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Prepare for Your Leadership Career The CIA bachelor’s degree program will develop your mind and prepare you as a professional— so you can step into any foodservice environment ready to make a difference. You can: •• Advance in the kitchen—to become executive chef or chef/owner •• Succeed outside the kitchen—as a restaurateur/business owner, food and beverage manager, or restaurant/hotel chain executive •• Lead in other industry jobs—including media personality, food writer, research chef, and culinary educator Thanks to their CIA bachelor’s degrees, the alumni on these pages are making a difference in the food world. Read on, and discover how BPS matters to your career…


Having a degree from The Culinary Institute of America opens many doors for you, not only in the U.S. but everywhere around the world.

Chef and Owner, Pujol Owns and operates the restaurant that is widely recognized as one of Mexico’s most interesting and creative gastronomic destinations.


Talent in the kitchen is only half of what we need to succeed. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use the skills and knowledge that I learned in the BPS program—in subjects like finance, accounting, human resource management, and marketing.

Director—Education, CIA San Antonio Manages the degree, certificate, food enthusiast, and professional development programs at the CIA’s branch campus in San Antonio, TX.


I have taken my cakes to a new level with a combination of the technical skills I learned at the CIA and my love of pushing the limit with art.

Owner, Corsino Cakes Owns and runs a unique specialty cake shop in New York’s Hudson Valley, filling a niche market for quality cakes with imaginative artistry.


One of the best lessons I learned from the CIA is to always have a sense of urgency. That helped me remain efficient in all aspects of my career and personal life, and it sets CIA graduates apart from the crowd.

Sommelier, Sons & Daughters Manages ordering, stocking the wine cellar, and controlling costs, as well as suggests pairings for customers at this one-Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco, CA.


At the CIA, I was taught to surround myself with people who have the asset of character. If you are a person of great character, everything else will follow.

Director of Operations, New York, Per Se & Bouchon Bakery Leads all aspects of the operations of Thomas Keller’s three-star Michelin restaurant and two bakery locations in Manhattan, and serves as a CIA Ambassador and Fellow.


The knowledge and skills I gained at The Culinary Institute of America gave me the self-assurance I needed to pursue a career path that I otherwise would not have had the confidence to do.

Lecturing Instructor—Baking and Pastry Arts, CIA Teaches baking and pastry at her alma mater after previously serving as executive pastry chef at Tabla and pastry chef de partie at The French Laundry.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs The CIA’s Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree majors take you beyond our associate degree programs into so many more dimensions of the food world. Whatever your foodservice career goals, our BPS programs can get you where you want to be. Choose from three exciting majors: Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts Management Bachelor’s in Baking and Pastry Arts Management Bachelor’s in Culinary Science Keep reading for some exciting features that make the CIA’s bachelor’s programs second to none...

bachelor’s in culinary science In our groundbreaking Culinary Science bachelor’s degree program, you’ll develop a science-based understanding of the culinary arts to improve food production systems, food delivery systems, and customer satisfaction. Channel your inner scientist as you: Conduct side-by-side tests to compare traditional systems with new methods using modern equipment. Participate in culinary science labs. Use sensory evaluation techniques to guide product development. Take in-depth, science-based courses such as Culinary Chemistry, Dynamics of Heat Transfer, and Microbial Ecology of Food Systems.

Bachelor’s Concentrations Within the bachelor’s degree management programs, the CIA offers two new study concentrations that give you special expertise in important industry trends. These concentrations involve a full semester of study at the college’s California campus in the heart of the Napa Valley, where they take full advantage of the region’s leadership in American wines and agriculture. Focus your career with these BPS concentrations: Advanced Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality American Food Studies: Farm-to-Table Cooking

Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture Trips As a bachelor’s degree management student, this is where you can take everything you’ve learned and see how it applies “out there,” during an exciting elective course and travel program that immerses you in a major culinary region of the world. You may choose one of several great destinations—such as China, Italy, France, or Spain—to discover authentic, regional ingredient suppliers and restaurants for these popular cuisines. These unforgettable experiences offer valuable lessons in menu development, food and beverage pairing, sustainable agriculture, produce distribution, and the impact of culture on cuisine.

With a CIA bachelor’s degree in hand, graduates will be rewarded with a higher income potential, in both the short and long term: BPS average starting salaries were 16% higher than CIA associate degree graduates in 2007 (CIA Career Services Survey, 12/2007). Further, in 2008 CIA Alumni Surveys, this bachelor’s premium grew to 23% when comparing bachelor’s and associate graduates from the Class of 2001. The CIA’s BPS graduates possess the knowledge to be successful in the business. They also have management and leadership qualities that we look for. Our company requires a bachelor’s degree for our Corporate Management Training program. Brook Luedke, College Recruiting Manager, Hyatt

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BPS Grads— Higher Income Potential

To apply for these exciting opportunities, contact: Duane Brown ‘11 BPS Program Coordinator 845-451-1716

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