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The Student Newspaper of Cowley College Issue 6 February 2, 2012

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Campus Chatter Homecoming

Five men and five women Cowley students were selected as finalists for the homecoming festivities set for Feb. 1 at Cowley. The final voting was held when the students returned from winter break and the King and Queen were crowned at halftime of the men’s game on Feb. 1. Men Finalists: Will Austin Clint Meyer Drew Palmer John Ward Anthony White Women Finalists: Breanna Bryant Shelby Cornejo Katelyn Edwards Molley Scanlon Rosi Simmons

Last day to order

The Lady Tiger basketball team is going to “Black Out Breast Cancer” when they host Labette on Feb. 18. The Tigers are selling shirts (short sleeve $10, long sleeve $15, adult sizes small – 4x available (additional charge for 2x-4x). Youth sizes XS-Large available. Find one of the women’s basketball players to order or contact Janyce Sturd at 620-441-6503 or sturdj@ Last day to order shirts is Feb. 2. All proceeds go to Cowley’s Relay for Life.


CC Singers will be singing Valengrams on Feb.14, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. only in the Arkansas City and Winfield areas. To order a Valengram or for more information, call the Humanities office at 4415252 or 441-5223. Phone Valengrams are also available. All proceeds go to support the Cowley College Singers.

New locations

There has been a change in location of the housing and intramural office. The Housing Office is now located in the Nelson Student Center office 202. The location of the Central Ave Dorm Manager/ Intramural Coordinator will be where the Housing office was located in Central Ave Room 100, 102 S. 5th Street. Telephone numbers are the same: Housing Office 620.441.5289 Intramural Office 620.441.5393

Delivering love at low costs Groups, organizations selling valentines and services

Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter


en, do not give her those same boring Spiderman Valentines left over from fifth grade. She has outgrown them and may outgrow you too if she does not find something more to her liking this Feb. 14. Women, men do not want some mushy gushy teddy bear. Men see Valentine’s Day as a very expensive way to get what they really want candy. Prepare to be cast aside, Spiderman/mushy gushy teddy. The new Valentines are in town. CC Singers For twenty years, the Cowley College Singers have been serenading loved ones. “I started doing this my very first year here at Cowley, and I started here in ’92,” said

Every year the CC Singers sell their voices to deliver messages of love on Valentine’s day. This is just one service offered by the clubs and organizations at Cowley. (file photo) Connie Donatelli, director of vocal music. “It has really become a part of the culture here in Ark City. People call in December, wanting to know if we are selling yet, because they know we are going to do it.” The CC Singers, one of the best college singing groups in the nation, offers Valengrams for sale, where the

select singing troupe will serenade your loved one in the Winfield/Ark City area, or beyond via telephone, for a $20 base-price. In addition, the group will gift said loved one with a long stem red carnation and a gorgeous handmade card. “We make all deliveries in the Ark City, Winfield [area]… Because we do it all in one day,” said

Donatelli. CC Singers use the money generated by Valengrams sales to help with traveling expenses. The singers will travel to Greeley, Colo. this spring with the Cowley Jazz Band for the premier jazz festival in the world. PBL This year, Phi Beta Lambda

is selling Candy-Grams to help offset travel costs to send members to their National competition. “We are very excited,” commented PBL President Haley Rouleau, “We always make a lot of money.” There are now even more selections and packages to give that special someone.

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Working for the look in their eye Director of ACES awarded for years of service in Ark City

Wil Austin Editor-in-chief


e is a polite man: he calls everyone “ma’am” or “sir.” This is what sophomore Indigo Pohlman said stands out to her about James Fry, the 2012 recipient of the Joe B. Avery Community Spirit Award, presented at Martin Luther King Celebration of Unity ceremony Jan. 15. Fry, a native of Arkansas City, spends his life trying to make a difference in the lives of others. He started working at Cowley 15 years ago with Academic and Civil Engagement through Service (ACES), a scholarship program he currently leads. ACES students are

If 2012 were really the end of the world, what would be the first thing on your bucket list?

After years of serving the community through volunteer work and leading Cowley’s community service program, Academic Civil Engagement through Service, James Fry was given the Joe B. Avery Community Spirit Award Jan. 15. (photo by Wil Austin) required to complete 85 hours of community service and submit papers to reflect on their work. Most students are likely to have seen Fry in a sociology, psychology, or economics class when he talks about the service

Andrea Stara Freshman

“I would go skydiving.”

learning assignments. With ACES, Fry has volunteered for almost every organization in or around Arkansas City. He has been involved in one way or another with every house built by Habitat for

Tim Young Freshman

“I would visit many countries to see what they would be like.”

Humanity, he has held several food packaging events with Numana, and last semester he took the group on two trips to Joplin, Mo. to help in recovery work after the tornado last May. Pohlman is attending

Tabatha Waldroupe Sophomore

“Try to get all of my family back together.”

college on scholarship with ACES, so she interacts with “Mr. Fry” regularly. She described him as a very warm and friendly individual. “I feel like I could probably walk into his house and he would treat me like family,” Pohlman said. Fry’s real family consists of his wife and two children. His daughter, Micah Fry, is a freshman at Cowley and she said volunteer work was a normal part of life growing up in the Fry household. “When I was a senior in high-school, I had to do a picture slideshow of me growing up and there are pictures of me painting the downstairs of the library and all these different volunteer events,” Micah said. “That was just what I liked to do.” One of her father’s mantras, Micah said, is, “It’s not about you. It is never about you, no matter what the situation. You can always turn it and focus on somebody else, and that is going to make it a better situation.”

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Tom Saia Athletic Director

“Take a Harley through New Zealand from north to south.”


Feb. 2, 2012

End of the year, not the world


Life will continue on for a bit longer

Tera Mills Staff reporter


uickly gather up supplies needed to fight off the flesh-rotting zombies. Fear, hype, speculation and criticism bump into high gear as the end of the world draws near. Those who buy into the end of the world scenario in 2012 are taking precautions, hoarding resources and generally preparing for the

worst. It is like a scene right out of a movie where some opt to party hard, some drop to their knees and others continue on business as usual. Those who begin to gather and store for the end of the world may not have figured out they are wasting their hard-earned money. On the other hand, they won’t have to buy select supplies any time soon. The rumors of the world ending from a zombie apocalypse, religious end of times, or a truly all-natural disaster are suddenly becoming real to the masses. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the world’s end has been predicted. Less than a year ago, the world was supposed to end. The prophesied rapture was to occur May 21, 2011. When Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping foretold the

enough even though most date, many followers began their preparations for the yearly calendars end on the end of life on last day in earth. December, Well, the there are those who end of the saw the end world did not occur of the Mayan that day. We calendar as are all still a sign of the living on end of time for the huearth, well some more man race. It than othcould just as ers. Much of easily be the the hype on Mayan calendar-maker the whole end-of-theran out of world-panic materials is attributed or went on to the Mayan strike, found a better job calendar. The Maor dropped yans created dead from a calendar, boredom. Increasing fear is inducing which ends Any numstress, panic, anxiety, and ber of things on Dec. 21, depression in people. (photo 2012. Oddly could have illustration by Tera Mills)

happened to explain the odd ending date other than it marks the end of the world. Spoiler alert: Something will happen on Dec. 21, 2012 — just not the end of the world. Maybe someone will break a bone, a child will be born, a teenager will eat too much or too little. ‘Something’ will occur; it just won’t cause the whole world to end. Unfortunately, though, someone somewhere will die on that day. Death is a natural occurrence in life, one not wanted, but it is something that every person must face one day. Oddly enough, though, all these fearful loons are right, the world will end one day. It probably will not occur in this lifetime or even the next one. So calm down, take a moment to breathe and live on without fear or panic. It could make life longer.

