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Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 1 |

The Current News

Published on Tuesdays at least twice per month by the undisputed and uncontested best staff in the world. Mission Statement To inform and entertain the people, community and visitors of Riggins as well as the surrounding Salmon River Corridor area, from Lewiston to Kamiah & Kooskia and south to Cascade and up the Salmon River to Mackay Bar. The goal is to provide accurate information concerning events and issues that are directly related to and impact the area and people, as well as to create a forum where opposing views/ issues are intelligently debated and to offer a common platform where businesses, clubs and organizations can advertise their information and events to townspeople, travelers and to our outlying neighbors. We aspire to do all this in a timely manner, twice per month. Publisher • Editor • Art Director • Janitor Richelle “Head-Fool” Barger Bookkeeper Nightfeather “Debit & Credit” Bogan Advertising Current Office 208-628-2340 Contributors Ed “Say-It-How-He-Sees-It” Jameson - Politics “Fast” Eddie Pramuk - Music Shoshannah-Mama Hollon- Mothering Mariah “Tough-Mudder” Crump - Yoga Jack “Rickshaw” Kappas - Living in Paradise Design * Ad Layout Richelle “It’s a tight squeeze this time” Barger

LttPA Good Choice Letters to the People

Steve Didier is my choice for Idaho County Commissioner, District One. I have been acquainted with Steve for many years and know him to be honest and open. He has experience overseeing the budget for local, state and national volunteer organizations. He has lived in Idaho County for 38 years and his work for the US Forest Service tells us he knows the county and the Forest Service processes. Steve served on the North Central Idaho Resource Advisory Council giving him experience working with diverse user groups. Steve’s philosophy is summed up in a quote from his campaign brochure: “Idaho County is faced with a number of monumental budgetary challenges now and in the near future. I believe that the county and its’ citizens are up to the task of finding workable solutions to those challenges. But solutions can only be found if the public and the commission are willing to work together in a spirit of openness and transparency.” Steve is a serious candidate with the experience to do justice to the job of Idaho County Commissioner. Vote for Steve Didier in the Primary Election, May 15. If you want to talk with Steve, call him. He’s in the phone book. Janice Inghram, Grangeville

Opinion • Thoughts • Ideas

Foolish things

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Mr. Potato Head gets all dressed up to play amongst the daffodils in Riggins

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| 2 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12

Salmon River

Perception of America From the Desk of Ed Jameson, New Meadows

America is a “tough” nation. From 1620 until this very moment, we as a people could not have survived and thrived through all our challenging history without possessing unique, uncommon strengths. I personally have always been proudest of our unwillingness to “throw-in-the-towel,” to quit. It simply isn’t in our national character to settle for second place, it’s “Un-American.” It is thoroughly repugnant to a real American to lose! Clint Eastwood’s Super bowl Chrysler commercial stating that this is America’s “halftime,” said a lot to me. Back in 2008 when our financial structures were dangling on the precipice of catastrophic oblivion, Presidents G W Bush, and later, Obama could have given in to the conservative Republican pressure and allowed them to fail, to irretrievably crash. Irretrievably meaning, forever! This would have resulted in millions of unemployed auto and peripherally associated workers, no big banks to finance recovery, no big insurance companies to cover our emergencies and retirement annuities; and just possibly a permanent demise for America as any kind of world power, at least for decades, if we were lucky!

while trying to appear as someone who relates to the average citizen. There will never be another Ronald Reagan, but his lessons will endure. Nobody can say I have been easy on Obama, through the years. But Obama hasn’t brought any moral issues, legal issues or issues of perceivable manipulation of funds to save from paying US taxes. But he has brought us hope and this country and its industries are showing signs of recovery. In every measurable way we are in better shape than Europe while China appears to be having indications of social unrest and financial weakness involving its banks. Yes, Clint, “this is half-time America.” My Chrysler 426 Hemi has given way to new technologies and new engines and new dreams; but they are all happening here on this sacred soil that so many before us have provided. There are no quitters here! But there are dreamers, and dreams have no walls and no limits, especially the American Dream.

Democrats across the state will hold the Democratic Party Presidential Caucus on Saturday, April 14. Idaho County Democrats will caucus in Grangeville at the Senior Citizens Center on 108 Truck Route. Doors open at 8:30am Join us for coffee, juice, pastries and conversation before the caucus begins at 10am Idaho Democrats come together in county caucuses to select their Presidential nomination and elect delegates to the State Convention. County Chairman Bill Farmer said, “This is a wonderful way to come together and be among friends to celebrate our President’s re-election campaign as well as elect delegates to represent our county at the State Convention were they will elect Idaho’s National Delegates and help craft our Party platform.”

A registration table will be set up to qualify new voters so they may participate in the caucus. Those who will be 18 by the time of the general election on November 6, may participate in this caucus. Participants must be registered voters in the county they are participating with and pledge themselves as an Idaho Democrat. For information: Bill Farmer 208 962 5655

We no longer have a Ronald Reagan who would balance Republican dogma with clear, practical thinking and derive a workable solution. What is Republican dogma? It’s Rick Santorum saying women should be forced to carry-to-term and deliver their unborn child conceived from a rape! Notice it’s never women saying anything that insensitive, or outright stupid! It’s Newt trying to rationalize an affair while his wife lay dying of cancer. It’s Romney keeping $millions in offshore banks to avoid paying US taxes,

Meadows Valley Seniors participate in First Idaho Republican Caucus

The Meadows Valley senior government class participated in the first Idaho Republican Caucus, held at the Meadows Valley School. They served a spaghetti dinner as a class fundraiser to raise money for their senior trip but in addition were able to observe how a caucus is conducted. Some students had the opportunity to participate in the voting procedure and all came away with a new perspective on democracy in action.

This is not the only community event the Meadows Valley senior class has participated in. Earlier in the year they organized a Veterans Day Assembly for past/present/future veterans and their friends and families for all ages in the school. They also donated their time to host a “Meet the Candidates” night in New Meadows. This forum was a chance for candidates running for city government to express their thoughts and opinions regarding needs and wants for the future of New Meadows.

