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r Riggins, Idaho

“Because we all live downstream.”

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Back to School Edition | Early Aug 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | 1 |

The Current News

Published on Tuesdays at least twice per month by the undisputed and uncontested best staff in the world. Mission Statement To inform and entertain the people, community and visitors of Riggins as well as the surrounding Salmon River Corridor area, from Lewiston to Kamiah & Kooskia and south to Cascade and up the Salmon River to Mackay Bar. The goal is to provide accurate information concerning events and issues that are directly related to and impact the area and people, as well as to create a forum where opposing views/ issues are intelligently debated and to offer a common platform where businesses, clubs and organizations can advertise their information and events to townspeople, travelers and to our outlying neighbors. We aspire to do all this in a timely manner, twice per month. Publisher • Editor • Art Director • Janitor Richelle Barger Bookkeeper Nightfeather Bogan Advertising Current Office 208-628-2340 Contributors Francie Ford - Riggins Ed Jameson - Politics Ed Pramuk - Music Mariah Crump - Yoga Design * Ad Layout Richelle Barger


Subscriptions $38 per year plus tax. Call 208-628-2340. Seasonal (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall) subscriptions also available at $10 for 3 months. (3 months) $10. Mail your check to PO Box 1483, Riggins ID, 83549. Free: Complimentary copies are sent upon request to any resident who is spending time in a care facility. Simply give us their name and address and we will send a copy. Please specify duration of stay. The Current is printed on the Lewiston Morning Tribune’s high speed web press. It takes less than 13 minutes to print! There are 3600 copies of this paper. You may pick up the newspapers throughout central Idaho at almost all businesses between the White Bird Summit and New Meadows and at various locations in Grangeville, Cottonwood, Keuterville, Craigmont, Kooskia, Kamiah, Stites, Harpster, Lake Fork, Donnelly, McCall and Cascade! Call for more information, or to get papers in your business, 208-628-2340. Deadlines Submission & Advertising Friday: Classified Ads, Calendar of Events. Tuesday: Display Ads, Articles for Submission, Letters to the People. Sunday: Celebrations of Life: Weddings, Baby Announcements, Obituaries. Letters to the People Policy Rules and guidelines: We reserve the right to edit for space, accuracy and offensive language. We also reserve the right to publish or not to publish any letter, for any reason. We will accept emailed, typed or handwritten letters. They must come directly from the author by mail, email or delivered in person. Each letter must have contact information including current address and phone number for verification purposes. We try to print all letters, and will give precedent to those that are emailed. Send written articles to: PO Box 1483 Riggins, ID 83549 phone/fax: 208-628-2340 The opinions of the writers are not necessarily those of The Current. We are not responsible for typographical errors, but we do regret any and all mistakes. If you find one, please bring it to our attention.

In honor of the Olympics If you haven’t done it yet, it is time to

Do Your Best Cartwheel!

Opinion • Thoughts • Ideas

Back to School!

-Richelle Barger

A few words. Three to be exact. Because that is all we need to remind of the nine months that lay ahead.

Today’s Dare is a public service message from The Current News because we believe in all things healthy, fun, creative, educational, and informational. And because sometimes we forget and need to be reminded. If you have a dare you would like to pose to the community, please send it to

We all get to put in our time, but in the end, is there any greater joy than learning?


Ok, sure, maybe rafting... What if we put them both together? What if Riggins was a river school? What if the school spent a day learning about the river in relationship to science, history, math, reading. What if Back to School was like a river trip? You’d go back everyday even if it were your turn to wash the dishes! At least, I would. Just an idea to throw out there!

Proofreading Monday noon Francesca Moldenhauer Lucia Knudson Photography Richelle Barger

Letters to the People

Thank you to Riggins I want to thank the Idaho County Sheriffs Department for their devotion to their job at hand and also their handling of the case of my wife, Lacey’s unfortunate death. I also want to thank all of the good people of Riggins who have offered me so much love, caring, and support during this most difficult time of my life. I cannot thank all of you honest people enough. I am so proud to say that I am a member of this community. Respectfully yours, Chet Eddy, Riggins

All should Respect Mother Earth “America the Beautiful”, “Pack It In - Pack it Out”, “ Fines For Littering”, “Idaho is too beautiful to litter”, “Respect Mother Nature’s Finest”!!!

Contents Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Celebration of Life . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Guess Who . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Famines of Pharaoh . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 The Wickedest Weed in the West! . . . . 7 Idaho Fires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Farmers’ Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 White Bird Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Riggins Group Meetings . . . . . . . . . . 4 Signs of The Times . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Letters to the People . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Do Your Best Cartwheel! . . . . . . . . . .2 Back to School! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 All should Respect Mother Earth . . . .2 Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 &11 Politics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 &10 The Good Noise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Do you think the NezPerce fishermen who come to our area have never heard any of these statements? Obviously NOT!! The people of the Riggins area welcome our Native American brothers and sisters and they return our graciousness b y totally trashing and leaving their junk all over the property at the corner of Rapid River Road and Highway 95. We don’t go and throw trash all over their homeland, why do they do it here? They totally disregard the rules for not littering and very obviously just don’t care! What happened to environmental respect? This complete disregard for our area is nothing short of “lazy and disgusting”. I guess PRIDE doesn’t matter at least to the tribe. Guess what? To us who live here it matters alot, I can’t believe the pride NezPerce elders, leaders, lawmen and all the people connected to the tribe would condone this lack of respect for their land. Highway 95 is the main route to Canada and beyond. Think of all the neighbors and tourists who look at this pile of junk and think how ugly this is. NezPerce tribal elders, lawmen, etc. need to remove their blinders and do something now and never let it happen again! Idaho is way too pretty to trash it. - Hurricane Bob Ratliff, Riggins, ID Cover

Cordell Bovey, a first grader, is excited to start his first day of School at Riggins Elementary School Most schools start at the end of August! See page 4 for a list of schools and their start dates. This issue was written, designed and edited while dancing, and making art and finishing the Hunger Games trilogy, sleeping on the roof watching for falling stars and making wishes!

| 2 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

Salmon River

jPowell West Complex Powell SBW West Complex – (point zone protection) currently totals 451 acres. The Queen Fire is 200 acres. Fire staff evacuated the Bear Mountain Lookout and repeater, and successfully protected the lookout using retardant drops and heavy helicopters. CLOSURES: The Area Closure for the Powell SBW West Complex was removed and there is now Trail Closures in place. Fire Managers modified the Area Closure for the Powell SBW East Complex to better accommodate recreational opportunities for forest visitors. Complete descriptions and maps are located at:

kPowell East Complex

The complex is located 37 miles Southwest of Lolo, MT on the Powell Ranger District. Remote cameras are set up on Savage Ridge, which will reduce the need to fly fires in the north end of the complex. Diablo Lookout was evacuated. Structure protection has been applied to Elk Summit Guard Station.

lSteep Corner Idaho is mourning the loss of 20 year old firefighter, Anne Veseth who was killed by falling trees in the Steep Corner Fire on Aug 12.

mSprings The dozer work on the contingency line closest to Terrace Lakes has been completed. The second contingency line, which is closer to the fire, is almost in place. Firefighters expect to have it completed by the end of shift today. Portable water tanks for filling engines will be placed near these lines. In

the event that the fire makes a run towards the subdivisions, firefighters will have access to water and a good fire break to help stop the fire.


The forecast is for continued hot and dry Mustang weather, with potential for thunderstorms by the weekend. Visitors are asked to please The Mustang Complex resulted from thunuse all appropriate caution when visiting the derstorms and lightning over the weekend of July 28-29. Two of the fires, the Mustang and forest.

The Rocky Mountain Type 1 Incident Management Team would like to acknowledge the great cooperation of the Idaho Department of Lands, Boise National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Garden Valley Fire Department, Boise County, and Idaho Transportation Department.

jPowell SBW Complex k Powel SBW East Complex lSteep Corner

nTrinity Ridge

Lucile Burgdorf

Fire activity increased yesterday as a result of the red flag weather conditions, but was not as great as expected due to smoke shading much of the fire area. It was difficult for firefighters to determine the extent of fire activity due to the smoke. These smoky conditions are expected to affect fire behavior again today. Yesterday, the fire crossed Road 129 to the southwest. Fire crews will continue work along the road to hold the fire to the west. Structure protection for the Trinity Lakes Guard Station will start today. The fire is approaching Rocky Bar along the James Creek road. Sprinklers have been turned on at Weatherby and Rocky Bar for structure protection. The Pine and Weatherby airports are closed to the public. Today, the focus on structure protection and protection of critical road access continues. A majority of the fire’s resources will remain focused on the southern half of the fire. Protection of Rocky Bar and the community of Featherville are top priorities. Structure assessment and protection measures are ongoing.

