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in North Norfolk.

Available at All the Best Places Between North Walsham, Mundesley, Sheringham & Aylsham. ALSO available on the Web


Community Rallies Round On or about 23rd December 2011, 56 young (6ft) trees were callously and deliberately chopped down (with garden ‘loppers’) on Weybourne Community Field. The trees were donated to the village by Neil and Steffi Askew and were their only wedding gifts from friends and family. All the trees were lovingly planted and nurtured by Neil, his son and his daughter in the spring of 2011 and were to be a lasting memorial of their 2010 wedding. The trees were planted around the perimeter of the 10 acre field and would, in time, have provided a wind break and hedging for the somewhat exposed area. A wide variety of species was planted and would, eventually, have made for a beautiful sight and a fitting memory of their wedding day, also held on this same field. This is all now ruined, thanks to some heartless, selfish and criminal

person(s) who obviously did not want them there. Their motives beggar belief. The Askews are heartbroken. Ctd on page 4

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Tommy Cooper One-Liners from Ingrid I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any. I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 quid that he couldn't reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, 'No, the steaks are too high.' My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in. Two elephants walk off a cliff...boom, boom! So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me 'Can you give me a lift?' I said 'Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it.’ You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice. A man walked into the doctors, he said, 'I've hurt my arm in several places'. The doctor said, 'Well don't go there anymore'

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HANDY NUMBERS Benefits Agency.................01603 248 248 C.A.B.................................08444 111444 (Holt)..................................01263 713 849 (Nth Walsham)...................01692 402 570 Coast Guard......................01493 851 338 Council (County)................01603 222 222 (District)...............01263 513 811 Aylsham High School.........01263 733 270 Cromer High School...........01263 511 433 Sheringham High School........01263 822 363 Cromer Sports Centre........01263 515 669 Doctors: Aldborough........................01263 768 602 Aylsham.............................01263 733 331 Cromer...............................01263 513 148 Mundesley.........................01263 724 500 Sheringham.......................01263 822 066 N.H.S DIRECT...................08 45 46 47 Hospital (Cromer)................01263 513 571 Job Centre (Cromer).............01263 543 400 Libraries: Aylsham.............................01263 732 320 Cromer...............................01263 512 850 Mundesley.........................01263 720 702 Sheringham.......................01263 822 874 Opticians............................0781 043 7051 R.S.P.C.A..........................0870 555 5999 Tourist Info.........................0871 200 3071 Mundesley Visitor Centre............01263 721 070 Travel Enquiries.................0870 608 2608 National Express................0870 580 8080 Rail Enquiries.....................0845 748 4950 Veterinary Surgeon............01263 822 293 Victim Support...................01493 330 600 POLICE.............................0845 456 4567

* Cromer Police Station Staffed Mon 8am - 3.30pm, Tues & Weds 8am - 4pm*

ON THE MOVE!! Yes, Poppyland Area Partnership is on the move. With a great deal of regret Poppyland is leaving Merchants’ Place, which has been its home since its inception (l-r Paul, Catherine and Mark) six years ago. With it will be going the Credit Union (Community the Town Council determining that Bank), the Cromer and Sheringham North Lodge become more of a hub COAST Arts Festival, the Poppyland for community use. We have been minibus and all the other Poppyland able to lease a suite of three offices Services, including of course, on the ground floor, overlooking the CRABLINE. park, and still be only a few moments We developed Merchants’ Place Community Resource and Learning Centre during the Community phase of Cromer Regeneration as a hub for all kinds of community led activity. It won a National award from Action for Market Towns for the best project in the country after its first year of operation in 2007. And since then both its use and its reputation has grown – to such an extent that with the expansion of Poppyland’s activities to take on Crabline, there is just not the office space in the building to allow us to run and manage a community paper in a professional and businesslike manner along with everything else. I personally am sad since the development and operation of Merchants’ Place has been part of my life for more than 10 years.

from Merchants’ Place and its resources, and from the centre of town.

So, as of the end of March, that is where we will be based – so wish us luck in our new home, and keep the stories, news and letters coming – not to mention bookings for the minibus, visits to the community bank and ideas for projects and funding. CP

However, in this particular case there is a real silver lining! Poppyland’s urgent need for space coincided with

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Ctd from page 1

Little Joe and Ava are upset and confused! The Police made house to house enquiries immediately afterwards and reported at a recent Parish Council meeting that

or any suspicions about the perpetrator(s), please call the Police on 0845-456-4567 or 101 and ask for the Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team. Alternatively, report matters anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111 or report online at The culprit(s) have bought shame upon our community and must be caught and punished. Please help if you can. Thank you. On a happier note, it has been decided to replace the trees as soon as possible. Fund raising events will be held in Weybourne for this purpose, with a Horse Race

they were pretty sure that they knew who was responsible but had insufficient evidence to prove it. If any reader has any information about this act of criminal damage

Night on 7th April at the Ship Inn public house and possibly other events, until the £560 target is reached. Those wishing to help can make a donation at Weybourne Village Stores or at The Ship Inn. Alternatively, please post cheques to Janice Taylor (WCF Hon. Sec), Shalom, Station Rd, Weybourne NR25 7HQ and make payable to “Weybourne Community Fund”. Thank you. Keith Morley Weybourne Community Fund

Care Workers Required Be rewarded every day. Care UK is looking for dedicated Care Workers to offer support to people in their own homes in the following areas: Cromer, East Runton, West Runton, Overstrand, Southrepps, Northrepps, Mundesley, Roughton and Trimingham. No experience necessary however own transport essential. In return we offer: ▪ Competitive hourly rates and mileage allowance ▪ Full training to NVQ level. ▪ Flexible hours to suit your needs and paid holidays

Please apply online at or call our dedicated recruitment team on 0333 999 2563 All appointments are subject to full enhanced disclosure. Care UK is an equal opportunity employer.

A man goes to a psychiatrist. "Doctor, I keep having these alternating recurring dreams. First I'm a teepee; then I'm a wigwam; then I'm a teepee; then I'm a wigwam. It's driving me crazy. What's wrong with me?" The doctor replies: "It's very simple. You're two tents."

All material is strictly copyright. Views expressed in the Crabline are not necessarily those of the publisher or editor. Material, including letters, may be edited. Published by Crabline Papers. Origination by Paul Powell. Printed by Warners plc

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Dear Readers. I would like to draw your attention to the increasing number of stray and unclaimed cats that are turning up in this area. With Spring upon us, unneutered toms will wander far afield in search of un-spayed females. They can become lost and injured and a problem to other people. Please have your animals spayed and neutered and if possible microchipped. Neutering can be done from the age of 6 months and will prevent the birth of unwanted litters. There are just not enough good homes to go round and there are no medical benefits in letting your animal have even one litter. There is financial help if you cannot afford the vet fees. Ask your local vet for details, they will always be pleased to advise. Also please, please pick up your dog poo and dispose of it properly. This is also on the increase with some pet owners leaving the mess or picking it up in poo bags and then leaving the bags in hedges or up in trees. How inconsiderate. Dogs get the blame and it is not their fault. Let us all be responsible for the welfare of our animals. It is up to us to take good care of them.

