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s a quarterly publication, we share ideas, information and insight on the fashion world of Cape Cod in print four times a year. But there is so much going on in the in between, we decided to take the show online and to social media. So, you can follow us on facebook, Instagram, and tumblr and check out our blog on to keep up with the Cape’s fashion scene – looks, events, and sales on a daily basis.



Amanda Converse SALES MANAGER



Andreas Kuehn Stacey Hedman Jen Villa (Product Shots)

Timothy Graham




Emma Childs, Halle Davis

Andreas Kuehn Amy Szep

Published by Love Local Media Inc. Instagram: @thecurrentquarterly Printed locally by Sunderland Printing on recycled content.


RU N WAY RU N D OW N by Emma Childs Illustrations by Amy Szep

Ever hear a fashion buzz word and wonder what the heck the stylists are talking about? Here is your guide to the trends of the season.

Summer Colors Tangerine


Print: Tropical

While wearing a tropical printed skirt may not be the same as laying out on a beach in Curacao, the same striking imagery is implied. This upcoming season, looking around at the street style that surrounds you, you may think you’ve escaped to the rainforest. The modern print with a vintage nod can be quite eye-catching, and when paired with neutrals or used in small doses, the perfect impact can be created. Palm trees adorning a clutch is the perfect daring accessory or muted tones on a cocktail dress can be the perfect combination to make you stand out from the crowd with a burst of energy.

Style: Rompers




Classic Blue


Rompers are adorable, it’s as simple as that.These cute and playful shortened jumpsuits (some might even call them adult onesies) are a perfect versatile look with an individual twist. If you have steered clear of rompers in the past because of not knowing what will work for your body type, muster up some courage and keep searching. For petites, a romper made in lighter fabric would be best and for those who are mindful of their waist, simply add a belt! Rompers in a bright print is perfect for any daytime adventures and to transform it into the perfect date look, just add some heels and statement necklace; head turning guaranteed.

Neckline: Plunging

Plunging necklines are certainly nothing new in the fashion world. Starlets have worn them with a sultry smile while strutting down the red carpet for years. But for the upcoming season, this particular tasteful and sexy neckline is one of the more popular ways to show some skin. And while this neckline may not be the most appropriate for a day at the office, a deep ‘V’ is a fantastic and edgy statement to make for a night out with your best friends or for a nighttime concert. Whether shown on a black jumpsuit or a lightweight blouse a plunging neckline always creates the same effect - a tasteful and standout moment.

Bottoms: Slouchy Pants

For years, the battle between comfort and style has had individuals choosing between the two, unaware that there is a uniting armistice; harem pants. These slouchy and stylish pants are a unique blend of comfort casual and a distinct style choice. Simple yet sophisticated, harem pants are a perfect piece to create an effortless vibe that will make you stand out. To dress up these casual pants, pair them with a silk blouse and flats to balance professionalism and a relaxed appeal. Not only do they look easy-breezy, these pants are lightweight and a perfect choice for a day of summer fun.






3 4

1. Urban Expressions Kitty Clutch Weekend, Orleans | $50 2. Circus by Sam Edelman Gold Sandal Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $32.99 3. Meringue by Dr. Scholls Frill sandal Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $69.99 8

4. Beau & Ro Belt Bag Adrift, Chatham | $168 5. Soludos Lace Up Espadrille Salt, Wellfleet | $55 6. Victoria Droplet Bag Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $145











here are so many hidden pockets of natural beauty on the Cape that are just as much a part of the landscape as the ocean and its sandy beaches. We chose one such location in Barnstable that not only possesses lakes, ponds, woodlands and grassy fields, but is also home to several majestic horses, as the perfect backdrop for us to showcase flowy and breezy summer fashions that are essential to finding comfort throughout the warmest style season.

