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27 October 2014

From left to right: artwork at the expo, Alessio La Ruffa presenting at the expo, Shadowclub performing at the afterparty. Photos: Henry Engelbrecht

Hello Ambassador: creative highlight of the year KYLE OBERHOLZER This weekend saw the second instalment of the Hello Ambassador creative conference hit the streets of Pretoria around the State Theatre, where the main event took place. The event forms part of a substantial contribution to the growing creative industry in the Pretoria city centre which is steadily gaining recognition. If you consider yourself creative, names like Cool Capital and Hello Ambassador should already feature in your conversations with your like-minded friends, and if you’ve never heard of them it’s time you pull your eyes away from your computer’s screen and venture beyond the confines of your studio. This year’s event incorporated a street festival, an after party

The Curious Incident. Photo: Viesturs Gross.

Becoming inquisitive

Exclusive interview with The Curious Incident ELMARIE KRUGER UK pop rock outfit The Curious Incident has released several critically acclaimed singles and will be touring South Africa in November and December this year. Perdeby spoke to the group about the tour, their upcoming EP and the band’s South African influences. The band consists of Cavey Roberts (vocals and guitar) from South Africa, Mirko Piconese (guitar) from Italy, Dan Bowery (bass) from England and Diaz Meidiawan (drums) from Indonesia. You’re coming to South African shores soon. What can fans expect from your performances here? Fun fuelled, high energy shows that are guaranteed to get you shaking your hips. Fans can expect to make at least four new friends. You have one South African band member, will this tour have

and a creative expo which showcased the design competition’s winning piece by Tuks fine arts student Izak Buys. However, it is the speaker line-up that really defines this event and easily justifies the ticket price. The presentations ranged from advertising agency CEOs speaking about the business of design right down to sessions with local photographers telling their own success stories. MTV Base channel director Tim Horwood gave a presentation on the expanding music scene in Africa, and Ogilvy CEO Abey Mokgwatsane provided insight into the business of marketing, ending with an interesting quote: “The big are not always going to eat the small, but the fast will always eat the slow.” On the other side of the spectrum was designer Louis Minnaar who presented a powerful personal story that highlighted the

stress, anxiety and emotional trauma that so often accompanies the deadlines of design briefs. The tension that existed from the broad range of presentation made for a gripping two-day conference that never left one bored from repetition. Of course, no conference is complete without a bit of humour. Comedian Kagiso Lediga gave an explicit 10 minute satirical narrative on the finer aspects of farting in public. After two days of solid creative input only one question was left unanswered: “Where are all the people?” Despite trending on Twitter on both days, the venue barely reached 50% capacity and this was definitely not due to lack of quality. Hello Ambassador has undoubtedly curated a conference that deserves a “sold out” banner on its door. Fortunately, it will be coming back next year to offer even more creative inspiration and motivation.

any sentimental significance to you? South Africa is a massive inspiration for [Cavey] so performing in SA is something [he] hope[s] to keep doing for many years to come. As [Dan’s] parents lived [in South Africa] for over five years before [he] was born, [he] grew up hearing stories about South Africa and was surrounded by South African art and objects that have left [him] with a lifelong fascination and passion to return to [the country]. [Diaz] did an exchange semester at Cape Tech and fell so deeply in love with South Africa that [he] had no choice but to come back for the World Cup. What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP? An eclectic and somewhat unexpected style mash [and] tonguein-cheek teasing of the lyrics of some of the band’s favourite modern artists, Aloe Blacc and Sam Smith [on the single “Money”]. Are there any songs on the EP that specifically stand out for the band? We all have our own favourites but we are really excited to release “The hunt” as this has been the high energy climax of our live shows over the last year and was the starting block for our current sound. You recently started shooting the video for one of your singles, “Money”. What was that experience like? [Cavey and] a friend strapped GoPros to [their] chests and heads and went out giving strangers in London and Cape Town money. It felt amazing giving out money for nothing and seeing a range of “this is too good to be true” faces. Some of the reactions were priceless. You all come from very different countries. How has this influenced your sound and songwriting style? It can sometimes make the songwriting process a bit longer and more stressful than necessary due to communication issues. Sometimes things take longer and get bumpy in our little family but we manage to come to similar conclusions together. We all love our home countries and take loads of inspiration from them. We want to move people both literally (by dancing) and emotionally.


Calendar 28 October-18 November: Entrepreneur workshop – About Guest Lodge 21-31 October: TUT Sculpture Exhibition – TUT campus 30 October: Romeo and Juliet: 3 days of total chaos – Aula Theatre 30 October: UP Symphony Orchestra concert – Musaion Theatre 31 October: Brooklyn Design Fair – Brooklyn Mall & Design Square

31 October: Halloween Block Party – Arcade Empire 1 November: Hazel Food Market – Greenlyn Village Centre 1 November: Cartoon Workshop – Leonardo Gallery 4 November: Hillsong Church pre-exam Worship Night – Aula Theatre 7-8 November: New music for new films – Sax Arena 21 November: 30 Seconds to Mars live in SA – Coca Cola Dome

To get your event listed on our event calendar, send the date, event name and venue to entertainment@ or tweet us (@PerdebyE). UP societies are welcome to send their events, too.

SWEET TALKER JESSIE J KOJO ESSAH English singer-songwriter Jessie J gained worldwide popularity with the release of her debut studio album Who You Are in 2011. In an attempt to remind the world of her presence, Jessie J has delivered her third album Sweet Talker, an album that showcases her brilliant vocal talent. Unfortunately, it is inconsistent and does not succeed in leaving a long-lasting impression on the listener. The album opens up with the track “Ain’t been done”, with Jessie J stating that no artist before her has done what she is doing. This is a daring statement, as her work has been compared to that of Katy Perry. The chorus is the track’s only saving grace. Jessie J begins to hit her stride with the album’s title track “Sweet talker”. Here she shows off her great vocal talent, delivering earnest lyrics on the ever-popular topic of love. The next track “Bang bang” is easily the most exciting song on the album, with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj delivering excellent guest performances. The track “Masterpiece” highlights the problem with the album, as Jessie J reflects on how she knows she’s perfectly imperfect in terms of her ability as an artist. She continues to say that we have not yet seen her best as she’s still working on her masterpiece. Jessie J amazes the listener again with her singing on the track “Loud”, singing about how some people try to bring her down and enjoy seeing her at her lowest. The closing track “Get away” is a sincere song, employing simple but powerful production that ends the album off on a strong note. Despite these positives, however, the album contains more forgettable songs than memorable ones, such as “Keep us together”, “Said too much” and “Fire”. Rapper 2 Chainz delivers an unimpressive verse on the track “Burnin’ up”. Jessie J shines on this album vocally, but it’s not enough to save this album from lacklustre production and uninteresting lyrical content. The good moments on this album are few and far between, and Jessie J has a long way to go before she’s able to deliver a completely satisfying project.

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