Idaho Fires

Broomtail, have burned together. The other active fires, Roan, Cayuse, and East Butte, continue to show some activity and increase in size. The Complex is currently backing down Colson Creek towards the Salmon River.

qMallard / Diamond The Mallard Fire on the Salmon River near Whitewater Ranch continues to look good and is 50 percent contained as firefighters continue mop-up of the perimeter of that fire. It has increased in size over the last few days to 206 acres. Although the containment lines are holding, it should be noted that there is still potential for growth.

p Mustang qYellow Mallard Pine mSprings oHalstead nTrinity Ridge sSalmon Challis rMinidoka Complex rMinidoka Complex

The 26-acre Diamond Fire on Moose Butte is 50% contained and being mopped up. Firefighters are working to finish mop-up on the Matteson Fire, four miles northeast of Red River Hot Springs (90% contained).


oHalstead Lightning started the Halstead Fire on Friday, July 27, 2012. The fire is 18-miles northwest of Stanley, Idaho, burning in a rugged area of the SalmonChallis National Forest with large areas of beetle-killed trees. The fire is under a suppression strategy. Firefighters are using a variety of strategies to manage the fire, including direct attack, indirect attack and point protection. A mix of these strategies will be used to protect values in the fire’s path in a combination that provides the best chance of being successful while minimizing

firefighter exposure to risk. The goal of the incident management team is to manage the Halstead Fire in such a way that there are no serious injuries or fatalities, no critical values have been adversely impacted and the public and cooperators are supportive of fire management operations. Community Meeting: Tuesday August 14, in Sunbeam at 7:00pm at the restaurant parking lot Community Meeting: Wednesday August 15, 7:00pm Stanley Community Center

The Minidoka Complex consists of three fires on the Sawtooth National Forest and the BLM Twin Falls District: the Cave Canyon Fire west of Oakley, Idaho, on the Cassia Division and the Deer Hollow and the Eightmile Fires on the Black Pine Division southeast of Malta. Great Basin Incident Management Team 1 is managing the complex. The Eightmile Fire is contained at 211 acres. The Cave Canyon Fire was mapped at 83,804 acres and the Deer Hollow Fire is 5,440 acres.

sSalmon Challis

A storm moved through the area on Friday evening August 10, 2012. Some rain, though less than a quarter of an inch, fell as a result. A few new lightning caused fires were started on the Forest, most of these have been contained as of late Saturday. Firefighters remain on scene working to contain the rest.

More fires and information can be found on our website

Rustic Outlet Riggins Auto Salvage & Tow New & Used Parts Auto & Truck Repair Tune Up & Brakes Air - condition Service m-f 9am - 5pm sat 9am-3pm


r Riggins, Idaho

29 Peddlers!

• Antiques • • Clothing • Jewelry • • Log Furniture • • Quilts • • Woodcarvings • • Art • Gifts • Vintage • & More! 11-4 Sunday • 10-5 Tues.-Sat. Closed Monday 14120 Hwy 55 South of McCall Look for the Big Red Barn • 634-4445


Back to School Edition | Early Aug 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | 3 |

Community Schedules To get your event in the Calendar of Events call the Current at 628-2340, or email us at - see music happenings on p 8-9 all times are local.


15 wednesday

Idaho County Fair 6pm Gun Club Meeting at Heritage Center-Riggins

16 thursday

Idaho County Fair 10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 3-6 Farmers Market - Riggins 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 5pm McCall Chamber Meet and Greet

1 7 f ri d a y

Noon Senior Lunch at IOOF Hall 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 5:30pm Biggest Loser at Assembly of God 6pm SR Dive Team 7pm AA Meets - Riggins Assembly of God

22 wednesday Noon SR Chamber Meeting American Legion Auxiliary Meeting- Riggins

23 thursday

American Legion Auxiliary at Legion Hall 10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center

Idaho County Fair

2 4 f ri d a y

Ramadan ends Idaho County Fair Boy Scout meeting in Riggins at 5pm

Payette Lakes Ski Club Triatholon

1 8 s a t u rd a y

20 monday

6:00pm JSD School Board Meets

21 tuesday

10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 11am T.O.P.S. at SR Community Church 11am Dream Big Read - Riggins Library

AreaSchool Start Dates Area schools are opening their doors for registration starting this week. Football and Volleyball practices have begun and the first games are going to sneak up on us as early as Aug 24. When the Riggins Savages host the Kamiah Kubs on the field over looking the Salmon River Canyon. It is sure to be a spectacular non-season game.

10am Pinehurst Quilt Club at IOOF Hall

2 5 s a t u rd a y

28 tuesday

10-11am Fit & Fall Proof at SR Community Church 11am T.O.P.S. at SR Community Church 11am Dream Big Read - Riggins Library Noon Senior Lunch at IOOF Hall 4:30pm Yoga at Heritage Center 5:30pm Biggest Loser at Assembly of God

McCall Groups Business After Hours- Thursday, August 16 5-8pm. First American Title Alpine Village 616 N. Third St. Please join the Chamber, First American Title and Salmon River Brewery for this fun “greet, meet, and mingle” event. Beer, BBQ, and Music! Please bring your business card as door prizes will be available!

I would really like to go back to school. I would love it now. Fiona Apple

White Bird Groups Rebekahs - Royal Gem #13 (208) 839-2438 Idaho Pathfinders Association (ATV Club) (208) 839-2303, eanda@

Salmon River Art Guild 2nd Thursday, 10am, in White Bird. ContactMary Bakker, 839-2414 or email White Bird Rodeo Association (208) 839-7701 White Bird Chamber of Commerce (208) 839-2777

Salmon River School Photos 7pm Riggins Fire Dept Meeting

8 s a t u rd a y

Helicopter Tours

Cascade 7-12 Tues Aug 28, pk-6 Wed, Sept 5 Council 7-12 Aug 23; k-6 Aug 27

Hells Canyon National Rec. Area 628-3916 JSD 243 School Board 3rd Monday in the District Board Room at 6pm unless otherwise posted

Rebekahs 2nd Tuesday of the month. 2:30pm, IOOF Hall Riggins Library Hours 10am - 5pm M-F Riggins Fire Department First Thursday 7pm

Salmon River Chamber of Commerce 2nd & 4th Wednesdays rotating restaurants, Noon

Clearwater Wed, Aug 29


Salmon River Gun Club Meetings Every third Wednesday at 6pm at the Hells Canyon National Recreation Center

Riggins EMS 4th TuesdayFire Station 6pm

Grangeville Wed, Aug 29

McCall-Donnelly Aug 27

Fiddlers The Riggins Fiddlers play at Riggins Manor on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7pm. No admission charge; public welcome.

Salmon River Dive Team 3rd Tuesday, 6pm

Cottonwood Wed, Aug 29


Fit & Fall Proof Tuesday & Thursday 10-11am at the Salmon River Community Church

PTO 2nd Wednesday at 4:30pm at RES Library when school is in session

Craigmont Mon, Aug 27

New Meadows Sept 6

City Council 2nd Monday - City Hall 7pm Urban Renewal Dist. Meetings 6:30pm City of Riggins 6283394

Pinehurst Quilt Club 4th Friday at 10am at the IOOF Hall

6:30pm Firehouse Cihili Cook-off -

Culdesac Tues, Aug 27

Riggins Mon, August 27

*A.S.K. Board Meeting 2nd Monday-#243 Dist. Office at *4:30pm

Booster Club 1st Tuesday 5:30pm SRHS Library

Lapwai Tues, Sept 4

Orofino Mon, Aug 27

American Legion Auxiliary 4th Thursday Legion Hall

Nez Perce National Historic Park (208) 843-7001

Email your group information to us at

Lewiston Wed, Aug 29

Kamiah Wed, Aug 29

American Legion 2nd Monday Legion Hall 3pm

Biggest Loser Tuesdays 5:30pm at Assembly of God Church

USFS - Salmon River Ranger District (208) 8392211

6 thursday

Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesdays 7 pm at Assembly of God Church

White Bird Volunteer Fire Department (208) 3393414


Riggins Group Meetings

Zims Hot Springs


Looking for some cheap entertainment?

Senior Lunches held every Tuesday at Noon at the IOOF Hall. $4 for Seniors and $5 for anyone under 60 years old.

local from Riggins

$6 adults $5 kids 3-13 and seniors 60 plus sunday-thursday 10am-10pm friday-saturday 10am-11pm

closed mondays • South of Riggins • 4 mi N of New Meadows

Charters, Tours & Heavy Lift Construction


| 4 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

T.O.P.S. Take off Pounds Sensibly Tuesdays at 11am, SR Community Church Yoga Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 4:30pm at the Heritage Center.

