Demolition Ltd 3 Georgina Court 316 Beulah Hill LONDON London SE19 3HF

G P H I T (Integrated Services) Ltd F Buildings, No 2 Dock Atlantic Way BARRY South Glamorgan CF63 3RA

Gabriel Demolition Wolsey House 2 The Drift Nacton Road IPSWICH Suffolk IP3 9QR


Galloper Wind Farm Ltd Windmill Hill Business Park Whitehill Way SWINDON Wiltshire SN5 6PB Garden Landscape Services Ltd 2 Wilderness Cottage Church Road, Wacton NORWICH Norfolk NR15 2UG Gary Wheeler Drilling Ltd Walnut Tree House Boars Tye Road, Silver End WITHAM Essex CM8 3PN GBM UK Warwick Rd LOUTH Lincolnshire LN11 0YB Gc Demolition Ltd 45 Southdown Road HARPENDEN Hertfordshire AL5 1PG Gds Groundworks Ltd 54a Torquay Drive LEIGH ON SEA Essex SS9 1SE Geedon Construction Services Ltd 16 Chestnut Way Brightlingsea COLCHESTER Essex CO7 0UA

Demolition General Demolition Lyon House 16 Lyon Road WALTON ON THAMES Surrey KT12 3PU

George Beattie & Sons Ltd Auchinvole Castle Kilsyth GLASGOW Lanarkshire G65 0SA

Ghalib Construction Ltd First Floor 81-83 Market Street Oakengates TELFORD Shropshire TF2 6EA

Global Civil Engineering (South East) Ltd 12 Meadow Road GRAVESEND Kent DA11 7LR

Geo Environmental Engineering Ltd 4 Culgarth Avenue COCKERMOUTH Cumbria CA13 9PL

George Kennedy Ltd 82 Belfast Road LARNE County Antrim BT40 2PJ

Gibson Drilling Services 88 Edenbane Road Garvagh COLERAINE County Londonderry BT51 5NZ

Gloucester Demolition Ltd Prospect House Bath Road Trading Estate Lightpill STROUD Gloucestershire GL5 3QF

Geo Technical Suite 1 Winwood Court Norton Road STOURBRIDGE West Midlands DY8 2AE Geo-Dev Ltd 36 Hallside Road BLYTH Northumberland NE24 5PF Geodrill 1st Floor Ragnall House 18 Peel Road, Douglas ISLE OF MAN Channel Islands IM1 4LZ Geo-drill Unit 24 Greencroft Industrial Estate Tower Road STANLEY County Durham DH9 7XP Geologic Boreholes Unit 2 Moor View Industrial Estate Whimple EXETER Devon EX5 2QT Geologic Foundations Ltd Walnut Tree Farm Cherry Tree Lane, Botesdale DISS Norfolk IP22 1DL

Geosonic Unit D Greenfield Street ALLOA Clackmannanshire FK10 2AL Geosonic Drilling Ltd Inchview House Kelliebank ALLOA Clackmannanshire FK10 1NT Geotech Developments Ltd Waters End Farm Benenden CRANBROOK Kent TN17 4LA Geotechnical and Structural Services Ltd 4 Faraday Close WASHINGTON Tyne and Wear NE38 8QJ Geothermal UK Unit 52 Premier Partnership Estate Leys Road BRIERLEY HILL West Midlands DY5 3UP Geotron UK Ltd Unit E201b Warmco Industrial Park Manchester Road, Mossley ASHTON UNDER LYNE Lancashire OL5 9AY

Gideaward Services Ltd Unit 10 Shannon Square CANVEY ISLAND Essex SS8 0PE Gill Demolitions Progress Works Hall Lane BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD4 7DT Gillrange 1-2 North End Swineshead BOSTON Lincolnshire PE20 3LR Gilpin Demolition Whitecleaves Quarry Plymouth Road BUCKFASTLEIGH Devon TQ11 0DQ Gjag Construction Ltd Flat 4 Landmark Court Caledonian Road BRISTOL Avon BS1 6JL Glamorgan Demolition Opus One, John Street Cefn Cribwr BRIDGEND Mid Glamorgan CF32 0AD Glenbarrow Ltd 1a Newby Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK4 2JJ


Glyquest Ltd 25 Burnside Crescent Middleton MANCHESTER Lancashire M24 5WP Gm Plant (Devon) Ltd C/O Hayne Associates 66 Whittingham Road ILFRACOMBE Devon EX34 9LL Gohink Ltd Chapel Works, Newbourn Road Waldringfield WOODBRIDGE Suffolk IP12 4PT Goldcard Demolition Ltd Vine Tree House Main Street Norton Disney LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN6 9JU Goldhill Contracting Ltd Unit 4a Adams Way Springfield Business Park ALCESTER Warwickshire B49 6PU Goody Demolition Aylesham Industrial Estate Aylesham CANTERBURY Kent CT3 3EP

Demolition Gorjoy Ltd 33 C/O Gillespie Inverarity & Co L BLAIRGOWRIE Perthshire PH10 6AW

Greater London Demolition 31 Jute Lane ENFIELD Middlesex EN3 7PJ

Gothard Landscape & Land Reclamation Ltd Gate House Sandhurst Road TILBURY Essex RM18 8DH

Green Drilling Ltd 7 Cherryfields, Ham Lane Orton Waterville PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE2 5XD

Gp Contractors London Ltd 47 Stroud Crescent LONDON London SW15 3EL

Gregory Demolition Group 78 River Road BARKING Essex IG11 0DS

Grab A Way Services 14 Queens Avenue Byfleet WEST BYFLEET Surrey KT14 7AD Graham Ferrier Groundworks Ltd 21 Morrison Place Cruden Bay PETERHEAD Aberdeenshire AB42 3HZ Graham Wood Plant Hire Ltd Hafdoon, Kirk Street Oldmeldrum INVERURIE Aberdeenshire AB51 0DF Granemore Group Ltd 51 Aspinall Street HEYWOOD Lancashire OL10 4HN Grants Groundworks Ltd 23 Rowcroft Road PAIGNTON Devon TQ3 2RE Grays M C F Complex 60 New Road KIDDERMINSTER Worcestershire DY10 1AQ

Griffiths-Mcgee Demolition Company Ltd 340-342 Athlon Road WEMBLEY Middlesex HA0 1BX

Ground Support Services Unit D2b Harworth Industrial Estate Bryans Close, Harworth DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN11 8RY

Groundshire Ltd Littleburn House Littleburn Industrial Estate, Langley Moor DURHAM County Durham DH7 8HJ Groundwater Monitoring & Drilling Ltd 1 Adeane Road Chalgrove OXFORD Oxfordshire OX44 7TQ

H F A Dolman Rear Of 34 Potters Way Temple Farm Industrial Estate SOUTHEND ON SEA Essex SS2 5SJ

Grp Demolition Ltd 11 Flathouse Road PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO1 4QS

H F James Plant & Contractors Glencoe Factory Road BURRY PORT Dyfed SA16 0DZ

Gso Transport Services Ltd 26 Kurtus Dosthill TAMWORTH Staffordshire B77 1NX Gta Construction Ltd 5 Ransome Close Bewbush CRAWLEY West Sussex RH11 6AR

Grosvenor Recycling Ltd 50 St Marys Crescent LONDON London NW4 4LH

Groundsearch The Villa Callestick TRURO Cornwall TR4 9HE

Grove Environmental Services (Uk) Ltd Unit 3 Windmill Industrial Estate BARRY South Glamorgan CF63 3DH

Gurtra Services 18 Hailey Rd ERITH Kent DA18 4AP H B Plant Seymours Cottage TAUNTON Somerset TA3 5BD H Buchanan Contractor Ltd Creagan, Ledaig Benderloch OBAN Argyll PA37 1QU

H Smith Ltd The Manor Gatehouse Priory Road DARTFORD Kent DA1 2BJ H W M Contracting Ltd Otterbourne Farm Kiln Lane Otterbourne WINCHESTER Hampshire SO21 2EN Hague Plant Jubilee House Claywheels Lane SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S6 1LZ Hall Services (East Anglia) Ltd Rosedale Farm Fen Street Old Buckenham ATTLEBOROUGH Norfolk NR17 1NW

H Colton F & Son Plant Ire Unit 6 CHESTER LE STREET County Durham DH2 1UR

Hallmark Chasing 2 Green Street Walshaw BURY Lancashire BL8 3BJ

H E P Groundworks Ltd Trefor House 17 High Street TALSARNAU Gwynedd LL47 6TY

Hamilton Construction Services Old Station Yard PETWORTH West Sussex GU28 0JF


Demolition Hampshire Chasing Ltd 12 Station Road North Totton SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO40 3AB Hampshire Demolition and Recycling Ltd 40 The Old Wood Yard Hagley STOURBRIDGE West Midlands DY9 9LQ Hampshire Environmental Services Unit 1 Withy Park Dutton Lane EASTLEIGH Hampshire SO50 6AB Handley’s Environmental Demolition Ltd 17 Middlegate MANCHESTER Lancashire M40 0JP Hanmar Site Investigation Services 24 Craiganboy Park Glynn LARNE County Antrim BT40 3DN Harbour Demolition Ltd Broom Lane Langton Green TUNBRIDGE WELLS Kent TN3 9JL Harbour Enterprises (Amble) Ltd 19 Lawson Street Amble MORPETH Northumberland NE65 0DN Hardcore Crushing Ltd Moorfield Industrial Estate Moorfield Way, Altham ACCRINGTON Lancashire BB5 5TX

Hari6568 Ltd 150 Hampton Road LONDON London E4 8NT

Hawes Contractors Ltd 11-15 Abbey Barn Road HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP11 1RS

Harkness Plant Hire Ltd Irons Agnew 2 Loy Street COOKSTOWN County Tyrone BT80 8PE

Haywood Demolition Haywood Industrial Estate Wellington HEREFORD Herefordshire HR4 8DZ

Harmston Plant and Building Services Ltd 40 Blackfriars Road LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN2 4WS

Headway Salvage Supply Demolition Linden Lea, Chequers Lane Walton On The Hill TADWORTH Surrey KT20 7RG

Harper Services Directional Drilling 240 Sywell Road Mears Ashby NORTHAMPTON Northamptonshire NN6 0FL Harrison Building & Civil Engineers Ltd 16 Southmont Road ESHER Surrey KT10 9BG Hastings & St Leonards Drilling Co 1 Vale Road ST. LEONARDS ON SEA East Sussex TN37 6PT Hattam Construction Ltd Royal Kenwyn Yard Kenwyn Road TRURO Cornwall TR4 9BY Havering Demolition & Recycling Ltd Unit 2e Walls Industrial Estate New Road RAINHAM Essex RM13 9PN

Heritage Demolition and Reclaim Ltd Heritage Farm Sutton Lane Cadeby Coventry NUNEATON Warwickshire CV13 0AR Heysham Demolition Plant Hire Ltd Unit 14 Heysham Business Park Middleton Road, Middleton MORECAMBE Lancashire LA3 3PP

Heard Demolition Ltd Unit 8 Harvey Road BASILDON Essex SS13 1DG

Highland Contracts Ltd 13 Kenneth Place Smithton INVERNESS Inverness Shire IV2 7LX

Heard Environ Great Mascalls Farm West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow CHELMSFORD Essex CM2 7TA

Highoaks Steel Buildings 2 Oak Cottage Coombe Lane WADHURST East Sussex TN5 6NU

Heffcron Construction Ltd 39a Wilfred Avenue LEEDS West Yorkshire LS15 7SP

Hill Demolition 1-3 Edinburgh Place HARLOW Essex CM20 2DJ

Hegarty Demolition 188 Barford Street BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B5 7EP

Hill House Basements Ltd Hill House Eversleigh Road, New BARNET Hertfordshire EN5 1NE

Henderson Plant Hire Ltd 25 Main Street Cumbernauld Village GLASGOW Lanarkshire G67 2RR Hercules Offshore Badentoy Avenue Portlethen ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB12 4YB


Hill Top Plant Ltd 52 Lord Street STOCKPORT Cheshire SK1 3NA Hinks Ltd 5-8 Priestgate DARLINGTON County Durham DL1 1NL

Demolition Hire-Fast Ltd 18 Netton Close PLYMOUTH Devon PL9 8UL Hirons Drilling The Durrance, Berry Lane Upton Warren BROMSGROVE Worcestershire B61 9EL Hi-tec Diamond Drilling Ltd Unit 9-10 Courtyard 2 Wentworth Road, Mapplewell BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S75 6DT Hi-tec Drilling Ltd 31 High Street BONNYBRIDGE Stirlingshire FK4 1BX Hmc Station Road HULL North Humberside HU12 0NE Hoffmann Seb Ltd 219 Fallsbrook Road Flat 1 LONDON London SW16 6DY Hogarth Plant Operator Ltd 7 Dovecot Road PEEBLES Peeblesshire EH45 8EQ Holderness Metal Company The Station Station Road, Patrington HULL North Humberside HU12 0NE Hole Masters Demtech Unit 27 Beckermet Industrial Estate Haile EGREMONT Cumbria CA22 2NH

Hole Solutions Penuel Fawr WREXHAM Clwyd LL11 5HH Holemasters 114 Main Street Chapelhall AIRDRIE Lanarkshire ML6 8SB Holemasters Unit 3 Parkgate Court The Gateway Industrial Estate, Parkgate ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S62 6JL Holemasters Demtech Ltd Unit 38 Walkers Road Moons Moat North Industrial Estate REDDITCH Worcestershire B98 9HD Holemasters Demtech Ltd Unit 2-4 Dixon Street Westhoughton BOLTON Lancashire BL5 3PX Holemasters Demtech Ltd Unit 1 Bracewell Avenue Poulton Industrial Estate POULTON LE FYLDE Lancashire FY6 8JF Holemasters Dentech Ltd Unit 9 Watermill Business Centre Edison Road ENFIELD Middlesex EN3 7XF

Holford Fencing Contractors Ltd 50 Theresa Street GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL1 5PR

Hughes Plant Services (Hinckley) Ltd 117 Clifton Way HINCKLEY Leicestershire LE10 0UZ

Holmes Groundworks Ltd 18 Rosedale Leven BEVERLEY North Humberside HU17 5NE

Hughes Waste Ltd 4 Bellevue Terrace SOUTHSEA Hampshire PO5 3AT

Holmes Surveying and Engineering Ltd 14 Hustlings Drive Eastchurch SHEERNESS Kent ME12 4JX Home & Land Solutions Ltd 21 Upper Burnmouth Burnmouth EYEMOUTH Berwickshire TD14 5SJ Hooley Bridge Contractors Ltd Bamford Road HEYWOOD Lancashire OL10 4AA Howard Stott Demolition Ltd Castle Clough Farm Castle Clough, Hapton BURNLEY Lancashire BB12 7LN Hughes & Salvidge 11 Flathouse Road PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO1 4QS

Holetech Drilling Contractors 3a Britannia Buildings Merchants Road, Hotwells BRISTOL Avon BS8 4QD

Hughes & Salvidge Building 208 Epsom Square London Heathrow Airport HOUNSLOW Middlesex TW6 2BJ