Zims Hot Springs


Looking for some cheap entertainment?

local from Riggins

$6 adults $5 kids 3-13 and seniors 60 plus sunday-thursday Noon-10pm friday-saturday Noon-11pm

closed mondays • South of Riggins • 4 mi N of New Meadows Riggins, Idaho

Idaho County Democratic Party holds 2012 Presidential Caucus on April 14


On April 19 at 7pm, the senior class has been asked to host another “Meet the Candidates” event, but this time candidates will be running for county offices. The class will be providing beverages and dessert for attendees, donations will be accepted. If the public has questions for candidates, or would like to attend and need more information, please contact Mac Qualls at (208)469-0005 or the senior class of Meadows Valley High School (208)3472411.

Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 3 |

Idaho County Cop Log Can be read on our website each Monday

Local Meeting Schedule To get your event in the Calendar of Events call the Current at 628-2340, or email us at - see music happenings on p 6-7 all times are local.


28 wednesday Noon SR Chamber Meeting

29 thursday

10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church American Legion Auxiliary Meeting 7-9pm 5 of 5 Introduction to Fly Fishing Classes Free - Soltman Center Grangeville 8pm local Earth Hour - turn your lights off for an hour

3 0 f ri d a y Doctor’s Day

3 1 s a t u rd a y

Cesar Chavez Day (California) 9-11am Grangeville Recycling 10-Noon Kooskia Recycling Little Ski Hill End of Season Party!

Easter Egg Hunts


1 sunday April Fool’s Day

White Bird: Saturday, April 2 m o n d a y 7, 11am White Bird time. All International Children’s Book Day children who know how to walk to age 12 are welcome to 3 t u e s d a y give it a go at trying to find that 5pm Booster Club SRHS Library GOLDEN EGG! 4 wednesday Riggins: Saturday April 7 at Noon. age 0- 3rd grade

Basque National Day

5 thursday

10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Com-

New Meadows: April 7 at munity Church 11am at Meadows Valley 1-3:30 Senior Game day in Riggins School All ages are welcome IOOF Hall 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 4-6 Recycling Kooskia

6 f ri d a y National Tartan Day

7 s a t u rd a y

World Health Day 9-11am Grangeville Recycling 10-Noon Kooskia Recycling 11am White Bird Easter Egg Hunt Noon - Riggins Easter Egg Hunt at the Elementary School 3-7pm Celebration of LIfe for Bob Williamson - Lucile

8 sunday

Happy Easter! 7am Sunrise Easter Breakfast & Service at SRHS Multipurpose Room

9 monday

3pm American Legion Meeting - Rig. 4:30 ASK Board Mtg - Riggins 7pm City Council Mtg 7pm Hunters Education Begins in Riggins 628-3940

10 tuesday

National Sibling Day 10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 11am T.O.P.S. at SR Community Church Noon Senior Lunch at IOOF Hall 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 5:30pm Biggest Loser at Assembly of God 6pm SR Dive Team 7pm Alcoholics Anonymous Assembly of God Church Riggins 7pm William Rossiter sings the news at the Community (IOOF) Hall in Riggins

11 wednesday 4pm PTO Mtg

12 thursday

Yuri’s Night- World Space Party Day Celebrate the first man in space! 10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church10am Salmon River Art Guild - White Bird 1-3:30 Senior Game day in Riggins IOOF Hall 4-6 Recycling Kooskia 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center

1 3 f ri d a y


15 sunday

Riggins Group Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesdays 7 pm at Assembly of God Church

Rubber Eraser Day 10am 2012 World Jet Boat Races on American Legion 2nd Monday Legion Hall 3pm the St. Joe at St. Maries, ID

16 monday

Tax Day • Librarian Day 9am 2012 World Jet Boat Races on the Snake River at Lewiston 6pm SRHS School Board Mtg.

17 tuesday

9am 2012 World Jet Boat Races on the Snake River at Lewiston 10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 11am T.O.P.S. at SR Community Church Noon Senior Lunch at IOOF Hall 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 5:30pm Biggest Loser at Assembly of God

White Bird Groups Rebekahs - Royal Gem #13 (208) 839-2438 Idaho Pathfinders Association (ATV Club) (208) 839-2303, eanda@ Nez Perce National Historic Park (208) 843-7001 Salmon River Art Guild 2nd Thursday, 10am, in White Bird. Contact Kathryn Van Acker at (208) 8392808 for details.

American Legion Auxiliary 4th Thursday Legion Hall *A.S.K. Board Meeting 2nd Monday-#243 Dist. Office at *4:30pm *Change Biggest Loser Tuesdays 5:30pm at Assembly of God Church Booster Club 1st Tuesday 5:30pm SRHS Library City Council 2nd Monday - City Hall 7pm Urban Renewal Dist. Meetings 6:30pm City of Riggins 6283394 Christian Womens Book Discussion Group - Wed 10am-11:30am at the Heritage Center

Fit & Fall Proof Tuesday & Thursday 10-11am at the Salmon River Community Church Fiddlers The Riggins Fiddlers play at Riggins Manor on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7pm. No admission charge; public welcome. Salmon River Gun Club Meetings Every third Wednesday at 6pm at the Hells Canyon National Recreation Center Hells Canyon National Rec. Area 628-3916

White Bird Rodeo Association (208) 839-7701

JSD 243 School Board 3rd Monday in the District Board Room at 6pm unless otherwise posted

White Bird Chamber of Commerce (208) 839-2777

Pinehurst Quilt Club 4th Friday at 10am at the IOOF Hall

Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 6:30pm 2012 World Jet Boat Races on the St. Joe in St. Maries, ID

White Bird Volunteer Fire Department (208) 3393414

9am 2012 World Jet Boat Races on the St. Joe at St. Maries, ID 9-11am Grangeville Recycling 10-Noon Kooskia Recycling 10am Idaho County Democratic Caucus at the Senior Citizen Center on 108 Truck Route in

USFS - Salmon River Ranger District (208) 8392211

1 4 s a t u rd a y


Email your group information to us at

LARSON'S Department Store

Open Sundays 11-4pm! (208) 983-1887 117 W. Main St. • Grangeville, ID 83530

Store Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 6:00 Saturday 8:30 to 5:00 - Sunday 11 to 4

| 4 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12

PTO 2nd Wednesday at 4:30pm at RES Library when school is in session Rebekahs 2nd Tuesday of the month. 2:30pm, IOOF Hall Riggins Library Hours 10am - 5pm M-F Salmon River Dive Team 3rd Tuesday, 6pm Riggins EMS 4th TuesdayFire Station 6pm Salmon River Chamber of Commerce 2nd & 4th Wednesdays rotating restaurants, Noon Senior Lunches held every Tuesday at Noon at the IOOF Hall. $4 for Seniors and $5 for anyone under 60 years old. T.O.P.S. Take off Pounds Sensibly Tuesdays at 11am, SR Community Church

