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Illustration Samples: Selections from client commissions and ongoing projects

C. Casey Gardiner (248) 943-2789

PROCESS Here follows a number of illustrative techniques I use for various applications in a mythmaking process.

Contents include: Pencil Sketches Inked Illustrations Color Illustrations Storyboarding Samples and Sumi-e Illustrations






(a Japanese soot-ink medium which lends itself well to spontaneity and contemplation)

C. Casey Gardiner Illustrator and Cartoonist 48226 (248) 943-2789 SKILLS: Traditional rendering and painting techniques including watercolor, inking and sumi-e Software knowledge: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark , MS Office Commercial and Cinematic Storyboarding Comic Artist, Cartoonist and Caricaturist Typographic Design and Layout Screen Printing Techniques Digital and SLR Camera skills and digital restoration of images EDUCATION: Macomb College – June, 2008 to Present Media and Communication Arts Major with Concentration in Art for Advertising, Course-work including advertising art, typography and spatial development, digital layout and design courses. Oakland Community College – Associates Degree in General Studies - June, 2006 Concentration in Graphic Arts

● Originating artist for Paul Peterson's daily strip, Walking Across America ● Illustrations for Tamarack Song's upcoming poetry book, Song of Trusting the Heart ● Over 90 watercolor illustrations for a children's adventure story, A Wox in the Wildwood ● Creature designs for Ted Dee's roleplaying game universe, Parodie ● Originating artist and character designer for Seth LaPierre's story-book series and puppetry show, Larry the Liger ● Storyboard artist and set designer for Telugu full-length suspense film, Silence ASPIRATIONS: I'm certain I was born to do a number of things and one of them is to tell stories. Graphic novels, children's literature, animation and cinematography make up our modern mythology and I've always wanted to be a part of each one of them. In my never-ending quest to become an exceptional artist, I'll continue studying graphic art and later on, fine art, as time and circumstances will allow. Eventually, I hope my art becomes associated with epic and memorable works.

PAST PROJECTS INCLUDE: ● Storyboard artist for Mill Creek Films' upcoming independent feature, Outbreak

I wholeheartedly want to be one of the people that brings rare and imaginative stories to the public.



-C. Casey Gardiner (248) 943 – 2789

C. Casey Gardiner - Illustration Samples  
C. Casey Gardiner - Illustration Samples  

Selections from commissions and ongoing projects. Media includes sktetches, inks, watercolor illustrations, some storyboard work, and a shor...