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True grit, passion, determination, highs, lows, laughter, blood, sweat, tears plus plenty of awards along the way and we’ve only just begun!

true grit As attitudes go, there’s a world of difference between doing ‘what’s required’ and our default and absolute ‘no prisoners, no compromise, it must happen’ true grit mindset. ‘Can do’ is central to our success and we have literally gone the extra mile having flown to Japan to interview an elusive candidate; project managed a re-work situation throughout the night for Masterfoods; supported the Microsoft Xbox 360 European launch deadline; transported staff at 2am to finalise a Christmas installation at White City; and even organised a ‘thank you’ Christmas party for 124 Bailey Off-Site temporary workers – now that’s what you call Investors in People!


Tactical Media Reach Generating applicant candidate flow Profile Location • Networking • Footfall • E-cruit Strategy Reputation • Word of Mouth • Energy • Aggressive Strategy DM • SMS • E-Shots • Lead Sourcing • Predatory Approach CQT • Media Strategy • Tactical Media Reach Marketing Intelligence • Consultants • Candidate Sourcing Targets • Talent Scout/Agent Approach • PR

Marketing the client and vacancy • Google • Job Boards • Regional Network LS1, BD1, YO1, WF1 • Broader HR Consultancy Tactical Media Reach • Propagating the Workforce Market Intelligence • E-Shots • SMS • DM • Retail Vacancy Job Boards • Headhunting • Predatory Approach Depth of Client Base • Energy • Word of Mouth Candidate Sourcing Targets • Talent Scout/Agent Approach PR • Social Networking • Blogs •


passion 4

Get this - we’re as passionate about your business as you are and that’s because we have something crucial in common. There’s no getting away from the fact that our combined efforts and performance is ultimately what drives the experience for your customers. We’re passionate about the fact that your business needs are unique. Unique because of the people involved, the subjectivity of expectations on service, quality, standards and what level of performance is acceptable and what’s not - ultimately something to get hot under the collar about!

Skill testing and Selection Last 3 employer or 5 years referencing whichever’s the greater Skills Arena - interactive, user-defined testing Assessment Centres Rapid Personality Questionnaires Psychometric Testing Accountancy and Financial Assessments Aptitude Testing Mechanical Reasoning Evaluations Task Simulation Literacy and Numeracy Competency based testing Remote video streaming inductions Familiarisation Programmes Inductions and Welcome Packs Briefing and De-briefing DVD Walkthrough



Smoother intergration raises awareness, increases efficiency and improves retention.


Assimilation Exercises


determination 6

Immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses helps us understand what makes them tick, what matters most to them and their customers and what drives and motivates them. Getting shoulder-to-shoulder and sharing their determination to make things happen is what we believe distinguishes us from our competition – essentially, adopting our clients’ problem as our problem and their challenge as our challenge.

Determination is not a skill – it’s a state of mind and an attitude. Determination is the foundation for everything we do.

Skill Categories Manufacturing GENERAL Order Pickers Manufacturing Staff Machine Operators Table Hands Letter shop Staff Catering Assistants Store/Audit Personnel ELECTRONICS PCB Populators Fault Find and Repair Debug Technicians Solderers SMT ICT/Functional Test Operators Electronic Engineers

Engineering & Technical ENGINEERING Welders (all disciplines) Press Operators CNC Setter/ops Maintenance Fitters Mechanical Assemblers Manufacturing Engineers ELECTRONICS PCB Populators Fault Find and Repair Debug Technicians Solderers ICT/Functional Test Operators Electronic Engineers

TECHNICAL CAD Operators Draught persons Design Engineering Production Management Project Engineering Network Engineers

Commercial GENERAL PA’s Secretaries Administrators Receptionists Purchase/Sales Ledger Accounts Staff Contact Centre Personnel Customer Service/ Telemarketing/Sales Staff Personnel Staff IT SEARCH & SELECTION Sales Management Sales Executives Production Management HR Management R&D Personnel Web Design/Administration Design Engineers IT Management

Logistics & Supply Chain DRIVING LGV 1 LGV 2 Containers Drawbar Wagon & Drag HIAB

FORK LIFT Counterbalance Manriser Rough Terrain Reach Narrow Aisle Boom KEY SKILLS ADR Tippers Skips Multi-Drop Roping & Sheeting C & D Vans

