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WELCOME From its earliest days in New Haven, CT, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) sought to provide superior culinary education to its students. And for nearly 75 years, the CIA has been widely recognized as the world’s premier culinary college, providing unparalleled education to the next generation of leaders in the food world. Our academic programs, expert faculty, cross-sector leadership, and network of more than 50,000 alumni uniquely position us at the forefront of American food culture and as a key agent in the transformation of the global food system. Our partnerships with top universities, industry associations, volume foodservice companies, and a worldwide network of chefs strengthen our ability to expand palates and drive innovation across the food industry and beyond. It’s a mission that is vital to ensuring the financial strength and resilience of our industry, advancing the career aspirations of the next generation of food leaders, sustaining our planet, and supporting the health of generations to come. And it’s one we can’t achieve alone. In the coming pages, you’ll gain a glimpse into the college and its degree programs, along with the conferences, invitational retreats, sector-specific collaboratives, and other initiatives that have established the CIA as a preeminent source of thought leadership for the $860 billion U.S. restaurant and foodservice industry. We are privileged to be a compass for change. We invite you to join us on this journey, and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.





Vice President—

Vice President—


Strategic Initiatives and Industry Leadership

















A LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP AND COLLABORATION The Culinary Institute of America pioneers forward-thinking food education for both students and professionals...the sharing of inspired, innovative ideas for now and for the future...and the advancement of meaningful change across The early days of the CIA in New Haven, CT

our industry. And it’s been that way from the very beginning. The college started as many game-changing endeavors do—with a challenge to make things better. Approached by the New Haven Restaurant Association to help develop skilled restaurant workers, community leaders Frances Roth and Katharine Angell saw an opportunity to both fulfill that need and help returning World War II veterans gain new job skills. With this commitment, the New Haven Restaurant Institute opened its doors in 1946—and the world’s premier culinary college was born.

Students enjoying a stroll on the college’s New York campus

Today, with campuses in New York, California, Texas, and Singapore and industry connections around the world, the CIA continues to propel the industry forward.

ADVANCING THE PROFESSION When the CIA first opened its doors, it turned the existing European apprenticeship model on its head. The idea of educating chefs in a formal college setting was revolutionary. The CIA has completely changed the way aspiring food professionals prepare for their careers, providing an education model that would inspire countless others. Just as revolutionary are its CIA graduate Maneet Chauhan ’00 with students during a visit

academic programs:


• Associate Degree Programs—The emphasis on hands-on learning was the focal point when the CIA launched its associate programs in culinary arts and baking & pastry arts, an important step in elevating the position of chef. • Bachelor’s Degree Programs—As the need for specialized knowledge and skills has grown, so too have the college’s bachelor’s programs, which include industry-relevant majors and concentrations. • Master’s Degree Programs—Graduate-level offerings help students shape their careers and consider ways to meet the complex challenges of an ever-changing global food system. At the cornerstone of a CIA education is its faculty— master chefs, successful restaurateurs, wine experts, nutritionists, and many other food authorities who mentor and guide students to success. The collective industry experience and credentials of this faculty is unmatched in culinary education—they literally “wrote the book” on cooking.

A valuable hands-on teaching moment in a CIA kitchen

In 1962, the college’s chef-instructors recognized the dearth of quality textbooks in the culinary field and created their own—The Professional Chef. There had never been anything like it before, and it soon became a definitive culinary resource. Today the ninth edition of the text is used at the CIA and across the U.S. The approach to culinary education pioneered by the CIA has helped to redefine the perception and status of chefs and greatly advanced the industry they serve— leading to the unprecedented success and vitality we see in the profession today.


Students learning in the CIA on-campus brewery in New York

Roth Hall, the main building on the New York campus


Indeed, the CIA’s story is best told through the

in Applied Food Studies, Culinary Science,

impact of its alumni. Leading in every corner of

Food Business Management, Hospitality

the industry and numbering more than 50,000,

Management, Culinary Arts, and Baking

CIA graduates are advancing the profession,

and Pastry Arts—together with initiatives to

pioneering unique restaurant concepts, and

accelerate innovation and enhance creativity—have

forging new pathways in the areas of media

been instrumental in achieving the remarkable

and publishing, education, R&D, manufacturing,

place that food now enjoys in our culture.

food policy, and much more.


With technology at the forefront of discussions around the future of food, the CIA is helping to drive that conversation. The college has joined

The CIA has extended its pioneering spirit

with dozens of partners in working with industry,

beyond the classroom through four pillars that

government, and non-profits as part of the

guide its programs and strategies.

Carnegie Mellon University-based Advanced

Professional Excellence and Innovation

Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. The CIA is also exploring the intersection of 3D printed

A CIA education represents the gold standard in culinary education. Its bachelor’s degree programs

The CIA at Greystone in California’s Napa Valley


food and artisan culinary methods, integrating 3D printing technology into its curriculum.

The CIA San Antonio in the heart of the vibrant Pearl district

Health and Wellness

initiative. These include a relentless pursuit of

From the very beginning, health and wellness has been a core focus; the college even had a nutritionist on staff when it first opened. The CIA’s role in health and wellness continues today, ensuring healthy menu choices are available…and delicious.

deliciousness and appreciation of flavor as a long-overlooked, under-leveraged tool in the public health toolkit.

World Cuisines and Cultures Food is the ultimate universal language, and global cuisines—established and emerging—are

Our health and wellness initiatives, which inform

ever-present throughout our campuses, curricula,

change strategies for our own programs and the

conferences, collaboratives, and student programs.

broader industry, are rooted in a collaborative approach that engages policymakers and NGOs, think tanks and food manufacturers, nutrition scientists, and other colleges and universities, and builds from the evidencebased framework of menu innovation embodied in the 24 principles of our Menus of Change®

Just as the CIA raised the profile of American cuisine, the college elevates global flavors, ingredients, and techniques through initiatives like the Worlds of Flavor® International Conference and Festival, which is widely recognized as the country’s most influential

Site of the CIA’s partnership with the University of Barcelona

The CIA Singapore, offering bachelor’s degree programs in Asia

The CIA at Copia hosts a wide range of leadership programs to help drive innovation and strategic development.


professional forum on world cuisines, food, and culture; the elevation of Latin cuisines at our San Antonio campus; study abroad programs that take students to culinary locales such as Puglia, Italy; its campus in Singapore at the food-rich gateway to Asia; and its partnership with the University of Barcelona offering Mediterranean dietfocused master’s degrees.

Sustainability and Food Ethics Campus apiary developed and maintained by Applied Food Studies students

The CIA’s work in health and wellness is inextricably linked to sustainability. Through Menus of Change and other initiatives advancing healthier, flavorful menus, the CIA reaches the most influential decision-makers in volume foodservice—enhancing their understanding of the science, evolving consumer preferences, and the business case for addressing climate change and the environment. As a result of our leadership, countless foodservice executives have been persuaded to leverage their purchasing power to improve animal welfare, reduce antibiotics, support responsible agricultural practices, and enhance the health of our soils and oceans.

