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If You Are Arrested ... What you should know about

Getting Out of


Have you been arrested? Are you in jail? In the United States Justice System if you are accused or charged with a crime, you have a right to be released from jail (under most circumstances) until such time as you are convicted of that crime at your trial. To get released from jail you will probably be required to post bail (give something of value) in the amount or type called for by law or set by a judge. The purpose of bail is to allow you to be released from jail, yet provide the court with some reasonable assurance that you will return to court for your trial.

Under most circumstances, you have a right to be released from jail

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3 What is bail?

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Bail represents something of value (security) that is held by the court in the form of a bond until you return. Bail can be a specific amount of money and / or simply your “word� that you will act in a specific way, including returning to court when ordered to do so. Many types of offenses have pre-set bail bond amounts. You can get released if you can pay the amount of the bail bond. However, you may be required to see a judge if no bail has been set, or you may want to see a judge to have your bail requirements hanged or reduced.

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Appearing before a Judge If you appear before the judge, you will have an opportunity to explain the circumstances of your arrest, and your ability to pay bail. The judge will fix the amount of your bail, and he will also determine which kind of bond will be required for your release: You could be released from custody ( jail) on a personal recognizance bond, which is simply a promise to appear as required and does not require any financial guarantee. Or, the judge may require you to pay a specific amount of money to be held by the court in the form of a bond.

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You Can Pay The Bail Bond By giving cash to the jailer equal to the required bail,

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or If you, a relative or a friend have sufficient equity (ownership) in a home, building or land, it may be pledged to the court, or By contracting with a professional bail bondsman, who will provide the court with the necessary bail bond to get you released from jail

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or Some Counties may accept stocks and bonds equal to the bond amount. Your county clerk (address and phone number on the back panel) can give you more information on pledging real estate and stocks and bonds.

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Professional Bail Bondsman How can they help you? A professional bail bondsman is a person who furnishes the monetary obligation (money part) of your bail bond to the court to secure your release.

Most bondsman will accept credit cards

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A Bail Bondsman may ask you to: Pay a fee. The law allows a bondsman to charge you up to a maximum of 15% of the value of the bond. For example, if your bond amount is $1,000, the bondsman may charge you a fee of $150. Guarantee the bond. In addition, the bondsman may require you to pledge some type of security or collateral (things of value). In the event of a forfeiture, the bondsman will use the security or collateral to get his money back. Provide a co-signer. As additional security for the bond, a bondsman may require someone else to guarantee the bond by acting as a co-signer. Like you, a co-signer is financially responsible for the full value of the bond, and may also be required to provide the bondsman with some type of collateral or security. Credit Card: Note, most bonding companies will accept credit cards. The bondsman may be able to place the full amount of your bond including his fee on a credit card.

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In the Meantime ... Relax, this won’t last forever The best thing you can do for yourself while you’re waiting to get out of jail is to relax. This may take awhile. Try to be pleasent to the jailers, they are not the reason you are in jail. Their job is to book (process) you into the state’s judicial information network. The more cooperative you are, the faster you can get out. It is important to stay calm – this won’t take forever. DISRUPTIONS always cause significant delays! Don’t stress yourself, things will get better. Just follow directions and do what is necessary to get out.

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What to expect: The booking process Before you can be released, the jailers must document information about you and what you are accused of doing into the state’s computers. The process is called booking and it creates your record of criminal activity. When you were first brought into the jail, you were likely stripped of all weapons, contraband, and perhaps even your cell phone and other personal items. The jailers will then take down personal information and run a check in the system to look for outstanding warrants and criminal history. Then, you will be informed formally of the charges against you and notified of your bail amount. In some cases, you will have to appear before a judge before bail can be set. At that point, you can begin to consider how you wish to pay your bail so you can be released from the jail. Once you are entered into the system, the jailers will collect your fingerprints and photograph. These will be added to your record and kept on file for future reference. Depending on how busy the jail is, this process can take anywhere from an hour to most of a day. Just relax, cooperate with the jailers’ instructions, and they will get you through it as fast as possible. Remember: The jailers are there to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible.

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Attorneys Local lawyers available to help City: Denver, Colo. Jacob Miller, Esq. 183 18th Ave • 555-1435 Karen Martinson, Esq. 456 South Clarkson • 555-3356 Andrew Smith, Esq. 1134 West 85th • 555-9801 Sally Turner, Esq. 980 Lincoln Street • 555-4326 City: Aurora, Colo. Angela Mickleson, Esq. 8457 6th Ave. Suite 123 • 555-7782 Peter Palmer, Esq. 3122 E. Colfax, Suite 45 • 555-3657 .

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Professional Bonding Companies Bail Bonds, Bondsmen Steamboat Springs, CO: Jay Campbell - Campbell Bail Bonds 819-8582 • 879-9189 Tom Reuter - Checkpoint Bail Bonds 291-9142 - (across from jail) Joe Pete Lorusso - Lorusso Bail Bonds 879-6318 • 846-1398 Becca Troester - Checkpoint Bail Bonds 291-9142 - (across from jail) Craig, CO: Steve Stark - Mr. C’s Bail Bonds 824-6920 Sharon Rothermund - A-Best Bail Bonds 824-2500

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Jail & Courthouse Information for: Routt

County, CO

Arrest Information (970) 870-5509

Court Appearance Information (970) 879-5020

Routt County Court House 1955 Shield Drive, Steamboat Springs

Routt County Jail 2025 Shield Drive, Steamboat Springs

Routt County Clerk & Recorder 522 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs (970) 879-1710

District Attorney’s Office 1955 Shield Drive, Steamboat Springs (970) 879-1146

Public Defender’s Office 1955 Bridge Lane, Steamboat Springs (970) 879-0645

Important Notice: Failure to appear (FTA) in a court can result in the forfeiture (loss) of your bond and additional criminal charges. Forfeiture of your bond means that the court can keep whatever has been pledged as security or collateral for the bond. © Copyright 2011, The Local, Community Publications Division All Rights Reserved