Humphrey Contracting Ltd Beechwood Farm Cattle Dyke WISBECH Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR Humphries Demolition Ltd Portway Road WEDNESBURY West Midlands WS10 7EQ Hunter Environmental Cadder Brickworks Balmuildy Road GLASGOW Lanarkshire G23 5HE Hunter Group (Yorkshire) Ltd Scotland Yard Queens Mill Road HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD1 3PG Hurley Demolition Ltd Phoenix Business Park Brickfield Road BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B25 8HE Hutch Demolition Ltd 17 New Road Old HARLOW Essex CM17 0DU Hutchinson (Asbestos Removal) Ltd Day St Ravensthorpe DEWSBURY West Yorkshire WF13 3LJ

Demolition Hutchinson Demolition & Dismantling Ltd Netherfield Works Calder Road DEWSBURY West Yorkshire WF13 3JS Hutson Drilling Ltd 2 Kemp Street Crowland PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE6 0HE Hwm Plant Llp Nutsey Lane Totton SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO40 3NB Hyde Demolition Ltd Raglan Street HYDE Cheshire SK14 2DX Hydracrat Ltd 18a Biggar Road Biggar Road Industrial Estate, Cleland MOTHERWELL Lanarkshire ML1 5PB

I Christopher Ltd 50 Wragby Road East North Greetwell LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN2 4QY

Imperial Demolitions & Recycling Weircliffe Park St Andrews Road EXETER Devon EX4 2AF

I H Equipment Ltd 49a Lidgate Crescent South Kirkby PONTEFRACT West Yorkshire WF9 3NR

Inco Site Services Ltd 3 Town End Lane Lepton HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD8 0NA

I J W Groundworks Ltd 7 Landmead GLASTONBURY Somerset BA6 9DB

Independent Grounds Maintenance Bridgnorth Road Shatterford BEWDLEY Worcestershire DY12 1TW

I P R Drilling Catcraig Quarry Craigie KILMARNOCK Ayrshire KA1 5NB

Industrial Decommissioning Group Ltd Old Post Office 83 High Street NORTHALLERTON North Yorkshire DL7 8PX

Iain Macgillivray Ltd Shiel View Moss ACHARACLE Argyll PH36 4JY

Infosoil Drilling Contractors Unit 1 Fernley Green Industrial Estate KNOTTINGLEY West Yorkshire WF11 8DH

Hydro Pumps 19 High Mead FAREHAM Hampshire PO15 6BL

Ian Wilson Transport Ltd 6 Kiln Green Avenue High Harrington WORKINGTON Cumbria CA14 4LN

Hydro Pumps Ltd Unit 12 Sandy Lane Industrial Estate STOURPORT ON SEVERN Worcestershire DY13 9QB

Ibbott & Moorbey Pantiles High Street, Wilden BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK44 2PB

Hydroserve Waves Farm Kerves Lane HORSHAM West Sussex RH13 6RJ

Idec Drilling Engineers Ltd 21 Sam Road Diggle OLDHAM Lancashire OL3 5PU

I B Aitchison & Son Ltd Cullenoch Laurieston CASTLE DOUGLAS Kirkcudbrightshire DG7 2PX

Idm (Uk) Ltd 26 Barnton Avenue West EDINBURGH Midlothian EH4 6DE

Inglenorth Unit 81 Bradley Hall Trading Estate Bradley Lane, Standish WIGAN Lancashire WN6 0XQ Insight Construction Solutions Ltd Unit 3 West Coppice Road WALSALL West Midlands WS8 7HB


Institute of Demolition Engineers 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floor Eagle Court 130 High Street ROCHESTER Kent ME1 1JT Intercon Building Ltd 16 Aldrich Crescent New Addington CROYDON Surrey CR0 0NL International Waste Management Group Unit 27 Mayfield Industrial Estate DALKEITH Midlothian EH22 4AD Invasion66 Ltd 5b Grand Parade Wood Green LONDON London N4 1JX Inverness Core Drilling Ltd 9 Nairnside View INVERNESS Inverness Shire IV2 5BF Invictacut Ltd Landway Farm Borough Green SEVENOAKS Kent TN15 8PY Ion Environmental Solutions Ltd Carey House Great Central Way WEMBLEY Middlesex HA9 0HR Ironline Ltd Hillside Retreat High Street, Bury, Ramsey HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE26 2NR

ARDEN JET The first spraying system which is factory fitted on a demolition shear

Visit our Youtube channel or our website:

to see it working, and find out more about our full range of attachment tools. E-mail:

Demolition Ivorann Ltd 21 Ty Canol HARLECH Gwynedd LL46 2NZ Ivy Contractors Ltd 13 School Lane Bardwell BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP31 1AD J & D Groundworks 10 Link Way Pagham BOGNOR REGIS West Sussex PO21 4QB J & I Chasers Ltd 6 Courtfield Avenue CHATHAM Kent ME5 8QT

J A Cryer Excavation & Groundwork Contractors Ltd 4 Featherstall Brook View LITTLEBOROUGH Lancashire OL15 8JW J B Black Ayrshire Ltd Bairdsmill Crosshill MAYBOLE Ayrshire KA19 7PU

J & J Demolition Wordsley 72 Tack Farm Road STOURBRIDGE West Midlands DY8 5DR J & J Groundworks Ltd 24 Rectory Lane Worlingham BECCLES Suffolk NR34 7RF

J Bryan Victoria Ltd 1 Pickerings Road Halebank WIDNES Cheshire WA8 8XW

J & J Mitchell Ltd 1 Newbigging Cottages Luthermuir LAURENCEKIRK Kincardineshire AB30 1YT

J C B Earth Movers Harewood Estate Leek Road, Cheadle STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST10 2JX

J & J Synnock & Sons Banley Farm KINGTON Herefordshire HR5 3HB

J C Butler Demolition Ryecroft House Greaves Lane, Threapwood MALPAS Cheshire SY14 7AS J C J Group 30 Nisbet Street GLASGOW Lanarkshire G31 5HB

J Hill Eterprises Spa Farm Spa Street OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 0HJ

J D Crabtree High House Farm Straight Lane, Addingham ILKLEY West Yorkshire LS29 9JU

J K I Ltd Unit 27c Harris Business Park Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior BROMSGROVE Worcestershire B60 4DJ

J Dibble Lifting Ltd 118 Aerodrome Road Hawkinge FOLKESTONE Kent CT18 7AG

J B C Demo Ltd Unit 6a Beeches Road Community Enterprise Centre 1 Beeches Road WEST BROMWICH West Midlands B70 6QE J B Site Investigations Unit D C 103-109 Windmill Way West Ramparts Business Park BERWICK UPON TWEED Northumberland TD15 1TB

J & N Demolitions Ltd 19 Churchlands Road COLERAINE County Londonderry BT51 3ER

J Caple and Sons Ltd 80 Newton Road Lowton WARRINGTON Cheshire WA3 1DG

J Drill Ltd 18 Pheby Road BASINGSTOKE Hampshire RG22 6JB J F Custy Ltd 11 Brentwood Court Simplemarsh Road ADDLESTONE Surrey KT15 1QG J Freeley Ltd Rammon House 1 Portugal Street East MANCHESTER Lancashire M1 2WX J G Mcvey & Co Ltd 25-27 Naylor Street LIVERPOOL Merseyside L3 6DR J H Hammond & Son Ltd Lower Common Lane Three Legged Cross WIMBORNE Dorset BH21 6RX J Hare Diamond Drilling Hitchin Ltd 5-7 Wallace Way HITCHIN Hertfordshire SG4 0SE


J Kennedy Demolition The Old Council Yard Gilchrist Thomas Industrial Estate, Blaenavon PONTYPOOL Gwent NP4 9RL J Knight Plant & Demolition Ltd 40 Mauldeth Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK4 3NB J M Graham Groesfaen Farm Babell HOLYWELL Clwyd CH8 8PZ J M Graham Demolition Groes Faen Bach Babell HOLYWELL Clwyd CH8 8PQ J M M Rubbish Uplifts 72 Tantallon Drive COATBRIDGE Lanarkshire ML5 2LU J M Piling Company Ltd Hiview House Highgate Road LONDON London NW5 1TN

Demolition J Macmaster Demolition Ltd 31 Arthur Street REDCAR Cleveland TS10 1BW

J S Ivison 1 Sandy Lane Preesall POULTON LE FYLDE Lancashire FY6 0EJ

J Mould Reading Burghfield Bridge Burghfield READING Berkshire RG30 3XN

J Talbot Groundwork Ltd Portacabin Nant Y Dall Avenue Rhydyfelin PONTYPRIDD Mid Glamorgan CF37 5LE

J N J Contract Crushing & Screening 19 Lisbane Road Scarva CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT63 6LN J P Leeding Ltd The Old Farm House Upper Green Moreton Pinkney DAVENTRY Northamptonshire NN11 3SG J P Whitter Waterwell Engineers Ltd The Potteries Garage Smallbrook Lane LEIGH Lancashire WN7 5PZ J R D Demolition Ltd 211 Cambuslang Road Cambuslang GLASGOW Lanarkshire G72 7TS J S Berry Contractors Ltd Stone Field Blackleach Lane, Catforth PRESTON Lancashire PR4 0JA J S Drilling Services Ltd 20 Portland Road RETFORD Nottinghamshire DN22 7NR

Jackson Drilling Northwood Farm, Coxbridge Road Baltonsborough GLASTONBURY Somerset BA6 8RA Jackson Plant Ltd The Grange Carlton Miniott THIRSK North Yorkshire YO7 4NJ

J V Groundworks Ltd 17 Oakcroft Drive Framingham Earl NORWICH Norfolk NR14 7JQ

Jackson Site Services Ltd 3 Maes Y Llan, Mill Lane Llanarmon-Yn-Ial MOLD Clwyd CH7 4QQ

J W Cameron Demolition 19 Second Avenue Camels Head PLYMOUTH Devon PL2 2EQ

Jackwoodford Ltd West Chirton Industrial Estate Gloucester Road NORTH SHIELDS Tyne and Wear NE29 8RQ

J W Ousby and Sons Ltd Lords Lane Penwortham PRESTON Lancashire PR1 9UA J&D Groundworks Ltd 42 Craigweil Lane Aldwick BOGNOR REGIS West Sussex PO21 4AN J&J Palmer Groundworks Ltd 11 Brickfields Industrial Estate Finway Road HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP2 7QA Ja & Cj Martin Ltd Campanile Dippertown, Lewdown OKEHAMPTON Devon EX20 4PT

Jad2jas Ltd Flat 44 Witley House Redlands Way LONDON London SW2 3LR Jager Associates Ltd 8 Wilford Lane West Bridgford NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG2 7QX James Baimbridge Ltd Pigeon House Farm GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL19 4NW James Gill Group Ltd Bridge House Balm Road LEEDS West Yorkshire LS10 2TP


James Hudson Browside Farm Northowram HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX3 7SX James Plant Hire Ltd 2 Bush Hill Lane Flecknoe RUGBY Warwickshire CV23 8AX Jason Hattam Unit 17 Triplet Business Park REDRUTH Cornwall TR16 5PZ Jayplant Ltd Woodside Farm, Harbury Lane Bishops Tachbrook LEAMINGTON SPA Warwickshire CV33 9QA Jc Construction & Civil Engineering Ltd 30 Denny Crescent Langford BIGGLESWADE Bedfordshire SG18 9QG Jc Construction (South) Ltd 3 Rest A Whyle Avenue HAYLING ISLAND Hampshire PO11 0PG Jch Plant Hire Ltd 117 Condorrat Road AIRDRIE Lanarkshire ML6 0PP Jd Manual Demolition 21 Pickering Road LEICESTER Leicestershire LE9 6WA Jeff Williams Mobile Pressure Washing Ltd Oakwood Drive Ravenshead NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG15 9DP

Demolition Jennings of Pudsey 70 Marsh PUDSEY West Yorkshire LS28 7NY Jfh Engineering Ltd 6 Fox Drive YATELEY Hampshire GU46 7SW Jhk Enterprise Ltd Flat 1 114 Hampton Lane Blackfield SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO45 1UB Jigsaw Contracts 11 South Parade Yate BRISTOL Avon BS37 4BB Jjm Contracts Ltd 3 Echline Park SOUTH QUEENSFERRY West Lothian EH30 9XQ Jjms Plant Operator Services Ltd 32 Humberley Close Eynesbury ST. NEOTS Cambridgeshire PE19 2SE Jm Grounds Works Ltd 47 Cables Drive ALEXANDRIA Dunbartonshire G83 9EQ Jms Construction Ltd 24 Greenholme Close Langthorpe, Boroughbridge YORK North Yorkshire YO51 9GA Joanna 25 UK Ltd 76 Stanford Road LONDON London SW16 4QA

John Tinnelly & Sons Ltd 46 Forkhill Road Cloughoge NEWRY County Down BT35 8LZ John Wicks Plant Hire Ltd 89 Roseland Park CAMBORNE Cornwall TR14 8NB Johnnys Diggers Ltd No 11 Maesglas CARDIGAN Dyfed SA43 1BD Johnsons Material Handling Ltd 9 Vincent Close Balsall Heath BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B12 9TY

Jwa Groundworks and Civil Engineering Ltd Blaenllamarch Llanelly Hill, Waunavon ABERGAVENNY Gwent NP7 0PU

Joe Saunders Construction Ltd 59 Lypiatt Road CORSHAM Wiltshire SN13 9JE

K C P Demolition Fairmeadow Crays Hill Road, Crays Hill BILLERICAY Essex CM11 2YR

Joe Williams Demolition Aston Bury Farm Aston STEVENAGE Hertfordshire SG2 7EG

KDC 6 Earls Court Roseland Hall Earls Gate Park GRANGEMOUTH Stirlingshire FK3 8ZE

John Blanche Ltd 239 Halifax Road TODMORDEN Lancashire OL14 5RX

Jordan Civil Engineering 107 Syerla Road DUNGANNON County Tyrone BT71 7ET

John Coles Contractors Ltd East View Bulkworthy Moor Newton St. Petrock TORRINGTON Devon EX38 8LZ

Jpc Demolition Llp Unit 2-3 VENTNOR Isle of Wight PO38 3LT

John Green Demolition & Excavations Ltd Sandpits House Sandpits Industrial Estate BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B1 2PD

Jrr Construction Ltd 73 Holt Road Hellesdon NORWICH Norfolk NR6 6UA Js-Tbm-Technical Services Ltd 33 Langholm Close Winstanley WIGAN Lancashire WN3 6TT Jw Construction (Uk) Ltd 138 Common Road Kensworth DUNSTABLE Bedfordshire LU6 3RG

Joe Goodchild Solutions Ltd 549 Daws Heath Road Hadleigh BENFLEET Essex SS7 2NJ

John Jones(Excavation) limited Norjon House Newby Road, Hazel Grove STOCKPORT Cheshire SK7 5DU John Maciver & Sons 16 Inaclete Road STORNOWAY Isle Of Lewis HS1 2RB


KDC Sharston Green Business Park 1 Robeson Way MANCHESTER Greater Manchester M22 4SW K F Drilling Ltd 10 Chetney View Iwade SITTINGBOURNE Kent ME9 8SU K H Construction Ltd 2a Baslow Crescent Dodworth BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S75 3SG K J D Construction Oxford Ltd 68 Dashwood Road OXFORD Oxfordshire OX4 4SH K K B Group Alpha House Laser Quay Culpeper Close, Medway City Estate ROCHESTER Kent ME2 4HU

Innovation in Engineering

Getting you off to a good start Keltbray Group is a UK leading specialist business, which offers engineering, construction, demolition, decommissioning, remediation, rail, environmental services and reinforced concrete frame solutions nationwide. The company is a key player in developing and maintaining Britain’s built environment and operates in highly regulated environments; making sites ready for new infrastructure and developments. With the goal of being best in class, customers trust in Keltbray to deliver projects safely, on time and budget, and with care for the environment and our communities.

