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Planning to insure the future BY IAN WHITLEY Campus editor

On the cover: Sporting a green sports jacket, B.J. Misialek performs his spoof of “Pure Imagination” from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory during Mr. Cinderfella on April 22. Misialek defeated 14 other men and took home the coveted Mr. Cinderfella award.

your parents insurance coverage is about to end, it is absolutely vital that they begin looking for an insurance that you can afford that fits your needs. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one insurance option for people to choose. It is a very prominent insurance in the state of Kansas and has many different health plans to choose from. They have plenty of low cost plans that can help a student if they get injured or are in need of medication. It’s just all about getting out and doing the research. One can even go to their Kansas Website and look at the available plans. They even have a comparison chart that can show you which insurance to pick based on what your income is and what your needs are. “Some of the less expensive options are catastrophic coverage [plans],” Dutton said, concerning basic plans to just cover emergencies. “Typically it doesn’t cover doctor Often times students do not know what their insurance is or visits or medications. It only kicks in for what it covers and some do not even carry their insurance card. It is important to know about your insurance and carry hospitalization and major medical your card case something were to happen. (illustration by procedures. Another Alison Jamerson) option that is becoming Instead of paying for all those statins they popular is the high deductible plans or will pick out maybe one or two in that health spending accounts. These plans group,” Dutton said. After deciding which have lower premiums and often cover all medications the insurance will cover, they routine or preventative care treatments. will compile that list into their formulary. The down side to this high deductible So, when you are looking into what [plan] is being prepared to pay the higher insurances are out there, this is a very deductible before the insurance company important thing to check. As medications kicks in for their portion. can cost a lot of money at times, it is Thinking about your future and what important to pick an insurance that will could happen to you, it is important to pay cover what you need. Most insurance attention to your health insurance. Without Websites will have their formulary for it, you could wind up in a lot of debt with viewing and they normally update their nothing to help pay for it. Health care costs formulary quarterly. are astronomic. If something where to You also need to be aware of when their happen to you and you did not have health insurance coverage will end if you are on insurance, you could wind up with a large your parents insurance. A student can still amount of debt. count as a dependant for many insurances “No one can afford to be without up to the age of 21 or 23, depending on the insurance,” said Dutton. “One incident and insurance. But a lot of times the insurance you can have a lifetime of medical bills. requires proof that the student is enrolled Lots of financial bankruptcies are due to in a college, because if the student is not people with insurmountable medical debt. enrolled sometimes an insurance company Insurance rates are expensive.” will not count them as a dependant. In the end, students simply need to be Because of this you need to be sure to aware of their insurance. They need to check the age which you will no longer know what it will cover and what it will count as a dependant on your parents not. If they are on their parent’s insurance insurance. While checking that, be sure to they need to know when that coverage will check if the insurance requires a student end. And if they are nearing that age when ID or other proof that you are an enrolled they are cut off they need to be looking for student. Even if your parents insurance a new insurance to cover their possible or covers you as a student till age 23, if you preexisting health care needs. do not show proof that you are an enrolled “[We have] that “Its there don’t worry student the insurance company might kick about it” attitude, and we should worry you off your parents insurance. about it and know the details. Its just not Finally, if you are not on insurance, or if fun details to learn,” said Dutton.


“What kind of health insurance do you have? What are your plans if something were to happen to you in the future?” “I’m not sure what the insurance is, it’s with my dad’s company. I just depend on my parents if an accident were to happen.” -Brittany Moser Freshman

“I don’t really have life insurance. I think the funeral home gave me like a half-price discount just in case.” -Caleb Johnston Freshman

“None.” -Phillip Banowetz Sophomore

“I really don’t know. That’s all my parent’s stuff at home.” -Josh Scheuermann Freshman


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Sophomore Sally Sawyer sits in her dorm finishing her homework and waiting for the stroke of midnight and the first minutes of her twenty-first year. It is the coming of age college students yearn for and comes with one rarely thought-of side effect: loss of insurance. If Sally were to get hurt she would have nothing to help cover medical bills. One thing that college students may not realize is they have to think about insurance now that they live away from their parents. While some insurances will cover students until they are 21, and even fewer companies will cover until age 23, as soon as that insurance ends the student should already have a plan for covering their health insurance. “Every consumer must be a smart consumer and be their own advocate,” said Kayla Dutton, a pharmacist with 15 years of experience working at Winfield Dillon’s Pharmacy. Dutton deals with health insurance with almost every prescription she fills. Dutton stressed the importance of knowing your insurance and what it covers: “Health insurance, like any other kind of insurance, has a lot of information and details in the fine print. You have to read all the fine print to know what your insurance covers and how it is covered.” The amount of students who are without health insurance is great. A study funded by the Heinz Family Philanthropies and the Chickering Group in 2002 showed that 30 percent of college students are not on health insurance. This is over 4 million students that have to pay for health care on their own. A lot of that 30 percent of students probably did not even think about needing health insurance. For some, they might not even know they are no longer on their parent’s health insurance plan. Because of this, students absolutely need to be aware of what their current insurance covers, if they are on their parents insurance when that will end, and what insurance plans are available for students. One thing that students need to realize is that some insurances will not assist with doctor visits or will charge more if the physician is outside the insurance companies network. And also, not all insurances pay for every kind of prescription. “All insurance companies put together a list of drugs that they will pay for their policy holders. This list is called a formulary,” said Dutton. “Some insurance companies won’t pay anything for a drug

not on their formulary” Dutton explained that insurance companies will go through and look at what classes of medications are needed, then they will decide which medications in that class they will cover and which they will not cover. “Say like the statins, which is one class of meds for cholesterol.


MAY 6, 2010

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CP NEWS The high flying world of disc golf THE

MAY 6, 2010

BY ERIC SMITH Scene editor


ew sports have such a dedicated following as disc golf. There are more than 1750 disc golf courses worldwide, a professional association with over 14,000 members, international tournaments that people travel all over the world for, and many corporate sponsored tournaments and players. Yet, despite a faithful group of fanatics, the sport goes mostly unrecognized. No one is really sure when or how disc golf got started. It appears that the sport was invented in several places at the same time. In 1968, a man running a summer camp in Oakland California contacted the Wham-0 toy company that created Frisbees to help create a disc golf tournament. At almost the same time in Rochester New York, a group created their own league and in 1972 created an official handbook. The rules of disc golf are nearly identical to real golf. You simply try to throw a disc into a bucket in as few throws and possible. Each bucket has a basket about three feet off of the ground and chains above it to catch the disks and make them fall in the basket. There are two types of discs; drivers and putters. Drivers are made to travel farther and putters are made to travel straighter. Each course usually has eighteen holes. The closest disc golf courses to Ark City are in Winfield. There is one at Cherry Street Park and one at the Fairgrounds.

There are also courses in Ponca City, Wellington, and Derby. There are several types of throws that are used by disc golfers. The most common is called a backhand. This is when a player steps with his right foot forward and throws the disc with his right hand. Another popular throw is called a flick, or a sidearm

shot. This is opposite of a backhand so a player steps with his left foot forward and throws with his right hand. A thumber or overhand throw is when the disc is thrown more like a baseball. A hyzer is when you throw it with outer edge at a low angle so it will curve to the left. An anhyzer is when you throw it with the inside at a lower angle so it will curve to the right. Different shots can be used at different times depending on how far you are from the basket and if you have to

throw around obstacles like trees. Freshman Andrew Wallace has been playing for about two years. He has played in a couple tournaments including one where he had a paid sponsorship. “It was the summer before my senior year. My friend [Tate Blanton] and I didn’t know what to do when the bowling alley closed. One day he said he wanted to do outdoor activities and I said ‘what

activities’ and he said ‘disc golf’. A guy a worked with at the time had a bunch of discs and he was the one who got us started.” said Wallace. Like some, Wallace was not a fan of the sport at first. But soon it started to grow on him. “When I was a kid I used to make fun of it,” said Wallace. “You can play by yourself or with others. It can be serious or it doesn’t have to be. It’s like golf but there is more to it. There is more precision.” Last summer, Wallace and several of his friends played in a tournament in Nebraska. The team was sponsored by Affinity. The tournament had close to thirty teams and Wallace’s team took third place. “My step-brother Colton Branch is a hemophiliac. All these years he’s been

connected to the organization and they have been putting on events. One time they had a disc golf tournament and since Clayton [his step-dad] was connected, he asked me if I wanted to get a team. I said ‘well I can round up a team’. I got my friends Jacob Bowing, Cal Patton and Tait White-Rasmusson.” said Wallace. Winfield’s own disc golf professional is Chris “Smitty” Smith. He is the director of the Kansas Disc Golf Association and some of his accomplishments include being a three time Kansas State Champion, 2009 Lake Bella Vista champion, and 2003 AM Worlds Longest Drive champion, among other accomplishments. He organizes most of the disc golf tournaments in the area and gives out lessons so if you are wanting to seriously get into disc golf, it is a good idea to contact him. Every year in October, the Winfield Fairgrounds plays host to the event known as Octoberfriz. It is a four day long event where disc golfers from all over come to camp out, play disc golf tournaments, and play many other disc related games. If you have not heard of it, then don’t feel left out. I have lived in Winfield all of my life and I only heard about it two years ago. It truly is one of the most unique festivals of any kind. I recommend going for the atmosphere if for nothing else. The kinds of people that travel to and camp out at disc golf festivals are some of the most unique people that you can meet. The one time I was able to attend I saw a fire breather, a guy riding a motorized cooler, and was ambushed by a guy throwing glow sticks at random passerbies. This year, Octoberfriz will be held October 7-11. Disc golf might just be a recreational sport to some but to others it is a way of life. There are many individuals who play professionally and plan their lives around tournaments and events.

