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Sept. 18, 2010




Uniting the stars The absence of two Crimson Tide stars created new ones. They will all take the field together Saturday.


INSIDE The giants return to play


In the absence of Mark Ingram and Marcell Dareus, Alabama got to improve its depth, but now these two are back. Page 4



Alabama passes its first road test, shutting Duke out by forcing five turnovers, while Greg McElroy had a big day through the air.

Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore recounts his career with Alabama, going through as a player, coach and finally the AD. By Jordan Eichenblatt

By Lake Koelling

GAMEDAY STAFF CW | John Michael Simpson and UA Athletics

GAME INFO: SATURDAY, Alabama SEPT. 18 Crimson Tide



Duke Blue Devils (1-1)

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2010 ALABAMA FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 4 Sept. 11 Sept. 18 Sept. 25 Oct. 2 Oct. 9 Oct. 16 Oct. 23 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Nov. 18 Nov. 26

San Jose State Penn State Duke Arkansas Florida South Carolina Mississippi Tennessee LSU Mississippi State Georgia State Auburn

Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Durham, N.C. Fayetteville, Ark. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Columbia, S.C. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Knoxville, Tenn. Baton Rouge, La. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tuscaloosa, Ala.

W 48-3 W 24-3

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Who will have the bigger impact on Saturday, Marcell Dareus or Mark Ingram? “Marcell Dareus because he will clog up the middle end disrupt their running game.” Virginia Jackson

Senior art

“Mark Ingram because he was the best player in college football last year!” Valarie Crawford

Senior advertising

“Marcell Dareus because Ingram may still not be 100 percent” Sean Kearney

Senior business management

“Marcell Dareus because we are so deep in our running back position and Trent Richardson stepped in for Mark Ingram so nicely” Ben Bradford

How will Alabama handle its first road game? Start fast, finish slow. (35%)

Hannah Vick — 13/13 (100%) Alex Cotter — 13/13 (100%)


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Play up to its full potential the whole game. (30%) Start slow, finish fast. (25%) Play down to the level of its competition. (10%)



1. Alabama (52) 2. Ohio State (5) 3. Boise State (1) 4. TCU 5. Oregon 6. Texas (1) 7. Oklahoma 8. Nebraska 9. Iowa 10. Florida 11. Wisconsin 12. Arkansas 13. South Carolina 14. Utah 15. LSU 16. Auburn 17. Miami (FL) 18. USC 19. Stanford 20. Michigan 21. West Virginia 22. Penn State 23. Houston 24. Arizona 25. Oregon State

1. Alabama (55) 2. Ohio State (4) 3. Boise State 4. Texas 5. TCU 6. Oregon 7. Florida 8. Nebraska 9. Oklahoma 10. Iowa 11. Wisconsin 12. LSU 13. Arkansas 14. Utah 15. Auburn 16. South Carolina 17. Miami (FL) 18. Arizona 19. Stanford 20. Penn State 21. West Virginia 22. Michigan 23. Houston 24. California 25. Missouri

GAMEDAY September 10

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2 GAMEDAY September 17


Reliving the tradition with

Mal Moore

By Jordan Eichenblatt Contributing Writer

No person has contributed to the Alabama football program in as many different ways as Mal Moore. The current UA Athletics director, who has won eight national championships as a player, coach and AD, sat down with GameDay this week to discuss his days at Alabama.

GameDay : You have been a part of eight national championships at the University, that’s eight rings. Where are all of those rings? Mal Moore: Well, they are at my home. I walk past 13 national championship trophies with 13 rings on the way to my office, so I don’t need anymore rings lying around. GD: You have been a part of all of those championships as a player, coach and athletics director. Is there a Mal Moore statue coming soon? MM: I hope not (laughs), I am just thankful to have a job. They are everlasting memories I will never forget. My face does not need to be anywhere. The players and coaches deserve all the credit. Bryant Musuem Above: Mal Moore gameplans with former Alabama head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant when Moore was an assistant with the Crimson Tide.

GD: What is your favorite memory as a coach and player with Coach Bryant? MM: That is very hard to do. There are so many. I was not a great player. But, I was very fortunate to have Coach Bryant hire me as a coach early on in my career. I coached for him 19 years. [Because of] six national championships with Coach Bryant, and staying on that staff and my reputation, I was hired to coach at Alabama again where I won another title with Coach Stallings.

GD: What was the biggest difference coaching NFL and college? MM: Well, in my office nobody ever came to see me. No one ever called me. But here, everyone calls. Everyone constantly wants to talk. And that is why it is so great – with everyone wanting to be involved from recruiting and boosters. That’s what the Sabans missed the most, being involved in every way.