Various shades of love Changing Valentine’s Day to include every heart

Shelby Welch Staff photographer Valentine’s Day is a day completely devoted to love. What really is the purpose of Valentine’s Day? Let me just say that if you have to

wait for the one day a year to grow a pair and say how you feel about someone, that I am sorry for you. Valentine’s Day is a day for people who like to have a piece of chocolate before they go to sleep. Valentine’s Day is also a day for florists to have a significant boost in sales. Especially with the rich doctors with the woman on the side or if you want to be original you could get a girls bouquet of broccoli or cauliflower, which would be way more original! Let me just break down to how Valentine’s Day escalates as you get older. When you are in elementary school it’s all about making the most awesome Valentine’s Day box ever, to create a “love shack” or a SpongeBob

Squarepants box. Then came finding out all the kids in your classes name and writing it on your wicked Valentine’s Day cards that were bedazzled with hearts and glitter. Then you get in intermediate school and things take a turn for the serious side, you give the girl that you like a jewelry box or a flower not knowing what on earth it means, but it sure did make you look cool. Then at middle school it is all about giving your first girlfriend or boyfriend you have EVER had the best rose you can find from the school’s fundraiser, and by rose I mean sucker that looks like a rose. High school arrives and you suddenly become too cool for Valentine’s Day,

Cowley Press


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unless you are deeply in love and you make all the stops such as putting a love not in your significant others locker,car, even a textbook thrown in there. Valentine’s Day is a day that people get to have flowers and hearts spew out of their bodies and not be called a stocker for giving someone a random box of chocolates. A hot topic of discussion these lasts couple of years is whether the gay and lesbian communities have any type of selection of cards, and other items that are

available for any heterosexual person. Now there is an entire section in the card aisle devoted to the homosexual cards, of course right next to the religious columns. I mean out of every community the gay community is one of the groups which is all about love! They want to spread it, too! If a kid who is 5 can select Valentine’s Day cards then I believe homosexuals have their right to do the same.

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Saving the economy Getting people off welfare, into jobs Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter The U.S. is digging a deep hole it won’t be able to crawl out of when it comes to social welfare. That includes Medicare, Medicaid and any healthcare. Any situation where population taxes support a large portion of that population will drag a country to its knees and cut the head off at the shoulders.

To understand how that is possible, we have to look at how a nation is structured. You have to have the populous, a constitution of some kind, and a taxable economy. The populous is directly tied to the economy, because an economy cannot exist without a working populous. Despite how it looks at first glance, governments don’t tax people. They tax the economy. The economy is created with jobs. People

work jobs to get money. The government taxes the money generated by jobs, therefore, the government taxes the economy. That’s what makes capitalism work. The economy is crucial for national growth. That’s why in a recession, where money is hard to come by and the economy isn’t moving as well as in the past, smart governments lower taxes. This coin has two sides though. The government

has to be supported by the people, not the other way around. What is happening now is that the people are relying on the government. People expect the government to boon them. When times get hard, people expect to be able to fall back on the government. That creates more strain on everyone else. When people collecting welfare weigh everyone else down, it doesn’t allow the economy to grow.

When the economy doesn’t grow, jobs are not created. Don’t let the numbers fool you. Unemployment has not gone down, just the amount of people receiving money for unemployment. That means people have quit looking for a job. When there are no jobs, there is no economy. South Korea has a wonderful unemployment plan. Sure you can collect money, but you report to work, and they have you work for it. You

earn it. The U.S. needs to do that. Sure, the plan creates government jobs instead of capital jobs, but I’m willing to bet that not too many people would want to work hard for their little bit of money. Then you are able to plug into a job. When you find one, the economy is less weighted. It’s dangerous, borderline socialist, but it motivates people to find real jobs.

The day and the hour unknown A Biblical outlook to the last day of the Mayan Calender

Autumn Mumford Staff reporter The end of the world has been ‘predicted’ hundreds of times in history, several

times even in the past few years. Though most of these doomsday forecasters have been brushed off by the media and categorized as the “average Joe” soothsayer, one of the most renowned and widely accepted apocalyptic predictions is perhaps the year 2012, or more specifically, Dec. 21, 2012. With a Hollywood movie, abundant celebrity backing, and, of course, countless informative internet sites, even the biggest doubters know the ‘ends’ and outs of the last day on the Mayan calendar and the controversy that sur-

rounds it. Scripture has to say a lot, too, about this 2012 pandemonium, which is the same thing it has said to every other forecasted doomsday. In chapter 24 of the book of Matthew, Jesus has a conversation with his disciples. “As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. ‘Tell us,’ they said, ‘when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?’” ~Matthew 24:3. Throughout the chapter, Jesus answers his disciples

by going into great detail about the end of days, describing the events that would take place, because indeed there would be a day that he would return to the earth. However, he warns in verse 11: “And many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” And finally in verse 36, Jesus states, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” ~Matthew 24:36 God’s own son, the savior

of nations, the King of Kings, is unaware of the day, the hour, the second he will be called to again descend to the earth to bring forth the Judgment Day. This being so, no man can know either. Matthew 24:36 has not stopped false prophets from coming in and claiming their doomsday predictions. Jesus knew that many false prophets would come and try to deceive the public, telling them that it is the end of days when it simply is not, and I fear that our nation, even the world, has become very deceived and fallen

distraught over the 2012 ‘Armageddon’. The end of days could be any day, today, tomorrow, or 100 years from now, there is no denying this fact. People still want to speculate on when, which, of course, shall remain unknown until its moment of action. Whenever it may be, it will happen only because God decided upon it, not because a man said it to be so or because an ancient nation ran out of dates on its calendar.

Student Month

Feb. 2, 2012


Page 3

of the

December 2011

Rosi Simmons


Where are you going after Cowley?


Do you have a job?

