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The Guide to Fashion & Shopping on Cape Cod


FAL L 2017

anniversary issue




LETTER F RO M T H E EDI TOR I think hitting the five year mark is a pretty big deal, and I am so excited that the The Current Quarterly has done it. There is no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without all of our advertisers, photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, our supremely talented Graphic Designer, Tim Graham, our determined Sales Manager Ian Lee and all of you, our loyal readers and fans. In this issue, we celebrate our milestone birthday by playing with the number five, featuring an interview with yours truly, inviting back five cover models from some of our very first issues, and by bringing you a new logo and a new look! It has been both a challenging and rewarding five years, and we can only hope that we have consistently created a fun and unique magazine that encourages locals and visitors to shop local not just for clothing, but for whatever they want and need. Dress Locally,



Amanda Converse SALES MANAGER


Timothy Graham • PHOTOGRAPHY

Michelle Kaye Photography COVER PHOTO

Michelle Kaye Photography CONTRIBUTOR

Amy Szep

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RUN WAY RUNDOWN Ever hear a fashion buzz word and wonder what the heck the stylists are talking about? Here is your guide to the trends of the season.


Material: Corduroy

Corduroy seems to make an appearance each decade, and it’s time in the two thousand teens is now. This season you’ll see it in a 70s inspired mini skirt or an 80s style shearling lined coat. Regardless of when it comes back, it always brings with it a feeling of nostalgia.





BUTTER RUM Illustrations by Amy Szep


Print: Far East

The Asian influence is always felt in fashion, but this season designers are showing it in their choice of fabrics. The prints are vibrant in their colorways of greens and blues and metallic, yet organic in their use of the natural world.

Style: Pantsuit

Women wearing menswear is one of the sexiest things on the red carpet this season. This is not your oversized and ill-fitting pantsuit of the 1980s, rather they are tailored and form-fitting and showing up in prints and textures that make them fun and interesting.

Sleeve: Princess Pouf

It is all about the sleeves this season, and the princess pouf is one of the most pronounced standouts. Think an exaggerated puffy shoulder that adds a bit of drama and flair to any style dress or even a blouse paired with jeans.









4 5 1. GOLD FISH WITH DIAMOND EYE Forest Beach Designer Goldsmith, Chatham | $420 2. 14KT YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING Jewelcraft, Hyannis | $1000 3. ITHIL METAL WORKS 9KT GOLD RING East Wind Silver Co., Chatham | $389 4. 14K ROSE GOLD STACKABLE WEDDING BAND Stephen Gallant Jewelers, Orleans | $1025 5. 14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND BAND Robert Guertin Jewelers, Sandwich | $999





When you just need a little break...



1 5

1. BLUE Q I DON’T CARE SOCKS Modern Mix Giftery, Mashpee | $12 2. FARIBAULT MILL NAUTICAL THROW Design Works, Yarmouthport | $160 3. VITAMIN SEA & ABALONE NECKLACES Wellfleet Marine Retail, Wellfleet | $30 & $28 4. BIRCHROSE + CO BATH SOAK Wish Gift Co., Sandwich & Mashpee | $17.99 5. AVENTURA ALTHEA TOP Fisherman’s Daughter, Chatham | $84





6. KARMA MUGS Wellfleet Marine Retail, Wellfleet | $15 ea 7. COMPENDIUM JOURNAL Yankee Ingenuity, Chatham | $6.95







FA B F I V E 1


Amanda’s Five Favorites for Fall


4 1. TOM’S LEILA MULES Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $95.99 2. EARRINGS Weekend, Orleans | $78 3. MITTO SHOP SWEATER Artichoke, Eastham | $54 4. ROBERTO COLLINA GRAPHIC KNIT TURTLENECK SWEATER Underground Fashion, Falmouth | $330


5. GAIA PURSE Salt, Wellfleet | $158



Cape Cod Glam There is nowhere more stylish to have a photo shoot than the newly opened West End. The Hyannis restaurant not only offers a beautiful and unique backdrop, but also lent the touch of Hollywood Glamour we wanted to bring to this, our anniversary issue. We also wanted to invite back five of our fierce cover models from our first few issues to add a bit of nostalgia!

On Alexa FREE PEOPLE DEEP V DRESS Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $92.99 JOY SUSAN EARRINGS Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $12

PHOTOGRAPHER Michelle Kaye Photography HAIR Stacey Kuehn MAKEUP Andrea Kooharian-Simpson


On Erin COMFY USA SHIRTDRESS Directions, Hyannis | $162 JULISKA SCARF Design Works, Yarmouthport | $25 On Christine MAISON SCOTCH SILK RUFFLE BLOUSE Salt, Wellfleet | $225 BOHO CHIC PATTERNED PANTS Cape Chic, Falmouth | $98

ERIN PETERSON Issue: Fall 2012 (our first!) Since then she’s been: Getting her Reiki certification and building her practice. Raising her (equally) beautiful daughter Aria. CHRISTINE CONROY Issue: Spring 2015 Since then she’s been: Honing her hair styling and makeup skills for wedding parties, special events and photo shoots.


