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Excursions Evanston Event: Deconstructing Stereotypes: Top Ten Myths When: Thursday - Saturday, Mar. 29 - Mar. 31, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Where: Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, 3001 Central St.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Natalie Bergner

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ASB Trip Leader

Head to Central Street to catch this exhibit featuring unique text panels and common tools that display the diversity of Native American tribes and their individual cultures. Chicago Event: Chicago Beer Festival When: Saturday, Mar. 31, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Where: Union Station, 210 S Canal St. Cost: $40 Hit happy hour on Saturday at this year’s first Chicago Beer Festival. The event will feature many types of domestic and international beers, including some local favorites! The entry cost includes the cost of all beer. - Iman Childs

On Campus Event: Six on the Beach Where: Fisk Hall, Room 217, 1845 Sheridan Rd. When: Friday, Mar. 30 at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Saturday, Mar. 31 at 11:00 p.m. Cost: $5 Catch some laughs after a tough first week of classes with Sit & Spin’s annual stand-up comedy show! The show, which is in its sixth year, will feature nine Northwestern students. Event: Food Stamp Challenge Where: University Hall, Room 121, 1897 Sheridan Rd. When: Sunday, Apr. 1 at 3:30 p.m. This challenge will show participants the realities of poverty by having them use food stamps to purchase groceries for an entire week using only the average amount of money that an Illinois resident receives. This event marks the start of LIFT-Evanston’s Poverty Awareness Week, which will take place April 1-7.

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Courtesy of Natalie Bergner

While some students indulged in the typical college spring break, others spent their week on Alternative Student Break trips. These Northwestern-sponsored programs ranged from destinations such as Cuba to Argentina to New Orleans. At first glance, volunteering for seven days instead of relaxing could seem like a lot of work for a vacation, but read on to see why sophomore Natalie Bergner, the group leader of the New Orleans trip, had the time of her life. The Current: Why did you decide to do an ASB trip? Natalie Bergner: Well I’m part of a campus initiative, it’s like an internship with Hillel, so one of our goals for the year is to do some sort of initiative. Mine was creating the ASB New Orleans trip. Starting in August, I started organizing the trip and planning what I wanted to accomplish down there and cold calling organizations to see if they would take a group of students. The Current: Why New Orleans? NB: Even though Katrina happened a few years ago, people are still recovering from it and the city still needs a lot of help. I think a lot of the times when natural disasters or war happens people forget about it after about a year or so

because there’s so much going on in the world. I wanted to bring attention to New Orleans again. The Current:What did you do while you were there? NB: We worked with Beacon of Hope, which basically helps to repair peoples’ homes. So for three days we were chipping away paint on this woman Genice’s house. On Wednesday it started to rain, so Thursday and Friday we worked with Green Light New Orleans, which is an organization that installs energy efficient light bulbs into anyone’s home for free, which was actually an amazing way to get to know the city. The Current:How do you think the trip went? NB: I thought it went almost better than planned. I was definitely nervous going into it because I’ve never led anything before. But I felt like the group wasn’t cliquey and everyone sort of got along with each other and we had a good balance of working six hours a day but then exploring New Orleans and meeting real people who live there and hearing their stories. The Current: What did the group do with its free time?


Team Peeta or Team Gale?

CENTS Compiled by Rachel Janik

-Iman Childs

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What was the most peculiar thing that happened to you over spring break?

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Jacqueline Andriakos

NB: We went to Preservation Hall which is a famous jazz club in the French Quarter and we went to the World War II Museum. We went on a swamp tour on Saturday which was a little bit outside the city and that was really neat. We got to hold baby alligators! That was cool. The Current:Why would you encourage other students to go on an ASB trip? NB: I think it’s a really good way to get to know a city and not just from a tourist standpoint. You’re not just passively seeing things but you’re really engaging in the culture because you’re meeting the people and helping to rebuild a city, (which) in a way, makes you feel more connected to it. The Current:Why do you think having an option like ASB is important on college campuses? NB: I think it allows students to do volunteer work in a concentrated time period. I know we’re all so busy during the year that sometimes doing volunteer work just falls at the end of our list of things to do and accomplishing that over spring break makes it an easy and fun way to do it. -Alyssa Clough

Hannah Frudden, ‘14 “My type is definitely Peeta. He’s a baker, and I love food, so I’d definitely go with him.” Devon Strauss, ‘13 “I was in L.A., and I saw ‘Turtle’ (from “Entourage”). We had a moment, locked eyes. It was kind of creepy.”