St Andrew’s House, Portsmouth Road Esher, Surrey KT10 9TA T 020 7643 1000 F 020 7643 1001 E

Demolition K L Construction 19 Long Meadow Road ALFRETON Derbyshire DE55 7PD K L Construction (Sw) Ltd 3 Old Orchard Forton CHARD Somerset TA20 2LX K Lee Plant Ltd 39 Bernisdale Skeabost Bridge PORTREE Isle Of Skye IV51 9NS K P Groundworks Demolition 44 Carlton Avenue WESTCLIFF ON SEA Essex SS0 0QL KPH Unit 1 Paddock Barn Farm Godstone Road CATERHAM Surrey CR3 6SF K S B Geotechnical Ltd 49 Dene Avenue PETERLEE County Durham SR8 3NJ K S S Diamond Drilling Russell Gardens WICKFORD Essex SS11 8BH K T Demolition Ltd 32a Holmsey Green Beck Row BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP28 8AJ K W Building Construction Ltd West View Bury Road Hengrave BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP28 6LS

K W L Plant Ltd The Snuggery Chatham Green Little Waltham CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 3LG

Ken Fowler Demolition 19 Hollycroft East Chiltington LEWES East Sussex BN7 3AZ

Kasbai Services Ltd 117 Neachells Lane WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV11 3PP Kay Jcb Hire Ltd 61 Latchmere Road KINGSTON UPON THAMES Surrey KT2 5TS Kayedem Demolition Ltd 10-12 Commercial Street SHIPLEY West Yorkshire BD18 3SR Keanes 45 Iverson Road LONDON London NW6 2QT Kelco Plant Services Ltd 36b Shrubbery Road Red Lake TELFORD Shropshire TF1 5EQ Kelly Contractors & Plant Hire Ballymagarvey House BALLYNAHINCH County Down BT24 8LX Keltbray St Andrew’s House Portsmouth Rd ESHER Surrey KT10 9TA Keltbray Demolition Ltd Ormside Works Hillbeck Close LONDON London SE15 1EE

Kent Demolition Company Ltd M G I House 3 Monson Road TUNBRIDGE WELLS Kent TN1 1LH Kent Soils & Composts Unit 1 Templemarsh Knight Road ROCHESTER Kent ME2 2BA Kernow Coppice 14 Trelawney Road PADSTOW Cornwall PL28 8EH Kevin Lappage Sampling Ltd 19 Eye Road PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE1 4SA Kevin Williams Ltd Tyn Twll Bontddu DOLGELLAU Gwynedd LL40 2UG Kiernan Plant Hire Ltd 1 Ashgrove Court, Main Street Aghagay, Newtownbutler ENNISKILLEN County Fermanagh BT92 8JU Kinetic Demolition Ltd Midlothian Innovation Centre ROSLIN Midlothian EH25 9RE Kingren Groundworks Ltd 23 Charles Gardens BOURNEMOUTH Dorset BH10 5EH


Kings Lynn Internal Drainage Board Kettlewell House Austin Fields Industrial Estate KINGS LYNN Norfolk PE30 1PH Kirkless Hall Demolition & Roofing Co 22 Vine Street Aspull WIGAN Lancashire WN1 3PG Kph Groundworks Ltd 28 Elm Park Ferring WORTHING West Sussex BN12 5RW L & J Civil Engineering Ltd 19 Barming Road Wateringbury MAIDSTONE Kent ME18 5BD L A Moore Ltd The Old Railway Yard Haybridge WELLS Somerset BA5 1AH L E D Equipment Unit 5 37 Gortrush Industrial Estate OMAGH County Tyrone BT78 5EJ L G Murphy Swansea Ltd Unit 11 Prospect Park Queensway, Fforestfach SWANSEA West Glamorgan SA5 4DH L J Finch Snowdrop Cottage Norton Road, Great Ashfield BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP31 3HJ

Demolition L J Litchfield Groundwork Ltd 22 Station Road Bignall End STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST7 8LJ L Jones & Sons Grove Farm Brook Street BRENTWOOD Essex CM14 5NG L K S Demolition & Groundwork 2 Sandy Lane Scalford MELTON MOWBRAY Leicestershire LE14 4DS L M Miller Ltd 21 Churchill Court NEWMARKET Suffolk CB8 0JY L M R Drilling UK Ltd Egerton House 2 Tower Road BIRKENHEAD Merseyside CH41 1FN L P D Demolition Unit 4 Hickman Avenue WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV1 2BT L Rifkin Demolitions Marsh Street Kirkdale LIVERPOOL Merseyside L20 2BL L S Drilling Services 3 Browns Close Wickhambrook NEWMARKET Suffolk CB8 8YF L40ong Rail Ltd 54 Doncaster Road Langold WORKSOP Nottinghamshire S81 9QF

Lac Groundworks Ltd Unit 1c Gunby Road GRANTHAM Lincolnshire NG33 5RD

Langley Demolition Ltd 17 Victory Business Centre PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO1 1PJ

Lagan Construction Ltd Berechurch Road COLCHESTER Essex CO2 9RQ

Lawson Group Station Yard Station Road, Shrivenham SWINDON Wiltshire SN6 8JL

Lakeside Reclamation Ltd Brewery Lane GATESHEAD Tyne and Wear NE10 0EY Lancashire & Cumbria Demolition Contract Ltd 12 Orchard Industrial Estate Orchard Street SALFORD Greater Manchester M6 6FL Lancashire Groundworks Ltd 1 New Cottages Sowerby Road, Sowerby PRESTON Lancashire PR3 0TT Lancebox Group Office Block F Manor Way Business Park Manor Way SWANSCOMBE Kent DA10 0PP Land Science Ltd The Old Police Station Jobs Lane HASSOCKS West Sussex BN6 9HE Landtech South East Ltd Guilford House Singledge Lane, Coldred DOVER Kent CT15 5AG

Liftpal Ltd 28 Ely Way THETFORD Norfolk IP24 1DP Linbro Demolition Haigh Lane Hoylandswaine SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S36 7JJ

Lbc Contracts Ltd 2 - 18 Glasgow Road Blantyre GLASGOW Lanarkshire G72 0JZ

Ling Metals Ltd Unit 6-7 Stone Way Lakesview International Business Park, Hersden CANTERBURY Kent CT3 4GP

Lcs Excavations Ltd 8 Ducketts Lane Green Tye MUCH HADHAM Hertfordshire SG10 6JW

Linken Services Ltd 10 Great Hockings Lane Webheath REDDITCH Worcestershire B97 5WL

Ldk Construction Ltd 12 Falkirk Avenue WIDNES Cheshire WA8 9DX

Liston Contracting Services Ltd 251 Bordesley Green Road Bordesley Green BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B8 1BY

Lekmann Ltd 1 Mary Street Crynant NEATH West Glamorgan SA10 8SA Level 7 Demolition Ltd Finbarrs Cottage 40 Green Lane BURNHAM ON CROUCH Essex CM0 8PT Lexline Ltd 6 Church Way Longdon RUGELEY Staffordshire WS15 4PG Lifting Solutions Ltd 32 North Hill Drive Harold Hill ROMFORD Essex RM3 9AQ


Liverpool Reclamation & Demolition Ltd Target House Liver Industrial Estate Walton LIVERPOOL Merseyside L9 7ES Livesey Civils Ltd 110 Royds Avenue ACCRINGTON Lancashire BB5 2JX Lj Lifting Ltd 20 Varne Road FOLKESTONE Kent CT19 6BG

Demolition Ljh Plant Ltd Hirnik Bressay SHETLAND Shetland Islands ZE2 9EL Lloyd Drilling Ltd 72 Hutton Close Crowther WASHINGTON Tyne And Wear NE38 0AH London and Essex Demolition Ltd Lynaes Lambs Lane North RAINHAM Essex RM13 9XT

Loughglinn Ltd Sandpits House Sandpits Industrial Estate BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B47 5QR Lowery Demolition Ltd Heathrow House Park Lane, Horton SLOUGH Berkshire SL3 9PR Ls & Mg Ltd 454 Rainham Road South DAGENHAM Essex RM10 7XA

London City Construction Ltd 30 Alanthus Close LONDON London SE12 8RE

Lt Contracting Ltd 55a High Street Wealdstone HARROW Middlesex HA3 5DQ

London Demolition Ledger House Forest Green Road, Fifield MAIDENHEAD Berkshire SL6 2NR

Ltjmb Holdings Ltd Unit 1 Borders Industrial Park River Lane CHESTER Cheshire CH4 8RJ

London Diamond Drilling Unit 19 Newington Industrial Estate 87 Crampton Street LONDON London SE17 3AZ Lord Demolition Services Ltd 7 Norman Street Failsworth MANCHESTER Lancashire M35 9EJ Lothian Demolition Ltd Units 9-11waverley Industrial Units Waverley Street BATHGATE West Lothian EH48 4HY

M & J T Davies Hafod Industrial Estate WREXHAM Clwyd LL14 6HF M & L Groundworks Ltd 3 Dawlish Close REDCAR Cleveland TS10 4GF M & L Stevens Ltd Little Orchard Pike Fish Lane, Paddock Wood TONBRIDGE Kent TN12 6PS M & M Demolition Anchor Bay Wharf Manor Road ERITH Kent DA8 2AW M & M Steel Fixings South West Ltd 22a Weston Park Road PLYMOUTH Devon PL3 4NU M A B Contractors Ltd 38 Hurstbrook Coppull CHORLEY Lancashire PR7 4QU

Lucemm Contractors Ltd Sawmills Barn Challows Lane, Biddestone CHIPPENHAM Wiltshire SN14 7DT

MAG 52 Bullwell Crescent Cheshunt WALTHAM CROSS Hertfordshire EN8 9HG

Lythgoe Demolition Services Ltd Office 2 The Gate House Park Road Business Centre DUKINFIELD Cheshire SK16 5LX M & J Drilling Services Ltd Unit 44 Coneygree Industrial Estate TIPTON West Midlands DY4 8XP

M A Leggat Ltd 16 Withins Lane Radcliffe MANCHESTER Lancashire M26 2RU MB 10 Mere Close Ramsey Mereside/Ramsey HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE26 2UQ


M Brown Demolition Ltd Church Farm, Church Lane Stapleford Abbotts ROMFORD Essex RM4 1ES M Brown Demolition Ltd 13 Cannons Lane Fyfield ONGAR Essex CM5 0SF M Bryan Groundworks Ltd 2 Rayleigh Drive Wideopen NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE13 6AQ M C Excavations Ltd Clough Head BACUP Lancashire OL13 8RG M E Foley (Contractors) Ltd 252 Cowbridge Road Canton CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF5 1GZ M F Construction (Nw) Ltd 136 Rostrevor Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK3 8UT M Foglia Groundworks Ltd 48 Mackenzie Road Raunds WELLINGBOROUGH Northamptonshire NN9 6EF M G B Drilling Ltd 4 Callum Path Kingswells ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB15 8XN M G L Demolition Ltd Newburn Haugh Industrial Estate Newburn NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE15 8SG

Rockster Recycler AUSTRIA Wirtschaftszeile West 2, 4482 Ennsdorf | Tel.: +43 7223 81000 |

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Demolition M H Excavations (Haulage & Demolition) Ltd Old Coach Station Cheltenham Street SALFORD Lancashire M6 6WY

M J Riches Construction Ltd Mount Lodge Benenden Road, Biddenden ASHFORD Kent TN27 8BY

M W Crushing Ltd Three Trees, Penfold Drive Great Billing NORTHAMPTON Northamptonshire NN3 9EQ

M Hall Diamond Drilling Suite 136 Cornwallis House BASILDON Essex SS14 3BB

M K Preece Excavations Ltd Hilton House Rookery Lane Burleydam WHITCHURCH Shropshire SY13 4AY

M Ward Demolition Ltd 1 Summer Lane Long Sutton SPALDING Lincolnshire PE12 9BL

M I Drilling South Bay PETERHEAD Aberdeenshire AB42 2PF M Irwin & Son 98 Camp Road GERRARDS CROSS Buckinghamshire SL9 7PB M J Finnigan Demolition Suite 207 Station House Stamford New Road ALTRINCHAM Cheshire WA14 1EP M J G Groundworks and Drainage Consultants Ltd Meadow Bank House Ffordd Pentre Bach MOLD Clwyd CH7 4EG M J M Con Ltd Space House Abbey Road LONDON London NW10 7SU M J Murphy Ty-Ar-Y-Myndd Upper North Road BARGOED Mid Glamorgan CF81 8TJ M J P Drilling Services 68 Vale Road LANCASTER Lancashire LA1 2JL

M King Groundworks Ltd 28 Marion Road CRAWLEY West Sussex RH10 6QH

M Ward Demolition Ltd 16 North Street WISBECH Cambridgeshire PE13 1NR

M M Services Ayrshire Ltd Unit 2 By Gatehead Farm Kilwinning Roa BEITH Ayrshire A15 1JZ

M&K Building Services Ltd 108 Old Shoreham Road Southwick BRIGHTON East Sussex BN42 4HS

M McGibbon Plant Hire Ltd The Willows Main Street, Glenfarg PERTH Perthshire PH2 9NY

Ma Excavations Ltd Ma Excavations Garden Street BURY Lancashire BL0 9BG

M Sullivan & Son Plant Hire & Groundwork Brick House Farm Haven Road CANVEY ISLAND Essex SS8 0NG

Mab Construction Services (Uk) Ltd 20 Ashburnham Road Ampthill BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK45 2RH

M T F Diamond Drilling & Controlled Demolition Ltd Unit 14 Ramac Industrial Estate Ramac Way LONDON London SE7 7AX

Mac Core Ltd 37 Mullahead Road Tandragee CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT62 2LA

M W Cox Piling and Groundwork Ltd 1 Abbotsleigh Road South Woodham Ferrers CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 5SR

Mac Pheadair Site Engineering Ltd Oaktree Cottage Ruxbury Road CHERTSEY Surrey KT16 9NH


Machine Joe Ltd 17 Knightsbridge Avenue BEDWORTH Warwickshire CV12 8DL Macs Demolition Services Ltd 2 Picksley Street LEIGH Lancashire WN7 2DY Macwilliam Demolition Ltd Hollandhurst Road COATBRIDGE Lanarkshire ML5 2EG Magpie Environmental Drilling Services Ltd 30 Halton Drive Wideopen NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE13 6AB Major Demolition Ltd Sixty Six North Quay GREAT YARMOUTH Norfolk NR30 1AA Major Demolitions Harfreys Road Industrial Estate Harfreys Road GREAT YARMOUTH Norfolk NR31 0JL Mak Offshore Ltd 15 Wroxton WASHINGTON Tyne And Wear NE38 7NU Maldon Demolition Station Road MALDON Essex CM9 4LQ Malin Floors Ltd 49 Twining Brook Road CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 5RJ

Demolition Malins Maintenance Ltd 96 Boston Gardens BRENTFORD Middlesex TW8 9LP Malkin Installations Ltd 45 Westbury Drive MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK11 8LJ Manchester Diamon Drilling 19 Warren Avenue CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 1NB Manchester Diamond Drilling Suite U And V Sovereign House Stockport Road CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 2EA Mangan Construction Ltd 3 Balmoral Drive BOREHAMWOOD Hertfordshire WD6 2QH Mannor Construction Ltd Unit A5 North Elgin Place CLYDEBANK Dunbartonshire G81 1LU Manor Ground Services (Ni) Ltd 7 Manor Park MAGHERAFELT County Londonderry BT45 6QE Manterfield Drilling Ltd 13 Wike Road BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S71 5LY Manx Demolition Ltd Ballacree House Churchtown, Ramsey ISLE OF MAN Channel Islands IM7 2AN