Dear Crabline

Dear Editor

News about Sheringham Carnival

Janet Munro pointed out in your last issue that we are no longer allowed plastic bags when shopping. May I mention that some of us have been taking the old bag shopping for years.

Our first major event will be the Carnival Queen Selection Dance to be held at the Tyneside Club with band and buffet on 13th April 2012. We are looking for a Queen (cash prize of ÂŁ150) and two Attendants (cash prize of ÂŁ100 each) but they must live within three miles of St Peters Church in Sheringham and must be available for Carnival week which runs from 28th July to 5th August and also Cromer Carnival Parade on 15th August and Raft Race Day on 19th August.

Back in the days when the old bag was younger, nobody seemed to mind. But over the years the old bag started to look tired and worn so was left at home. Particularly when the supermarkets stared forcing new shiny virgin plastic bags on us at every opportunity. How could a man resist?

More details can be obtained from the website and they can download an entry form from there or pick up an entry form at The Lobster, The Crown, The Windham Arms or The Tyneside Club.

Then the tide turned and the goodies inferred that every plastic bag killed a dolphin so, horror of horrors, we were no longer to have sinful fresh ones forced on. In fact we would now have to pay and were scolded for even thinking of taking one home.

In addition, we are also trying to track down previous carnival queens and attendants; we have a list of queens dating back to 1962 and have managed to track down a good 20 of them who are all very excited about coming along to the selection dance to give support to the new entrants. They will also take part in the parade this year.

This is when I started taking the old bag shopping again. However, age has caught up and the old bag is a sad sight now with a few wrinkles and creases in the most unexpected places plus a sagging bottom which nearly touches the floor. Yet we still enjoy our shopping trips together, often returning home with the old bag happily full of cheap cooking sherry.

If anyone knows of any previous Sheringham Carnival Queens or Attendants could they please ring me (Paula Popham) on 01263 823546.

Nigel Holmes

Thank you

Ctd on page 7

Christine Parmenter

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close to several attractions and eating facilities.


This is a fun day out and the NNCVC event is open to anyone who has an older or interesting vehicle so there is no need to be a club member. (Strictly no modern Hatchbacks, Mondeos, Vauxhalls etc).

North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club are as usual staging a major run to celebrate "Drive It Day" on Sunday April 22nd. This annual event, which

approximately 40 miles on both routes. At Hunstanton cars will assemble in a large car park

Anyone interested in joining the run should contact Geoff Jones (Chairman): email: Tel: 01263 860676

is becoming bigger across the country year by year, is held to celebrate the ownership and use of cars from past eras. The classic car movement as it is known, now contributes some ÂŁ4.3 billion to the economy and is therefore of considerable significance. This year NNCVC are once again starting from the main car park by the Station in Sheringham, and using two quiet cross country routes will finish in Hunstanton. Run distance is

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Dear Crabline May we say a big thankyou to all who supported our Snowdrop Sundays at Thorpe Market Church. A total of £1035 was raised. Our first Sunday had to be called off due to the icy conditions. An extra Sunday was added on 4th March, bad weather kept people away, but a hardy few still supported us. Thank you to all who helped, be it in the kitchen, playing the music, or making cakes. From all of Thorpe Market Church PCC Dear Crabline Please may I make a suggestion for future articles. The one regarding 'Shrieking Pits' was extremely difficult to read. It was white print over a picture, not very clear at all. Please can it be done differently in future editions. Many thanks Hazel Patrickson Hazel We’ve reprinted the Shrieking story in this issue (without the confusing background) Ed.

A group of young children were sitting in a circle with their teacher. She was going around in turn asking them all questions. "Davy, what noise does a cow make? " "It goes moo. " "Alice, what noise does a cat make? " "It goes meow. " "Jamie, what sound does a lamb make? " "It goes baaa. " "Jennifer, what sound does a mouse make? " "Errr.., it goes.. click!"

Office ‘Hot Desk’ Facilities Available in Cromer Merchants’ Place has desk space available for hire. All desks include on-site access to… v WiFi v Pc or lap-top with back-up I.T. support v Reception service (9am-5pm, 5 days/week) v Virtual business address service v Telephone

v Fax v Quality printing, copying & scanning facilities v Special rates for room hire at the Centre If you would like all the advantages of a professional office facility without all the costs associated with setting up an office, please give us a call. We can discuss your individual requirements and provide a bespoke package that meets your needs. Existing clients include; Voluntary Norfolk, North Norfolk Business Forum, Learning for Everyone, Poppyland Local Area Partnership

Merchants’ Place is run by Cromer Past Present Future Ltd, a non-profit making organisation, providing facilities and services to the people of North Norfolk. Cromer Past Present Future Ltd Merchants’ Place Tel: 01263 519454 16 Church Street CROMER Norfolk NR27 9ES Fax: 01263 510708 Email: Web:

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Go Farther for Gofather There has long been a tradition in our local fishing towns of folks being named according to personal attributes or past experiences. When Robert Pegg went fishing with his father, he would often demand that they should "go farther". Although it probably meant little to him at the time, the 'Gofather' nickname would stay with him for the rest of his life. Gofather Pegg became a tourism entrepreneur in Sheringham before the term had been invented. He was responsible for some of the sights we take so much for granted nowadays.

take pride of place on the seafront alongside four 3 dimensional plaques depicting events and scenes from

Mitchell House can be contacted by email: or by telephone: 01263 577448.

He set about building early beach huts (starting with tepee style then adapting the design to the more familiar sentry-box shape), he rented deck chairs and he would always

PP Sheringham's history as a seaside fishing town. The model of Gofather Pegg and several illustrations which might be

have a bag of sweets in his pocket for visiting children. But he was also instrumental in increasing the bore of the main sewer pipe on the understanding that people would flock to the North Norfolk town - he was quite correct. The Upcher Community Partnership in the town is currently planning a permanent reminder of Gofather's influence in the town and has enlisted the help of Baconsthorpe artist, Mitchell House, to produce a full size statue of this local hero which will

used to help design the plaques are on display in the Upcher Shop in Station Road, Sheringham. Why not pop in and have a look? Janet Farrow, the Upcher Community Partnership's coordinator and Mitchell House would love to hear your comments on the statue and the proposed plaques. Let's get Gofather Pegg the recognition he deserves!

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 8

Norfolk Lore [We’re repeating this story following concerns that the previous version in issue number 239 was a little difficult to read.]