Studying abroad in Puglia, Italy during the Italian Cuisines concentration

And we practice what we preach: The CIA maintains long-term relationships with local farms and grows many of the herbs and vegetables for its own teaching restaurants. Students tap maple trees and operate an apiary, and the Farm-to-Table concentration and courses like Sustainable Food Systems keep topics front-andcenter in students’ minds so they can be empowered change agents as they enter the industry. A growing number of foodservice companies and organizations turn to CIA experts to help evolve their

Worlds of Flavor Conference, the industry’s most influential forum on global cuisines


own strategies and operations through Consulting, Digital


Menus of Change summit—400+ culinary, beverage, and health sector leaders shaping the food industry’s future


Media, and Publishing services. Whether in the

career counseling is an important part of

classroom or in the industry, the CIA is forging

the ongoing commitment the CIA has to its

the path to a continuing food evolution.


SETTING A VISION FOR THE FUTURE Local sourcing. Energy and water use.

• The CIA-led Healthy Kids Collaborative is a national program advancing culinary-driven, healthy, flavorful foods in K–12 schools. • The CIA is working with the San Antonio

Regenerative agriculture. Animal welfare. Climate

Independent School District to provide its

change. The chronic diseases burden. The

students with CIA-eligible transfer credits and

untapped influence of newly emerging African

is spearheading a chef-led skills enhancement

cuisines and the deeply regional cuisines of Latin

program for district foodservice staff.

America. The power of food to bridge cultural divides and bring people together. These are many of the issues crucial to the future of food, our health, and our planet. The CIA is helping students and the industry develop broad food systems thinking, connecting global food, health, and environmental concerns with local appetites, business demands and opportunities, and frameworks of professional development. Just a few of our efforts: • Our thought leadership platforms are

• The Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit brings leaders together to innovate and advance plant-forward menus. • For the past 15 years, our annual Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives® conference, co-presented by the CIA and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has gathered 400 to 500 physicians and other healthcare professionals to learn the latest in nutrition science, clinical strategy, and techniques of healthy cooking.

embedded in the curriculum we offer our students. Within every major, didactic and

Food matters. There has never been a more

hands-on projects focus on solutions to

critical time to examine the ways we do things

food-related issues affecting our future.

and how our industry can impact the future.

• Because CIA students are so carefully prepared for successful and varied careers in the industry, top employers come to the CIA’s career fairs to recruit. The CIA provides

For seven-plus decades, the CIA has played an integral role in driving the conversation for a better tomorrow. Come connect, learn, share—and shape the future of food and beverage with us.

a platform for interaction and interviews to facilitate making connections. Lifelong


CIA ALUMNI: LEADING THE FOOD WORLD The CIA’s 50,000+ alumni can be

GRANT ACHATZ ’94 Owner/Chef, Alinea, The Aviary, Next

ARASH AZARBARZIN ’89 President, SH Group

MARCY BLUM ’75 President and Owner, Marcy Blum Associates

LINDSEY DALE ’07 Executive Chef, SaltRock Southwest Kitchen

TOVA DU PLESSIS ’11 Executive Pastry Chef, Essen Bakery

PHILLIP FOSS ’91 Chef/Owner, El Ideas

RICK MOONEN ’78 Master Development Chef, Perry’s Restaurants

BRAD NELSON ’84 Vice President, Global Operations Discipline Leader, Marriott International

NICK NEWCOMB ’15 Chef de Cuisine, Bird & The Bottle

CHARLIE SCHAFFER ’01 President/Owner, Schaffer

ALON SHAYA ’99 Chef/Owner, Pomegranate Hospitality

CAMMIE SPILLYARDSSCHAEFER ’96 Vice President of Product and Process Development, Cracker Barrel

found in all sectors of the food world, from restaurants—their own, multi-locational, or national chains—to game-changing platforms on nutrition, health, and sustainability. They are leaders in hospitality; corporate chefs and R&D specialists; marketing and sales executives, sommeliers, media personalities and food writers; and much more. Here’s a small sampling of our many accomplished alumni...


STUART BRIOZA ’98 Chef/Proprietor, State Bird Provisions, The Progress

ANNE BURRELL ’96 TV Personality and Host, Worst Cooks in America

MANEET CHAUHAN ’00 TV Personality and Chef/Owner, Chauhan Ale & Masala House

KELSEY BARNARD CLARK ’11 TV Personality and Chef/Owner, KBC

CAT CORA ’95 Iron Chef, Chef/Owner, Cat Cora Inc.

CORNELIUS GALLAGHER, JR. ’94 Vice President, Food and Beverage Operations, Celebrity Cruises

DUFF GOLDMAN ’98 TV Personality, Ace of Cakes, and Chef/Owner, Charm City Cakes

JOHNNY HERNANDEZ ’89 Executive Chef/ Founder, Grupo La Gloria and True Flavors Inc.

ZANE HOLMQUIST ’91 Vice President of Food and Beverage, Stein Eriksen Lodge

CRAIG JAMES ’92 Chief Executive Officer, Barrie House Coffee Co. LLC

KWAME ONWUACHI ’13 Executive Chef, Kith and Kin

LOU PIUGGI ’83 Vice President of Culinary, Food and Beverage, Delaware North Companies

EVAN RICH ’00 Chef/Owner, Rich Table

CASEY RILEY ’91 Chief Operating Officer, Newport Restaurant Group

ANDY ROENBECK ’88 Executive Chef, Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

MARK STARK ’84 Chef/Owner, Stark Reality Restaurants

GRETCHEN THOMAS ’05 Vice President of Beverage, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group

MICHAEL TIERNEY ’10 Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mikey’s

SARAH WALLACE ’13 General Manager, Magnolia Bakery

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN ’83 TV Personality and President, Zakarian Hospitality



















PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIPS Cultivating the most talented faculty and staff, engaging the most capable students, building state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborating with other institutions on high-impact research all help to make the CIA the world’s premier culinary college. Philanthropic investments empower the CIA’s educational mission, ensuring our institution has the capability to ensure student affordability, continually advance academic programs, expand in novel ways, and maintain and enhance world-class facilities. For partners, leadership gifts offer an opportunity to create a lasting campus presence and instill brands as educational partners in the hearts and minds of CIA students.

ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES • Named Gifts: These highly visible naming opportunities in the CIA’s buildings, classrooms, kitchens, residence facilities, or green spaces create awareness and a legacy that will live on for years to come. • Named Scholarships: Named scholarships directly support a student’s ability to commence and complete a CIA education. • Professorships & Lecture Series: Establish an endowed academic chair or underwrite an educational lecture series to support our faculty and introduce students to experts on topics crucial to today’s food world. • Program Support: Targeted grants support key programmatic priorities at the CIA, supporting or enhancing curriculum, helping to launch a program’s startup phase, or providing the seed funding to explore new program opportunities.


On both personal and professional

On behalf of Ecolab, we would like

levels, my company’s support of the

to express our gratitude to our long-

CIA community and its wonderful

standing partner, The Culinary Institute

mission has been a most fulfilling and

of America, for our shared commitment

rewarding experience. My grandfather

to the foodservice industry and its

started our family olive oil legacy in

future leaders. We are honored to

the 1930s operating a small olive mill

help the CIA further that commitment

in Molise, Italy. We are grateful to the

through Ecolab’s support of the theater

CIA for allowing us to continue to honor

at The CIA at Copia. The Ecolab Theater

his memory at the Colavita Olive Grove

will host the most accomplished guest

Terrace at Copia and The Colavita

chefs, scholars, nutrition scientists,

Center for Italian Food & Wine in Hyde

educators, and business leaders who

Park to benefit CIA students.

weave the fabric of the culinary industry.


We hope that this new space will inspire

Chief Executive Officer Colavita USA LLC

CIA students toward excellence. JACK QUINN Vice President Ecolab


SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships for CIA students enable the future leaders of our industry to receive the world’s finest education and a solid foundation for professional achievement. With more than 90% of CIA students requiring some form of financial assistance, the college has made it a top priority to expand its scholarship program, reducing the financial burden on students. Scholarship support is vital for hastening their climb toward professional success and positive social impact.

ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES • Endowed Scholarships: Your gift establishes the principal for your scholarship fund; the principal is invested as part of the college’s endowment. Awards to students from endowed scholarships are made in your name in perpetuity. • Expendable Scholarships: Fully expended within one to five years after receipt of the donation, renewable, expendable scholarships help to close a student’s financial gap.

BENEFITS Setting up a scholarship is easy, and getting your company’s name in front of future food industry decision-makers is an added benefit. Your scholarship will also enable students to work less so they can better focus on their studies, relieve stress, instill confidence, reaffirm their life’s vision, and inspire perseverance and the pursuit of excellence. With that kind of lasting impact on your scholarship recipients’ lives, your investment now can yield future, lifelong champions of your company and brand.

MANAGER-IN-TRAINING The Manager-in-Training (MIT) program is designed to set the industry benchmark for post-graduate, on-the-job training programs for culinary, baking and pastry, and hospitality management professionals. The year-long program has opportunities for MITs in the kitchens, bakeshops, public restaurants, and other key areas on all CIA campuses. By sponsoring an MIT, your brand exposure grows exponentially as MITs build brand loyalty while supporting the education of hundreds of students during their tenure. Activities of an MIT might include touring company headquarters, working at the sponsor’s headquarters during school breaks, and hosting sponsor visits to campus. MIT sponsors can customize additional opportunities to enhance the overall student experience.

BENEFITS Align your company with the CIA’s most accomplished students— individuals who are on track to hold leadership positions in the industry. As a sponsor of a manager-in-training, you have an opportunity to engage with your sponsored MIT, supporting their career launch while informing them of your brand’s key attributes.


With the responsibility of paying for college on my own combined with the fact I was born with half my left arm missing, I felt my culinary arts aspirations were over before they even got started. But scholarships gave me access to the CIA and the staunch support from my chef-instructors helped me thrive. The CIA and its benefactors inspired me to take risks, persevere, and believe that if you pursue your dreams with passion and dedication, then anything is possible. ANATOLE SULLIVAN Anticipated Class of ’20 Bachelor’s in Applied Food Studies Northbrook, IL

The MIT program positively challenges me on a daily basis while providing the hands-on experience required to develop managerial skills necessary for restaurant operations. As I aim to become a general manager at a high-end hotel, I believe this position will help open many doors for my future career. COLTON GRIFFITH ’18 MIT Front-of-House Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici


LEADERSHIP AWARDS APRIL 2, 2020 NEW YORK CITY ciachef.edu/awards The Culinary Institute of America created its annual Leadership Awards—the Augies™—to commemorate the success and achievement of our industry’s best and brightest. Augie recipients exemplify the tradition of innovation and leadership of legendary chef Auguste Escoffier. The Leadership Awards event raises essential scholarship funds to support our students. Engagement opportunities include sponsorship and advertising, silent auction donations, and purchasing tickets or a table for the event.

BENEFITS You’ll receive sponsor recognition both in the program journal and during the ceremony; your brand will be seen by hundreds of food business professionals; and you’ll enjoy a fun evening in a great city. By becoming involved in this event, you publicly demonstrate your company’s philanthropy, commitment to education excellence, and dedication to the students we serve.


Cangshan Cutlery is pleased to support the Thomas Keller Golf Classic. Raising scholarship


are able to learn their craft


from the greatest teachers


funds so that these students

and chefs in the industry at the CIA is an absolute honor. The CIA’s quest to produce the finest chefs and hospitality professionals in the world aligns perfectly with our vision to create the most extraordinary kitchen knives available. HENRY LIU President Cangshan Cutlery Company

Chef Thomas Keller’s career is an inspiration to all CIA students and he has served as a mentor to many of them. Together with Chef Keller, the CIA holds the Thomas Keller Golf Classic in Napa each year to raise vital scholarship funds for students. The Classic kicks off on a Sunday night with a gala dinner and live auction at Copia. The golf outing is held the next day at Silverado. Engagement opportunities include sponsorship, live auction donations, purchasing dinner tickets, and playing a round of golf!

BENEFITS In addition to two great days of great food and golf, sponsors receive significant recognition on banners and signs, in the Golf Classic program journal, and on the CIA Giving website, as well as have the opportunity to entertain key customers and partners. You’ll also network with industry professionals and demonstrate your strong commitment to education excellence.


As Jalisco, Mexico, is the home of Tequila Patrón, it is important for us to support and highlight the remarkable and diverse food, beverage, and hospitality culture of Latin America. While the Summit is but one component of our broader

LATIN AMERICAN CUISINE SUMMIT OCTOBER 14–15, 2020 THE CIA SAN ANTONIO ciaprochef.com/arriba Renowned chefs, restaurateurs, and winemakers from Latin America meet with foodservice industry leaders from around the U.S. to focus on the culinary heritage, contributions, and flavor trends from specific countries

partnership with the CIA, it

each year. The four-day summit strongly supports the

is certainly very close to our

participants for amazing interactive learning activities.

hearts and we are incredibly

You can get involved in the two professionals-only event

proud of our participation in this important event. LEE APPLBAUM Global Chief Marketing Officer Patrón Tequila and Grey Goose Vodka

college’s mission by bringing students together with

days open to foodservice operators, food manufacturers, industry leaders, chefs, world cuisine experts, and CIA alumni. And, you can engage with students and the public during a program for CIA San Antonio students with many of the visiting chefs, and a Latin American market-style tasting open to the public on the final day.