Types of Discs: What to use Long range- This is a Flick from Discraft. It has a stability rating of 2.0 and weighs 150 gms. Drivers are the thinnes and travel the farthest.

Mid range- This is a Buzzz mid-range by Discraft. It has a stability rating of 0.5 and weighs 178 gms.

Putter- this specific putter was made specially for a tournament in Ransom. Putters are the thickest and fly the straightest. (photos by Carly Budd)



May 6, 2010


AEC Team acing to the state competition BY PETER ONELIO Staff writer


his religion’s name translates roughly as “Way of the Gods” and those gods are called kami. For 10 points—name this traditional religion of Japan. Buzz! -----‘Shinto?’ ‘That is correct.’ AEC or Academic Excellence Challenge is the name of a Jeopardy-style game that is played by two opposing teams made up of four people to a team and asked various questions ranging from history to politics to literature and mathematics. There are 24 questions to a round each valued at 10 points; these are called toss-up questions, toss-ups are fair game for either team to buzz in and answer. When a contestant buzzes in and answers a toss-up correctly then their team gets to collaborate on three bonus questions, these also being 10 points each, Sunday Services preceding the toss-up. 8 AM—Traditional Cowley is home to an Academic 9:15 AM—Contemporary Excellence Challenge team, one of 12 10:30that AM—Traditional community colleges participate in AEC. “We’ve always competed pretty well. This year we got third place at the Snowbowl, we got second at NAQT, which is the national competition. We just missed Arkansas City First United going to Nationals byMethodist one team.Church So we’re 2448said Edgemont Drive and math pretty good,” head-sponsor instructor,620-442-4530 Greg Nichols. Going into the tournament this weekend, “I think we’ll compete, our best competition is going to be Garden City they have a team very much like ours.” This past weekend Cowley went to the Kansas State campus in Salina to participate in the State tournament having come out of regional’s ahead of Allen County, who took second place and Johnson County, taking third. The Cowley team made up of Aaron Brooks sophomore, Jake Fletcher sophomore, Marcus Whitson, freshman, Stefny Cabrera freshman, the alternates being Carly Brock freshman and Peter Onelio freshman. Leaving Cowley Friday morning they arrived at Salina a little after noon, enough

find friends find faith

The AEC Team at Cowley went to state competition where they won three separate awards. Above is Greg Nichols (sponsor), sophomore Aaron Brooks, freshmen Peter Onelio, Stefny Cabrera, Carly Brock, sophomore Jake Fletcher, and freshman Marcus Whitson. (file photo) time to check in at the conference room where the final round would take place and where the platinum travelling goblet and the double-sized angel hair-hued trophy sat fat as a pot-bellied stove on the awards table. The Salina campus, now adorned lavishly in purple, used to be a military base and that accounts for the futuristic modern design, the silver mirror glass and the cold-white, cleanly jagged halls of the buildings. The first round began at 2 p.m. against Dodge City; and after a quick buzzer check and introduction of the moderator, who reads the questions, and the timer/ scorekeeper the round began. At half time, 12 questions in, the score was 220-Cowley 10-Dodge. The starting team

lineup consisted of Brooks the team captain, Whitson, Fletcher and Cabrera; the alternates being Brock and Onelio. The first round ended with Cowley at 410 and Dodge at 90. The winning streak continued much the rest of the day. Round 2 ending Cowley-260 Cloud-120 only getting one loss to Allen County in the third round with 160- 220 to Allen. Finishing up the day with a win against Johnson County the final score was 230-210. Back at the Candlewood Suites, Nichols commented on the events of the first day of the tournament. “I’m really happy with our performance today,” he said, “it wasn’t surprising by any means. I expected that we were going to compete really well.” Designated team captain, Brooks said

find friends find faith Sunday Services 8 AM—Traditional 9:15 AM—Contemporary 10:30 AM—Traditional

Arkansas City First United Methodist Church 2448 Edgemont Drive 620-442-4530


he thought, “Today we did really well. As a team we’re really cohesive. We’re all averaging a couple questions every round. So we’re all being very active, very team oriented.” After celebrating Nichols 39th birthday with posh gifts from The Dollar Tree, playing a round of Risk™ and prank-calling the desk clerk named Patty about her opinions on firm and standard pillows the team turned in for a restful night’s sleep. By 8 the next morning the team was up and around, festooned in their demure gray uniforms getting zoned in on the task at hand, and Nichols adorned in his Ginormous polka-dotted bow tie, purchased at the DT. ‘In the foreground a basket lies overturned, with fruit and bread spilling out. A wooden boat lies directly behind a seated man holding a walking stick; near that boat, a woman in a white gown wades in the water. Of the other two figures, one is a well-dressed man, while a naked woman supports her chin with her right hand. For 10 points—name this painting of a picnic by Édouard Manet.’ Buzz! -----’The Luncheon on the Grass?’ ‘Correct.’ The second day of the tournament: Round one vs Hutch: 300-130 Round two vs Colby: 280-110 Round three vs Coffeyville: 220-200 Round four vs Garden: 230-300 Round five vs Hutch: 320-130 The last round before the placement round was against Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) but were soundly licked with 370-Cowley 20KCK. By the end of the sixth round Cowley was ahead of Allen County with 9 wins and 2 losses. Allen had the same but as Cowley had more points per game Cowley’s average scores were higher putting them in second place. Sitting at first was Garden City who lost only to Pratt, a solid team, with 9 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. So far the placement round Cowley will be playing Allen in a semi-final. Then the victor of that round will go into Finals against Garden City. Whoever loses the round will end up third, and in case of a tie they would go into overtime. The match was held in the large purple walled, senate-like conference room. Maybe it was the nerves, the tension. Or it could have possibly been the questions asked weren’t Cowley’s specialty but at halt-time the score was 50- Cowley 150- Allen. During the half-time break Nichols walks over and gives his wise words of focus to the team , that’s all that could be done. The second half starts, and it seems that around question 17 Cowley wakes back up but it was too little too late and the end score was Cowley—120 Allen—200. Cowley gets third place along with the Colin Matz Memorial [Travelling] Trophy, the Colin Matz Memorial Sportsmanship Award and a medal for Fletcher who came in fourth for top Individual scorer. The final score between Garden City and Allen was 360 to 150 going to Garden. The team left less than satisfied straightaway back to the bus with hands full of awards, heads full of knowledge.



MAY 6, 2010

World Travelers International students welcome


Rick Valcin

Lacroix Maingot, St. Lucia

Anna Sonka

How do you spend your free time here, in what ways do you have fun?

Riga, Latvia

I like to throw a football around with friends or go to the river. I like fishing but do not get to do it much here. What do you plan on doing next year?

What is your major? Accounting, mainly because I enjoy math and it is easy here. I took College Algebra last semester and am taking statistics this semester. Statistics isn’t difficult at all. How do you spend your free time here, in what ways do you have fun?

I plan on continuing my education here and still be involved with track and field.

When I have time I like to go to Wichita with friends and go to the mall because I really like shopping. I also like to watch movies and go to the lake.

Have you traveled to other parts of the country, if so where and did you enjoy it? No, but I have been to Barbados and other islands around my homeland to visit family members. I am the youngest so my sisters and brothers live in different places.

What is your favorite American food? I love fried chicken because we don’t have it in Latvia. I haven’t been to KFC but I’ve heard it is good.

What language do you speak? We speak mostly English but also Padua if you can speak it fluently.

Fridrich Cander was a famous inventor who worked on the theory and design of jet engines and rockets.

It was formed from volcanic activity and only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide

How old are you and what year are you in school?

What do you plan on doing next year?

Describe St. Lucia in a few words:

I am 19 years old and I am a freshman.

I plan on transferring to the University of Toledo in Ohio and play basketball there.

Simply beautiful, Volcanic, and Mountain Peaks.

Why did you choose to be an international student and why did you choose Cowley?

Have you traveled to other parts of the country, if so where and did you enjoy it?

Why did you choose to be an international student and why did you choose Cowley?

How does your family feel about you being here, following your dreams for a future?

I wanted a new experience and to study somewhere other than home. I wanted to be more independent.

I spent some time in Ohio looking at Toledo and I loved it. I will also be traveling to Florida soon.

I wanted to further my education and become a better athlete.

They are happy I got a scholarship to further my education.

How old are you and what year are you in school? I am 20 years old and I am a freshman.

Its main exports are bananas and coconuts. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Cowley? I like the way my schedule is set up and how we get to choose how it is. The people are also friendly. I do not like the cafeteria food because it is different to me. What activities are you involved in on campus? Track and Field. I pole vault and run the 400 m and 200 m relays. Why Track and Field? I started when I was younger and really started to enjoy it two years ago. I just really like pole vaulting.

National motto is The Land, The People, The Light. What is your major?

Plan to introduce the euro in 2012 What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Cowley?

How has being here changed your life? Well I am always busy, so time management, and also how to be independent. I had to shop for myself and buy my own food and clothes. It took some getting used to.

The people are very friendly and open. I really like the foster parent program because my foster family, the Clemente’s are very nice. I do not like the food. In Latvia, we eat healthier and the only fast food is McDonalds.