Salmon River

The View From Here

Signs of The Times

When I was a little kid my parents and I drove crosscountry from New York, New York to Weiser, Idaho. I had grandparents in both places, so we started in the East, detoured to all the major national parks and stopped to visit various relatives scattered along the way. In those practically prehistoric times there were no video games, cell phones, or CDs. We depended on the radio and, when I could get my parents to play, there were “twenty questions,” “name that car”—which is why I am still good at identifying makes of automobiles—and, best of all, the Burma Shave signs. For you youngsters, Burma Shave shaving cream advertisements were practically an American institution in the 40’s and 50’s until the superhighways were built. Their program consisted of a group of five signs, spaced about 50 feet apart, the first four in rhyme, the last naming the product. One of our favorites was:

“Ben met Anna Made a hit. Neglected beard, Ben-Anna split. Use Burma Shave!” And another:

“No lady likes To dance and dine, Accompanied by A porcupine. Use Burma Shave!” By the end of our long drive, we knew most of the advertisements, which occurred about every 50 miles. It was fun to sing them out as we drove by, but the real joy was finding a new one. After we moved to Weiser, Idaho, my father drove my aunt, my grandfather and me to spend each summer in McCall. In those days that trip was long and fearsome. There was Man Creek Hill, Midvale Hill, Mesa Hill, Council Hill, The Grade, ending in New Meadows, and Goose Creek Hill. Parts of most of the hill roads were not paved and many had hairpin curves, which made even my leadfooted father slow down. But there was one wonderful

r Riggins, Idaho

-F. W. Ford, Riggins

sign to watch for. It had white lettering on a blue background, and it proclaimed, “Phone One Mile.” Civilization was only one mile away; surely we could make it that far and, if I were really lucky, my father would want to stop for coffee and I’d get an ice cream. Although we never talked about those signs, the “upper country” (Midvale, Cambridge and Council) and “the lakes” (McCall and environs) were always Phone One Mile Country to me. With the advent of the cell phone, there has been no need to maintain those signs, but if you look closely, you can still see a “Phone One Mile” sign on the road in Old Meadows. I have grown up and old intrigued by signs. For years I laughed every time I went into the McCall Post Office to be met by a poster-sized sign, white lettering on a black background, which read:

Farmers’ Markets Grangeville Farmers Market - Saturdays from July - October

Kamiah/Kooskia Farmers Market - Saturdays from May -October McCall Farmers Market - Saturday and Wednesdays Happening now!


Riggins Farmers Market - Thursdays 3-6pm

Thursdays 3-6 pm Riggins City Park

“Like” Riggins Farmersʼ Market on Facebook

Call Michelle at 315-1639

“It is against the law to assault a postal employee while on duty.” Just “while on duty?” The small lettering makes a strange end to the statement. I picture someone lurking outside the post office, ready to assault a postal employee, mistakenly thinking that such violent actions outside the post office are not against the law. Riggins has many interesting signs, not the least of which are street names: Ace’s Place, Endicott Alley, North and South Streets (which are one block apart) and my own magnificent sounding two-and-a-half- block-long McArthur Avenue. Many businesses have eye-catching signs as well, and I often smile or chuckle as I read them. My favorite Riggins sign, however, belongs to River View RV Park. Against a pale blue background, white letters announce: Exit or Alternate Entrance. What a wonderful statement: this is the way it is or, maybe, not. If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to improvise. This sign symbolizes the spirit of Riggins. We do things our way, here, but we are open to individual exceptions. We are who we are, but we’re willing to let you be yourself. We tolerate a lot. We work together as a community and we welcome your support. Come visit us, stay with us, live amongst us. We have room; leave or stay.



Salmon Rapids Lodge, Idaho Banana Company and The Current News invite you to a

Any�hing Wor�h Doing Book Reading and Signing of

by Jo Deurbrouck

& Wine Tasting Featuring Sawtooth Wines

at the Salmon Rapids Lodge, Riggins

Thursday Aug�st 23, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm "...this unforgettable book... catches, then lodges heart. in the eddy of the heart." --Cort Conley,

Literature Program Director, Idaho Commission on the Arts

A stor� of the Salmon River, friends and Riggins locals.

Back to School Edition | Early Aug 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | 5 |



Republican ticket

Romney chooses Ryan

Paul Ryan, a young, smart, 42 year old Wisconsin Representative who has been branded as the radical budget guy who liberals think will demolish medicare, who conservatives think will turn the budget around and do the nasty job of making America accountable for all the money it has borrowed. He cut his teeth in Washington moonligting on Capitol Hill at a restaurant and as a sports trainer. He also sold “lunchables” for Oscar Meyer...we can all relate to that! Everyone thinks Romney has sealed his fate. In favor of each party. The Republicans are calling it the best move he could have made. Liberals are certain he has all but put the last nail in the coffin.

Democratic Ticket

Miller BBQ Fundraiser tomorrow!

Karla Miller will be throwing a BBQ Fundraiser on Thursday, August 16 to gear up for her campaign as she heads into the fall season. The event will take place from 6-8 pm and will be held at 13850 Nisula Road (at the corner of West Lake Fork Road and Nisula). Live music starts at 6 BBQ by Edible Art Catering (Nicki Humphries!) at 7 Available for advanced purchase only at:

Famines of Pharaoh From the Desk of Ed Jameson, New Meadows

--Mountain Monkey Business --Lake Fork Merc --Flight of Fancy in Donnelly --Tea Leaves-N-Coffee Beans in Cascade, or by calling me 469-0629. Let me know if you have any questions. I know this is a last-minute email, and that we’re all busy; but it should be a fun event, with

Syringa Hospital Foundation’s Golf Outing

“Blues Greens” on


Grangeville Country Club Saturday, August 25 @ 9:00 am Two flights with CASH PRIZES for winners of each; 2nd & 3rd place prizes, too! $75 entry includes fees, unlimited beverages & food, hole contests and a Festival of Trees ticket Miss a Putt Contest and more! FUN FUN FUN-raiser for Syringa Hospital & Clinics! For more information go to Or contact Jo Anne at 208-507-0720

Famine… famine of food, famine of opportunity, famine of hope and famine of security; one begets another and one begets all the others. The first record of famine was found carved on a six thousand year old tomb on Sahal Island in Egypt’s Nile River. All through the time of man, he has suffered hunger and death when he didn’t plan for the bad days while he had the good days. Although he walked without fear through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, when man failed to plan, man planned to fail; it was that simple.

side. One can consider selfimposed wounds with respect to those people who left their small family farms because of drought and moved to feeding centers for those who would otherwise starve to death. One can rationalize, from our secure perspective, the cause of someone’s hunger and pain; where the only thing that matters is to feed them, nothing else. After all the applied mental guilt and blame from the more fortunate of us, they are real human beings and they will certainly die without our help. That is absolutely all that matters!

In Darfur, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and too many other locations to mention, people are starving to death every day in this sad old world. From the Catholic Relief Services: “More than 1 billion people are suffering from hunger. Hunger causes the deaths of about 5 million children each year. About 17 million children are born underweight annually, the result of inadequate nutrition before and during pregnancy.”

The “dust bowl” of the 1930s was coincident to the Great Depression. Coincident to the present depression, we again have what may become a multiyear drought. Our drought and inability to contribute to the world food supply will cause famine, hunger and death to some people in this world!

One can make a cynical case around ignorant, poor and hungry people continuing to have children. One can consider that those suffering in Darfur, the DRC and other war-torn locations just happen to be on the wrong

“From a distance we all have enough and no one is in need. From a distance we are instruments, marching in a common band. From a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land. It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace; it’s the voice of every man.” {“From a Distance”---Julie Gold}

| 6 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

From a distance....

• Fire pans required for all open fires inside the River Corridor • Portable toilets mandatory where restrooms not provided • No driving off road or parking on beaches • High wind area, secure loose items when leaving camp • All human waste and garbage must be packed out • Camping limited to 14 days in a 30 day period

For more informatio Jeremy H

Salmon River

Living in Paradise


A ALIVE su salud! DEAD not Tribulus terrestris, The Meanest, Wickedest Weed in the West! -Jack Kappas

Salmon River


Join us for great Mexican food! Celebrate your birthdays and special occasions with us!

Open at 11am Sun-Thurs until 9pm Fri & Sat until 10pm

634-2270 McCall, ID

Queen Beds • In Room Coffee Phones • Satellite TV Pets O.K. • Senior Discount Gift Certificates • WiFi

We support the

Savage Spirit!

