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Habitat for Humanity: Making a Difference in the World From the time one is born and reared, his parents instill the idea that simple acts of kindness have the power to change the world. Divided individual acts may seem insignificant, but collectively they make a difference. Habitat for Humanity is a project designed for volunteers to help build homes for low-income families. Three hundred hours of work are required from each of the homeowners, whereas volunteers run on eight hour workdays. Twenty-four hours of volunteer work qualifies a person for a certificate. On Saturday, November 22, 2008, members of Student Government (SGA) and the Italian Club came together with over 100 other volunteers for the first time to support the Habitat for Humanity cause. Although this was the Italian Club’s third year participating, this was the first time other Sunset groups have taken part. “They had me hammering and working, and I couldn’t even suspend anybody!” Assistant Principal Dr. Harris joked. He joined the Sunset groups, parents, and sponsors to

By: Aura Altamiranda Editor-In-Chief

contribute to the cause as well. “The benefit from going out to help someone fulfill their dreams is a very rewarding experience,” he added on a more serious note. This particular project was based in Homestead. To kick off this event, prayers wount out for the underprivileged. After learning the construction site safety rules, the group was divided and subdivided. The resulting groups were given the necessary tools to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible—everything from nails to ladder and, tools that many of the volunteers had never come into contact

with. As with any construction site, workers were required to comply with building codes. The kind of work these volunteers were subject to was intense. Climbing ladders, nailing screws, and cutting wood all lead to a grand product. “We accomplished more than the usual group. We completed the whole house in the eight hours. Some of us had never touched any tools before,” said beaming Italian Club Sponsor, Ms. Fusco. Hours of work led to multiple positive outcomes—newly established friendships, a sense of accomplishment --in addition to many others. It also taught a lifelong

The Sunset volunteers grin from ear to ear with the satisfaction from their accomplishment.

“It was great to see the smile on the owner’s face...” --Maria Castillo, senior

lesson on appreciating blessings. “It was great to see the smile on the owner’s face when she saw how her house had turned out,” said Maria Castillo, senior. Dr. Harris was pleased to share that Sunset might revisit the Habitat project in February. It is a curious thing that parents often tell the story of the starfish on the beach because it relates so closely with the homeowners and volunteers. The story is about a man who walked across the beach throwing each starfish back in the water. His friend asked, “Do you really think it makes a difference throwing them back?” He responded as he tossed another back in the water, “It made a difference to that one.”

English Honor Society’s Writing Contest Winner: Ericka Walls Opens Up On Certain Issues I am fat…or clinically obese. I’m pudgy, chunky or any other sugar coated adjectives. No matter how you say it, in the end I’m still fat. Does being overweight keep me low on the social ladder? In today’s society, being voluptuous is not considered beauty. Unfortunately for some people, beauty comes at a fatal price. It’s a shame when Americans would rather die or cut off a limb than be fat. There is a social stereotype that overweight people are lazy, stupid, and even unprofessional. Studies have shown that there is an employment discrimination of those who are overweight. Employers would hire a more physically fit person rather than an overweight person. Even if they have the same qualifications, an

overweight person is said to “slow down business.” But things weren’t always like this. In the 60’s, people praised voluptuous women. This was the era of the size 14 Marilyn Monroe. Back then she was the true definition

of beauty. Even earlier big women were painted on some of the most beautiful murals. In Africa big is not only beautiful, it’s a cultural right. If you are overweight you are found to be wealthy, prized, and even attractive. I guess the United

States didn’t get that memo. The media has played a major role in fat discrimination. Magazines only feature the super thin models. This not only pressures girls to try and be something they’re not, it makes them think that this is the only way to look to be considered beautiful. Pressure is apparent in men too. They are pressured to be “buff” and “ripped.” Fat guys are the butt of jokes, too. And God forbid a woman who weighed 200 lbs. be considered beautiful. It would be a sin. This type of mindset shows the fat hatred in American society. When plus size women do try and find fashionable clothing its like finding a pin in a hay stack. It’s like being punished

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The Crusader December 2008

Britney Spears Back On Track By: Cynthia Lopez and Esmeralda Zuniga Staff Writers

In her whole career, pop star Britney Spears has released some of the most danceable, modern, and thrilling albums ever made. Like Madonna, Spears adjusts herself to all the new music trends as the years go on, which helps album sales hit the roof. With songs such as “Baby One More Time,” her career has enhanced. Spears has also been established as an

days. In this documentary she does nothing but work, and she shows the audience how no matter where she goes, there will always be paparazzi one step ahead of her. Between making it to award shows, radio and television appearances, running away from the press, making music videos, rehearsing, or taking care of her sons, Sean and Jayden, Spears