Nicole Polizzi aka “Snooki” Compiled by Allison Lasher America’s favorite meatball is going to be getting a whole lot rounder. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of “The Jersey Shore” announced she is pregnant. Will she be able to go from Ron-Ron Juice to Motts? The Daily and Current staffers respond: “She’s been ‘glowing’ for years.” - Megan Patsavas “What would Blue Ivy do?” - Katy Vogt “Who the f*ck’s is it?” - Annie Chang “Gianni’s, Annie. They’re engaged now.” - Thomas Meyer “The’s here!” - Jillian Sandler “Hope it’s not a grenade.” - Kaitlyn Jakola “Snooki’s pregnant now? MEATBALL PROBLEMS!” - Allison Lasher “When will the baby hatch?” - Tanner Maxwell “Is the hair poof genetic?” - Steven Montero “Please, no naked magazine covers!” - Janalynn Pugh

Demetri Elias, ‘14 “I’m not on either team, but I feel like everyone who saw the movie should be for Peeta, since Gale was in it for 3 seconds.” Megan Joyce, ‘14 “At the airport, I saw a guy throw the biggest fit because he didn’t want to go through the full body scanner.”

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twit picks Compiled by Rachel Janik and Yoona Ha

@_snape_: Tim Tebow would definitely be a Hufflepuff @AJEnglish: Canada court rules against ban on brothels @TheDailyShow: #TDS Kenya strikes oil! Quick! Deploy the congratulation troops! @NU_Sports: John Shurna has been named an AP honorable mention All-American.

@AlexWilcox10: It’s neat how NU is relevant enough that “Northwestern coach Bill Carmody will return next season” is ESPN Bottom Line worthy #gocats @ssdai: Ah, I love people who get all dolled up to go to TJ Maxx. The store starts to reek of self tanner. Mmmmm surburbia. @ halimabean: My history notes makes it seem like I’m on a first name basis with all these historical figures.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

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corey mcmahon

The dish on doing pizza right In my three years at Northwestern, I think it’s safe to say that I have consumed a lot of pizza. I’m not talking about ordering in every once in a while or going to Lou Malnati’s with friends a few times a quarter. No, I’m actually at the point at which most delivery people know me by name and can recognize my voice over the phone. I came to NU with a love for pizza, but during my time in Evanston that love has blossomed into full-blown passion. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most creative cook, so whenever I get a little tired of making the same recipes every day of the week I turn to the pizza places that know me best. I’ve spent an exceptional amount of time familiarizing myself with the various pizza delivery options around campus, so now I feel that it’s appropriate to share my top five tips for ordering pizza in Evanston: 1. Don’t forget to dip. Most pizza delivery restaurants in Evanston offer an extensive variety of dipping sauces that give even the most ordinary pizza a fun kick of flavor. Papa John’s is famous for its garlic dipping sauce, but the honey mustard and blue cheese options make fantastic additions to any pizza or breadsticks order. However, by far, the best dipping sauce options in Evanston come from Sarpino’s (Yes, I said it), where sauces

clothes lines chelsea peng

Let’s get physical The clothes you wear to break a sweat on the treadmill in preparation for that Eres bikini have gone from SPAC to street this spring. Think racerback shapes, mesh, neoprene and pumped-up kicks in a non-gym setting. For multiple seasons, designers have embraced an athletic aesthetic. See Alexander Wang’s seminal spring 2010

between the sheets tonya starr

Asking for it: Assertion in the bedroom Sex can be difficult. When two people crawl into a bed/library cubicle/ fraternity basement together and whip out their fun parts, there are inevitably going to be problems. What will really define you as a lover is your ability to handle those awkward moments with poise while also maintaining the dignity of your probably oblivious partner. Odds are, you can recall at least one moment in your sexual history when your partner was doing something that was not working for you in the slightest. Maybe he was ferociously tonguing somewhere that wasn’t even close to your pleasure trigger. Maybe she was speed-eating your earlobe like an

The real issues behind piracy

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

ranging from chipotle ranch to balsamic vinaigrette give their pizzas a surprisingly unforgettable twist. 2. Try this spin on cheese sticks. I’m a huge fan of cheese sticks, and most Evanston pizzerias offer some version of this simple side dish. An even better way to enjoy this tasty treat is to order a pizza without the sauce. Doing this enables you to choose toppings for your cheese sticks that wouldn’t normally be included, and ordering a pizza without sauce will feed more people than just a single order. 3. Surf the Web. Most of the pizza restaurants in Evanston have websites that allow for delivery orders to be placed online, but there are often hidden deals on their websites that aren’t

usually communicated over the phone. Papa John’s and Sarpino’s are our two most common delivery spots, and conveniently, they also have the best savings options. Each of their websites has a section on special offers that can sometimes offer large multi-topping pizzas for half the price of a smaller size, so it’s always worth a trip online to get the most pizza for the lowest price. Some of these websites also allow students to select coupons that serve as a WildCARD discount so you don’t have to remember to ask over the phone. 4. Join rewards programs. In Evanston, the best pizza rewards program that exists can be found on the Papa John’s website. The Papa Rewards program racks up points for every dollar spent placing

online orders, and after 25 points are gained, the rewards member qualifies for a free large pizza. This comes in handy particularly around finals week when a lot of free pizza can turn a long day of studying into a much more delicious and tolerable experience. 5. Know the time. When ordering a pizza at night, it’s crucial to remember the closing hours of pizza restaurants around Evanston. This is particularly important when it comes to deciding whether to order online or call. My general rule is that if it’s nearing closing time you should always call in an order instead of placing it online. Sometimes restaurants don’t receive late online orders until the next day so it’s best to beat the clock and call to make sure the order goes through.