Shrieking Pits Perhaps the best known Shrieking Pit in the district is at Hungry Hill, between Northrepps and Sidestrand; it is claimed that a horse and cart were lost completely in the deep, dark water that fills it. However the pit gains its name from the last tormented sounds of a young woman who lost her mind and threw herself into its waters. Esmeralda was the beautiful eighteen year old daughter of a farm worker who lived in Craft Lane, she became a house maid at Shrublands, the farm at the end of Craft Lane. Her tall graceful presence, long brown hair, sparkling brown eyes and attractive, even features were noticed by many young men in the area. Unfortunately Esmeralda was drawn to a shifty, worthless and married young farmer from Roughton who encouraged her. Seeing the developing problems the landowner of the farm in Roughton and the rector persuaded the young farmer, by threatening to restrict his livelihood, to end the elicit affair. Initially Esmeralda appeared to accept the situation but as this lost love played on her mind her behaviour became more eccentric.

She began wandering the district at night and regularly walked from Craft Lane to Sandy Lane to Hungry Hill and then returned home. On a cold, moonlight February night in 1784 Esmeralda was following her usual route and in a particularly distressed state. She stopped at the pit and having stared into the black waters for a while, momentarily took leave of her senses and threw herself in. Only when the icy chill of the water shocked her mind back to reality did she realise her danger, but it was too late. Her first scream woke dogs and disturbed those asleep in their beds; the second shriek confirmed something awful was happening and with a shortened third shriek Esmeralda disappeared below the surface. A few miles away at Aylmerton, close to Roman Camp, there are a number of shallow depressions which are the remains of iron-working pits. A record dated 1870 describes them as being known locally as the shrieking pits and that ‘loud shrieking is sometimes heard proceeding from them; and a white

figure may be sometimes seen gazing into the pits and wringing its hands’. Other records describe a similar phenomenon at pits near Weybourne but in this case the shrieking woman moves from pit to pit looking hard into them. There is no explanation why the Shrieking Woman behaves as she does and a number of tales have developed; she is seeking the body of a child buried there is the most frequent. Clearly shrieking pits are firmly established legends in this area; perhaps they are no more than the sound of a vixen calling. But there is no doubt, even during the brightest warmest day, the Shrieking Pit at Hungry Hill is always a cool, slightly mysterious place. The anniversary of Esmeralda’s disappearance was at midnight on 24 February. Did you hear anything? MD-H

Tai Chi is for all ages and all levels of fitness. So, if you would like to improve your fitness and reduce your stress levels please call Geoff at Merchants` Place 01263 519454 to join our friendly class. We also host language classes including French, Italian, German and Spanish, beginners and improvers classes, we are hoping to resume classes in the summer, to add your name to the waiting lists please call Merchants` Place 01263 519454 or visit our website FREE courses offered by Adult Education q Work with Parents Level 2, 9 week course starting 7th March 12:30 - 3:00 pm q Support Work in Schools Level 2, 13 week

Courses offered at Merchants’ Place Our very popular Tai Chi course is starting on Wednesday


March, 6 – 7pm.

This is a 5 week introduction course covering the history, health benefits and exercises.

course starting 9th March 12:30 - 3:00 pm q Caring for Children Level 1, 10 week course starting 17th April 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

q Get by in Spanish, 5 week course starting 18th April 9:45 am – 12:00 noon

For the above courses contact: Adult Education 0344 800 8002

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Trust). James is a Making Music Young Artist Award Winner for 2011. All concerts are held at Templewood on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

Cromer Music Evenings Sunday 29 April 2012 James Sherlock — piano Winner of the 2010 Royal Overseas League Piano Competition James is an active recitalist and chamber musician, and has given recitals at the Edinburgh Fringe, Leeds

International, and St. Martin in the Fields festivals, to name but a few. Upon graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge, he was a winner of BBC Fame Academy — The Next Generation (now BBC Performing Arts

Please put your paws together...

children and adults with physical disabilities, and families with a child with autism.

The North Norfolk Supporter Group for the charity Dogs for the Disabled, which is run by local people, raised £1,271.24 during 2011.

The group raised this money by organising collections at supermarkets. Dogs for the Disabled is a pioneering charity that trains assistance dogs for

Through practical tasks our dogs offer freedom and independence, but in addition an assistance dog becomes a reason to go out, giving a new found confidence that opens doors to fresh opportunities including friendships, hobbies, education and even careers. The partnerships we create between people with disabilities and dogs are life-changing.

Admission Charges Members: £6 Non-members: £10 Students & children: £3 COAST concert Non-members: £9 We are always looking to increase our membership, which costs only £10 per annum. For more information, please contact the Secretary, Sue Riggott on 01263 578152 Stephanie Lawless, Community Fundraising Manager for Dogs for the Disabled said “We would like to thank all members of the North Norfolk Support Group, not only for raising such a wonderful amount of money but also for constantly raising awareness of Dogs for the Disabled within local area.” If you would be interested in getting involved, or would simply like to hear more about what the group get up to, then please feel free to get in touch by emailing

All members of the group would like to thank all the local people and businesses who have contributed to this success, whether by making a donation, attending an event or by volunteering their time to help the group.

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 10

FUNDRAISERS IN CROMER ENJOY CAKE IN THE CLOUDS Fun-loving fundraisers took a ‘hightea’ quite literally today by enjoying cake and tea at the top of Cromer Church Tower – the tallest church tower in the county standing at 120ft high.

there’s currently no cure and few effective treatments available. Holly Lambert from the MS Society said: “Cake Break is a fun way to raise vital funds for the MS Society. Although the official date is Friday 4 May it can ultimately happen any time- that’s the glory of it. “It’s so exciting to see people taking Cake Break to new heights, quite literally. If you want to get involved

v The Wheel of York v Victoria Tower in Wolverhampton v Garth Mountain in Cardiff v Victoria Square Dome, Belfast Request a host pack bursting with top tips and recipe ideas now at For more information on the North Norfolk branch, please contact 01263 578148.

Cake-crazy Gill Baker, and daughter Eve, decided to enjoy a classic hightea at a great height in order to raise awareness of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society’s annual fundraising event, Cake Break. Cake Break is a deliciously easy way to fundraise for the MS Society- the UK’s largest charity dedicated to supporting people affected by the neurological condition. Gill and Eve are long time supporters of the MS Society as Gill’s sister, Wendy, as well as other family members and friends, have MS. Cake Break, sponsored by Wright’s Baking, is taking place on Friday 4 May, in MS Week (30 April-6 May). Gill from Sheringham said: “I’m so glad we decided to climb Cromer Church Tower – the view was amazing. We wanted to prove that fundraising can be fun because that’s exactly what Cake Break is. “We have some great local services such as the Meadow House Nursing Home in Swaffham where my sister Wendy is cared for, but we need more to make sure everyone gets the support they deserve. Getting involved in Cake Break will really make a difference to the lives of people living with MS in Norfolk and across the UK.” An estimated 100,000 people are living with MS in the UK however

in the fun order a host pack today and get baking to beat MS.” Other eager fundraisers across the country have organised their own high tea to raise awareness of Cake Break at locations including: v Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

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Hello again from Sheringham! I expect many people are worrying about the arrival of heating bills at this time of year, especially with prices rising. Are you aware that there is a scheme run by many energy suppliers which could help you with those bills? It’s called the Warm House discount scheme and could give you £120.00 rebate on a winter bill. There are conditions attached so please call us for further information. All applications have to be made by the 28th March 2012. As well as this you are welcome to call us at any time if you are unsure about any financial help you may be entitled to. We are available weekdays between 9am and 4pm. On a different note, does anyone have a little time to spare to help out as part of our Information and Advice team. Training is available via Age UK.