BENEFITS Companies will receive recognition in program materials and on the event website. There are also opportunities to showcase your products or services and network.


Hosting alumni receptions is very important to me. It’s exciting to bring together graduates of all ages to talk about all that’s happening in the food community locally and nationally. It’s a perfect opportunity to network and establish connections with suppliers and vendors from the hospitality world. JOHNNY HERNANDEZ ’89 Executive Chef/Founder Grupo La Gloria and True Flavors Inc.

ALUMNI EVENTS ENGAGE WITH THE CULINARY LEADERS OF TODAY… AND TOMORROW ciaalumninetwork.com CIA alumni are involved in every aspect of the culinary world—from cooking and baking to research and product development. They excel at hospitality, food, and beverages. This sponsorship opportunity allows your company to develop relationships with these established food and beverage leaders and up-and-coming chefs. Your product or brand can be showcased to CIA graduates in many different ways. You can sponsor and customize an alumni reception, or participate in the college’s Alumni Weekend, which includes the Run for Your Knives™ 5K Walk/Run that raises additional funds for student scholarships.

BENEFITS Company representatives will have the opportunity to network and showcase their products or services. You’ll receive at least one invitation to the reception you are sponsoring; more depending on the sponsorship level. Your company will be recognized on the CIA Alumni Network website, in e-mail promotions, and on signage. Plus, there are invaluable opportunities to connect with a worldwide network of more than 50,000 alumni.


Throughout my experience at the CIA I enjoyed being able to learn and work with high-quality brands and ingredients that have my support moving forward. I am glad to have made personal connections with these generous companies and school partners that I look forward to crossing paths with in my career in foodservice.” RACHEL PRICE ’19 Bachelor’s in Food Business Management/ Associate in Culinary Arts Kitchen Server, Eleven Madison Park


GIFT-IN-KIND PUT YOUR BRAND IN THE HANDS OF FUTURE INDUSTRY LEADERS To become exceptional chefs, students must learn using exceptional ingredients and equipment. Putting your brand in students’ hands right from the start of their education causes a ripple effect of positive perception and experience which can lead to lifelong preferences. Further, these future food business decisionmakers will share their firsthand knowledge of your brand when they head out into the industry.

BENEFITS When you become one of our valued gift-in-kind partners, we seek to integrate your products throughout the CIA community, giving you recognition not only among students and faculty, but also with industry professionals, food enthusiasts, and all others who visit our campuses. Gift-in-Kind partner logos and links are posted on the CIA Giving website.

LICENSING BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS, STRENGTHENING BRANDS Consider a licensing arrangement with the CIA and enhance your marketing efforts to foodservice professionals or enthusiastic consumers. With a custom-made licensing agreement, the CIA’s industry-wide reputation for excellence and culinary expertise can help advance your brand positioning and sales. We help our licensing partners build strategic, successful, and profitable brand extension programs with focused appeal to professional chefs or home cooks.

BENEFITS By adding the CIA name to your products, you reflect the CIA’s standard of excellence, professionalism, and expertise.

CAREER SERVICES careers@culinary.edu At the CIA, we nurture our students from their first day on campus by exploring life goals, reviewing academic programs, and evaluating job options throughout their careers. You can engage with these students in a number of ways: a free online recruiting service for you to advertise open positions directly to them; Career Fairs held at the New York campus and Career Networking Days at our Texas and California campuses; and on-campus recruiting that allows you to meet and conduct interviews with interested students and alumni. Your company can also become an approved internship venue, providing students valuable experience while also discovering the advantages of hiring CIA-trained employees.


Becoming a CIA Fellow is not only a great honor, but an amazing opportunity to support the CIA and at the same time connect with great leaders who are passionate about food, service, and excellence. The events are fantastic, providing great culinary adventures and deep connections and learning with other fellows and experts in the industry. NEAL SHERMAN President and Founder TAGeX Brands

SOCIETY OF FELLOWS SUPPORT, ENGAGE, AND CONNECT The CIA’s Society of Fellows—more than 300 food and wine enthusiasts and business professionals—supports the college through annual gifts of $2,500 or more, and by engaging in a number of major activities. Become a Fellow and strengthen the quality and culture of the CIA by celebrating your passion for the pleasures of the table, camaraderie, and creativity. Network with our Board of Trustees at meetings, attend seminars, and share your wealth of real-world experience, knowledge, and expertise with students, bridging the gap for them between the classroom and the industry.

BENEFITS You’ll be invited to network at intimate special events and dinners with CIA leadership, receive discounts on Culinary Boot Camps and priority access to the services of CIA Consulting, and gain the satisfaction that comes from helping students achieve their dreams.









Make a lasting commitment to excellence

Starting at $100,000

Corporations, foundations, and individuals

• Provide a legacy for the future • Curate a strategic partnership for your business needs • Extend your brand footprint with multidisciplinary and multifaceted options

Support innovation and learning

Starting at $500,000

Corporations, foundations, and individuals

• Ignite passion through your thought leadership • Gain access to future industry trailblazers and expert faculty • Support your commitment to excellence in education

Help CIA students pursue their education

Named Expendable Scholarships starting at $10,000 Named Endowed Scholarships starting at $100,000

Corporations, foundations, and individuals

• Create lifelong brand ambassadors • Reinforce your company’s philanthropic commitments • Provide lasting investments in the future

Ignite a career for a recent CIA graduate

Starting at $50,000

Corporations, foundations, and individuals

• Increase your brand’s exposure • Build brand loyalty • Align your brand with the industry benchmark for workforce development and training

Product donations that enhance the educational experiences of CIA students

Starting at $5,000

Equipment and food manufacturers, and other food-related organizations

• Accustom students to using the best ingredients and equipment as they earn their degrees • Align your products with industry gold standards • Participate in multifaceted integration throughout the CIA community

Building partnerships, building brands

Please inquire

Equipment and food manufacturers

• Leverage joint expertise to enhance foodservice and retail offerings • Increase brand awareness through marketing and sales initiatives • Collaborate with experts at the CIA to bring innovative products to the market

Become involved in all the CIA has to offer


Corporations, individuals, and alumni

• Become a valued advocate for the future generations of chefs and food industry leaders • Mentor CIA students and have a lasting impact on their careers • Celebrate your passions while strengthening the quality and culture of the CIA













Everything about The CIA


at Copia is special—from


remarkable historical items to excellent food to gamechanging cooking equipment. It is an amazing place! BASIL LARKIN Vice President of Sales Hestan Commercial Corporation

ciaatcopia.com/corporate-events Drawing on all the resources of the CIA and its campuses, Copia provides unparalleled opportunities for industry collaboration to help drive innovation in our $860 billion foodservice sector through leadership programs, consulting services, national and global summits, and more. It’s part of the vibrant Oxbow district in California’s world-famous Napa Valley—you won’t find a better location for a meeting, corporate retreat, professional development program, or team-building event. Or, hold a social reception or gala celebration at one of our stunning venues. Our expert team, exceptional resources, versatile spaces, and unique food and beverage experiences add up to an absolutely memorable event, large or small.


