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Thursday March 29, 2012

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From hallway to runway: Unity brings Fashion Week to campus Fashion week is coming to Northwestern. The creative students behind the annual Unity Charity Fashion Show have put together a series of events for the week leading up to their big night, April 21. Starting April 15, fashion week will include a clothing drive, a private shopping party, and a Rock Walk off. The students behind the 5th Annual Unity Charity Fashion Show have been working tirelessly all winter to bring quality fashion to the Northwestern and Evanston communities. With only 17 days left to plan, Unity members are busy training their models, getting sponsorships from retailers and designing their show. The show is entirely put together by students, including student models and some student designers. “There are bigger and better things this year, and we’re really focusing on quality of the show,” said Emerly Soong, president of Unity and executive producer of the fashion show. But the show is not just about the clothing. The Weinberg junior emphasized that Unity’s goal is to promote diversity. “It is about fashion, and my philosophy with fashion is that there’s no right style. It’s embracing your inner self, and it’s projecting yourself through what you wear,” Soong said. “There’s no right or wrong answers.” In addition to local and big-name retailers, the show will feature traditional clothing from various cultural traditions. Unity is able to accomplish this feat because of its 15 co-sponsors: student-interest and cultural groups such as STITCH and Alianza



who help support and plan the event. And the planning that goes into this show is extensive. Unity is split up into six committees who handle everything from the event’s social media, to designing the sound and light, to procuring sponsorship from retailers, to training the models. Annie Hayford, one of the junior head models, said that this show is very fitting for Unity. “Clothes can bring people together,” the Communication senior said. As a model, “you bring energy and excitement and fun and you’re bringing awareness to a cause.” Communication sophomore and Twitter Head for Unity’s marketing committee, Lucia Radder, said she has been really impressed by what the students in Unity have accomplished. “It’s cool to see how all these students are coming together and doing it all,” Radder said. The fashion show is philanthropic in purpose. Each year, Unity chooses an organization and all of the proceeds from the show go towards that organization. This year’s nonprofit is the Playing for Change Foundation, an international organization that helps communities in need through music, started by an NU alumna. Although Unity’s show focuses on diversity, their goal is also to bring students together. “I think that fashion is really representative of a person and a person’s culture,” Radder said. “It’s diversifying but also unifying.” -Simone Alicea

Meghan White / The Daily Northwestern

MODEL STATUS Students strike a pose at the end of the catwalk at last year’s Unity fashion show.

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The Graffiti Dancers

The Graffiti Dancers’ annual dance show, Pedinamento, is the main event of this first weekend back on campus. The artistic director of the show, Communication senior Aly Quigley, took time out of her hectic pre-show schedule to email The Current about both Beyoncé and krumping. She also gave a short preview of what we can look forward to in Graffiti’s upcoming performance. The Current: Who is your favorite choreographer or dancer? Aly Quigley: Billy Siegenfeld and Mary Shanahan—both are professors in the Northwestern Dance Program. I feel that my style as a choreographer is an interesting blend between the two of their techniques, along with my own creative voice. The Current: What is your favorite music video? AQ: I can’t pick one favorite, but



Photo Courtesy of Graffitti

I generally love and respect all of Beyoncé’s work. She incorporates dance unlike any other mainstream artist. My favorite thus far of her work is “Run the World (Girls).” Ironically, the other video I have always been obsessed with is Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One” music video. I love the artistic direction within the content of visual images. The Current: What is your favorite song to dance to? AQ: I love all music, but what makes me want to dance is determined by the rhythm and the beat of the song. I can go from Balkan to Afro-German to hip-hop. I’m a sucker for songs with a deep bass or awesome beat. The Current: What is your all-time favorite dance move? AQ: I love everything about krumping. I. Love. It. It gets some laughs from company members during rehearsals.

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The Current: What five words would you use to describe Pedinamento? AQ: Intriguing. Innovative. Original. Demiurgic. Galvanize. The Current: What can we expect from the show this weekend? AQ: Graffiti Dancers has 11 original live student works along with four dance films, a new addition to our show this year. The show includes a wide variety of dance genres, each choreographer having a unique voice. Audience members should be prepared to experience a range of emotions, from moments of laughter to moments of reflection. Check out Pedinamento on Thursday at 8 p.m, Friday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m, or Saturday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. in McCormick Auditorium in Norris. -Jennifer Suh

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This is not a food column. In fact, it could be better interpreted as a piece of culinary porn that has been undeservingly muddled beneath other hard news, but nonetheless is finally getting its warranted shout out. It has been almost a year since the Chicago opening of our city’s first Chick-fil-A, but in recent intercampus trips it has become my first and only choice of downtown cuisine. Between State and Wabash Avenue lies an inviting green revolving door, leading to a surprisingly pleasant and clean interior with lots of seating but rarely many available tables. There’s no wonder it remains a crowded atmosphere; something about it feels welcoming for a fast food joint, or perhaps just more hygienic. The aromas send you into a haze of waffle fries and chicken sandwiches and before you know it, you’ve ordered the 12-piece chicken nugget meal, a cookies and cream milkshake and three extra packets of Chick-fil-A dipping sauce (an unrivaled concoction of mustard and barbeque). I suppose one of the reasons I have fallen in love with a chicken restaurant is its unusually effective customer service. As I pull out my wallet to pay, one of the young and charming employees always asks for my name with a heartmelting “I’m so excited to serve you” grin. Okay, so it is solely to label the order, but I feel like Chick-fil-A V.I.P. Then, with a flirtatious swipe of my (parent’s) credit card, my meal is on the

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way. While I’m standing and drooling on the side, I can’t help but battle with the dilemma of whether or not to order something more hydrating to supplement the milkshake, for instance the Chick-fil-A lemonade that is made from scratch every day and tastes so good it’s like an orgasm of citrus in your mouth. I can feel the judgment coming after such a scandalous narration of a casual downtown lunch. Regardless, I am shame-free and proud to admit my absolute disinterest in the expected post-meal calorie counting, the comatose state I will undeniably slip into after consumption and the fact that I will probably return again three hours later for a Chick-fil-A encore. For under ten dollars and in less than seven minutes of waiting in line, I have rewarded myself after what was most likely a rough day of strolling along Michigan Avenue (really, why else am I ever downtown?). There is a small downside of Chitown’s hottest new chick spot: it isn’t open on Sundays. Sunday, the day that we lie around procrastinating on a Micro problem set by watching “The Voice” and fantasizing about our meal cravings for the day, the one restaurant that can provide the ultimate satisfaction is closed. Despite its lack of sufficient weekend hours, this chicken shack, fast food’s finest establishment, holds the key to my heart (and stomach). Chick-fil-A-mazing. -Jacqueline Andriakos

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