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Letter from the Editor


f you are familiar with The Current Quarterly you will know it began as a magazine focused solely on fashion on Cape Cod. As the magazine has grown and taken shape, we have ventured into many boutiques across the Cape. These shops showcase more than just clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Like my own store, Shift, many local shops also carry furniture, gifts and home dĂŠcor, which tend to be influenced by the same trends that we feature and define in our Runway Rundown. This is why we have decided to change our description to: Your Guide to Shopping on Cape Cod as we include more of the unique home goods and creations we see every day. You will see this additional focus in our pages, and as always we will only feature product found at locally owned shops, as these are the shops that make our community strong and unique. Dress (and Shop) Local,


Editor Amanda Converse amanda@lovelocalmedia.com

Photography MJ Marcondes Jen Villa (Product Shots)

Sales Director Todd Goyette

Editorial Intern Emma Childs

Graphic Design Timothy Graham www.timrgraham.com

Contributors Amy Szep

Published by Love Local Media Inc. thecurrentquarterly.com facebook.com/thecurrentquarterly Printed locally by Sunderland Printing on recycled content.




Runway Rundown By Amanda Converse & Emma Childs Illustrations by Amy Szep Ever hear a fashion buzz word and wonder what the heck the stylists are talking about? Here is your guide to the trends of the season.

Radiant Orchid




Dazzling Blue


Celosia Orange

Hemline: Sheer Panel

Sheer panels on skirt and dress hemlines are everywhere this upcoming season, providing an interesting graphic element, while also adding a bit of elegance. These hemlines have just the right balance, a little flash of skin but not too much! The length of the skirt can be above or below the knee, but no matter where you’re going, if you’re sporting a sheer hemline you will look elegant and cutting-edge.

Print: Tribal

Waistline: Crop Top

This spring, the fun and geometric tribal print is all the rage. A combination of triangles, zig-zags, and lines make this print come to life. When done in bold colors it can appear more urban and funky but if done in earth tones, it gives off a vibe that looks more natural and captivating. Giving any look a whimsical edge, tribal print will certainly turn heads!

Crop tops have made a comeback from the 90s and are everywhere this spring. However these tops have shed their provocative and belly-baring reputation and are known as sophisticated and puttogether. The key is to pair with a highwaisted bottom or wear over a maxi dress. For a more casual look, pair a cropped graphic tee with a blazer and some skinny jeans. Or try a boxy cut paired with a form-fitting pencil skirt for a powerful and chic ensemble.

Neckline: Plunging

The plunging neckline has always been a common thread on some of the most chic and editorial runways. But this spring it has been even more prominent and can be styled down enough to be in anyone’s closet. Whether in a sexy cocktail dress that shows off some skin in a sophisticated way or a blouse paired with a camisole, you will always get the sense of style that comes along with this high-class neckline.




Polka Dots 1


1. Burlap Pillow, Modern Vintage, Sandwich | Call for Pricing 2. Yala Polka Dot Scarf, Mass Bay Co, Hyannis | $29.99 3. Tom’s Polka Dot Shoe, Mass Bay Co, Hyannis | $53.99 4. Cloud Earrings, The Little Beach Gallery, Hyannis | $30 5. Dot Vases, Loport, Hyannis | $40-44 6. Leather Skinny Cuffs, Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $9 ea 7. Max NY Polka Dot Bag, If The Shoe Fits, Orleans | $75.











Look for tribal and global influences, fringe, classic floral, and geometric shapes and prints.