What was the biggest change you had to get used to when you came here?

What activities are you involved in on campus?

The weather. I came over in January and it was cold and snowy. It never snows, much less get below 70 degrees in St. Lucia so that was different but I kind of like snow.

Basketball mostly, I would like to be in Math club but I don’t have enough time. Why basketball?

Is there a person you look up to?

I started playing in the third grade just attending a few camps here and there. I discovered that I really liked it and just continued playing. My favorite part of basketball is 3-point shots and the thrill you get when you sink one. My height helps out a lot too.

Yes, three time Olympic pole vaulter, Dominic Johnson who is from St. Lucia. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Still pole vaulting and being self employed.

The highest peak is Mt. Gimie and it is located near Petit Peak inside the crater of a volcano.

Riga Castle was built in 1330 and is still being used by the current president

Automotive technology because I like the way it works.


What language do you speak? In Latvia, we speak Latvian. I also speak Russian. We cuss in Russian because there are no swear words in Latvian. [laughs] Describe Latvia in three words: Small, Sea, and Old. Latvia is a very small country close to Russia and it is by the [blank] Sea. It was also established in the year 1200 so I think it is a very old country.

Before the economic crisis of 2008, Latvia was one of the most thriving and fastest growing economies in Europe. How does your family feel about you being here, following your dreams for a future? They feel happy that I am making a good life for myself but sad that I am away for so long. What was the biggest change you had to get used to when you came here? I had to be independent. I wasn’t living with my parents having them cook and do my laundry and take care of me. I had to learn to take care of myself.


MAY 6, 2010


Student Ali of t h e Year Nittler E

very year Cowley nominates a single “Student of the Year” from each of the candidates who have been nominated for “Student of the month.” This year, Ali Nittler, Cowley’s September 2009 Student of the month, and the 78th Queen Alalah, has been awarded the honor of being nominated for Cowley “Student of the Year.” Ali Nittler, an Ark City native, is no stranger to success having been selected as her high school valedictorian at graduation. Her two siblings are sister, Lindsey 28, and brother, Adam 23 - both of whom have attended Cowley setting the example for Ali to follow. Along with her siblings attending Cowley, Ali’s mother, Deb Nittler, social science instructor, was the head volleyball coach here from 1986-2000 and holds the school-record for most career wins (389). Ali also has a cousin, April Nittler, who is an instructor in the college’s Natural Science Department. From softball, to being Queen Alalah, to taking care of family, Ali Nittler does a lot. She juggles schoolwork, jobs, and family and certainly has worked hard enough to deserve this award. How do you feel about being selected as Student of the Year? I was excited - I thought Phuong Huynh was going to get it. But it was nice to know that all my hard work was recognized Who is your role model? What impresses you most about how they live their life and why?

“My niece Adrianna would have to be my role model because she has been through so many trials in her life and has overcome each and every one of them.”

somewhat brown right now due to how dirty it is. If you ever ride with me, you will hear an annoying clicking noise, because I have a relay switch out apparently. Other than that, its great!”

Do you have any regrets from your time at Cowley?

Read any books lately? Have suggestions for any good books you’ve read in the past?

I secluded myself and kept to my boyfriend. I didn’t make time to spend with my friends. I loved the last month because I got to spend more time with my friend. I wish I would have started earlier because we will be gone in a couple of weeks.

What advice do you have for future sophomores?

Don’t procrastinate, because it’s not fun. Get your work done first, and then have fun. That way you won’t waste your college experience working.

“I actually love to read! I have read the Twilight series, of course, but I am currently reading The Shack. I’m always up for a good book, a bowl of popcorn, and an ice cold Pepsi.”

What are your plans for after Cowley?

Where do you reside from? Where did you graduate High School? Do you visit often?

“After Cowley, I will be attending Wichita State University.”

“I reside from Arkansas City, thus graduating from Arkansas City High School. Technically, I wouldn’t call it visiting, because I have never left in order to come back and visit.”

What is your major? “My major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. However, once I transfer to Wichita State University, it will more than likely morph into just Accounting.”

What are you plans for the summer? “Work, unfortunately.”

What sorts of things do you like doing outdoors?

What are some of the things are going to miss?

“If you talk to my mom, she would probably say nothing. She does the outdoors, I clean the in. However, I have somewhat went outside my boundaries and I have touched a worm to fish, taken the fish off the hook, and skinned a dear, all by myself. Believe it… or not.”

I’ll miss seeing my mom everyday and I will miss waking into the office and knowing everybody. I really like the friendly atmosphere here. What is your advice for future freshmem?

Do you own a vehicle? What is it?

Don’t hold anything back. If you want to try anything new, just do it. Do not be scared, no body knows you here and it is a chance to start fresh.

“I don’t own my vehicle, my parents own it. But, it is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT, that is suppose to be green, but it looks


Other than educationally, what is something you have learned? Take everything for what it’s worth, and take nothing for granted. Everything you do adds to who you are.





2 A



Upon entering your sophomore year you: Enroll in as many classes you can handle to try and learn everything you can before the year is over. Taking 20+ hours seems like a lot with sports and a job but you find time to do it. Enroll in the final classes you need to achieve your degree. You took care of the more basic classes last year and now you are looking forward to taking your major classes. Your class schedule is not super busy because you want to enjoy your last year at Cowley. Try and take the minimum of classes you need in order to graduate with a degree. You may be pressed for time but you can fit them in and still have time from fun. You already know that a few of the classes are going to be blown off for more important things.

Prior to the occasion you:

Compile everything together right after your last semester starts in January. You want to be 100% ready when the time rolls around. You gather transcripts order your cap and gown, double check what classes will transfer, and triple check your grades. Don’t want to have any mistakes. Work your hardest in the classes that count for the rest of the semester. You want to keep your grades up, preferably with a passing grade but also want to enjoy life. You take time on homework but balance fun and possibly a job or sport. When graduation comes around you don’t want to be stressed, so the fun comes in handy. Party and bring on the fun. Forget about attending classes and making good grades because who needs them anyway? Your biggest worry is not being invited to the hottest party of the semester. You don’t plan on procrastinating until the last minute, but you suspect that is the way things are going to go. You just go with the flow and hope everything will work its way out.





4 A



While preparing for graduation you: Organize a big graduation party because the one at your high school wasn’t enough. Making a guest list and mailing out invitations are on your to-do list. You want all of your closest family and friends to be there on your big day. Send invitations to only those who are most important to you and organize a small gathering afterwards. Since it is only a two-year university and it is only an Associates degree, you feel like it isn’t as important as say earning your Doctorate and a major university. Tell everyone two days before that you’re graduating and invite them to come to the ceremony and a party. Because of the short notice, not many people attend but that doesn’t stop you from having a good time.





Wake up, a little tired since you went to bed a little late but still excited for the day. You grab some breakfast with friends then head back and start getting ready. As you arrive to the auditorium with friends, you introduce them to your family members and enjoy yourself until it is time to start. Wake up late of course since you didn’t go to bed until 4 a.m. As you are running around the room trying to find something to wear, you trip over a pile of clothes and bump your knee. But you find the outfit you were looking for. You run over to the auditorium just in the nick of time and fall asleep until your name is called.

Pick out the outfit you are going to wear under your gown and make sure it looks nice. Hangout with friends since it is the last night at Cowley and talk about the amazing times you had with your buddies. You end up going to bed at around 1 a.m. but still get enough sleep for the important day tomorrow. Party all night with your friends and go to bed around 4 a.m. You forget to set your alarm so you are a little late and don’t have time to get ready.



You were born ready to graduate from Cowley. Plus you are so excited for next year’s classes you might even skip out on summer vacation. But remember that life is not all about studying all night and getting perfect grades. Sure they pay off but find time to put fun into the mix. Friends will always help you through stressful times and always be there for you. Mostly


You are among the average college students. You are excellent at juggling classes with fun and work. You have made many friends at Cowley and are also mentally prepared for what lies ahead. You care just enough without over doing it. Cheers to you. Mostly


Are so excited you can barely sleep. You set everything out and prepare an itinerary for the things you will do throughout the day. (1. Graduate. 2. Cry. 3. Pack my things and buy school supplies for next year.)


On the day of you:

Wake up two hours before the sun comes up, eat a well balanced breakfast including Wheaties to give you enough energy to last the day, and run go on a 2 mile run to calm your nerves. While on your jog you think of an acceptance speech in case anything amazing happens. You get back; take a shower and then practice walking on stage until it is time to leave.

The night before graduation you:

A letter from the president to the graduating class of


You always have a great time but never take things seriously. Enjoying childhood is fun and exciting but start preparing yourself for the real world because life can be tough sometimes. You cannot blow off things forever and expect to be a successful person.

To the graduating class of 2010, It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations to the Cowley graduates of 2010. You have been a wonderful group to work with and have been extremely talented. Your spirit in the classroom has been exemplary. I especially appreciate the hard work of the Phi Theta Kappa organization that won many awards and has become one of the best chapters in Kansas. Your participation in campus life over the last two years has been really outstanding. You have set challenging goals for yourselves and I know you will accomplish them. I encourage you to be great leaders as you continue your education. Hard work and involvement in activities will continue to be valuable. The great thrill of my job has been to watch your participation in theatre, music, athletics, and other student life activities at Cowley. Your enthusiasm at home basketball games and homecoming activities has been outstanding. Your creative costumes and innovative cheers have been really fun to watch. I will miss seeing all of your familiar faces on campus. Finally, I wish you all a life full of joy. You will find out that the greatest joy comes from family, friends, and a great relationship with God. What is important is that you make good decisions in life. God bless you and remember to “be the best of whatever you are”. ~Dr. Pat McAtee


he greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.


