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INTRODUCING – Sara Shamsavari, Charlie Crockett, Beniot Pioulard, De Tropix, Damien O’Brien THIS IS REAL LIFE – The Young Gambler; The Art of Chirpsing; Enterprise with Tim Campbell; Career tips from Rodney Hinds

She said... This issue is all about Heritage and what it means to you. The Cut is put together by individuals from a mixture of different backgrounds and cultures so it was a topic that got us thinking. We wanted to know what it really means to be British today, which is excplored in the feature Global Kingdom. Read our Slanguage piece- are you up-to-date with your street vocab? Check out Secret Style Histories to find out more about the heritage of some of this seasons top trends. The jam packed music section features interviews with Crazy Cousins, Kyza and we meet 5 new female artists to add to your play list. Enjoy this issue and get involved! Ronnie Grebenyuk

FEATURES – The New Nu Wave: Sofi, Riz and Dels; Global Kingdom: What does it mean to be young and British? Bare Jokes: Fine Young Comedians Slanguage: The Meaning of Slang

He said... What’s really good? I cannot believe it, here we present to you our third issue! The theme this time round is heritage, and we represent nations united together as one. With interviews with talent from across the board, UK rapper Giggs, Entrepreneur Tim Campbell, Riz Ahmed, Sofi Donuts and Dels surely you will be jumping in your shoes to find out what they have to say. We also have a new Real Life section featuring my personal favourite the ‘Chirpsing’ debate, so boys you can learn new skills on how to chat up girls. Join us while we learn to Ski for this Issues 50:50, and check out our star studded ‘Football XI’ it. Read it, spread the word it and enjoy Go on to check out all the latest news.



MUSIC – New Female Singers, Chip Music, Crazy Cousins, Kyza, Giggs CULTURE – Sara Maple, Gavin Watson and Martin Cole

Nicholas Asamoah

FASHION – Back to the Old Skool; Trendspotter; Secret Style Histories Sponsors Published by Hardcore Is More Than

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