“Between ...running away from the press, making music videos, rehearsing, and taking care of her sons...Spears take all this in and uses it for inspiration...” international sex symbol and a strong public influence on teenage girls. She has also been the most popular search term for the last four consecutive years. After a disastrous year in 2007, Spears is finally picking up the pieces in her career. Spears started off 2008 with a small appearance on the show “How I Met The Mother,” then opened up the MTV Video Music Awards, and ultimately recorded the new album Circus (Jive), which was released on her 27th birthday. In September, she won three VMAs for “Piece Of Me,” including

takes this all in and uses it for inspiration for her music. One track off of the new album called “Kill The Lights,” uses a few old tunes from 2007’s Blackout and is about Spears attacking the paparazzi. Another is the heart filled tune “My Baby,” which was written and dedicated to her two little boys. Aside from writing about her personal life in the album, Spears has added some old and also new sounds to the record. The track “Blur” could remind some of Britney’s fans of a familiar track off of 2003’s In The Zone called


EHS Writing Contest Winner [Continued from page 1]

for being fat. If I could say one thing to clothing designers who make clothes sizes 1-3-5, I would say “How would you feel going to five different malls, searching all day for a decent outfit to wear? How would you feel having the feet swell from walking all day and go home with the agony and pain of feeling like you don’t belong in this world?” Not many can answer those questions. In reality being fat isn’t as unhealthy as the methods of weight loss people try to use. Americans spend billions of dollars on cosmetic surgery, and diet plans doomed to fail. Some result to starvation, even regurgitation. Constant depression and stress can actually kill a person faster than their weight could. Now when it comes to relationships, why is it that some people only view what’s on the outside? A person can have all the qualities you look for in a partner but just because of some love-handles or chunky thighs, they’re suddenly not the type. I once knew of a guy who was on the quest to find his one true love. Searching and searching, he couldn’t find one girl who met his standards. All he was looking for was a girl who was caring, sweet, thoughtful and trustworthy. He stumbled upon a young lady who was his dream girl. His only issue was the way she looked. His excuse for not pursuing a relationship with her was her weight. “You have a cute face,” he said, “but I’m just not attracted to the body.” That girl was heartbroken. That girl was me. Being as heartbroken as I was, I decided that that was enough. I wasn’t going to let people bring me down anymore; I wasn’t going to let my weight keep me from achieving my goals. So I did the unthinkable. I tried out and actually made the Cheerleading squad at my high school. Not because the coach felt sorry for me, but because of my outstanding skills and wonderful personality. I became an inspiration to all plus size girls at my school, letting them know that even with a little extra junk in my trunk, I still did it. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not promoting an unhealthy life style. I just believe that if everyone learned to love the skin they’re in and stopped criticizing others because of their bodies, the world would be a much better place. There would be no more starvation and regurgitation as means of losing weight. No more teasing or prejudice from being overweight. And no more heartaches caused by people too blind to see within the depths of one’s soul. Acceptance is the key. I am fat or clinically obese. I’m pudgy, chunky or any other sugar coated adjectives. But I’m also courageous, strong, and most importantly, beautiful in the skin I’m in….

“How would you feel going to five different malls searaching all day for a different outfit to wear” --Ericka Walls, senior

Twilight Premiere Bombs Horribly By: Christian Caldazilla Staff Writer

By Carlos Espinal & John Hernandez

Video Of The Year. In October, “Womanizer” was the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100. In November the video for the same track was released. Just like her song “Womanizer,” Spears’s music has always been a mixture of innocence, and sensual feelings. In this song she talks about a girl who discovers a man’s secret for moving from girl to girl. He obviously wants her but she won’t let him. Britney’s songs such as this one contain catchy phrases, and upbeat music that almost anyone can sing and dance to. MTV hosted a documentary called “Britney: For The Record,” about her life for a span of 20

“Early Morning.” Spears has also written a slow jam for the album called “Out From Under.” As many young adults grew up listening to her music, and watching her grow through the years, a lot of people expected her to keep the nice, goody two shoes princess style that she had when she was younger. We are all bound to grow up someday, and unfortunately her growing up was featured in our lives on MTV. Her drug use and insanity driven by the paparazzi only made matters worse. There is no such thing as a perfect human being, but she come close with all the things she has gone through.

The first movie adaptation to Stephanie Meyer’s successful Twilight saga premiered with praise, hype, and anticipation amongst die-hard fans of the series ascended upon movie theatres across America in November. However, it failed to resonate with general audiences outside of the teenage girl demographic, especially those who aren’t fans of Meyer’s mindless and clichéd series of novels centered around the romance between Bella Swan and her vampire lover, Edward Cullen. The film, unfortunately, turned out just as mind-numbingly dull and conventional as the source material. After moving to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona, Bella adapts to her new home with her dad, meets a group of friends in her new school and later on crosses paths with the mysterious Edward Cullen.