On Bailey Tysa Feather Print Jumpsuit Weekend, Orleans | $217

On Erin Michael Stars Black Strapless Jumpsuit Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $115.99 Steezyer Cream and Black Diamond Print Kimono Sass on Main, Hyannis | $44.50


Stacey Hedman HAIR & MAKEUP

Razzmatazz Hair Studio Marstons Mills MODELS

Sally Burke Bailey Potter Erin Potter 15

On Sally Ronan Chen Tie-Dye Asymmetrical Dress Frances Francis Design Studio, Orleans | $308


On Sally Amour Vert White Camisole Weekend, Orleans | $45 Lovely Day Floral Crop Tank Isabel Boutique Chatham and Harwich Port | $68 Olivaceous Drawstring Pant Isabel Boutique Chatham and Harwich Port | $98


On Bailey GLAM Tribal Drawstring Dress Savvy on Main, Orleans | $72


On Bailey Leota Dress Fisherman’s Daughter, Chatham | $135


On Erin Dylan White Collared Woven Top Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $89 Tribal Jeans Tie Dye Maxi Tank Dress Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $125


On Erin Indigenous Ruched White Tank Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis and Orleans | $46

On Sally elan Embroidered Fringe Kimono Savvy on Main, Orleans | $84

ecoSkin Maxi Skirt Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis and Orleans | $98

Sally-Prairie Underground Ankle Length Pant Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis and Orleans | $140 Sugar + L!PS patterned fringe tank Isabel Boutique, Chatham and Harwich Port | $64









1. Semaki Whales Tale Studs Nicholas Harrison Gallery, Wellfleet | $17 2. Sterling Fish Bones Cuff Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths, Chatham | $295 3. Artichoke Tee Shirt Artichoke, Eastham | $25 4. White Wing Cooler Black Eel Outfitters, Dennis | $241.50 5. Look Collection scarf Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $25 6. Cape Cod Clutches Fabric Wristlets Snowgoose Shop, Sandwich | $20 ea. 26


7. Sterling Silver Necklaces Fisherman's Daughter, Chatham | $65 ea 8. Stony Brook Designs, Cotton Pillow Deep Blue, Dennis | $80 9. Stony Brook Design Whale on Barnboard Deep Blue, Dennis | $225 10. Brewster Tackle Co. Bangle & Vintage Bangle Deep Blue, Dennis | $52 & $80 11. Convertible Collar Jacket Odile, Dennisport | $110











C UR R E N T BEAUT Y Natural, Meaningful, and Local Beauties by Emma Childs


ike the fashion world, the evolving beauty industry goes through fads and trends. In recent years, the push for natural beauty and a more mindful relationship between an individual and their products has become a trend that has had many rethinking their beauty regime. For some standout local businesses on Cape Cod, organic beauty is not a passing phase, but a mission on which they have founded an entire business. 30

Anya Messina, founder of Anya’s Herbals, crafts effective and organic beauty products out of a healing formula of powerful herbs and botanicals. Each ingredient Messina uses is organic, responsibly wild-crafted, obtained through fair-trade, and no fillers, parabens, fragrance chemicals, or other questionable toxins are ever used in any of her products. “Anya’s Herbals offers highly effective organic skin nourishing products that are beneficial to the planet and its producers and growers, while uplifting the spirits and daily joy factor of our customers at each use,” Messina says. The beauty industry is a complex and competitive business and Messina is aware of this fact; but strives to always hold quality over quantity and to make sure with each product created, someone, somewhere is benefiting out of its production. “The world doesn’t really need another bar of soap, as gorgeous as that soap may be; does it? But, if the purchase of that gorgeous soap directly benefits a woman and children in Africa, or allows organic farming methods to be an economically viable option for growers locally and around the planet, I believe the world does need that bar of soap,” Messina says. “At the heart of every Anyas Herbal product is a blend of 8 local botanicals for strengthening and nurturing the skin; these ingredients I grow or ethically wildcraft and process myself, here on Cape Cod,” Messina says. All of the beeswax used is bartered from a local beekeeper and all goat milk comes directly out of Western Massachusetts. While everything may not

directly be from the Cape, every single ingredient has an ethical effect that is essential to the production of all of Messina’s products. Messina once waited for four months for her last shipment of shea butter to arrive from Africa; the impact of the ingredients is more important than the quantity or time constraints. Not only does Messina focus on the significance of her products, she holds her distribution of proceeds to the same meaningful standard. “Anya’s Herbals donates 10 percent of all profits to organizations working for positive change, locally, and globally. This is as central to the products as the sourcing of high quality ethical ingredients,” Messina adds. Some of the many local beneficiaries include Lower Cape Outreach, WOMR Outermost Radio, and Cape Cod Children’s Place. Messina notices the impact businesses can have on the local environment and economy and feels as a business owner, she has a responsibility to do this to her best ability. Many corporate businesses in these modern times become aware of the trends in the industry and attempt to monopolize on the latest passion, without completing