Q A Hometown Year Major Future Plans

Arkansas City Sophomore Sociology “If I go into Sociology, I could minor in Leadership and go into non-profit work.” Extra Curriculars C.A.A.T., Ambassador, Chi Alpha, FCA, Phi Theta Kappa Favorite Color Teal

I applied at Kansas University and Kansas State University, so maybe there, but I also applied at New Mexico University.

It is kind of a job; I babysit this little girl a couple days out of the week. What is something unusual about yourself? Well I weighed two pounds when I was born, not many people weigh two pounds when they are born.


What is your favorite part about Cowley?


What is your favorite type of food?

I really like Cowley’s “home like feel” and people seem to care about you when you’re here, it’s a good environment.

I really like ice cream, but I am lactose intolerant, so it doesn’t always work out for me.


If your life was a facebook status, what would it say and why?


Lately I have noticed that people are posting “that awkward moment when...” I’m just an awkward person, so I would have my status as “that awkward moment when...”

Rosi Simmons is involved in many aspects of Cowley, she was also a candidate for 80th year of Arkalalah. (photos by Brittany Thiesing and Wil Austin)

January 2012

Jordan McDowell

Introducing herself at an FCA meeting is Jordan McDowell. The group played a game to become better acquainted with each other. (photo by Natalie Ramsey)

Hometown Year Major Future Plans


What made you decide to come to Cowley?


What did it mean to you to win Queen Arkalalah ?


What is something unusual about yourself?

Arkansas City Sophomore Pre-Law Wants to be a family court attorney who is an advocate for children. Extra Curriculars Student ambassador, intramurals, C.A.A.T., PBL, Film Club, Captain of FCA huddle, Chi Alpha Favorite Color Pink

I chose Cowley because I grew up in Ark City, and I loved the home style feel it had to the campus.”

Winning Queen Arkalalah was such a great honor. I knew some of the past queens and it was great to be considered in the same category as them.

I have broken my leg twice playing golf. I have two middle names. When I was young I thought I could sing like Mariah Carey and I dislike grapes and ketchup.


What kind of movie would you be in and why?


A comedy because I love to laugh.


To have the ability to be in multiple places at once and accomplish everything I want to do so I never have to let anyone down or be unable to help them.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

McDowell stands on stage after being crowned the 2011 Queen Alalah. (photo by Shelby Welch)

Jordan is leading the members in a group discussion. (photo by Natalie Ramsey)

Page 4


Feb. 2, 2012

Coming in hot New semester, more activities


here is no way to be bored on campus with all the activities clubs and Kristi Shaw have to offer. Every year Media Club has turkey bowling in Nov., with the edition of Pop Pong last year. Students can win everything from Cowley gear to concert tickets at The Cotillion. This semester hypnotist Frederick Winters had students doing things like snapping bra and laying eggs. More activities coming up are the compatibility quiz starting Feb. 6 and the Groove Dance video party on Feb. 14 in the Wright Room from 8 PM to Midnight.

Jordan Bellin Staff designer

Top left: Lauren Sullivan Top Right: Wil Austin Center Right: Charlee Wilson Center Middle: Jerrell Collins Botton Left: Frederick Winters Botton Middle: Kaela Helt, Jamie Mayfield, Alexandra Eggers Bottom Right: Kaitlin McDonough, Gavin Brown (Photos by Brandon Hanchett, Jordan Bellin, Brittany Thiesing)

Apps of the Week Cut the Rope by Zeptolab simulation + strategy Free A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request… CANDY! Cut the ropes, catch the stars and avoid various obstacles in your mission to feed Om Nom. Combining outstanding physics, tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store. Cut the Rope is the world’s

first iOS game that won BAFTA Award! KEY FEATURES: -250 levels, 10 level boxes -Innovative gameplay mechanics -Realistic physics -Cute character -Outstanding graphics -Game Center and Crystal achievements and leaderboards -Facebook and twitter integration

Line Runner by Djinnworks Category xxxxxxxxx free trial or $1.93 The Original #1 best selling iPhone game now available for your android device! -Join more than 6 million Line Runner players around the world and try to beat their score with this recent #1 app store hit! -From the makers of Stick Stunt Biker, Rope’n’Fly, Line Birds, Line Surfer, Line Runner, RunStickRun and more Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles, as fast and as

far as you can. Try to beat other players’ high score on up to 10 different tracks. -Very fast paced gameplay -Increasing difficulty from easy to bone-breaking -Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide -Different difficulties PLUS VERSION: - Get the plus version (also available in the market) which has no ads!

Rainbow Rapture by Kindling action + adventure free or $1.49 Rainbow is unhappy with the way things turned out down below. He wants a clean slate. Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. To try the free version, scroll down to the “more from Kindling” link and download Rainbow Rapture Free. Slide down hills to build momentum.Master gravity to get awesome air. -Smash into three kinds of

power-ups -Play new hills every time you start up -Eat lots of people -Conquer 45 challenges -Dominate Scoreloop leaderboards Rainbow says, “ALL THOSE WHO PURCHASE THIS GAME WILL BE EATEN LAST!” -Live tile! -Includes ringtones & wallpapers

Feb. 2, 2012 VOLUNTEER continued from page 1 Micah said she was excited for her dad when it was announced he was to receive an award. According to an article in The Traveler, the Joe B. Avery Community Spirit Award “celebrates individuals who make an effort to enhance the lives of others.” “I feel it was well deserved,” said Micah, a Cowley tutor. Looking back, James Fry said he thinks he was first exposed to community service as a child playing little league sports: “There were always people there giving their time, some of them didn’t even have kids on the team.” He said anyone who grew up in Ark City has seen someone else devote their time to help others. What makes the difference as they grow older is “whether they hang on to it or not.” Straight out of High School, Fry began working for the railroad. He said they always did a community service project on the side. “I loved the railroad,” Fry said. “Probably still be there if they’d had me and I hadn’t had my accident.” More than 25 years ago, a car accident on the way back from a friend’s wrestling championship put Fry in a wheelchair. Needless to say it hasn’t slowed him down. After the railroad, he worked for the meat packing plant and took classes at Cowley. He volunteered for more and more community service events and was eventually offered a job with Cowley’s ACES program, which was just starting.