After discovering that he is a vampire with a dark past, she looks past his faults and personality flaws and decides to continue seeing him; eventually, she obsessively falls for him. The rest is history (i.e. girl meets boy, falls in love, but something goes terribly wrong; then the hero saves the “damsel in distress” and they end up living happily ever after). Throughout the course of the film, the dim-witted story unfolds and continues to carry on awkwardly until the final scenes which were at least somewhat entertaining (albeit ridden with obvious poorly-done special effects). Although filmmakers didn’t have much to work with since the film lacked a big-studio blockbuster budget, they dealt with their limitations – a small budget and poor source material

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3 FEATURES Two Thumbs Down for Twilight The Spirit Lives On in Theaters The Crusader December 2008

[Continued from page 2] – accordingly, at the expense of low-budget special effects and a cast of young, relatively unknown actors. Regardless of this, the cast did exceptionally well with Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. She stood out amongst the rest with the best acting performance by far for an actress her age. Her co-star, Robert Pattinson, however, failed to capture the role of Edward, acting dully with a forced American accent. The outstanding cinematography was what saved the film from being a complete disaster – with the stunning scenery of the on-location filming in the Oregon/Washington Pacific Northwest region working in the favor of this low-budget production, providing scenery and natural lighting unparalleled by anything that a big Hollywood studio set could create (and something interesting for non-fans of the series bored with the film to look at). Meyer’s conservative take on this teen romance has often been accused of being sexist and pre-feminist, with Bella becoming overly-dependant on the controlling and possessive Edward; however, this was not the movie’s biggest failure. It was the mundane source material of Twilight coupled with the downside of having a low-budget small studio production with a relatively unknown and inexperienced director that resulted in what we saw – a film adaptation of the book that failed to translate into something engaging enough to entertain moviegoers outside of the series’ easily-pleased fan base.

Midnight Club LA Sequel: A Great Addition By: Stephen Singh Staff Writer

By Carlos Espinal & John Hernandez

Midnight Club Los Angeles is the fourth sequel to the Midnight Club series. The best word to simplify this game is speed. That’s the main point of the game, it’s a racing game that has to deal with cars. The only thing you have to do in this game is beat the opponents and come in first place. You don’t get a wide variety of cars in this game only tuners, muscle, luxury, sports bikes, and exoti cars. In Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition you get all what Midnight Club has to offer plus muscle bikes, SUVs, and trucks. In Midnight club Los Angeles, you get to customize the vehicle until it is completely “pimped out.” You can customize the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. For the exterior you can change the front, rear, and sides. For the front you can change the bumper, headlights, cooling system, and grill. For the rear you can alter the bumper, taillights, spoilers, exhaust pipes, and license plate; you can even put the name on the license plate. On the sides you

can change the skirts and the doors. You can also change the rims and tires and the size and width. The color designs are incredible, pre- made designs that seem really complicated to create. Every car in Midnight Club Los Angeles has a choice of four different special abilities:zone, agro, roar, and EMP. Zone allows the car to completely slow down so you can maneuver through tight spots. Agro allows the car to gain invincibility for a short time so you can crash into other cars and not take any damage to the car. Roar allows the car to give off a big sound wave that blows everything around away. EMP gives the car a short electric charge so that when you hit another racer next to you, they completely stop for a short period of time. All these powers could help win a race. The performance part is what makes up most of the car. It gives the car speed, acceleration, and nitrous. The nitrous is the most expensive performance part in the store, it cost about $50,000. There

By: Aliana Zamorano Staff Writers

“My city screams, she is my lover and I am her spirit.” This flick is based on a newspaper comic strip series by Will Eisner from the 1940s. The Spirit is an action packed, super-hero movie.

seeing as comic book hero’s.” said Miller. “I intend to be extremely faithful to the heart and soul of the material, but it won’t be nostalgic. It will be much scarier than people expect,” Miller told Variety.