1 1. Kris Nations xo Earrings, Weekend, Orleans | $32 2. Mia Barricade Sandal, Mass Bay Co, Hyannis | $39.99 3. Knitty Bracelet, Mass Bay Co, Hyannis | $76 4. Funk J Turquoise Earrings, Ports & Co, Cotuit | $18 5. Geometrical Necklace, Shawl Boutique, Dennis Port | $19 6. Sondra Roberts Clutch, If The Shoe Fits, Orleans | $65 7. Papillon Floral Patterned Scarf, Green Eyed Daisy, Falmouth | call for pricing 8. Victoria Leather Co. Fringe Bag, Cellar Leather, Hyannis | $139 9. Bogs Classic Woman's Rain Boot, Mocean, Mashpee | $120






9 13




Spring is the perfect time to clean out – or “edit” – your closet to make sure whatever you pull out to wear will make you look and feel good when you walk out the door. To begin this process, set aside an afternoon, and enlist the help of a friend. Take some time to go through each item in your closet, and try everything on. Put on your critical eye, and be honest with yourself about these questions: 1. How often do I wear it? If it is less than once every six months, then consider putting it in the “to go” pile. 2. Does it reflect my personal style? You may not think you have a style, but you do know in your gut if something is “you” or not. Go with that gut feeling.


Illustration by Amy Szep

n average women only wear about a quarter of what is hanging in their closet. We are all guilty of having a dress with the tags still on or of buying that trendy top that we convinced ourselves we would wear. Many of us hold on to pieces of clothing because of what it meant to us in the past or because we hope it will fit us in the future. The problem with this is when we fill our closets with things we won’t or don’t wear, we can’t actually see (literally and figuratively) what we could and should wear.


3. Can I wear it with other things in my closet? When you fill your closet with clothing that can be mixed and matched, and paired with many other things, then you have a wardrobe. 4. How does it look on me? If it is too big or too small, can it be altered to fit? Do not continue to live in the past or the future. Dress your body in its present, and let go of things that no longer fit your style. What do you do with the clothing that no longer serves you? • Bring them to a consignment or thrift shop (our favorites: Wicked Thrift, Picket Fence Consignment, and Shawl), and sell them to someone to whom they are better suited.

• Donate them to a non-profit such as your local church thrift shop, Goodwill or the Salvation Army. • Recycle them. 21 billion pounds of textiles are thrown away in the US. Most of these textiles can be recycled or repurposed. Look for a recycling bin that has clothing listed on it as an acceptable take in. Once you have discarded of the things that are weighing you down, and organized your closet in a way that makes sense to you, think about what you might need to fill in the holes you couldn’t see before. Then go shopping at all of the great locally owned shops to fill them in!




Tips, tricks, advice and adages for having fun with your hair and makeup

By Emma Childs

• For those early mornings where you need to look more awake than you feel, try putting some brightening shimmery shadow in your tear duct area. This draws the light and focus to your eyes and makes you look wide awake.

• A little shimmer never hurt anyone and can add a youthful glow, so be brave and ditch those mattes this spring season!

• A bad hair day does not mean a bad hair life. Hair is temperamental at times, but that does not mean it doesn’t need love too. Nurture and love your hair, invest in a good haircut, and it might start to listen to your orders more.

• Coconut oil: the holy grail of the beauty industry, because it has so many uses and properties. If your hair has one too many split ends, lather some coconut oil on your ends, leave it in for 30 minutes and then rinse for a quick and harmful chemical free hair mask. For that eyeliner that just does not want to budge, dip a cotton swab in some coconut oil, dab with ease, and before you know it, your pesky eye makeup is gone.

• Makeup is your friend, not foe, and nothing is permanent. Put some bold colors on your lids; highlight your cheekbones; wing out your liner! It is your beautiful face and that makes it your decision to do what you want with it.

• In the world of makeup, mascara is your one true and beloved best friend.

• For those cursed fly-a-ways that leave an un-angelic halo of frizz around you, grab an extra toothbrush, spray with some grip hairspray, and tame those bad-boys into place.





wardobe want Capris By Emma Childs


here is nothing like a fresh pair of capris to signal the arrival of spring. Showing just the right amount of ankle, these stylish high-waters look trendy on any woman. As a spring staple, capris have a wide variety of options: printed in polka dots, bold fresh colors, or even in a basic denim wash. The key to finding the right pair is to choose a fit that isn’t too baggy or too tight. And since these pants are cropped, they can give the illusion of shorter legs, so if you have legs on the shorter side, wear a nice pair of heels to add a bit of length to the look.