Salmon River

Outdoors Idaho anglers will be able to start fishing for Chinook salmon on Sunday, April 22. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Thursday, March 22, adopted Chinook seasons as proposed by Fish and Game managers. Chinook will open in the Clearwater River, Snake River, Little Salmon and lower Salmon River. Closing dates will be announced by Fish and Game. The season is based on forecasts that an estimated 83,600 adult hatchery origin fish will cross Lower Granite Dam. In the Clearwater River drainage the daily limit is four Chinook, only two may be adults (24 or more inches long), but only one adult may be from the North Fork Clearwater. The possession limit is 12, only six may be adults. In the Snake River from Dug Bar to Hells Canyon Dam, the lower Salmon and the Little Salmon rivers, the daily limit is four Chinook, only two may be adults. The possession limit is 12, only six may be adults. The statewide annual limit is 20 adult Chinook in the 2012 seasons occurring before September 1, 2012. Daylight fishing hours will be published in the season brochure.

Waters that open April 22 are: Clearwater River, main stem: • Lower – from the Camas Prairie Railroad Bridge at Lewiston upstream to the Cherrylane Bridge • Middle – from the Cherrylane Bridge upstream to the Orofino Bridge, excluding the perimeter of Dworshak National Fish Hatchery at Ahsahka, and excluding the ladder to the Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery as marked by posted boundar-

Fishing Commission Adopts Chinook Season

ies about 100 yards upstream and downstream of the ladder and extending into the river about 50 yards. • Upper – from the Orofino Bridge upstream to the South Fork Clearwater River. • North Fork Clearwater - From the mouth to the Dworshak Dam, excluding the perimeter of the Dworshak National Hatchery at Ahsahka. • South Fork Clearwater From its mouth to the confluence of the American and Red rivers. • Middle Fork ClearwaterFrom the South Fork upstream to the confluence of the Lochsa and Selway rivers.

• Lochsa River - From its mouth to the Twin Bridges immediately upstream from the confluence of Crooked Fork and Colt Killed Creeks.

Lower Salmon River: • Pine Bar – From the Rice Creek Bridge upstream to the posted boundary about 200 yards downstream of the Hammer Creek boat ramp. • Hammer Creek – From a posted boundary about 200 yards downstream from the Hammer Creek boat ramp upstream to the U.S. Highway 95 Time Zone Bridge. • Park Hole – From the Time Zone Bridge upstream to a posted boundary at the mouth of Short’s Creek, about 1.4 miles upstream of the mouth of the Little Salmon River.

boundary about 200 yards upstream of the Rapid River upstream to the U.S. Highway 95 Bridge near Smokey Boulder Road. • Snake River: From the Dug Bar boat ramp upstream to Hells Canyon Dam. All these waters will remain open until further notice. All salmon anglers 14 years old and older must have a 2012 Idaho fishing license and salmon permit. Seasons for Chinook fishing in the South Fork Salmon and the upper Salmon rivers will be proposed to the commission at the scheduled May meeting. Detailed seasons and rules will be published in a pamphlet later this month and will also be available on the Fish and Game website.

Salmon River Clean-up Saturday, April 14, 1O am (Rain or Shine) Meet at Riggins City Park 10am Choose your favorite spot on the river, grab some trash! Boats or on foot, Garbage bags provided. Bring gloves and a small tool to cut fishing line if needed. RESPECT THE RIVER Sponsored by Salmon River Dive Team & BLM More Info. call Jack 628-3662

Recycling, Idaho County

Little Ski Hill Big Grangeville: Recycling is now every Sat- Air Competition urday from 9-11am on Day Road off HW March 31 95 across from the Depot gas station. Tamarack Final Ski Kooskia: Every Saturday 10am-12 and Ev- Day: April 1 ery Thursday from 4-6.. Cross the South Fork Bridge, turn left. Located across the Stay for some live railroad tracks next to the Avista transfer Music at the Seven Devils Pub station.

March 31 ends steelhead season on the Salmon River. Visit Riggins now! Call your favorite outfitter and book your favorite guide! Fishing reported has been great! At press time it is currently sunny, so we are sure that makes being on or near the water even better!

Ski News:


SUPERMARKET Open Mon- Sat 7am-10pm PST Sunday 8am-8pm PST

Wide Variety of Groceries Choice Meats (Featuring Premium Angus Beef)

Fresh Produce • Hot & Cold Deli • Fresh Bakery

Everyday Low Prices • Harvest Value Specials • Friendly Service Fast & Accurate Checkout • Video Rental & Movie Sales • Idaho Lottery Idaho “Park N’ Ski” Permits • Money Orders • Gift Certificates Case Sales at Cost plus 10%

• Vinegar Creek – From posted boundary at the mouth of Shorts’ Creek upstream to the uppermost boat ramp at Vinegar Creek.

Little Salmon: • Lower – From the mouth to a posted boundary about 200 yards upstream of the mouth of the Rapid River. • Upper – from the posted

Lucky Star Satellite locally owned and operated since 1985

331 W. Main • Grangeville or call: 208-983-0860

Riggins, Idaho Riggins, Idaho


Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 5 |


April March

Historical Museum returns to regular hours

28 wednesday

After a long winter of sorting and digitally cataloging artifacts, the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude returns to regular visitor hours on April 1, 2012. Regular hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. New exhibits include “80 Years of History from the Prairie” – a celebration of the museum’s founding in 1931. As we enter election season, explore the history of past campaigns with our exhibit of political pins and paraphernalia. As always, the Historical Museum is an ideal place to learn about local history, especially as we celebrate Cottonwood’s sesquicentennial.

Javier Figueroa Pueblo Lindo • McCall

Blaze & Kelly

We look forward to seeing all our friends, both old and new, at the Museum this spring. The Museum is located at 465 Keuterville Road on the grounds of the Monastery of St. Gertrude near Cottonwood, Idaho. For further information, call 208-962-2050.