Far Left: Moore posing for a picture when he was a player at the Capstone. CW File Left: Moore addresses the media as Alabama’s athletics director, a position he has held since 1999.

GD: When Rich Rodriquez

GD: Eleven years as AD. What

GD: You have also created a big

announced he was staying at West Virginia, what did you do?

has been your biggest struggle?

expansion to the football stadium. Did you ever imagine it being this big?

MM: Well, we were in an awkward situation with Coach Saban. We could not communicate with him because his season with the Dolphins was not over yet. We were desperate. We needed someone fast. It was a key hire, and we wanted a coach who won a championship. Coach Saban never had a sit down with me. We never spoke until his last game on a Sunday when the Colts played the Dolphins. I spoke over the phone with him and Terry on that Monday, and on Tuesday I went to his home and Wednesday he was hired.

MM: When we were faced with NCAA penalties. That was a very tough time for everybody – president, coaches, alumni – with what we faced with those penalties. We couldn’t attend a bowl game. No bowl money and scholarships taken away. To survive it was hard.

Interview from SportsCampus on 1230am radio. You can listen to SportsCampus every Sunday from 6-8 p.m.

MM: Never. As a player we warmed up in the south end zone where there were wooden bleachers. We played in front of 35,000 people. Now it is so beautiful. GD: Out of the eight national championships you have won, which is your favorite? MM: (laughs) I have never been asked that. But it is so hard. Each one has its own unique memory. But, the most recent one would have to be. Undefeated season and just so much success.








Marcus Lattimore – South Carolina’s freshman running back ran for 182 yards and two touchdowns against Georgia.

Marquis Maze makes a catch in the back of the end zone during Alabama’s 38-0 simulated victory.

Xbox 360 screenshot


Total Yards: 403 Passing: 296 yds Rushing: 107 yds Turnovers: 2 (2 INTs) Passing: Greg McElroy, 18-of-27, 243 yds 3 TDs, 2 INTs Top Rusher: Mark Ingram, 25 rushes, 100 yds, 1 TD, 1 fumble Top Receiver: Marquis Maze, 4 catches, 97 yds, 1 TD

Total Yards: 209 Passing: 171 yds Rushing: 38 yds Turnovers: 5 (2 fumbles, 3 INTs) Passing: Sean Renfree, 15-of-28, 171 yds, 0 TD, 3 INTs Top Rusher: Desmond Scott, 13 rushes, 45 yds, 2 fumbles lost Top Receiver: Tyree Watkins, 4 catches, 76 yds Compiled by Lake Koelling

Ryan Mallett – The Heisman contender has completed 73 percent of his passes in the first two games for more than 700 yards and six touchdowns for No. 12 Arkansas.



Tennessee defense – The shutout against Tennessee-Martin the week before last looks like fluke. The Vols gave up 48 points to Oregon last week; 35 in the second half. Jordan Jefferson – After an unimpressive week one, the LSU quarterback went 8-for20 with an interception against lowly Vandy.


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GAMEDAY September 17

XBOX 360

Adding on to greatness BY BRITTON LYNN Senior Sports Reporter

Greg McElroy hands the ball off to Trent Richardson against Penn State. In the game last week, Richardson had 144 yards rushing and 1 touchdown. CW | Jerrod Seaton

Just days before the beginning of Alabamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2010 season opener, the Crimson Tide had already run into its first two walls of adversity. The Tideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offensive and defensive MVPs from the 2010 BCS National Championship victory over Texas were sidelined. Continued on page 6

6 GAMEDAY September 17

Junior running back Mark Ingram went down with a knee injury Aug. 30 and received arthroscopic surgery the next day, while junior defensive lineman Marcell Dareus had already been given a two-game suspension for violating NCAA rules over the summer. Having two of the biggest leaders on the team thrown to the sidelines not only shocked the Alabama nation but also caused some questions. Although Tide fans and players were obviously not thrilled to hear the news, perhaps it wasn’t all bad. Alabama is undefeated, and Ingram’s and Dareus’ time out gave other Tide players an opportunity to gain experience, and thus improve the team’s depth. “I think anytime guys get the opportunity to go out and play in a game-like situation, there [are] obviously things that are going to help them grow and mature, and that experience is going to be beneficial, but that is sort of a work in progress,” said head coach Nick Saban. “Every game that you play, you are going to get a little bit better from that standpoint, and hopefully our guys that didn’t have a lot of experience will benefit from the experience. I think that will continue to build as the season progresses.” Despite being unable to play during games, Dareus has not taken a break from helping his team. During his time out, he worked on the scout team going against the offense to prepare them for the Penn State game. “You have to roll with the punches, and it was devasting news when we found out about Ingram and Dareus,” said senior tight end Preston Dial. “Marcell

