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Sept. 9, 2010


National debate building over Islamic community center’s construction

“What do you think about building a mosque near ground zero?” “I think that putting a mosque there would be pretty controversial.” -Barbara Ramsey Freshman


“I think it’s bullsh-t that a mosque would be built on the exact spot where Muslim terrorists killed several thousand Americans.” -Jan Smith Sophomore


On the Cover: Carrying the ball up field during the opening match against Ranger College of Ranger, Texas is freshman Daniel Baum. The Tigers defeated the Rangers 2-1. (photo by Katie Arnett)

“There is no real reason for us to stop them from building that other than us not liking Muslims.” -Morgan Wilson Freshman

The Mosque/Community center is expected to be built just two blocks away from Gounrd Zero, the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade center in New York city (photo courtesy of states that he does not believe that the Hamas are terrorist, however the State Department does. Rauf said in an interview on that he wanted to establish, “The original Islamic State worldwide, as it once was in Arabia.” This would involve everything from thieves losing their hands to non-Muslim people being decapitated. American Thinkers, Ethel C. Fenig said, “Placing the center close to the site of the late World Trade Center will not promote healing and as for promoting a better understanding of their religion” it would certainly be a constant reminder of the evil it is capable of.” Rauf said that his intentions for the center are to help foster better relations between the west and the Muslims. Washington Post writer Kathleen Parker raised an interesting point when she said, “The Muslims that want to build the mosque didnít fly airplanes into

skyscrapers.” Sharif El-Gamal, a Manhattan real estate developer, credited with the idea for the Islamic Center had a creative idea on how to help solve the problem. ìInstead of being “The Ground Zero Mosqueí, it should be universally known as a hub of culture, a hub of coexistence, a hub of bringing people together.” The hub El-Gamal is talking about is an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory store. It is located just two blocks from Ground Zero; however you can not see Ground Zero from the site of the proposed mosque. El-Gamal intends to put in a swimming pool, cooking school, meeting hall and an Islamic prayer room inside the fifteen story mosque. Look up the facts; the pros, and the cons, form your own opinion. Find some friends get them talking, this is the country we live in and a topic that should invoke a response from all of us.


“I believe that no mosque, no cathedral, no synagogue, no... anything should be there except for the memorial to the 3000+ that were killed there.” -Cheryl Bolack Adult Education Instructional Staff

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istorically the college years are a time for discovering who you want to be and what stance you want to take on certain issues. Sometimes this can be difficult as people are always shoving their opinions down your throat. The best thing to do is to research the topic at hand and make an opinion based on your own feelings. Among the many issues we are facing, one that stirs passionate emotions and opinions is the mosque at Ground Zero. Fifteen stories with a swimming pool, performing-arts center, and a gym. Sounds like a great place for kids to hang out or maybe even to work out, but what happens when you throw a mosque into the mix? Sarah Palin said “We all know they have the right to do it, but should they?” Everyone knows that the first amendment states that we as Americans have the right to freedom of religion. Anyone with an elementary school history education knows that people came to America in order to escape religious persecution, but is this idea too in your face? Or is this idea a good reminder of the morals and beliefs that our country was built on? Is this building really any different than the YMCA (Young Menís Christian Association)? Some people would think not. However, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is one the people credited with the idea of the proposed Ground Zero cultural center, is a contributor to the IHH, which is short for The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief. The IHH frequently makes contribution to the Hamas. Rauf often


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Sept. 9, 2010

Growing pains at Mulvane BY BRITTANY THIESING Staff photographer


isking a parking ticket, getting their car towed, or having angry neighbors, the Mulvane Center has been dealing with these problems for too long. The Mulvane campus’ numbers have increased the past 2 years, partially due to the closing of the South side campus. The biggest problems at the Mulvane campus are parking space and overcrowded classrooms. The city of Mulvane also continues to grow. Those who opt to attend this campus do so because it gives them an opportunity to work in a larger market while getting the intimate college experience Cowley offers.