Crusty’s • McCall

Photo caption: Learn about local history at the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude.



Bill Rossiter sings to Riggins about News & to New Meadows about Trains

Michael Jan Kelly Rooster’s Landing • Lewiston


Riggins April 10, New Meadows April 13


From the beginning of history, we have felt the need to pass the news along often by singing about it. We hear of a fire, a murder, an assassination, a mine disaster, a national or local tragedy or triumph, a living or dead hero and we often come up with the musical equivalent of a tabloid magazine - or, perhaps a blog. These aren’t the songs that made it to the hit parade or the top twenty; in fact, many of these songs showed up originally in the “poet’s corner” in rural newspapers, written to a currently popular tune.

James Orr Seven Devils Pub • Tamarack


Few of the songs are polished, and often they don’t “get it right,” but many of them are hilarious, and they have guts and directness that make up for what they lack in finesse. And they tell what really happened. No lie. Honest.


Songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo, autoharp and harmonica.

Soul Serene

All the News That’s Fit to Sing: Scandals, Sensations and Slanders will be at the Community (IOOF) Hall at 7pm on Tuesday, April 10 in Riggins. This event is sponsored by the Salmon River Public Library. Refreshments will be served.

“This program is made possible by funding from the Idaho Humanities Council, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.”

Exhibiting at Sterling Bank for April is Frank Mignerey. Read more about him in the next Spring Tour edition of The Current News.

Michael Jan Kelly Rooster’s Landing • Lewiston


Fast and Burning


Seven Devils Pub • Tamarack

Charlie Orlando

Rimgtones Shore Lodge • McCall

Crusty’s * McCall


Rimgtones Shore Lodge • McCall




Michael Jan Kelly

Michael Jan Kelly


Shore Lodge • McCall

Riverport Brewery • Lewiston

Riverport Brewery • Lewiston




Shore Lodge • McCall

William Rossiter


Community (IOOF) Hall • Riggins




Fast & Burning Ben

Bottom Line McCall Golf Course Tax Day

Crusty’s • McCall

Seven Devils Pub • Tamarack


Mr. Rossiter then travels to New Meadows for “Magic Carpet Made of Steel” and will perform a collection of songs about the railroads at 7pm at the Train Depot. This event is sponsored by the Adams County Historical Society. For more information contact Anissa Qualls at 347-2757.





Comer aquí!

Friday Supper Club 6pm Price fixed menu. Call for reservations.

Join us for great Mexican food! Open at 11am Sun-Thurs until 9pm Fri & Sat until 10pm

634-2270 McCall, ID

| 6 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12

Salmon River

The Good Noi se.

Spring Break in McCall is for Losers Ed Pramuk, McCall

If I were the type who believed in better living through chemistry, my “solution” this time of year might be extra vitamin D, a touch less Xanax, while upping the Prozac (yes I know I am old school); and for good measure, a bourbon chaser, cocktail of the gods if you know what I mean. But Eddie, why the long face? The weather in McCall right now hinges between total crap and hints of better to come, with the emergence, almost like a strip tease, of the ground and blue skies. Meanwhile, 20 miles in any other direction, spring really is sprung, the world is turning green and people are starting to, gasp, wear shorts. Knowing this is frustrating. And for the record, I’ve always hated strip tease. It doesn’t help that everyone I hang with are SO blowing out of here for spring break. I tire of hearing the boasts, Moab, Mexico, even Moscow, anywhere just to be somewhere else. Unsaid is that I am not going anywhere and there is a big “L” on my forehead, it’s pronounced slowly as luh-huhhooooser.

For us losers left in town, let’s Thanks for listening, hope to have a little cheese with our see you in your shorts soon! whine. Not to mention pizza and beer. “Fast” Eddie Pramuk, drivingPicks of the Week (all are at Crusty’s Pizza) March 28, Blaze & Kelly

Winners Announced for Food Check Out Scavenger Hunt! Shoppers at participating grocery stores and supermarkets were treated to a Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Idaho County Farm Bureau. They had six questions to answer, by finding the related food information for each of the questions. The entries were placed in a drawing for each store.The winners are: Sheri Hilbert at Asker’s Foods, and Sonya Pollan at Cash & Carry Foods of Grangeville; Gladys Sonnen at Riener’s Grocery and Katie Remacle at Cottonwood Foods of Cottonwood; Tracey Bird at Cloningers Food City of Riggins, Jen Wilcox at Cloninger’s Harvest Foods of Kamiah, and Bradley Bowen at Clearwater Valley Harvest Foods of Kooskia. Each of the winners received a $50 Gift Certificate from their winning store. Congratulations to the winners and an appreciative thank you to the stores.

April 1, Charlie Orlando April 4, Fast & Burning Ben Blaze & Kelly are a female acoustic duo from Boise that I try to never miss. They play really nice original music. There is something about their harmonizing that makes me think of sirens sweetly singing just for me. BTW I just shared a fantasy with you, and you’re welcome. Charlie Orlando is a one-man band and a lot of fun to watch as he crafts multi-layered songs on the fly. I am usually not the biggest fan of computer-aided music but with Charlie, I don’t seem to notice it as much. Of course you’ve heard me rave about my own band, Fast & Burning Ben, so I doubt you need to hear more except that we’ve been gigging regular for more than a year now and still having a blast. There is no substitute for experience. That’s what all the old guys say, isn’t it?