GRADUATES 2010 One last final to take



Shelsey Lloyd Carly Joshua Marko Braden Dana Cameron Kristen Cecilia Raymond Erin Mandy Valeri Sarah Ashley Jessica Taylor Zachary Randi Samuel Danyel Kristina Juana Caleb Ayoub ather than be a bystander in Lisa your educational or professional goals, be Ashley engaged and take advantage of professors, La’Keshia internships, and/or community resources. Emmanuel Knock on doors as you never know who Nickolas Johnathan might answer or what opportunities might Rachel open for you. Irona - Julie Rhoads Lacey Richard Justin Vanessa Bacon LA Joshua Lucas Baird NDT Joshua Thomas Baker MEC Daniel Arun Ball ENGL Brittney Ashley Ballard BUS Kameron Jaclyn Balzer LA Jennifer Quinton Bane LA Zackary Phillip Banowetz ENGI Julia Sarah Banta EDUSE Christina Riley Barnes BUS Curtis Callie Barnett LA Michael Heather Barrier BUS Crystal Wade Bartel NDT Arianne Teri Bartle MEDTRAN Rebecca Ethan Bartlett LA Britney Lynlea Bartlett EXPLOR Melissa Kari Barton SOC Darcy Randall Batson UNDCL Brandy Brieanna Baxter MUS Carolyn Brett Becker LA Penny Courtney Becker LA Allie Genevieve Beehler-Horton ACC Jon Sarah Bell NURS Diane Danielle Benbrook EDUEL Jory Angela Bennett EDUEL Aaron Natalie Benton ACC Christina Paul Berndsen COM Kristy Brandi Berntsen BUS Emmalene Megan Berry JOU Heath Gina Bethurem PSY Kyeisha Daniel Beugelsdyk AASG Wyndi Peter Billingham LA Jennifer Emily Bing LA Travis Jamie Blackim MEDI Jhonaye Anne Jennifer Blatchford BUS Pamela Samantha Boatright ACC Darrin Jake Bolin AUTON Aubrey Tiffany Bonfiglio BUS Jonathan Courtney Boone LA Alainna Blair Bowlin EDU Brandi Sarah Bowling LA Juanita Paige Boyer VETM Thao Abby Boylan NURS Pamela Heather Bozarth MUS Savoeun Dawn Brakey AASG Dack Lachelle Branine NURS Sabra Tyler Brevik LA Jennifer Aaron Brooks MEDI Erin Eric Brown HIS Kelsee Michael Brown CF Shauna


Brown Bruce-Burgess Budd Budd Bukva Burdette Burdette Burge Burke Burley Burris Burroughs Cain Cain Callier Campbell Cantillon Cargill Carpenter Carpenter Carter Cash Castro Champion Chitachni Chrisman Cilva Clark Clary Clasen Clements Clinton Cliver Close Coleman Colling Collins Colston Compton Comstock Conely Conner Conrad Conway Cook Cook Copeland Cotton Couch Coursey Cox Crady Cramer Crawford Creekmore Crosswhite Crow Crull Cunningham Custar D’Angelo Daley Daniel Davis Davis Davis Debes Delaney Delaney DeLeon Demaree Dennett Denney Denning DeRee Dickerson Dickson Dien Dooks Douglas Downing Downs Draper Drosselmeyer Dunaway Dwyer


Tyra Jessica Sara Andrew Tania Helen Brittany Suyapa Sarah Jessica Mario Zachary Karissa Dominique Cynthia Gregory Zachery Elizabeth Charles Stephen Eric Carla Wrylie Jacqueline Rhonda Jacob Jessica John Bridget Ian Shannon Aaron Matthew Amber Anastasia Paulette Stacy Katie David Melissa Lacy Crystal Kendra Brianna Zachary Janessa Richard Elton John Meghan Matthew


Dwyer Dyer Earle Ebert Echevarria Edgerton Edwards Edwards Eldridge Ellis Elston Elston Emley English Erbert Evans Everhart Fahrbach Fall Farley Faust Ficken Finkle Fisher Fitzgerald Fletcher Florio Frahm Frank Frank Franz Fritschen Garcia Garrett-Irvin German Gibson Gillen Gillmore Gilmour Givens Goforth Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalez Goodwin Gould Gould Gove Graves Green Gress


ook ahead, not at your feet, make eye contact and give a greeting with a smile. There are no strangers except those you haven’t spoken to.

Abdayem Adyadou Albertson Alder Allen Allen Almeida Amposta Anderson Anderson Anderson Andes Anglemyer Anguiano Antonelli Archer Ashworth Asombwile Atarigbe Auchterlonie Babcock Bacchi

- Elvin Hatfield Derik Katie Lori Contrina April Clinton Jeremy Duessa Krystle Christopher Janet Kale Tyler Christina Anthony Micah Patrick Brittany Teila Tyler Stacy Kelsey Sherry Ashley

Grimes Grimm Guevara Guillory Gulley Haas Hadley Haigler Haines Hall Hamilton Hamm Hancock Harper-Head Harris Harris Harrold Hartman Hartman Hartman Hatcher Haugh Hays Herrington



y advice is to keep your dreams alive and pursue the thing that makes your heart beat fast and that you can’t wait to wake up and go do!! Amy Curtis Saundra Shalina Robin Justin Amanda Heidi Robin Amelia Debbie Tasia Alexandra Jared Jessica Amber Mitchell Rebbecca Luke Andrea Phuong Jamie Brice Anthony Alan Cody Daniel Jacob Anjanette Darryl Travis Jennifer Jeremiah Melody Rebecca Tara Jeremy Linda Stefani Cassidy Heather Jami Michael Ronald Tizian Curtis Christopher Kala Kylie Jared Uriah Sharon Sarah Amanda Kristen Jonathan Brian Donald Jessica Chauncey Christa Richallen Brittney Thomas Krystle Lindsey Randall Jessica Anthony Dennis Blake Nguyet Derek Chelsea Kaneesha Marissa Marvia

Abdallah Abdeljalil John Erica Ciara Crystal Marsya Wendy Casey Edna Gregory Kiley Courtney Brittany Tammy Micah Justin Michelle Malik Amanda Robert Joao

-Connie Donatelli

Herrman Hicks Highsmith Hilger Hill Hiltzman Hinkle Hitch Hladik Hoare Hockenbury Hodge Hoerschgen Holcomb Holladay Holland Hoover Hoover Houser Huddleston Huynh Hyle Irving Jaax Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jacobs Jacques Jarboe Jennings Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnston Jones Jones Jordan Jordan Jordan Kahm Kane Kane Kassik Keeler Kerwin Kilmer Kilts Kim Kinnamon Kisner Kite Kotchavar Krusemark Lajza Lam Lambert Landreth Landrum Lane Laner Langenwalter Langhover LaRue LaRue Latham Lauer Law Lawson Le Leach Leatherwood Lee Legleiter Lewin


ake in this experience its only going to happen once in there life’s, be prepared to move on after this and have all your ducks in a row, whether they are going to a four year school after this or they are going into the work force and so stay on top of things.

- Charlee Wilson Brandon Ashley Joshua Bethany Kyle James Kylie Kimberly Crystal Gabrielle Ryan Kameron William Jessica Jamie Kristie Jennifer Natalia Kristina Renato Andrew Sarah Michael Jacob Joshua Lindsey Jacob Jana Chad Shawn Mary Bradley Veneranda Steve Keith Justin Keeli Sarah Brandon Wade Michael

May McBride McCloskey McClure McClure McCoy McElravy McGlasson McGuire McHaffie McIntosh McKinney McKown McLeod McMahan McMinnville McMullen Medina Melvin Mendes Meng Mercer Meredith Messmer Metzinger Meyer Miller Miller Mills Ming Misasi Misialek Mkangara Molina Monahan Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Moore Moore Morrison



o often people in today’s society go to fill out applications and requests for scholarships that they don’t seem to realize that they do not know how to use proper grammar and English. Instead you see the information as if they were texting it to you. - Anonymous

Sheridan Arin Harlin Benjamin Niki Aaron Cherri Danielle Robin Jon Drew Alicia Julia Michael Kennee Quang Tam Thanh Thuy-Anh Michelle Chelsea Donna Alison Kura Jeremy Zachery Melissa Bradley Joseph Michelle Catherine Jeffrey Taylor Joy Valerie Madison Michelle Benjamin Samantha Holly Eden Justin Amanda Rusty Joshua Angela Megan Brandilyn Christina Andrew Barbara Kayla Svetlana Laquesha Scott Sarah Alysha Chelsea Jeanette Kiel Erika Syreeta James Andrew Kelsey Kirsten Robin Alicia Joshua Morgan Brett Nicole Nicole

Moss Munoz Murie Murray Murray Mursch Mwanache Napier Navarro Neal Nearhood Nellis Nelson Newsom Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nicholas Nichols Nickel Nittler Njie Norris Norris Novak Nugen O’Crowley O’Dell Oliver Oliver Oliver Otis Ott Owens Owens Pacewicz Pack Paine Palmer Pappan Parks Parks Parson Partridge Pater Perez Perez Pettigrew Phillips Phillips Poovey Porter Porter Post Poteat Powell Pratt Pratt Pryor Pryor Pugh Rainey Rains Ratliff Ray Rayl Reed Reese Rethmeier Rethmeier Reynolds


