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13500 Farm to Market Road 2769 Austin, TX 78726 | 877.944.3003 |


Situated around an artfully designed infinity edge pool with a spectacular view of Lake Travis, the Wellness Spa celebrates the uniqueness of the individual while nurturing the body, mind, heart and soul. From an indulgent weekend with friends old and new, to the unmatched pampering of a mother-daughter spa day, to an intimate and enlightening couple’s treatment, the possibilities are endless. The only worry is deciding which soothing option to choose. The experts on our spa staff perform an array of organic, authentic, and nurturing treatments that include massages, healing rituals, beauty treatments and personalized services in a soothing and peaceful environment. The Wellness Spa has eleven treatment rooms, including a room for couples, as well as a hot tub and dry sauna - the perfect place to relax and unwind before and after treatments. We use only organic and bioenergetic products including Primavera and Anakiri skin care lines, which are available for purchase at our boutique.


To make reservations for a spa treatment or spa package, plan a spa retreat or inquire about a customized wellness program, please call 877.944.3003. HOURS OF OPERATION

Monday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. GIFT CERTIFICATES

Gift certificates can be purchased at the Wellness Spa, the hotel front desk or by calling 877.944.3003. DAY SPA PACKAGE

Offered daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., our Day Spa Package includes a $125 spa treatment, a healthy lunch, use of the pool, hot tub and dry sauna, and access to all activities at The Crossings. Gratuity is included. Tax additional.

We encourage you to schedule your appointment in advance to assure availability of treatments during your visit. We want your spa experience to be stress-free and relaxing. To help make your experience as enjoyable as possible, please consider the following before you arrive. When scheduling treatments, please let us know if you prefer a male or a female therapist. Should you need to cancel, please do so within 24 hours to avoid paying for a full treatment. Shaving or waxing just prior to a treatment that includes a scrub is not recommended. Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your treatment time to begin the relaxation process, and allow time to change into your robe and spa slippers. Late arrivals may receive a reduced treatment time. Please turn off all cell phones during your spa visit. The Crossings does not accept children under the age of 16. For your convenience, an 18% gratuity will be added to each spa service.


Re-establish the natural beauty and health of your skin with the pure ingredients and simple luxury of this facial, which is customized to your skin type to provide your complexion with the most benefits. You will have a healthy, radiant glow after we lavish your skin with phytonutrients, antioxidants such as vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid, organic and wild crafted botanicals, and pure essential oils. NATIVE BLENDS REJUVENATING FACIAL (50 MIN)

Luminous skin is an hour away with this relaxing and purifying facial. You’ll experience a gentle cleansing with herbal steam wraps, lavender and rosemary cleansers blended with plant phospholipids and deep exfoliation. A two-layer super-antioxidant mask with mushroom and pumpkin enzymes, turmeric and green tea will smooth and rejuvenate your complexion while assisting with cell regeneration. VITAMIN C BIO-ENERGETIC HEALING FACIAL (80 MIN)

Restore radiance and vitality to every cell with this powerful and refreshing facial. It targets your skin’s nutritional and energetic needs with skin-renewing antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid, green and rooibos tea and vitamins A, C, and E. Two masks, sun-infused oils, and luxurious moisturizers hydrate and restore your skin, while a hand and foot treatment with homeopathic preparations completes this luxurious treatment. ORGANIC ULTIMATE HYDRATION FACIAL (80 MIN)

The skin-purifying effect of this facial will restore youthful elasticity and hydrate skin with lasting moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant. Sun-dried green and white clays, jojoba beads, aloe vera extract, organic licorice extract and spirulina combine with the rejuvenating properties of organic rose and pomegranate to create the harmonizing effect of this treatment, which will smooth fine lines, rehydrate skin cells and fight free radical damage.


Healthy skin is all about finding the right balance. Create perfect harmony with pure plant ingredients. Our Perfect Balance Facial clarifies the complexion with a hand selected blend of purifying Organic Sage essential oil and nurturing Organic Grape Seed – ideal for combination to oily skin.



Dehydrated skin magically responds to the soothing and calming effects of organic neroli oil. Our organic, fair-trade cultivated and custom-distilled neroli, along with organic jojoba and willow bark extract, will soothe dry, flaky skin while calming and balancing the senses. Fine lines and uneven skin texture are smoothed by organic cassis seed oil, which also seals in natural moisture. The combined healing power of neroli and cassis replenishes and sustains skin’s moisture level for a smooth and healthy texture.

See for yourself why sun-dried white clay has been used by indigenous cultures throughout the ages for its healing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Our organic, botanical facial uses white clay, sandalwood and camellia seed oil to calm and nurture sensitive or sun-overexposed skin back to a healthy balance. Added organic neroli, argan oil, black currant, shea butter and rose will replenish skin’s moisture level and strengthen and restore skin to a healthy, even tone.



