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The Guide to Fashion & Shopping on Cape Cod








ape Cod is fortunate to be populated with many amazing, intelligent, creative and talented

women, and I consider myself fortunate to know many of them and call them friends. This issue features a photo shoot that includes a few of these women that I feel deserve recognition to their diverse contributions to our community. They are all responsible for making our community vibrant and a very special place to live. As small business owners and community advocates they also recognize the importance of supporting each other and the local businesses that also make our community vibrant and special, and we appreciate them giving us a Sunday afternoon to let us curl their hair, layer them with makeup, and dress them up in clothing from local boutiques. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed creating them!



Amanda Converse amanda@lovelocalmedia.com SALES MANAGER


Ian Lee ian@lovelocalmedia.com

Michelle Kaye Jen Villa (Product Shots)



Timothy Graham timgrahamdesign.com

Michelle Kaye


Amy Szep

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RUNWAY RUNDOWN Ever hear a fashion buzz word and wonder what the heck the stylists are talking about? Here is your guide to the trends of the season.

Spring Colors GREENERY

Print: Bold Stripes

The classic stripe pattern that is a constant in the fashion world gets an upgrade with wider and bolder horizontals – think oranges and yellows – and people are wearing them from head to toe.You’ll see them lining shirts, skirts, and fitted dresses.


HAZELNUT Hemline: Twisted



What started out as a defect has become a hot new trend – a side seam on a pair of jeans twists to the front as it runs down to the bottom. The length varies but all give the illusion of a slimmer ankle. Some designers are adding a zipper at end for an added flare.

FLAME Illustrations by Amy Szep


Style: Long over Short

This season’s favorite trend of fashionistas is drastically var ying hemlines creating a subtle drama that is very wearable– the bottom layer could be a mini-dress or a short skirt topped with a long structured vest or a long trench coat.

Waistline: Paper Bag

Yes, we know it doesn’t sound elegant but the paper bag waistline creates an almost ruffle effect by cinching the pant or skirt just below the top, creating a tapering out like a paper bag that has been gripped below the opening. It looks great paired with a blouse tucked in or with a cami and a blazer.







1. WOODEN SHIPS HELLO V NECK SWEATER Weekend, Orleans | $112 2. ALL WHO WANDER NECKLACE Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $45 3. FRESH TANK TOP Artichoke, Eastham | $25 4. CUFF BRACELETS Artichoke, Eastham | $64 each 5. BLUE Q SASSY SOCKS Red Fish Blue Fish, Hyannis | $9.95 6. CHOWDAH TEE Artichoke, Eastham | $25 7. MUDPIE GIRL BOSS BAG Modern Mix Giftery, Mashpee | $8.99 8. MIKUTOWSKI WOODWORKING JEWELRY BOX Red Fish Blue Fish, Hyannis | $54.95 9. COCKTAIL NAPKINS Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $28


2 4





9 17










eet five local women who are making their mark on our community… and looking good while doing it.

From Left On Cally JENNY YOO SADIE DRESS Sposabella, Hyannis | $350 On Nicole JENNY YOO ALLEGRA DRESS Sposabella, Hyannis | $325 On Sarah AIDAN MATTOX SILVER DRESS Green Eyed Daisy, Falmouth | $395 On Christine BELSOIE LACE & TULLE DRESS Sposabella, Hyannis | $270 On Marissa AIDAN MATTOX DRESS Green Eyed Daisy, Falmouth | $295

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod serves the Cape community by offering instruction, entertainment, and exhibition in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Their great hall, commercial kitchen,

recording studio, artist studios and old vault lent themselves well as the backdrop for a photoshoot that features women with many different occupations and talents.


Nicole Cormier is a Registered Dietician who owns her own practice, Delicious Living Nutrition, and is a partner in The Local Juice who is not only into eating healthy, but she is a local food advocate who is continually innovating and evolving her practice and offerings. She recently began organizing wilderness retreats that will incorporate nutrition counseling, yoga, meditation and connecting with nature.

On Nicole ELANA KATAN DRESS Frances Francis, Orleans | $209 MAURITA LEATHER COAT If the Shoe Fits, Orleans | $350


Marissa Noble not only manages the popular Hyannis eatery, Embargo, but she’s also a mom on a mission. Her son Aston was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when he was two years old. Marissa faced the diagnosis head on and worked hard to connect with her son and raise awareness of the disorder. She now sits on the Board of Cape Cod Child Development, the organization whose Early Intervention services were invaluable to Marissa and her family, and also organizes the Bloody Mary Mix-Off fundraiser every April, which has cumulatively raised almost $200,000 for the program.

On Marissa CROCHETED BEADED NECKLACE Puritan Cape Cod, Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $76 PARKER SMITH KAM SKINNY Puritan Cape Cod, Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $183 EILEEN FISHER BONE TUNIC Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $348


Cally Harper is a biologist who returned to her beloved Cape Cod after receiving her PhD to work with scientists, town officials and residents to reduce Cape Cod's vulnerability to flooding,  erosion and sea level rise. She is now employing bioengineering techniques as a tool to rebuild and restore coastal areas, as a Project Manager at Wilkinson Ecological Design. She approaches everything she does personally and professionally with an enthusiasm that is contagious.