Please contact me if you are interested.

these pieces into anything resembling a rooster.”

Sally Martin, Information and Advice manager, Age UK North Norfolk. 01263 823126.

He takes her hands and says, “Secondly, I wantyou to relax. Let’s have a nice cup of tea and then,” he said with a deep sigh.................“Let’s put all the corn flakes back in the box.”

Age UK North Norfolk light humour A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbour and says “Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figure out how to get started.”Her neighbour asks, “What’s is it supposed to be when it’s finished?”The little silver haired lady says, “According to the picture on the box, it’s a rooster.”Her neighbour decides to go over and help her. She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table. He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says, “First of all, no matter what we do, we’re not going to be able to assemble

Always Brilliant

Paul can be held responsible for the opening film in the show where numerous locals are shown running around the village holding the Olympic torch looking like a complete bunch of idiots.

Having reported on both the dress rehearsals and the shows the Mundesley Panto has always been a delight to review. Since retiring from running the Crab Line I have been signed up in the last few weeks to take part in this year’s show Goldilocks, The Blond, The Bears & The Bees. The week of Feb 14th to 18th involved a great deal of good healthy fun under the direction of Tracey Loftus.

The whole cast are such a great team, and with the exception of myself, are so on the ball and a delight to work alongside. I had no idea just how much work is involved in pulling a show off and achieving such a success that it is and has been for now many years. One can not mention everyone by name, but I would like to say that Paul Reynolds is always a true Star. with Neil Ellson as Ray.

Despite not displaying, what I have always claimed to be the best legs in Mundesley as lead boy, Tracey’s talents as the Producer are without doubt marvellous. It is a bit of a family affair, as Tracey’s mum, husband and Son (Anthony) who is cast as Tomtom (Goldilock’s beau) are also in the show.

Mini bus Drivers Wanted We are looking for volunteers that are experienced mini bus drivers to help us transport people with learning disabilities to a range of venues and activities. Programmes vary each week and will include weekend day-trips, community pickups and evening social events. Good sense of humour and patience essential! If you think you can spare a few hours or would like further details please get in touch. Tel: 01263 515230 email:

Whether as the Producer, Dame or as a taxi driver for Elite Taxis, Paul is a complete star in the community that is Mundesley.

I hope that despite getting in the way and making the tea, Tracey will promote me a little into next year’s show. Talking to several good people after the show on Saturday the 18th I was assured that everyone enjoyed the show almost as much as the cast and supporters did and the Mundesley Lifeboat did well from one of its fund raising events this year. By the way the party, after the last show was a wonderful event as well which involved numerous silly awards being handed out.

Philip Keddell The editor would like to thank Philip for this and Paul Damen for the photos

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 12

Phil Harris said: “The Cromer Mile is set to be an amazing event. It’s fantastic that so many people of Cromer are gathering together to show their support for Sport Relief 2012. But we want this to be the best Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile yet – so raise your game, enter the Cromer Mile today and join the rest of the nation to raise plenty of cash for an incredible cause!”

It’s the final countdown! Sport Relief set to hit Cromer The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile in Cromer is just a few days away and Sunday 25th March is set to be an unforgettable day. Loads of local people have already signed up, but there’s still time to bag your place! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something amazing – enter the Mile at Setting off from Cromer Pier at 9:30 and 10:00 am the Cromer Mile will

pass through/ take in the sights of Cromer and is set to be an incredible event. All the money raised by the public will help people living unimaginably tough lives right here on our doorstep, across the rest of the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Mundesley is hosting its own Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile and a rare challenge this will be. Starting at the Church Rooms in Mundesley (opposite the Coronation Hall) the 'mile' starts at 10.30 - meet at 10am on Sunday 25th March.

Enter the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile now at I met with Scott Eastwood (pictured) who as you can see, is ready and eager to take part. Scott is a Cromer

Participants can choose their own distance, from 1, 3 or 6 miles, and can complete it in any way they fancy. From teeny tots with their mums and dads, to super sprinters up against the clock, there’s something for everyone on the big day. Sport Relief has a unique history of dedicated people doing extraordinary things to go the extra mile. Last September, David Walliams started Sport Relief off with an epic splash when he completed the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Walliams vs The Thames. Despite battling a nasty bacterial bug and

bitingly cold water, David swam a staggering 140 miles, and has so far raised over £1million for Sport Relief. And there’ll be even more amazing celebrity challenges to get the whole nation geared up for the Sport Relief Weekend on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March 2012.

From there the Measured Mile is to the Royal Hotel and back passing the Ship Inn and the Manor, and Spar and the Corner Cafe! Those who know Mundesley the route is a bit of a challenge - who said Norfolk was flat! To be involved with the Mundesley Sport Relief Mile which is being run by Sophie Appel of Norfolk Fitness

Town Councillor – and on the staff of Kingswood Centre for young people in Overstrand. We talked about why he is involved with this event. Firstly, he is running to support, boost and promote Sports Relief, a charity of which he has personal experience – and which does fabulous work both nationally and internationally. He also feels strongly that it is also part of his responsibilities as a Town Councillor, not least since the Council, in the shape of Councillor Philip Harris and the Clerk Julie Chance, is organising the Cromer event. Scott has been getting in a bit of training, both running and swimming, since, by his own admission he is not the fittest of men, and reckons that the last time he ran was probably after an ice cream van when he was 10 years old! Even so, he is eager to follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and Usain Bolt earlier this month in Jamaica – though I personally am not totally convinced by the pose pictured. CP contact Sophie on or mobile 0776953 0769 You can sign up for one mile, three miles or six miles or help to marshal the event. Dew yew cum a long an tearke sum photer grafs tergether! Jo