There may be no better way to regenerate, clarify and stimulate mature or sun-damaged skin than by using unrefined, sun-dried white and green clays blended with French spirulina. Skin deeply absorbs the minerals, vitamins and moisture in this unique blend of ingredients, which includes organic and fair-trade rose, argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, white tea and shea butter. Organic licorice extract and unrefined, fair-trade clays, plants and flowers will leave skin brighter, firmer, smoother and more youthful. All of our ingredients are organically cultivated and certified for responsible harvest by the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance.

Experience a cleansing facial followed by a face-lifting massage using warm and cool stones to relieve tension and stimulate a healthy glow. ACUPUNCTURE FACIAL REJUVENATION (80 MIN)

Bask in the soothing delight of this holistic alternative to plastic surgery, injections and laser and chemical peels. This anti-aging facial and acupuncture procedure uses time-tested restorative techniques to promote circulation and enhance collagen and elastin production. It reduces wrinkles, sagginess and droopy eyelids. CLARIFYING BACK TREATMENT (25 MIN)


Decongest pores and restore balance, clarity and radiance to your skin with the natural powers of wild-crafted sandalwood, organic lemon and bitter orange. Fair-trade certified algae extract and unrefined, sun-dried green and white clays help control excessive oil production and remove clogging impurities from skin, while organic licorice extract calms, soothes and helps balance uneven pigmentation for radiant, youthful skin.

Relieve tension and decongest the pores on the most overworked and under-pampered area of all: your back. Wild-crafted sandalwood, organic lemon and bitter orange exfoliate and purfiy the skin, restoring balance, clarity and radiance. Fair-trade certified algae extract and unrefined, sun-dried green and white clays help control excessive oil production and remove clogging impurities. Organic licorice extract calms and soothes skin and helps balance uneven pigmentation for radiant, youthful skin. HYDRATING EYE TREATMENT (25 MIN)


Specifically designed for today’s active man, this deeply cleansing and hydrating facial employs wild-crafted sandalwood, organic lemon and bitter orange to exfoliate and purify the skin while decongesting pores. Fair-trade organic licorice extract calms and soothes the skin and helps balance uneven pigmentation. It’s the perfect way for a man to balance, calm and restore his skin.

Rehydrate and refresh the delicate skin around your eyes. This treatment reduces puffiness and addresses fine lines, and makes a great addition to any facial.


The fresh scent of juniper berries revives the body and mind while leaving skin silky, smooth and rejuvenated. Combined with pure seaweed and cypress, this juniper treatment cleans deep and stimulates, purifies and revitalizes the skin as it jump-starts the lymphatic system, aids circulation and penetrates the skin to help smooth cellulite. More toned, hydrated and tightened, your skin will thank you.


A nurtured head is a nurtured body. This revitalizing treatment begins with an aromatic hot towel compress over the scalp, to relax and refresh. A luxurious, moisture-rich sun-dried clay pack is massaged over the scalp and hair to relieve stress and tension. This treatment adds moisture and minerals to your hair, leaving it full, silky and soft.


Indigenous plants and flowers play a key role in this deeply stimulating wrap, which results in a firmer and smoother skin. Organic juniper, cypress, rosemary and horsetail restore, rehydrate, and protect, while unrefined, sun-dried green clay and French spirulina regenerate, oxygenate, clarify and balance. It’s the perfect way to restore mature or sun-damaged skin. INVIGORATING AVOCADO WRAP (50 MIN)

This super-rich and moisturizing body wrap nourishes dry, parched skin and releases tension from head to toe. After a hydrating cleanse of lavender and palmarosa, you’ll bask in a warm wrap of sumptuous avocado body butter blended with essential oils of lavender, pine, orange and lemon to balance, purify and tone. A stimulating scalp massage with organic oils and rosemary will boost circulation and awaken the senses as a full-body mineral mist floods the cells with hydrating elixirs. You’ll leave invigorated, revitalized and illuminated. ANCIENT PURIFICATION (80 MIN)

Combining the therapeutic properties of energetic flower essences, organic oils and essential minerals, this distinctive ritual has been soothing and renewing skin for centuries. It begins with an organic panela sugar scrub to relax the muscles and release toxins. Next, fossilized Dead Sea mud and organic herbs of chamomile, dandelion and lemon balm provide deep detoxification, while pure essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender support, strengthen, and ground the spirit. The joyful facial pressure-point and full-body massage will leave you renewed.


This pampering treatment begins with a gentle, mineral-rich sea salt and crushed olive stone body polish to exfoliate, stimulate and cleanse the skin. During the massage, organic jojoba, almond and apricot kernel oils are mixed with organic juniper and cypress to detoxify your skin and body, and restore healthy tone and texture. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (50/80 MIN)

The stuff dreams are made of, there is no better way to release muscle tension, realign your posture, and restore the proper range of motion than a deep tissue massage. PRE-NATAL MASSAGE (50/80 MIN)

Nobody said it’s easy being a mom-to-be. Perfect for all stages of pregnancy, this unique massage is designed to reduce fluid retention, increase muscle tone and soothe aching backs and necks.