He, too, sees ACES as a family. “The good brother, the bad brother, I’ve had ‘em all,” Fry said. Fry is grateful for the recognition he received with the award presented him by Arkansas City’s Human Relations Commission, but he kept it quiet. Pohlman said she did not know he had won anything. “I suppose it puts a grin on your face, but that’s not why we do what we do,” Fry said. The reward for him has always been in the act of serving someone else and making a connection with them. Sometimes “that look in their eye,” as Fry put it, is enough to hook you. After giving back to the community for so many years, Fry has made some fond memories. He smiles talking about the people he has served with, and he can see the houses he helped build and paint still standing when drives around town. The railroad he enjoyed so much is still here too. He summed up the work in this way, “when you got home at night you were tired, and felt good about what you did.” The same is true of volunteering, Fry said. The labor can seem long at times, but it always bears fruit–fruit sweeter than any award. Top right: In September of 2011, the ACES program went on two day-long trips to Joplin to aid in the city’s recovery a tornado that hit in May. From left to right: Fry’s son Nick, Indigo Pohlman, sophomore, and Fry talk during a break from painting and cleaning inside a Joplin church. (photo by Wil Austin)

Page 5 Tank the Tiger’s 7-Day Forcast 2ND Thursday THE

Partly Cloudy


VALENTINES continued from page 1

3RD Friday THE

CC Singers $20 Singing Valengram: 1 song, 1 carnation, 1 card


$25 Singing Valengram: 2 songs, 1 carnation, 1 card Selection of songs: “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” “I Love You Truly” “Hooked On A Feeling” “I’ll Be There” “Close to You” “Let It Be Me” “Happy Together” “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” “Stand by Me” “Lean on Me” To order, stop by the Humanities Office or call (620) 441-5252 or (620) 441-5223


Phi Beta Lambda $1: Balloon, card OR candy bar and card OR Crush soda and card $3: Crush soda, balloon and card OR Crush soda, candy bar, card OR Candy bar, balloon and card $5: Crush Soda, Balloon, Candy Bar, Card To place an order, stop by the offices in Webb-Brown

For Valentine’s day, the Art Club wraps pens in duct tape to form roses (file photo) Art Club $3-$5: Duct Tape Rose Pens in Different colors and patterns

price. Yes, it might need to be washed a few times, but it has literally the same look as the major designer clothes. The pricier ‘ugly’ sweaters are offered in more vibrant colors, but your average Goodwill find can be amped up just by adding in the right accessories. Let us say the ‘ugly’ sweater is grey, black, and army green. By pairing it with an accent color skinny jean in electric blue or bright red, the right type of earrings, necklace, and even the right shoes, you have a total ensemble right off the pages of an Urban Outfitters magazine. Hats are so in this season. Major comebacks in the past couple years were beanies and fedoras; the bigger and more Amish-looking the hat, the better it will look with the outfit described above. Combat boots are

marching back onto the scene. People are wearing the boots laced all the way up, half laced, or half folded down. These are practically multiple shoes in one. The old Hollywoodnautical theme has become a major influence on the red carpet. Angelina Jolie rocked a sleek crème silk dress with vibrant red accents and bright red lipstick at the


y adding a simple scarf to your outfit, you can make it seem like you tried harder than you actually did.

Golden Globes in January. Other celebrities graced the red carpet or took the stage in a tribute to the old Hollywood chic-nautical look. Designer Marc Jacobs

What kind of doctor do you want to be?


created his last line of clothing based on the old nautical look bringing in many Navy blues and bright reds and gold’s, adding a modern twist to a classic look. By using combat boots for the urban look it needs while adding an oversized fedora, the nautical look is works great for bringing a classic look to modern day life. Showing less is not necessarily a good thing. As the winter months pass, we are looking forward to a bright and definitely colorbased spring collection of great fashion at its best. The most overlooked aspect of an outfit would have to be the accessories. What you put with your clothes can make all the difference in the way you present yourself. By adding a simple scarf to your outfit, you can make it seem like you tried harder than you actually did. Accessories are great for illusions. By putting on some gold or even the big feather earrings, you can make your look seem more expensive and put-together. The best ways to find the killer looks for this season can be closer than you think. By digging around in grandma’s old fabric box you just might find a “hidden jewel,” if you will. It can even be as simple as adding a stud to your pony tail look.

4TH Saturday THE

Partly Cloudy

Booth in Tiger Deli Feb. 13 and 14

Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank; great findings at goodwill Pulling off today’s urban style is not as bank busting as you might think. This year’s Urban-Style is affordable, and a bit of an adventure. The ‘ugly’ sweater rage has this year’s coed looking like they just stepped off the London underground or the Paris metro. There is a real European influence in our current trends. Now arises the topic of pricing. The awesome thing about this style is that now you can even rummage through grandma and grandpa’s closets and find some super rad treasures underneath the dust. The sloppy chic look is great; but is it necessary to take a trip to a brand name designer store to get the same result? No! This fantastic look is available at the local Goodwill for a fraction of the


Choose a pre-made rose or have one made

Good style good Sence Goodwill Shelby Welch Staff photographer




5TH Sunday THE




6TH Monday THE

Mostly Sunny



7TH Tuesday THE

Sunny Top: American Eagle ($45) Bottom: A goodwill find ($10) Putting all of these tips together will get you in perfect shape for this season.



8TH Wednesday THE

Partly Coudy



Feb. 2, 2012


Anthony White Anthony is the foster son of Sue Saia. He is from Kansas City, KS and graduated from Sumner Academy. Anthony is a proud member of the Cowley Basketball Team. Anthony works in the Cowley business office, is an RA, and is on the Dean’s Honor Roll. When Anthony has free time he enjoys hanging out with his foster family and friends. The one person he truly admires is his grandpa….he taught him to be a GOOD man. After Cowley, Anthony plans on going to a Division I school and pursuing a career in Engineering.

Clinton Meyer Clilnton is the son of Steve and Lori Meyer. He is a graduate of Bishop Carroll High School . His activities at Cowley Have included being a Cowley Student Ambassador, being a Cowley Tutor, a CAAT member for 2 years, Nominated September Student of the Month, and November Student Ambassador of the Month. Clinton enjoys volunteering, outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, sports, and spending time with family and friends. Clinton most admires his father, for always putting his family first in his life. Clinton plans to attend KSU for his Bachelor of Science Degree and then attend KU Med School.

Wil Austin Wil is the son of Mark and Nancy Austin. His hometown is Villabe’ France, he is a graduate from Georges Brassens located in France. His Activities at Cowley have included Cowley Press, Jazz Band, Choir, Student Ambassador, Cowley College TV, Phi Theta Kappa, Chi Alpha, Cowley Christian Fellowship, Film Club and Art Club. Austin enjoys making music, taking pictures, watching movies, but, mostly spending time with friends and traveling. When asked who he admires he says Jesus, because he LOVES and he wears sandals. After Cowley, Austin plans on getting his bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Western Civilizations at KU and move to a third world country.

Page 6

‘Drops of Jupiter’ King Candidates

John Ward John is from Dallas, Texas and graduated from Enid High School. John is a member of the Cowley Tennis Team and is an RA. In his spare time he enjoys sleeping, eating, and spending time with loved ones. His most admired person is John Wayne-due to the fact that he stood for what men should be. After Cowley John plans to get his Bachelor’s Degree and play tennis for a University and then Continuing his plans on going into the Marine Corp.

