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This is not to say that you ever have to use a higher level of stimulation. If you are giving your dog a command they know, but are refusing to obey, you should increase the level until they obey your command. After you get the desired results, return the e-collar to normal operating level. If you continue to see refusals, re-train in this area. Do not shortcut training! Make sure you’ve put in the time and that your pet understands what you are telling them to do before you just start shocking them.

When training your pet, the electric collar should not be your first step. The first thing you should teach your pet is every command that you want them to perform. Walk your dog through drills to make sure they understand what you are telling them to do. Add distractions and make sure your dog still listens and understands your commands. Like children, some pets learn rules and routines more easily than others. You can introduce the e-collar after you are certain that your pet recognizes the commands, but is having difficulty obeying them. I introduce the e-collar in a relaxed atmosphere, and I always start with the lowest stimulation level. For example, I’ll have the dog sitting or healing and hit the momentary button. All you are looking for is a response. This can be something as small as an ear twitch or a blink. If your pet gives any reaction, this is the stimulation level where you should begin. If there is no reaction on level one, move to level two and so on until you find a working level. Once I find the proper stimulation level, I start training using the e-collar regularly. I start with commands that the dog is used to with no distractions. As training continues, I use the e-collar more and manual collars less until I completely transition to e-collar. This may take one session or ten. It depends on your pet! I am continually watching the pet’s actions and reactions to make sure they are not getting too tired or changing their temperament. Once I have the dog completely transitioned to the e-collar, I start adding distractions. Always remember to use the e-collar judiciously and never when angry!

I use SportDog Brand e-collars. SportDog has many models for small to large dogs. They also have short to long range models, models for upland and waterfowl hunters, and GPS tracking and training units available.

Kevin Erdmier Owner - Southern Pine Kennels CWA - Member

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