Reservations: (208) 628-3231


If God placed two things on this Earth to aggravate and frustrate mankind it has to be Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) and Ticks! Seeing it’s so hard to pin a tick down, lets start with the little “Devil Weed,” Puncturevine. Call it what you want, Puncture weed, a.k.a. “Goat’s head,” “Bullhead” or those, *!#&*!! stickers! Puncturevine is in the Zygophyllaceae, Caltrop Family. Its origin is European/Mediterranean. It likely spread to the U.S. accidentally via contaminated sheep first reported in California in 1903. Now it’s everywhere! It’s considered a noxious invasive weed in Idaho, and it sure is! If you live in the Salmon/Snake River Canyons or anywhere in the Columbia River Basin, you’ve probably had a painful encounter with this thorny plant. The Puncturevine thorns (seeds) are incredibly painful to step on, they get tracked into your rug at home, they puncture your bicycle tires and have to be pulled out of your pet’s paws! Interesting that Puncturevine is in the Caltrop Family, as Caltrop literally means “foot trap.” Metal Caltrop spikes were used as “antipersonnel weapons” in ancient wars to slow down warriors, horses and war elephants! Caltrop spikes were used in both World Wars and they were used in Vietnam also. Mmmm,.. Puncturevine?,..”Foot trap?!”… Ouch! Veerry interesting!

1 0 1 W E S T M A I N S T R E E T, G R A N G E V I L L E , I D A H O 8 3 5 3 0 TODD MAREK & MIKE FREDRICKSON

Riggins Office Hours: Every Thursday at City Hall 1:30-4:00

800-983-2101 • 208-983-2100 Fax: 208-983-1392 •

Puncturevine likes to grow where most other canyon plants don’t: Disturbed earth, weedy fields, roadsides… and it creeps onto sidewalks. Puncturevine spreads from a central “tenacious” taproot. It usually grows as a prostrate vine close to the ground and has tiny yellow flowers this time of year. The flowers bare “Nutlets” which turn into the little devil spiked stickers (seed) we all hate! Goathead plants are very hard to eliminate. Their seeds have been known to stay fertile up to 7 years. Seems the best time to use herbicide on this plant is springtime. To me, anytime is a good time! I spray it, use a weed-burner on it, shovel it, hoe it and pull it out with my hands. Whatever it takes. I must admit, “I harbor a active hatred, a seething need for revenge, a desire to strangle the life out of the plant!” Sometimes it takes years to get rid of Goatheads, a little each year. There has been success eliminating Goatheads by introducing Puncturevine Weevils as a natural biological control. All I know is the sure-fire way to kill the plant right now is to make certain you get the taproot out!


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As mentioned, Puncturevine probably originally came to the U.S. by European livestock. It then expanded across the West like “wildfire” by pioneers, homesteaders and stock. Importation came via contaminated sheep, first reported in California in 1903. It seems as if it’s everywhere these days. Now it’s spread by anything stepping on it, or any pneumatic tire rolling over it. (Puncturevine: the Arch-Nemesis of Bicycle Tires!!) A lot of bicycle tire patch kits are sold in Riggins and bicycle shops around the West fix many flat tires due to Puncturevine. Air mattresses, swimming pool toys and beach balls don’t stand a chance in Hades against Goatheads either! Many communities in Puncturevine habitat have declared all-out war on the weed! Some have a Community spray, burn, dig and pull anti-Puncturevine day! (Tee shirts, billboards, and a Bar-BQ/party afterwards.) Sounds good to me! Besides the feet of people, animals and infuriating flat tires, Puncturevine also causes injuries to grazing animal’s digestive tracts. Depletes soil moisture and can poison sheep. Beyond the “Ouch! Factor” of Tribulus terrestris, I dug up a few “thorny points” of interest. Puncturevine seems to have some strange connection with birth, health and death.

FERDINAND VETERINARY CLINIC 312 Main Street Ferdinand, ID (208) 962-3300

Elisa Parker, D.V.M. 208-628-9215 • 469-9009 cell

548 Old Pollock Road Riggins, ID 83549

-Laboratory studies indicate rabbits injected with Puncturevine derivatives show increased fertility. -People use the Puncturevine fruit, leaf, and root as medicine for wide-ranging complaints. ( Web MD has some good information on this.) -There are some primitive tribes around the World that use derivatives of Tribulus terrestris as a poison for their arrows and spears! Puncturevines in Paradise??..Believe it or not!

Virgil Frei, DVM Kim Heezen, Dvm

r Riggins, Idaho

Open Office August Now 20th! Open!


We Support Youth Athletics In Our Communities Cascade • McCall • New Meadows • Riggins 400 Deinhard Lane • McCall • 634-2234

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History <Guess Who

Music Festival


Send your old photos to Rocke Wilson at rockewilson@yahoo. com. If you live in another community besides Riggins and have a Guess Who! you would like to share, let Rocke or The Current News know!

Last Issue’s Guess Who was Jonny Wilson> Who, will marry his sweetheart Angelie this next week. Congratulations!

Rant about dancing: Get Goofy! -Richelle Barger

Why doesn’t anyone dance anymore?

SATURDAY (August 18):

May we suggest:

Council Mountain Music Festival

Lions Club Breakfast- 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM 

I have been to many live music events this summer and I feel super lucky to have gotten so many great opportunities to also cut The Council Mountain Music Festival takes a rug and dance! place on Friday and Saturday, August 17-18 at Luckily so few people ever dance anymore, that often I have most the Council City Park in Coucnil, home of the of the floor to myself. My friend said he doesn’t dance because he fourth of July Porcupine Races. looks goofy. This is a fun little town south of New Meadows. That, my friend, is the entire point of dancing! Get Goofy! One of our favorite parts of this festival is the There is no rote definition of what dancing is. Just get out there scramble on Saturday Night at 4pm, where each and let go and if you are lucky enough to have a partner, touch band member puts his name in the hat and it is someone! See above and to the right photo of the upcoming drawn out. Each new “band” then puts together Council Music festival. Last year, they even had some impromp- three or so songs. The result is great fun for musicians and audience. tu lessons Saturday afternoon. FRIDAY (August 17) 5:30--J.D. Webb and the Downstate Ramblers

Lewiston Civic Theatre Presents:

( or www. 7:00--Jimmy Bivens ( com/jimmybivens)



8:30 PM-- Jonathan Warren & the Billygoats ( or www. 9:15-- 50/50 Drawing.   (Tickets are $1.00.   If your ticket is drawn, you will 50% of the total in the pot!) All School House Rock Performances are


September 20 – October 7, 2012 Directed by Torok Lewis

School House Rock starts August 16 and runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday (no Sundays) until August 25.

Buy Tickets: (208) 746-3401(208) 746-3401

| 8 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

at the Veteran’s Memorial Peace Park (where the festival will be held).

1:00 PM--Open Jam Session--all ages and abilities welcome 2:00 - The Cosmic Roosters 2:15 -- Dan Wilson 2:45-- Plum Alley Music students:

Courtney Stanford, Gracie, Riley, and Emma Stuart, and Jackie, Autumn, and Maddie Herold 3:00 -- Hotwire ( 4:00 - 5:00  Scramble bands* perform *All willing musicians put their name in a hat. The names are drawn out and divided into four lists; the musicians on each list form a band, rehearse and perform 3 songs on stage. It’s fun for both the musicians and the audience! Get your name in the hat early as the names will be drawn a couple hours before the performances.)  5:00 -- Wendy Carson & Bobbie Aitchison 5:30 - 7:00  Shakin’ Not Stirred (  7:00 - 8:30  Beargrass (   8:30-10:00  Chicken Dinner Road ( 9:15-- 50/50 Drawing.   (Tickets are $1.00.  If your ticket is drawn, you will 50% of the total in the pot!) To the right, Will Williams of White Bird, his son, granddaughter and Renea Redmond on bass.

Salmon River

Poultry in Council: Cosmic Rooster and Chicken Dinner Road perform at Council Mountain Music Festival Every now and then it’s a good to lift your head up from the trees to see what’s going on in the forest. Being “in the weeds” was the expression we used in my younger days of waiting tables and bartending when you were so overwhelmed by customers that you didn’t know if you were coming or going. Keeping a smile on your face no matter what was important because when the smile went, customers could turn on you like a pack of hungry lions on a wounded gazelle. At this moment, I am trying to do just that: the summer has been hot, sweaty, and epic. As always there is so much music going on in such a short amount of time. I want to spend what’s left of the summer in the most efficient and fun way possible.