Drew Palmer Drew is the son of Sally and David Palmer. His hometown is Arkansas City- where he graduated from Ark City High School. Drew is a member of the Cowley Baseball Team. He was also named the November Student Athlete of the month. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. When asked who he admires he says his best friend Chase Barker for his service in the US Army and his commitment to protecting and serving our country. After Cowley Drew plans on attending Oklahoma State University to play baseball and further his Liberal Arts Degree.

Feb. 2, 2012


Shelby Corenejo

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Katelyn Edwards

Shelby is the daughter of Pam and Barney Cornejo. She is from Wellington, Kansas and graduated from Wellington High. While at Cowley she has enjoyed being a Cowley Student Ambassador and she is also is on the Cowley Women’s Tennis team. Her honors have been making the President’s honor roll and taking 5th last spring at Tennis nationals. In Shelby’s free time she enjoys being outside, watching the Next Great Baker and Pinteresting. She most admires her grandmother Alice, she states that she was always there for me as a child and she overcame Breast Cancer. She also taught me no matter what life throws at you never give up! Shelby include going to Newman University and getting her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and continuing on to get her masters in Nurse anesthesia.

Katelyn is the Daughter of Tommy and Leslie Edwards. She is a graduate from South Haven High School. Katelyn is the Cowley College Student Senate President, and was an active member of the 2010 CAAT Team. Katelyn enjoys hanging out with friends and going home. She admires her parents for their unconditional love and always having their back—after Cowley Katelyn plans on attending WSU and studying International Business.

Rosi is the daughter of Patrick and Denise Simmons.. She is a graduate of Ark City High School. Rosi’s activities have included being a Cowley Ambassador, being a member of FCA, Chi Alpha and PTK. In her free time she enjoys painting, reading and running. Rosi was selected as the October Student of the Month and was also a Arkalalah Queen Candidate. The person Rosi most admires is her dad- he has always made his dreams within his reach. Rosi’s future plans include sociology. Rosi plans on attending a four year college after graduating from Cowley.

She is the daughter of Charles and Rita Bryant. Breanna is a graduate from South Haven High School. Her activities at Cowley have included playing basketball for the Lady Tigers. Breanna has earned the Bryan Groves Scholarship Award. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, shopping and spending time with her family. Her most admired person is her mom- she states that she is an amazing person and has always been there for support on everything. Breanna’s major is Physical Therapy. After Cowley, Breanna hopes to continue her career in basketball with her sister Chynna.

Rosi Simmons

Breanna Bryant

Molley Scanlon

‘Drops of Jupiter’

Queen Candidates

Molley is the Daughter of Kerry and Kathleen Scanlon. She is a graduate from Platt County High School and her home town is Platt City, Missouri. Molley is an RA for Central Dorms and is also a member of the National Champion Tiger Volleyball Team. She was nominated by her team as the MVP of the tournament and also was an Honorable Mention All- American. Molley enjoys watching movies, eating, sleeping and having her teammates dye her hair. She Admires her mom- she states that she is the perfect mom, coach, teacher and is her best friend. Molley plans on majoring in psychology and working with kids. She wants to get married and live happily ever after.

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Feb. 2, 2012


Broadway hits Brown Center Percussion sensation ‘STOMP’ performs for Arkansas City Wil Austin Editor-in-chief

Much to the audience’s delight, the performers in STOMP used the most unusual objects to create rhythms. The audience really seemedd to enjoy that the performers got them involed in the show by clapping together (photos by Brittany Thiesing)


orld class shows and musicals aren’t a common sight in rural Kansas, yet Shannon Massey, executive director of alumni and development, somehow keeps bringing them to Cowley College. The percussion show STOMP filled the Brown Theatre, Jan. 17, with rhythms on inner tubes and metal sinks the audience could and would try at home. STOMP is famous for taking household objects and coaxing unexpected beats out of them. The rhythms are infectiously energetic, or soft and mesmerizing, but always a lot of fun for the viewers. Massey said she thought it was fabulous. “I never imagined they could mesmerize us for an hour and a half with trash cans.” Massey’s job, which can

be difficult to guess by reading her official title, involves bringing culture and community-based events just like the show STOMP to

campus. Massey manages the scholarships bequeathed by outside donations–these are the Endowment scholarships awarded to approximately 200 Cowley students every year. To keep community members connected to Cowley, she organizes events ranging from social banquets to high caliber entertainment. Massey booked the musical Cats! in January 2011, and got the vocal quartet 4TROOPS to perform at the fall endowment banquet last semester. Not only do these events help the college maintain a relationship with donors and potential donors, but they also provide high quality entertainment at a low cost. At Cowley, tickets for STOMP were $45 until the day of the show, when they

dropped to $10 for students. In comparison, it would cost between $112 and $130 to see the same show at the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa, Okla. this March. For students who are learning about the world of stage performance, whether in theatre or music, there are even more advantages to having professional entertainers build their sets and perform in the Brown Theatre. Chris Mayer, anthropology instructor and member of Temporal Mechanics Union (TMU), an experimental percussion club based at Cowley, said he greatly enjoyed watching the members of STOMP. “It’s an exceptional performance,” Mayer said. “This is the second time I’ve seen them.” Percussion for him is a very liberating and “primal thing.”

He said, “It gets to the core of your being.” He also said he wanted the other members of TMU to see the show so they could witness what kind of hard work and skill goes in to making a successful performance. “They dedicated a lot of hours,” said the instructor and percussionist. “They’re a touring company so they’ve dedicated their lives to it.” Jordan Hill, sophomore, and Micah Fry, freshman, are both involved in Act One Drama Club and were among the 30-odd students who volunteered to help mount the grungy set for STOMP. Hill unloaded equipment and was involved in assembling pieces such as the stage floor and the tall metal risers at the back where two performers hung from ropes and beat on sheets of metal and kitchen pots.

“I learned a lot about what it was like to work on bigger shows,” Hill said. “It’s a lot of effort on their part.” Fry along with her sound partner Charley Garrison, sophomore, helped STOMP’s sound engineer set up the microphones and cables, essential elements for a show so heavily focused on sound. “The experience of helping was more fun than watching it,” Fry said. Massey said STOMP and other touring companies have been very understanding towards Cowley and their students, agreeing to lower their fees and take detours from their normal touring route to perform for students and the surrounding community. Fry said they showed the same level of understanding while building the set. “They were very willing to teach you as you went so they were like, ‘OK, so we’re doing this and this is why,” Fry said. For Mayer, a show as successful and technically advanced as STOMP teaches an important lesson to all students, not just theatre or music students, about the value of hard work; “it tells you what you can achieve.”

