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Models Times have changed and Existing consulting, staffing and marketing agency models are outdated and inefficient In





business executives have required outside marketing support for their companies, they have had to sort through a maze of large, small, local, and regional consulting firms plus a wider puzzle of marketing “agencies”




implement the marketing strategy. Many times these consulting firms have one or two senior folks who may have relevant experience to your business or industry, but often they deploy fresh MBA’s who do much of the work. When it comes time to execute the programs, you often have to hire additional agencies to support the traditional or online advertising, direct marketing, public relations, events, or other initiatives contained in the strategic marketing plan. This is costly, time consuming, and inefficient – not to mention a huge management challenge and headache. Is this the way it has to be?

welcome to the FUTURE! With available technologies that facilitate “on-demand” communication and collaboration across the country or around the world, plus trends in the corporate/agency worlds creating a large supply of very experienced and talented marketing professionals now pursuing entrepreneurial or new career paths, the opportunity is clear to create an innovative new business model that offers business clients access to world-class experience, marketing talent and customized marketing services – on demand.

The NextGen Marketing Group is a breakthrough organization of highly experienced and credentialed industry Marketing executives and strategic affiliates that have united together across the country to help our business clients develop, execute, and enhance their Go-to-Market strategies and tactics in order to maximize their business results and market effectiveness. We specialize in providing real world solutions based on the practical experiences we bring to our clients and can also function as outsourced or interim executives for your company. We are composed entirely of seasoned industry leaders, executives, and innovators who have the hands-on, operational experience necessary to understand and assist our clients with their business challenges. Our team has run companies, business units, marketing organizations and led critical strategic initiatives at leading firms in the US and abroad. We offer our collective experience and expertise under a unified brand so our clients benefit from the tremendous credentials of our national team and can tap into the resources, knowledge, and business contacts we represent.

tap into the braintrust at nextgen Like any successful sports team, the players have to possess the talent to score points, win games, and beat the competition. They have to be winners and know how to achieve results on the field. Well, at the NextGen Marketing Group, we have assembled a rapidly growing “Dream Team” of former industry business/marketing leaders who work directly with our clients to help them solve their business challenges. We call our Dream Team the “BrainTrust” at the NextGen Marketing Group. Our Principals and Associates are located across the country and bring world-class experience at companies across multiple industries, both established and start-ups. Notable brands we have represented are Sprint, Yahoo!, Monster Worldwide, Earthlink, ADT, AT&T, Colgate-Palmolive, Oracle, H&R Block, Quaker Oats, M&M Mars, FritoLay, Life Cereal, KFC, Red Lobster, Packard Bell, Qwest, TCI Cable (now Comcast), General Mills, Jell-O to name just a few. Our team consists of former Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s), SVP/VP’s, and Directors who have held prominent roles in the development, launch and management of many of these brands. In addition, we also have team members who have driven this work from the “agency” side, having worked

at some of the most successful and innovative firms in the country. They have worked side-by-side the executives developing the strategies and programs to drive success for these brands in the marketplace. When you hire the NextGen Marketing Group, your lead “Account Manager” is a Principal or Associate on our team who has specific realworld experience tackling business issues like yours. He/she has led organizations and has the savvy, knowledge, and management experience to immediately “hit the ground running” and help you develop strategies and programs to obtain results. In addition, we make our entire BrainTrust available to the lead Principal/Associate so they can offer supplemental support or perspectives as required. This enables our clients to tap into an unbelievable roster of experience and knowledge as needed to make sure they get the very best thinking applied to their problems. So, when it comes time to hiring an outside marketing consultant or even interim or fulltime staff this year, why not try something new and tap into the BrainTrust at the NextGen Marketing Group and enjoy the unique and powerful benefits we can offer you as you march forward and do battle in the marketplace. Check out our Dream Team BrainTrust roster of Principals and Associates by clicking here.

our v-MARKET approach In addition to the strategic and tactical work our Principals and Associates provide, we also have the unique ability to drive and launch the actual Go-to-Market programs for our clients. Rather than having to search for additional marketing agencies and outside resources who can take these strategies and implement them, we have recruited and aligned our firm with top innovative, forward-thinking affiliate partners across the country who work with us on projects to help develop and implement marketing services. This covers all creative, branding, advertising (traditional and online), direct marketing, sales/marketing collateral, public relations and media strategy, marketing events and trade shows, etc. Clients do not have to utilize these resources we offer, but we have assembled this capability to provide faster response times, more innovative work, and lower cost than we have found provided by traditional agencies. This allows us to move extremely swiftly with clients from strategy-to-execution-to-results. With the NextGen Marketing Group, our Principals and Associates can draw from other colleagues on our executive team or from our growing list of strategic affiliate partners to assemble a complete, integrated, and effective marketing program launch for our clients without the normal breaks, interruptions, and inefficiencies normally found in this process.

stronger, faster results With the innovative approach we offer clients, we are quite comfortable saying that we will reduce your marketing development cycles, provide more experience and insight that is directly applicable to your business, and execute faster than traditional firms do today. In addition, we only apply resources “on-demand – virtually” across our team as required for the work to get done. You don’t pay multiple retainers, have large teams of resources who have questionable contributions, or get charged for the traditional SG&A most consulting or agency firms pass on to their customers. You pay only for what you need, who you need, when you need it! What a concept, don’t you think?

what we do

Whether you are a start-up/early stage business or an established company in the marketplace, NextGen Marketing Group can provide you with fresh, outside perspectives and recommendations for your strategic and

tactical marketing programs. We have strong expertise at all stages of the marketing lifecycle and can be a resource and strategic partner for you through this process. We define the marketing lifecycle in 6 key areas:


Market opportunity evaluation Does the market you’re about to enter offer long-term growth opportunities? What are the technological, regulatory, sociological and competitive driving forces shaping the market? What are the barriers to entry for you or competitors? Who are the current and potential future competitors you’re likely to encounter, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? We work closely with you to deeply understand the size, growth and dynamics of target markets. We don’t just provide simple market sizing. We provide in-depth market analysis and insights that are critical to your overall strategic planning process and your success.