“We have a percentage of students that are from Mulvane and have the same advantages that any other town has if there was a college right there. It’s close, it’s handy, and it’s easy,” said Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services. “We happen to be a pretty good value, having that opportunity in Mulvane saves them driving to Wichita or Ark City,” he added. “Mulvane has kind of been the “go to” place for a lot of those North market people,” said Crouch. “What is really helping drive people to Mulvane is our Northern teaching facility.” Students have parking restrictions; they cannot park directly in front of the building because those spots are reserved for the alternative high school.

Students are allowed to park in the residential area, the church parking lot, and the main parking lot at the campus. “The Mulvane campus is a huge part in the Mulvane community,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs, Slade Griffiths. They are active with Chamber of Commerce, represented in parades and attend community events. Between supporting the community and all the student activities Mulvane offers, it has become a busy little campus. This construction idea is to add more classrooms to better meet enrollment needs so that classrooms will not be crammed with students. This enables them to have the college experience. Griffiths said there are plans to ease the growing pains at Mulvane, but

could not go into detail while still in the negotiation stage. He did note the plan includes adding six classrooms with a time line to have it up and running within the next year. He noted plans for a new building, more parking, and more teachers, allowing for more growth. “The classroom will be a continuation of what we are doing now. The general education will continue to focus on science.” said Griffiths. He is meeting with the Department of Chairs on Aug. 13 to review faculty needs. The new addition could benefit the students and faculty both. This would allow students to have an opportunity to enjoy classes more, giving both the students and faculty relief from being in a full room all day. Crowding in classrooms and in the parking lots are a sign of the growth the little campus to the north is experiencing. Additional course offerings and a convient location have made it a popular choice for Mulane and Wichita residents. (photo by Brittany Thiesing)




Sep. 9, 2010

Kick back and relax on Labor day BY ELIZABETH LANIER Staff writer


s Memorial Day kicks off the summer, Labor Day marks its closing. It is a day spent barbecuing in the backyard or fishing at the lake. But, to students Labor Day is simply just a day off from school or work.

Surprisingly, the majority of people are unsure of the real meaning of Labor Day and why we are given this day to celebrate. Labor Day is the first Monday of September dedicated to the achievements of the hard working American. According to the United States Department of Labor, this day was first celebrated by the New York Central Labor Union on Sept. 5, 1882.

It is still unknown who proposed this special holiday. Records show that Peter J. McGuire, co-founder of the American Federation of Labor and the general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, first suggested this idea in 1882 at a meeting for the Central Labor Union. He said, “Let us have a festive day during which a parade through streets of the city would permit tribute to American Industry.” Others may argue that Matthew Maguire, a machinist, founded this holiday. Whoever’s idea it was, the Central Labor Union liked it and quickly appointed a committee to perform a demonstration and picnic. The idea continued to grow and many other labor organizations began to celebrate Labor Day every first Monday of September. The first state to make this day a law was Oregon on Feb. 21, 1887. Several other states began to follow shortly after. Eventually Congress made Labor Day an official federal holiday on June 28, 1894. Today, we still celebrate Labor Day with barbecues, picnics, and parades, but many aspects of Labor Day have changed. With the economy deteriorating over the years it has been a struggle for people to find work. Labor Day has not only become a day to recognize the hard working citizens but a reminder to support each other in hard times. College students are struggling

Labor day traditions consist of barbecues, picnics, parades and other family get togethers. (photos courtesy of

during this time and finding a job is not always easy, but students manage to pay their way through college to get a better education, to find a good job, and to become hard workers. “No great achievement is possible without persistent work.” Bertrand Russell As everyone continues to work toward a brighter and better future, take this holiday and enjoy the meaning of it. Have a barbecue, hang out at the lake, spend time with family, but also remember this is a day dedicated to the sweat and tears of the hard working people of our nation. Theodore Roosevelt said, “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we can move on to better things.”

Labor day is a day of relaxation and taking a day off work and school.