Map Excavations Ltd Unit 102 Greenacre The Sidings LEICESTER Leicestershire LE4 3BR

Marksall Demolition Unit 7a GRAVESEND Kent DA12 2RU

Marczy Corporation Ltd 72 Wandsworth Bridge Road LONDON London SW6 2TF

Marles Farm Services Ltd Parsonage Cottage Cottles Lane Woodbury EXETER Devon EX5 1EE

Marius Catalin Lupu Ltd 71 Upper Walthamstaw Road LONDON London E17 3QG

Marlore Ltd Newton Railway Station 35-37 Sheffield Road HYDE Cheshire SK14 2JP

Mark 11 Ltd 252 Dowdeswell Close LONDON London SW15 5RN

Marnic Groundwork Ltd 18 Haslingden Old Road Knuzden BLACKBURN Lancashire BB1 2DY

Mark Bass Drilling Services 40 Viking Way Whittlesey PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE7 1DY Mark Hudson (Estimating) Ltd 23 Sandpiper Road Thorpe Hesley ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S61 2UN Mark Wakefield Demolition Ltd Suite 6 Blackthorn House Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge WIGAN Lancashire WN6 9DB Markey Drilling Ltd 57 Glenmore Road Belleeks NEWRY County Down BT35 7PU

Marsh Plant & Machinery Company Ltd Millbrook Road West SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO15 0LB Material Technologies Ltd Turkey Fields Farm Strelley NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG16 2ST Materials Movement Ltd Linx House Clifton Road HENLOW Bedfordshire SG16 6BL Matthews Bros 3a New Line Hilltown NEWRY County Down BT34 5XT


Mayer Earthworks Ltd 37 Ash Way Ash Bank STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST2 9DZ MB Groundworks Ltd 3 Daisy Green Great Ashfield BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP31 3HT Mbk Contractors Ltd 89 Cradge Bank SPALDING Lincolnshire PE11 3AF Mbs Recycling Ltd 61 Downside Avenue WORTHING West Sussex BN14 0EX McBro Ltd 30 Commerce Road BRENTFORD Middlesex TW8 8LE McCallan Bros Ltd 57 Quarry Road Carrickmore OMAGH County Tyrone BT79 9JX McCormack Demolition Park House 56 Trench Road NEWTOWNABBEY County Antrim BT36 4TY McCusker Demolition Ltd North Building 155 Northumberland Street BELFAST County Antrim BT13 2JF McFletch Ltd Lury House Lury Court Falconer Road HAVERHILL Suffolk CB9 7GB

Demolition McGee Group 340-342 Athlon Rd WEMBLEY London HA0 1BX McGlynn Joinery Ltd 50 Coleshill Road SUTTON COLDFIELD West Midlands B75 7BA McGregor Plant Ltd 28 Greenwood Place Eccles MANCHESTER Lancashire M30 9EX McGunnigle Construction Ltd 50 Warmington Road LIVERPOOL Merseyside L14 1QJ McInnes Site Services Ltd 290 Park Road LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE11 2HL McIvor Ltd 19b Barrack Road Ballymaguigan MAGHERAFELT County Londonderry BT45 6LY McKenna Demolition Ltd The Pump House Saltbox Hill, Biggin Hill WESTERHAM Kent TN16 3EE McMt Ltd 16 The Pyke Rothley LEICESTER Leicestershire LE7 7LY McP Construction Ltd High Paddock Main Road, Swardeston NORWICH Norfolk NR14 8AD

McVey Bros Demolition Lees Road Knowsley Industrial Park LIVERPOOL Merseyside L33 7SE

Merthyr Developments Ltd Maerdy House Wellington Way Rhymney TREDEGAR Gwent NP22 5PZ

Mee Demolition Ltd 282 Breck Road Lydiate LIVERPOOL Merseyside L5 2QB

Meta Ltd Porttext House Newbouren Bridge Road BLAYDON ON TYNE Tyne and Wear NE21 4SQ

Meehan Drilling 40 Kilmorey Street NEWRY County Down BT34 2DE Megaron Ltd 43 Braybrooke Gardens LONDON London SE19 2UN Meikle Building Solutions Ltd 118 Bellfield Road Coalburn LANARK Lanarkshire ML11 0LD Mel Griffiths Ltd Moss House Farm Fleet Lane ST. HELENS Merseyside WA9 2NA Melcore Maple Cottage Low Worsall YARM Cleveland TS15 9PJ Meridian Drilling Ltd Unit K Clipstone Holding Centre Clipstone Village MANSFIELD Nottinghamshire NG21 9AP

Middleton Investments (Uk) Ltd Units F3-F5 Green Lane Eccles MANCHESTER Lancashire M30 0YD Midland Road Construction Ltd 148 Richmond Road LEIGHTON BUZZARD Bedfordshire LU7 4RE

Metals & Plant Ltd 5 Manor Close Todwick SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S26 1HP

Midlands Demolition Company Ltd 58 Sywell Road Overstone NORTHAMPTON Northamptonshire NN6 0AN

Metro Deconstruction Services Ltd Highworth Farm Stan Hill, Charlwood HORLEY Surrey RH6 0ES

Midlothian Blockpaving Ltd 6 Bellfield Road Eddleston PEEBLES Peeblesshire EH45 8QR

Michael John Ham Ltd Magnolia Farm Jarvis Lane HIGHBRIDGE Somerset TA9 4HS

Midway Demolition and Groundworks Ltd 1317 Melton Road Syston LEICESTER Leicestershire LE7 2EN

Michael Norman Ltd 87 Medway Drive Frampton Cotterell BRISTOL Avon BS36 2HE Michael Page Services Ltd 14 Heldhaw Road BURY ST. EDMUNDS Suffolk IP32 7ER Micor Ltd Unit 6 Templewood Industrial Estate Stock Road, West Hanningfield CHELMSFORD Essex CM2 8LA


Miller Equestrian Services The Granary Stone Castle Farm TONBRIDGE Kent TN12 6SE Miller Plant Ltd 15 Golden Square ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB10 1WF Millwaters Plant Ltd 17 Penncroft Lane Danesmoor CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S45 9DN

Long Reach Liugong

authoRised equipment onLy >>> construction plant construction plant and machinery sales T: +44 (0)23 123392 E: CPMSales

Demolition Mini Piling and Drilling Ltd Golds Green House Hill Top Industrial Estate, Shaw Street WEST BROMWICH West Midlands B70 0TX Mitchell Demolition Ltd 1a Gunton Lane NORWICH Norfolk NR5 0AE Mitchell Excavations Ltd Midgehole Farm Midgehole HEBDEN BRIDGE West Yorkshire HX7 7AF Mji Associates Ltd 9 Cottage Close Hednesford CANNOCK Staffordshire WS12 1BS Mjr Plant and Groundworks Ltd The Croft, Newton Lane, Newton-By-Tattenhall Tattenhall CHESTER Cheshire CH3 9NE Mk Groundworks Ltd Unit G, Whitsundoles Farm Broughton Road MILTON KEYNES Buckinghamshire MK17 8BU Mode Construction Solutions Ltd 13 Darwin Avenue MAIDSTONE Kent ME15 9FP Mohan Building Services Ltd 3a Manor Road GRAVESEND Kent DA12 1AA

Mole Groundworks Ltd 6 Arden Press Way LETCHWORTH Hertfordshire SG6 1LH Mole Valley Consultancy Ltd 20 Parr Close LEATHERHEAD Surrey KT22 7HD Monks Construction Ltd Lurchardon Northlew Road OKEHAMPTON Devon EX20 3SW Monksview Demolition 72-76 West Drove North Gedney Hill SPALDING Lincolnshire PE12 0NT Monroe Drilling Ltd 3 Sudell Road DARWEN Lancashire BB3 3HD Moores Groundworks Ltd 20 The Hunters 40 Foxgrove Road BECKENHAM Kent BR3 5BL Moorlands Specialist Excavations Ltd Churnet Close LEEK Staffordshire ST13 7JN Moravlev Ltd 1 Simms Close CARSHALTON Surrey SM5 2SJ Mordem Operations Ltd 58 High Street Kempston BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK42 7AR

Morris Contractors Thame Road Brill AYLESBURY Buckinghamshire HP18 9SG

Murtagh Unit 16 Titan Court Laporte Way LUTON Bedfordshire LU4 8EF

Morris Material Handling Ltd Unit 7 Sextant Park Neptune Close, Medway City Estate ROCHESTER Kent ME2 4LU

Murtagh Groundworks Ltd 1 Bertrand Avenue Clay Cross CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S45 9JX

Ms Watson Construction Ltd 16 Pringle Place New Brancepeth DURHAM County Durham DH7 7JB Msn Build Ltd 8 Darwin Close COLCHESTER Essex CO2 8US Mtb Groundwork Ltd 83 Wellesley Avenue Richings Park IVER Buckinghamshire SL0 9BP Mullan Drilling Service 17 Killultagh Rise Glenavy CRUMLIN County Antrim BT29 4UT Multiservice Ltd 4 Robbin Court 2 Turnstone Close LONDON London NW9 5DP Munro Construction Management Ltd 46 Byron Avenue Lexden COLCHESTER Essex CO3 4HQ


Mwh Groundworks Ltd 40 Larne Road Ballycarry CARRICKFERGUS County Antrim BT38 9JR M-Y Groundworks & Paving Ltd 32 Landside LEIGH Lancashire WN7 3JT N & R Demolitions 18 Eaves Avenue HEBDEN BRIDGE West Yorkshire HX7 6DJ N C P Humphries Demolition Ltd Monway House Portway Road WEDNESBURY West Midlands WS10 7DZ N D & K L Catchpole Ltd The Holt Temple Bar Earsham BUNGAY Suffolk NR35 2TB N D Protheroe Ltd Pentwyn Newchurch KINGTON Herefordshire HR5 3QH

Demolition N Dixon & Sons Demolition Ltd Cocklakes Yard Cote Hill, Cumwhinton CARLISLE Cumbria CA4 0BQ

Neasden Plant Hire Ltd 212 West Hendon Broadway West Hendon LONDON London NW9 7EE

N H B UK Ltd Cobweb Buildings The Lane, Lyford WANTAGE Oxfordshire OX12 0EE

Neil Kirby Associates Ltd 149 Upland Road LONDON London SE22 0DF

N J Drilling Ltd 95 Mayfield Road SOUTHAM Warwickshire CV47 0ET

Ness Point Tiling Ltd Yewtree Farm Low Road, Tibenham NORWICH Norfolk NR16 1PN

N J Townson Ltd Ian Dalzell Broughton Lodge, Mews, Field Broughton GRANGE OVER SANDS Cumbria LA11 6HL

Network Demolition Services LLP New Works Sion Street, Radcliffe MANCHESTER Greater Manchester M26 3SB

National Drilling Services Ltd Unit 4 123a Gorton Road STOCKPORT Cheshire SK5 6EE

Neville George Ltd Roseville La Rue De Lane Vallee, St Mary JERSEY Channel Islands JE3 3DL

Nationwide Crane Hire Ltd Milner Way Longlands Industrial Estate OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 9JE

New Forest Demolition Greenacre Farm Hordle LYMINGTON Hampshire SO41 0FN

Nationwide Demolition & Dismantling Ltd Cleadon House Cleadon Lane, Cleadon Lane EAST BOLDON Tyne and Wear NE36 0AJ

New Monks Farm Development Ltd American Express Community Stadi Village Way BRIGHTON East Sussex BN1 9BL

Nda Ground Work Ltd 17 Kinveachy Gardens Charlton LONDON London SE7 8EE

Newcastle Demolition Ltd Park Farm, Old Road Bignall End STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST7 8QH

Newco Demolition Ltd Moss House Cottage 72 Moss Lane MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK11 7TT Newline 633 Melton Road Thurmaston LEICESTER Leicestershire LE4 8EB Newport Land Reclamation Ltd 3 Penrhos Radyr CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF15 8RJ Newton Yorkshire Ltd Victoria Business Park Hepworth HOLMFIRTH West Yorkshire HD9 7TT Nick Spalding Consulting Ltd 20 The Flats BROMSGROVE Worcestershire B61 8LF Nigel Jagger Demolition & Groundworks Woodside Farm, Carr Lane Sutton-On-The-Forest YORK North Yorkshire YO61 1EB Nimrod & Family Ltd 24 Belvedere House Lemon Grove FELTHAM Middlesex TW13 4DH Nitu Construction Services Ltd 30 Eclipse Road LONDON London E13 8LX


Njc (Yorkshire) Ltd Dale Garth Harmby LEYBURN North Yorkshire DL8 5PD Noble Corp Wellheads Road Farburn Industrial Estate, Dyce ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 7HG Nordem 15-16 Pallion Way St Lukes Road SUNDERLAND Tyne and Wear SR4 6RJ Norman Gledhill & Sons 2 Sunnyhill Avenue Kirkheaton HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD5 0HF North & South Construction Ltd 90 Waddon New Road CROYDON Surrey CR0 4JB North Atlantic Drilling UK Provender House Waterloo Quay ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB11 5BS North Contractors Ltd Lacewood The Slack WIGTON Cumbria CA7 0LX North East Diamond Drilling 17 Park Road Shiremoor NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE27 0LW North West Drilling 208 Crockanboy Road OMAGH County Tyrone BT79 7RT

Demolition North West Drilling Services Ltd 5 Beech Hill Oughterside WIGTON Cumbria CA7 2QA

Northern UK Solar Ltd Ashlin Farm Ashing Lane Dunholme LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN2 3NN

Oakley Plant Gatehouse Farm Lebberston SCARBOROUGH North Yorkshire YO11 3NS

North Western Building and Construction Ltd 25-27 Naylor Street LIVERPOOL Merseyside L3 6DR

Northside Demolition Ltd 16 Titan Court Laporte Way LUTON Bedfordshire LU4 8EF

Northbank Demolition Co Hayes Road Cadishead MANCHESTER Lancashire M44 5BU

Northumberland Interiors Unit 3 Waterside Court North Seaton Industrial Estate ASHINGTON Northumberland NE63 0YG

Oaktree Construction (Wales) Ltd Glynmeirch Farm Tyn Y Pant Road Pontardawe SWANSEA West Glamorgan SA8 4RL

Northbuild Construction Ltd 63 Pollards Fields KNOTTINGLEY West Yorkshire WF11 8TA Northeast Demolition UK Ltd Newlands, Drakes Lane Little Waltham CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 3ND

Norwood Compressors Ltd 158 Beddington Lane CROYDON Surrey CR0 4TE

O’Brien Cleadon House Cleadon Lane EAST BOLDON Tyne And Wear NE36 0AJ o’Connell Site Services Ltd 145 Hatton Hill Road LIVERPOOL Merseyside L21 9LE

Npw Excavations Ltd Maple Lodge Carthorpe BEDALE North Yorkshire DL8 2LF

Northern Crusher Spares Ltd Unit 9a Enterprise Park Drumquin Road CASTLEDERG County Tyrone BT81 7PX

O D F Jell Drilling Bergen House, Crawpeel Road Altens Industrial Estate ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB12 3LG

Northern Piling Ltd Lomond House, Barnsford Court Inchinnan Business RENFREW Renfrewshire PA4 9RJ

Oak Farm Geotechnical Services Ltd Oak Farm Lowfields Wellingore LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN5 0LP

Northern Spares & Services Chapel Works Wakefield Road, Fitzwilliam PONTEFRACT West Yorkshire WF9 5BP

Oak Tree Contracts The Sawmill Dochgarroch INVERNESS Inverness-shire IV3 8JG

O’Connor Utilities Ltd Riverhead House Staines Way LOUTH Lincolnshire LN11 0DE O’Connor Utilities Ltd Unit 10 Sandfold Lane MANCHESTER Lancashire M19 3BJ Oldfield Construction Ltd Grosvenor Place Grosvenor Street MOLD Clwyd CH7 1EJ Omarco Construction Services Ltd 1 Swallow View Armley LEEDS West Yorkshire LS12 3LX


Omc Construction Ltd Crossford Court Dane Road SALE Cheshire M33 7BZ On Core Drilling Tree Tops, Storrs Park Bowness-On-Windermere WINDERMERE Cumbria LA23 3LY On Site Service Ltd 26 The Ridings Flat 8 PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO2 0UE Operator Hire Ltd Muirfield Oxlam Road JEDBURGH Roxburghshire TD8 6QX Opps Comms Ltd 1 Wycliffe Road Handworth BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B20 3TA Oprish Ltd 80 Colwill Road Mainstone PLYMOUTH Devon PL6 8RP Orchard Drilling Services Ltd The Old Magistrate Court East Street ILMINSTER Somerset TA19 0AJ o’Sullivan Utilities Ltd 4 Swalebank Close CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S40 2US Ovenden Demolition Ltd Wilcox Close Aylesham Industrial Estate CANTERBURY Kent CT3 3EP


Supporting the Demolition Industry

Dash provides Asset Finance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Corporates across the UK Demolition Sector.