This deeply relaxing massage uses long, flowing strokes to help reduce pain and stress, ease stiffness and aid in circulation. THAI MASSAGE (50/80 MIN)

This dynamic massage uses targeted yoga stretches, compression, joint manipulation and pressure points to restore and strengthen your body. Please wear comfortable clothing. SHIATSU MASSAGE (50/80 MIN)

The Japanese word shiatsu, or “pressure with fingers,” describes both a form of physical manipulation and a means of balancing one’s “chi.” Based on centuries-old Eastern techniques, this active massage combines acupressure with stretches, weight and leverage to alleviate fatigue and pain. Please wear comfortable clothing. STONE SPIRITS MASSAGE (50/80 MIN)

The expert application of hot and cold is known to ease pain and inflammation. This massage features a variety of techniques performed with heated basalt stones to invite deep relaxation, and cold marble stones to soothe inflammation. The result is a balanced, relaxed and nurtured body from head to toe. DEEP SLEEP AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (80 MIN)

Melt away the stress of the day with a gentle Swedish Massage enhanced by hot stones, soothing foot wraps, an herbal eye pack and relaxing herbal tea. A soothing blend of aromatic lavender, clary sage and ylang ylang oils will send you off to dreamland. Sweet dreams!


For active athletes, our professional massage team performs this intensive therapy designed to give you the energetic edge for our specific sport. Organic sun-infused oils, homeopathic preparations and enzyme therapy will bathe and penetrate the muscle groups that you use most. Therapeutic massage and assisted stretches provide the ultimate support to ease pain and stiffness for increased flexibility and mobility.


Your feet deserve the same meticulous care you use to treat your face. This gloriously pampering foot treatment uses organic oils and hydrating shea butter usually exclusive to luxury facial moisturizers. It exfoliates, smooths and softens with organic sugar and grapefruit, while the power of peppermint energizes and revitalizes your hardworking feet. Yes, the rest of your body things your feet deserve it! ORGANIC COFFEE FOOT RELIEF (25 MIN)

Your daily coffee won’t make you feel this good! Regardless of your sport or activity, your faithful feet take the punishment. It’s time to give them a rest. This treatment refreshes your overworked feet with a combination of herbs and homeopathics that have been used for centuries to detoxify and relieve acute and chronic pain. Organic oils, coffee, and cooling gels soften, exfoliate and nourish to complete this healthy therapy. LAVENDER VANILLA HAND TREATMENT (25 MIN)

Using the soothing and healing power of lavender, this hand treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your hands to leave them fresh and young.


Experience bliss and total relaxation with a full-day spa package that will nurture your body from head to toe. It begins with a Vitamin C Bio-Energetic Healing Facial and Hydrating Eye Treatment, followed by an Ancient Purification Body Treatment, Swedish Massage and Nurturing Scalp Treatment. A healthy lunch in the Treehouse Cafe or Restaurant is included. Your day ends with a soothing tea served in a quite corner in the Spa. All gratuities are included, tax is additional. SERENE & CALM HALF-DAY PACKAGE (3 HR)

Unwind and renew with an amazing half-day package that will restore and renew your mind, body and spirit. Begin with and Organic Ultimate Hydration Facial, followed by an Invigorating Avocado Wrap Body Treatment and finally a Lavender Vanilla Hand Treatment. All gratuities are included.

private classes Many of the most popular classes at The Crossings are available as private one-on-one sessions as well. Please inquire at the Wellness Spa. ENERGY BALANCING / ENERGY HEALING (50/80 MIN)

Experience the art of channeling energy to create a deep state of tranquility on both the physical and spiritual planes. Explore a number of techniques such as Reiki, healing touch, polarity therapy, pranic healing and chakra clearing to balance and heal your internal energy. Each session is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs. SHAMANIC JOURNEY MEDITATION (50/80 MIN)

Learn the shamanic ways to journey in this guided class. A favorite at The Crossings!


A guided experience in shamanic rituals will show individuals how to set up a unique and balanced ritual space in their home. YOGA THERAPY (50/80 MIN)

Encourage the body’s natural healing mechanisms with this gentle therapeutic treatment. Improve the function of the central nervous system, dissipate negative effects of stress and enhance resistance to disease by releasing energetic blockages along the spinal column. HOW TO BE PRESENT IN YOUR BODY (50/80 MIN)

Through a combination of various breathing and sound techniques, this is a journey toward greater self-awareness. The class also teaches therapeutic uses for common items around the house, such as how to turn tennis balls into a powerful home massage tool to relieve muscle tension and pain. ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION, WESTERN (80 MIN)

Select a natal chart (life map), year overview, relationship, parenting, health or geographical consultation to gain clarity and perspective for decision making. Reserve in advance with your birth date, time and place. Phone consultations are available. NUMEROLOGY (50/80 MIN)

Numerology looks at the relationship between numbers and letters in order to determine a pattern that holds the meaning of your life. Explore your true self and life path through a unique blend of name charts, astrology, tarot cards and intuition. Numerology helps build awareness of self, relationships and future possibilities. Reserve in advance with your full name at birth, the current name you now use and your date of birth. Name chart audiotape provided.

spa boutique After your relaxing treatment, don’t forget to visit our boutique, which offers a unique array of gifts, herbal teas, aromatherapy candles and all-natural beauty products.

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