Caprest Ashton Erika Whitney Krista Skylar Solana Elizabeth Leticia Robert Brett Mary Nathaniel Ronnie Caroline Dayton Donna Anthony Sarah Chance Terry Shawn Lance Austin Brittney Reva Viridiana Dange Tony Katherine Samuel Sean Craig


Rhone Richardson Riggs Riley Ringer Rink Rios Ripperda Rivas Robbins Roberts Roberts Robinson Robinson Rodrigues Rodrigues Rodriguez Roebuck Rogers Ross Rowe Roy Russell Sacket Samms Sams Sanchez Sanders Sargent Sawyer Sawyer Schaffer Schmeissner


ou can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

- Maya Angelou; as quoted by Julie Kratt Jarod Landon John Melanie Luke Todd Falisha Kate Wesley Patrick Ryan Sally Amanda Chelsea Rachel Adrienne Charissa LaTonya Jaclyne Chelsi Jessica Russell Angela Brandon Eric Kip Lucas Matthew Theresa Tyler Lori Cameron Nicholas Nancy Carlos Ashley April Sarah Michele Gina Alexandra

Schmidt Schmidt Schott Schreffler Schuellein Schwartz Scott Scott Scott Scribner Shaver Shawver Shelton Shephard Sherman Simon Simone Simpson Slater Smades Small Smalley Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snow Snyder Sobba Solis Sotelo Spencer Spengler Standerfer Stefan Stephens Stewart


Joshua Stacey Steven Adam Ashley Brenna Ian Joseph Julia Mauthee Blane Kameron Brittany Phillip Miranda Kristen Samantha Zachary Brandon Immanuel Kory Jesse Robin Tiffany Ashlee Brandon Melissa Vinh Brian Samantha Kaeli Bradley Holly Kenneth Bradly Cody Alexandria Lynsey Catheryn Kurt Nicholas Tom John Heidi William Chase Destiny Jeffrey Tamara Janice Amanda Summer Amber Brittany Jarred Shawn Valerie Zachary Courtnee Garrett Nathaniel Samantha Willie Ashly Courtney Karen Mary Cory Gianna Kimberley Mitchell Katelyn Bertha Theresa


Stone Storck Storm Strader Streight Struble Sutton Sutton Swallow Swanson Tanner Tauer Taylor Taylor Teeters Tennyson Thieme Thiesing Thompson Thompson Thurber Tillman Tisdale Tolbert Tomsche Tootle Torrance Tran Trout Troyer Tucker Turner Turner Uhls Utt Utt Valley Vice Vickers Vin Zant Viola Vo Watkins Watson Weaver Webb Weishapl Wejman Weller Wendler Westenfeld Wheeler White White White White White Whitener Widler Wiebe Wigton Wike Wilkinson Williams Williams Williamson Wilson Wokaty Woods Wright Wright Ybarra Zhao Zirkel


ow is not the time to take a break. Now is the time to press forward and finish your studies. Kick back and work a summer job, but hop right back into the classroom in the fall. Better to press on with no regrets then take a break and end up selling fries when your friends are creating code, writing novels or shaping young minds. -Meg Smith



Lewis Light Light Lohr Longoria Lott Lowrie Lusk Lykes Lyman Lyons Maggard Mahon Mans Mapp Marks Marks Marquis Marshall Martin Martin Martin Martinez Mason Mason Massari Massey Masters Matamoros Maxwell

Meydora Aaron Holly Derek Ray Kaysi Todd Cory Isiah Aubrey Lee Paige Valerie Nolan Taylor Judith Micaela Leslie Ryan Devon Kristen Misty Jessica Amber Meagan Michael Titus Larry Luis Derek



MAY 6, 2010

Monster Hunter makes Cabela’s Hunting look bad

BY IAN WHITLEY Campus editor


magine being able to run over majestic fields and mountains, swimming through deeps seas, venturing through deserts and frozen plains and hunting down colossal monsters, all from the comfort of your home. Well, Monster Hunter Tri gives you the ability to do that and so much more. Monster Hunter Tri is an action roleplaying game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo Wii. But of course, like all games, it is much more than just the genre. Monster Hunter is an in depth game where the players take on the role of a hunter, a hunter of monsters of course. Players hunt down anything from large dragons to agile sea monsters. The Monster Hunter franchise was started in 2004 with the first Monster Hunter for the Playstation 2. Since then, Capcom has released 11 other Monster Hunter games for various gaming systems. The latest, of course, being Monster Hunter Tri. The game starts out depicting a quaint little fishing village with some very nicely done computer graphics. It goes on to show this village interacting, before an earthquake shakes the village. After the earthquake, panicking villagers surround the village chief. As it turns out, you are a new hunter for the village. Apparently there is a sea monster called the Lagiacrus that has been attacking the village’s fishing fleet lately and the village chief wants you to train hard enough to where you can fight it. And he wants you to find out what is causing the tremors as of late. That is really about the extent of the storyline in Monster Hunter Tri. Monster Hunter games are not really something that one plays for the story line. The emphasis for this game franchise lies in the game play. Hunting in Monster Hunter is not like your typical hunting. Sure, you track down your target, you can learn where certain monster will be at what times and what their patterns are. But this kind of hunting involves big huge swords, powerful bowguns, lances, and large war hammers. Its not your typical hunting, its more like one-on-one combat with a giant wyvern or sea creature. There are seven kinds of weapons that the player can use in this game. That includes the fast and agile sword and shield, the defensive, powerful, but slow

great sword, the versatile and strategic switchaxe, the defensive and long ranged lance, the power and fast long sword, the brute force hammer, and the long range bowgun. Each weapon plays completely different than the other. And not only that, but there are hundreds of different weapons that the players can either buy or craft by gathering the correct materials from the different areas they can explore. Monster Hunter also has a wide range of armor that players can buy and craft. Different armor provides different defense, attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. The whole weapon and armor crafting system is hard to grasp for beginners to the Monster Hunter series, and can actually be a bit of a deterrent if one is not patient enough to figure the system out. But it actually works really well, better than crafting systems in a lot of other role-playing games, even if it is a bit overwhelming at first.

down. Even though the movement system takes a while to get used to, after using it long enough it become natural and very easy to use. The combat system can also take a while to get used to. Depending on how one is moving, the character might attack differently. The player has to learn to use the different attack buttons to their advantage depending on the situation. Like with the sword and shield the player can run forward and attack to perform a jumping attack. While useful when closing in on an enemy, it is less useful when fighting up close. One could accidentally do the jumping attack and jump right past the enemy if they are not used to attacking correctly according to the situation. Finally, we move to the monster fighting system. Each monster fights Monster Hunter Tri offers the ability to hunt down monsters with differently that up to four other people with the online play. Players can join up others. So players with their friends or find hunters online to play with. (photo courcan catch on to tesy of how that certain The next thing to talk about is the actual monster fights and plan accordingly. Like hunting system. To actually hunt the big a certain monsters might have a pattern monsters one has to accept the quest to of shaking its tail before spewing fire at hunt one from the Hunters Guild. Of the player. So if the player catches on to course, players cannot just jump in and this they can avoid the attack. Of course, take down the Lagiacrus. The have to the problem can be at time, after fighting move up in the ranks with the quests until a monster over and over again, it could they are good enough to fight the bigger become a little bit redundant if the monsters. One does not even fight a very monster becomes too easy to powerful monster until the second grade fight. But sometimes a larger of quests where they can choose to fight monster will run away the Great Jaggi, a rather large velociraptor when it is about to die to like creature. After completing a quest the heal itself, so this adds player has the option to go back and replay a bit more variety the quest again to earn more money and into the mix. Also, find more materials for crafting. you never know if The movement system itself takes a long another decides to while to get used to. At first, players may pay a visit and help find themselves getting very frustrated with the movement system. While moving, the character does not stop instantly when the player lets off the analog stick. The character will take a step or two more to stop, like one would in real life. And the new swimming system can be very (graphics courtesy hard to get used to because the players of have to not only move forward, but up and


out its fellow monster. When put together, Monster Hunter makes a very strong and beautiful game. The single player itself is enough to buy the game. But the single player is not all that you get. You also get the multiplayer action. First is the arena. In the arena you can team up with another person on the same console and play on the same TV to take down different monsters in an arena-like setting. Although, you can not explore the world like in the single player mode. The multiplayer exploration is reserved for the online gameplay. The online gameplay is a completely different monster. It has a new town, new characters, and new settings. It also has brand new quests that one can play with others online. One can join up with their friends for some monster slaying fun, or they can search online to find random hunters to gang up with. One can have a party of up to four people to go on quests with. So, killing monsters can be a group experience. Overall, Monster Hunter Tri is a great game. I personally give the game a 10 out of 10 based on game play alone. The graphics might not be up to par with the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, but for a Wii game it has very good graphics. There are times when would I look out over the landscape after getting to the top of a mountain and be amazed at how good the game looks, especially for a Wii game. At times hardcore gamers are quick to judge Wii games as simple and easy. But Monster Hunter Tri is far from that. It is definitely aimed at the more hardcore gamer. Sure a more casual gamer could play it as well, but it would take more work for them to learn how to play it.