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go-to-market plan At the NextGen Marketing Group, we work with our clients as needed to develop strong and effective strategic marketing plans for their business. The “Go-to- Market” plan is a critical element for evaluating the dynamics of the market your business operates in and developing strategies for success.

branding and positioning Our process involves five essential steps and several analytical constructs that we routinely use to distill the most effective communications platform for a brand. Those steps are: 1. Business immersion 2. Positioning analysis 3. Planning the brand communications

4. Preparing the creative brief 5. Planning the integrated communications 6. Execution

While this might seem complicated, it is a process proven worthwhile by repeated market success. We believe that rigorous analysis distilled into clear consume insights communicated in a compelling fashion is what drives “big ideas” when developing or repositioning brands and the communications strategies for them.

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DEvelopment and implementation Your business can have a very well designed business strategy and Go-to-Market plan, but if you poorly execute along the way then your results in the marketplace will be disappointing. At the NextGen Marketing Group, we have seasoned executives who have led companies or led departments and major strategic launches for the companies they have worked for in their careers. We know and understand how critical the actual development and implementation work you do is to the future success of your company.

Business performance assessment The NextGen Marketing Group has the expertise and resources to assist clients in their quest for accurate and timely assessment of business performance priorities in today’s rapidly evolving workplace and competitive market. Managers must continually be in touch with what their customers want and how to adjust their marketing strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations, how well employees are achieving organizational goals and where the organization needs realignment in order to succeed. However, all these areas continually change, presenting management with moving targets.

Market expansion From early stage ventures to established and large enterprises, NextGen Marketing knows how to help clients at all levels that need resources and solutions for market expansion. Our real world business acumen, hard won business development skills, overall marketing savvy and wide array of valuable contacts uniquely qualify NextGen to support clients driving for growth. We help solve organic growth related challenges by providing proven talent for product development projects and for “Go-toMarket” programs. Other market expansion strategies for growth are equally supported by NextGen ranging from acquisitions, partnerships, and foreign markets to the development of venture capital investment and joint ventures.



HOW we do it As you know and have probably experienced in your business career, you can be a very smart individual but also be quite ineffective in leading or managing a business unless you have the people skills, instincts, and savvy to apply your knowledge in the proper way so workers are motivated and results achieved. Again, this is a huge differentiating benefit of how the NextGen Marketing Group is different than other consulting or marketing agencies. Why? Because we have spent years managing businesses, leading organizations, and managing people. We get it, we have lived it, we understand it. That is why with our approach, you don’t just get a pretty presentation and 3-ring binder filled with charts that can’t be applied in the realworld. Our style and approach is driven by our experience:

fact based analysis We carefully make sure we gather facts and hard data to serve as a critical foundation for the strategies and recommendations we put forth to clients. We supplement this with our experience and knowledge in order to determine the best path forward.

Hands-on work We roll our sleeves up, dig in, and become an extended part of your management team. We believe we have to understand the details in order to produce effective recommendations and results.

lessons learned Because of our national reach, extensive team, collective experience, and business contacts, we have the ability to offer our clients insights into best-in-class solutions from other successful companies or similar client engagements.

results oriented We focus on working smart, effectively, and making sure we develop and help our clients get the bottom line results they require.

integrity and honesty Our team believes trust is critical with our clients and that all relationships formed are long lasting ones. We honor confidentiality and take whatever steps are necessary to protect our clients trust.

business contacts As a national team, we bring extensive business contacts and relationships that in many cases help our clients open doors for new strategic opportunities.

Business leaders leading business So this year think outside the box and try a new way to tackle your marketing challenges. Call the professionals at the NextGen Marketing Group and have us become your partner. We are business leaders – not lifelong or professional consultants, and we can help – quickly.

At the Marketing Group, our national team of Principals and Associates have extensive senior level Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and General Management experience across multiple industries. Technology, Internet, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food, Retail, Energy, Agriculture, and Digital Media are some examples of our resume work. We have spent our careers working in and with top companies across the country and around the world in these industries. Our knowledge, business contacts, credibility, and practical experiences allow us to immediately provide benefits to our clients and give them access to a national team of resources who can help them address their business challenges. The NextGen Marketing Group can be a tremendous asset to any business seeking to develop or enhance their marketing strategies and programs. Our years of worldclass experience, knowledge and national team of resources allow us to provide extensive benefits to any client facing these types of strategic and executional challenges. Why hire rookies who might not understand your business?

contact us for your FREE evaluation As part of our process, we offer prospective clients a free initial business evaluation to determine what a potential working relationship with the NextGen Marketing Group would consist



of and how we can help you. This is done via remote or virtual meeting technology where we assemble appropriate members of the BrainTrust team and meet with you to understand your marketing issues. Then, we produce a detailed proposal that outlines our suggested work plan, timeline, deliverables, project staffing and of course fees. You might be very surprised to realize that our fees are typically less than what you might be paying on an aggregate level today across all your external firms and resources. Plus, we’ll get it done faster and efficiently so you see the results your demand.

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NEXTGEN Marketing: Business Leaders Leading Business  
NEXTGEN Marketing: Business Leaders Leading Business  

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