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24th March to 8th April

Sat 24th 02:06 07:26 14:03 19:34

0.83m 4.82m 0.91m 4.99m

Sun 1st 01:15 07:24 13:40 20:28

Apr 2012 3.69m 2.23m 3.81m 1.86m

Sun 25th 02:29 0.88m 07:57 4.79m 14:33 0.94m 20:06 4.88m

Mon 2nd 02:36 09:00 14:52 21:45

3.84m 2.09m 4.02m 1.57m

Mon 26th 02:52 0.98m 08:25 4.72m 15:03 1.03m 20:36 4.72m

Tue 3rd 03:39 10:09 15:46 22:43

4.11m 1.78m 4.32m 1.23m

Tue 27th 03:18 1.12m 08:53 4.59m 15:31 1.18m 21:08 4.52m

Wed 4th 04:27 11:00 16:32 23:33

4.42m 1.44m 4.65m 0.91m

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Thu 5th 05:11 4.71m 11:47 1.13m 17:15 4.96m

Thu 29th 04:19 1.57m 09:56 4.23m 16:42 1.59m 22:32 4.01m Fri 30th 05:00 10:43 17:36 23:40

1.86m 3.99m 1.82m 3.77m

Sat 31st 06:00 2.11m 12:00 3.80m 18:54 1.94m

Fri 6th 00:21 05:53 12:31 17:58

0.65m 4.95m 0.86m 5.22m

Fulmodeston Market Dates: Month April May June July August September October November December

Sat 7th 01:07 06:34 13:15 18:43

0.46m 5.11m 0.66m 5.37m

Sun 8th 01:51 07:16 13:58 19:30

0.37m 5.18m 0.54m 5.41m

Southrepps Farmer’s Market 2nd Sunday in every month 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Southrepps Village Hall, Crown Loke (off High Street) If you know of other, similar markets in the area, please email us at

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 14

Date 21st 19th 16th 14th 18th 15th 20th 17th 22nd

Crabline Snowdrop Competition In issue 237 we announced our Snowdrop Competition. We asked for photographs of the iconic spring flower and were amazed at the quality of entries submitted. As you can imagine, choosing the winner was problematic!

insoluble quandary. Every time we asked someone for their opinion, another would come along and contradict it. Finally we found a group of 3 ladies at the Sticky Earth coffee shop in Church Street and thus a winner was found!

Here at Crabline Towers we approached everyone we knew to help us out with our choices. We were left with a seemingly Winner: Hazel Patrickson of Cromer (right) Runners up: Sue Emerson of North Walsham (above) and Russell Yeomans (left)

Crabline Papers 01263 519454 15

What, when and where? Aylsham Bridge Club 7pm Fri t:768742 Country Market each Friday 8.50-noon Cricket Club indoor Sun 3-5pm all ages & standards t: 510102 Evening WI 7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall. Exercise with Sally Free taster session t: 01603 432487. Extend Over 60’s Exercise Fridays Jubilee Family Centre t: 01692 407851 Farmers Market 9am-1pm 1st & 3rd Sat Market Place F.I.T. group 2nd & 4th Weds pm of month t: 731177 Flower Club 2nd Wed of mth 7.30pm Town Hall Fitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & Thurs Friendship Hall t: 01692 538569 Gym Club Fri 5pm High School t: 576609 Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm Sutton School Of Dance, Mill Row. Monday Stall Parish Church 8.30-noon RBL (Womens) 1st Mon of month Salvation Army Hall t: 734091 N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt. Weds. High School t: Lynne Goddard 01692 402662. Scalextric Club Presto Park Weds 7.15 9.45 pm. t: 01603 754319 Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Pegg’s Yard Yoga Tues 7.30pm Quaker Meeting House Peggs Yard. t: 732426 Cromer Age Concern Fri 10am The Cottage. Aqua Therapy Classes Mon 11-12 Wed 78pm Country Club t: 501914 Air Training Corps. 7pm Mon & Thurs, High School t: 515452 Baptist Church Sun10.45am & 6.30pm Tues Coffee morning 10.30am t: 576524 Bingo 7pm Sunday Football club Bridge Club (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822778 C.A.B. Appointments: t : 01692 405847 Chesterfield Hall Cabbell Rd Mon 10am Parent & Toddlers Sun 11.45am Family Service & Children’s Club Christian Fellowship Sun 10.30am Top of Norwich Road t: 838180 Cromer Chamber Orchestra 7pm Mons. (term time) High school t: 511600 Cromer Forum 1st Tues 7.30pm Methodist Church New Hall t: 515138 Diabetes UK 4th Thurs 7.30pm Cromer Hospital (outpatients) t: 01692 405492 Elderberries Badminton & Short Mat Bowls 3-5pm Mon & Fri. t: 519030 Flower Club 7.30pm 3rd Mon Junior School. t: 513408 Extend exercise for over 60’s Tues 2.30pm , St. Martin’s Church Hall, Mill Rd. t:768159 Folk Dance Club 7.30-9.30pm Tues. Community Hall t: 578224 Garden Society 7.30pm 3rd Thurs Methodist Church Hall t: 511211 Hockey Club Mondays u16s & u13s 6.30pm Adults 7.15pm Sports Centre Korean Martial Arts t: 07765 282981 Lip reading classes Thurs 10 - 12noon Methodist Church Rooms. t: 0344 8008002.

All telephone numbers are 01263 code unless noted otherwise.

Cromer continued N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm Tues Merchants Place. N.N. Mencap Soc. Thurs 1pm Merchants Place. t: 578116 Parkinson’s Disease Soc. 10.30am 2nd Wed of month St John Hall, Bond St. R.E.M.E. 2pm 1st Tues The Cottage, t: 513313 RBL 7.30pm 1st Wed The Cottage Women’s Section 2.30pm 1st Thurs Royal Naval Assoc. 1st Friday 7.45pm (Summer) 12.30pm (Winter) Halsey House. Sea Scouts Overstrand Rd t: 512871 ROAB Wed 8.15pm The Cottage. Singing Group Thurs 10.30am. The Community Centre. t: 570117. Slimming & Support Club Thurs 9.30am St. John’s Hall, t: John Barker 834852 St John Ambulance Adults Tues 7.30pm Cadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall Bond St Sea Scouts Overstrand Rd info t: 512871 Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711824 W.I. 2nd Thurs 2.30 pm,Garden St. Mundesley Bowls Pavilion Bingo: Sun 7.30pm, Whist Drive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721815 Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hall t: 721416 Community Choir Tues 7.30pm Methodist Church t: 01692 404266 Film Club 2nd Tues of month 7.30pm. Coronation Hall Flower Club 2nd Weds of month 2pm Coronation Hall Free Church Sun Services11am, 6.30pm Library Mon:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pm Fri 101pm & 2-6.30pm, Sat 10-1pm t: 720702 Luncheon Club over 60’s & disabled. Mon & Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721984 MADRA t: 07734 689978 Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30am Pebbles Pre-School & Day Care t: 724600 Quiz Night Tues 8.30pm Conservative Club. All welcome RBL 4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722238 RBL Womens section 3rd Weds 1.45pm Coronation Hall t: 721021 Scrabble Club Fridays t: 720659 Tai Chi Weds 10.30am Church Rooms t: 720551 W.I. 2nd Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 834368 North Walsham Animal Magic Dog Club training & fun with your dog. t: Kathy 720730 Bipolar Self Help Group 7pm 3rd Weds Saddlers Shop t: 0854 4349872 Charity Bingo Weds 8pm Community Centre. t: 01692 407214 Chess Club 7.30 Mondays Orchard Garden Pub. All abilities welcome. t: 01692 404649 Extend Over 60’s Exercise Mondays: Methodist Church Hall t: 01692 407851 Hockey Club Under 11s. Fri 5-6pm Sports Centre t: 01692 404624 Lions Club 7.30pm 1st Mon of month. Community Centre. t: 01692 400702 Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Meeting House, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield.