Our Culinary Enrichment and Innovation Program (CEIP) with the CIA, now in its seventh year, produces lifetime connections with our key customers—including product trial and feedback. BILL DION Product Innovation Team Leader Hormel Foods

CONSULTING ciaconsulting.org The industry complement to our degree programs, CIA Consulting leverages the expertise and diversity of the entire college faculty—more than 150 culinary, foodservice, operations, financial, science, and nutrition authorities—and translates valuable information from our leadership conferences into practical, actionable programs for companies. The Consulting team can customize programs—on our campuses or at your workplace—to achieve your business goals. Connect your team through hands-on kitchen experiences, as well as through ProChef workforce development or credentialing programs. Engage our students through programs like the student innovation challenge, which places your product directly into the hands of the future faces of food. Lead the industry with our custom content and product innovation protocols. Whatever your goals, our dedicated team is here to help you reach—and exceed—them.
























Worlds of Flavor is an excellent platform for us to connect and collaborate with attending chefs at the top of their discipline. The World Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to showcase our kitchen technology in an inspired space designed for discovery, while the breakout sessions offer a more intimate exchange with attendees interested in learning and growing their concepts. At RATIONAL, education is at the heart of everything we do, and Worlds of Flavor continues to be an idea incubator and brandelevating experience. DANIEL LESSEM Corporate Chef/Director of Educational Partnerships RATIONAL USA

WORLDS OF FLAVOR® CITIES OF THE AMERICAS: LANDSCAPES OF FLAVOR Culinary Disruption and Renewal from the United States and Canada to Latin America

NOVEMBER 4–6, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA 22nd Annual International Conference & Festival Worldsofflavor.com The Culinary Institute of America’s Worlds of Flavor® International Conference & Festival is widely acknowledged as our country’s most influential professional forum on world cuisines, food cultures, and flavor trends. Join us for the 22nd edition of Worlds of Flavor as we take on a deep and broad continental exploration to examine what unites and differentiates us from Vancouver to Valparaiso. We’ll focus on the culinary scenes of some of the Americas’ most vibrant cities, looking at street food and markets just as much as pop-ups and fine dining. We’ll look at what has driven the explosion of restaurants across the United States in the last 10 years and where the industry is heading. We’ll discover some of the most innovative chefs in cities across Latin America, how they continue to find new ways to work with traditional ingredients, and how that informs our own menus. We’ll dive into data and dishes, people and plates to define what will drive food in the Americas.

WHO WILL BE THERE 600 leading chefs, foodservice executives, global cuisine experts, and influential foodservice industry professionals.



In addition to leading culinary expertise, the CIA serves as a conduit for collaboration across the food industry, from academia to foodservice operators to food manufacturers. These conversations provide a front row seat to ‘what’s next’ and allow Rich’s to create solutions to help our customers stay relevant and competitive well into the future. JULIE ALTOBELLO Senior Marketing Manager of Health, Authenticity, & Sustainability Rich Products

MENUS OF CHANGE® Co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

JUNE 17–19, 2020 THE CIA IN HYDE PARK 8th Annual Leadership Summit menusofchange.org • #CIAMOC Menus of Change®: The Business of Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food Choices works to realize a long-term, practical vision integrating optimal nutrition and public health, environmental stewardship and restoration, and social responsibility concerns within the foodservice industry and culinary profession. The initiative includes an annual leadership summit and editorial toolkits that offer guidance around new menu concepts and business strategies, as well as models to support business innovation and entrepreneurship in the foodservice industry. As we move further into the 21st century, chefs and culinary leaders are poised to assume a larger, more pivotal role in integrating key imperatives of taste, health, the environment, and business. Attendees of the annual Menus of Change leadership summit explore the future of the foodservice industry and gain the knowledge and best practices necessary to succeed at a time when the industry is being shaped by social and environmental concerns paired with consumers’ increasing interest in how food is produced and where it comes from.

WHO WILL BE THERE 400 culinary and food & beverage leaders, executives from sustainability and health sectors, researchers, and NGOs.


CIA retreats are incredibly valuable educational programs that showcase your product in the best light and allow you to network with high-volume foodservice industry leaders in a relaxed

WORLDS OF HEALTHY FLAVORS Co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition


setting. The relationships

16th Annual Leadership Retreat ciaprochef.com/wohf • #CIAWOHF

I developed at Worlds of

This one-of-a-kind leadership retreat brings together

Healthy Flavors directly translated into numerous new business opportunities. CHERYL ENT Director, Non-Commercial & Multi Unit Sun Rich Fresh Foods

the best of the world’s cooking traditions, innovation, and nutrition research to explore the next generation of healthy menu R&D strategies for volume foodservice. The program offers the latest nutrition science and consumer insights data, alongside culinary strategies for healthy menu R&D that are actionable, data-driven, and craveably delicious. Attendees leave ready to provide consumers with more exciting healthy menu choices while ensuring healthy bottom lines for their own operations.

WHO WILL BE THERE 30–35 menu decision-makers from top restaurant chains and other high-volume operations.


Meeting with my peers— with the exclusive group involved in HMC—allows me to not only share my experiences to help others but also learn from leaders in a very open environment. CHRIS MARTONE ’89 Corporate Executive Chef Subway Restaurants

HEALTHY MENUS R&D COLLABORATIVE JANUARY 16–17, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA JUNE 16–17, 2020 THE CIA IN HYDE PARK ciahealthymenus.com This collaborative is a membership-based initiative focused on crafting highly targeted, sector-specific, practical solutions that significantly contribute to expanding healthy menu food and beverage choices within the foodservice industry. Operator members— including representatives from top chain restaurants and contract foodservice operations—collaborate with industry partners via working groups focused on plant-forward menus, process and ingredient purity, and protein quality.

WHO WILL BE THERE An invited group of 40 operator members in menu decisionmaking roles from top chain restaurants and contract management organizations participate in the collaborative through working groups and all-member conference calls, while 20–25 operator members join us for each semiannual meeting.