“The Spririt is a departure from what they’re usually seeing as comic book heroes. I intend to be extremely faithful to the heart and soul of the material...” --Frank Miller, director and writer

Opening December 25, 2008, The Spirit stars Gabriel Macht and Samuel Jackson as The Spirit/ Denny Colt and Octopus. It was directed by Frank Miller, the creator of Sin City. The Spirit is a hero, born, murdered, and born again, whose mission is to fight and conquer the evil forces lurking in the shadows of Central City. His arch-nemesis, Octopus is a villain who kills anyone unlucky enough to see his face. His plan is to destroy the entire city. The Spirit must face him and many other women who either want to love him or kill him such as Sand Saref, the love of his life turned bad, played by Eva Mendes and Silkin Floss, a punk secretary and frigid vixen, played by Scarlett Johanson, and Lorelei Rox, a phantom siren, played by Jamie King. Some other women characters are Ellen Dolan, the whip-smart girl next door and the Plaster of Paris, a dangerous nightclub dancer. They surround The Spirit at every turn. “The Spirit is a departure from what they’re usually

“The Spirit himself has got a great sense of humor, he loves women and women love him,” Macht said. The Spirit is like stepping into a comic book. Green screen took a major part in the filming of The Spirit, making the scenes appear as the colorful backgrounds of a comic. The Spirit comics written by Will Eisner went from 1940 to 1952, he was said to be the godfather of all comics. He wrote many stories but none grew as popular as The Spirit. Unlike the comics, the movie will include Octopus’ face and as it seems he has a love for large powerful guns. Another difference already seen is the costume worn by The Spirit, in the comic he wore a blue suit with a red tie and in the film he uses a black suit. Filming started in October of 2007 and the original release date was January 16, 2009. The Spirit is rated PG13 for “Intense sequences of stylized violence and action as well as

are a lot of different street racers that want to challenge you that can win you rewards if you win. The story of this game starts with a man you work for Karol, he helps you most of the way with game, the main point is that this other guy named Brooke stole one of Karol’s cars and he wants to get it back. Throughout

the game you will also help Brooke but you aren’t ;you are just trying to gain his trust so Karol can get his ride back. The one thing that takes away from the quality of the game is the few choices of cars. However, overall this is a good game with good graphics. This is a great sequel to the Midnight Club series.


The Crusader December 2008

FEATURES Spotlight: A Look Back On the “Scene” Revolution By: Amanda Hernandez Staff Writer

the angled hair cut, skinny jeans, and band tees. Neon color hair dye, Hello Kitty hair pins, and smiles separate scene from emo. Hair style is the most important part of any scene look. Girls sometimes chop their hair short and put multicolored extensions on to make a dramatic and exotic look. Boys usually have the same emokid hairstyle-- feminine ironed-straight hair. Without a doubt the most interesting aspect Photo By: Amanda Hernandez to some of their hairstyles are the raccoon stripes. The most recognizable poetry. Hair is the biggest Strands of hair are dyed fashion among young trademark of emo kids in horizontal stripes with adults in 2008 is the as the style calls for dyed a different color making “scene” style. Brought hair and slanted bangs it a very unique style. about by the emo over one eye. They are Hair bows are a mustlabel, scene is the often categorized as being have for any scene girl, metamorphosis from the emotional and listen to along with neon colored drab and sad emo look bands that play sad songs. skinny jeans courtesy to a much happier and Such bands include of Hot Topic. Many like brighter fashion trend. Dashboard confessional to wear over-sized sun Emo music from the ‘90s and Hawthorne Heights. glasses and buy novelty was the basis for the fad The emo stereotype toys, and accessories just that has become popular completely differs from to take pictures with. in the last few years. the happy-go-lucky scene The scene look follows Emo kids are described kid fashion. Happy, many threads of fashion as sad and depressed bright, and loud, scene from the ‘80s. This loners who keep to kids are referred to as decade is one of the most themselves and listen to the “preppy emo”. The popular decades of the depressing music or write signature looks include 21st century and themes

from the 80s play a big role in most scene attire. Patterned jackets and retro accessories, once popular in the 80s, are favorites among scene kids. A lot of slang from the 80s is also used including rad, and stellar. Scene kids also like to use a lot of old Hip-Hop slang and make up words like “kiid” and “fosho.” The music genres widely associated and praised by this fashion are Electronica, Pop rock, Hip-Hop, and Indie music. Favorite bands include Cute Is What We Aim For and Paramore. Myspace is the mecca for all scene kids and the place to show off their modeling skills. Most scene kids take lots of pictures and post all

of them online. They take numbers of poses and tend to be very creative. One of the biggest icons scene girls idolize is Hello Kitty, along with their love for dinosaurs, robots, and ninjas. Scene is just one of the style movements of 2008 and it’s made a big bang in the fashion world. It’s not a stereotype, though it’s easy to figure out some of the common elements that relate scene kids to one another, but each is original in their own way. People copy off of each other when they see something they like and in this modern world it’s hard to find anything original anymore. Scene kids just happen to stand out right now as a unique trend from 2008.

“Scene is just one of the style movements of 2008 and it’s made a big bang in the fashion world.”