Drop in and Play



Large Single Topping ONLY


($1.80 for each additional topping)



Sophomore Ian Mutio sets it up during beach volleyball at Drop in and Play at the Recreation Center on Monday, Aug. 30. Students who attended got on teams of four and played each other in friendly, but competitive, matches of beach volleyball. Drop in and Play will be offered two times a week and will include flag football, softball, kickball, dodgeball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, relays, and much more. Kristi Shaw, director of student life said, “We would like for students to meet new people, work out and get fit and have fun competing!” (photo by Rhiannon Rosas)

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go



he 21st annual Puttin’ on the Hits Lip Sync Contest is set for Sept. 16, at 7 p.m. in the Robert Brown Theatre. All groups, clubs, teams, and committees are encouraged to participate by putting an act together. This year is going to be a little bit different in the fact that the faculty/ staff category will be set up as a showcase and not as a competition. One of the crowd favorites is the faculty/



SEP 9, 2010

Why don’t you go where fashion sits

category, because the students and community members love seeing the employees and their not-so-serious side. This will be Theatre Director Scott MacLaughlin’s third year emceeing the highly popular event. Entry forms for the contest are due as soon as possible. Forms are available in the Humanities Office from Robin Graves. The performance is limited to 16 acts; each act can be no longer than three

Puttin’ on the Hits

to be creative and think outside the box with their acts. Some acts in the past have even used black lights and glow sticks.

The more creative you are the more interested the audience will be, however


Last year, Puttin’ on the Hits was a standingroom-only show, as usual. Students, staff, and members of the community flock to the Brown Theater to watch the lipsynching contest as performers use comedy, celebrities, and movie scenes to keep the crowd laughing. This year will likely be the same. Many students and faulty, even whole clubs, participate every year in this Act One fundraiser. (file photos)

minutes. All acts must be screened by Tuesday Sept. 14 at 3 p.m. There are two competing categories, large group and small group, with first place in each category receiving $50. Last year’s celebrities included Aretha Franklin (Frank Arnold), Tina Turner (Kara Slovak), The cast of Grease (The Tigerette Dance Team), and the cast of Napoleon Dynamite (The Ambassadors). The contest always packs the

house, with tickets being $2 a piece and proceeds going to Act One. Students are encouraged




Sep. 9, 2010

Three Arkansans involved in drug bust at 19th and Main BY ALISON JAMERSON Scene editor


n the afternoon of Aug. 17, police detained three individuals after receiving a tip about a suspicious purchase at a Winfield store. From a description of the vehicle given by a local resident, officers initiated a traffic stop, following up on the suspicious sale. The suspects pulled their truck into the WingStreet restaurant on 19th and Main in Winfield. Upon interviewing the occupants of the vehicle, and receiving varying accounts of their activities, police detained the three adults. An infant at the scene was taken into protective custody. During a search of the truck, using the department’s k-9 unit, chemicals and other objects that could be used to make methamphetamine or meth were identified. The search also produced a substance identified as meth along with drug paraphernalia. Police officers made it clear in a sub-

sequent press release that this bust was in no way related to WingStreet/Pizza Hut or its employees. This was an incident less than 20 miles from campus and it did not involve a student. How does this affect this college? According to, meth accounts for almost 90 percent of drug cases prosecuted in court. Add in the fact Oklahoma “ranks in the top five in almost every meth category,” and a campus full of impressionable young adults within driving distance becomes an attractive target. In the Midwest, methamphetamine production and use is a big problem. According to CBS News, a 2007 survey showed that one in 33 U.S. teens had used meth. Nearly 25 percent of surveyed teens said it would be easy for them to get meth, and some said they could see a benefit to using the substance. With these numbers the odds are college students have been exposed

The graph above from abusegroup.state/Oklahoma shows methamphetamine use is on the rise. to meth, a few have tried it, and most know where to get it. To find more

about the methamphetamine problem, go to the Above the Influence Website.

The grass is bluer on the other side of the valley BY ZACH BARRETT Staff Writer

August 26 is the day most Bluegrass coinsures wait for year round. Depending on who you talk to, Sept. 15 could mark the start of the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival or it could mark the beginning of the end.