We appreciate the firsthand experience working with attendees hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder in creating tasty and nutritious food items. In turn, we can all go back to our clients to teach them how they can create and cook healthy, nutritious foods right in their own homes. It helps patients and general consumers make best choices from science-based information— easily and deliciously! SHERI COLEMAN, BSN, RN Executive Director Northern Canola Association


HEALTHY KITCHENS, HEALTHY LIVES® Co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

FEBRUARY 5–7, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA 16th Annual Conference healthykitchens.org • #CIAHKHL This conference provides healthcare professionals with the latest scientific findings about diet and nutrition, combined with flavor strategies from world cuisines that increase the appeal of meals prepared with healthful ingredients for their patients. Nutrition and health research seminars are led by scientists and nutrition experts from Harvard, while culinary, baking, beverage, and nutrition leaders from the CIA conduct hands-on cooking workshops.

WHO WILL BE THERE 400 physicians, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals.

Being a sponsor and supporter of the CIA has provided us with many opportunities. Together, we have brought top-notch programming and information

THE FLAVOR SUMMIT MARCH 10–12, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA 14th Annual Summit ciaprochef.com/flavorsummit • #CIAFS

to a variety of audiences.

This in-depth exploration of the art and science of

It also allows us and our

dining experience. Capitalizing on the unparalleled

operator partners to support the culinary students—the future of foodservice. We look forward to continued participation and growth in

flavor takes participants to the frontiers of tomorrow’s flavor discovery experience at The CIA at Copia, invited participants examine menu, service, beverage, marketing, operational, and design trends as they discuss and taste their way through a vital set of flavor, kitchen, dining, and hospitality management issues.

WHO WILL BE THERE 30–35 vice presidents and directors of hotel, casino, cruise line, and top-tier restaurant chains.

our relationships with the CIA and its leadership program participants. CHIP MORGAN Director, Marketing Smithfield Culinary



The new Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit showcases the CIA at its very best—a star in the industry shining light on important issues like human health, sustainability, and delicious food. With the perfect mix of thought leaders, tastemakers, and leading operators, the National Peanut Board team made meaningful business connections and learned about the latest trends influencing our plant-forward future. RYAN LEPICIER Senior Vice President,

GLOBAL PLANT-FORWARD CULINARY SUMMIT APRIL 29–MAY 1, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA 2nd Annual Summit plantforwardkitchen.org • #CIAPlantForward This deep dive into culinary inspiration and menu R&D strategy for a significant global food movement is informed by the science of the CIA and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Menus of Change® initiative and inspired by the global cultures focus of our Worlds of Flavor® International Conference and Festival. Dialogue between chefs, tech innovators, and manufacturers focuses on how foodservice leaders can help further the shift toward a health-promoting, environmentally sustainable food system for the planet in the coming years.

WHO WILL BE THERE 300 high-volume chefs, foodservice operators, global cuisine experts, and influential foodservice industry professionals.

Marketing & Communications National Peanut Board


MENUS OF CHANGE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH COLLABORATIVE Co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and Stanford University

OCTOBER 5–7, 2020 STANFORD UNIVERSITY moccollaborative.org Focusing on accelerating efforts to move people toward healthier, more sustainable, and delicious food choices using evidence-based research, education, and innovation, this groundbreaking collaborative works to cultivate the long-term well-being of people and planet, one student and one meal at a time. It serves as an accelerator for the implementation of Menus of Change® principles—uncovering the drivers of consumer decisions related to healthy, sustainable food choices. This unprecedented network of senior university administrators, dining directors, executive chefs, nutrition and sustainability leaders, and academic researchers uses campus dining halls as living laboratories for eating-related behavior change. Members explore critical food system issues and the roles that culinary arts, menu language and design, ingredient sourcing, and behavioral economics can play in shifting diners toward plant-forward dietary patterns. Each year, a different member institution hosts the annual meeting, at which members gather to present research, culinary publications and other operational projects, and shared progress toward reaching collective impact targets around healthier, more sustainable ingredient purchasing and menu decisions.

WHO WILL BE THERE More than 220 representatives from college and university foodservice, from 60+ institutions participate in the collaborative, with 80–90 members at the annual meeting.


Our membership with the CIA’s Healthy Kids Collaborative is very valuable. With our primary focus working with K–12 schools, HKC is a great forum for us to connect with this audience. We love the hands-on group activities, the networking, plus the opportunity to showcase U.S.-grown canned pears at the annual meeting. In addition, the contacts and interactions with school nutrition directors throughout

HEALTHY KIDS COLLABORATIVE DECEMBER 2–4, 2020 THE CIA AT COPIA ciahealthykids.com • #CIAHealthyKids This unique collaborative inspires school nutrition professionals, school chefs, and suppliers to create and advance culinary-driven, healthier foods in K–12 schools; discover flavor and menu strategies; highlight successes and best practices; and develop training protocols. In short, it seeks to create a culinary culture in school food. It’s a year-round invitational initiative capped by this annual leadership gathering, which brings its leaders together to share progress and menu insights, along with best practices for addressing challenges and opportunities.

WHO WILL BE THERE 30–35 leaders from K–12 schools and contract management organizations.

the year are invaluable. SUSAN RENKE Promotion Director Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service


CIA DIGITAL MEDIA CIAprochef.com/culinary-training At CIA Digital Media, we combine the expertise of the world’s most respected culinary college with the creative capabilities of an award-winning production company. Our mission is to create innovative food content for our clients that positions them for success. Let’s talk about what we can do together. VIDEOS


Featuring recipes, product

Specifically about your products,

demonstrations, techniques,

written by food experts, cookbook

tastings, and much more.

authors, and knowledgeable


CIA faculty.

Developed and tested by


our talented CIA chefs.

By CIA chefs, guest chefs, celebrity


chefs, or your talent.

For use on your websites, social media, or other platforms.

BENEFITS • Associate your products and organization with The Culinary Institute of America brand. • Reach a highly targeted audience of North American food leaders, influencers, and decision-makers. • Educate and inspire culinary professionals to work with your products. • Drive traffic to your website with engaging videos and content. • Grow and engage your social media followers.