Festivals have come and e gone: Frandrew, Roseberry, Idaho-down, Yellow Pine… - the last bright light remaining is the Council Music Festival on August 17-18 (free!). Friends of mine tell stories of this long running event and how much fun it is. The music leans heava ily towards bluegrass with a special effort to include de-

r Riggins, Idaho

- Ed Pramuk, McCall

veloping and local musicians bringing a sense of comraderie among performers, not to mention the new or unknown music coming to these here parts. For example, while I enjoy the music of Jimmie Bivens and Jonathan Warren’s Billygoats, both Boise based musicians well travelled in this area, JD Webb and the Downstate Ramblers from Illinois are a mystery. How is it they found their way to Idaho? These folks all play on Friday.

The Good Noise

It looks like a weekend of great music is in store. Just remember, keep your head above the fray so you can see well down the (chicken dinner) road!

Summer has been hot, sweaty and epic.

Thanks for listening, “Fast” Eddie Pramuk, drivingsouth@

Saturday brings an open jam session and a “scramble band” performance, sort of like a musical speed dating version of getting a band together, rehearsing, performing (and breaking up?) all in one day. Then we get the well loved Hotwire (from Council), not to mention the excellent Shakin’ Not Stirred and Chicken Dinner Road (what a great name for a band!) but I will be secretly rooting for Beargrass (from Deary, ID), as well as Dan Wilson and Wendy Carson, good local folks and good musicians. Another band playing (with a great name) is the Cosmic Roosters.


Back to School Edition | Early Aug 2012 | The Current News | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | 9 |

The Riggins Fire Department invites you to a


Chili Cookoff


Lewiston Civic Theatre

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! JR. The Emmy® Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series is now the basis for one of the most fun, energetic, and easily mounted musicals ever to hit the stage! Tom Mizer, a young teacher, wakes up on his first day of work and begins to rehearse his teaching technique. Soon, Tom’s thoughts begin to take life around him. In an attempt to calm himself, Tom turns on the T.V. What’s on this morning? Why, it’s Schoolhouse Rock! Our Saturday morning favorites help Tom prepare to be the great teacher that they know he can be! You won’t want to be left out as the Lewiston Civic Theatre’s own Acting Out Youth Company hits the stage for the second annual Summer Musical, Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr! Directed by Mel Syverson, this fast paced revue-style show opens August 16th and offers only 6 opportunities through August 25th. Tickets are only $10 for adults, students and seniors, and only $8.52 for children under 12yrs! Get yours now! 9 to 5 The Musical is a hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era. The show is set in 1979 and tells the story of three unlikely friends who conspire to take control of their company and learn there’s nothing they can’t do, even in a man’s world. Outrageous, thought provoking and even a little romantic, 9 to 5 The Musical is all about teaming up and taking care of business. It’s about getting credit and getting even. MTI, pub.

Sept 8

Thru August 17

Markee’s wire birds are installed in an organic realistic flock formation circling the room. The exhibition is experimentation with the projection of light creating dramatic shadows. From her home studio in Seattle, Markee carefully handcrafts each piece in her collection. In Lewiston on Main Street.

Call for Entries Salmon River Art Guild 2012 Regional Art Show The Salmon River Art Guild extends an open invitation to all regional artists, 18 and over, of accepted fine media to enter the 2012 Regional Art Show in Riggins, Idaho, in October at the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge. Up to $1,000 in prize money will be awarded. The categories are: Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor/ Water Media, Other (pastels, drawing, enhanced photos), Sculpture, and Photography. Enter any subject matter. Placement for a given piece is to be determined by the show committee with final approval by the judge. Five (5) or less entries in a category will be placed into “Other”. All entries accepted 11:00a.m.–5:00 p.m. (MDT) on Friday October 12, and entries will be judged at 5:30 pm (MDT). A reception for artists and their families, and members of the Salmon River Art Guild, will begin at 7:00 pm (MDT). The announcement of winners will take place at 7:30 pm, immediately following is access to the show and critiques with the judge at the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge. The event judge for the show is Kaye York of Cambridge, ID.


The public will be invited to view the show at the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge in Riggins on Saturday, October 13 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (MDT) and Sunday, October 14 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (MDT). Riggins is most beautiful at this time of year, with the Regional Art Show, scenic beauty, hunting and fishing. It could be a week-end worth repeating.


Special rates are being offered to attendees from the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge. Call toll free 877-957-2743 for reservations, and ask for the “Salmon River Art Guild” group rate.

Cook it and bring it.

Must serve at least 12 people. Serving will take place at 6:30. If you would like to make some chili or donate a salad, call the new Riggins Fire Chief, Jeff Joyce at 628-2775


Lewis Clark Centre for Arts & History Shelli Markee: Bird Show

For more information, on rules and regulations, interested artistsmay call: Gloria Teats at 839-2305, Nancy Gresham at 839-2493, or Kathryn Van Acker at 839-2808, email:

Unclad - the fine art of the Figure.

A Poem from my Dog Moose to You -Hurricane Bob

You feed me when I’m hungry, You keep water in my dish; You let me sleep on anything, Or in anyplace I wish... You sometimes let me lick your hands, Or even lick your face....

“UNCLAD - The Fine Art of the Figure” is an annual exhibit celebrating the nude figure in art. This highly anticipated annual event draws thousands of visitors together each year for an experience that is unexpected, provocative, and highly engaging. The intrinsic nature of the subject has motivated artists to explore and push their boundaries, producing a show that inspires, opens minds, starts discussions, stirs emotions, and touches lives. UNCLAD 2012 October 12-13-14, 2012 10 am to 5 pm at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center Stanwood, WA ARTISTS - The CALL FOR ART deadline has been extended to AUGUST 15! MISSION Our mission with UNCLAD is to create a beautiful art event that engages people in the world of art and inspires artists to push forward.

Despite the fact I’ve licked myself in every private place!! You taught me how to come when called, You taught me how to sit.... You always let me go outside so I can take a s....t (stroll). I’ve been with you through, oh, so much, through laughter and through tears; I hope you live to be another 100 years.........

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Practice in McCall - 106 Park St. Suite 102 Visiting Grangeville once per month call for an appointment Grangeville - Ray Holes Mall upstairs

Salmon River

Music August

23 thursday


Johnny Pisano



Bear Creek Lodge • McCall

Crusty’s • McCall

Gizzard Stone


Billy Manzik


Finn Riggins


Salmon River Brewery • McCall


Suzie & the Sidewinders



Salmon River Brewery • McCall

Fast & Burning





Bear Creek Lodge • McCall


Hotwire Bear Creek Lodge • McCall



McCall Arts Festival

Deja Blue


Salmon River Brewery • McCall



Billy Manzik & Lisa Edberg Out to Lunch Salmon River Brewery • McCall


Crusty’s • McCall

Crusty’s • McCall

Carter Freeman


Innocent Man



Speedy Gray Hotwire


Bear Creek Lodge • McCall


Bear Creek Lodge • McCall


15 saturday

Like a Rocket Salmon River Brewery • McCall

Aloha Family Band Salmon River Brewery • McCall

22 wednesday

Idaho County Fair 2012 Wednesday Aug 15 8:30am— RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY 9amTO 11am — Enter 4-H Family Consumer Science and 4-H Specialty Projects, 4-H building. 9am-1am — Enter all Open Class Exhibits, Open Class Building. 9:30am — 4-H DOG SHOW, Vernon Agee Pavilion. 9:30am— 4-H RABBIT SHOW, Vernon Agee Pavilion. 11amTO 4am — JUDGE 4-H EXHIBITS, BUILDING - CLOSED DURING JUDGING, 4-H BUILDING OPEN 4-6 p.m., CLOSED 6 p.m.-9 p.m. 1 P.M.— 4-H POULTRY SHOW, Vernon Agee Pavilion 1 P.M. TO 6 P.M. — JUDGING OPEN CLASS EXHIBITS, BUILDING CLOSED DURING JUDGING. 1:30 P.M. — PIGTAIL CONTEST - Arena Building - Melinda Sonnen, Chairperson. 3 P.M. TO 8 P.M. — ENTER AND WEIGH IN 4-H LIVESTOCK. 7 P.M. — 4-H FASHION SHOW - Presentation of all 4-H Family and Consumer Science and Specialty Awards, Arena Building.