following through on the cause. Messina states that, “Natural beauty products are one of the fastest-growing segments of the highly profitable, global cosmetic business, and as such, the term is being exploited. “Natural” is strictly a marketing term, and unfortunately there are no regulations in place governing the use of the term “natural” on beauty products (or any product).” Many companies simply slap the word “natural” on a bottle of cleanser without really researching what it truly means to be natural. Roots Organic Salon, located in Marstons Mills, is a beauty and hair salon that stresses the importance of organic and natural products and recognizes what it means to truly commit to their mission. The motivation behind Roots Organic Hair salon is to provide an immersive organic, all natural, and eco-friendly experience to encourage healthy hair and a clean environment. For the past three years, Roots Organic Salon has been spreading their mission of organic and natural beauty into the local community, in order to raise awareness about importance of the appreciating all natural products. “Our goal is to take it back to an age before 31

the big chemical companies. The earlier, cleaner age,” says Lenny Holtzman, the founder of Roots. With this inspiration, Roots Organic Salon was created and now spreads these philosophies to celebrate a cleaner and healthier world to give back to the local community. “Organic and natural products not only affect and help the client, but they affect everyone involved,” says Holtzman. “If you can’t swallow it, we don’t put it on your skin.” Roots and all of their employees are dedicated to sharing the importance of natural products, as well as using chemical-free and organic products for natural-looking hair directly into the local community. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed on how to start the relationship with your beauty products, local businesses like Green Goddess Herbals, an herb, spice, and tea shop in East Falmouth, offers instructional lessons to inform the community about the importance of more conscious products. “The classes we offer are: natural soap making; crafting moisturizers, creams and lotions; and how to make herbal oil infusions that


can be turned into your own lip balms, lotion bars and salves,” says Andrea Lawson, the owner of Green Goddess Herbals. Not only are instructional classes offered, Goddess Herbals sell skin healthy alternatives to the harsh commercial soaps and beauty products that can be found on corporate store shelves. “Our products are made in small batches, with love. We use organic herbs, high quality oils and skin nourishing butters in all our handmade soap, creams, lotions, balms and salves,” Lawson says. After pet grooming for thirty years in the Falmouth community, Lawson retired in 2001 and opened a retail bulk herb, spice and tea shop on Main Street, Falmouth to share her passion for herbs that stemmed from her very first class in 1978. Over time Green Goddess Herbals grew to become a resource for the local community to purchase organic herbs and meet with other like-minded and local people who cared about their products. The mission behind Goddess Herbals is to spread the

importance of getting back to basics and becoming mindful of what goes into our bodies. “Choosing natural beauty care helps cut down on the overload of toxins that cross the skin barrier entering our organs and nervous system. Just as we choose to eat healthy foods for optimal health, we feel we should nourish the skin by choosing [carefully] what we put on it,” Lawson shares. After a five year battle with Lyme’s disease, Goddess Herbals closed the retail store but are pleased to still offer herbs and classes from their farmstead, at a gentler and more relaxed pace right into the community. “There is now the time to create all the bath and beauty products ourselves and teach the community how to do the same,” Lawson adds. Dedicated, authentic businesses that commit fully to their missions are gems in this increasingly corporate beauty world. Located on Cape are three of the many businesses who are committed to bringing natural and organic beauty to market. 33




1. Screen Label T Shirt Adrift, Chatham | $34 2. Black Eel Outfitters Sweatshirt Black Eel Outfitters, Dennis | $59.95 3. Oliver Cade Neckties and Bowtie Adorn, Orleans | $50 & $40 4. Time Flies Buttondown Shirt Black Eel Outfitters, Dennis | $99.99 5. Patagonia Live Simply Hat Mocean, Mashpee | $29 36


1 6. Jack O’neill Blue Print Volley Swim Trunks Chatham Clothing Bar, Chatham | $59.50 7. adidas Climacool Boat Shoes Mocean, Mashpee | $70 8. Cellar Leather Braided Cuff Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $20 9. Field and Stream Two Fold Wallet Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $30





9 8 37





he SeaCrest Beach Resort, located in North Falmouth, is one of the few beachfront hotels on the Cape. The beach is reminiscent of the Caribbean and the sunsets are beyond compare. Fortunately for us, and for their guests, the SeaCrest offers more than just the beach for entertainment, as we encountered torrential rainstorms for our first ever bathing suit shoot.