The 26th is the first day of line up, and, for Rudy, Charlie, and Shakes, the best part of the festival. These men have been attending the festival for almost 30 years. They all agree what brings them back is the kinship and camaraderie of the campgrounds. The three agreed it is more about the atmosphere than center stage these days. They recalled their

fondest memories were sitting around the camp site and listening to the music maybe even “pretending to play” their own instruments.

... like a 23-hour jam session...

-Rex Flottman

Aside from the music in the campgrounds there is the eye catching decorations; from lights, to lawn ornaments, and whatever makes the campsites look unique. Rex Flottman, the festival coordinator, booking agent, and man in charge of press releases was said his favorite part of the festival was the campgrounds. He noted the “very friendly, very musically oriented” atmosphere was… “like a 23- hour jam session.” Flottman said he loves to get to know the entertainers and in previous years acts like the Dixie Chicks, Ricky Skaggs, and Alison Krauss have performed. It seems like the grass is bluer on the other side for Rudy, Charlie, and Shakes.

Large crowds gathered at the Walnut Valley Festival in 2009. The local Bluegrass Festival draws listeners and players from around the globe. (file photos)


Carol Young and the rest of her band, The Green Cards, have toured with the greats including: Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. The band will be returning to entertain this year.



Sep. 9, 2010

Living the life as a mobster in Empire Bay BY ANNE-MARIE SANCHEZ Opinion editor


ich landscapes, great game play, and classic fast cars, Mafia 2 has got it covered. When it came out on Aug. 24 I was honestly surprised with how good the game was even though I had never heard of it before. The story is narrated by Vito Scaleta, the main playable character, as the game starts Vito is sitting in a dark room looking through a photo album with pictures of himself and his family. Vito goes onto explain that he was born in Sicily and immigrated to America for a better life when he was a young boy. The life they hoped for wasn’t the one they got in the ghetto of Little Italy in Empire Bay, N.Y. While his family struggled, Vito and his best friend, Joe, were always getting into trouble. As Vito gets older the trouble does not stop until finally, while robbing a jewelry store, Vito gets caught and is given two choices: go to jail or join the Army and help fight in World War II The game play begins in Sicily. Here you get to experience the gunplay, it is simple and easy to use. The goal is to try and take out the Nazi stronghold, strange place to have a tutorial for basic controls but surprisingly the computer comrades that follow Vito allow the player to take the extra time to figure out the controls.

While dodging bullets, rescuing Italian rebels, and killing Nazi’s Vito makes his way to the upper floors of the Nazi stronghold. At this point the game play stops and goes to a cut scene showing Vito looking out a window only to see a tank aiming a cannon at him. Vito dodges the initial blast but is thrown against a wall and lingers in and out of conscience long enough to witness the Nazi’s surrender to Don Calo of the Sicilian Mafia. The cut scene shows beautiful detail and great action. The movements of the characters flow making them more life like, on the rare occasion when the game glitches movement is choppy but it was rare to see the game glitch. After a few months in the hospital Vito is sent home on leave. There he meets up with his old friend Joe they stop at a bar and have a few drinks, Vito tells Joe he will have to return to the War

in a few weeks. Joe asks if Vito wants to go back and Vito tells him no. So Joe walks over to a telephone and makes a call and tells Vito he has got people and he does not need to return to the Army. While with Joe, the player gets into a vehicle for the first time, while Joe drives to the bar, the player gets a chance to see all the interesting camera angles. There are third person, first person, and street view, where essentially the camera is on the ground running just behind the left front tire. There is snow on the streets of Empire Bay at the time Vito returns home. A hint to gamers who will be playing the game, when Vito does get behind the wheel slamming on the brakes will cause the vehicle to slide. Afterwards Vito returns home only to discover his deceased father left his mother and older sister $2,000 in debt. Looking to make some quick cash to help his family, Vito moves in with Joe and starts working with him on not-