A Revision of New Year’sBy:Resolutions As We Know Them Karina Aswani Staff Writer

December 31st is a universal holiday. Most people consider New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as perfect opportunities to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. It’s also a time when many people begin thinking ahead about possible travel plans and important upcoming events. Yet overall, the most commonly held belief about New Year’s is that it’s the season to be opportunistic. This is when people take the initiative to look at life with a fresh, new perspective—and apply that way of thinking into all new experiences. Some people set goals to break bad habits as others try to learn from their past and form good habits. The idea of setting goals at the very beginning of the calendar year and reaching these goals throughout the year is known as a New Year’s resolution. Thinking thoroughly about what types of goals one wants to make, can help form an achievable resolution. Sticking to a promise requires commitment. There are a few steps that one must follow to help make it work. Change isn’t easy for everyone, that’s one reason why the planning phase is a vital part of developing a good New Year’s resolution. Some people end up setting unrealistic goals that are too difficult for them to follow through with. For that reason, before making a New Year’s resolution, there are a few

considerations one may want to keep in mind: Why do I want to make this change? Is it achievable this year? Is it realistic? And if not, how can I make it a reality? How will this new commitment improve my life? A New Year’s resolution is believed to be nothing more than a starting point. Resolutions are set in one day, but can only be accomplished by taking small steps throughout the year—maybe for the rest of one’s life. In that case, one should expect their plan to change; that’s why being flexible is a big part of fulfilling one’s New Year’s resolution.

first think of personal behaviors that need improvement and relate it to one’s ultimate desires and aspirations. This helps people to think about what they want to contribute to the world around them. Fulfilling others’ needs, helping out communities, and thinking about the environment can bridge worlds together, filling the world with happier individuals. Surveys have shown that amongst teenagers, some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include getting in shape, donating one’s time through volunteering, studying hard to reap the benefits in the future, and saying “No!” to cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Those are four major goals. Just imagine making a personal choice that’s so great, it even has a positive effect on other people or on one’s surroundings. Little steps go a long way, especially if one’s resolution involves a commitment to a social cause. New Year’s resolutions give people a chance to look at the bigger picture. People make up many pieces of the puzzle of life, Life does, and will, throw curve balls. so it is each individual’s job to contribute. The most important part is how Improving our own lives is the first one handles and accepts change. step in improving our world. Resolutions It all starts with a solid, well thought- can inspire, push, test, and change out resolution. Reflecting on the past and individuals. This infamous cycle of goals planning ahead go hand in hand. To work and attainment is what makes resolutions towards becoming a better person, one must something to think about every year.

“This is when people take the initiative to look at life with a fresh, new perspective.”

SPORTS 5 The Arsenal Football Club: The History Behind It The Crusader December 2008

Arsenal Football Club: my pride, my passion, my joy. I love this club as if it were a living being, a brother. Such an illustrious history, lost during the early 1990s, when a period of mediocrity caused the Arsenal to stagnate and languish in mid-table flux. They were labeled “Boring, boring Arsenal” by pundits and opposing fans alike. Its not that the club was bad, it was the fact they didn’t have the proper guidance. The talent was definitely there: Dennis Bergkamp became one of the greatest players of all time. Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, and Martin Keown were the most feared defenders in the English game at the time. Arsenal had all the makings of a championship winning side; the team just didn’t have a catalyst. The catalyst arrived in the form of a widely unknown French manager named Arsene Wenger. Wenger had been managing Japanese side Nagoya Grampus Eight when he was approached by the Arsenal board. He was officially

signed to the club on September 28th, 1996. Wenger had previously won the French Ligue one with A.S. Monaco and the J-League with Nagoya, but that was about the extent of his experience. During his first season at Arsenal, he revamped the team, imposing a strict diet on the players, who had been left quite unfit by their previous manager, Pat Rice, who is now Arsene’s right hand man. He brought in future superstars such as Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit, and talismanic striker Thierry Henry. The players he had inherited, Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams primarily, were extremely talented, and Wenger, with his great manmanagement skills, unlocked their full potential, catapulting them to superstardom. In only his second season in charge, he led Arsenal to their second Domestic Double (The English Premiership Title and the F.A. Cup). He did it again in 2002. But perhaps his crowing achievement, his footballing magnum opus, was the 2004-

With half the school year yet to come, this school has seen its fair share of top performing athletes. While they have all represented our school proudly and have helped our teams shine, at the top of the list is Philippe Cury. If you follow Sunset Soccer then you all ready know who he is and if you don’t, you have to see this kid play! His position on the field is Attacking Midfield and he wears

Philippe could not just sit on the sidelines and watch his team struggle to win. “My freshman year I had to miss most of the season due to a back injury. I told the doctor and coaches straight up, I am not going to miss out on this season too! The only way they’re getting me off that soccer field is if it they cut my right leg off,” said Cury. Cury’s teammates know just how much he has to