Rustic Outlet •

29 Peddlers!

• Antiques • • Clothing • Jewelry • • Log Furniture • • Quilts • • Woodcarvings • • Art • Gifts • Vintage • & More! 11-4 Sunday • 10-5 Tues.-Sat. Closed Monday 14120 Hwy 55 South of McCall Look for the Big Red Barn • 634-4445

Riggins, Idaho


Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 7 |


Mommy’s Mantras

What is and what could never be... - Shoshannah Hollon

I was never one of those girls that planned a big white wedding in a church. I didn’t dream of having kids and a husband to care for. It was my big sister that always pretended to nurse her dollies on her belly button. I played with stuffed animals and made them talk. I tried to sneak back in the room and catch them at it...and this was long before “Toy Story” ever came out. I did pretend that Don Jonson wanted to date me, but I never took the vows with him. His occupation was far too dangerous. I always said I wanted to be a “starving artist” and live in an apartment in the city with a lot of cats. I think I said that because it’s actually the opposite of my country personality. I wanted to be grown up and live a life different than everyone around me, which at the time meant out of the dirt and trailer houses. Maybe this idea came from the movies. The little bistros and cobblestone corners on the Lady and the Tramp. The parks and skippy streets of Mary Poppins. Nothing seemed to happen in the country. Now, I can’t imagine what my life would have been in the cat ridden apartment. Lonely, I guess. Empty the litter box and order take out again. Call up an artist buddy to go bar hopping with and wonder why all of the good guys are taken. Dye my hair punk white and work on another painting to sell. Sounds like a story book romance to me. Instead I got married and had children. I became a wife and a mother and moved out of my small town into another small town. I didn’t have a big wedding in a church. I had a little hippie wedding on a beach. I didn’t have the 2.3 kids; one boy and one girl. I have three girls with unmatching outfits that sing made up songs about lightning and thunder while they help me cut veggies for dinner. And I have one on the way. It’s already being inundated with kisses and stories through the belly. I married my 19 year old boyfriend that I couldn’t stop kissing in public. We lived in our van with our mutt dog and went on long hikes. Then we bought property and planted trees and pushed little girls on swings. We still kiss in public but no longer make out on people’s couches at parties, which is a sign of maturity.

What would a glimpse at the life I might have had, show me? What would I learn about myself? Would my sweet Travis have found me in my city apartment? Would I have sold many paintings? Would I still have punk rock hair? I suppose I would have ended up looking for a version of

ing a bed time story and some home made doughnuts. Even Mommies want a Mommy. Or better yet, a nanny. She would have to be old with fat ankles, or I might get jealous of the attention Travis would spend bragging on her doughnuts. She could be on the clock after dinner while I snuggle on the couch and listen to her clanking dishes in a tub of soapy water. She could wash the bedding and mop. But really, it’s all of the little mundane chores that make this job so sweet and special. If I gave them all away then what would be left? Just the hugging and playing. And you can’t appreciate the good stuff without the hand chaffing stuff. It’s the reward at the end of the day.

what I have now. I think we all eventually do. We all want to be held and loved and accepted and needed. And there is no better way to be needed than being a wife and mother. “Where are my socks?” “In the drawer where they always are.” “I looked and they are not there!” “Well, that’s why I tell you to put your stuff away, so you can find it later. Borrow your sister’s... and for God’s sake, PUT YOUR SOCKS AWAY NEXT TIME!!” No one can make it without a mother. Even Peter Pan wanted one. You can only play “kid” for so long and soon you are want-

Guess Who

Chopping kindling and washing and wiping and frying and sweeping are the ties that bind. The little conversations had over the cracking of the walnuts bonds us together. Then all of the hugging and kissing and snuggling are my treat. If I could trade it all for a career, I wouldn’t. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s kind of like having a tattoo. It used to be so “rebel,” but now it’s as common as an earring. You have to be pretty brave to stay at home with your kids. Being a mother is the most underrated job in the Universe. “I’m just a housewife...” No! I am the SUPER housewife. I have magic in my fingers and power in my words. I change seasons and heal wounds. I make it all happen with a snap of my fingers and a wave of my wooden spoon! I am unstoppable!! And I wouldn’t give it up for cats. Or punk rock hair.

Thanks to Rocke Wilson for all the Salmon River photos. Send your old photos to Rocke Wilson at If you live in another community besides Riggins and have a Guess Who! you would like to share, let Rocke or The Current News know!

Last Issue’s Guess Who was Vickie Heath Riggins Church Services Assembly of God Cliff Scheline 630-4444 Worship Sunday 9:30am, 10:45am & 6pm Little Salmon River Bible Church 628-3684 Sunday 9am, llam and 6pm

Salmon River Community Church Pastor Jim Thibideaux 628-4043 Sunday 9:45 & 11 am

Roger Blackner 628-3642 Worship Sunday l0am-1pm

St. Jerome’s Catholic Church Father John Gathungu 634-5474 Confession 8:30am Worship Saturday 9am

Riggins Christian Fellowship

Christian Women’s Book Discussion Group

Latter-Day Saints

Andrea Bergin, Pastor Saturday 4pm service “The church with no back row”

Easter Services

Robert Williamson, Friend of Man, 87 LUCILE: Robert V. Williamson of Lucile and McCall, left peacefully on Sunday, March 25, 2012 in his sleep at his home in Lucile and is on his new journey after 87 years among his family and friends. His philosophy followed the Sam Walter Foss poem, “Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man.” A celebration of his life will be held at Lucile, April 7th from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. No flowers, No tears. Potluck. Robert was preceded in death by his grandson, Austin, and his wife Janet. He is survived by his son Gregg (Veronica) Williamson, his daughter, Darcy (Robert) Sweetgall, three grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Arrangements are under the direction of the Blackmer Funeral Home, Grangeville. Send condolences to the family to:

| 8 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12

Wed 10am-11:30am at the Heritage Center

Riggins Annual Easter Sunrise Service will be held at the SRHS Multipurpose Room on Sunday April 8 at 7am beginning with a breakfast and a service following. The service is hosted by Riggins Assembly of God Church, Riggins Christian Fellowship and Salmon River Community Church. Feel free to bring a potluck dish or just show up! St. Jerome’s Catholic Church will offer services at 3pm on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Salmon River

World Champions, Humphrey & Zapesocki will race in World Jet Boat Race 2011 Canadian World Cham- title. tor Grady White (Meridian, pion driver Gord Humphrey and navigator Chris Zapesocki (pronounced ZAP-uhsock-ee) will be among the 33 elite racing teams competing in the 2012 Toyota Weaver Seed World Jet Boat Marathon Championship on four north central Idaho rivers next month. The race takes place over a nine day period, April 13-21 on select sections of the St. Joe River at St. Maries, April 14-15; the Snake River at Lewiston, April 16-17; the Clearwater River at Orofino, April 18 and the Salmon River at Riggins, April 19-21. Humphrey and Zapesocki piloted their whitewater race boat, ‘Unnatural Disaster’ #CDN-1 to victory this summer at the August 2011 Thunder on the Snake race in Lewiston. The Fort St. John, British Columbia team also holds the 2011 Salmon River Jet Boat Race Championship