Communities, Social and Healthcare GENERAL Healthcare Assistant (HCA) for both mental health patients and patients with learning disabilities Community Support Worker (CSW) Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) Registered General Nurse (RGN) Administrators Secretaries Switchboard Operator Family Support Workers Refuse Collectors Drivers/Labourers Street Scene Operatives Cleaners Litter Pickers HGV Driver/Labourer Toilet Attendants


highs Well, if we were you, we’d be asking to see some third party, unprejudiced and objective evidence to support our claims of being able to deliver exceptional results time after time. Let’s take the two groups of people we exist to impress; clients and candidates. Well, we continue to take huge encouragement from the positive results of our annual Client Satisfaction Surveys and Worker Attitude Surveys. Beyond these, other highs include our recent ‘outstanding’ BRC audit; our Gangmaster Licensing commendation; the five Recruiter Excellence Awards; the accolades in the Daily Mail career pages for our Careers Question Time Roadshow; the Royal Mail Business Award; our 2009 IIP accreditation; the five years back to back clean CSR audits; our regional free legal breakfast briefings; or the fact that we have retained on average our top 20% users for more than six years.


Protecting hard earned personal & corporate reputations It is widely acknowledged that historically, private recruitment practice has been under-regulated. Well in advance of recent improvements brought about under WTD, NMW, the European Agency Directive, the Employment Agencies Act and the Gang Master Licensing Act – Relay Recruitment has always insisted that it’s resourcers, consultants and business managers have at the very least completed and passed the REC Foundation Course in Recruitment Practice. In addition to this and in line with our responsibilities under Duty of Care principles; all of our people complete regular project work to drive up knowledge and awareness around key legal, compliance and recognised Best Practice – these include: •

Asylum and Immigration

Worker Registration Scheme

Working Time Regulations

Terms of Engagement

Gang Master Licensing Act

National Minimum Wage

Annual Leave

Duty of Care and Best Practice


Customer service

The Host Company and its customers are entitled to have their brands and reputations protected by having reassurances about its chosen labour provider’s ability to deliver a service within a robust framework. In the event of being awarded the supply contract; our implementation team will work with the business to ensure that all pre-supply conditions are met. The prerequisite 5 year referencing with breaks no greater than 28 days along with drug screening and hearing tests will be adopted into Recognised Best Practice, policed in line with well established Duty of Care disciplines and fall within the scope of revised auditing routines.


lows You’ve got to face it – they happen! Best laid plans etc. The difference is getting back up, dusting yourself down and getting on with the job. We’ve been on a learning curve since 1996 and naturally, along with the way we have seriously evolved, discovered better ways of delivering the results clients expect, abandoned inefficiency and bureaucracy and ultimately learnt our craft. Now the evidence points to what we do as most of what being most of what it takes to ensure that our clients see, feel and experience something positively different.


Don’t take our word for it, take theirs! Quality of Staff Supplied

Competitive Comparison

General Performance

More than three quarters of participating organisations remarked that the calibre of personnel supplied against vacancies was much better than that previously experienced.

Four out of five respondents viewed our service as ‘Much better’ when asked how it compared to other service providers.

Across the key stage processes of selection and recruitment, customer service levels and communications, of polled companies 88% scored us as Good or Excellent.




Last year 76%

Last year 80%

Last year 88%

Sample Clients Next • Princes Soft Drinks • Nampak Cartons Monsoon Accessorize • Microsoft XBox • Game CEVA • Yorkshire Water • Borg Warner • The Coop Shepherd Engineering Services • Premier Farnell NG Bailey Engineering • British Thornton Yorwaste • Finlay’s Beverages • Airedale Air Conditioning Clipper Logistics Group • Sheffield Forge Masters

87 clients surveyed



They say laughter’s the best tonic – and there’s no doubt about it – it’s a lot easier to crack a smile when we’re celebrating another job well done.

Morale, motivation, inclusiveness and a sense of belonging all contribute to lifting the mood – and, ultimately, a motivated worker who is feeling good and feeling appreciated is a loyal, productive member of the team who leads by example. Our Reward and Recognition schemes, Personal Development Credits, Golden Goodbyes, Retention Programs, Privileged Contracts, Community Sports Sponsorships, school bursaries and charitable work are all about putting something back and proving that business and fun are completely compatible.