The Grey : There is only black, white Director Joe Carnahan Staring Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller Length 1 hour, 57 minutes Rating Rated R (profanity, alcohol/drug use, intense scenes, violence)

Plot Synopsis The Grey is a movie about a group of oil rig workers who get stranded out in the frozen tundra of Alaska because of a plane crash. All of these men

Neal Andrews Contributing writer The Grey is your classic survival film. During the movie I wanted to encourage these men to survive and get home. Dying knowing that you are lost and there is no chance of anyone finding has got to be a horrible way to die. I have begun to notice that in most of Liam Neeson’s movies he is trying to get back to his wife or save her. Well this movie is different in that he is just trying to survive and get home. In most movies like this,

are ex cons or drifters, and a man named John Ottway (Liam Neeson) is in charge of protecting the rig and the workers from dangerous wildlife. the wildlife and the weather are all CGI. I am happy to report that this is not the case in this film. The wolves are animatronic and not CGI, thank God! For being animatronic the wolves almost look like they are CGI and they look really good! Also, according to Neeson in an interview on The Daily Show with John Stewart, all of the weather is real! The movie was filmed in Smithers, Alaska that if you look online, is a very beautiful place; but in this movie it is hell on earth and who knew hell could freeze over. Anyway, the plot involves eight wolves and seven guys. Who will win? You’ll have to see the movie to find out. As the story progresses you learn some fascinating facts about wolves. Knowing what the film is about you already know that people will die and each time their deaths are pretty brutal–and cool, if you like death in films or just in

Hendrick (Dallas Roberts), Talget (Dermot Mulroney), Ottway (Liam Neeson) and Burke (Nonso Anozie) run to the rescue of Flannery (Joe Anderson; off-screen) as he is viciously attacked by three wolves. (courtesy photo) general. The Grey is the perfect example of man vs. nature and depicts it pretty well.


nce more into the fray, to the last fight I’ll ever know. Live or die on this day. Live or die on this day.

~John Ottway (Neeson)

While I was watching this movie the theater was so quiet you could hear people breathing and honestly that was a little creepy. Now, as we all know the music makes up half of the film and that half is pretty important. Here comes the bad news: the soundtrack sucked. The music was eerie, which is good for a movie like this, but it was lacking so much and in most scenes it just didn’t seem right. When people are getting chased by wolves I expect to hear chilling fast-paced music. Sadly I didn’t hear that.

The music in the scenes didn’t last long and the quality wasn’t too good. At some parts there was a musical effect that sounded like a light-saber turning on and off. To be honest it got annoying pretty quickly. I was hoping for an epic soundtrack but whoever made this music either doesn’t know what epic music is or just decided to be lazy and barely try. Sure I felt my heart rate increase as these guys were being chased by wolves but the music is supposed to bring more emotion to chase and fighting scenes. The music in my opinion did not capture that emotion. I wanted to feel like I was there running with these guys. I saw this movie with my father so I asked him what he thought of it and he didn’t enjoy it at all. He said that the premise of the movie was flawed and he hated the soundtrack as well.

Knife in hand, Ottway (Liam Neeson) charges at the. (courtesy photo)

The Final Verdict Did I enjoy this film? Not really. Will I see it again? No. Will I buy it? No. Really to me The Grey is a good movie to rent. It is not worth seeing in theaters. I will say though it’s a great survival movie but the music lacks quite a lot and the story could be improved. Plane crashes are overdone. Plus, when small planes crash in places like Alaska, nine times out

Overall Acting + Cast Sountrack Plot + Theme Visuals + Scenary

of 10 no one survives the impact. It would have been a bit better if there had been something else. That’s just me though. At some points the film gets a boring. When there was a lot of talking, I would start to lose interest. I give The Grey two and a half stars out of five. My fellow men let me tell you now; this is NOT a good date movie!

Feb. 2, 2012


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Ripley dubsteps onto the stage A fresh, new musical act hits South Central Kansas

Kris Ripley

Stan Smith Staff reporter


t is hard to find someone on campus that doesn’t know Kris Ripley. He is a wellknown Cowley County

artist and known best as Unheard Apology’s bassist and songwriter. Recently, Ripley decided to tackle the hottest trend in music right now: dubstep. What is dubstep anyway? Dubstep is a branch of the electronic dance music family tree. Originating in the late 1990s in London, England, the genre has recently exploded into the American mainstream. Kia has even tapped the dubstep sound for the new Kia Sol commercials. This version of dubstep is characterized through

“lurching and aggressive” sounds, robotic sounds; wobble bass, and the American version heavily focuses on midrange sound frequencies. Spin Magazine writer, Simon Reynolds compared the genre to heavy metal, noting the similarity of aggressive bass sounds that function similar to heavy metal guitar riffs within the same musical register. Pioneers of the genre include producers Skrillex, Bassnecter, and 12th Planet. “I started producing progressive house beats

and getting into dubstep around Christmas time of 2010,” Ripley said. “I just wanted to make music I could party to.” Ripley doesn’t have any shows lined up in the near future, but commented that, “When I DJ at clubs, like Gallway’s in Winfield, or at parties, I always sneak a little taste of Ripley in there. Sometimes DJ Maxwell [another area DJ and UA keyboardist] gets in on the mix and that’s always a good time.” Ripley is carefully planning his next step

for Ripley. “I have a few show offers, and when the club opens back up to 18 year olds I’ll be doing the DJ-thing again.” In the mean time, Ripley has been busy. When he isn’t playing bass with Unheard Apology (who is currently looking for a guitarist), he is remixing songs for competition. “I’ve remixed a few songs for some contests. The winner gets to work with famous producers, and that’d be cool.” Songs that Ripley has remixed includes “Yeah” by Usher, “Forever”

by Drake, “Get Up” by Korn Feat. Skrillex, and “Blackout” by Breath Carolina. Ripley produced a track called “Check Me Out” that peaked at 5th place in a nationwide contest to have a chance to work with G-Unit producer Lloyd Banks. Keep updated with Ripley and listen to some of his remixes and original beats on the official Facebook page.

New venue, same old song, dance A new home for Wichita’s underground music scene Stan Smith Staff reporter Independent music fans are often forgotten and ignored in the Wichita area. For years, fans of obscure subgenres were restricted to dives bars in dangerous neighborhoods, hidden away on the outskirts of town. Not any more. Underground music

fans poured into The Scene-ary, Wichita’s newest all-age venue, for the first time on Nov. 30. As local band Untapped Market sound checked, fans were allowed in the door to take a second to soak up the environment. “We have an actual, serious venue!” said Benji Smitley. Pride was apparent on the faces of attendees, and for good reason. Last year was a rough for area venues. With

the closing of the OZ Café and The Eagle’s Lodge constant financial struggles, concertgoers were concerned about where to go for alternative music in Wichita. Laurie Sloyan-Croney, owner of The Scene-ary said she had a few problems opening her venue, but refused to back down. “We had to fight the city. They didn’t want us here, but this is well worth it.” The venue is located at 600 S. Tyler St., right off Kellogg. “I wanted a

place that was clean, nice, and that the kids deserved.” Laurie said. “Parents don’t want to drop their kids off at 30th and Broadway. Cars were getting broken into and you had to park four blocks away sometimes. At the Oz, you had to pay to park, and cars would still probably end up being broken into. I had to make this happen.” A crew of volunteers that consisted of members of local bands and fans of the music helped prepare the venue of the grand opening.