On Mattie VELVET SWING TOP Salt, Wellfleet | Call for pricing DEVINTO PENCIL SKIRT Devinto, Hyannis | $89 On Alexa ULLA JOHNSON IMOGEN DRESS Weekend, Orleans | $598 On Shayna ELLA MOSS DRESS Salt, Wellfleet | $248

MATTIE FAY Issue: Winter 2012 Since then she’s been: Traveling through Central America. Becoming a massage therapist to add to her already killer nail tech skills. ALEXA MENARD Issue: Spring 2014 Since then she’s been: Becoming an esthetician and makeup artist working out of Cosmetique in Hyannis. SHAYNA MAHONEY Issue: Summer 2014 Since then she’s been: Building her Holistic Life Coach practice for young women. Launching her HOPE candle and spray line. Running her family business Emerald City with her husband John.


On Alexa PHILANTHROPY MAXI DRESS Homegrowntrades, Orleans | $128 MARCIA MORAN NECKLACE Mark August, Chatham | $160


On Erin FREE PEOPLE CHARTREUSE DRESS Homegrowntrades, Orleans | $108 CANVAS JEWELRY EARRINGS Homegrowntrades, Orleans | $18


On Christine EILEEN FISHER MANDARIN TOP Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $278 CHAN LUU CHOKER Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $90 On Mattie VINCE SILK DRESS Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $295 KENDRA SCOTT NECKLACES Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth $80-$120


On Shayna SPANX FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS Puritan Cape Cod Hyannis, Chatham, Mashpee, Falmouth | $98 DEVINTO CENTERVILLE COLLECTION TOP Devinto, Hyannis | $149 On Christine LYNN RITCHIE PULL ON CAPRIS Cape Chic, Falmouth | $129 MICHAEL STARS BLOUSE WITH LACE Mass Bay Co., Hyannis | $121.99 On Mattie TRIBAL FEMME OFF-THE-SHOULDER DRESS Sundance Clothing, Chatham | $125




ST YL E P RO F IL E How did you get started in the fashion industry? My background is actually in the environmental field, and although I say the environment is my first love, fashion has always been a very close second. Fashion has always been a creative outlet for me; a way to express myself. I was able to put my two loves together when I opened my eco-boutique, Shift in 2009. My goal was to provide a place for women to find eco-friendly, wearable and fashionable clothing.

Amanda Converse If you hadn’t noticed already, we are pretty excited about the 5 year anniversary of our little magazine that could. So, we decided to chat with Editor, Amanda Converse to hear more about the magazine’s story and her journey over the last five years. 36

How did The Current Quarterly come to be? When I moved back to the Cape, I started working with the small business community, which really opened my eyes to the contribution that local businesses make to the local community. That was when I made a commitment to shop local as much as possible in order to support them and in turn invest in the local economy. After I opened my shop, I would often hear from people that they couldn’t find cute and stylish clothing locally. In my own experience this was very far from the truth, and I felt like I just needed a platform to show people that their perception was not reality. Why do you think it’s an important resource for the Cape Cod community? I think people don’t realize how important it is to spend their dollars locally, so we try to spread the message that more of the money spent in local stores stays in the local community than money spent at chain stores and online. I think they also don’t realize how many great local stores

we have here on the Cape for clothing and for everything, really. It is my intention for The Current Quarterly to enlighten the Cape Cod community, and to show them where to shop and how to shop on Cape Cod. What was your favorite issue to work on? People ask me this all the time! It is so hard for me to choose. Each issue brings with it some joy and also some challenges. I can say my favorite things about working on each issue are being creative by choosing and putting together the content, connecting with other small business owners on the Cape, and working with the team on each issue. We have such great local talent from photography to makeup to hair to graphic design – and it makes me so proud to offer them a platform to express themselves and their vision. I also love picking out the clothing for the shoots, because fashion excites in a way that I can’t describe. How do you decide the content for each the issues? I don’t have just one method for gaining inspiration. As far as reporting on the trends, I read a lot of national fashion magazines, do research online, and pay close attention to pop culture. As far as the photo shoots, sometimes I am inspired by a venue or location, or a beautiful woman I meet and

want to be in the magazine, and sometimes I am inspired by an amazing piece of clothing I find. Some ideas are generated by conversations with other people and don’t come to fruition for years. But I am always trying to create interesting, relevant, and current (see what I did there?) content. How has The Current Quarterly grown since 2012? Well, thanks to our amazing sales manager, Ian Lee, we’ve grown our advertiser base, which has in turn grown our magazine physically. We’ve also increased our value by expanding our reach online and on social media, which has been a great venue on which to share more images from our advertisers. We’ve also produced over 10 fashion shows that have raised money for local nonprofits, and run the red carpet event at the Figawi Charity Ball. And this past year, we’ve launched our little sister square publication, Ebb & Flow Cape Cod, which is to the local health, wellness and sustainability community what I think The Current is to the local fashion and shopping community.