so-honest jobs and slowly but surely the two start making a name for themselves on the streets and in the mafia crime world. Another feature that goes on is when the camera is at a very close range characters that are obstructing the view dissolve into ink dots. The scenery and city is very realistic and rich in detail. An interesting and realistic feature of the game is that it is possible to run out of gas. Police regularly patrol the city and will give chase and fine Vito for speeding, hit and runs, and street fighting it is possible to bribe and refuse paying fines. Of course if Vito refuses to pay the fine the police start shooting him. Then there are the collectables that happen to be WANTED posters and Playboy centerfolds. So it’s safe to say this game is not for younger audiences. Luckily the game is available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The only disappointment with this game was having to return it to the movie store because sadly it was only a rental. Above: Vito just bought a new suit after being chased by the cops in his wanted Identity. Now he is back on the streets looking for a car to steal. Left: Vito standing behind a wall, after busting through the doors of a local hotel. He is planning on using his Tommy gun to its full potential to get revenge for his friend. (photos Courtesy of Mafia2game)

Remembering D


on and Nancy Rodrigues wanted a sim remember their son; the Tigers soccer memorial was held for Dayton Rodrig game versus Ranger College on Augu played soccer for Cowley and was tea weeks after graduation, Dayton was involved in a fa the accident Rodriguez had committed to play socc Siloam Springs, Ark., where he planned to study me A collaboration between the Rodrigues family and t the decision to dedicate the team’s first home game event was to be simple and low profile, head soccer explained; “His family asked us to make it as simpl announcement. So we did.” Dayton’s parents along with several family mem parents and one of his sisters walked out on the field introductions. “We introduced the family to the crowd and spok as a student-athlete,” said dos Santos “we had a mo and we escorted them out.” The family was presented with a team soccer bal have played with, with signatures from the current s the Tigers open up their season with a 2-1 win, Nan Santos and thanked Cowley College for the simple Photos by: (above) Carly Budd, Christopher Bales, (right) Chad Buttram Story by Benjamin Donals Page layout by Katie Arnett


mple and memorable event to r team delivered just that. A small gues prior to the Cowley soccer ust 28. Dayton a 2010 graduate am captain. On May 22, two atal motorcycle accident. Prior to cer at John Brown University in echanical engineering. the soccer staff ended with in memory of Dayton. The r coach Robert dos Santos le as possible and without much

mbers attended the game. His d with the team during the

ke briefly about Dayton’s legacy oment of silence in his memory

ll, one that Dayton surely would soccer players. After watching ncy caught up with coach dos and memorable event.



Sep. 9, 2010

College relationships: How to make it work BY ELIZABETH LANIER Staff writer


ollege is about getting an education, making new friends, and discovering a new place with endless opportunities. But what about dating in college? This can be the easiest time for students to meet new people and start long lasting relationships, but always proceed with caution. Relationships can often times be stressful, confusing, and full of drama. There are many things students should remember when dating in college, consider motives, be honest, use common sense, and get priorities in order. Discovering a person’s motives is extremely important. Some people want long lasting relationships, some want flings and many only want just one thing. Always be honest with intentions because lying in any relationship usually ends in heartbreak. Engagement and marriage is not uncommon on the campus, which may turn out to be quite a balancing act for some students. Sophomore Sarah Kernell has been in a relationship for 3 years and became engaged July of last

year. When asked how she finds time for college, work, and her fiancé she replied, “It is really hard to balance it;

I haven’t gotten to be much of college kid.” It is also significant to distinguish

Relationships aren’t always easy, it takes a lot of time and patience to make it last. (Photo courtesy of

which priorities should come first. Put friends and homework first because the friendships made in college can become lifelong friendships. Take advantage of this time to make new friends and go out to school events. Many students like sophomore soccer player Jessica Venn, are enjoying the single life for now, “My favorite thing would be having freedom, doing what I want without having to ok it with anyone. It is less drama.” Although being in a loving relationship is great, couples should try not to spend too much time together, be sure to go out with other friends and get off the campus for awhile. It is still ok to go out with friends while dating. But, always remember education is why students attend college in the first place, so don’t forget about homework and going to class! Most importantly, it is ok to be single. Don’t worry too much about dating and finding the love of your life, there will be plenty of time for that later. Feel free to be selfish and focus on school, friendship, and having fun. If the “one” happens to come along then fantastic, but don’t stress out about it and just enjoy college.

