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Irb Racing 2014 A suprise visit

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The Guide to IRB Racing Round One - Dromana Bay LSC

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A suprise visit On the 27th of April, round one of racing 2014, we had a suprise visitor who appeared mid race in the middle of racing zone. As soon as he was spotted the first race was halted, to give this precious creature a chance to settle in place. Reserving his view on the left of the course, he spent the day suntanning and watching the racing.


Brighton 2014 Brighton Life saving club IRB team are back this season for an exciting winter. With 24 patients, crews, drivers, team managers and officials, this season they are expected to make some big waves. Already being amoungst the contraversy after winning the rerun of the relay by coming in second, to Williamstown LSC who got disqualified for tripping twice, then being pushed back to second place after Williamstown LSC somehow disputed tripping, blaming it in a pothole in the sand. An outrageous call that causes some deep questioning, but as Brighton are the team they are, they accepted the call and started prepared for round 2 at Point Leo.

The New Safety Requirementy As of 1st October 2013, all patients have to wear a SLSA approved Helmet as stated in circular 069:09:13. Helmets are to be approved by and meet the ‘European Standard EN 1385 (2012): Helmets for canoeing and white water sports’, and officials must be able to visually see the sticker code 1385. This brought up problems for many teams, who either had helmets without the sticker, but had been used in previous years (inverloch, portland) or clubs that had to intially wear their club caps over the top to fit visual standards.

The guide to Irb Racing Irb racing is no easy sport. Its hard, fast paced, loud, dangerous, but exciting and fullfilling. It is held in various countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, and France. In Victoria, races are carried out in a knock out format. For each event there are heats, quater finals, semi’s and finals. There are different types of races, run both in male and female heats. Rescue Tube – Driver and crewperson approach a turning buoy, at which point the crewperson enters the water with a rescue tube attaches and swims towards the patient located at another buoy. After securing the patient with the tube, the crewperson tows the patient back to the IRB. Once the patient and crewperson are back in the IRB, the driver heads back to shore to finish. Mass Rescue – Driver and crewperson approach two patients in the water, picking up one and returning to shore. The patient exits the boat and the driver rounds a turning point on the beach while the crewperson turns the IRB. The driver restarts the IRB and again proceeds to collect the second patient. The IRB then returns to shore to finish. Teams – Driver and crewperson approach two patients in the water, picking up one and returning to shore. The patient and driver exit the boat while the crewperson turns the IRB. A second crewperson makes their way to assist turning the IRB, while the first driver tags the second driver. The second crew makes their way out to rescue the second patient and return to shore to finish. Surf Rescue – This is the simplest discipline, with the driver and crew heading out to collect a single patient then returning to shore as quickly as possibl Relay - a combination of all the above races. Not only is the competition a great reason to participate, so is the friendships you make and people you meet make it all worthwile. Racing with people from around VIctoria, from every corner to participate in a sport that they are all passionate about makes the days, weekends and trips away worth it.


Carnival Dates

4 May 2014 IRB Premiership Carnival Round #2 Point Leo SLSC 9am 25 May 2014 IRB Premiership Carnival Round #3 Ocean Grove SLSC 9am 22 June 2014 IRB Premiership Carnival Round #4 Mordialloc LSC 9am 5 & 6 July 2014 TRE Victorian IRB Championships BH/13th Beach SLSC 9am


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