Fans will have the opportunity to watch several former world champions vie for the overall title including former 8x World Champion driver Spencer King and navigator Russell King of Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada; 4x World Champion driver Mark Cromie and navigator Richard Maunder of New Zealand; and 2x World Champion driver Dale Whiteside and navigator Wayne McGeachy of Red Deer, Alberta. Several northwest area racers will also make a run for the championship including 2011 Thunder on the Snake CX Class Champions driver Ryan Rogers (Lewiston, Idaho) and navigator Gary Weaver (Crabtree, Oregon); driver Jake Barney (Lewiston, Idaho); driver Jeff Edwardsen (Lewiston, Idaho) and navigator Ryan Hudson (Lewiston, Idaho); driver Greg Boice (Clarkston, Wash.) and driver Shay White (Meridian, Idaho) and naviga-

New Meadows First Track Meet Coach KC Lee said,“I think the most exciting part for me to see as a new coach for the school was that almost all of our athletes improved on their last year’s PR [personal record]. Doing so in the first meet of the season is a great sign of what is to come and what we have to look forward to this year! Sage McDonald took 3rd in the high jump, and Paddy Libby was in the finals for the shot put and took first in hurdles. It was really great to see all of the athletes working hard and excited for the upcoming season! “Overall I was very impressed with athletes’ performances on Saturday, especially for a first meet. For a few events like jumping and hurdles, it was the first time for athletes to actually do the events outside.” In addition to the highlights from Coach Lee, Saige McDonald also placed 4th in both the 100m and 300m hurdles, and senior Dallin Hunt ran a strong mile race placing 12th with a time of 5:50, Saturday being the first track meet of his high school career.


Depending on the boat engine’s size, speed and hull design, racers compete in one of several race classes including the American Turbine Unlimited Class, Shore Lodge A Class, Eagle Performance Boats CX Class, Clearwater River Casino FX Class or Coors Light/ Rockstar FXV Class. Each racing team consists of a driver, navigator and racing crews varying in size from four to 20 people per team. At the 2011 Canadian World Race, the number of fans watching along riverbanks ranged from 400 to upwards of 5,000 people per venue, according to information from the Canadian World Race Committee. Each race team spent an estimated $1,000 per day on either food, lodging and/or sundry items. The U.S.A. has the opportunity to host the world jet boat races every four years.

Sports Interested in

Riggins Flag Football?

A teacher at the Salmon River High School is reaching out to see if there is interest within the school and community to create a coed flag football league in Riggins this summer. He has played in a competitive city-league the past few years, and thinks it would be fun to bring the tradition ti Riggins. The basics are this: Five-on-five games. The ideal roster size to allow for breaks and substitutions would be 7-8 people per team. Every team would need to include males, females, and students (students 7th grade and up to remain competitive). Specific numbers of each can be decided upon later. Games would only be one night each week, probably around 7pm-ish. Games would take place at the high school, either on the main field or the practice field and would most likely start in July and play through August, after all of the June activities wind down. Everything would be free of charge, so we would also need a couple of volunteers for referees. He thinks there should be at least six teams to make it worth while, which would be a minimum of around 42 people. Please call Colin by the end of April. Call him at 628-2789 (evenings) with any questions.

Idaho Department of Fish & Game Hunter Education Class – Riggins

• If you plan to hunt in the state of Idaho in 2012 • If you were born after January 1, 1975 • If you will be nine years old or older prior to April 21, 2012 You must have attended a Hunter Education class, received a card indicating that you completed the class, and present that card to a license vendor to purchase your first Idaho hunting license. Also, if you’re an adult and want to learn about firearm safety.

An Idaho Department of Fish & Game Hunter Education class is being offered in Riggins, at the Salmon River High School, beginning April 9th through April 21st. This will include 10 class sessions and all sessions must be attended to receive class credit.

Classes will be held Monday through Thursday from 7-9pm. On Saturday, April 14, class will be from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm with a half hour lunch break. On Saturday, April 21, the final field exercise will take place from 8am until approximately 12:00 pm. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present during the April 21st exercise. All times are in Mountain Time. Cost is $8.00 per student. Class size will be limited to the first 25 students.

Registration maybe done in person at the first class, the evening of April 9 , or online at the Idaho Department of Fish & Game website (

Sophomore Kaitlyn Haynes, who PR’ed in both the 100m hurdles and 400m dash said of the meet, “I think it was a great success and all our hard work in practice paid off!”

This will be the only hunter education class offered in the Riggins area this year.

The team also enjoyed a workout at Zim’s Friday before the meet, where they played water polo and did water aerobics.

For more information, please contact: Gary Phillips at (208)628-3940.

To see more results check out this link: TrackAndField/MeetResults. aspx?Meet=143140#1999. Or go to on Friday and follow the link there.

We’re also looking for new volunteers interested in becoming a Hunter Education or Bow Hunter Education Instructor in the Riggins area. Hunter safety doesn’t just happen - we make it happen! Join us and make a difference!

We Support Youth Athletics In Our Communities Cascade • McCall • New Meadows • Riggins 400 Deinhard Lane • McCall • 634-2234

Riggins, Idaho


Practice in McCall - 106 Park St. Suite 102 Visiting Grangeville once per month call for an appointment Grangeville - Ray Holes Mall upstairs

Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 9 |



Aries: Now that spring and your latest birthday are back around, be sure to spend some time really thinking about what you want for the next year. If you’ll be thankful for all you already have and for what you’d like to have (love, promotion, employment, an incredibly active amorous life, etc), you’re certain to achieve anything you desire. Just try to remember that Clouds dug you before you were cool. Taurus: According to a recent study, people who don’t get a college degree are more likely to be “heavy drinkers” than those who do. Interestingly, those with graduate degrees tend to drink more than those with bachelor degrees. The lesson here: it aint so much about your attitude, as it is about your attitude—that, and student loans are screwing up more than the economy. Gemini: The Stars are requesting that you get plenty of sleep

Aries: be thankful, you are cool.

right now. After all, studies show that driving while sleepdeprived can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Unless, that is, you’re driving while drunk on life, in which case, feel free to take your pants off and sing Neil Diamond songs like “Money talks, but it don’t sing and dance.”