CW File Marcell Dareus (57) with former Tide defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick (95) before a game during the 2009 season.

has earned so much respect from his teammates since he’s been out. He tucked his pride away and was on the scout team all last week preparing us for their defensive ends. Someone as skilled as Marcell – he didn’t have to do that, but he put

his selfishness away.” When Dial was asked what it was like going up against such a dominate playmaker during practice last week, he laughed and explained how it wasn’t an easy task, but it challenged him as

a player. “It’s like playing a game on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Dial said. “There’s nothing like seeing that big forearm in front of you. I’m glad that his sentence is up so he can come join us on the other side

CW | Jerrod Seaton

of the field. Of course, you have to respect big things with someone with as much motive and passion as he has. We’re excited to have him back, and I’m sure those linebackers are happy to have him back too.” Dareus became a starter last season and worked his way from unknown to star as the season went on, capping the progression with an eye-opening performance in the BCS National Championship game. Junior defensive lineman Josh Chapman also expressed his excitement for having Dareus back in the lineup. “With Marcell coming back,

that’s going to help us tremendously in pressure,” Chapman said. “He works hard because that’s one thing that he loves to do. By playing on the scout team, I think he was trying to stay in the swing of things. He was helping our offense and helping himself.” Ingram being absent these past two weeks has given sophomore running back Trent Richardson a chance to become a playmaker. Last week, he became the first player to get more than 100 rushing yards against the Penn State defense since 2008. He had 92 in the first quarter and easily accomplished that feat by halftime. Without the Heisman Trophy

winner’s injury, Richardson and other Tide players wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to improve and gain game experience. “Mark went down and everyone had to step up,” said junior wide receiver Julio Jones. “We don’t know when someone’s going to go down, so the next guy has to be ready to play. The depth we have at each position is great for us. Any of those guys can step up and make a play like Kevin Norwood did against Penn State.” While Ingram’s involvement in Duke’s game is expected to be limited, he’s still expected to make an impact on the offense. Dareus, on the other hand, is ready to

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immediately come back into the game, since his absence did not involve an injury. “The key for us is that they’ve both proven around here that they are capable players and that they can be very effective,” Saban said. “Mark had a great camp. Injuries are just part of the game. Mark is a very good player, and he’s going to make us better on offense. Marcell is a very good player and he’s going to make us better on defense. Marcell’s attitude has been good playing on scout team to prepare our team. In Marcell’s case, he’s just full metal jacket – he’s ready to play for us.” Some of their teammates are also hoping that having the two key players back will bring an emotional lift to the team. “It will help us out a lot,” said senior quarterback Greg McElroy. “It’s fresh faces in the huddle. I’m looking forward to them getting back and competing. It’s been tough for them being on the sidelines, so they’re anxious to get back out there.” Alabama gaining both Ingram and Dareus back has built even more confidence within the team. “Anytime you add two players like that back to a team, it’s obviously going to be nothing but improvement,” said junior defensive back Will Lowery. “They’re both tremendous players, and it’s going to definitely help us. In their absence, we had guys that were willing to step up. But, the caliber of game that Ingram and Dareus play is going to be a big step up.”

7 GAMEDAY September 17

Alabama defenders Robert Lester (37), Will Lowery (29) and Dont’a Hightower (30) chase Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden (1) in last week’s 24-3 victory over the Nittany Lions. The Crimson Tide’s pass rush has been excellent the first two games, but it will likely get even better with Marcell Darues back in the lineup.



GAMEDAY September mber17 17

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GEORGIA Arkansas has not beaten Georgia since 1993. The Bulldogs will be looking to bounce back from its loss to South Carolina last week. The offense has started slow in its first two games, and they will still be without star wide out A.J. Green, who is suspended for selling a game-worn jersey to an agent. Meanwhile, quarterback Ryan Mallett has catapulted Arkansas into the top 15 with a 400yard performance last week.

Vanderbilt will wil be looking to get its first win of the season against the underachieving Rebels.


Time: 11 a.m. on ESPN

Florida has b beaten five d h t Tennessee T straight years, but both teams are having offensive troubles this year.