Tribal Jeans Capri Pants Beth Bishop, Orleans | $65

Once you find a pair that is just right for you, there are so many styling options. Tuck a chambray top into nearly any pair to look cool and casual. If you have a beloved pair of printed capris, throw a blazer on to look more professional. A timeless pairing of tapered cropped pants with a boxier top is a nod to the sophistication and confidence of Audrey Hepburn. These cropped pants have been around for decades and you can’t help but feel the excitement of the warming season.




One Look, Three Ways Kab Sandal Shawl Boutique & Consignment, Dennis Port | $22 Carissima Bijoux Necklace Beth Bishop, Orleans | $55 Groceries Sandra Bloom Sleeveless Dress Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $78

Prairie Underground Cigarette Leggings Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $136 Groceries Tank Mini Dress Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $44 2 Chic Scarf Red Fish Blue Fish, Hyannis | $18.95

Joseph Ribkoff Ladies Skirt Treasure Chest, Falmouth | $134.95 Blue and Silver Clutch Treasure Chest, Falmouth | $42.50 Hovey Lee Halo Earrings Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $58


Alembika Crop Top Treasure Chest, Falmouth | $126





Hadley Dombrowski

adley Dombrowski lives in Falmouth and runs the local boutique Green Eyed Daisy with her mother Jeannie. She plans on selling her designs at the Main Street shop, as well as pursuing her interest in creating more theatrical gowns for musicians. She was recently enlisted by the Cape Cod Museum of Art to design a formal gown for singer Oriana Camish at their Red Carpet Gala.

Dress Designed by Hadley for Cape Cod Museum of Art's Red Carpet Gala

CQ Can you tell me more about your upbringing and your educational background? HD I was fortunate to have very supportive parents and a close relationship with my two older sisters. I grew up in a very active household and spent much of my time playing competitive tennis and drawing. I graduated in May 2013 with a BA in fashion design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. CQ When did your interest in fashion begin? Did you always want to work in the industry? HD From a young age I noticed how meticulously my grandmother put herself together and was constantly drawing and designing shoes. I always

Photo by Ian James Sinnetti Lee


loved art and fashion but I wasn't sure until college what direction I wanted to take. CQ How would you describe your design aesthetic? HD I draw much of my inspiration from nature with organic designs but I am not averse to embellishing. I like to create silhouettes that are flattering to the female form and empowering. CQ What is your definition of Cape Cod style? HD Being a resort area people are more interested in comfortable clothing. At Green Eyed Daisy, I enjoy styling women and encouraging them to experiment more with fashion. I like to encourage women to be more confident and to use clothing as a means of expressing their individuality.







he same trends that influence everything you see hanging from clothing racks at boutiques and in the pages of this magazine also influence the world of interior design. From the ever present denim influence to the minimalism of black and white, some trends remain fairly constant in fashion and interior design. Others such as this season’s popular global, tribal as well as classic floral prints and the professed Pantone colors of the year have hit the runways and the showrooms with intensity. Not surprisingly, these trends have also made their way to the local shops and boutiques all across Cape Cod. Photographer: MJ Marcondes Model: Alexa Menard Hair: Kate Scott Makeup: Andrea Kooharian-Simpson


DENIM (Opposite)


Interior Design

Interior Design

Nantucket 100% Wool Throw, Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $546

Throw Pillows, Cod Fin, West Barnstable | $75 ea

Denim & Warm White Rug, Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $400

Dash & Albert Rug Co. Cotton Woven Rug, Soho Arts Co. | $223

Denim Wingback Chair, Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $1280

Pillow in Cream & Denim, Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $105 Fashion Design

Daniela Linen Sofa, Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $4,555

Fashion Design

Ace & Jig Duo Robe Wrap Top, Weekend, Orleans | $258

Jag Rio Denim Shirt, Ports & Co, Cotuit | $69.50

Groceries Leggings, Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $44

Current Elliot Leopard Print Jeans, TK Perry, Osterville | $250

Colleen Cordero Sela Short Boot, TK Perry, Osterville |$695


FLORAL Interior Design Hand Painted Sign Modern Vintage, Sandwich call for pricing Floral Pillows Modern Vintage, Sandwich call for pricing Fashion Design Nic & Zoe Dress Shawl Boutique, Dennis Port | $148 Jeweled Earrings Modern Vintage, Sandwich | $15