By: Fidel Leblanc Staff Writer

2005 season. Arsene Wenger became the first manager to lead an English football team through a whole season undefeated. It was a momentous achievement, a huge landmark in English and world football. To this day, Arsene Wenger is still in charge at Arsenal, being the club’s longest serving manager and the second longest serving manager in the history of the English game. He’s been at the helm for 12 years and doesn’t look like quitting any time soon. For any fan, a manager is gauged only on his success. Wenger is beloved by his constituents, the Arsenal fans. He is a revolutionary in the world of football. He changed the face of English football with his philosophy of not only winning, but winning with class and style. All of Arsene Wenger’s sides have played with an allout attacking mentality. He promotes flair, promotes panache, much as the national sides of Brazil and the Netherlands do. Modern day football is driven solely by the result.

Athlete of the Month By: Garrett Culp Staff Writer

won states since its 2005 season and Philippe hopes he can help bring one back before his time is up. “Yeah. It would be nice to finish the year off leading in goals, assists or any other personal achievement goals, but at the end of the day it means nothing. I would rather win states as a team any day over personal achievements,” Philippe said. Off the field, Philippe’s goals don’t shy away from soccer either. He hopes to get into a good college were he can play soccer and get a good education. “I’m starting to really take the education part serious and not just soccer,” said Philippe. “You need to have an education too, what happens when you are playing soccer as a career and then have to --Philippe Cury, junior hang it up due to a serious injury or some other reason?” Hopefully Philippe can the number sixteen proudly. offer to the team and are give a helping hand in bring Philippe has played in six happy to have him back. ing Sunset Soccer back to out of the seven games this “Philippe brings Experi- State Champions statues. year. In those six games he ence, technical ability, good He has already contributed has scored four goals and transitional moves and he’s to this team with winning had two assists he is almost good at distributing the districts last year. He even guaranteed of making a goal a ball,” said Frankie. A pret- had the game winning pass game. While there’s no deny- ty impressive resume and that lead to a one to zero ing this athlete’s soccer skills, that just goes to show how win over Coral Park. The hot you have to love how much high Philippe’s teammates start he has all ready got heart he has. Philippe injured think of him as a player. off too, and the amount of his right ankle a week before Philippe, now a junior, heart he has shown playing the season opener. Since that also played his freshman and on an injured ankle should game Philippe has not missed sophomore year. So his goals only help out his chances of another one. While the doc- for this year on the field are helping Sunset soccer return tors told him he should not pretty straight forward-- to to the State Championship. play on it for two months, win states. Sunset has not

“My freshman year I had to miss most of the season...I I am not going to miss out on this season too!”

Most managers mimic the Catenaccio, a distinctly Italian strategy consisting of playing with a solely defensive mentality, taking advantage of one or two counterattack chances throughout the game. This strategy was used to great effect by 2004 European champions, Greece. The flair-filled, attack-minded, vastly more

sene Wenger graduated from the University of Strasbourg as an economist and this is evident in his tight wage and transfer fee constraints. The most expensive dealing Arsenal has ever done was 13 million British pounds for Frenchman Sylvain Wiltord. His genius transcends football; it leaks into his economic ac-

“Arsene Wenger became the first manager to lead and English football team through a whole season undefeated.” talented Portuguese squad succumbed in the final to a stubborn Greek defence. After this monumental upset, managers world-wide started mimicking the strategy of the Greeks, sacrificing style for results. Arsene Wenger, however, stood alone on the other side. He was the only top manager who did not throw away his philosophy, his ideals for victory. He is the only one who infused his philosophy with a desire for victory. He did not go back on his ideals. He stood as a champion for all the footballing purists, all those who truly love the game, those who would rather see 20 intricate passes before a goal than a defender hoofing a ball upfield and hoping the forwards can do something with it. With the fundamentals of the game dying, it is truly brave of a man to stick to his philosophy and that is what Wenger has done. Arsene Wenger has always put emphasis on the financial aspect of football as well. Modern day football has become more of a business than a sport. Footballers are paid exorbitant wages for their services. Clubs pay huge transfer fees to acquire the services of the world’s best footballers. Just this summer, Brazilian superstar Robinho moved to Manchester City Football Club for 32.5 million British pounds. Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov transferred to Manchester United Football Club for 30.5 million British pounds. Another Brazilian maestro, Ronaldinho, moved to A.C. Milan for a fee in the region of 20-25 million Euros. Similar to the current state of Wall Street, the economy of world football is spiraling out of control. The smaller clubs simply cannot compete with the giants because of the economic disparities between them. Arsenal, under Wenger has not allowed the club’s financial success to become a footballing powerhouse. Ar-