Arkansas players celebrate after a touchdown against Louisiana-Monroe last week.


The e Gamecocks will w be looking to continue start as they host ntinue their strong str FCS opponent Furman.


LSU has dominated this th conference rivalry, but the teams are more even than usual this year.

Series: Georgia leads 9-3


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney Swinne will be looking to slow down Auburn’s duel-threat quarterback.

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Marcell Dareus, DE

Sean Renfree, QB

After a two-game suspension, Marcell Dareus now returns to the Tide’s starting roster at defensive end. Defensive MVP in the national championship game, his 2010 season outlook has been met with a lot of high expectations. In his career at Alabama, he’s only had three starts but has played in 22 games. With his 37 career tackles, he’ll be an important player in the pass rush against Duke.

This sophomore quarterback has an average of 8.5 yards per attempt, with a 71.1 completion percentage. If Duke wants to have a chance against Alabama’s defense, Renfree will have to keep his eyes downfield and away from Tide safeties. He has three interceptions with six touchdowns so far in the 2010 season with 354 yards.

Mark Ingram, RB

Matt Daniels, S

After a knee injury a couple of days before the first game, Ingram hasn’t played yet in the 2010 season. Though his backup, Trent Richardson, has done a fantastic job stepping into his place, the nation is greatly anticipating the return of Alabama’s Heisman Trophy winner. Duke’s defense has only allowed just more than 4 yards per rush so far ths season, so it’ll be up to Ingram and Richardson to break through the front line.

Daniels leads the Blue Devils in tackles this year with nine solo tackles and 15 total., two of them for a loss. He’s second on the team in interceptions, having gotten one so far this season. In 2009, as a sophomore, he was second on the team in tackles, and the two leaders graduated, giving Daniels the bulk of the responsibility.

Robert Lester, S

Conner Vernon, WR

In Alabama’s first two games, Lester has managed to snag an interception in both of them and recovered a fumble in the last game. Duke’s passing-oriented offense will challenge Alabama’s secondary, so Lester will need to keep his eyes open for opportunities to give the ball back to the offense.

Sophomore Vernon already has 310 yards with two touchdowns this season for receptions, and his average is 17.22 yards per reception. In Duke’s air attack, Vernon will be one of the team’s greatest assets. If Renfree can connect with Vernon, Alabama’s secondary will have a lot on its hands.



77 65 73 75 76 89 85 12 22 8 4

James Carpenter (Sr.) Chance Warmack (So.) William Vlachos (Jr.) Barrett Jones (So.) D.J. Fluker (So.) Michael Williams (R-Fr.) Preston Dial (Sr.) Greg McElroy (Sr.) Mark Ingram (Jr.) Julio Jones (Jr..) Marquis Maze (Jr.)

DEFENSIVE STARTERS DE 57 Marcell Dareus (Jr.) DT 99 Josh Chapman (Jr.) DE 96 Luther Davis (Sr.) JACK 41 Courtney Upshaw (Jr.) WILL 5 Jerrell Harris (Jr.) MIKE 30 Dontʼa Hightower (So.) SAM 55 Chavis Williams (Sr.) CB 21 Dre Kirkpatrick (So.) FS 37 Robert Lester (So.) SS 4 Mark Barron (Jr.) CB 24 DeQuan Menzie (Jr.)


43 29 8 3 8


Cade Foster (Fr.) Coley Mandell (Fr.) Julio Jones (Jr.) Trent Richardson (So.) Julio Jones (Jr.)



79 55 62 68 72 87 19 33 83 26 2

Kyle Hill (Jr.) Brandon Harper (Sr.) Bryan Morgan (Sr.) Brian Moore (So.) Perry Simmons (R-Fr.) Brett Huffman (Sr.) Sean Renfree (So.) Desmond Scott (So.) Austin Kelly (Sr.) Donovan Varner (Jr.) Conner Vernon (So.)



90 93 99 56 50 8 39 6 16 20 40

Patrick Egboh (Sr.) Charlie Hatcher (Jr.) Wesley Oglesby (Sr.) Damian Thornton (Sr.) Tyree Glover (So.) Abraham Kromah (Sr.) Adam Banks (Sr.) Ross Cockrell (R-Fr.) Chris Rwabukamba (Sr.) Lee Butler (Jr.) Matt Daniels (Jr.)


96 49 3 43 23

Will Snyderwine (Jr.) Kevin Jones (Sr.) Johnny Williams (Jr.) Patrick Kurunwune (So.) Juwaun Thompson (Fr.)

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Gameday, 09.16.10  

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