Please Contact Your Local Regional Director: Hilary Carberry (Scotland)

 

07584 260986

Ashley Butterfield (North)

 

07900 052 685

Terry Lloyd (Midlands)

 

07970 566 528

Peter Pike (South)

 

07795 014 168

To Find Out More Call:

01959 580093

Or Visit Our Website: www.

Dash Commercial Finance Ltd “A Paragon Bank Company”

Demolition P & A Groundworks Ltd 16 Dene View East BEDLINGTON Northumberland NE22 5NN P & J Services 25 Pams Way EPSOM Surrey KT19 0HA P & R Jones Tree Services Ltd 20 Fullmoor Close Penkridge STAFFORD Staffordshire ST19 5JQ P & S Interior Strippers 28 Daneholme Road MANCHESTER Lancashire M19 1NY P & V Groundworks Ltd 67 High Street Chasetown BURNTWOOD Staffordshire WS7 3XQ P A W Ltd 84 Romsey Avenue FAREHAM Hampshire PO16 9TA P Allison & Sons Lindow Lea Farm Whetsted Road, Whetsted TONBRIDGE Kent TN12 6SD P Allison & Sons (Demolition Contractors) Ltd Contractors Maidstone Road Five Oak Green TONBRIDGE Kent TN12 6SQ P B M Contractors Ltd 15 Green Lane Small Heath BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B9 5BU

P Burton Builders Ltd 4a Roman Road Eastham LONDON London E6 3SW

P J Lambeth & Co Ltd 61 Jutland Avenue Ravenstown Flookburgh GRANGE OVER SANDS Cumbria LA11 7LQ

P C D Consultancy UK Ltd 87 Silverdale Road Gatley CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 4RF

P J Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd Greenside St Boswells MELROSE Roxburghshire TD6 0HF

P D Plant & Excavation Services Ltd 10 Vine Grove Clifton BRIGHOUSE West Yorkshire HD6 4JU

P J Thory Ltd Whitewalls, Eldernell Lane Whittlesey PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE7 2DD

P P o’Connor Contractors Ltd Unit 2 Thames Trading Centre Woodrow Way, Irlam MANCHESTER Lancashire M44 6BP P P O’Connor Ltd Woodrow Way Irlam MANCHESTER Greater Manchester M44 6NN P R Collins Landscapes Ltd 40 Broxburn Road WARMINSTER Wiltshire BA12 8EY

P D S Elaba Ltd 11 Goodwin House Nunhead Crescent LONDON London SE15 3PG

P McGuinness & Co Ltd Unit 15 Rondin House Rondin Road MANCHESTER Greater Manchester M12 6BF

P R Excavations 105 Chequer Lane Up Holland SKELMERSDALE Lancashire WN8 9QG

P F Demo&Rec Ltd 5 Wooton Grove BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B44 0AZ

P N A Drilling 232 Springfield Road WIGAN Lancashire WN6 7RL

P R Marriott Drilling Ltd Springwater House Old Pit Lane, Danesmoor CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S45 9BQ

P G C Demolition Silvester House Bradshaw Street HEYWOOD Lancashire OL10 1PN

P N Block Paving & Landscaping Ltd 1 Bishop Close CANNOCK Staffordshire WS11 4AJ

P T Demolition Ltd 231 Tring Road AYLESBURY Buckinghamshire HP20 1JH

P H D Midlands Ltd The Old Sub Station Queens Drive NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG2 1AP P J Construction (Midlands) Ltd Unicorn Avenue COVENTRY West Midlands CV5 7GR P J Denton Ltd 6 Soleoak Drive SEVENOAKS Kent TN13 1QD

P O C Contractors Ltd Venture House Calne Road Lyneham CHIPPENHAM Wiltshire SN15 4PP PPH 117b Manor Road NEW MILTON Hampshire BH25 5EQ


P T S Demolition & Dismantling Unit 15 The Barrier Works Hackworth Industrial Park SHILDON County Durham DL4 1HF P W Groundworks Ltd 30 Geoffrey Barbour Road ABINGDON Oxfordshire OX14 2ES P&A Groundworks & Construction Services Ltd 6 Greenland Road WESTON SUPER MARE Avon BS22 8JP

Demolition Page Demolition & Groundworks 71 Boxworth End Swavesey CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB24 4RA

Paul Blackledge Drilling Ltd 3 Ellerbeck Close Standish WIGAN Lancashire WN6 0UP

Paragon Offshore Pavillion 3 Discovery Drive WESTHILL Aberdeenshire AB32 6FG

Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Unit 10 Chalex Industrial Estate 214 Manor Hall Road, Southwick BRIGHTON East Sussex BN42 4NH

Parnell Bros Demolition 1 Anson Road Airport Industrial Estate NORWICH Norfolk NR6 6ED Parnell K P Govan Road Fenton STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST4 2RS Partridge Microdrilling Services Unit 1 Priestley Way CRAWLEY West Sussex RH10 9NT Pas Data Solutions Ltd Danbury Road LOUGHTON Essex IG10 3AR Paul Barnicoat Services Ltd 34 Back Lane Palterton CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S44 6UN Paul Blackledge Drilling Ltd Unit 1 Forton Road Wheatlea Industrial Estate WIGAN Lancashire WN3 6YD

Paul Foreman Whittlesey Road MARCH Cambridgeshire PE15 0AL Paul Jens Groundworks Ltd 76 Woodside GILLINGHAM Kent ME8 0PN Paul Walker Demolition Services 1 Bath Hill Keynsham BRISTOL Avon BS31 1EB Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd 3 Kylross Avenue Whitchurch BRISTOL Avon BS14 9NQ Pe Contracts Ltd 11 Whinknowe Road Doagh BALLYCLARE County Antrim BT39 0TH Peak Demolition 78 Old Road Whaley Bridge HIGH PEAK Derbyshire SK23 7HS

Pebble Services Ltd 5 Dales Court Dales Road IPSWICH Suffolk IP1 4JY Pencroft Ltd Old Road Clifton-On-Teme WORCESTER Worcestershire WR6 6DR Pennine Demolitions Ltd Unit 2 Woodlands Mill Longwood HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD3 4TG Pennine Logistical Solutions Ltd 3 Royal George Greenfield OLDHAM Lancashire OL3 7LR Pete Marquis Contractors Briars Farm Lea Lane, Lea Town PRESTON Lancashire PR4 0RN Pete Smith Site Services Ltd 63 Codnor Denby Lane Codnor RIPLEY Derbyshire DE5 9SP Peter Cunningham Groundworks Ltd 75 Bothwell Road MANCHESTER Lancashire M40 7NY Peter Marquis Briars Farm Lea Lane PRESTON Lancashire PR4 0RN


Peter McCormack & Sons Ltd 17 Kilrea Road Upperlands MAGHERA County Londonderry BT46 5SN Peter Smith Plant Hire Ltd 36 Kings Drive Padiham BURNLEY Lancashire BB12 7DF Phd (Midlands) Ltd 6 Rad Meadows NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG10 3QX Phil Clinton Construction Ltd 7 Sunningdale Grove LEIGH Lancashire WN7 2XQ Phoenix Groundworks Ltd Stone Cornwood IVYBRIDGE Devon PL21 9QY Piling & Drilling Ltd Unit D6 Pinetrees Road NORWICH Norfolk NR7 9BB Pillory Down Groundwork Contractors 3 Fairlawn Road BANSTEAD Surrey SM7 3AU Pinder Plant Hire (Lancs) Ltd Ivy Cottage Lower Road Longridge PRESTON Lancashire PR3 2YL Pioneer Demolition Ltd 12 Thorney Road Crowland PETERBOROUGH Cambridgeshire PE6 0AL






JCB understands the unique demands of the demolition sector, which is why we designed a range of machines specifically dedicated to cope with them. From big breaker work and bulk handling, to working in confined areas and general site duties, JCB has all the machines to complete the job from start to finish. From our designers to engineers, we’re dedicated to delivering legendary JCB build quality, maximum protection and of course ultimate comfort as standard. And our dedication doesn’t end there; our customer support from dealers to service engineers knows no bounds. It’s why buying JCB is such a great business decision. To find out more about our dedicated demolition team, contact your local JCB dealer or call 0800 581 761






Demolition Pipewise (Uk) Ltd Collet Way Great Westren Business Park, Yates BRISTOL Avon BS37 5NL

Porthmadog Demolition Services Ltd Units 18-20 Cookes Industrial Estate PENRHYNDEUDRAETH Gwynedd LL48 6LT

Premier Deep Hole Drilling Ltd Wellington Road London Colney ST. ALBANS Hertfordshire AL2 1EY

Pro Formwork Ltd 4 Kenn Road Office First Floor Right Front CLEVEDON Avon BS21 6EL

Pj Offshore Support Ltd Moorend House Snelsins Lane CLECKHEATON West Yorkshire BD19 3UH

Portsmouth Diamond Drilling Ltd 108 Chatsworth Avenue PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO6 2UJ

Pro Living Ltd 178 Eden Park Avenue BECKENHAM Kent BR3 3JQ

Pjb Merchants Ltd 1 Wareham Cottages Breinton HEREFORD Herefordshire HR4 7PE

Postlethwaite Groundworks Coben Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington SOUTHAM Warwickshire CV47 2QZ

Premier Demolition Services Ltd 3 Cheviot Walk Pogmoor BARNSLEY South Yorkshire S75 2HH

Pjw Maintenance & Groundworks Ltd Unit 4b, The Old Post Office Victoria Road SOWERBY BRIDGE West Yorkshire HX6 3AE Plant M A N (Uk) Ltd 62 Falcon Wilnecote TAMWORTH Staffordshire B77 5DW Plymouth Demolition Services Ltd Dominion House Cattedown Road PLYMOUTH Devon PL4 0SW Point Drilling Services Birds Nest Oakmead Road, St Osyth CLACTON ON SEA Essex CO16 8NL Poleflow Ltd The Lodge Birstwith Hall High Birstwith HARROGATE North Yorkshire HG3 2JW

Premier Site Solutions Ltd 41 Dunellan Avenue Moodiesburn GLASGOW Lanarkshire G69 0GB

Powell Demolition Ltd Unit 5 Maddock Street BIRKENHEAD Merseyside CH41 4LA

Prepmaster UK Ltd Unit 6 Lynderswood Farm Lynderswood Lane BRAINTREE Essex CM77 8JT

Powell Demoliton & Builders Ltd 91 Eastham Village Road Eastham WIRRAL Merseyside CH62 0AW

Prime Demolition Ltd 17-19 Mannings Heath Road POOLE Dorset BH12 4NJ

Power-Dem Leisure Ltd 130 Shaftesbury Avenue 2nd Floor LONDON London W1D 5EU Powerline Surveying Ltd 20 Fourth Avenue CATTERICK GARRISON North Yorkshire DL9 4RN Powys Drilling Services Ltd Craignant Llangurig LLANIDLOES Powys SY18 6RX

Primework Services Ltd Appleby Lodge Lymbridge Green Stowting ASHFORD Kent TN25 6BL Pro Dem 33 Richmond Park Avenue BOURNEMOUTH Dorset BH8 9DN Pro Drill 21 Windmill Close ELY Cambridgeshire CB6 3YH Pro Drill Ltd 5c Bridge Place KINGS LYNN Norfolk PE30 4WN


Prodem & Build Hope Cottage Carrion Pond Drove SALISBURY Wiltshire SP2 8PD Prodem Demolition & Asbestos Ltd 638 Western Boulevard NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG8 5GN Pro-dem Demolition & Asbestos Ltd Distribution Depot Bakerbrook Industrial Estate Wigwam Lane, Hucknall NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG15 7TA Prodrill Southern Ltd Heritage Ampfield Hill Ampfield ROMSEY Hampshire SO51 9BD Profile Drilling Services Ltd 13-15 Midland Road SCUNTHORPE South Humberside DN16 1DQ Protech Construction UK Ltd 14a Sidley Green BEXHILL ON SEA East Sussex TN39 5AH

Demolition Prynn & Co Ltd 128 Horse Fair Lane Rothwell KETTERING Northamptonshire NN14 6GT Ps Environmental Services Ltd The Oast House 5 Mead Lane FARNHAM Surrey GU9 7DY

R & A Soft Strip Demolition Ltd 5 Partridge Place Wixams BEDFORD Bedfordshire MK42 6DP R & B Rockdrillers Ltd Hazel Lane Quarry Hampole DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN6 7EY

Putnam Construction Services Ltd Flat 10 Juniper Lane Flackwell Heath HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP10 9HG

R A Howard Contractors Holly Hall Works 258 Huddersfield Road, Low Moor BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD12 0TJ

Pygmalion Properties Ltd Blackadders 30/34 Reform Street DUNDEE Angus DD1 1RJ

R C S Group Harefield Oil Terminal Harvil Road, Harefield UXBRIDGE Middlesex UB9 6JL

QMS Grange Road Bardon Hill COALVILLE Leicestershire LE67 1TH

R Collard Ltd Eversley Haulage Park Brickhouse Hill EVERSLEY Hampshire RG27 0PZ

Q S T Construction Services Unit 17 Cooperage Green Weevil Lane GOSPORT Hampshire PO12 1FY

R E Davis 179 Dashwood Avenue HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP12 3DB

Quick Drill 92 Castle Terrace Winchburgh BROXBURN West Lothian EH52 6RH Quinn Construction Ltd 4 Aldenham Grove RADLETT Hertfordshire WD7 7BN