tions as well. One of Wenger’s first transfer dealings was the purchase of 18-year old Nicolas Anelka from Paris Saint-German for a paltry fee of 500,000 British pounds. A few years later, Wenger sold the young Frenchman to Spanish giants Real Madrid for a huge 22,000,000 Euros. It was a gem of transfer business, earning the club enough money to purchase players such as Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, and Fredrik Lgungberg, integral parts of the aforementioned undefeated Arsenal squad. To this day, he keeps the wage budget tight. He has developed an insistence on youth players with a lot of potential, who demand lower wages and who he can mold into future superstars. This past summer, he only spent about 22 million British pounds, his most expensive buy being 21-year old French starlet Samir Nasri. Wenger doesn’t only think about the present and trophies now; instead, he assures the future success of the club. He shows that he doesn’t need money to achieve what’s best for the club. He uses his psychological intellect, his tactical prowess, and his economic savvy to lead Arsenal to silverware. As you can see, my admiration for this commendable man goes beyond my love for the football club he manages. It is a fundamental admiration. I love pure, attacking football. I do believe that football is not about money. Football is a sport about passion and intelligence, not money and mindless efficiency. Arsene Wenger is an advocate of the game worldwide. His teams play with the kind of fast-paced style that true fans want to see. He makes sure that his teams always play with flair and panache, winning and style and entertaining the masses. Arsene Wenger shows why football is called the beautiful game. Arsene Wenger is a true champion of football.


The Crusader December 2008

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EDITORIALS Warning: Do NOT Read This Story By: Amberli Prieto Staff Writer

Warning labels are found on everything from household cleaners to peanut butter. And, although the concept of warning labels is a good idea, do we really need to be informed of the hazard of inserting a fork into an electrical outlet or the threat posed by blow drying the hair in a bath tub? Surprisingly numerous people still wonder why we appear to be becoming less intelligent and lack ingcommon sense as a society. Warning labels have become absolutely ridiculous and absurd, informing us of the possible dangers, anyone with the mental development of a six year old child

should be aware of. Warning labels, apparently, are meant for the asinine people

a bottle of the stuff and find out for themselves. The stupidity of people seriously

cleaning product in the eyes might sting a bit and severely irritate the eyes. Sleeping pill manufacturers now have to alert the public that their pills may cause drowsiness. Peanut butter makers sadly need to caution consumers that their product contains peanuts; for fear that those people allergic to peanuts may enter a state of anaphylactic shock, after consuming their peanut butter. Warning label By Carlos Espinal & John Hernandez of society. Who really never ceases to amaze. makers are effectively needs to be “warned” Windex now has to put pointing out the obvious that consumption of a warning label that to the imbeciles of the Clorox is harmful to says “DO NOT SPRAY population and they one’s health? For IN EYES.” It does are also successfully those people who are not take a genius to annoying the rest of us clueless to this fact, realize that spraying who do have any mental they should just down a strong chemical capacity whatsoever.

Driving in Miami: Too Much Hazard to Handle Two lane blacktop, winding street blocks, and the infamous Kendall

By: Carlos Espinal Staff Writer

York. You can’t turn around without seeing someone tailgating, breaking quickly in

people over. It’s to allow someone pass. Without understood that some to of them need to drive looking behind him, as much as anyone the careless driver else, but there must backed up into the be some kind of left side of the front solution to their lack of Montano’s car, of attention, driving chipping some paint prowess, and vision. in the process. Living A u t o V a n t a g e , up to the title of rudest a Connecticut- drivers in America, based automobile the unwitting driver membership, has turned around in listed Miami as home his seat and actually to the worst and rudest yelled at Montano. traffic or committing drivers in America “It’s ridiculous,” some other idiotic (closely followed by says the frustrated driving maneuver. Chicago). Ask anyone Montano, “When I And once you turn on the street and stepped out to talk to back around you’ll they’ll have a few him, he just drove off.” find that someone choice words about Ridiculous is is backing up into drivers in Miami. But right. People in Miami you. The question are they really the just seem to drive isn’t, “How many bad worst in the country? with the mentality drivers are there in H e c t o r that the road belongs Miami?” The question Montano, senior, to them. The most is, “How many good recently had someone important factors in drivers are there?” back up into his car being a good driver Ms. Martinez, right in the school are being careful and the Film and T.V. parking lot. Both cars considerate, both Production teacher were about to turn a of which seem to be at Sunset, says, “I corner when the front excluded in Miami’s think old people car suddenly reversed driver hand book. shouldn’t drive. It’s hazardous and Miami seems to have the worst drivers ever.” Elderly drivers aren’t just hazardous, they’re tantamount to death. There have been more than a few news reports --Ms. Martinez, Television Production teacher on an elderly driver accidently running

“The question isn’t, ‘How many bad drivers are there in Miami?’ The question is, ‘How many good drivers are there?” drive; all these things the average driver sees everyday while driving in Miami. In most places driving is a tedious task, a means to an end. Some individuals even enjoy driving as a past time. In Miami driving is a different beast altogether. Each time a driver enters their car, every minute is a constant struggle for his lives. Maybe it is because of the young age at which restricted licenses can be issued (as early as 15 years old) and the subsequent age that legitimate Driver’s Licenses are issued (16) but driving in Miami is always a dangerous ordeal. Bad drivers in Miami are like pigeons in New

“I think old people shouldn’t drive. It’s hazardous and Miami seems to have the worst drivers ever.”