Adding Value Through Performance


Incentivisation and motivation

Personal Development Credits


Multi skilling /consolidated roles

Privileged contracts


Retention and loyalty


Increased accountability & productivity

Race to 100% effectiveness



Reward and recognition schemes

To acknowledge and reward the contribution of a worker, is to retain, encourage loyalty and increase the productivity of a worker


blood As an owner managed business with a reliance on and a genuine appreciation of all business that we have worked hard to win - and even harder to keep – the relationship with our clients is so much more than a commercial transaction. We’re not embarrassed to say that we get emotional about our role and relationship with our clients – when you care – getting emotional is where the edge comes from. Getting fired up about the things that are important to them is what creates the chemistry, trust and synergy. That’s what gets bouncing out of bed in the morning, keeps us on top of our game and is what is coursing through our veins.

You can’t buy it – it’s in the blood. 14

The Winning Formula Recruitment Effort Timeline

Phase One Current Position Developing Our Strategy Full and formal needs analysis with HR, operations, finance and other end user representatives - objective performance measures. Gather intelligence on leavers and dissenting voices, validating this information and agree actions. Interrogating the outcomes with focus group - agree re-engineering of processes to design out known recruitment impediments. Host company: a choice employer? SWOT analysis - benchmarking against recognised labour competition - identify and develop competitive advantages. CSR: brand, personal and professional reputation management. Ownership and ‘buy in’ from host company - agreeing target ratios: proposed worker>interview>offer, take up placed>retained. Brainstorm methodologies: road show, showcase, job fair, networking, traditional recruitment, referral schemes, redundancy liaison, training providers, partner shipping and more. 15


Sweat?! We’ve worked tooth and nail over the years to get away from those all too common prescriptive approaches.


The ones that ‘allow’ you to ‘choose from a given range of services’ or ‘select which option’ (all based on what is convenient for the supplier to offer and therefore, make available!). The fact is you, your business and your clients deserve the best. That’s why we’re offering a back-to-the-drawing-board, from-the-ground-up and genuinely bespoke approach - conceived, designed and delivered to serve the exact needs of your business, not ours. Heard the saying ‘make your assets sweat’? We’re all about that maximising your return on investment!

The Winning Formula Recruitment Effort Timeline

Phase Two Profile Raising Candidate Attraction Roll-out Assign a dedicated Relationship Manager. Broad media dual branded recruitment campaign in conjunction with The Creative Farm & UK Public Relations. Conceive and draft PR pieces with headline catching shoot for business/education/career desk editors. DM mail out/leaflet drop to all existing Relay Recruitment candidates falling within agreed scope. E-shot and referral scheme. Branded SMS campaign using Textmarketer - browser based SMS management. Covert DM campaign modelled on ‘Shape of Things to Come’ concept presenting hiring organisation as radical progressive player. Quantify opportunities for specific target groups, select post 16, returners, reskilling and other candidate groups falling outside traditional scope.



Oh there have been tears along the way!

Look, we’re not offering a panacea – we do live in the real world because we know that when it comes to people, anything can and invariably does happen. Sometimes that’s just life! That’s why we legislate for the risk and the unknown through reliable and robust processes and contingencies such as 3 employer/5 year referencing, competency based interviewing and testing, aggressive candidate profiling, daily confirmed stand by lists, 24/7/365 hour cover and commitment and conviction testing. At the end of the day, when instructing your agency partner, what you’re investing in is a reliable and uninterrupted supply of high calibre, capable and productive workers. Otherwise, it will end in tears!


The Winning Formula Recruitment Effort Timeline

Phase Three Selection Implementation and Intake Career tours to target intake groups, opportunity for key Host Company personnel to foster initial relationships. Dedicated online information zone with links to Host Company homepage, FAQs, virtual tour, welcome pack, career route map, case studies, career coaching for Host Company, testing and registration. Group Assessment Centres: ‘The Host Company’ story, culture fit, interview coaching, agreeing objective selection criteria. Structured inductions tailored by group/type. Target intake to drive up numbers. Summarised pre-formatted candidate profiles with accompanying recommendations (deployment, skill set etc). Section 8 Worker Registration Scheme compliance, Employment Agencies Act, European Agency Directive, GLA/TLWG and CRB.


True grit, passion, determination, highs, lows, laughter, blood, sweat, tears plus plenty of awards along the way and we’ve only just begun!