R G Burgess &Sons Station House London Road BICESTER Oxfordshire OX26 6BY R G M Construction Ltd 107 Moorfields Road BALLYMENA County Antrim BT42 3HJ

R G S Waste & Transport Services Ltd Unit 4 Royds Enterprise Park Future Fields BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD6 3EW R Gardner Groundworks Westbury House Blackmore Road, Hook End BRENTWOOD Essex CM15 0DT R H Hudsons Demolition Ltd 1 Newlands Drive HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX3 7JA R H Tomlinssons (Trowbridge) Ltd Howells Lodge Frome Road TROWBRIDGE Wiltshire BA14 0DT R Heatrick Ltd 341 Tandragee Road Portadown CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT62 3RB R J A Bunton Ltd The Sidings, Station Road Harecroft, Wilsden BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD15 0BS R J Blasting Scotland Ltd 7 Barskimming Road MAUCHLINE Ayrshire KA5 5AJ R J G Services Ltd 1 Amberstone View HAILSHAM East Sussex BN27 1JU


R J Gooding Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd 7 Willow Lane COVENTRY West Midlands CV7 8JB R J M Scotland Ltd Newton Farm Newton Road STRATHAVEN Lanarkshire ML10 6PA R J Spence (Testing) Ltd 5 Grizedale Gove Narborough LEICESTER Leicestershire LE19 3YU R K Contracts Ltd 28 Cleveland Street WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV1 3HT R M Brown Demolition Ltd 10 Duncan Gardens TRANENT East Lothian EH33 1DD R M Rees Contractors Ltd T R W Steering Systems Ltd Resolven NEATH West Glamorgan SA11 4HN R M Wilson 3 Westgate Bucksburn ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 9UF R P Childs Haulage P O Box 35 WATFORD Hertfordshire WD17 2TX R Porter Plant Hire Ltd Hough Lane Carlton Scroop GRANTHAM Lincolnshire NG32 3BB

Demolition R S Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd 24 John Street HOUGHTON LE SPRING Tyne And Wear DH5 8DX R Smallwood Ltd 14 Greenfield Avenue Brown Edge STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST6 8SE R V C Demolition Demolition House Forge Way, Dorrington SHREWSBURY Shropshire SY5 7JW Rad Km Ltd 16 Cathedral Mansions 262 Vauxhall Bridge Road LONDON London SW1V 1BP Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd Whistleberry Road HAMILTON Lanarkshire ML3 0HP Rail Hire Solutions Ltd Copse End Lower Woodside Road Wootton Bridge RYDE Isle Of Wight PO33 4JT Ramco Construction Ltd 30 Highfield Avenue HARPENDEN Hertfordshire AL5 5UA Randall Contracting Ltd Dagenham Business Park 123 Rainham Road North DAGENHAM Essex RM10 7FD

Randall Plant Unit 12 Dagenham Business Park 123 Rainham Road North DAGENHAM Essex RM10 7FD Raymond Groundworks Ltd 10 Bradfords Close St Marys Island CHATHAM Kent ME4 3RJ Rb Media Manchester Ltd 221 Dane Road SALE Cheshire M33 2LZ Rca Construction Ltd 5 Wood Lane Kingsnorth ASHFORD Kent TN23 3AQ Rd Nairn Ltd Meadow House Cumleys Barn Park Gate DUMFRIES Dumfriesshire DG1 3NG Reach Demolition 39 Whitefriars Crescent WESTCLIFF ON SEA Essex SS0 8EX React Diamond Drilling 2 Springfield Road Shepshed LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE12 9QP Real Demolition Ltd Carrington Business Park Manchester Road, Carrington MANCHESTER Greater Manchester M31 4DD

Reclaim & Demolition 25 Mitton Street STOURPORT ON SEVERN Worcestershire DY13 9AG

Reigart Contracts Ltd 16 Hornock Road COATBRIDGE Lanarkshire ML5 2QJ

Reclaimed Building Supplies 46 Derby Street HEYWOOD Lancashire OL10 4QN

Reigart Contracts Ltd Unit 2-3 Gartgill Road COATBRIDGE Lanarkshire ML5 2EQ

Redbridge Demolition Co Ltd Thremhall House Start Hill BISHOPS STORTFORD Hertfordshire CM22 7WE Redbridge Demolition Company Ltd 64 River Road BARKING Essex IG11 0DS Reddish Demolition Ltd Albion House Drury Lane, Chadderton OLDHAM Lancashire OL9 7PS Redhammer Demolition Ltd Albany House WOKINGHAM Berkshire RG40 1BJ Redhead Demolitions 2 Butterfield Cottages Aldenham Road, Elstree BOREHAMWOOD Hertfordshire WD6 3BA Redvale Consultancy Ltd 8 Glenvale Road NEWRY County Down BT34 2JX Reflex 4 Upper Stalls Iford LEWES East Sussex BN7 3EJ


Reliance Demolition 202 Northolt Road South Harrow HARROW Middlesex HA2 0EX Reliance Demolition Ltd Button House Pix Farm Pix Farm Lane HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP1 2RY Remedx Ltd The Old School Stillhouse Lane BRISTOL Avon BS3 4EB Renfurb Ltd 4 Trent Villas Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch HIGH WYCOMBE Buckinghamshire HP14 3RJ Resat Gulderen Builders Ltd Flat 13 Ray House Colville Estate LONDON London N1 5NL Resurspec Construction Services Ltd 4 Rectory Close Coltishall NORWICH Norfolk NR12 7HJ

Demolition Rex Bishop & Son 133 Tuffley Lane Tuffley GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL4 0NZ Rgkvi Ltd Oakdene West Oakhill Park LIVERPOOL Merseyside L13 4BW Richard Bailey Plant & Construction Ltd C/O Wiggs Farm Ellistown COALVILLE Leicestershire LE67 1GE Richard Hall Ltd Brookhouse Farm Sulhamstead Road READING Berkshire RG30 3SD Richard Keep & Sons Dell House Hawthorn Lane, Four Marks ALTON Hampshire GU34 3ER Richard Meakin (Groundworks) Ltd 125 Kings Road MELTON MOWBRAY Leicestershire LE13 1QQ Richy Bolton Management Ltd Flat 99 Crown Court Crown Street PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO1 1QW Riggall & Associates Ltd 5 Elm Terrace Foxmoor Lane, Ebley STROUD Gloucestershire GL5 4QH

Rightway Environmental Ltd Second Floor 53 High Street, Keynsham BRISTOL Avon BS31 1DS

Robinson Groundworx Ltd 2 Stanley Hall Lane Disley STOCKPORT Cheshire SK12 2JT

Riley Drilling Contracts 15 Moray Close ST. HELENS Merseyside WA10 2AX

Robridge Construction Ltd 601 Princess Drive Huyton LIVERPOOL Merseyside L14 9ND

Rj Reinforcements Ltd 60 Kinross Road CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB4 1QY

Rocdrill PO Box 366 LISBURN County Antrim BT28 9AR

Rjc Demolition Ltd 8a Fairacres Coventry Road LUTTERWORTH Leicestershire LE17 4FA

Rockwest Ltd 87 Hudds Vale Road BRISTOL Avon BS5 7HR

Rjt Construction Ltd 32 Peartree Avenue RIPLEY Derbyshire DE5 3PR Rm Design Ltd 236 Bamburgh Avenue SOUTH SHIELDS Tyne And Wear NE33 3HX Roadform Plant Ltd 67a Queen Street NEWTON ABBOT Devon TQ12 2AU Robin Thomas Demolition Ltd Tan Y Foel Garage Deninionolen CAERNARFON Gwynedd LL55 3EE Robinson & Birdsell Ltd 124 Garnet Road LEEDS West Yorkshire LS11 5HP

Roev Services Ltd Unit 8 Eliot Business Park Goldsmith Way NUNEATON Warwickshire CV10 7RP Rogers Demolition & Salvage Ltd 11 Cumberland Place SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO15 2BH Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd Offices 1 & 2 Barncliffe Business Park HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD8 8LU Roman & Co Construction Ltd 91 Bath Road HOUNSLOW Middlesex TW3 3BT Romford Demolition 13 Neave Cresent ROMFORD Essex RM3 8HN


Romsey Reclamation Ltd Oaktree Farm Dunbridge Lane, Awbridge ROMSEY Hampshire SO51 0GQ Ron Hull Group Mangham Works, Rotherham S62 6EF Mangham Rd ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S62 6EF Rosbotham Demolition Ltd 21 Mullaghglass Road LISBURN County Antrim BT28 3SN Ross Demolition Ltd The Lodge. 2 Durrant Lane BERKHAMSTED Hertfordshire HP4 3PJ Ross Plant Hire Ltd Moor Monkton Grange Moor Monkton YORK North Yorkshire YO26 8JN Rotary Construction Ltd Woodeaves 36 Locko Road Spondon DERBY Derbyshire DE21 7AN Rotary Test Drilling Ltd Marshes Farm, Wigan Road Westhoughton BOLTON Lancashire BL5 2BT Roughan Building Services Ltd 157 Brackaville Road Coalisland DUNGANNON County Tyrone BT71 4NL

Demolition Rousell Plant Hire Ltd 9 Quab Lane Close WEDMORE Somerset BS28 4AT Rowan Companies Rowan House, Peterseat Drive Altens Industrial Estate ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB12 3HT Rowland Gardening Services Ltd 41 Ley’s Park Grove DUNFERMLINE Fife KY12 0DF Rowlands Groundworks Ltd Groesllwyd MACHYNLLETH Powys SY20 9HP Rps Contractors Ltd Badgers Ash, Church Road Partridge Green HORSHAM West Sussex RH13 8JS Rrm Haulage 5 Osborne Road Todwick SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S26 1HX Rs1 Construction Ltd 15 Wyndham Drive ROMSEY Hampshire SO51 0AP

Rummery Plant Services Rosemary Cottage The Street, Shadoxhurst ASHFORD Kent TN26 1LU

S & S Paving Ltd 44 Clydesdale Avenue HAMILTON Lanarkshire ML3 7TD

Russianfix Ltd 26 Johnson Court 41 Meadowside LONDON London SE9 6BS

S A Concrete & Cutting Services Ltd Unit 14 Linkmel Road Eastwood NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG16 3RZ

Rw Slinging Services Ltd Flat 10 Tower House Burlington Avenue SLOUGH Berkshire SL1 2LA

S A L Demolition 303 Ware Road Hailey HERTFORD Hertfordshire SG13 7PG

Ryan Rogan Contracts Ltd 49 Magheralone Road BALLYNAHINCH County Down BT24 8SW

S Allen Civil Engineering Ltd 17 Cottingham Street GOOLE North Humberside DN14 5RR

Ryde Demolition Company Ltd 17-19 St Johns Hill RYDE Isle Of Wight PO33 1EU Ryedale Aggregates Ltd Roecliffe Boroughbridge YORK North Yorkshire YO51 9LY S & D E Robertson (Insch) Ltd Castle View Leslie INSCH Aberdeenshire AB52 6NX

S and J Contractors (Anglia) Ltd 38 Back Lane Martham GREAT YARMOUTH Norfolk NR29 4PE S B Drilling 70 Greenlea Court HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD5 8QA

S B Groundworks & Son Ltd Moat Farm Stockwood Stock Green REDDITCH Worcestershire B96 6SX S Evans & Sons Ltd Ditton Road WIDNES Cheshire WA8 0PJ S Iddon Ltd 25 Fleetwood Drive SOUTHPORT Merseyside PR9 8HE S J B Plant Hire Shantock, Venus Hill Bovingdon HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP3 0PG S J Stoner Ltd 7 Winfield Avenue BRIGHTON East Sussex BN1 8QH S J W Earthmoving Ltd Foxfield Works Whitehurst Lane Dilhorne STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST10 2PG

We are Demolition Insurance specialists, and: Are the longest serving NFDC Associate/ISP member Insurance Broker Have been dealing with the same Underwriters for the last 25 years, using our own policy wording which has been improved taking into account changes in practices and regulations If you are here for the long term, please check us out. John Norbury Mark Clements


Rainbird House, Warescot Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9HD t: 01277 217400 - f: 01277 217500

Demolition S J Walchester Ltd Foxfield Works Whitehurst Lane, Dilhorne STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST10 2PG S M S Wales 14 Glanffynnon Road Llanrug CAERNARFON Gwynedd LL55 4PS S R S Demolition Fingrith Hall Lane Blackmore INGATESTONE Essex CM4 0JN S Stacey Construction Ltd 241 Rounds Gardens RUGBY Warwickshire CV21 2UE S W Wilkinson Ltd Longridge Dockroyd Oakworth KEIGHLEY West Yorkshire BD22 7RH Saeng Ltd 12 Eleanor Road LONDON London SW9 6FT Safe Site Hire & Sales Ltd 40 Wakefield Road Ackworth PONTEFRACT West Yorkshire WF7 7AB Safedem Ltd Arthurstone House Liff Road DUNDEE Angus DD2 4TD Safelift Crane Hire 174 Porchester Road Thorney Wood NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG3 6LG

Safer Demo Ltd 5 Waterloo Square NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE1 4DR

Scott Rafferty Groundworks Ltd 24 Fernhill Drive Windygates LEVEN Fife KY8 5ED

Safer Demo Ltd 1 Morston Quays Stephenson Street WALLSEND Tyne and Wear NE28 6UE

Sdw Construction Ltd Maes Hafren Abermule MONTGOMERY Powys SY15 6NT

Safety on Site (South East) Ltd 61 Coombe Drive SITTINGBOURNE Kent ME10 3DA

Sealight Ltd 7 Cardinal Drive Lisvane CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF14 0GD

Salecreate Ltd 20 Newland View CHELTENHAM Gloucestershire GL51 0RE

Select Demolition Ltd Maybrook House 97 Godstone Road CATERHAM Surrey CR3 6RE

Salisbury Demolition & Salvage Ltd 35 West Street Wilton SALISBURY Wiltshire SP2 0DL

Select Demolition Ltd 1st Floor Gallery Court 28 Arcadia Avenue LONDON London N3 2FG

Sam Allon Lincoln Street HULL North Humberside HU2 0PE Sam Gilpin Demolition Ltd Haytor View Heathfield NEWTON ABBOT Devon TQ12 6RQ Sbs Recycling Ltd Waldens Road ORPINGTON Kent BR5 4EU Scott Plant Hire & Groundwork Ltd Wood Cutters Cottage Bank Damn Farm DURHAM County Durham DH6 3LX

Select Developments (Uk) Ltd Glendevon House Hawthorn Park Coal Road LEEDS West Yorkshire LS14 1PQ Sellers & Son Bleach Farm Cotts Bridlington Road, Stamford Bridge YORK North Yorkshire YO41 1SA Servemain Pipeline Services Ltd The Courtyard Broomsmead Lapford CREDITON Devon EX17 6NA


Set Out Surveys Ltd Ffriddlan Pontrobert, Meiford LLANSANTFFRAID Powys Y22 6HT Setstone Construction Ltd 55 Turnberry SKELMERSDALE Lancashire WN8 8EG Setting Out Services (Norfolk) Ltd 9 Kingfisher Road ATTLEBOROUGH Norfolk NR17 2RL Sewardstone Construction Ltd Flat 1 Bedford House Lisson Street LONDON London NW1 5DD Shadow Groundworks & Civils Ltd 14 G Pant Industrial Estate MERTHYR TYDFIL Mid Glamorgan CF48 2SR Shalon Plant Hire Ltd 12 Woodfield Crescent Ashton-In-Makerfield WIGAN Lancashire WN4 9NB Shaun Carr Excavations Ltd 280 Aigburth Road Aigburth LIVERPOOL Merseyside L17 9PW Shaun Kennedy Ltd 7 Coalbeach Lane South Surfleet SPALDING Lincolnshire PE11 4DF Sheffield Demolition Ltd Stan Smiths Yard Theddlethorpe MABLETHORPE Lincolnshire LN12 1NQ