CP SCENE Cowley men gone wild MAY 6, 2010

Misialek wins Mr. Cinderfella crown

Behind The Scenes

BY IAN WHITLEY Campus editor


ecently, fifteen of Cowley’s men got together and completely threw their dignity out the window in exchange for a chance to win the great honor of being Mr. Cinderfella. The Brown Center Theater was completely packed out during the event, which took place on April 22. The students participated in a beachwear, talent, and eveningwear section. The winner of the beachwear section went to Peter Onelio, freshman, who was dressed up in a wig and women‘s clothing. Aaron Brooks, sophomore, won the talent section with his song about college life. And Shane Parsons, sophomore, won the leisure wear competition with his snazzy sports jacket and slacks. In the other awards, Onelio won the “Best Eyes“ award. Dayton Rodrigues, sophomore, won the “Wanna Take Him Home” award. Caprest Rhone, sophomore, won the “Best Smile” award. And the “Mr. Personality” award went to (Year in School) Charles Fall. The fourth runner or the Mr. Cinderfella title was to Brooks. The third runner up was Sophomore Isbek Salinas. The second runner up was Fall. The first runner up was Parsons. Finally, the coveted Mr. Cinderfella award went to BJ Misialek, sophomore. Misialek was crowned with the honorary cap, he was given a beautiful bouquet of wheat and he received the reused baseball trophy as his awards for his hard work and dedication at this year’s Mr. Cinderfella.

Taryn Miller Top row: Peter Fairchild, sophomore, Mitchell Wright, sophomore, Isbek Salinas, sophomore, Clinton Haas, sophomore, Joey Kendrick, freshman Middle Row: Robert Hutson, sophomore, Mitch Hoover, sophomore, Jake Fletcher, sophomore, Dayton Rodrigues, sophomore. Bottom Row: Peter Onelio, freshman, Aaron Brooks, sophomore, Charles Fall, sophomore, Becki Ronen, Miss Kansas, Shane Parsons, sophomore, Caprest Rhone, sophomore, B.J. Misialek, sophomore. (photo by Carly Budd)

Where did you go to high school? Winfield High School What was your first experience with music? [Listening to] Barney. What is your major? Music What are you involved in at Cowley? I’m in the percussion section in Concert band. I have never been in a percussion group before. Guitar ensemble. Next year I will probably do choir and Jazz band. I’m also trying to start a quidditch team. What do you want to do after Cowley? I hope to go to Colombia in Chicago to study film or UNT to study music. What is your favorite color? Clear What kind of music inspires you? What I want to start implementing is Motown. I know that sounds weird but I’m really into it. I like artists like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and the Temptations. When did you start playing with Chad Buttram and Caleb Johnston? It started with my first day in Concert Band. He was wearing an “Explosions in the Sky” t-shirt that you can only get online so I knew he was a big fan. He told me about him and Caleb and said they wanted to collaborate with someone. I had tried to do some solo stuff before so I had some songs I wanted to do that they accompanied . We haven’t written anything together yet.

Left: Clinton Haas, sophomore, wears his censored boxes during leisure wear. Top Left: Charles Fall, sophomore, dances to “Jump on It” for his talent. He participated in the talent portion with Caprest Rhone, sophomore. Top Middle: Joey Kendrick, freshman, rips off his shirt during his magic trick to reveal the queen of diamonds painted on his chest. Top Right: Caprest Rhone, sophomore, struts his stuff for leisure wear. Bottom: Mitchell Wright, sophomore, tries to bribe the judges with ring pops. (photos by Carly Budd)


How does your new job at Wal-Mart compare to your old job at Apple Market? I look better in red. I can’t pull off navy blue. Anything interesting about you? I’m obsessed with tea cup kittens. I’m gluten intolerant and hyperglycemic so keep the sugar and bread away.



May 6, 2010

Online publication to hit the big screen BY PETER ONELIO Staff writer


riginally self-published online in 2006, by English horror writer David Moody (the Autumn series), Hater a sci-fi thriller is expected to hit the big screens in 2010. Without any help from a literary agent, in 2006 Moody sold the film rights to producer Guillermo Del Toro (Panís Labyrinth, Hellboy I and II and the upcoming Hobbit series) which will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage). The first book in a trilogy, Hater has been compared to 28 Days Later and I am Legend. The second book in the trilogy is titled Dog Blood and the third title remains unannounced. Hater tells the story from the viewpoint of an apparent anti-hero, Danny McCoyne, over the course of a week and three days. The unassuming McCoyne lives in an ambiguous English city during present time when terrible killings begin to take place. At first the violence seems unrelated and simply inconvenient though it soon turns widespread and sends citizens into a fight for their lives, including McCoyne and his family. The arbitrary killings happen when a person, anyone, regardless of age, race or gender suddenly changes, not turning into a zombie or anything, but in a moment feels threatened and fearful of those around

them and so turns to self-defense which ends expectedly in a blood bath. These erratic killers are dubbed Haters by the media. The government cannot seem to fathom this influx of murders committed by normal people. Is the madness and hysteria manufactured by the media? Are people running scared from something that doesn’t

even exist? Or is there something in the water? Has something been sprayed into the air by terrorists? Are we living through

some bizarre Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Or is it something worse than that? In the novel the author faces, without restraint, the difficult theme of right and wrong and searches the fine line between good and evil and what exactly people are capable of doing to survive in a paranoia induced world. This uncertainty of who truly are the good guys not only is questioned by the characters in the story, but the reader himself; and leaves you wondering whether McCoyne is the protagonist or the antagonist. I can’t stop wondering why, in the last few decades, Britain has cultivated this affinity with apocalyptic- type stories usually involving zombies or a deadly, highly infectious virus. The author, Moody, admits he fed his mind on a steady dose of trashy horror movies like Night of the Living Dead and post-apocalyptic fiction including War of the Worlds and Day of the Triffids. “It was the power of these stories which really got to me, the way that events outside the control of any authority might one day impact on absolutely everyone,” says Moody. When asked about his interest in telling stories involving mass panic and social collapse he answered that, “I don’t think I’m alone in my fascination with the end of the world! In fact, there seems to be a huge surge of interest in the genre right now. I think that as the world becomes a more precarious and uncertain place to live in

ning to the burning debris. Then for some reason this frames the squad and they go into hiding in South America. So now they must hunt down Max, who wears a glove on his left hand that covers an unsightly scar, and get their revenge. What the director was going for was a simple plot so he could forget the niceties of plot or character development past the first five minutes and get to the awesome clichés of wisecracks from the smart-aleck villain (who says the name of his lackey, Wade, too much) and the slightly nerdy white guy who always says the wrong thing at the wrong time. The director, in an interview, said he wanted to come up with something new but, sadly, he did not deliver. Some may say not to take this action flick too seriously but I know plenty of action flicks that don’t incorporate every over-used dramatic walking away from explosions shot and cool slow motion shot during a gnarly fight scene; Predator, Rambo (the originals) just to name a couple good ones. But unless you’re into cheap thrills, corny catch phrases and the always needed semi-steamy lust scene then The Losers is just what the doctor ordered. This one gets 2 sickly cat-cries out of 10.

Who would not give their right arm to be a smart-mouthed soldier of fortune? Combining a mix of comedy and hardcore action that produces the archetype of today’s action-thrillers The Losers pull it off. (Photo Courtesy of

Madness rolls across the world. As an unkown disease causes people to fear for their safety for no obvious reason and reach to attack any one who seems to threaten them. (photo Courtesy of

these sorts of stories will continue to grow in popularity.” We tend to take a lot for granted. We just expect that, day after day, everything will remain the same and life will go on. But the fact is nothing’s certain. Something could happen at any second that could change everything. “I’m not interested in super heroes or action heroes, I want to know what will happen to you and me and my neighbors and my friends and my relatives when it all hits the fan! I like looking at the “whatifs” and trying to imagine the worst case scenario.” My opinion of the novel is that it most definitely followed the model that hooked the author on the genre in the first place; it was a book that kept you interested and cringing throughout. Though I am convinced that the cover illustration of the book was more beautiful than the writing itself. And am still debating whether or not to label Moody a dime a dozen crap artist producing horror novels raking over age old themes or will be composing versatile thought and gag reflex provoking works. Whenever it is all said and done I would give it 5 flesh ripping claws out of 10. My advice would be not to spend the $14 on it new, but get it second hand or check it out from the local library, available at the Arkansas City Library on Fifth Ave., so you can feel dirty for reading it for free; or just wait until the movie comes out.