TRIBUTE TO THE ARTS Yoshi’s Christmas

Illustration by: Angie Quesada

A For You Are The One Multi-Colored Christmas By: Juan Ortiz

For you I would climb The highest mountain peak Swim the deepest ocean Its The love I do seek.

By: Cynthia Lopez

M&M’s and lights colored Red, white, and green Cold weather and snow angles For you I would cross Something people from The rivers most wide Miami never feel or see Walk the hottest desert Hot chocolate and sand snowman cookies To have you by my side. So soft and so yummy Fruitcake and gingerFor you are the one bread man cookies Who makes me whole Makes me warm and You’ve captured my happy in my tummy heart Decorating the house And touched my soul. with reindeers and sleighs For you are the one I’m so scared to get on That stepped out of my the roof and put the dreams lights up Gave me new hope For my bravery I Showed me what love should get two gifts means. Or maybe three or four, yup For you alone Christmas shopping is Are my reason to live fun For the compassion you But long lines make show me sad And the care that you I especially like shopgive. ping in secret Presents for my sibYou came into my life lings, mom and dad And made me complete But the best part of Each time I see you Christmas is what I My heart skips a beat. get I’ll probably have a For you define beauty new camera In both body and mind Or maybe a new The soft, gentle face Itouch I bet More beauty I’ll never Christmas will be gone find. so enjoy it while it’s here For you are the one Because once the God sent from above presents are opened The angel I needed We’ll have to wait anFor whom I do love. other year

The Crusader December 2008


Lily Saves Christmas

One calm winter’s day, it was chilly out and everyone was anticipating the coming week--Christmas. But what they didn’t know was that Santa didn’t have plans for that this Christmas. At least, not all of humans knew he wasn’t. Santa had been talking to the Homeland Security unit in the Eastern United States to ensure the skies were clear to roam through. On a chilly “Take The Child to Work Day,” General Davidson took his daughter, Lily, to his job. Now General Davidson was in the highest rank in Homeland Security. Lily was sitting in a chair for about an hour before her curiousity began to consume her. She looked everywhere for something interesting to do. She came across some very colorful letters on a table. They caught her eye, so she ran up to them and saw that they were from Santa. She started to read in order. They had been sent from previous years. She came across a sealed envelope dated December 18th. She decided it would be best for a child to read it instead of an adult. The letter read “Starting now all elves are stopping factory production, because economy is horrid here. We all quit. There will officially be no Christmas.” Lily couldn’t catch her breathe. She hid the letter in her bag immediately.With her peripherals, she caught a gift box. She approached it, grabbed it, and ran with it to the bathroom. She ripped apart the bag to find a doll, a potion, a box, Santa’s great wish list, and a note. The note said, “This doll can turn into whatever you want. The box will contain any present you wish for and can multiply endlessly.” Lily couldn’t believe her eyes. She went back to the chair she had sat so long in, grabbed her father’s keys, and rushed to the car to stash the box. When she went home, she thought and thought for hours, she knew she couldn’t tell anyone about Christmas failing. Soon she fell asleep and dreamt about a world without Christmas. The nightmare ended with Lily’s fall to the floor. She opened her eyes and knew what she had to do. She grabbed the faceless doll and tightened her eyes, then wished that the doll was Santa and his sleigh of reindeer. POOF! The roof thumped. She ran out and heard, “Ho ho ho!” She saw a ready Santa standing on her roof but no presents. She ran back inside and grabbed the box and the wish list. She came out and wished that everyone’s presents on the list would become real and would stuff into Santa’s enormous pouch. Then she yelled, “You need to deliver all these gifts to these addresses.” She gave him the list and he flew into the freezing abyss. Christmas was saved and nobody knew of this yound girl’s selfless act. In a way, she preferred it that way. Fame was overrated anyway. By: Branden Duasso

The Grinch Stealing Christmas Illustration by: John Hernandez

Happy Holidays Illustration by: Angie Quesada


The Crusader December 2008

The Crusader--December 2008  
The Crusader--December 2008