Demolition Shell and Auger Services Ltd Tennyson House Willingham Road Kexby, Kexby GAINSBOROUGH Lincolnshire DN21 5ND Shep Hire Ltd Great Horton Road BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD7 4LT Shepherds Demolition Ltd Unit 6 Hornet Court Hurricane Way NORWICH Norfolk NR6 6HJ Shepherds Demolition Ltd Unit 7 Shepherd Business Park Norwich Road, Lenwade NORWICH Norfolk NR9 5SG Sherrings Plant Hire Ltd 1 Combe Lane Exford MINEHEAD Somerset TA24 7PS Shojay Ltd 73 Boundfield Road Catford LONDON London SE6 1PL Shorts Group London House London Road, Bassetts Pole BRACKNELL Berkshire RG12 2UT Simon Benford Ltd The Old Barn Christchurch Road, Downton LYMINGTON Hampshire SO41 0LA

Simon Dunn Groundworks 2 Flint Cottage Sarratt RICKMANSWORTH Hertfordshire WD3 6AB Simon Pope Groundworks Ltd Rose Villa WISBECH Cambridgeshire PE14 0DD Simpson Dismantlers 123 Dean Road SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO18 6AS Singh Bros Contractors (Northwest) Ltd Victoria House Eliza Ann Street, Eccles MANCHESTER Lancashire M30 0GL Site Investigation Services 1 Long Lane Willoughton GAINSBOROUGH Lincolnshire N21 5SQ Site Support Services Ltd 46 Mill View Ball Green STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST6 8BH Site Utilities (Services) Ltd 8 Baird Avenue Strutherhill Industrial Estate LARKHALL Lanarkshire ML9 2PJ

Skene Group Ltd Viewfield GLENROTHES Fife KY6 2RD Skillings Crushing Company The Yard Park Road, Padiham BURNLEY Lancashire BB12 8ED Sleigh Builders Ltd 74a Main Street STREET Somerset BA16 9QN Sloane Demolition and Dismantling Ltd Great Hollanden Business Centre Mill Lane SEVENOAKS Kent TN15 0SQ Sloane Demolition Ltd Portland House Park Street BAGSHOT Surrey GU19 5AQ Sloane Demolitions 190 Beverley Trading Estate Garth Road MORDEN Surrey SM4 4LU Sloyan Doyle Demolition 19-21 Lightbody Street LIVERPOOL Merseyside L5 9UU

Sitemix UK Ltd 60 Mill Lane RUGBY Warwickshire CV22 3HZ

Sm Surv Ltd 8 Sutton Close MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK11 7RW

Sk Contracts Ltd 83 Clonavaddy Road Galbally DUNGANNON County Tyrone BT70 2PR

Smart Home Builders Ltd Office 3 Wyvern Estate Beverley Way NEW MALDEN Surrey KT3 4PH


Smart Surfacing Ltd 10 Foxglove Close Mountsorrel LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE12 7GN Smc Construction [2012 ] Ltd Hawthorn House 1 Medlicott Close CORBY Northamptonshire NN18 9NF Smr Engineering Ltd Hilltop Farm Hilltop Road GLOSSOP Derbyshire SK13 7QJ Sonik Constructions Ltd Flat 151 Wolverton Alvey Street LONDON London SE17 2AG Soteria Ehs Solutions Ltd 2 Clarence Court Padgate WARRINGTON Cheshire WA1 3DX South Coast Demolition 30 Dullar Lane Sturminster Marshall WIMBORNE Dorset BH21 4AD South East Excavations Ltd Moons Yard Grove Road Sheldwich FAVERSHAM Kent ME13 9RR South East Groundworks & Utilities Ltd 117 Dartford DARTFORD Kent DA1 3EN South East Group Ltd 48 Burgess Avenue STANFORD LE HOPE Essex SS17 0AZ

Demolition South Eastern Drilling Services 55 Seathorpe Avenue Minster On Sea SHEERNESS Kent ME12 2LT South Kent Demolition Ltd Biddenden Road ASHFORD Kent TN27 9JE South Tyne Drilling 11 Westmorland Gardens GATESHEAD Tyne And Wear NE9 6HP South Wales Demolition Ltd 11 Cardiff Bay CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF10 5BR South West Compliance Ltd Fairview Blackwater Buckland St Mary CHARD Somerset TA20 3LE South West Contracting (Sw) Ltd Hatton House Bridge Road Churston Ferrers BRIXHAM Devon TQ5 0JL South West Demolition Ltd Higher Park Farm Marshwood BRIDPORT Dorset DT6 5PZ Southern County Demolition Ltd 1a Westbrook Walk ALTON Hampshire GU34 1HZ

Southern Demolition Co Ltd 90 High Road Byfleet WEST BYFLEET Surrey KT14 7QT

Sperrin Building Services Ltd 75 Blackrock Road COOKSTOWN County Tyrone BT80 9PA

Squibb Group Stanford Industrial Estate Wharf Road STANFORD LE HOPE Essex SS17 0EH

Southern Drilling Ltd Youens Cottage Taylors Lane, Higham ROCHESTER Kent ME3 7JP

Sperry-sun Drilling Services Unit 2 Howe Moss Crescent Dyce ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 0GN

Sr Hird Plant Ltd Rainstorth Lodge Jumble Lane Ecclesfield SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S35 9XJ

Southern Grab Hire Ltd 30 Chailey Road BRIGHTON East Sussex BN1 9JF

Spinnaker Building Services Ltd Flat 1 35 Kingston Road PORTSMOUTH Hampshire PO2 7DP

Spa Demolition Spa Farm Bungalow OSSETT West Yorkshire WF5 0HJ

Spook Drilling Ltd 7 Braemar Gardens Broughty Ferry DUNDEE Angus DD5 3TE

Spaw Construction Ltd 18 Elgin Road POOLE Dorset BH14 8ER Special Supplies (Mids) Ltd 16 Binley Road Gosford Green COVENTRY West Midlands CV3 1HZ Specialist Cutting Services Ltd Unit 1 Stokes Farm Binfield Road WOKINGHAM Berkshire RG40 5PR Speed Drill Ltd Unit 17-18 Chingford Industrial Centre Hall Lane LONDON London E4 8DJ Spektral Ltd 76 High Street CROYDON Surrey CR0 1NA

Spraychoice (Woking) Ltd Stockton House Stockton Avenue FLEET Hampshire GU51 4NS Sps Contracts (Cambridge) Ltd 48 London Road Sawston CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB22 3XE Squibb Group 1 Greenshield Industrial Estate Bradfield Road LONDON London E16 2AU Squibb Group 62 River Road BARKING Essex IG11 0DS


Srs Enabling & Demolition Ltd Norton Heath Ec Fingrith Hall Lane INGATESTONE Essex CM4 0JP Staffordshire Demolition Ltd 10 Valley Road Weston Coyney STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST3 6NN Staines Demolition Ltd Poyle Road Colnbrook SLOUGH Berkshire SL3 0BL Stampol Ltd 10a Belton Road LONDON London E11 3JD Star Demolition Ltd Ross Way Shorncliffe Industrial Estate FOLKESTONE Kent CT20 3UQ Stelco Europa 14 Westfield Close CHESTERFIELD Derbyshire S40 3RS

Demolition Stellarbrook Demolition Ltd 80 Outgang LEEDS West Yorkshire LS13 2PU

Strata Investigation Unit 9 Regis Industrial Estate Dorset Road SHEERNESS Kent ME12 1LY

Sufian Ansari Ltd 6 Fern Terrace Skinner Lane BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD8 7QD

Stephenson Demolition Company Ltd Able House Billingham Reach Industrial Estate BILLINGHAM Cleveland TS23 1PX

Strata Technical Services Ltd 300 Chartridge Lane CHESHAM Buckinghamshire HP5 2SQ

Sun and Soil Solar Farms Ltd Nile House, 2nd Floor Nile Street BRIGHTON East Sussex BN1 1HW

Sterry Lane Ltd Unit 4 Chillington Industrial Estate WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV1 2BS Steve Bailey Groundworks Ltd 14 Hillcrest Gardens LOWESTOFT Suffolk NR32 4ED Steve House Ltd Brynteg Farm Barrel Lane, Longhope GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL17 0LR Steve Richards Construction Ltd The Orchard House Wiston HAVERFORDWEST Dyfed SA62 4PW Stonerigg Contracts Ltd 2 Stonerigg View Armadale BATHGATE West Lothian EH48 3JX Stothert & Pitt Ltd Enterprise Way RETFORD Nottinghamshire DN22 7HH Stott Demolition Ltd Hugh Mill Cowpe Road ROSSENDALE Lancashire BB4 7DQ

Stratex Ltd 95 Aghafad Road STRABANE County Tyrone BT82 0QQ Street Repairs Inspection Ltd 51 South Lane NEW MALDEN Surrey KT3 5HX Strom Refined Blasting Ltd 63 Mashiters Hill ROMFORD Essex RM1 4TP Structural Stabilisations (West Midlands) Ltd Wild Orchard Cottage Oreton KIDDERMINSTER Worcestershire DY14 0TP Stuart Holliday Ltd New House Farm Cringlethwaite EGREMONT Cumbria CA22 2RW Subcon Drilling Ltd Unit 6 Heron Business Park, Eastman Way Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Hertfordshire HP2 7FW

Supamole Ltd 14 Woodhall Grove HARROGATE North Yorkshire HG1 4JJ Surefix Construction Company (Kent) Ltd 1 Pine Walk HERNE BAY Kent CT6 6QY Sureway Groundwork Ltd 27 Horning Crescent BURNLEY Lancashire BB10 2NT Surrey Demolition & Excavation Co Ltd 66 Send Road Send WOKING Surrey GU23 7EU Surrey Demolition Ltd Woodlands House Old Lane COBHAM Surrey KT11 1NH Surrey Topsoils Ltd 50 St Mary’s Crescent LONDON London NW4 4LH Surveying and Groundworks Ltd 86 London Road WEMBLEY Middlesex HA9 7HG


Sussex Demolition Services Ltd The Woodyard Mint Walk WARLINGHAM Surrey CR6 9SA Sutton Services Ltd 83 Undley Road Lakenheath BRANDON Suffolk IP27 9BY Syd Bishop & Sons Demolition Ltd Waldens Depot Waldens Road ORPINGTON Kent BR5 4EU Sykes Construction Ltd 145 Swallow Lane Golcar HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD7 4NB Synergy Boreholes & Systems Ltd Fifield Barns Benson WALLINGFORD Oxfordshire OX10 6EZ T & K Weavers Demolition Ltd Parsonage Hall Parsonage Hill BURES Suffolk CO8 5DH T & K Weavers Demolition Ltd 52 Sandbach Road South STOKE ON TRENT Staffordshire ST7 2LP T B A Industries Ltd 20 Chatsworth Avenue Long Eaton NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG10 2FL

Demolition T D E Enterprises Ltd Meadow Bank Road ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S61 2NF T H Griffin Plant Hire Lark Rise Farm Coombe Lane Charlton Adam SOMERTON Somerset TA11 7AY T Hawks Ltd 49 Watersmeet HARLOW Essex CM19 4QS T J A Johnson Ltd 6 Cedar Tree Road Arnold NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG5 8NN T J Crane Hire 3 Hermitage LLANGOLLEN Clwyd LL20 8BE T J Drilling Unit 11a Whitehall Farm Walkern Road, Watton At Stone HERTFORD Hertfordshire SG14 3RP T J Loughlin Contracts Ltd 15 Glenside STRABANE County Tyrone BT82 8PU T K Brolly Box 15 Maydown Works 60 Clooney Road LONDONDERRY County Londonderry BT47 6TH T K Contracts (Ireland) Ltd 121 Corbally Road Fintona OMAGH County Tyrone BT78 2PB

TKL The Foundry, Common Lane Wath-Upon-Dearne ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire S63 7DX T M H Groundworks Ltd 45 Mandarin Close NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tyne And Wear NE5 1YP T N D Drilling Templewood Industrial Estate Stock Road, West Hanningfield CHELMSFORD Essex CM2 8LA T R G Demolition 8 Jubilee Terrace South Newton SALISBURY Wiltshire SP2 0QX T S T Solutions Ltd The Barn Cothey Butts RYDE Isle Of Wight PO33 4HD T Thorogood Ltd 4 Parkdale Sedgley DUDLEY West Midlands DY3 3SH T Trivett Demolition North Hill Saw Mills Yard Baddesley Road, North Baddesley SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO52 9BH T&A Demolition Ltd 38 Spinney Close Long Stratton NORWICH Norfolk NR15 2SX

T&F o’Callaghan Ltd 6 The Green HOLYWOOD County Down BT18 9PB Tai Plant Ltd 103 St Augustines St Augustines Avenue SOUTHEND ON SEA Essex SS1 3JG Tasc Unit 2 Lion Park New Street Holbrook SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S20 3GH Tattershall Services Ltd 8 Lime Garth Upper Poppleton YORK North Yorkshire YO26 6DN Taylor Drilling Ltd Beech House Aiketgate CARLISLE Cumbria CA4 9TH TE Scudder Carey House Great Central Way WEMBLEY London HA9 0HR Tec Rock Ltd 14 Lenamore Avenue NEWTOWNABBEY County Antrim BT37 0PF Tech 1088 Ltd 13 Arlington Crescent WALTHAM CROSS Hertfordshire EN8 7RN Technical Concrete Cutting Ltd Greenlands House Southbrook Road, West Ashling CHICHESTER West Sussex PO18 8DN


Teckna Group Saddle Hill Farm 277 Preston Road, Standish WIGAN Lancashire WN6 0NZ Tectonics Drilling Services Ltd 8 Tawelfan Tircoed Forest Village Penllerga SWANSEA West Glamorgan SA4 9XU Tees Valley Groundworks Ltd 30 Blackwell DARLINGTON County Durham DL3 8QY Telford Diamond Drilling & Grouting Ltd 16 Ashtree Park Horsehay TELFORD Shropshire TF4 2LD Tempest Demolition Ltd 10 Concorde Close UXBRIDGE Middlesex UB10 0AU Terra Firma Ground Investigation Ltd Rowan Tree Farm Blackwell Hall Lane, Ley Hill CHESHAM Buckinghamshire HP5 1UN Terry Duffin Groundworks 36 Ballyscullion Road Toomebridge ANTRIM County Antrim BT41 3TR Thanet Formwork and Rc Frame Specialists Ltd 14 Grenham Road BIRCHINGTON Kent CT7 9JH


• 18m - 42m High Reach rentals. • Low level demolition machines from 20t - 150t fitted with shears or pulverisers. • Crushers from £2,500pw. • Weekly rental or long term hire. • Operated and self drive.