Sloyan-Croney said, “Konner Mann was a big help. He was here almost every day, as well as Caity Faith and Sarah Lueck. Jesse Sinn and [local band] Breaker did a lot of the heavy work.” Trevor Bradley, a member of the local band Ages and employed as an electrician, helped wire the venue. “The scene built this venue for themselves. This turned out better than I ever could have imagined.” Sloyan-Croney said. The Scene-ary caters to all genres, particularly

metal, hardcore, pop punk, and alternative rock crowds. Past acts include MyChildren,MyBride, Drake Bell, Aiden, No Bragging Rights, Lionheart, and Within the Ruins. Find and “Like” The Scene-ary on Facebook to keep up to date on concert scheduling, or check. For other shows in the south central Kansas region, check out HTC Productions, Kings Productions, and Cowley County Deathcore Productions.


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Quiz Corner Chinese Zodiac

1. The Year of the Dragon follows what year based horoscope and precedes what other? A. Goat; Pig B. Panda; Monkey C. Frank Arnold; Kathy Hendricks D. Rabbit; Snake 2. Which is not a Year of the Dragon? A. 1939 B. 1952 C. 1976 D. 2000 3. Which animal does not appear in the Chinese Zodiac? A. Monkey B. Snake C. Elephant D. Dog 4. How is the Chinese Zodiac divided? A. Months B. Years C. Days D. Shenanigans 5. Identifying this scheme using the term "zodiac" reflects severed similarities to the ______ zodiac. A. Northern B. Eastern C. Western D. Southern 6. The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of what? A. Rat B. Dragon C. Dog D. Rooster

Recap of 2011

1. What band reformed after almost a decade in 2011? A. R.E.M. B. O-Town C. The White Stripes D. Disturbed 2. What is the most influential clothing store of 2011? A. Menards B. Urban Outfitters C. Gap D. Abercrombie 3. What celebrities had twins with matching monograms? A. Beyonce Knowles (Blue Ivy and Purple Haze) B. Mariah Carey (Morocco and Monroe) C. Natalie Portman (Aleph and Annah) D. Pink (Willow and Weed) 4. What was the highest grossing movie in 2011? A. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 B. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 C. Mission Impossible Goes Protocol D. Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: VALENTINE’S DAY ACROSS 1. Canine pests 6. Tabby’s boyfriend 9. Dart 13. Animal helper in Southwest U.S. 14. Street address 15. *Tim McGraw’s valentine 16. Nisei’s parent 17. Substance infamously used by baseball great George Brett 18. Twisted cotton thread 19. *Candies with a message 21. *Like refined suitor 23. Sign of a lion 24. Controlled by the moon 25. European tax 28. Engineer 30. Possessed by green-eyed monster, pl. 35. Shining armor 37. Known for its sword-shaped leaves 39. Ringworm 40. Cher has only one 41. *His aim is true? 43. Hindu woman’s dress 44. Stand on end 46. Indonesian resort island 47. Julia Roberts’ Oscar-winning role 48. Six performers, e.g. 50. Officer training

Feb. 2, 2012

program 52. *Couples often talk about how they did this 53. Thailand money 55. As opposed to “stood” 57. It’s sweet home, according to Lynyrd Skynyrd 61. Obsolete office position 64. *Common pet name, pl. 65. Double helix 67. The lowest deck 69. City in Belgium 70. Used for canning 71. Variant of “beneath” 72. Concludes 73. He famously judged O.J. 74. Bordered DOWN 1. Hoover’s agency 2. Boozer 3. Gaelic 4. “_ ____ job” 5. *Where future couples meet? 6. They’ve become mainstream fashion statements 7. Female reproductive cells 8. “_____ beaucoup!” 9. Like Eliza Doolittle 10. Contains several to-dos 11. “__’__ have to do” 12. People in general 15. Like a Spaniard who speaks Spanish 20. Often served with Tanqueray

22. Lyric poem 24. With three parts 25. *Goddess of love 26. Wide open 27. It took a licking but kept on ticking 29. Chow 31. It prevents movement 32. *The two were arm-__-___ 33. Spooky 34. *Valentine, e.g. 36. Type of email box 38. Silage holder 42. Scatterbrained 45. To lower in value 49. African tam-____ 51. *Alleged mastermind of St. Valentine’s

Day massacre 54. Mecca pilgrim 56. “Give me your _____, your poor...” 57. Often goes with “willing” 58. Past participle of “lie” 59. Tucked in 60. A dog does this for scraps 61. Edible root of Pacific islands 62. Ore smelting byproduct 63. Type of bag 66. “Unforgettable” singer 68. Highest degree

The Bob Chronicles By Luke Austin

5. What social networking site took a whole news twist in 2011? A. Xanga B. Myspace C. Facebook D. Twitter 6. What athlete took a simple action to a whole higher level? A. Michael Phelps B. Dwayne Wade C. Tim Tebow D. Tiger Woods 7. What famous technology guru died in 2011? A. Bill Gates B. Steve Jobs C. Mark Zuckerburg D. Tom Anderson 8. What made major news in May of 2011? A. Royal Wedding B. Killing of Osama Bin Laden C. Japan Tsunami D. SOAP and PIPA blackout 9. What political figure suffered through a sexting scandal? A. Anthony Weiner B. Sarah Palin C. George W. Bush D. Al Gore 10. What government cut impacted school creativity? A. Football B. Music and Art C. Social Sciences D. Driver Education

Answers 1. O-Town 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Mariah Carey (Moroccan and Monroe) 4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 5. Twitter 6. Tim Tebow 7. Steve Jobs 8. Killing of Osama Bin Laden 9. Anthony Weiner 10. Music and Art

Recap of 2011

1. D, Rabbit; Snake 2. A, 1939 3. C, Elephant 4. B, Years 5. C, Western 6. A, Rat

Chinese Zodiac

Feb. 2, 2012


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Looking to score Lauren Llanes Staff reporter


ith lobs, slices, and all of their top spins, the tennis team is back on the court and ready to hit off the new season with the same enthusiasm they had in the previous season. After winning Region VI and finishing in the national top ten with both teams last year, Cowley’s tennis has set the bar pretty high. It might be hard to grip, but the excitement isn’t over just yet. This season consists of a challenging schedule that includes a lot of great matches along the way. “Our region matches with Johnson, Hesston, Steward, and Barton are always important matches for us,” said head coach Josh Cobble. Thanks to the addition of the Travis Hafner Training Center, the team has been able to prepare physically better than ever before, which will

benefit the team in several ways. Not only do their practices take place in the new training room built exclusively for Cowley athletes, they are also tailored towards the strengths and weaknesses of each team. The team has huge potential and a lot of expectations to meet. “I really look to see a lot of success from my sophomores, particularly the returning All-Americans Zack Evenden, Nei Dos Santos, Diana Davitaia, and Zsofia Biro. Our freshmen have an excellent potential to do great things this year, so it’s exciting. As always, the tennis team is out for victories and they are not going to let their guard down for a second. This year’s Cowley men’s and women’s tennis teams include four returning All-Americans. Among them is sophomore Zsofia Biro pictured in the foreground. (file photo)