Together, Unilever Food Solutions and

This program has been a great

the CIA’s Digital Media team have spent

investment for the National Watermelon

the last 16 years bringing the best of

Promotion Board. The team took

world cuisines to the international

our goals and objectives and turned

foodservice industry. The aim is to

them into creative recipes and visually

expose chefs through a free-access

appealing videos and images with a

video training library, to authentic

strong ROI, reaching decision-makers at

flavors, ingredients, and dishes. The

many levels in the foodservice world.

series features local chefs sharing their

MEGAN MCKENNA Director of Foodservice and Marketing

food philosophies and techniques as

National Watermelon Promotion Board

inspiration for chefs around the world. EINAV GEFEN Corporate Executive Chef Unilever Food Solutions


PARTNERS AND DONORS We are deeply grateful to the many organizations that support the CIA and our students by funding scholarships and research, sponsoring industry leadership programs, working with us to create digital media projects, and providing Gift-in-Kind donations. This support enhances the educational experience for our students and helps us bring innovation and thought leadership to the industry. Some of our recent partners include:

Abigail Kirsch Aerowerks Inc. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Almond Board of California American Egg Board American Lamb Board Anton Family Foundation Aramark Corporation Ardent Mills Avocados From Mexico Baldor Specialty Foods Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. The Banfi Vintners Foundation Barilla America, Inc. Barry-Callebaut USA LLC Bigelow Tea Company Bimbo Bakeries USA Blue Circle Foods BMW of North America Bradley Family Foundation Breakthru Beverage Group Breville Polyscience Culinary Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club Buckley’s Tavern Bunn-O-Matic Corporation Bush Brothers & Company Butterball, LLC B&W Quality Growers Cádiz Chamber of Commerce Cakebread Cellars California Avocado Commission California Table Grape Commission Cambro Manufacturing Cameron Mitchell Restaurants CampusWorks, Inc. Cangshan Cutlery Company Catelli Brothers, Inc.


Cento Fine Foods Central Milling Certified Angus Beef® Charlie Palmer Group C.H. Guenther & Son Chicago Metallic Bakeware Chipotle Cultivate Foundation Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Chobani, Inc. Chris’ Coffee Service Citarella Fine Foods Clover Sonoma Cobblestone Catering/The Snyder Family Foundation Colavita USA, Inc. Comora Family Foundation Compass Group Conagra Foodservice Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma Cookshack, Inc. Coravin Corteva AgriScience Costa Fruit & Produce Cres Cor Crown Brands, LLC CSSI Marketing + Culinary Daiya Foods The Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation Danone North America D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of California The DeAlessandro Foundation DeBragga and Spitler, Inc. Delaware North Companies/ Patina Group Department of International Trade Promotion, Thailand

Diamond Crystal® Salt The Dinex Group/Daniel Boulud Dole Packaged Foods LLC The Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation Driscoll’s Dyson Foundation EAT Foundation Ecolab, Inc. Edlong Dairy Technologies Elliot Associates Emersion Commercial & Residential Solutions Engie Resources The Estate of Chuck Williams Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. First Republic Bank Food Dreams Foundation/ Jean-Georges Vongerichten The Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation Fresh Origins, LLC Gardein Gardner Grout Foundation Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Google Gordon Food Service Goya Foods, Inc. Guest Services, Inc. Guittard Chocolate Company Harney & Sons Fine Teas Hatco Corporation Hershey Foodservice Hestan Commercial Corporation Hitchcock Farms, Inc. Hormel Foods House Foods America Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy illycaffè North America, Inc.

InterMetro Industries Corporation International Foodservice Manufacturers Association IRINOX North America Italian Trade Commission ITW Food Equipment Group Jackson Family Wines Jackson Lewis Law Firm JJ’s Red Hots The J.M. Smucker Company Joe Jurgielewicz & Son John Boos & Co. Jones Dairy Farm The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts The Kellogg Company Kerry Ingredients Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. KitchenAid Commercial Kitchen Campus Korin Japanese Trading Corp. Lactalis Foodservice Lamb Weston Land O’Lakes LA & SF Specialty Lentils.org Les vergers Boiron Libbey Foodservice LinkSoul Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. Maple Leaf Foods Marriott International, Inc. Mars Foodservice McCain® Foods USA McCormick & Co., and McCormick Flavorsolutions McIlhenny Company MIC Foods

The Middleby Corporation MillerCoors Monin The Montague Company Morgan Stanley Mushroom Council Napa Valley Vintners National Honey Board National Italian American Foundation National Mango Board National Peanut Board National Restaurant Association National Turkey Federation National Watermelon Promotion Board Nestlé Professional Newman’s Own Foundation Newport Harbor Corporation Newport Restaurant Group Nielsen-Massey Foundation North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Northarvest Bean Growers Association Northern Canola Growers Association Ocean Hugger Foods Oléico Olive Oils from Spain Ōra King Salmon Par-Way Tryson Company Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance The Patrón Spirits Company Peet’s Coffee & Tea PepsiCo Foodservice Pepsi-Cola of the Hudson Valley Perdue Farms

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Peugeot USA, LLC dba PEUGEOT Pinnacle Foods Potatoes USA Pro*Act RATIONAL USA RC Fine Foods Restaurant Associates Rich Products Corporation Roland Foods, LLC Rotonda Foundation Royal Dutch Veal Royal Rose Roy’s Restaurants Ruth’s Hospitality Group Sabatino North America, LLC Sambazon Samsung San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. Saputo Cheese USA Inc. Saratoga Food Specialties Sask Mustard Development Commission Satin Fine Foods Schuman Cheese Seabourn Silverado Resort & Spa Signature Kitchen Suite Smithfield Culinary Snake River Farms Société Culinaire Philanthropique Sodexo USA, Inc. Sonic Corporation Sparrow Lane & Associates Specialty Food Association Spiceology

Star Kay White The Statler Foundation Steelite International Stella Artois Sterling Caviar Sterno Products Stolt Sea Farm Sugar Foods Corporation Sunsweet Growers Suntory Holdings, Ltd. SupHerb Farms Surlean Foods Sweet Street Desserts Sysco Corporation T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. TD Charitable Foundation Thermador Thomas Keller Restaurant Group Tihany Design Torani Truitt Family Foods Tuxton China Tyson Foodservice The Ultimate Image ULVAC Unilever Food Solutions Upper Crust Enterprises USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council US Foods US Highbush Blueberry Council Valrhona Ventura Foods, LLC Verlasso Villeroy & Boch USA Vitamix The Vollrath Company, LLC Vorwerk Thermomix Walt Disney World

Waring Commercial Products Wayne Farms Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Welbilt Corporation White Plains Linen Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc. The William H. Donner Foundation William Randolph Hearst Foundation Williams-Sonoma Windstar Cruises WineRacks.com Wolfgang Puck Catering The Wonderful Company Wood Stone Corporation ZWILLING



FOODSERVICE OPERATORS Top foodservice operators are in attendance at a variety of CIA leadership programs. Here’s a sampling of past attendees:

CHAIN/ MULTI-UNIT RESTAURANTS A&W Restaurants Au Bon Pain Bartaco Black Angus Black Bear Diner Bloomin’ Brands Bonefish Grill Brinker International Buffalo Wild Wings Captain D’s Chick-fil-A Chili’s Chipotle Mexican Grill Chop’t Creative Salad CKE Restaurants Cracker Barrel CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Culver’s Dairy Queen Darden International Dave & Buster’s Dunkin’ Brands Earl’s Eureka Restaurant Group FOCUS Brands Fogo de Chao Houlihan’s IHOP Jamba Juice Landry’s Restaurants Macaroni Grill McAlister’s Deli McDonald’s Corporation Modern Market Norms Restaurants Outback Steakhouse Panda Restaurant Group Panera Bread Peet’s Coffee

