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See your city through new eyes and explore the rich and delicious African food culture that’s right on our doorstep. IMAGES: Yann Macherez, Hein van Tonder, Oliver Petrie

We know that we’re a city of good food – but turn your attention away from the modern European style of cuisine that’s put us on the map and you’ll find there’s a whole world of food to explore. Specifically that from our own continent. And now, while international tourists are thin on the ground, is the time to join the African Food and Storytelling Tour. Food writer Dennis Molewa and his partner Khofi the King (both pictured on the left) aim to shine a light on the “totally underrated and underrepresented” Pan-African cuisine cooked up in the CBD. The immersive 3-hour tour takes visitors to four different stops where they’ll be able to share and taste authentic Pan-African food and beverages, as well as hear the real life stories from the food entrepreneurs who now call the Mother City home. “We play live music, share traditional African food and facilitated storytelling sessions, where different refugees and immigrants would get to tell their stories, how they came to Cape Town and what the story behind their cooking is,” says Dennis. The tours started quite informally, taking friends around Cape Town’s hidden African gems, but when Mpumelelo Tswelopele Sefalane, a community organiser from Airbnb, pointed out that there was a need for authentic African food experiences in the city, that the wine tasting, supper clubs and fine dining side of the market was full, he decided to formalise his tours. Quickly, the tours grew in popularity but unfortunately most of those on the tour have been foreigners. “It would be absolutely amazing and perhaps even more impactful to host more locals,” he says. “Many of my South African friends who joined me on tours have been astonished and told me that they now view the city with completely different eyes.” “Cape Town faces many cultural, social and economic challenges we simply wanted to build a bridge and challenge preconceived ideas.” The African Food and Storytelling Tour takes a maximum of 10 guests on a tour of Cape Town’s hidden and authentic African kitchens and restaurants, to discover a different perspective and how food plays an incredible role in keeping culture alive and communities together, even outside of the city of your birth. Be prepared to eat with your hands and to keep an open mind. As the tour winds down, you’ll finish up with live music and one last beverage. “Our little intimate concert paired with traditional Senegalese Cafe Touba is always a magical moment,” says Dennis.

Get involved

The African Food & Storytelling Tour costs R1000 a person. The meeting point is in Greenmarket Square, and for more information get in touch with Dennis Molewa or book the African Food and Storytelling Tour on Airbnb. Dennis and Khofi offer group discounts if affordability is an issue so that the Tour can remain as inclusive as possible please email Dennis directly to find out more. 0797866651 molewaskitchen@gmail.com @africanfoodandstorytellingtour Secret Cape Town: African Food Tour & Storytelling

What’s on the menu? * Taste of Ethiopia: Try an authentic, only-one-of-its-kind-in-SouthAfrica type of Ethiopian cuisine that’s cooked and served to the Ethiopian diaspora * Pan African plate: Dishes and snacks from North East Africa, West Africa and South Africa * Drinks: African coffee beverages, spiced tea and traditional Somalian and West African juice



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