football-themed collection, Michael Kors’ color-blocked wetsuit dresses and Joseph Altuzarra’s netting panels. Fashion is having a sporty moment, and you’re up for MVP. Before you are tempted to attend every class in workout gear, this is not permission to adopt a Lululemon uniform. To avoid looking like a perpetual exerciser — the fashion equivalent of a yellow card — balance sporty with sweet, sleek, structured or sophisticated. Check ASOS, Free People and Topshop for iterations of Isabel Marant’s muchcoveted (and frightfully elusive) Willow sneakers. Counteract any potential bulkiness by pairing the high-tops with skinny leather trousers à la Fashiontoast’s Rumi Neely, who styled Nike Free Runs

with Current/Elliott leggings. Sneakers toughen up a saccharine dress and add “cool” to a blazer and tank. Try an anorak (sleeves insouciantly rolled up) over a sequined dress, a baseball T-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt, or switch out jeans for gray track pants. To channel Lacoste and Tracy Reese, pull on a flatbilled ball cap with a hyper-feminine ensemble. If you’re really brave, here’s a challenge: Dare to pull a Jenna Lyons and wear sweatpants with crimson lipstick. And sequins. Some gym clothes are fashionable and functional enough to pull double duty. Stella McCartney may be outfitting the British Olympic team, but her Adidas collaboration is off-the-field-ready. A swingy cropped-sleeve hoodie (on

sale) is equally cool with running tights and fitted denim. And a jungle-green, T-back swimsuit with perforated panel becomes an unexpectedly chic evening piece under a slim skirt. Sportswear label Payne’s biker jacket and jersey dress read casual-luxe even when you’re skipping the gym. Style both with trainers to really drive the look home. Whether your workouts are pro athlete-level intense or you’re an unfaithful gym-goer, spring’s sporty mindset is achievable for anyone. Pay attention to the proportion of activewear to ready-to-wear in each look, but don’t overthink it. It takes a lot of lunges and hard work to look good, but adapting fashion’s current mood is all fun and games.

Evanston squirrel would a chocolatecovered acorn. Whatever the tragedy, there were probably a hundred things that would have given you more pleasure in those five to seven minutes. But how do you speak up without hurting your partner’s feelings? Do you subtly shift the targeted body part away from the offender in the hopes that he will get the hint? Do you say you’re not in the mood and call it quits for the night? No. You get assertive. And I don’t mean aggressive (no need for chains and whips here—unless that’s your bag), I mean assertive. Stop the offending partner to clearly and specifically explain what you need, and he or she should respond with enthusiasm. Intimacy is confusing, and the giver is probably crossing his fingers (if they’re not preoccupied) for a hint about how to please you correctly. Yeah, somebody’s ego might get a little bruised, but it will be worth it for both of you in the end. A 2009 study at the University of California, Davis defines assertive communication as “saying no to demands of

others when they go against our internal needs and beliefs, and initiating our own personal desires and goals.” In their survey of approximately 5,700 students, UC Davis found that 50 percent of those who have been in a sexual situation felt uncomfortable communicating. A lack of communication can lead to only bad sex. I hope for the sake of all Wildcats that you’re doing a better job speaking up for yourselves than those UC Davis kids. But just in case you’re not, here are some tips to use as a launching point: First of all, your partner may have trouble finding your clit/g-spot/ perineum/wherever it is you like to be touched. Just show him. You’ve got hands, they’ve got hands. Put your high-ranking college brains together and figure it out. The search might be a little awkward, but once he’s found it, he probably won’t forget it. Using subtle moans or lack thereof can help you send a message without feeling like you’re giving commands. Plus, sexy noises make everything more fun. Or maybe your partner is attacking

you like a deranged pterodactyl. No worries, there is a way to slow him down. Just ask your counterpart to be a little gentler. The easiest way to do this is to whisper “slow” or “soft” in his ear. If he doesn’t get the hint, find a way to get on top and control the speed yourself. If you’re going for sex that could be set to a Norah Jones song and he’s going for Led Zeppelin, you’re going to need to work together to find a compromise. What if your partner has a tendency to fall asleep after orgasm even if you’re not done yet? Try waking him up gently by kissing his neck, forehead, or any place you think he’ll like. Politely let him know that you’re still feeling riled up and you’d love for him to please you a little longer, since he was doing so well before. If he’s truly exhausted, at least make him promise that he’ll finish you off in the morning. Moral of the story: you can take control of your sex life without feeling like a demanding jerk. Just try communicating reasonably and you’ll be surprised how well it works for both of you. Happy hay-rolling!

