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“The Call is Free. The Advice is Free.” The Cromer Law Group, PLLC are experienced and aggressive Michigan lawyers, who strive to deliver exceptional professional legal services and at affordable costs that won’t break-your-bank or force you to file for bankruptcy just to preserve your legal interests. Your employment, police brutality, divorce, personal injury, criminal or small business emergency or dispute are very important and you deserve an attorney you can trust will protect those precious rights. The Cromer Law Group, PLLC represent clients of diverse sizes and needs including individuals, small businesses and closely held corporations, professional corporations, governmental entities, political officials and celebrities.

FREE consultation, (313) 213-5875 (24 hours)

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Ronnie E. Cromer, Jr., Attorney and Counselor at Law Senior Partner

? ?Civil Rights Litigation ?Police Misconduct/Assault/Brutality ?Sexual Harassment / Retaliation / Whistleblower / Lawyers ?Employment Discrimination and Retaliation ?Business Emergencies & Disputes - Preliminary Injunctions ?Temporary Restraining Orders and Enforcement ?Forfeitures (Civil & Criminal) ?Municipal Law ?Personal Injury and Wrongful Death ?Criminal Law (State and Federal) ?Family Law - Divorce ?Medical Malpractice Bankruptcy

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FREE consultation, (313) 213-5875 (24 hours)

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Deciding to hire a lawyer can be exhausting, especially where you don’t have a good reference. The best practice is to first determine if the lawyer specializes and/or regularly practices in the area of law that interests you. After reviewing the relevant practice sections below and learning more about The Cromer Law Group, PLLC, please feel free to contact one of our lawyers for a FREE initial consultation:

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FREE consultation, (313) 213-5875 (24 hours)

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? ?Race / Religious / National Origin Discrimination Lawyers ?Police Brutality and Police Misconduct Lawyers ?Sexual Harassment / Retaliation / Whistleblower / Lawyers ?QUI TAM Michigan Attorneys ?Attorney Personal Injury Michigan ?Michigan Business Attorneys ?Michigan Divorce Attorney ?Michigan Drunk Driving Lawyer ?Michigan Small Business Attorneys ?Michigan Real Estate Lawyer ?Fraud Defense Attorneys in Michigan ?Non-Compete Agreements Detroit ?Macomb County Divorce Lawyer ?Michigan Child Support Attorneys Child Support Attorneys in Michigan

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Michigan Parenting Time Visitation Attorney

In Michigan, during divorce and other family law proceedings, usually the non-custodial parent will receive liberal parenting time. Many parents believe that there is a set schedule that they will automatically receive. This is incorrect. The judgment or temporary order may provide parenting time so that the parents can best decide the times and dates or it can provide a set schedule. We can provide great assistance in this area, by fighting for times that fit your schedule. Likewise, many parents do not realize that Michigan law provides that parenting time must be granted in such a manner that it will provide a bond between parent and child.

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FREE consultation, (313) 213-5875 (24 hours)

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Michigan Child Support Attorneys  
Michigan Child Support Attorneys  

If you need help creating, modifying or enforcing child support orders, or want to discuss other related family law issues in confidence, we...