The Winning Formula Recruitment Effort Timeline

Phase Four Post Placement Analysis ‘Warm down’ after first day of assignment, followed by formal 1-2-1 de-brief at the end of week one. Wholesale worker attitude survey designed to score findings (i.e. below trigger score generally leave - score above stay). Race to 100% effectiveness appraisal. Outcomes reported by individual, department or by workforce. Frequent/regular relationship managers report on agreed target aims, review/revise objectives.


The Best People + The Best Performa = The Best Profit It almost goes without saying (but we will!); that there is an indisputable correlation between those businesses that can offer the best employee experience whilst enjoying the benefit of being or indeed, perceived to be; a ‘choice employer’ - and their ability to attract and retain the best available talent.

The Essential Vitality Curve

Top 20% 22

The Vital 70%


It equally follows that talented, productive, high contribution/low maintenance people are what any business absolutely must have, if it is serious about performance. We are in no doubt about what we exist to do on behalf of our clients; and this is to provide the methodologies, energy, know-how, insight and capability to better position them to compete for the individuals, teams and ultimately workforce that can deliver strategic, tactical and operational advantage regardless of marketplace or economic conditions. It was once said (pejoratively!) that we ‘seemed to be cherry picking candidates’. So very, very true! When making choices on behalf of our clients; beyond the standard experience, competencies and qualification considerations, we believe that there are many subjective, yet crucial factors to be added to the mix. A candidates’ personal values, beliefs, principles, standards, commitment, ambition, drive and energy are what ultimately makes the difference between an average, good and outstanding individual. Let’s face it – robust and uncompromising selection is exactly what should be at the heart of any agency worth its salt. We have set out the journey in our Company Timeline and have attempted to plot significant milestones along the way. These and other events and experiences have, without doubt, helped evolve and shape who we are, what we offer and how we achieve the results we do. We are grateful to the many clients and professional associations that have collaborated with us to innovate, fine tune and develop a proposition that has been endorsed and championed by some of the UK’s leading businesses, individual movers & shakers and industry regulators.

Bottom 10%

We are confident that we are equally able to bring to bear the benefits of the knowledge, know-how, technique, insight, processes, mindset and RESULTS acquired during this journey. We believe that we can help you see the wood for the trees and add some real value to you, your business and your customers with a formula, attitude and approach that has delivered outstanding results since 1996.


Added Value as Standard Relay Recruitment has evolved its services over the years to become recognised as an accomplished and highly reputable provider of Recruitment Outsourced Services. Clients including; Metal Box, Airedale Air Conditioning, NG Bailey, Borg Warner, Monsoon/Accessorize, Gamestation, Clipper Logistics Group, Shepherd Engineering Services, Princes Foods, Microsoft, Sheffield Forge Masters, and others have benefited from:


Complete Greenfield recruitment projects

Profile raising PR & media to support recruitment campaigns

Master and Neutral Vending (coordinated supply of up to 500 staff though a selected panel of preferred agencies – undertaking all pre-supply Due Diligence and centralising all T&A, payroll, performance management and reporting, Best Practice and compliance)

Built and hosted dedicated recruitment website

Redeployed staff through Labour Share Scheme during downturn

Project managed 80 workers through NVQ Level 2 in pipefitting and gas fitting and secured Enhancement fund support through Train to Gain

Centralised and managed multi-site/multi-supply arrangements

Redundancy Consultancy and in-house Jobshop

Salary benchmarking

Depending on volumes and required service levels; we can offer a range of options – all of which exist to relieve Host Company of any time consuming distractions; whilst ensuring that there is no compromise to supply, the communication surrounding supply, performance management, Safety and Duty of Care and the maintenance of streamlined and accurate administration of the contract. In any scenario and consistent with the ownership and accountability that goes hand in hand with an Owner Managed recruiter – one of the four principles of the business will assume the role of Relationship Manager for Host Company and will become your central point of contact.


Determined to be better We are about people not pinstripes individuals not ‘human capital’



Permanent, Interim and Temporary Recruitment Specialists


Specialists in Dedicated and Integrated On-Site Managed Services


Master and Neutral Vending Project Management


Recruitment Projects and Change Management


Recruitment and Retention Strategies


Manufacturing Commercial Engineering & Technical Logistics & Supply Chain Communities, Social & Healthcare

Offices throughout Yorkshire

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