Reading 4 U 3rd Weds 9.45am St. John’s Hall, t: 768164 The Wheel of Light 1st Thurs 7.30pm Orchard Gdns Pub, t: 721484 Weavers Morris Dancers Victory Pool, Beginners welcome t: 512988 Overstrand Coffee Morning, Methodist Church 1st Thursday 10:00 Gardening Club 2.30pm 1st Tues. Parish Hall t: 576437 Carpet Bowls 2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hall t: 833369 Strand Club 2nd Weds 2.30pm Methodist Church t: 578250 W.I. 3rd Wed 7.30pm Parish Hall t: 834242 Sheringham Alcoholics Anonymous Sun 3pm. St Josephs Church Beetle Drive 3rd Tues 7.30 pm. St. Josephs Church Bridge The Morley Duplicate pairs Thurs 7pm Beginners Fri 2pm t: 822087 CAB. YESU,Thurs 10-2pm t: 01692 402570 Chess Club All ages & abilities welcome. t: Geoff 01692 404649 Country Market 1st & 3rd Thurs. St John Hall Evening W.I. 2nd Mon. St. Josephs Church Hall, t: 823889 for info. Fit Together-Tone Together Weds 9-10am, with Wyn Nurse Community Centre, t: 07826 869377 Flower Club 1st Thurs 7.30pm Woodfields School t: 837397 Gingerbread Fri pm Friends Meeting House t: 0785 9364 702 Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pm. Tyneside Club, Station Rd Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon. Age Concern, Cremer St. Free advice. Just William’s Dancing for all Wed 8-11pm Social Club t:720069 mob 07780 83 8733 Ladies Fellowship 7.30pm 2nd Tues Salvation Army. Lip reading classes Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm Health Centre t: 0344 8008002 MS meetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Weds. Robin Hood Pub, t: 823392 Morris Dancing. Oddfellows Hall. Weds 7.30pm t: 837693 N.N. Green Party 7.30pm 1st Friday Burlington Hotel. All welcome. N.Norfolk Model Group 8pm last Fri. St John’s Hall t: 514059 Old Shannocks 2.15pm last Wed Community Rooms. Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Cremer St. R.A.F.A. 4th Tues of month. t: 837229 Saturday Super Sale First Sat 9-11am. Salvation Army Hall, Cremer St. Sheringham Singers ~ Val Crowe Tues 2.30 pm. Friends Meeting Hse, - t: 825149 Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd Thurs. Community Centre. t: 01692 500550 The Runtons Bingo 7.30pm Sun & Mon Bernie’s Social Club E.Runton t: 834965

Philatelic Society 2nd Mon of month 7.30pm W.Runton Church Hall. Probus Club 12.30pm 1st Tues. Links Hotel t: 833366 Rotary Club Weds 6pm except any 5th Weds Dormy House W.Runton, t: 578194 Sequence Dancing Mon 8 - 10.30pm East Runton Village Hall. t: 822360 W. Runton Scouts INFO : t:712288 W.I. 2.15pm 2nd Wed W.Runton Church Hall Trimingham Coffee morning 3rd Weds 10.30am “Pen’s People” Writers Weds 12-2pm t: John Barker on 834852 Poppyland Club (Ladies) 2nd Weds 2.30pm Whist Drive Thurs 1.45pm. Pilgrim Centre. £1.50 per person including refreshments and raffle. Slimming Club : John Barker. t: 07799 060407 Also: Antingham & Southrepps Playgroup t: 834148 Bingo 7.30pm 4th Fri Felbrigg Village Hall Bingo 7.30pm 2nd Fri excl. Aug. St Mary’s School Roughton t: 512996. Bingo 3rd Friday 7.30pm Roughton Village Hall Crazee Kidz Club 7pm. 2nd & 4th Fri. term time. Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs. t:768138 Cromer & Sheringham Brass Rehearse 8pm Thurs Upper Sheringham Village Hall t: 588654 Cromer Air Rifle Club 9am -noon Sun. Near Sheringham. t: 570223 Extend exercise for over 60’s Mon 2.30pm Northrepps Village Hall. t:768159 Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1st Thurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham. t: 761620 / 768004 Gym Club Thurs 5-8pm Northrepps Village Hall t: 576609 Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm. Village Hall t:720908. 1st Tues Women’s Own Methodist Church t: 721439 Norfolk Submariners 1st Wed 12noon Kings Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511758 MS Group Mon 10 - 2pm Southrepps Village Hall t: 823392 Northrepps R.B.L.1st Mon 7.45pm Northrepps Cottage t: 579633 Northrepps Pre-School. Mon-Fri 8.30 – 3.30pm Hot lunches. t: 579396 NN Amateur Radio Group Wed & Thur 10-4 Muckleburgh t: 821936 Nth Norfolk Model Engineering Club 1st Fri 7.30pm High Kelling Social Centre Prize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Fri Gimingham Village Hall Roughton Under 5’s Playgroup. t: 07553 456083 Seniors Swimming Club Mon & Weds am, Fri pm Greshams Swimming Pool, Holt. t: 711123 Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist Drives Tues 2.15pm. Cash or Prize Bingo Fri twice monthly 7.30pm. Bar - Raffle. Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t:01263 720931

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 16

Special Events MARCH

Sunday 25th

Friday 30th

From 2:30 pm Bingo at Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham Contact No Liz 01263 834965

From 2.00pm Knitting Circle or just come along for a chat and a drink at Pilgrim Shelter Trimingham, £1.50 per person, including raffle Contact No Liz 01263 834965

Saturday 24th 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Car Boot/Barn Sale (undercover) Hill House Farm, Lower Bodham, Holt. £5 per pitch. All welcome. Enquiries - 01263 713577

Saturday 24th 10:00 am to mid afternoon LADIES’ DAY in Upper Sheringham. Artichoke Clothing and Accessories. Flower arranging talk/demonstration (morning). Advice about home security (afternoon). Manicures, handmade quality jewellery, raffle. Morning coffee, light lunch, tea and cakes. Tickets £10.00 available in advance from Lin Wright 01263 822312 or Moya Myerscough 01263 588859 or if available at the door. Afternoon only tickets £3.00 at the door from 1:30 pm Proceeds to the Upper Sheringham Flower Festival 1st -3rd September 2012

Sunday 25th 3:00 pm Charity organ concert by Robert Wolfe of Thursford - at Cromer Parish Hall. Tickets £8 from CAS Travel, Cromer. Tel: 01263 513131. Organised by Cromer and Sheringham Rotary Club in aid of local Rotary charities.