Prana Lahari Halter Top Ramba Bottom Mocean Cape Cod, Mashpee | $55, $49


Cod Town Sweatshirt | $35


Andreas Kuehn Stacey Kuehn

Andrea Kooharian-Simpson MODEL

Leslie Heirtzler


Letarte Beach Shirt Bedroom I’s Boutique, Osterville | $184 Letarte One-piece Bedroom I’s Boutique, Osterville | $224


Roxy printed bikini top and bottom Chatham Clothing Bar, Chatham | $50, $39.50 Cape Cloth Bodhi Hat | $30


O’Neill Samba Bralette Samba Multi Tab Bottom Mocean Cape Cod, Mashpee | $54, $40 LOOK Cat Print Kimono Shawl Boutique & Consignment, Dennisport | $39


Patagonia Aqua Tankini Sunamee Bottom Black Eel Outfitters, Dennis | $62 ea. Cape Cod Clutches Beach Tote Snow Goose Shop, Sandwich | $49 Brohaun classic beach chair | $199


Susana Monaco Halter set Bedroom I’s Boutique, Osterville | $188 Letarte Zip Rash Guard Bedroom I’s Boutique, Osterville | $202 Vec Surfboard Vec Surfboards, Orleans | $695




WAR DROBE WA N T Bathing Suits by Amanda Converse

Regardless of your size or shape there is a bikini, onepiece, or tankini, out there in which you can and will feel comfortable and maybe even beautiful. You want to buy a suit that flatters you, not necessarily what is fashionable. All women take issue with at least one part of their bodies, so the key with bathing suits is to find the piece that detracts from that part. Here are a few tips to get you started: • If you have a large chest avoid skimpy styles and stick with styles that help lift the chest. • If you have full hips or thighs look for bathing suits that take attention to the upper half, and avoid boy shorts or low leg lines. • If you have a belly, try designs that skim over the middle or suits that have ruching, textured fabric or built-in control panels in the midsection.



Bedroom I’s Boutique, Osterville | $148

inding the best bathing suit for their body might be one of the hardest things most women go through. But to enjoy the Cape and all it has to offer in the summer it is a must-do. 48

• If you have a rectangular shaped body try finding a suit with added details like bows or ruffles, or has texture added to it. And finally, head to your favorite locally owned stores that sell bathing suits – our favorites are: Bedroom I’s in Osterville, Suits You in Mashpee and Hyannis, Mocean in Mashpee or Black Eel Outfitters in Dennis -- and try on multiple sizes and styles until you find one in which you feel confident and comfortable.




ON E L O OK, T H R EE WAY S 9 Seed maxi dress

Adrift, Chatham | $154 Fetch Sunglasses Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $78 Cellar Leather Skinny Belt Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $35 Joyn Leather Satchel Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $41.99 Reef Sneakers Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $55

Porcelain and Stone necklace and earrings Adorn, Orleans | $92 & $74 Fly London Yula sandal Frances Francis, Orleans and Wellfleet | $165 Grace Design Clutch Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $59 Synergy Cotton Blazer Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $64

Cape Cod Shoe Supply Co. Anchor Flip Flop Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $64 Star Gazer Cuff Forest Beach Designers | $1375 mar y sol Straw Bag Salt, Wellfleet | $115 Tassel Necklace Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $102 Hat Attack Twisted Weave Hat Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $75






S T Y L E PROFIL E Liz Hostetter • Ellie Kai by Amanda Converse

CQ: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? LH: I grew up on Cape Cod and headed oversees after college in '95 to volunteer in Fiji. Although the plan was to return to Boston for a graduate program in public health, I ended up moving to Paris instead. This was the beginning of a much longer life abroad than I ever could have imagined. Eventually we settled in London, where I was working, married, and with our 3 amazing kids. I believed returning to the States was only a year away before we relocated to Hong Kong. CQ: How did Ellie Kai come to be?


llie Kai is a unique brand based on a unique concept. The company offers the opportunity for customers to be part of their own design process by giving them the chance to choose a silhouette of a dress, top or skirt that will best suit their body. They then select a fabric, whether it is a pattern or a solid that speaks to their own personal style. The Current Quarterly asks Ellie Kai founder Liz Hostetter more about the brand, as well as her inspirations as the brand evolves.