Thursday, AUG 16 8:00 A.M. — 4-H and FFA LIVESTOCK JUDGING CONTEST. 9:30 A.M. — 4-H and FFA FITTING AND SHOWING LIVESTOCK CONTEST, Vernon Agee Livestock Pavilion. 1 P.M. — Continue Fitting and Showing Contest. 5 P.M. TO 7 P.M. —IDAHO, LEWIS COUNTY CATTLEMEN’S BEEF BARBECUE, City Park. 6 P.M. — Idaho 4-H Centennial Family Awards Presentation. 7 P.M. —Two-Minute Talent Show, Schmidt Building. Friday August 17 8:30 A.M. TO NOON— 4-H & FFA LIVESTOCK QUALITY JUDGING, Vernon Agee Livestock Pavilion 1 P.M. — Continue Quality Judging. 2 P.M. — Championship 4-H Horse Fitting and Showing Contest, Fairgrounds; Champion 4-H Showmanship Round Robin Contest at conclusion of all livestock judging. 2 P.M. TO 5 P.M. — Smiles the Clown on the grounds. 4 P.M. TO 7 P.M. — POTATO BAR WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS, City Park, by Prairie Booster Club. 7 P.M. — ROYALTY EVENING - Entertainment by Joshua Crosby. Introduction of Royalty Candidates and Crowning of 2012 Fair Royalty, Arena Building. IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ROYALTY CROWNING — ANNUAL 4-H GREEN SWING DANCE, sponsored by 4-H AMBASSADORS - Agee Livestock Pavilion. Sautrday, AUGUST 18 10 A.M. — IDAHO COUNTY FAIR PARADE & Kiddies Parade, Main Street, Cherie Holthaus, chairperson, 962-5433. 11 A.M.— Visiting ROYALTY LUNCHEON, at Hang Out, 603 Front St. NOON — 4-H AWARDS - Vernon Agee Livestock Pavilion. NOON — CANINE DEMONSTRATION by Idaho County Sheriff’sDepartment, City Park. 1 P.M. — 4-H MARKET LIVESTOCK SALE, Vernon Agee Livestock Pavilion. 3:30 P.M. — Exhibit Buildings closed. 4 P.M. TO 6 P.M. — Check exhibits out - Present Claim Check

Charlie Orlando Crusty’s • McCall

Towing Change a tire Pop-a-lock Jump starts Fuel delivery - out-of-gas rescue 214 Lenora, McCall Idaho 634-5005

r Riggins, Idaho

Jeff & Eddie Joyce, Owners

208-628-2775 • RIGGINS


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Celebration of Life Generous Tree

Trimmer, 58 dies on his Birthday

David Brian Pennington was born 31 July 1954 in Pomona, California and went home to be with his Lord on July 31 2012. During his 58 years on this earth he graduated from High School in Pomona, California and then he went on to serve his country in the United States Air Force during the 1970’s as a Crew Chief on a C-130 which involved at least one trip to Spain. After his discharge from the Air Force he was involved in commercial landscaping which evolved into tree service. He served as the grounds keeper for White Ave. Baptist Church, which was founded in his Grandmother’s home and a place that he truly loved, in the final several years of his life, before moving to Riggins, Idaho where he took care of his aging parents, and was landscaping the 12 ½ acres of their beautiful mountain property. David always had a smile and a friendly way about him. He enjoyed playing the bass guitar, trumpet and singing. He found pleasure in growing bonsai trees and collecting and polishing rocks. His latest venture was in grafting various trees. He loved studying the Bible and was generous in helping people.

Kenneth Keen War award recipient, father, dies at 89 Kenneth W. Keene Sr. 89, passed away peacefully in the home of Sandra Wicker on July 23, at 3:25 am. He is survived by his sister: Kay Stewert, and his brother: Salvation Army Major(retired) Robert Keene Sr. And his children: Mary Vaughan, Sandra Wicker, Cynthia Mitchell, and Kenny Keene Jr. He will be missed greatly.

Thanks go out to his Care Givers, Judy Hircsh (who put a smile on his face every day), and Michelle Knie (his Grand daughter).

Forest Fighter Anne Veseth dies at 20.

Memorial for Firefighter, Anne Veseth is Saturday August 18 at theNazarene Church in Moscow on the corner of 6th street and Mountain View. Anne was killed by a falling tree near Orofino while fighting the Steep Corner Fire. See our website for more information.

Lacey Anders Eddy, Mother, 1980-2012

He will be greatly missed by his family and a host of friends who loved him. He is survived by his parents, Gene and Betty Pennington of Riggins, Idaho, sister Vicki (David) Bishop of Pomona, California, brother Mark (Shawn) Pennington of Phoenix, Arizona, three step-children, Paul John Pestel of Tallahassee, Florida, Terri (Sean) Dewart of Timbo, Arkansas and Danny Pestel of Mountain View, Arkansas, 2 step-grandchildren, Zachary and Paige Pestel of Arkansas, his Aunt Dolores Alexander of Victorville, California, his Uncle Fred McConnell of Corning, California and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews. A Memorial Service was held at 450 Monterey, Pomona, California on Saturday, August 4 at 10am. There will also be a Memorial Service at the Little Salmon River Bible Church in Pollock, Idaho on Saturday, August 18 at 2pm. His remains will be interred privately at the Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California. 2012 Silverado LT 1500 4x4 Short Box 4-Door

Save $9796 Sale Price After Factory Incentives


Your Local New Chevrolet Dealer Grangeville • 800-289-0889

M.S.R.P. (before equip Discount)

$37,795 $1,500 Temporary Additional All-Star-Edition Savings $2000 Customer Cash $2500 Trade in a 1999 or newer vehicle $1000 Preferred Equipment Group Discount


Lacey Anders Eddy, Mother, 31, of Riggins, passed away July 26, 2012. Lacey was born Nov. 2, 1980, to Tony and Robin Anders. Lacey grew up in Lewiston and graduated from Lewiston High School in 1999. She married Ben Mack and they had a son, Gabriel. They later divorced. Lacey married Chester Eddy and they moved to Lenore and she worked at the Orofino School District as a teacher's aide. They later moved to Riggins, and in 2011 she started working at the River Rock Café restaurant. They became her work family and they fell in love with and opened their arms to her. Lacey's son Gabriel was her world and she loved and cared for him beyond measure. Besides her husband Chet, she is survived by her son, Gabriel Thomas Mack; her dad, Tony Anders of Culdesac; her mom and dad, Robin and Dennis Spickler; brothers AJ Anders, Darin Spickler, Keith and Angie Spickler, Dusty and Tina Spickler, Shawn and Jerid Hilderbrand, all of the L-C valley; grandparents Yvonne Stevens of the Tri-Cities and Dave Anders of Arizona. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandparents, Edgar and Betty Keen of Lewiston. Lacey loved camping and the outdoors. Above all, she loved her son Gabriel and went above and beyond for him. She will truly be missed.

*After factory incentives **A.P.R., O.A.C. Not compatible with Factory Cash Incentives

Full-Service Mechanical Shop • Warranty Service for ALL GM Vehicles • Full-Service Body Shop

All Star Edition, Trailering with Integrated Trailer Brake Controller, Automatic LOCKING Rear Differential, 100,00 Mile Powertrain Warranty, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, Power Driver’s Seat, Windows and Locks. Our Most Popular Vehicle.

Services were held at Malcom's Brower-Wann Funeral Home in Lewiston. Online condolences may be left at and then select the Web Memorials tab. In lieu of flowers, an account has been set up in Gabriel Mack's name at the Pinetree Credit Union in Riggins.

| 12 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

Salmon River


Meet Superintendent Doramus Jim Doramus will be leading the Salmon River Joint School District during the 2012-13 school year as superintendent. Jim spent the last two years at Valley View High School teaching science classes and finishing his Education Specialist in Education Leadership degree which awarded him a Superintendent Certifcate. He has also been the superintendent of Notus Schools.