The Losers, what else is there to say about a movie of such intense septic disproportions BY PETER ONELIO Staff writer Opening this weekend, The Losers has been getting pretty good reviews. Claiming the #4 spot at the box-office earning $9.6 million. And why shouldn’t it? It’s the classic action/thriller coming at you with a stylized twist. Directed by Syvain White (Stomp the Yard, I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer) The Losers was based on the comic-book series, written by Andy Diggle, of the same name. It starts out with the multi-cultural team (this I guess is supposed to win brownie points with the masses) on a dangerous mission inside Bolivia to kill a drug lord. All of a sudden, a voice comes over the radio, a man named Max, and instructs the aircraft to go ahead with bombing the village. The cute, innocent children with stuffed toys and all in it even though the team leader, Clay, radioed in to abort. Short story even shorter, the team goes in, rescues children in the nick of time, kills drug lord, and puts children on the helicopter home. The aircraft is ordered by Max, yet again, to destroy the helicopter thinking the team was aboard. A missile hits and it explodes dramatically with the main characters run-



MAY 6, 2010


Tigers preparing for NJCAA National Championships BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor

by running a lot it will help us hopefully,” said sophomore No. 1 singles player Lloyd Bruce-Burgess. repping for a national tournament After last year’s ninth place finish at the is no easy task. Add in a three week national tournament expectations are yet absence in play and it is even more again high. challenging. The Tigers seem to be up “We’re ranked number five, so we to the challenge though, as they prepare have some opportunities to go in and do for the 2010 NJCAA Men’s National well. But, we try not to draw too much on Championships to be held in Plano, Texas expectations, just to go out do well and May 10 –May 15. play our best tennis of the year hopefully. If Head Coach Josh Cobble has done little that’s the case we’ll let it fall as it may,” said to change the team’s practice routine. Cobble. Bruce-Burgess, who won the Region VI Title at No. 1 singles, was less modest about his expectations as a team. As a team I think we have the potential to push for a top three spot. However, I expect us to finish around number four, five, or six in the nation at least,” said Bruce Burgess. The Tigers look to compete heavily not only as a team overall but at the individual level also. Cowley won three of the six singles titles at the Region VI tournament, those players being; Bruce-Burgess at No. 1, Roger White, sophomore, and No. Eyeing the ball, Brittney Laner, sophomore, prepares for a two- 3, and Alex Dickson, handed backhand. Laner advanced through day one in both freshman, at No. singles and doubles. (photo by Carly Budd) 6. Bruce-Burgess is “It’s just back to the normal routine. excited about his opportunities going into We try not to treat it much different than this year’s meet after making it to the semianything else we do. It affects nerves and it finals last season. affects everything else. So we’re still doing “I made the semis last, and I’m ranked the same thing that we do everyday. It’s like fourth in the nation right now. So as far as you prepare for a marathon and you run number one singles goes, I expect at least everyday. Then two weeks before you don’t the semifinals out of myself. There is really only decide to start doing something completely one guy in the tournament that I would have to different,” said Cobble play my very best tennis to beat. That is Damien Cobble, who is currently at the NJCAA Hume; he is currently number one in the nation. Women’s National Championships in I have had a close match with him before, at the Tucson, Arizona, left the team to run their individual national tournament in the fall. So own practice in his absence. if all goes to plan I will meet him in either the “Josh left us in charge of our own semis or the finals of number one singles,” said practice. We have been and plan to practice Bruce-Burgess. 2-3 hours a day. A lot of points situated stuff The Tiger’s confidence is level is high and if and running everyday after. The matches their practice pays off; their level of play will be can get very intense at nationals and there high too. were a lot of teams cramping last year, so On the women’s side the Tigers have the



Women’s National Championships Day One-

Getting To Know

* No. 1 — Adrijana Pavlovic/Jamie Blackim (CC) defeated Rebekah Hegel/Rachel Hegel (Elgin) 6-1, 6-1. * No. 2 — Jessica Montemayor/Brittney Laner (CC) defeated Jennifer Black/Katie Kilgore (Snead State) 6-2, 6-1. * No. 3 — Wrylie Finkle/Shannon Franz (CC) lost to Tracy Schnack/Elisha Bryant (North Central Texas) 3-6, 6-7 (2). * No. 1 — Pavlovic (CC) defeated Kim Grace (Lake County) 6-2, 6-0. * No. 2 — Montemayor (CC) defeated Mariel Alvarez (North Central Texas) 6-2, 6-2. * No. 3 — Blackim (CC) defeated Mirka Illasova (Lake County) 6-2, 6-0. * No. 4 — Natalia Medina (CC) defeated Rachel Clarke (Eastern Arizona) 6-3, 6-3. * No. 5 — Finkle (CC) lost to Jenn Wooland (North Central Texas) 6-3, 6-2. * No. 6 — Laner (CC) defeated Katie McIver (Lewis & Clark) 6-1, 6-3.

perfect formula heading into the NJCAA Women’s National Championships in Tucson, Ariz. The team has won back-toback Region VI titles. They have a team of dominating sophomores, with national tournament experience. They also captured seven of the nine titles at the Region VI tournament; Five of six singles, two of three doubles. What do all of these elements add up to; the perfect equation for a run at national tournament. “We won back-to-back region titles with the girls. We’re going into the national tournament ranked fourth in the country and we definitely have the talent to go out and be successful. We’ve got a good solid team and we’ve got a lot of experience this year,” said the always modest Cobble. The Tigers feel comfortable about their current situation as the prep for a high tournament run. Cowley placed eighth last year at the tournament with 22 points. Lee College won the tournament with 39 points. “We’re going to go in with some great opportunities in a lot of positions that we can do really well, but once again in comes down to the draw, how other teams do, are we able to hold our end of the bargain,” said Cobble. The Tigers are taking seven sophomores into the tournament. Cobble believes that their experience from last year’s national championships will help them at the tournament. “There’s not a whole lot of mystery to what we’re doing this year. Last year it was their first time, a new experience, none of the girls really knew what to expect or how things went. You can tell someone how things go a million times but once they actually get there it’s a whole new experience. They’ll be more ready this year,” said Cobble. According to Cobble if it all comes down to play, he firmly believes the team will be able to do well. “It’s just gonna come down to tennis this year, I hope. If we go out and we just have to play tennis, then I feel really comfortable about that,” said Cobble. The Tigers were at the tournament during the time of publication.

Lloyd Bruce-Burgess Region VI No. 1 Singles Champion Tennis Where did you grow up? I grew up in Brockenhurst England, which is the southern part of England. What was it like going from there to here in Arkansas City, Kan. It was big change. There is alot more to do back home. Tennis and studying was different here to. What has been the biggest difference coming from another country to the United States? A difference for me is the food here. I was used to home-cooked food ever night and the type of food here is different. How long have you been playing tennis? I’ve been playing tennis for 15 years. What do you like to do in your time away from tennis? Spend time with my friends and my girlfriend. To watch sports and go out. I like to speak with friends and family back home too. Where do you plan to go after you have finished your time here at Cowley? I’m not eligible for the NCAA due to having too much time out of education before enrolling in college, so I have to go the NAIA. I’m going to Azusa Pacific University in California. It’s the number three ranked school in NAIA What brand of racquet(s) do you use? I use Head Racquets. Bruce-Burgess and the men’s tennis team will next compete at the NJCAA Men’s National Championships in Plano, Texas. The event will take place from May 10-15.



MAY 6, 2010

Solid hitting and pitching gives Cowley a head start to postseason BY CHELSEA WEATHERS Layout editor


eading into the beginning of the Regional Playoffs as defending Jayhawk East and Region VI Champions and a solid overall score of 3610, softball keeps it under control. With sophomore Ashley Spencer’s and freshman Star McLeod’s outstanding pitching and strong support from the team, these ladies will be sure to come out ahead. “We are the defending champions and are at the top seed in the district so we have a good chance at winning,” said Head Coach, Ed Hargrove. “However we have seven teams that want to make sure we don’t win.” On April 24, the team played a double header against the University of Kansas Softball Club and defeated them both times. In the first game Spencer carried the team to the win with 16 strikeouts and gave up only one hit. The final score was 7-0. McLeod pitched her way in the second game giving up no hits and had 11 strikeouts. The final score was 4-1. “When I do pitch that many strikeouts in a game, it makes me feel good but I put pressure on myself to continue the success,” said McLeod, “It makes me work harder.” “Our pitching was outstanding,” said Hargrove. Pitching was not the only thing that caused them to win the games. Scoring runs is the only way to do it. In the first game freshman outfielder, Bri Akers had 1 hit, sophomore shortstop, Alysha Poteat had 2 hits, freshman first and third baseman, Nichole Cutherberston had 2 hits, one of those a double, and freshman first basemen, Ali Unrein had 3 hits. In game two Akers again excelled in hitting with three hits, one of those a triple, Cutherbertson had two hits and freshman catcher, Lindsey Miller had two hits. “A lot of things pop into my mind when I step up to the plate. I tell myself to make contact and at least make a base hit to move the runners along. But what happens,

Alysha Poteat, sophomore drives her powerful swing with the momentum of her stance and makes contact. Poteat, along with fellow team members contributed to the wins of the last league game. (photo by Christopher Bales) happens,” said Akers. Akers feels good that she can help the team score runs. “Sometimes, you can feel when you get a good hit. Others, you know you are in control and are going to hit the ball where no one can catch it.” The start of the Regional Playoffs was very successful last Saturday as the team defeated Dodge City at home. “I was a little nervous heading into the Playoffs but I know we are going to do well,” Akers stated.