Cancer: The New Orleans Saints recently got punished heavily for breaking National Football League rules and rewarding team members for trying to hurt opponents—even after they were warned to stop. They then got caught lying about it and were subsequently taken out to the woodshed. The lesson here: The chickens always come home to roost— and they get really pissy if you’re not honest with them. Leo: Life in general for Leos should start to feel very positive and rewarding as we move through spring. So stay the course and be careful about what you say to whom, for success breeds jealousy. Overall,

however, feel free to get so excited about spring that you wet your plants. Virgo: The average Doctor’s visit now lasts less than 10 minutes. It’s awfully tough to truly understand people after 10 years, let alone10 minutes. So please use this statistic to remind you that you’re in control of your health. And remember that the keys to a healthy, happy life are self-love, regular exercise, plenty of rest, eating well and having someone to “Play Doctor” with. Libra: The Stars are asking Libras to work on being clear and patient with others for the next several weeks. As Cloudsfucious once said, “The most important letters in confusion are usually f-u.” And as The Lorax said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Scorpio: There are those who believe that the keys to love are the same keys to raising a

- Clouds McCloud, he’s out there.

healthy dog. Here are some of the rules for raising great canines: 1) Accept the things you cannot change. 2) Don’t blame yourself for their behavior, but always try to keep your pet feeling cared for. 3) Enjoy fresh air regularly and some heavy petting every so often. Sagittarius: Your lesson for the week involves the importance of words. For example, the following words from an official auto accident report probably should have been thought out better before being submitted: “The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him.” Please make sure your words are well thought out, especially before they become legal record. Capricorn: Capricorns may be feeling a bit dazed and confused by life right now. But that’s okay, so long as you don’t try to fight it. Maybe it will help if you start picturing life as a great big amusement park. Sometimes the lines get long and the rides are rougher and

Standing Hand to Big Toe

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

-Mariah Rose Crump, Riggins, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

The practice of yoga is often viewed as a quiet and serious affair; I say have fun with it! Dance around, wiggle, laugh, make funny faces, stand on one leg – breath deep and enJOY it. The process of centering, lengthening and joining the mind, body and spirit can softened the mind, bring a smile to your face and lightness in the spirit – have fun with your practice and yes be silly sometimes. Standing Hand to Big Toe Pose is a delicious pose that challenges your spatial awareness and brings a beautiful sense of balance and yes at times unbalance to the practioner. After warming the body and centering the mind with a few cycles of Sun Salutations, practice three Fountain Breathes; coming into horse stance bending the knees, exhaling completely bring the hands just below the navel, palms facing the sky fingers just barely touching as you inhale deeply allow the hands to move up toward the heart and to the lungs as you are ready to exhale open the arms and hands like a fountain of breath surrounding your body – this exhalation is brilliantly boisterous. With a softened spirit and a joyousness in the body, step into Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Root the left

scarier than we expected, but that’s no reason to freak out or throw a hissy fit. Aquarius: Life has been a struggle for most Aquarians recently, but that is all set to end. How is this going to happen? Simple. You’re going to have to decide it’s time for some better times. It’ll help if you try to forgive everyone, including yourself, and only make promises you know you can truly keep. For example, “I promise I’ll never say ‘I’ll never drink again!’” Pisces: Since this would be as good a time as any to get back in touch with your inner child, here are your assignments: A) Add more things to your life that make you laugh. B) Write notes to people in crayon. C) Impress and astound people by reciting the names of all eight of the ducklings from “Make Way For Ducklings:” Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack ,Oack, Pack and Quack.


Free Qi Gong classes **Helpful Tips If your hamstrings are tight this posture may prove very difficult – to help achieve the posture use a yoga strap or a robe belt. With the knee bent in toward the chest, place the strap on the pad of the foot – with the strap in each hand begin to lengthen the leg – stand tall and breath deep.


Qi Gong is being offered in McCall on Wednesdays starting at 5:30 at Park Place Center Conference Building by Rachel Smith watch for more info in the next edition or call 6343203 for more information.

Yoga Classes

This posture strengthens the back, the legs and the ankles – this pose will also increase your sense of balance.

** Peeling Away the Layers foot into the earth and hug the right knee in toward the chest – using the strength of your upper body. Reach the crown of the head toward the sky so that you are standing super tall. Begin to lengthen the right leg, taking the hands under the thigh – toes will point up toward the sky. As you are ready, rooted and centered take the knee into the chest, roll forward slightly and take the big toe into your hand – stand tall again and lengthen

the right leg. The next phase of the posture is to open the right leg to the right – standing tall allowing the breath to help you concentrate. Work up to holding the posture for a few deep breaths. It is likely that you may fall out of the posture— however with practice you will use control and concentration as you draw the knee back into the chest and place the sole of the foot on the floor switching sides. Practice Makes Possible – so practice everyday!

Don’t take yourself to seriously, this practice as with life warrants a little silliness. Fountain Breath is a great way to set yourself back into a lighter more joyous way of being— having a bad day, mad at your partner, your child, your coworkers take a moment to practice three Fountain Breaths and see where it takes you.

| 10 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12


Tuesday & Thursday

4:30 to 5:30 pm

at the Heritage Center Riggins, Idaho Classes are geared to adults All skill levels are welcome

�3.00 per class Please contact Mariah Crump at 628�2793

Salmon River


Service Directory COMPUTERS


Personal Computer Repair

Classified advertising in print minimum charge $15 per month, .20 per word after first 20 words. Payment in advance is required by credit card or by mailing check to The Current News Classified, PO Box 1483, Riggins, ID 83549. Call 208-628-2340 or e-mail classified to Caps, Bold or Underline are $1 extra, online presence included


“Adopt a Painting” Sale. April 5,6 and 7. 10 am to 7pm. Paintings by Mary Bakker. White Bird City Hall

John Sangster • Riggins



CONCRETE Big River Construction Concrete Specialist

Chad Hopkins/Owner 208-628-3604

Great Authentic Mexican Food Tacos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Chimis

403 Lenore, McCall, 634-3905


EQUIPMENT Bucky’s Saw Shop Stihl Dealer • 628-3480 Pinehurst Area

HEATING & COOLING Alliance Heating Corp 208-469-0400 Dave Olson, Riggins

MACHINE SHOP Nelson Machining & Manufacturing, Inc. 208-347-2650

106C W Taylor St., New Meadows


Wraps, Salads, Ricebowls

Fresh Healthy Affordable 616 N 3rd St. McCall • 634-5599

SHOES Baza’r Shoe Store

Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30 Sat 9:30-5:00

Grangeville 208-983-1217

VETERINARIAN Dr. Elisa Parker 208-469-9009

Riggins & surrounding areas



The Current News is for Sale! Buy yourself a great job living and working in the middle of paradise. You must be some sort of a rockstar...628-2340.