Amanda at the 5TH annual CQ Fashion Show to benefit WE CAN

How have you grown? The first photo shoot I did, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I had never styled or directed a photo shoot in my life. I had never put together a piece to be published before. Each and 37

every issue that is put out, I feel like I gain more confidence in what I can produce. And I have no doubt that I can overcome any challenge that is put in my way. And I think the mission of the magazine and imagining what a difference encouraging people to shop local can make for our community has definitely kept me motivated to keep moving forward. How would you describe your style? I’m a little bit classic, a little bit rock-and-roll, and I definitely love a little bit of glamour at times. Regardless of what I am looking for though, there is no doubt I can find it on Cape Cod at a local store. I also think my style is always evolving, and I try new things all the time. And our question for all of our Style Profile subjects: How would you describe Cape Cod Style? Cape Cod style is diverse. I love that it is ok to be super Amanda at the Figawi Charity Ball Red Carpet Event casual here, but that you can also step it up and put on a little black dress when you feel like it. I think there is a (yet another) misperception that there is one way to dress on Cape Cod or there is no style here, but I find that to be completely false. I probably “shop” more than anyone else on this peninsula, and there are stylish options for everyone to find in every town across the Cape. 38


T HE ON E MIXT STUDIO REVERSIBLE TOTE Wish Gift Co., Sandwich & Mashpee | $35.99 ZADIG & VOLTAIRE TINO GOLD T-SHIRT Underground Fashion, Falmouth | $98 BAUXO BRACELET Mark August, Chatham | $64 SODA BOOTIES Artichoke, Eastham | $35 PRAIRIE UNDERGROUND ZIP PLEAT SKIRT Shift Eco Boutique, Hyannis | $130

HAYDEN MILITARY JACKET Artichoke, Eastham | $53


We've chosen an "it" piece of the season and paired it with five other killer pieces to give it a complete look.




OUR ADVERTISERS CENTERVILLE Cape Cod Package Store (24) CHATHAM East Wind Silver Co. (16, 35) Fisherman's Daughter (3) Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths (15) Gustare Oil & Vinegars (35) Mark August (20) Puritan Cape Cod (26) Sundance Clothing (3) Yankee Ingenuity (43) COTUIT Cotuit Solar (7) Therapeutic Bodywork (41) DENNIS Deep BLUE (3) EASTHAM Artichoke (7) FALMOUTH Puritan Cape Cod (26) Underground Fashion (26) HARWICH PORT Snow Goose Shop (24) HYANNIS Ben & Jerry's (21) by Design (20) Cape Cod Beer (16) Cape Cod Five (Inside Front Cover) Charlie's Music (11) The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod (6) Directions (2) Jewelcraft (12) The Local Juice (41) Naked Oyster (7) Puritan Cape Cod (26) Red Fish Blue Fish Cape Cod (21) Rendezvous Café & Crêperie (42) Sew What (28) Shift Eco Boutique (35) Soho Arts Company (6) Solstice Day Spa (5) Sposabella Bridal & Cape Cod Tux (34) Stacey Kuehn Hair (26) Summer House Natural Soaps (6) The West End (Back Cover)


MASHPEE Gustare Oil & Vinegars (35) Inner Glow & Cape Cod Yoga School (17) Mashpee Commons (22) Modern Mix Giftery (24, 38, 44) Puritan Cape Cod (26) Riddle (5) Solar Rising (23) Wish Gift Co. (11) MARSTONS MILLS Razzmatazz (10) ORLEANS Blake & Co (39) Stephen Gallant Jewelers (42) Weekend (12) OSTERVILLE Margo’s (13) PROVINCETOWN Moda Fina (39) SANDWICH Robert Guertin Jewelers (41) Snow Goose Shop (24) Sundance Clothing (3) Wish Gift Co. (11) WELLFLEET Wellfleet Marine Retail (19) YARMOUTH Ann & Fran's Kitchen (42) Emerald Physicians (Inside Back Cover) YARMOUTH PORT Design Works (1) ONLINE Andrea Kooharian Makeup (20) Beaded Wire (16) Cabo Cado (2) Cape Clasp (12) DJ Ian Lee (39) Michelle Kaye Photography (5)