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Plot Summary Twelve to Murder is the seventh novel in the Mac Faraday series by author Lauren Carr. Two people are brutally murdered in their home and one of them writes the name Lenny Frost in blood. Lenny Frost was a former child star fallen on bad times who takes hostages in a local bar and demands Mac Faraday find the real killer. He uncovers a web of deceit and people who are not always what they seem. ______________________________________________________

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4 out of 5 stars United States Lauren Carr Police Procedural


This was an enjoyable well put together novel which grips the reader from the off. It has a great plot which twists and turns along the way and really keeps you guessing as too people’s motives and who is really the bad guy. There are some great characters in the novel and the hostage scene is quite funny- the hostages start drinking and watching a football game with their hostage taker and seem quite unconcerned about the situation. Fast paced it definitely keeps you page turning and will be difficult to put down. ______________________________________________________

_______________________ Plot Summary My Review In The Series Recommendations

In The Series #1 Its Murder, My Son

#2 Old Loves Die Hard

#3 Shades Of Murder

#4 Blast From The Past

#5 The Murders At Astaire Castle



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#6 The Lady Who Cried Murder

#7 Twelve To Murder

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Lauren carr twelve to murder  

A book review of Lauren Carr's Twelve To Murder

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