On Cally PEOPLE TREE JUMPSUIT Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $88 NECKLACE Weekend, Orleans | $248 ON CHRISTINE: TRIBAL JEANS PANTS Snow’s Cape Cod, Orleans | $65.99 GRACIA SHAWL COLLAR TOP Chatham Clothing Bar, Chatham | $68.95

Thanks to artist Lance Walker for letting his subjects be a part of our subject!


You have likely heard Sarah Colvin’s voice at some point reporting local news whether it be on the radio (she now works for Frank FM) or on local access television. She has been dedicated for years to telling the stories of local people and happenings in a positive and productive way, and has recently launched a weekly news program Cape Media News through her position at the Community Media Center of Cape Cod.

On Sarah TRIBAL JEANS TUNIC BUTTON DOWN Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $96 TRIBAL JEANS OAK MOSS JEANS Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $98 FLY LONDON MOUSSE SANDALS Frances Francis, Orleans | $180 JANE DIAZ NECKLACE Mark August, Chatham | $110 JANE DIAZ EARRINGS Mark August, Chatham | $94 FRIEDA ROTHMAN RINGS Mark August, Chatham | $38-$170


Christine Hornby, one of the only females on the Dennis Police Department, has been a Detective on the force for seven years working with and fighting for some of the most vulnerable in our community. And she does it all with the empathy, humility, and determination that anyone would want in the person them helping them through potentially the worst experiences of their lives.

On Christine TRIBAL JEANS PANTS Snow’s Cape Cod, Orleans, $65.99 GRACIA SHAWL COLLAR TOP Chatham Clothing Bar, Chatham, $68.95


Michelle Kaye MAKEUP

Andrea Kooharian-Simpson HAIR

Amanda DaSilva, by Design Salon VENUE

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod South Yarmouth





STYLE PROFILE beauty that the Cape has to offer. As I’m sure you can imagine by my profession that I am a big nature guy; I love going on little day hikes, and I have to say that some of my favorites are right on Cape. The nature on Cape is so diverse; within a thirty mile radius you can experience dense forests, estuaries, swamps, beaches, and more. Quick little sunset hikes to the Knob in Falmouth, or through the White Cedar swamps in Wellfleet are always so amazing each in their own way. The Cape truly has something to offer like no other that I’ve seen, and I like to think I’ve done my fair share of hiking over the years!

ERIK HIBBARD Native Cape Codder and Barnstable High grad Erik Hibbard launched Steward Outdoor, an environmentally conscious outdoor apparel company, in early 2016 and is now selling his tanks and tees online at stewardoutdoor.com and at Shift Eco Boutique in downtown Hyannis and Chatham Clothing Bar on Main Street, Chatham. Can you tell us a little bit about your connection to Cape Cod? To start, my Cape heritage didn’t begin with my parents, it extends back generations, which for me has always been very humbling, that it hasn’t just been a home for me, it has been home for my family for quite some time now. Another connection of mine stems from the sheer 34

How did the idea for Steward come about? The idea for Steward Outdoor came about while taking a weather and climate class as a freshman at Salem State University. We spent some time discussing the topic of global climate change, and did a little research on the receding of some of the planet's major glaciers. The outdoors is a place that I hold near and dear to my heart, so to see and learn of this was something that I felt a profound sense of responsibility to address. To develop a sustainable line of outdoor apparel to me seemed like the best way to go about tackling such a large problem. Brands have a way of not only creating awareness on a grand scale, they are also something that people can rally behind. So in essence, Steward Outdoor is an environmentally conscious outdoor apparel company; we manufacture all of our

products in the USA, using only the finest organic materials, and donate two percent of each sale to environmental nonprofit organizations. Can you describe the design process for your garments? When I work on Steward Outdoor clothing designs, I try to always keep timelessness in mind. In order to minimize our impact on the planet I aim to create designs that can be worn today, next year, even ten years from the day of purchase. In the outdoor apparel industry being edgy with design isn’t as much of a selling point as durability, and quality. If you purchase a product from us for the intended use of exploring the outdoors, you most likely want the garment to be able to keep you dry, cool, or warm. As a clothing brand with a social cause, I also want for our clothing to stand out and be heard. One way of doing so is making sure that the contrast of our logo always stands out and does not become lost in the color of the material. As someone that is a frequent hiker it is easy for me to draw inspiration from the outdoors to put towards my designs. If I come across something that either doesn’t fit right, or that I wish had an extra zipper to hold supplies, I always jot it down in my notebook to possibly include in a future design. Why was it important for you to use eco-friendly materials in your garments? It was important for me to use eco-friendly materials for my garments, specifically because I felt it was important to evolve and adapt to the