the rundown This week it was time to say goodbye to the ladies that made us want to laugh, cry and, ultimately, call child services, the original cast of “Teen Mom.” America met Maci, Amber, Farrah and Catelynn in 2009 and after the upcoming fourth season, the only look into their lives will be stories sold to magazines and twitpics. The franchise will continue with “Teen Mom 2” and introduce “Teen Mom 3”,but the original four are leaving behind big strollers to fill.

Lindsay Lohan confirmed that she will appear on this season of “Glee.” Following her appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” the actress will continue with her TV comeback as a guest judge when the New Directions compete at Nationals. And no, she’s not playing a coked-out Cheerio, she’s playing herself. Wait… “The Hunger Games” was spring break’s version of One Book, One Northwestern considering every student on campus returned with nothing but Katniss on the brain. While I pulled a Miley and never got the memo, Hollywood was abuzz with rave reviews for Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast. However, some criticized the starlet’s larger physique as an

unrealistic depiction of the malnourished character. While movies often don’t live up to the books, you’d think the starving, desperate lead of “The Hunger Games” would at least look, well… hungry. Kim Kardashian, while at the launch of her new perfume, True Reflection, got “flour bombed.” And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. A woman hurled a bag of the white ingredient directly at the socialite, coating her. I think that’s a true reflection of what America thinks of her right now. Am I right? Celebrities such as Spike Lee, Bill Maher and LeBron James, just to name a few, took to Twitter to show their support for Trayvon Martin and promote the petition to arrest his alleged killer. The resulting

Are you excited to watch the second season premiere of “Game of Thrones” this Sunday? Probably not. Because odds are, if you are reading this, you are a student and aren’t paying for HBO. If you want to watch it, or any other show on a premium subscriber network, then you face the same dilemma that many others do: pony up $80 a month for an HBO subscription or don’t watch at all. Oh, you’re willing to pay for just that show? Too bad — you can’t without paying for cable and a bunch of other shows that you most likely don’t want. A webcomic on a website called “The Oatmeal” summed up the situation well. In the comic, a man wants to watch “Game of Thrones,” but he doesn’t have HBO. He thinks it might be on iTunes, Netflix, or Amazon but realizes that he is completely unable to access the show even though he’s willing to pay for it. That’s because, outside of those who pay for HBO through an expensive cable plan, the show’s first season was not available for purchase until almost a year after the season began. This example underscores the irony of Hollywood’s war on piracy. Piracy isn’t a big problem because most people aren’t willing to pay for pirated content, though those people do exist. The real problem is that producers don’t make their content easy enough to access given the changing ways that viewers are consuming television and movies. These changing habits are not uniform, but a couple of things about media consumption ring true pretty much across the board. First off, people are acquiring more devices — smartphones and tablets, in addition to computers and televisions — and they want to watch their TV shows and movies on whichever device they have nearby. They’re also less likely to tune in for a preset schedule. In short, the growing demand is for content that can be watched on one’s own time and on one’s own terms. To clarify, let’s look back at another form of media that once faced a similar problem: music. There was once a time — all they way back in the 1990s! — when the music industry faced a serious piracy issue. Napster and similar services were sapping almost all the demand for music and fewer people were buying music legally. But what led people to skip the Tower Records down the street and search for the latest Hanson album on Napster instead? Well, for the first time, average people wanted their music on their computers instead of on a spinning disc. The record companies weren’t catering to that demand, so when an illegal service was, consumers hopped aboard. Finally a company wised up to this and made a legal service that was just as easily accessible, and that service is now the number one music store in the world. That company, as you may have guessed, is called Apple, and that service is iTunes. A variety of products and services are already trying to do for television and movies exactly what iTunes did for music, which is cater to the changing ways people want to consume content. But they face an uphill battle when dealing with companies who think that the best way to fight piracy is to make their content more difficult to access. In reality, they should be making it easier.

spike in signatures served as a reminder that social media can be used for social movements and not just 140-character word vomit (don’t worry, Paris Hilton, you’ll always have a place in my feed). The latest in “Real Housewives” gossip: Ramona Singer hit campus. While some may wish that meant somewhere far away from Evanston, no amount of wishing can keep Singer and her eyes of doom away. The Bravo star toured campus with her husband and daughter, tweeting to students and alumni during her visit. Her taste in Pinot Grigio might not be that selective, but I can’t knock her taste in schools. -Allison Lasher

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