Tuesday 27th 10:00 am to12:00 noon Easter Fayre at the Conservative Club in Cromer. Crafts made by adults with learning disabilities within their adult education classes. Handmade gifts, tombola, guess the name of the easter rabbit and much more.

Tuesday 27th 7:30 pm Mundesley Coronation Hall AGM All welcome. (postponed from 20th)

Saturday 24th

Tuesday 27th

10:30 am to 12:00 noon Rowan’s Coffee Morning In aid of Animal Care, Swanton Abbott. Felbrigg Village Hall. Coffee and cake £1. Cakes to buy, raffle etc.

7:30 pm for 8:00 pm Quiz Night at Trimingham House Caravan Park, teams of 4, £1.00 per person Contact No Liz 01263 834965

Wednesday 28th Saturday 24th 12:00 noon – 2:30 pm Soup Lunch With Coffee and Cakes! Langham Parish Room. Admission is free and food will be individually priced. Net proceeds will be for Langham Church General Fund. Everyone is very welcome and we look forward to seeing you. For more details Tel: 01328 830605

Sunday 25th 10:00 to 12:00 noon COFFEE MORNING & 'MARDLE’ Upper Sheringham Village Hall. Save cooking breakfast, try our delicious Bacon Rolls and have a chat to friends and neighbours. Refreshments and cakes will also be available for sale. Proceeds to the Village Hall Maintenance Fund.

Sunday 25th 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Craft Fair at Bacton on Sea Village Hall. Come and see our popular handmade crafts, have a coffee, a bacon roll and a mardle. Free Entry. Enquires Barbara 01692 651236

Sunday 25th 11:00 am to 3:30 pm Spring Fair Itteringham Village Hall. Crafts,gifts,plants, antiques,collectables jewellery etc. Refreshments. Free admission Supporting"About with Friends"

Sunday 25th 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Exhibition at Corpusty Village Hall Local History, Art and Crafts, Photographs - Bygones, Wildlife, Old Airfields etc. Adults £1, children free entry. Light lunches and teas, plant sales, books and a raffle. Proceeds towards the redecoration of the village hall.

From 1:45 pm Cribbage at Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham, £1.50 per person including raffle and refreshments Contact No Liz 01263 834965

Wednesday 28th 7:00 pm

“Music and Royalty” The Cromer Society Recorded Music Section presented by David James at Suffield Park Bowls Club, Station Road, Cromer

Thursday 29th From 7:00 pm East Anglian Air Ambulance Three course dinner with entertainment from the Constantia Brothers and a talk by East Anglian Air Ambulance will be held at The Constantia Cottage Restaurant, East Runton. All profits from this and the raffle will be donated to East Anglian Air Ambulance. Tickets are available from John or Val on 01263 514509 or 07771607097 at £20.00 per head. Please order tickets by March 19th to avoid disappointment.

Thursday 29th, Friday 30th and Saturday 31st 7:30 pm Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten. North Norfolk Chamber Opera will be the first to herald in the Britten centenary celebrations at the Auden Theatre, Holt with its production of Albert Herring. Tickets £12. The Box Office is open Monday to Friday from 12:30 – 2:00 pm. Please ring 01263 713444 or email for tickets and information.

Friday 30th 7:30 to 9:00 pm Prize and Cash Bingo at Weybourne Village Hall on Friday 30th March - doors open 7pm - including roll-over jackpot, lucky draw, raffle - refreshments available - no entry charge - children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All profits to the Harry Dawson Playing-field Fund, Weybourne for the benefit of local families and visitors. Come and join in the fun - call Jon Rowling 588660 for further information.

Saturday 31st 10:00 am Fundraising Event at Mundesley Church Rooms for The Brittle Bone Society. Gift stalls,cakes,books and much more. Fun for the children too. Raffle, all proceeds to the charity. Come along and support us. Debbie Hull 01263 722454.

Saturday 31st 10:00 am to 3:30 pm Cromer Garden Society Open Show in the Parish Hall. Free entry. Anyone is able to enter the classes with entries being received on Friday 30th March 3 to 6.30 pm. Judging commences at 7:00 pm. Schedules and entry forms available - tel: 01263 511211.

APRIL Sunday 1st 9:00 am Table Top Sale at the Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham. Bacon Rolls. Contact Liz on 01263 834965

Sunday 1st 3:30 to 5:00 pm Easter Activities St Andrews Methodist Church, Cromer Road, Sheringham. 50p per child. Organised by Sheringham Churches. An afternoon of craft, games and refreshments, and an Easter Egg hunt. Also an opportunity to find out more about the Easter Story. Open to any children up to school year 6, but any under 5’s should be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE NOTE We cannot accept event details or corrections by telephone. Post concise copy to Paul at Merchants' Place or send email to : by noon

Wednesday 28th March

Crabline Papers 01263 519454 17


with PC Lorna Law Hello everyone, thank you for your emails. Mrs Stoker would like me to explain the seat belt law. SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES In a crash at 30mph without a seatbelt you will hit the seat in front of you and anyone in it with a force of between 30 and 60 times your own bodyweight. That will hurt real bad!

Sheringham Skate Project pushing skate forward The Sheringham Skate Project is moving closer to its goal, thanks to funding from several charitable trusts and Sheringham Town Council. The project team has been working hard with Groundwork Community Spaces and Sport England for major funding applications towards the £150,000 facility redevelopment; in the next few weeks, the Skate Project will find out if their phased delivery plan will be agreed by Community Spaces. Recent funds will be matched with the £50,000 Community Spaces grant to enable the installation of a custom built concrete bowl and ramps, which forms Phase 1 of the project delivery.

Group 0 and 0+ (eg Baby seat) Birth to 9-12 months (up to 13kgs) A baby seat is rear-facing and can be fitted in the front or rear of a car. An adult seat belt or IOSFIX attachment point holds it in place. You must never use a rear facing child seat in the front of a car that as a frontal airbag, because the chair will be too close to the dashboard and in an accident the expanding airbag can cause serious or fatal injury to the child. Group 1 (eg child seat) 9 months to 4 years (from 9kgs to 18kgs) You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fit the seat in place. An adult seat belt or IOSFIX attachment point holdS it in place The child must be securely strapped into the seat using the seat’s own harness which will include a ‘crotch strap’ to prevent the child from sliding out feet first in an accident. Group 2 (eg booster seat) From approx 4 years (from 15 kgs and upwards) Most booster seats have a high-back booster, which will give a high measure of protection. Both the booster seat and the child are restrained by the adult seat belt. Always follow manufacturer instructions.