changing condition of the environment. To me, it seemed silly as a “species” to continue to invest in something that we know is not sustainable, or good for the environment. We have recognized that there is an issue [in clothing manufacturing] and to turn a blind eye to that would only be contributing to the greater problem: the degradation of our environment. From the very start I wanted to prove a point that not only sustainable clothing production in the U.S.A could be done, but that it can be profitable as well. Who is the typical Steward customer? The typical Steward Outdoor customer is someone who for one reason or another is passionate about, and has a connection to the outdoors. I have heard some of the greatest stories from our customers. Some talk about summer camping trips as a child, while others speak of trips to far off places. It’s that passion for the outdoors, and protection of it that our typical customers truly appreciate. 35

or it could simply mean taking a product that is conventionally seen as unsustainable, and making it a sustainable one, such as a sturdy jacket or a wet suit. I also see us evolving our video production capabilities. I would love to give our supporters a closer look into the effects of climate change, as well as highlight the people around the world who are helping to make a difference. Lastly, I see Steward Outdoor becoming a more recognizable brand, and helping to empower individuals to take a stance against global climate change.

How do you see Steward evolving in the future? I see Steward Outdoor evolving in a couple different ways. For one, I see us really pushing the boundaries of sustainable clothing production. This could mean locating and using more earth conscious materials,


How would you describe Cape Cod style? I have always viewed the Cape as having more of a laid back style. Beach ready at a moment’s notice, I like to say. Things that come to mind are salmon shorts, nautical symbols, and button down shirts. Sure, style is subject to change with the weather, but I feel as though most people during the cold seasons are simply waiting for any glimpse of warmer days to break out their seasoned pair of boat shoes.








t is a total score when you find an article of clothing that can be worn for work, play and everything in between. Here we find a musthave piece for your wardrobe, alongside styling suggestions to show you just how versatile it can be.

REIKO SANDY CHINO Underground Fashion, Falmouth $110

JAG RIO SHIRT Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $69.50 SHIRALEAH JULES CROSS BODY SADDLE BAG Snow’s Home and Garden Orleans | $56.99 LETOL MOISE SCARF Frances Francis, Orleans | $132 NECKLACE Blake & Co., Orleans | $188

ROBERTO COLLINA SLEEVELESS BUTTON DOWN SHIRT Underground Fashion, Falmouth | $285 LOUISE ET CIE GIA SANDAL If the Shoe Fits, Orleans | $130 FLOTSAM AND JETSAM STUDS Stephen Gallant Jewelers | $252 STARGAZER BRACELET Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths Chatham | $900

THML ¾ SLEEVE STRIPE TOP Cape Chic, Falmouth | $72 SHIRALEAH JOSS CROSS BODY Snow’s Home and Garden Orleans | $75.99 LADIES WOVEN DRESS WATCH Stephen Gallant Jewelers, Orleans | $195 CAPE COD WHALE TAIL BRACELET Jewelcraft, Hyannis | $96



OUR ADVE RT ISERS CENTERVILLE Cape Cod Package Store [24] Centerville Yoga & Wellness [6] CHATHAM Changing Tides Consignment [12] Chatham Clothing Bar [8] East Wind Silver Co [21, 41] Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths [18] Frances Johnston Boutique [33] Gustare Oil & Vinegars [33] M. Smith & Company [41] Mark August [12] Puritan Cape Cod [23] Rebecca Jean [21] Sundance Clothing [13] Yankee Ingenuity [9] COTUIT Therapeutic Bodywork [43] DENNIS Deep BLUE [43] Underground Bakery [3] EASTHAM Artichoke [5] FALMOUTH Cape Chic Company [7] Puritan Cape Cod [23] Underground Fashion [6] HYANNIS by Design [12] Cape Cod Beer [13] Cape Cod Five [Inside Front Cover] Devinto [18] Directions [14] Embargo [Back Cover] Emerald Physicians [31] Hyannis Main Street BID [39] Jewelcraft [37] The Little Beach Gallery [32] The Local Juice [19] Naked Oyster [21] Puritan Cape Cod [23]


Red Fish Blue Fish Cape Cod [23] Rendezvous Café & Crêperie [38] Samantha Welch Esthetician [43] Shift Eco Boutique [32] Soho Arts Company [36] Solstice Day Spa [14] Sposabella Bridal & Cape Cod Tux [22] Summer House Natural Soaps [19] Tap City Grille [6] MASHPEE Elfstone Silver and Gold [5] Gustare Oil & Vinegars [33] Inner Glow [Inside Back Cover] Mashpee Commons [20] Modern Mix Giftery [8, 17, 24] Puritan Cape Cod [23] ORLEANS Blake & Co [33] Homegrowntrades [15] Snow’s Home & Garden [7] Weekend [14] OSTERVILLE Margo’s [40] SANDWICH Stacey Kuehn Hair [37] Wish Gift Co. [15]

WEST DENNIS Fresh Interiors [37] YARMOUTHPORT Design Works [2] ONLINE Andrea Kooharian Makeup [23] Beaded Wire [5] Brewster Tackle Co. [7] Cabo Cado [15] Cape Cod Five [Inside Front Cover] DJ Ian Lee [38] Michelle Kaye Photography [41] The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod [18] Provincetown

s The place you to visit as nd travel arou e the Cap .




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