Mr. Doramus is “looking forward to working with teachers, school board and community in helping the students to perform.” He is really excited about the school’s technology program and he hopes it can be untilized in such a way as to bring more people to the community eof Riggins, therefore increasing enrollment in the schools. He wanted to congratulate past Superintendent Marcus Schiebe and his staff for the work they did in achieving a 5 star rating at the high school and a 4 star rating at the elementary school. Ratings 1-5 are given out to each school to measure progress, previously known as AYP or Adequate Yearly Progress. 5 is the highest rating.

tMr. Doramus will be residing north of New Meadows and is mardried to a teacher and has a son and a daughter who are also both in othe education field. -

A few Changes at Salmon River High School The big change at Salmon River High School during the 2012-13 school year is actually little. They will be welcoming 6th graders into the building and will have a true middle school and high school which will include two sets of ASB officers one for the middle school and one high school Student Body. There will also be different lunch schedules for each. Salmon River HS/MS will also be implementing a pep club to replace the absence of the cheerleaders The girls volleyball players are currently traveling to New Meadows to co-op with the Mountaineers in volleyball. Practice started on August 10 . The track program will be back this year – JH and Varsity. Schools are required to offer a spring sport for girls under Title IX, so it was a mandatory move by the Board, said Salmon River High School Principal, Deb Richerson who is happy with the decision, after she noticed considerable falling of grades and attitudes during the spring quarter. There is also a new three-time tardy policy which was approved by the Board and states that students who are tardy three times will have an absence counted against them. Students can only miss seven days per SEMESTER and now their tardies will play into that equation. New state graduation requirements that play into the 2012-13 year are as follows: senior project and a senior math class. Mr. Ratcliff will offer Financial Algebra or students can take Algebra 2 or other classes offered by IDLA. Seniors will be presenting their senior projects in the spring. They will not graduate unless they pass these new requirements. The Savage Academy is getting 12 new laptops. These laptops are being purchased with monies from the State to implement additional technology at the HS level. Mrs. Jeri Best will be our part-time guidance counselor. She is working on a program (online and resident combo) but can begin with State approval under a provisional certification this school year. The main gym floor will not be available until a week or two after school starts. It is getting a make-over. The school will continue to offer a 5 minute nutrition break -- $.25 donation for healthy snack item such as granola bars or $.10 for cheese stick. School in Riggins starts on Monday August 27. See page 4 for start dates of other area schools.

r Riggins, Idaho


For the first day of School openings see page 4 for all schools in the area!

O’Neil featured Artist Salmon River Art Guild member Marlene O’Neill will be showing her art work in Sterling Savings Bank of Riggins for the month of August. Marlene has been drawing since she can remember. She works in many mediums including oil, acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor. She began art studies taking a class from local artist, Ladd Arnoti. She also took an illustrating course from Art Instruction Schools, and several other painting classes. Mainly she considers herself a self-taught artist. Ms. O’Neill paints landscapes, portraits, and still life; she favors painting with the palate knife and prefers to mix her own colors from the primaries (red, yellow, blue). Her favorite artists are the impressionists; mainly impressionists Alfred Sisley, and Camille Pissaro. She has been active in the Sanchez Art Center, Central Idaho Art Association, and the Salmon River Art Guild. Her working career included being an elementary school teacher, bank teller, secretary; she was a law enforcement officer for seven years; she served 20 years in the United States Army Reserve, and spent the final 10 years of her career working at San Francisco International Airport. She retired with her husband to Clearwater, Idaho, in 2010, where she enjoys more time for ART!

Kelly’s Whitewater Park presents: Welcome Center hours Sun-Fri 10am to 7pm Sat 9am-8pm. Thanks to all who attended the Kayak Championships!

No entry fees!

HOMETOWN THROWDOWNS: prizes Freestyle Kayaking, Down River Racepafroticr apllants! & Community Picnic - Saturdays 11am

August 18

Idaho Whitewater Association water safety Saturday- 9 am to 4 pm

Sept 1

Fishing Derby Sept 1-2 for more information, click on or call208-405-3000

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Yoga | Cosmos


Leo: Lions steadily improve with age

- Clouds McCloud, he’s out there.

Leo: Now that the splendors of August have arrived, life for Lions should keep steadily improving for a long time to come. To help it all go down smooth, adopt one of these two mottos: 1) From fellow Leo Jerry Garcia, “Whichever way your pleasure tends. If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind.” b) You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. Virgo: As we all know, loose lips sink ships. So please be on the lookout for torpedoes in the shape of other peoples’ mouths. This doesn’t mean you have to sound the alarm every time you hear something alarming. It just means you should ignore the comments, grab a drink—preferably one that includes a little umbrella—and head up to the sun deck instead.

Warrior Two - Mariah Rose Crump , Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Begin in Mountain Pose, gently closing the eyes and drawing your attention inward to your heart center. Slowly become aware of the rhythm of your heartbeat; feel it warm you and nourish you. Open the eyes and bring the hands to the hips, initiating your movement on the exhale; step the left foot back about three feet, turn your left foot in slightly so that the toes are pointed inward toward the front foot. Visually draw a line from the front heel to the arch of the back foot. Press the outer edge of the back foot into the mat engaging the back leg. Again, initiate the movement with the breath, bending the front knee so that the knee and ankle are in line with one another. Bring the arms into “t” position over the legs, palms to the floor, gazing over the front finger tips. To find alignment in this pose be sure that your shoulders and hips are in line, careful not to lean too far forward or too far back. This pose builds arm strength; as you hold Warrior Two check in with yourself by gazing at the back arm to ensure it is on level with the front arm. As you sustain this pose drop the shoulders down away from the ears, soften the face and heart. Remain in Warrior Two for 30 seconds to one minute, to come out of the pose, bring the hands back to the hips and inhale the back foot forward to find Mountain Pose. Pause in Mountain between sides so that you can gather your breath and prepare for the second side. Move into the pose on the opposite side, as you did with the first side, holding for the same amount of time. Each side of the body reacts differently to poses, so take some time to notice the difference on each side. Remaining present in your yoga poses is part of what differentiates Yoga from other types of exercises. Remember practice makes possible! Benefits and Cautions: Warrior Two stretches the groin, the chest and the shoulders; this pose also opens up the lungs and the heart. You will find that Warrior Two strengthens the legs, arms and ankles when practiced on a regular basis. If you experience neck pain in practicing this pose do not gaze over the front fingertips; keep the gaze straight ahead lengthen the crown of the head toward the ceiling. Beginners tip: If you find that it is difficult to support yourself in Warrior Two you can break the pose up into parts. For example, step back into your pose with the hands to the hips, bend the front knee and sustain the pose without lifting the arms. As you feel stronger lift the arms into “t” position coming into a full Warrior Two pose. If the legs are the issue for you, ease off on the width of your stance allowing the knee to be behind the ankle rather than in line with it. Deepen the Pose: To deepen this pose focus on the rotation of your arms; turn the palms and inner elbow creases to face the ceiling, shoulder blades drop down the back, finally turn the palms from the wrists to face the floor. As you sustain the rotation of the arms, bend the front knee so that the front leg is in a 90 degree angle – careful not to bring the knee beyond the ankle. Pause and Breathe!

Libra: Since weekends were made for Michelob then it only makes sense that Mondays were made for Mickeys, Tuesdays for tequila and Wednesdays for humping. Now that this has been cleared up please remember that booze is best when used in moderation, and not treated like it owes you money and said something disconcerting about your dog. Scorpio: Every single one of us, regardless of age, gender or race is addicted to something. It’s human nature and if not abused, our addictions can often help us. There are, however, certain addictions that are nothing but bad. Things like crack, pornography, grand theft, Grand Theft Auto, bungee jumping naked and the worst one of all, fear. So your new mission is get back to being addicted to joy, wonder and partial nudity. Sagittarius: Just in case you forgot, people born under this sign are blessed with optimism, freedom and a terrific sense of humor. The people of this sign are also known for being careless, restless and occasionally tactless. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, your new assignment is be more patient, thankful and tasteful. And to adopt a similar saying, “He who laughs last, didn’t get it.” Capricorn: Capricorn is the tenth and the most down-toearth sign. Therefore, the folks of this sign are practical and ambitious and are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get after it. But as we all know, all work and no play makes Jack and all the rest of us dull, depressed and stressed out. So make sure you get some “me

| 14 | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 | The Current News | Early Aug 2012 | Back to School Edition 8-15-12

time” and that you spend some of that time going “commando.” Aquarius: To help you make the most out of the last full month of summer, please heed the following suggestions: 1) Quit drinking Haterade. 2) Never make eye contact while eating a banana. 3) Just rub some dirt one it. $%) Never let the bastards get you down! Pisces: Your lessons for the beginning of August are as follows: 1) You can make a right turn down the wrong street. 2) The best part of being schizophrenic is that you’re never lonely. 3) Love is what you deserve and must be brave enough to embrace completely. Q) Never fry bacon in the nude. Aries: It looks like relationships are being highlighted for you this month. To help, here are a few relationship tips: 1) If the other person requires a tip, you really shouldn’t consider it dating. 2) True love is taking care of someone who’s hammered and slurring obscenities at shrubbery. 3) And from Kaiser Wilhelm: “Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” Taurus: The Stars wanted to warn you to watch your stress levels this month and make sure you properly relieve them. If that means you have to start doing Jazzercise or rubbing someone else’s thighs or baking your own pizza pies or laughing until you cry then adopt the Nike motto and “Just do it!” As Clouds’ hero, Dave Barry, once wrote: “You can only be young once, but you can always be immature.” Gemini: Your August should be as full as Clouds’ cooler on the way to a fishing hole. To make sure you’re feeling groovy, be sure you also make time for some healthy stuff like hiking, biking riding and bedroom aerobics. And remember the old saying, “Beer doesn’t make you fat. It makes you lean … against bars, tables, poles, shrubs, friends, soon-to-be-soggy enemies, poodles, etc.” Cancer: This month is going to offer you plenty of time to figure out what you really want out of life. Naturally, they’ll be a little struggle, a moment or two of self-doubt and stress may mess with you some. To help keep you strong, remember these words from Benjamin Franklin: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Salmon River


Classified advertising in print minimum charge $15 per month, .20 per word after first 20 words. Payment in advance is required by credit card or by mailing check to The Current News Classified, PO Box 1483, Riggins, ID 83549. Call 208-628-2340 or e-mail classified to Caps, Bold or Underline is $1 extra, online insertion is included.