Group 3 (eg booster cushion) From approx 6 years (from 22kgs and upwards) A booster cushion is designed to raise a child so that the adult seat belt can be used safely. Always follow manufacturer instructions. RIDING IN A CAR. Remember children always wear your seatbelt. It is there to protect you in an emergency. When you get in or out of the car, use the door on the pavement side. Only get out when you know it’s safe to do so. Do not block the driver’s view in the mirror. Never remove your seatbelt when the car is moving. Never open a door when the car is moving. Keep your hands and feet away from door handles while the car is moving. Never lean or wave out of the window. Never throw or hang anything out of the window. Only open doors or windows if it is safe to do so. If you have anything you would like me to talk about email Bye for now. PC Lorna Law ©Elva Gledhill2012

The Project Committee has been working hard for the last seven years with local young people and parents, supported by Sheringham High School, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Sheringham Town Council, Upcher Community Foundation, and NNDC. Last year saw the public exhibition and consultation for the new park design concept, unanimously won by Maverick Industries (with the world unique ‘HMS Gnar’ concrete fishing boat idea – see photos and video on the Sheringham Skate website for further details). “The young people in our group are fantastic – they’ve put so much hard work into the park, with design ideas, project meetings, and fund raising.” said Rob Sayles, Committee Chairman “We need to raise £150,000 to bring the new skatepark to life; it’ll be a massive investment for Sheringham people, providing a brand new facility for skate and BMX, as well as boosting tourism. Securing the Phase 1 funding will allow us to start redeveloping the facility with Maverick; the project team will then continue its tireless work with Sport England and other grants bodies to secure Phase 2 funding.”

The park, which is situated on Weybourne Road, provides a facility for hundreds of young people throughout the summer – annual numbers are doubled in the summer by tourism. To find out more about the park facility and ongoing plans for the new concrete skatepark, contact the Sheringham Skate Project directly: Rob Sayles Chairman Sheringham Skate Project 07950 650538

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 18

Crabline Sudoku 3









7 1 1




3 6


and win a Family Swim voucher from ‘SPLASH’ in Sheringham ( 2 Adults & 2 kids) If you are under 12, tell us your name, age & address, where the Crab is hidden and on which page. OR - If you are a pensioner, SPOT THE COD and win COFFEE & CAKE FOR TWO at the Aristocrat Tearooms, Bond Street, Cromer. Hand in your Entry, on a postcard please, to: The Crabline, Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES before the next issue comes out. The first entry out of the hat wins !





Congratulations to W Millard of Blakeney who found the Cod in the Blue Willow ad on page 5 and to Elisha Jay-Blyth (Aged 6) of Horsham St. Faiths who found the Crab on the Mundesley Town sign on page 18.





5 9


Pressure for a Cromer Skate Park

Entries for Spot the Crab, written by children themselves (at least their name) will always be drawn before the rest.

9 4


park can be for Cromer and how North Lodge Park is the obvious site. A parent of one of the young people

On a wet and windy Monday night, over 50 young people and parents rallied together outside Cromer town council offices. Their aim was to make themselves known as a generation of young people that want a Skate park here in Cromer. Nationally, young people have not had a good press lately, but these young people were a credit to themselves as they patiently endured a town council meeting, many listening in from the corridor outside the chamber as they waited for their opportunity to be able speak. It was a strange scene as placards, reading ‘Skate park issue will not go away ‘ and ‘Give youth a voice’, surrounded the town councillors as they discussed matters that were less exciting to the young people. Then an opportunity came to speak. Andrew Robertshaw, who co coordinated the demonstration spoke of the young people being let down by people not addressing the need of a Skate park here in Cromer. I spoke also about the provision for young people in many other towns and villages but not here in Cromer. I also outlined what an asset a Skate

Cromer Museum March 2012 Events for Adults Opening Times

spoke of how happy she was that her son was taking to an active sport out with friends and was not sat at home playing computer games. Due to town council meeting procedure, councillors just sat and listened. Nonetheless, the young people’s voice has been heard in this town and they will continue to Skate North Lodge Park and will continue to cause a stir until their hopes of a permanent skate park have been fulfilled. Edward Land

April – October 2012 Mon – Fri: 10am – 4pm Saturday 12noon – 4pm Sunday 1 – 4pm November 2012 – March 2013 Mon - Fri: 10am – 4pm Saturday 12noon – 4pm Closed Sundays Admission Adult £3.50, Conc. £2.90, Young Person (4-16) £2 Contact Us Web site


Tel. 01263 513543.

Crabline Papers 01263 519454 19

ALBY Service Station, Alby Horse Shoes Inn ALDBOROUGH Spar Shop AYLMERTON Service Station AYLSHAM Aylsham Garden Centre, Budgens, Somerfield, Tourist Info Centre BACTON Bacton Fish and Chip Shop BANNINGHAM The Crown Pub/Post Office BEESTON REGIS Metal Mend, Mini Market BODHAM Post Office COLBY, SUFFIELD & TUTTINGTON Churches CROMER Budgens, Cooperative Supermarket, Cooperative Travel, Council Offices, Country Club, Library, Crossways, Tourist Info Centre, Food Fare, Hair Studio One, Icarus Hines, K Hardware, Mill Road Post Office, Morrisons, Mary Janes Fish ‘n’ Chips, Morrisons Garage, N&P Building Society, Spar Shop, Cliff Road, White Horse Pub + 1,000 delivered in Town Centre EAST RUNTON East Runton Café, East Runton Stores FELBRIGG 55 copies delivered INGWORTH Church GIMINGHAM Heather Lee GRESHAM @ John Stibbons, Langdale ITTERINGHAM Village Shop/Withers Gallery KNAPTON Elephant Playbarn, Church Porch & MADRA LITTLE BARNINGHAM Village Hall MUNDESLEY Crayford & Abbs, Country Pickings, Mace, Manor House, Rushes Newsagents, Tourist Info Centre NORTH WALSHAM @ Sainsbury’s NORTHREPPS Foundry Arms OVERSTRAND Post Office, Centre Stores, Overstrand Garden Centre ROUGHTON Jet/Post Office & Groveland SHERINGHAM Budgens, CAS Travel, Crown Inn, Library, Poppy Line Railway Station, Tyneside Club SIDESTRAND Mrs Taylor, Rocket Cottage SOUTHREPPS Mace Shop, Vernon Arms SUSTEAD from Mrs Jubb, Pear Tree Cottage THORPE MARKET Church TRIMINGHAM Woodlands Park and Church Porch TRUNCH Corner Shop WEST BECKHAM Wheatsheaf Public House WEST RUNTON Spar PO Shop

Crabline Papers Merchants’ Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES 20

The Crabline Issue 241  

The Crabline Issue 241

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