TRIBAL Interior Design Campaign Folding Table Loport Arts Co., Hyannis | $345 Custom Accent Chairs Loport Arts Co., Hyannis | $200 ea Guatemalan Travel Bag Loport Arts Co., Hyannis | $289 Antique Cigar Drying Rack Loport Arts Co., Hyannis | $395 Fashion Design Nic & Zoe Skirt Cape Chic, Falmouth | $128 M Rena Ballerina Dress If The Shoe Fits, Orleans | $48 Hand Beaded Necklace Frances Francis, Orleans | $1050 Fly London Guile Sandals Frances Francis, Orleans | $259


GLOBAL Interior Design Herringbone Wingback with Pewter Nail Heads Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $2,100 5 x 8 Zig-Zag Natural Wool Rug Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $310 Tibetan Lambswool Ringlet Pillow Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $198 Geometric Handwoven Basket Porter & Mags, Dennis Port | $42 Fashion Design Billabong Dress Mass Bay Co, Hyannis | $43.99 31 Bits Recycled Paper Necklaces Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $28 ea Fly London Guile Sandals Frances Francis, Orleans | $259


COLORS OF THE SEASON Interior Design La Jacquard Francais Tablecloth Design Works, Yarmouthport | $215 Marche Aux Fleurs Peony Tea Towel Design Works, Yarmouthport | $24 Juliska White Scallop Charger Design Works, Yarmouthport | $68 Juliska White Dinner Plate Design Works, Yarmouthport, $40

White Scallop Pasta/Salad Bowl Design Works, Yarmouthport | $39 Berry & Thread Glassware Clear Pitcher Design Works, Yarmouthport | $78

Fashion Design Charlie Jade Ginger Dress If The Shoe Fits, Orleans | $170

Isabella Clear Medium Cake Stand Design Works, Yarmouthport | $160

Alashan Cashmere Co. Graduation Dress Topper Design Works, Yarmouth Port | $199

Iittala Alvar Aalto Collection Clear Vase Design Works, Yarmouthport | $135

Apeppazza Fionae Sandals If The Shoe Fits, Orleans | $132







BARNSTABLE Clean Green CENTERVILLE Centerville Yoga & Wellness CHATHAM Chatham Clothing Bar Mark August Shoe Salon Sundance Clothing COTUIT Ports & Company DENNIS DENNISPORT W. DENNIS Linda Burke Odile Porter & Mags Power Yoga of Cape Cod Shawl Sportsman's Landing Wicked Thrift EASTHAM ARTichoke FALMOUTH Cape Chic Treasure Chest

HYANNIS Cellar Leather Emerald Physicians Green Lotus Cafe Hyannis Main Street Little Beach Gallery Mass Bay Co. Naked Oyster Pain D'Avignon Red Fish Blue Fish Rendezvous Shift Eco Boutique Soho Arts Co. Sposabella Bridal Women's Workout Co.

OSTERVILLE Bedroom I's Ellie Kai Mulberry Corners The Shoe Salon TK Perry YARMOUTH W. YARMOUTH S. YARMOUTH Picket Fence Wicked Thrift Provincetown

MARSTONS MILLS Razzmatazz Salon ORLEANS Adrift Beth Bishop Frances Francis If The Shoe Fits Savvy on Main Weekend


ONLINE Cabo Cado Cloud Earrings Meryl Lefkovich Design Eastham

The places to visit as you travel around the Cape.


Sandwich Barnstable


Hyannis Osterville Falmouth


MASHPEE Cape Cod Coffee Roasters Elfstone Jewelry Inner Glow Yoga Mashpee Commons Mocean Spice Merchants


West Dennis




West Dennis Yarmouth Port South Yarmouth

Harwich Harwich Port



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The Current Quarterly Spring 2014  

Your Guide to Shopping on Cape Cod

The Current Quarterly Spring 2014  

Your Guide to Shopping on Cape Cod