Playing through change Intramurals basketball staying on schedule Despite some unexpected changes in leadership of intramurals, the basketball tournament and all other competitions are expected to continue like before, according to Kristi Shaw, director of student activities. Intramurals are recreational sports outside of athletics that give students something to do outside of the dorms so they can get more involved and meet new people. “It gives students something to do,” freshman Gary Fizer said. “There’s always times when I’m not doing anything and that’s when intramurals comes in. It’s a good workout, it’s fun, and you actually meet people on the other teams.” Intramurals is free to all students; any ideas for activities are always appreciated, “We should have something like bowling, maybe expand intramurals over a longer period of time,” said freshman Jared Holthaus. There are a lot of intramural activities to choose from. Contact Krist Shaw for more information.

(photos by Brittany Thiesing)

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Feb. 2,

Bouncing into the game


Basketball teams return to the court after break Tera Mills Staff reporter


oud buzzing, echoes bouncing around the gym and the squeal of new sneaks on hardwoods signal the return to the game. Going home and eating good meals is nice, eventually though everyone has to go back to the real world. Many athletes, including the basketball team, returned much earlier than the rest of the student body in January. After nearly month-long break from the court the men and women’s teams are getting back into the swing of things after a few disappointing outcomes. It is not uncommon for teams to start slow and peak, and then go on a break and

repeat actions all over again. “In a season no matter what it is you’re going to have highs and lows and we’ve had that this year.” Women’s head coach, Todd Clark said, “We’ve just got to do better; we’ve got to play a little bit better on game days. Having good practices and high energy levels at practices are big for us.” There have been a few losses and a few major wins. The Lady Tigers crushed Allen County on Jan. 25 scoring 98 points; this is the most points scored during Coach Todd Clark’s time here at Cowley. With the team beginning to hit its stride, the big games are coming up quickly both teams are grasping what is at stake.

Sophomore Breanna Bryant Guard said, “…we’ve all realized that it’s coming to an end and we are going to need to come out with more wins to continue the season and we are all are willing to put our effort and work in.” The women are currently 14 -6 for the season and 5-3 in conference. The Men are 15-5 for the season and 5-3 in the conference. Then men’s team has had some high points just like the women’s. James Milliken scored 31 points the Independence game on Jan. 14. The men’s team who only had one player returning who had played quality minutes last year has played extremely well even impressing the coaches on and off the court. Men’s head coach Tommy Delsame said, “They’re a real intelligent group but

sometimes they have to go through things, sometimes they have to touch that hot stove and then remember not to do it again.” During a basketball game, there are five players on the court at a time. There is a sixth player present though; the crown. The roar of a rowdy crowd can improve an individual’s ability to play as well as the whole team. Whether it is the students and faculty coming out to cheer or family and the community, the energy the crowd gives off really impacts the game. Sophomore Gavin Brown Forward said, “It’s great the community really comes out and supports us. Keep the games really live and intense. We really appreciate the crowds and the fans.” The team’s next home games are on Sat., Feb. 4 against Fort Scott and Sat., Feb. 11 against Coffeyville.

Left: During the Allen County game, Sophomore Clarissa Cannon takes the ball down the court. The Lady Tigers scored 98 points against the Red Devils, leading them to their 14th win.

Upcoming Home Games Fort Scott vs. Cowley Sat., Feb. 4 Women - 5 p.m. Men - 7 p.m. Coffeyville vs. Cowley Sat., Feb 11 Women - 5 p.m. Men - 7 p.m. Left: In the first half of the game against Allen County, Freshman Adonis Bailey, takes the ball strong to the goal. The Tigers have an overall record of 15 wins and 5 losses. Right: Guard Ryan Devers, a freshman, drives past the competition. The men’s teams emerged victorious wth an 83-54 win over Allen County on Jan. 25. (photos by Autumn Mumford)

Sprinting into the new season Track teams prepares for upcoming meets Lauren Llanes Staff reporter There is just something about a training center that gets the track team sprinting for joy. With the new center up and running all of the sports, including track, are getting their fair share of the facility. “The new Facility has really helped us with our weight room time, and we can do a lot more events and activities in the multi-purpose space than we could in the Rec Gym,” said head coach Mark Phillips. The Region VI/ Jayhawk Conference and the nationals are always the main meets of the year. “We point everything we do toward those to meets

athletes to succeed, hit indoors and outdoors. high qualifying marks, and Cowley has two set back this season, team depth score well as a team, so and numbers are clearly e spend the season a weakness chasing qualifying for the team. Luckily they marks as each athlete can make up for the qualify for our national numbers and depth in talent. meet, said Phillips. “Despite the fact we are low they can take as many as in numbers, the group we they can to Regionals and have is very talented and shows tremendous potenNationals. Coach Phillips has one tial, especially this early on,” said throwing coach coaching strategy that Courtney Gougler. never changes, and that is The expectations for this to get the team ready for Conference/Region VI and season are just a hop, skip, Nationals and that exactly and jump away for the Tigers. Most importantly what he plans to do. the coaches just want their


Track started out with a bang, Jessalyn Lanoy, Sophomore, participates in high jump for the team. (photo by Samantha Francis)

Having this nice weather in January gives the track team a good start to the season. Sophomore Kammie Mercer warms up with the hammer. (photo by Brittany Thiesing)

Season Opening Results The Cowley College Men’s and Women’s Track & Field teams opened the 2012 season on Fri. Jan. 13 with some very promising early results. The Tigers won 8 events, hit 8 National Qualifying Marks and broke 2 Indoor School Records! They are listed below and full results are attached. Event winners Valerie Neilson – 800m Jessalyn Lanoy – 1000m Konnie Zungia – 1 Mile A.J. Singh – 400m Charles Ross – 500m Jack Taylor – 1 Mile Patrick Bodie 60m Hurdles Josh Phillips – Pole Vault National Qualifying Marks Morgan Brant – High Jump Niki Andrews – Pole Vault Kadie Peoples – Pole Vault Fred Taylor – 60m Charles Ross – 500m Josh Phillips – Pole Vault Cody Rosson – Pole Vault School Records Fred Taylor – 60m Charles Ross – 500m Up next for both Tiger Teams will be the Missouri Southern Indoor Invite on Friday Jan. 20 and Saturday Jan. 21.

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