BUSINESS Website Redesign/Update and Main-

tenance - Professional Service Bids are being accepted by North Central Idaho Travel Association for Website Redesign/Update and Maintenance. Please see the attached RFP or send request for RFP to: info@visitnorthcentralidaho. org. Closing date: Friday, August 17, 2012. Bid Request for Scope of Work. North Central Idaho Travel Association (NCITA) is seeking bids from interested and qualified individuals to complete the following contracted services for the time period August 15, 2012 through November 30, 2012. NCITA is a non-profit organization existing to develop sustainable and responsible tourism in the five counties of north central Idaho (Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis and Nez Perce), and to promote the region as a vacation, recreation, convention, and travel destination. Deadline for Replies: Friday, August 17, 2012. Electronically deliver to: info@ Rating: Up to 25 points awarded per segment 0 to 5 points: overall qualified experience 0 to 5 points: evidence of work performed in this category on other projects 0 to 5 points: evidence of familiarity with NCITA 0 to 5 points: evidence of understanding and working in the tourism industry 0 to 5 points: clarity of bid. Selected contractor will not be an employee of NCITA and will comply with the terms and condition of the ITC grant, applicable state laws, and ITC regulations, when applicable to the service provided. SCOPE OF WORK. Website Redesign/Update and Maintenance: The website (http://www.visitnorthcentralidaho. org/) is a valuable tool for visitors to find out more about our area, to connect with our lodging properties and to access our online activities guide, videos and photos. Services will be provided by a professional firm to oversee and implement the scope of work created by NCITA using the ITC funds and other to be determined funds obtained through collaboration. Tasks and Responsibilities: Complete redesign and structuring of website in a WordPress format.. Updating, hosting and maintenance of website. Repair all malfunctions. Website consulting and trouble shooting. Allowable funds paid

r Riggins, Idaho

to selected Contractor for the period August 2012 through November 2012: $5,000.00 NCITA is looking to build a new website design with the current funding. Once additional grant funds are awarded in August 2012, further funding will be made available for continued updating and enhancements of the website. Travel Expenses (mileage and per diem meals): none


Own your own newspaper! This one is for sale. It has been a great way to raise a family in a small river town for the owner. Make your own hours. Report about things that are important! Work with interesting people! call Vicky Lowe Salmon River Realty 628-3320. Or us here at the shop! The Current News 628-2340.


Join our great team! We are currently hiring for the following positions: Direct Service Aide/Classroom Aide (Riggins) – Assists the teacher and family advocate in a Head Start preschool classroom. Must be willing to work towards a Child Development Associates credential or an Early Childhood Technical certificate. This position works 16hrs/week. Temporary Direct Service Aides/Classroom Aides (Riggins) - Performs general services in the classroom and kitchen as well as clerical and custodial work. This is a temporary, part-time position with varying work days and hours. For complete details visit the “Employment” section of our website http://www., contact us at hr@ or call Joe at 208-743-6573. Use our employment application to apply. Resumes will NOT be accepted in place of applications. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


1978 Honda Goldwing GL-1000, full dress, lowers, floorboards, 35mpg, chrome engine, elect. ignition, in storage, needs work/battery. $1,300 OBO. 208-634-1166.

RACING DVD 2012 World Jet Boat Race DVD includes St. Joe, Snake Clearwater & Salmon Rivers! Pro-edited and shipped immediately, Send $20 ppd to: Franks Photos, Box 287, Riggins, ID 83549 or call 208-628-3743.

REAL ESTATE 14x70 mobile home in Pollock. $8000

furnished obo. Call 208-781-0938 ELK LAKE ROAD - 2.5 acres. Very nice home remodeled in 2001. 2 car garage.Pasture & room to have a magnificent garden! Water rights + a well. Covered deck, $169,000 CENTURY 21 Whitewater Clark. Call Mary 208630-4642 Rapid River area lots. Four w/septic approved. All 1/2 acre+or-a little. Owner financing if wanted- O.A.C. 208-628-3283. Bright, open, artistic house for sale and 1316sf cottage 2 bed + office space 2 baths, mature shade trees. Clawfoot tub in bathroom. $122k, call 208-8914669 Sell your home for as little as $15 per month. Advertise here! Call 628-2340

RENTALS House for rent 3 bedroom with carport

on 5 acres on the Little Salmon river, fenced yard with 36×36’ separate shop. Call Dave 634-6603. 3-bed, 2-bath rental on Little Salmon River. Large lot in country setting. $750+dep. Available Sept. Call 6283947. Available August 1 – 3 bedroom 1 bath shop, fenced yard, garden space, fruit trees, $550 + city services. Call Michelle 208.315.1639 2 bdrm duplex w/garage on Fish Trap Rd Rapid River. Range, refrigerator, water, dumpster, septic, fenced yard and patio. $425. 628-3283 to see. RIGGINS MANOR RENTALS 1 bdrm apts, furn•unfurn. Call Sharon. 628-3508, 983-2008, 628-3164

Service Directory COMPUTERS


Personal Computer Repair

Alliance Heating Corp 208-469-0400


Dave Olson, Riggins

John Sangster • Riggins

CONCRETE Big River Construction Concrete Specialist

Chad Hopkins/Owner 208-628-3604

MACHINE SHOP Nelson Machining & Manufacturing, Inc. 208-347-2650


106C W Taylor St., New Meadows

Bucky’s Saw Shop Stihl Dealer • 628-3480 Pinehurst Area



Riggins RV Park. 6 all new full hook-up spots. Almost Downtown Riggins. Quiet Location. By the month only. Call Mary 630-4642.


Salmon River Joint School #243 in Need of Trustee Salmon River Joint School District #243 is looking for a patron living in Zone 4 (South and South East of Riggins mainly. Zone 4 runs along the southern edge and runs south of the Big Salmon River) to apply for a position on the school board. This opening is due to the resignation of Brad Sawyer, effective July 16, 2012. The current Board of Trustees will appoint somebody to this position within 90 days of the July 16, 2012 Board Meeting. This is a maximum time frame and the appointment could happen sooner than 90 days. Anyone interested should send a letter of application stating your desire and qualifications to be a Trustee for Salmon River JSD #243. Please send Letter of Application to: Salmon River Joint School District #243 Board of Trustees P.O. Box 50 Riggins, Idaho 83549 You may also bring the Letter of Application to the district office, located next to Riggins Elementary School. For more information please call the District Office at 628-3143.

7349 Hwy 95 S.

208-315-1639 Sweet Corn! Fresh Produce!

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.” -Edgar W. Howe

Mark your calendars Deadlines and dates for upcoming issue of the Current News

Harvest Edition - Aug 29 deadline is Aug 22

Super Trooper Edition Sept 11 deadline is Sept 4


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Clearwater River Casino p 9 Firehouse Chili Cook-off p 10 Summer Concert Series p 9 Idaho County Fair Page 11 Kelly’s White Water Park p 13 Riggins Farmer’s Market p 5 Zims Hot Springs p 17


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Anything worth Doing p 5 Blues on the Greens p 6

Asker’s p 7 Riggins One Stop p 2

Co-Director of the Hot Summer Nights Car Show, Laurrie Tilton directs this El Camino to park.



C&M Lumber p 5 ProBuild p 7 Fiddle Creek p 13


Hook Line & Sinker p 5


Lewiston Civic Theatre p 8

Salmon River Helicopter p 4

RESTAURANTS Crusty’s p 11 Pueblo Lindo p 7

VETERINARIAN Riverbend Vet p 7


Canyon Yoga p 14

Sparkle Your Space! • Fantasticate Your Front Yard

earth friendly & traditional products commercial & residential $20 move ins & move outs per hour yard & garden Josi M. Lear Serving Central Idaho

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