Pizza Hut Pollo Tropical Pret A Manger Red Lobster Roti Modern Mediterranean Sizzler Sonic Drive-In Starbucks Subway Restaurants Sweetgreen Taco Bell TGI Fridays Togo’s Eateries Torchy’s Tacos Wendy’s International White Castle YUM! Brands Zoe’s Kitchen

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Boston College Colorado State University Cornell University Duke University Harvard University Indiana University Johns Hopkins University Kansas State University Michigan State University Middlebury College New Mexico State University New York University North Carolina State Northeastern University The Ohio State University Oregon State University Penn State University Princeton University Rice University Rutgers University Stanford University Tufts University University of California, Berkeley

University of Colorado, Boulder University of Connecticut University of Massachusetts Dining University of Michigan University of Montana University of Notre Dame Vanderbilt University Yale University

CONTRACT FOODSERVICE Aramark Bon Appétit Management Company Chartwells School Dining Compass Group Creative Dining Services CulinArt Group Delaware North Elior North America Eurest Flik Independent School Dining Guckenheimer Sodexo Unidine

SUPERMARKETS/ RETAIL The Albertsons Companies AmazonGo Bi-Rite Market Foodland Super Markets Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Hannaford Supermarkets H-E-B Heinen’s Grocery Store The Kroger Company Nugget Markets Price Chopper QuikTrip 7-Eleven Wegmans Food Markets Whole Foods Market

HOTEL, RESORT, CASINO, AND CRUISE LINE SECTORS Benchmark Hospitality Canyon Ranch Crescent Hotels Entertainment Cruises Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Grand America Hotels Great Wolf Lodge Hideaway Beach Club Hilton Hotels Hyatt InterContinental Hotels Group Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Langham Hotels Loews Hotels and Co Mandarin Oriental Marriott International Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Ocean Reef Club Pebble Beach Company Ritz-Carlton Rosewood Hotel Group Sage Hospitality Resources Sandals Resorts Schweitzer Mountain Resort Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Taj Hotels Venetian and The Palazzo Hotel Waldorf-Astoria Walt Disney World Resorts Westin










January 14–16, 2020

January 16–17, 2020





LIVES February 5–7, 2020

March 10–12, 2020
























SUMMIT April 2, 2020

April 29–May 1, 2020

June 14–15, 2020

June 17–19, 2020

October 5–7, 2020

October 14–15, 2020

November 4–6, 2020

December 2–4, 2020

June 16–17, 2020 VENUE





Ongoing throughout the year

CIA at Copia

CIA at Copia (January) CIA Hyde Park (June)

CIA at Copia

CIA at Copia

The Ziegfeld Ballroom New York City

CIA at Copia

CIA at Copia and Silverado Resort and Spa

CIA Hyde Park

Stanford University

CIA San Antonio

CIA at Copia

CIA at Copia


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

CIA Exclusive

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

CIA Exclusive

CIA Exclusive

CIA Exclusive

Thomas Keller

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

Stanford University

CIA Exclusive

CIA Exclusive

CIA Exclusive

CIA Sponsors

FOODSERVICE 30–35 menu decision makers from top chains, universities, and other high-volume operations

FOODSERVICE 35–40 operators, with an emphasis on the chain sector and other volume leaders

HEALTH CARE 400 physicians, dietitians, and other health care professionals

FOODSERVICE 35–40 menu decision makers from hotel, casino, cruise line, and restaurant operations

FOODSERVICE 600+ business leaders, executives, celebrated chefs—the industry elite

FOODSERVICE 300 chefs, foodservice operators, and other food experts

FOODSERVICE 300–400 industry leaders including celebrity chefs, vintners, CIA leadership and alumni, and food and golf enthusiasts

FOODSERVICE 400 culinary and F&B leaders, executives from sustainability and health sectors, researchers, and NGOs

COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY FOODSERVICE More than 220 representatives from 60+ institutions participate in the collaborative, with 80–90 members at the annual meeting

FOODSERVICE 125 leading chefs and top-level foodservice professionals interested in increasing their knowledge of regional Latin American cuisine

FOODSERVICE 600 leading chefs, foodservice executives, and culinary professionals

K–12 FOODSERVICE 30–35 leaders from schools and contract management organizations

FOODSERVICE AND BUSINESS LEADERS 60–600 members of our industry’s elite inner circle and dedicated food enthusiasts




ciaprochef.com/ flavorsummit

























GREG DRESCHER Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Industry Leadership 916-416-6476 Greg.Drescher@culinary.edu

KEVIN ALLAN Vice President, Advancement 845-451-1460 Kevin.Allan@culinary.edu

PATTI COLEMAN Director of Business Development 203-209-0066 Patricia.Coleman@culinary.edu

HOLLY BRIWA Senior Advancement Officer, California 707-967-2400 Holly.Briwa@culinary.edu

SHARA OREM Director of Corporate Relations 707-967-2439 Shara.Orem@culinary.edu

ELLY ERICKSON Senior Advancement Officer, Foundations 845-451-1468 Elly.Erickson@culinary.edu

KELSEY WALDEN Associate Director of Sponsorship Planning 707-967-2507 Kelsey.Walden@culinary.edu

LEE ELLEN KIRK Senior Advancement Officer, Corporate Relations 845-905-4274 LeeEllen.Kirk@culinary.edu

CIA CONSULTING BRAD BARNES ’87, CMC Director, CIA Consulting and Industry Programs 845-451-1613 Brad.Barnes@culinary.edu

BRAD WHITMORE Senior Advancement Officer, Annual Giving, Society of Fellows, and Alumni Relations 845-905-4277 Brad.Whitmore@culinary.edu

DAVID KAMEN ’88, PCIII, MBA, CHE Project Manager 845-451-1386 David.Kamen@culinary.edu

DENISE ZANCHELLI Senior Advancement Officer, Operations 845-451-1458 Denise.Zanchelli@culinary.edu

CIA WEBSITES CIA Alumni: ciaalumninetwork.com Happenings at Copia: ciaatcopia.com CIA Website: ciachef.edu Consulting Services: ciaconsulting.org Advancement Opportunities: ciagiving.org Industry Leadership Programs: ciaprochef.com CIA Restaurants: ciarestaurantgroup.com Programs for Enthusiasts: ciafoodies.com

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The Culinary Institute of America Industry Leadership Advancement Brochure  

Engagement opportunities with the world's premier culinary college. Connect, learn, and share.

The Culinary Institute of America Industry Leadership Advancement Brochure  

Engagement opportunities with the world's premier culinary college. Connect, learn, and share.