LH: When I first arrived to Hong Kong, I found shopping for clothing a very limited and frustrating experience. After a year of struggling to find clothes with the right fit, I started having clothes custom-made with a great tailor. When I returned home the following summer to the Cape, the light bulb for the business really went off. I talked to so many women who loved the idea of having clothes made for you and “being your own designer.� I knew right away that this was a viable business idea and a platform for fashion that I had to develop. CQ: What is the significance of the name? LH: Ellie is short for my name, Elizabeth, and was my nickname during my time spent in Fiji; it remains one 57

of the most important times in my life and the name is very dear to me. The definition of Kai varies, but the meanings of strength and the water element resonated with me while I was brainstorming the perfect name for the business. CQ: The business model for the brand is very unique, can you give us a little background on how that developed? LH: When I was starting the business, I believed we needed to find a way to offer made-to-order clothing beyond the bespoke, high-end (and very expensive) custom tailoring experience. It was clear that women love to take part in the design process and voice what works best for her in terms of style, fabric and


length. Bringing these two concepts together, we have developed a model to make garments on-demand to ship directly to our clients. I work to source the best fabrics, create the vibrant and unique textiles, and design the flattering silhouettes, which could be offered to customers directly. We developed a production model where each item is cut and sewn to order in a scalable way that is truly unique in the manufacturing world, but clearly a more sustainable and thoughtful approach to production. CQ: Can you explain your design process? From where do you draw your inspiration? LH: The design process is never ending‌. and we are very lucky to have direct (and honest!) feedback

CQ: Who is the Ellie Kai customer? LH: We want to make it possible for women to have clothes made just for them, reflective of their unique personality and lifestyle. Our customer is sophisticated, chic, intelligent, and totally unique -- just like the clothes we make. CQ: How would you describe Cape Cod Style? LH: It is distinct- the perfect mix of prep and polished but in a laid back way. The Ellie Kai line mixes that polished Cape Cod style with global influences for a unique look.

from Ellie Kai Clients to help us understand how to continually improve and evolve our products. We do consider trends in the market, but overall, we are listening to ideas and feedback from the real women that wear these pieces, and try to develop styles from these critical insights. I am also constantly travelling across South East Asia and throughout India to find inspiration for our textile designs and finding ways to translate those throughout our Collections. 59

OUR ADVE RT ISERS BARNSTABLE Mosees BREWSTER Brewster Tackle Co. CENTERVILLE Centerville Yoga CHATHAM Adrift Chatham Beauty & Bridal Chatham Clothing Bar East Wind Silver Co. Fisherman's Daughter Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths Sundance Clothing Puritan Cape Cod COTUIT Therapeutic Bodywork DENNIS Deep Blue Black Eel Outfitters Underground Bakery DENNISPORT Odile Porter & Mags Shawl EASTHAM ARTichoke FALMOUTH Cape Chic Company Puritan Cape Cod Treasure Chest HYANNIS Cape Cod Beer Cellar Leather Charlie's Music Directions Green Lotus


The Little Beach Gallery The Local Juice Mass Bay Co. Naked Oyster Pain D'Avignon Puritan Cape Cod Red Fish Blue Fish Sass on Main Shift Eco Boutique Soho Arts Co Sposabella Bridal Twinbrooks Golf Course MARSTONS MILLS Razzmatazz MASHPEE Bleu Cape Kids Elfstone Silver & Gold Mashpee Commons Mocean Puritan Cape Cod

ORLEANS Adorn Beth Bishop Blake & Co. Frances Francis Savvy on Main Weekend Shift Home Eco Interiors

ONLINE CodTown Cape Cod Daily Deal DeFacto Images DJ Ian Lee Face Forward Beauty Stacey Hedman Photography Stacey Kuehn Hair

OSTERVILLE Bedroom I's Ellie Kai Provincetown SANDWICH Delicious Living Nutrition Snow Goose Shop The Local Juice Truro

WELLFLEET Frances Francis Nicholas Harrison Gallery Salt YARMOUTH The Picket Fence YARMOUTH PORT Design Works

The places to visit as you travel around the Cape.



Sandwich Barnstable


Hyannis Osterville Falmouth


West Dennis




West Dennis Yarmouth Port South Yarmouth

Harwich Harwich Port


Profile for Amanda Converse

The Current Quarterly Summer 2015  

Swimsuits, hidden spots on the Cape, and accessories that reflect life on the water fill the pages of the Summer 2015 Issue of the CQ!

The Current Quarterly Summer 2015  

Swimsuits, hidden spots on the Cape, and accessories that reflect life on the water fill the pages of the Summer 2015 Issue of the CQ!


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