With Spencer being the winning pitcher improving her overall record to 27 wins and only 5 losses the Tigers put another win in their ball bag. The score of the first game was 5-0 with the end of the batting lineup hitting all the runs. Freshmen Haley Heincker (second base and outfielder) and Alyssa Allison (second base) hit two runs each. Also, freshman outfielder Jazmen Dubauld had one run finishing the total runs of the game. “Line up hitters seven, eight, and nine really played a key part in our offense,”

said Hargrove. In the second game Spencer again was the leading pitcher and improved her record to 28 wins and 5 losses. McLeod was put in to relieve Spencer in the sixth and seventh innings. As a pitcher, McLeod faces a lot of stress because at that time in the game, she has control. The umpires are the ones who call the shots but pitchers are the ones who make them. “It is nice to know that the team supports me no matter what kind of game I’m having. I just have to try my best and remember that the defense is down and ready.” There are many different types of pitches that work for different pitchers and batters. “My favorite pitch is the change up because I like tricking people.” The next game was opposite, with the beginning of the batting line; hitters three, four, five, and six making all the contact. Sophomores Poteat, Cutherbertson, Taylor Cantillon (outfielder), and Spencer all had hits that made the final score 11-4. The team also had two 2-run home runs. What is the cause of all the winning? Coaching, hard work, and special bonds are just a few of the reasons for success. “I think the special thing about this years’ team is that every person knows and understands their roles,” said Hargrove. After the nine starters, there are still six women on the bench either waiting to relieve someone or serve as a pinch or fill in for someone who is injured, needs relief, etc. “Whether they are a starter or not, everyone knows what they are and how they are used to help the team. It makes me happier and I think the team is happier when no one squabbles.” Despite the nervousness of the team while entering the playoffs, the Tigers have a good head start. “Although nerves might get to us in a serious game, we all breathe a sigh of relief after that first pitch,” said McLeod. The Tigers play Hutchinson May 7.

Four game winning streak heading into tournament BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor After having Seminole State end their winning streak, the Tigers needed a strong response to keep them on track heading into postseason play. The team did just that by completing two straight doubleheader sweeps against Highland. “It was really important for us to win those games,” said Head Coach Dave Burroughs. It puts us in a good position for the post season. You wanna [sic] be playing your best baseball of the year right now. Hopefully that’s what we’re doing.” In the first doubleheader the team easily won game one 13-3. It was the second game that caused drama. Heading into the

bottom of the fifth inning, the Tigers were trailing 11-3. With the fear of being run-ruled creeping in, the Tigers shifted the momentum of the game on their side by blasting in seven runs. Three innings later Matt Garcia, sophomore, scored an RBI, knotting the score at 11 each. The game would continue on into extra innings and finally ended in the 12 inning when Chance Ross, sophomore, scored on a single by sophomore B.J. Misialek. “The guy’s have a lot of fight,” said Burroughs. “The thing about that game is that the guys pitched it well. Our pitchers were great that weekend. The whole series they did well.” The Tigers’ second doubleheader lacked

the dramatic luster from game two of the first doubleheader. In game one, the Tigers scored two runs in the second inning and would hold a lead the entire game, in which the final was 3-2. Game two provided the Tigers an opportunity for a score-fest. Cowley opened up the game by scoring three runs in the first inning. They followed that spree with a one run second inning and five run third inning to accumulate a 9-0 lead. Highland did not score a run until the fourth inning, but by then it was too late. The Tigers scored four more runs over the next five innings to close out a score of 13-2. Freshman Connor Duckhorn helped to lead the Tigers’ offensive attack, finishing 4-5 with one RBI. The team had a combined


total of 24 hits and one error compared to Highland’s 13 hits and six errors. The four wins brought the Tigers’ record to 29-7 in Jayhawk East Play. The Tigers final three games, which were scheduled to be played this week, were cancelled. This means that the team’s next game will take place during Sub Regionals, which will take place May 7, 8, and 9. “We thought we were gonna [sic] play more games but we aren’t because they were cancelled. So we just try to get better and get ourselves ready for the tournament,” said Burroughs, “We plan on playing well and hopefully we can represent our institution in a good way.”


MAY 6, 2010


Tigers continue record breaking pursuits on track and field BY RICHARD GOULD Editor-in-Chief


sing their training as a strength the men’s track and field team qualified not only for nationals, but broke school records too. The men have been working on improving their strength and their turnover rate. According to Assistant Track and Field Coach Vince Degrado the turnover rate is how fast it takes your legs to make a full rotation. The men competed in the Southwestern Relay Invite held on April 24 at the Cowley College Track since the Southwestern field was under construction. Cowley fared well at the meet stacking up against the competition including: Southwestern College, West Texas A&M, Oklahoma Christian University, Tabor College, Friends University, Allen County, Butler Community College, Coffeyville, Dodge City, Neosho County, Oklahoma Baptist University, University of Missouri at Kansas City, and Southern Nazarene University. Highlights of the event include sophomore Jory Custar winning the 800 meter run with a time of 1:52.42. “It was an honor to win what was called ‘the most exciting race of the meet.’”said Custar. “I also got my first collegiate medal and it just happened to be gold.” The time broke the school record of 1:52.97 set back in 2003 by Marcelo Dunning and qualified him for nationals. The long distance runners from the team placed in the top positions. Sophomore Dustin Mettler, qualified for both the 1500 meter run and the 5000 meter run. “It felt great winning,” said Mettler. “I’m glad I got to [win] on our home track.” The men swept the board in the 5000 meter run with Mettler placing first along with sophomores Phillip Banowetz, Isbek Salinas and T.J. Mapp placing just right behind him. “The 5000 meter was a race where there were no expectations except hit certain lap splits and then last mile don’t let anybody beat you,” said Degrado. “As hard as I work them I expect them to be ready to run fast and just compete.” Overall the men’s team managed to break through and get some more people into the national meet which will be held at Hutchinson Community College during May 20-22.   “Over all we had a very good meet and some wonderful performances,” said Head Track and Field Coach Mark Phillips. “We

felt very good about it because the Region VI / Jayhawk Conference Championship meet is next week at Johnson and we really think we are ready for a good meet. The women experienced similar success in their meet. With the gunshot heard in the air Freshman Richelle Farly headed toward the finish line in the 100 meters hurdles. She ran as fast as she could to the finish line with a time of 14.61. The time qualified her for not only nationals but also broke the old record of 15.65 was set by Neisha Peterson 2007. ”I felt really good,” said Farly. “It was my first clean race for the season and I qualified for nationals so I was pleased with my performance.” According to Head Coach Mark Phillips this is the third record that Farly has broken in the hurdles. This was just a ~ Robin Ray small feat in what was to become a starting block for the Women’s field and track team. This meet was no exception to the rule as many of the women made it to the national mark or even broke school records. The other field events included the pole vault where sophomore Katie Gillmore placed first with a jump of 3.7 meters and freshman Allison Hoover placed fifth with a jump of 3.2 meters. “The Southwestern invite went very well for me,” said Hoover. “I was not sure how well I would do because my foot has been injured, but I worked through and pulled out a personal best for the year.” The women did exceedingly well in the running events including the 4x800 meter relay. Sophomore Marvia Lewin placed first in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:15.76. In the longer running events sophomore Robin Ray placed first in both the 1500 meter run and the 5000 meter run. “It felt amazing to be back out on the track competing and running with other girls,” said Ray. “It was really exciting to win the two events.” With most of the women making it to the national mark the team looks prepared for the upcoming meets. The next meet on the schedule is Region VI/Jayhawk Conference meet in Overland Park May 6-8. Between now and Regionals the Tigers competed at the Dean Pryor Invitational held at Coffeyville, Kan. “A very small contigent of the Tiger Track and Field teams made the trek to Coffeyville on Saturday for the 2010 Coffeyville Dean Pryor Invitational,” said Phillips. Phillips also said that national qualifying marks were hit by Gillmore, sophomore Mark Butler and freshman Michael McLeod.

It felt amazing to be back out on the track competing and running with the other girls.

Receiving the hand off from freshman Tyler Patterson in the 4x100 meter relay is sophomore Adrian Porter. The relay team of sophomore Tobiah Rocker, Porter, Patterson, and sophomore Raymond Quill recently placed third with a time of 42.73 at the Southwestern Invite. (photo by Carly Budd)


Dean Pryor Invitational


Women 100 Meter Hurdles 3 Striplin, Cinnamon 17.57

Men 100 Meter Dash 5 Patterson, Tyler 11.49

Women 400 Meter Hurdles 2 Striplin, Cinnamon 1:13.45

Men Pole Vault 1 Butler, Mark 4.60m 15’ 1 ½” NQM 3 McLeod, Michael 4.50m 14’ 9” NQM 5 Valcin, Rick 4.40m 14’ 5” 6 Griffith, Mac 4.30m 14’ 1”

Women Pole Vault 1 Gillmore, Katie 3.70m 12’ ½” NQM Women Shot Put 6 Reddig, Cearra 10.79m 8 Ralstin, Ruthann 9.67m 9 Jauregui, Annalisa 9.07m 10 Tolbert, Tiffany 9.04m

Men Shot Put 5 James, Charles 14.59m

Women Discus Throw 1 Poljansek, Kelsey 46.51m 8 Ralstin, Ruthann 30.32m 11 Hope, Stephanie 25.75m

Men Discus Throw 7 James, Charles 43.05m 11 Putman, Mason 37.71m 13 White, Edric 31.49m

Women Hammer Throw 5 Hope, Stephanie 39.15m 8 Ralstin, Ruthann 35.46m 9 Reddig, Cearra 35.33m 11 Tolbert, Tiffany 34.74m 13 Green, Whitney 32.89m 14 Jauregui, Annalisa 31.99m

Men Hammer Throw 7 Putman, Mason 44.95m 8 White, Edric 34.13m 9 James, Charles 32.83m

Women Javelin Throw 6 Jauregui, Annalisa 29.58m

*NQM-National qualifying mark

Men Long Jump 4 Rocker, Tobiah 6.09m

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!ssue 14 2010  

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