Communication Specialist (PT): McCall Arts and Humanities Council is seeking a dynamic, creative, self-motivated individual to help us take advantage of our potential to serve a wider audience and build a stronger donor base. The ideal candidate will be highly skilled in a range of outreach tools and computer operations. This includes but is not limited to website development and maintenance, database management, and internet and social media marketing. Minimum of HS Diploma required, but BS or BA preferred. Previous experience working with other arts and humanities based organizations is beneficial. A full job description and application details can be found on our website at: www. or call Katie Morgan at 208-315-4107 for more details. Closing Date: April 13, 2012.


1978 Honda Goldwing GL-1000, full dress, lowers, floorboards, 35mpg, chrome engine, elect. ignition, in storage, needs work/battery. $1,300 OBO. 208-634-1166.


Hey Easter bunny....


ELK LAKE ROAD - 2.5 acres. Very nice home remodeled in 2001. 2 car garage.Pasture & room to have a magnificent garden! Water rights + a well. Covered deck, $169,000 CENTURY 21 Whitewater Clark. Call Mary 208630-4642


Equipment and job opportunities will include the following: ·ambulance service (with Paramedic and EMT-B),

Mark your calendars

· chainsaw/small engine repair service · chippers and feller bunchers · road graders, skidders, vehicles with drivers, forklifts · modular offices · jet boats · retardant mixing plant The agency is seeking individuals and/or small businesses to fill these needs.

Time to get a head start on tree and shrub pruning. Correct pruning is essential for optimum growth, health and longevity. 30+ years combined experience Salmon Clearwater Landscaping LLC Matt 208-507-1976 Cameron 208451-0160



2 Bedroom, 1 bath with washer/dryer. Back deck w/river view. North Riggins. $550/mo. Call 628-3615. 2 bdrm duplex w/garage on Fish Trap Rd Rapid River. Range, refrigerator, water, dumpster, septic, fenced yard and patio. $425. 628-3283 to see. RIGGINS MANOR RENTALS 1 bdrm apts, furn•unfurn. Call Sharon. 628-3508, 983-2008 628-3164

Training sessions on agreement requirements will be conducted in Boise on March 31, Twin Falls on April 3 and McCall on April 7.

For more information on specific times and locations contact the Southwest Idaho/ Nevada Acquisition Center. Points of contact are Diana Early at 208-373-4134 or Diana Curl at 208-373-4123.


Volunteer request classifieds are free of charge. Jet Boat Race Emergency Volunteers needed for Lewiston April 16-17, Orofino April 18 and Riggins April 19-20 EMTs or first responders. CPR and First aid card required. Call Janeen 628-3032 home 469-0798 cell.


Leftover or broken tiles for mosaic project call Richelle 628-2340. Can pick up anywhere The Current is distributed. All colors needed, bright colors preferred.

Maggie Exum Nail Technician

Full Sets, Acrylics, Gels, Pedicures 208-740-0961 208-628-9265

Jet Boat Edition

Rodeo Edition

deadline is April 4

deadline is April 18

April 11

Deadlines and dates for upcoming issues of the Current News


Riggins RV Park. 6 all new full hook-up spots. Almost Downtown Riggins. Quiet Location. By the month only. Call Mary 630-4642.

Investment Property - Two duplexes (4 rentals) all 2 bdrm - paved drives w/ garages. PLUS 28’ x 40’ shop and 2 additional approved building sites w/ water. $297,500. Call 208-628-3283. Rapid River area lots. Four w/septic approved. All 1/2 acre+or-a little. Owner financing if wanted- O.A.C. 208628-3283.

Federal Business Opportunities tin SW Idaho for Wildfire Support

BOISE, Idaho - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is seeking various equipment and operators to support wildland fires during the 2012 fire season on the Boise, Payette, and Sawtooth National Forests.


For Rent, Call Vickie Heath - Office 628-3322: res. 628-3829. References required. Canyon Vu Apts, Riggins, available $500 per month. Shackhouse with shared bathroom for rent. $275/mo. Riggins 628-2340

April 25

Call 208-628-2340 to advertise or submit an article Riggins, Idaho


Foolish Edition | Early April 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday March 28-April 11, 2012 | 11 |








Healing & Harmony p 9 Rustic Outlet p 7


Maggie Exum, Nails p 11


Green Cleaning p 12

CLOTHING Larson’s p 4

CONVENIENCE STORE Riggins One Stop p 6


Riggins One Stop p 4 Alpine Pantry p 6

FISHING/TACKLE Hook Line & Sinker p 3


Clearwater River Casino p 7 Zims Hot Springs p 3

Riggins One Stop p 4 Asker’s p 5 Riggins One Stop p 4



Hook Line & Sinker p 3 Riggins Yoga p 10

Boise Nemesis Scrum The Boise Nemesis hosted the Washington State University and University ofIdaho women’s rugby teams in Riggins last weekend. They were excited to see the crowds and are hoping to possibly have a rugby workshop next year. Above photo shows a scrum formation. Photo by Jack Kappas

Ignore Old Man Winter, it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

ProBuild p 9

HEALTH FOODS Alpine Pantry p 6


earth friendly & traditional products commercial & residential move ins & move outs yard & garden

NIA p 2


GMCLogging p 5

PHARMACY Irwin Drug p 3

RESTAURANTS Alpine Pantry p 6 Pueblo Lindo p 6

SATELLITE Lucky Star p 5

Josi M. Lear ow Call n roductory for int rates!

Serving Central Idaho


| 12 | Wednesday, March 28-April 11, 2012 | The Current News | Early April 2012 | Foolish Edition 3-28-12

Salmon River

Foolish Edition  

Foolish things some are good foolish, some are not so good foolish…we leave it up to you to personally decide which is which.Go snowboarding...

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