Messiah Corporation Ltd 27 Oliver Close, West Thurrock, Essex RM20 3EE 01708 860 109 07793 215 997

Demolition The Bush Hammering Co Ltd 26 Huntsmans Drive UPMINSTER Essex RM14 3YU

Thomas Contractors Cadwgan Fawr Llangyndeyrn KIDWELLY Dyfed SA17 5ER

The Demolition & Waste Company Kennedy House Murray Road ORPINGTON Kent BR5 3QY

Thomas Crompton Demolition Thomas Crompton House Neville Road BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD4 8TU

The Demolition Consultancy Ltd 87 Silverdale Road Gatley CHEADLE Cheshire SK8 4RF

Thompsons of Prudhoe Princess Way PRUDHOE Northumberland NE42 6PL

The Drill Squad Sunnyside Farm Ruettes Brayes, St Martin GUERNSEY Channel Islands GY4 6XQ The Expotrak Group The Station Station Road, Patrington HULL North Humberside HU12 0NE The Mark A Taylor Organisation Ltd Sondaw Snodworth Road BLACKBURN Lancashire BB6 8DR The Yorkshire Demolition & Reclamation Company Ltd Sycamore Rise Keyingham HULL North Humberside HU12 9SX Think Logistics & Solutions Ltd No 5 Croydon Lane BANSTEAD Surrey SM7 3AS

Tin Trans Ltd 292 Brettenham Road LONDON London E17 5AU

Tisdale Demolition Dock Road LIVERPOOL Merseyside L19 2JR Tmc Fm Ltd 16 Wellhouse Close MIRFIELD West Yorkshire WF14 0BQ

Three Cross Demolition Jubilee Farm Burts Lane, Mannington WIMBORNE Dorset BH21 7JX Tideway Diamond Drilling North End, Park Corner Road Southfleet GRAVESEND Kent DA13 9LJ Tidy Sites UK 29 Frobisher Grn TORQUAY Devon TQ2 6JJ

Tom Lewis Contracting Ltd Pentre Cottage Meifod WELSHPOOL Powys SY22 6DH Tommy Coopers Haulage 10 High Street SWANLEY Kent BR8 8BE Tony Demolition Workers Ltd 84 Broomfield Avenue LONDON London N13 4JP

Tigarello Ltd 29 Hadleigh Road Edmonton LONDON London N9 7BU Tihero Ltd Flat 3 11a North Birkbeck Road LONDON London E11 4JF Tilley & Barrett Ltd 79 Westfield Road WOKING Surrey GU22 9PX

Tipmac Building Contractors Ltd 88 St Heliers Road BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B31 1QS

Topdem Ltd 1 Badhan Court Unit 2 Castle Street Hadley TELFORD Shropshire TF1 5QX Tor Drilling 41 Regent Quay ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB11 5BE


Tor Drilling Ltd Ashview Farm Southwood GLASTONBURY Somerset BA6 8PG Total Controlled Demolition Ltd Beck Pollitzer Park Road STALYBRIDGE Cheshire SK15 1TA Total Reclaims Demolition Melvyn Robert House Baker Brook Industrial Estate Wigwam Lane, Hucknall NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG15 7SZ Total Reclamation Ltd 37 Hamilton Road TWICKENHAM Middlesex TW2 6SN Tower Demolition Block B Unit 505 Tower Bridge Business Complex 100 Clements Road LONDON London SE16 4DU Tpmc Contracts Ltd 28 Derrycush Road Portadown CRAIGAVON County Armagh BT62 1UU Tr Demolition (UkInternational) Ltd Davron Court Whitehouse Place BRISTOL Avon BS3 4BL Track Groundworks Ltd Unit 1a Victoria Street MANSFIELD Nottinghamshire NG18 5RR

Demolition Transocean Deepwater House Unit 3 Kingswells Causeway, Kingswells ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB15 8PU Transocean Harbour Office South Quay, Ferryden MONTROSE Angus DD10 9SL Trench Line Company Ltd 15 Linden Park MANCHESTER Lancashire M19 2PQ Trentside Geotechnical Testing and Site Investigations Ltd Highlands Farm Southend Road Rettendon Common CHELMSFORD Essex CM3 8EB Trojan Demolition 53 High Street Ewell EPSOM Surrey KT17 1RX Trojan Plant Equipment Ltd Unit Ravenscroft Way BARNOLDSWICK Lancashire BB18 6JA Truecut Diamond Drilling Ltd Ovenden House Aylesham Industrial Estate, Aylesham CANTERBURY Kent CT3 3EP Trueform Construction Scotland Ltd 40 Bothkennar Road Carronshore FALKIRK Stirlingshire FK2 8HS

Tt Groundworks & Civil Engineering Ltd Lyndale Over Lane Almondsbury BRISTOL Avon BS32 4DQ

UK Drillers Yasmine, Yattendon Road Hermitage THATCHAM Berkshire RG18 9RQ UK Plant & Diamond Drilling 8 Church Street New Pitsligo FRASERBURGH Aberdeenshire AB43 6NP

Turner Bros Foxcovert Farm Goring Heath READING Berkshire RG8 7SN Turners 12 Muirkirk Road Lugar CUMNOCK Ayrshire KA18 3LJ

UK Suda Ltd 36a Windmill Lane SMETHWICK West Midlands B66 3EU

Tw Groundworks (Fife) Ltd 35 Kingsdale Gardens Kennoway LEVEN Fife KY8 5LJ UDCS The Old Bottle Yard Great Northern Terrace LINCOLN Lincolnshire LN5 8HN

Unit 1 Unit 1 Paddock Barn Farm Godstone Road CATERHAM Surrey CR3 6SF

U W T Ltd 35 Moneynick Road Randalstown ANTRIM County Antrim BT41 3HW

United Recovery and Recycling Ltd Wilcox Close Aylesham Industrial Estate CANTERBURY Kent CT3 3EP

UK Demolition & Construction Ltd 11 Robinson Road GLOUCESTER Gloucestershire GL1 5DL UK Diamond Drilling Ltd Unit 6 Ellesmere Business Park NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG5 1DX UK Dima Engineering Ltd Keltie Bridge CALLANDER Perthshire FK17 8LQ

Umberslade Ladywood Farm Elvers Green Lane, Knowle SOLIHULL West Midlands B93 0AA

Upstream Utility Infrastructure Solutions Ltd Kingsleigh Rosecare St Gennys BUDE Cornwall EX23 0BE Utiliserve Multi Ltd Rowan Cottage Old Clitheroe Road Dutton PRESTON Lancashire PR3 2YU


Utley Excavations Ltd 57 Woodland View Thongsbridge HOLMFIRTH West Yorkshire HD9 3JE V Searle Chasing & Drilling 76 Dymchurch Road St Marys Bay ROMNEY MARSH Kent TN29 0RN Vale Park Demolition Services Ltd Unit 11 Vale Park Industrial Estate Hazelbottom Road MANCHESTER Lancashire M8 0GF Valori London Ltd T5 Bates Business Centre Church Road, Harold Wood ROMFORD Essex RM3 0JF Value Landscapes Ltd 27 The Cedars Milton Road HARPENDEN Hertfordshire AL5 5LQ Van Elle 10 Teal Farm Way WASHINGTON Tyne And Wear NE38 8BG Van Vliet Demolition Ltd 43 Temple Row BIRMINGHAM West Midlands B2 5LS Vortx Solutions Ltd 45 Gill Lane Yeadon LEEDS West Yorkshire LS19 7DF Vs Trade Ltd Flat 4 16-18 Wrights Lane LONDON London W8 6TF

Demolition W & H Transport & Demolition Ltd 108 Long Lane STAINES UPON THAMES Middlesex TW19 7AJ

W G Evans Ground Maintenance Ltd 585 Chepstow Road NEWPORT Gwent NP19 9BL

W & H Transport Demolition Ltd 2 Alexandra Road ASHFORD Middlesex TW15 1TP

W J Birch UK Ltd 153 Slade Road SUTTON COLDFIELD West Midlands B75 5PD

W A S Construction Ltd 23 Field Lane KINGS LYNN Norfolk PE30 4AX W B & A D Morgan Presteigne Industrial Estate PRESTEIGNE Powys LD8 2UF W B Groundworks Ltd 182 Stourbridge Road BROMSGROVE Worcestershire B61 0AR W C Dean Contracting Ltd 59 Ashfield Road Greetland HALIFAX West Yorkshire HX4 8HY W Cox Ltd 25 Garden City LANGPORT Somerset TA10 9ST W E Sutton Ltd 7 Brook Cottages Willington SHIPSTON ON STOUR Warwickshire CV36 5AU W Faull Plant Hire Ltd 41 Tresdale Parc Connor Downs HAYLE Cornwall TR27 5DX

W M Quinn Group Riverside House Park Road STALYBRIDGE Cheshire SK15 1TA W Maher (Excavation) Ltd Ashburton Road East Trafford Park MANCHESTER Lancashire M17 1BN W McMillan Ltd 2 Merkland Street GLASGOW Lanarkshire G11 6DB

Walker Groundworks South East Ltd Little Luckhurst Farm Love Lane Headcorn ASHFORD Kent TN27 9HL

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd The Grange Ringer Lane Farm, Elmton WORKSOP Nottinghamshire S80 4LX

Walsh Groundworks Ltd 33 Croftwood Road STOURBRIDGE West Midlands DY9 7EX

Waveney Plant Hire and Groundworks Ltd Portland House The Pightle BECCLES Suffolk NR34 7PR

Ward 1 Summer Lane Long Sutton SPALDING Lincolnshire PE12 9BL Ward Demolition 1 Northern Court NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire NG6 0BJ Ward Dumptruck Hire Ltd 7 Glebe Garth Barlby SELBY North Yorkshire YO8 5NE

W P H Projects Ltd 91 High Street Wick BRISTOL Avon BS30 5QQ

Wardle Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd 6 Leigh Gardens ANDOVER Hampshire SP10 2AR

W Staples Ltd Manor Lodge Farm Nottingham Road LOUGHBOROUGH Leicestershire LE12 5TP W T Specialist Contracts Ltd Bird In Eye Yard Bird In Eye Hill, Framfield UCKFIELD East Sussex TN22 5HA W.F.doyle & Company Ltd 41-43 Blackstock Street LIVERPOOL Merseyside L3 6EP

Warwickshire Construction & Civils Ltd 1 Shenstone Cottage Tanworth-In-Arden SOLIHULL West Midlands B94 5AP Waste Recycling and Decommissioning Ltd Unit 16 Crown Business Centre George Street MANCHESTER Lancashire M35 9BW


Wayne Peter Walsh Ltd 251 Preston Road Alston PRESTON Lancashire PR3 3BJ We Are in Plant Ltd 2 Woodend Grenoside SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S35 8RR Weatherford UK Harfreys Road GREAT YARMOUTH Norfolk NR31 0LS Weir 1 Bridge End SHOTTS Lanarkshire ML7 4EX Wenman Demolition 30 Kings Hill Beech ALTON Hampshire GU34 4AL Wenman Demolition Ltd 15b High Street ALTON Hampshire GU34 1AW Wessex Demolition & Salvage Ltd Unit 5 Bury Farm Curbridge, Botley SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO30 2HB

Demolition West Country Demolition Ltd Unit 1b Pensilva Industrial Estate St Ive Road, Pensilva LISKEARD Cornwall PL14 5RE Westend Builders Dundee Ltd 32 Milnbank Road DUNDEE Angus DD1 5PZ Weston Excavations Wood View Bramble Lane AMERSHAM Buckinghamshire HP7 9DN Wgh 8 Whitehall Road WOLVERHAMPTON West Midlands WV4 5TA White Cqa Ltd Gwynfryn Waunfawr CAERNARFON Gwynedd LL55 4YY White Groundworks Ltd Morvoren 5b Parc Askell Close Gunwalloe HELSTON Cornwall TR12 7QA Will Design & Develop Ltd Latimers Farm Earlswood CHEPSTOW Gwent NP16 6AW Willbea Demolition Ltd 7 Fairland Close FLEET Hampshire GU52 7LX William Goodfellow (Contractors) Ltd 150 Drumcavel Road Muirhead GLASGOW Lanarkshire G69 9ES

William H McClounie Meikle Garclaugh Farm Mansefield Road, New Cumnock CUMNOCK Ayrshire KA18 4NS

Worbey Soft Strip Demolition Services 175 Clifton Street SWINDON Wiltshire SN1 3QB

Williams Brothers Drilling Ltd 357 Bickershaw Lane Bickershaw WIGAN Lancashire WN2 5TE Willsher Plant Treloy Business Park Trebarber NEWQUAY Cornwall TR8 4JT

Wrexham Demolition & Dismantling Ltd Unit 1 Contractors Yard Tank Farm Road, Llandarcy NEATH West Glamorgan SA10 6EN Wright Height Scaffolding Ltd Unit 4 Cheetham Street Phoenix Industrial Estate MANCHESTER Lancashire M35 9DS

Wilson Reclamation Demolition Ltd Coopers Mill Business Park Clay Lane West DONCASTER South Yorkshire DN2 4QR

Wring Group Vale Lane BRISTOL Avon BS3 5RU Wring Group Unit 5 Heron Works, Heron Road Sowton Industrial Estate EXETER Devon EX2 7LL

Wilson’s Services (South West) Ltd Woodwick Farm BRISTOL Avon BS40 6NQ Wilsons Site Surveying Ltd The Limes, Long Lane East Drayton East Retford, Nottingham Dn22 0lw RETFORD Nottinghamshire DN22 0LW Winterburns of Rochdale 35 Crescent Road ROCHDALE Lancashire OL11 3LF Wirksworth Plant Services Ltd Black Rocks Business Park Porter Lane MATLOCK Derbyshire DE4 4NQ

Wss Welding Site Services Ltd 1 Derwent Road BURTON ON TRENT Staffordshire DE15 9FR Wyatts Waymills Industrial Estate Waymills WHITCHURCH Shropshire SY13 1TT Wycombe Demolition Ltd Troy House, Aston Road Ducklington WITNEY Oxfordshire OX29 7XA Wye Valley Demolition Lloyd George House, Fordshill Road Rotherwas Industrial Estate HEREFORD Herefordshire HR2 6NS


X C D Ltd 12 Bon Accord Square ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB11 6DJ Xl Renewable Biomass Ltd 1st Floor Hatton House Bridge Road, BRIXHAM Devon TQ5 0JL York Demolitions Malton Grange YORK North Yorkshire YO61 1NH Yorkshire Crane Hire Dannemora Drive SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S9 5DF Yorkshire Demolition Contractors Ltd 184 Pontefract Road Purston, Featherstone PONTEFRACT West Yorkshire WF7 5AJ Yorkshire Demolition Ltd 291 Cutler Heights Lane BRADFORD West Yorkshire BD4 9JL Young Contractors Leckwith Bridge Yard Leckwith CARDIFF South Glamorgan CF11 8AU Young’s Civil Engineering Ltd 78 High Street Findon WORTHING West Sussex BN14 0SX Yr Ynys Ltd Yr Ynys Penmaenpool DOLGELLAU Gwynedd LL40 1YD Zelex Cheethams Mill Park Street STALYBRIDGE Cheshire SK15 2BT


Dependable Power with 6 cylinder Cummins engine IPC System delivering the power you need, only when you need it 6 Selectable working modes give you full control 360 degree view camera & LCD Display for all around vision


Hydraulic auxiliary piping for rotating attachments Full Cabin Guard Side protection plates on upper structure Bucket cylinder protection

Available at dealer:


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Demolition Directory 2017  

The Demolition Directory & Yearbook is the annual publication from and Chambers Media and is the ONLY publication contain...

Demolition Directory 2017  

The Demolition Directory & Yearbook is the annual publication from and Chambers Media and is the ONLY publication contain...