Food pantry donation weighing in at 723 pounds BY ASHLEY CAMPBELL Staff writer The challenge was to think outside of the box for ways to give back to the community. The solution involved livestock and an auction. The college marketing committee had been looking for the perfect way to give back to Cowley County and the surrounding area. Committee member and Director of Web Services, Diana Dickens took the bull by the horns and offered up the idea of purchasing the prize bovine at the county fair. “Diana Dicken did a great job helping the marketing team prepare for the Cowley County Fair 4-H Market Livestock Auction,” said Director of Public Relations, Rama Peroo. When the time was right, President

Patrick MacAtee placed the final bid and Cowley College became the proud owners of the blue ribbon winning Angus steer. “It is important for the college to provide higher education to our region, but it’s even more important for us to integrate into the communities to fill needs as we see them,” said Benjamin Schears executive director or enrollment and outreach services. “This allowed the college to do just that by supporting the area 4-H programs by purchasing the steer and also to provide additional food to those in need.” The steer was raised by Dexter High School sophomore, Bailye Butler, whose older sister, Shelbye, is a Cowley College freshman. Once the steer was purchased the college paid to have it processed. “The college’s marketing team decided it would be best to donate the 723 pounds

of meat to the Winfield Community Food Pantry,” said Peroo. “The college was happy to be able to provide this assistance to those less fortunate.” The Director of the Winfield Community Food Pantry, Nancy Tredway, said it is rare to get such a donation. “We typically do not have meat to give to our clients, so this was a wonderful donation.” According to Peroo, Dicken was instrumental in getting the donation to the food pantry. “It was rewarding to be involved in a project that benefited so many people,” said Dicken. Filling the refrigerator with fresh food for local residents, Benjamin Schears executive director of enrollment and Director of the Winfield Community Food Pantry, Nancy Tredway load the last of the 723 pounds of beef.




Sep. 9, 2010

Surfin’ Summit for sumthin’ to do ASHLEY CAMPBELL Staff writer


here’s nothing to do in Ark City.” This seems to be the token phrase for students around here throughout most of the school year This must be why if you drive through campus on a weekend the parking lots look relatively empty. There are actually quite a few things to do in and around Ark City. If you go to Wal-Mart late at night, you will most likely see a group of college students walking around, but there are other things to do. Andrea Workman, sophomore, said she has a hard time finding things to do

“especially on the weekends. If you are really looking something to do grab some friends, jump in the car and take a trip down Summit Street, this is where most of the things to do are. Brooke Cullum, sophomore, said “my friends and I mostly just cruise around town and then go to something.” There is the Hillcrest Bowling Lanes located at 2400 N Summit, and no the art of bowling is not lost; you just have to rent the shoes. The Cowley Cinema is just a few minutes out of town and plays all of the new movies. If you go before 6:00pm then your tickets will be cheaper. Other things that are a little less known are that there is a Henna tattoo shop, over on west Madison. This is fun if you don’t want to commit to the real deal. Also the Chaplin Nature Center is three miles west of Ark City and would provide a place for a nice walk, run, picnic, or just a fun afternoon out in general and it is free of charge.

Another big thing you can do in Ark City is something people often forget about, and that is

volunteering. The community gives a lot to the school allowing it to award tons of scholarships; however the students don’t always give back. You can volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, which helps build homes for those in need, or Big Brothers Big Sisters, which puts you in contact with children who need a positive influence in their life.

Maybe you could take them bowling, or to one of the many parks here in town. For those interest in the Indian culture there is the Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum right at the end of town. If you happen to in town on the weekend and looking for something to do there is Henry’s “Better Made” Candies in Dexter. They give demonstrations to the public at 12:30 and 2 p.m. every Sunday. Kelsey Patterson, sophomore, said she has “a great time here with my teammates we make our own fun usually movies, walks, and other stuff.” So don’t take the easy way out by saying there is nothing to do, there are tons of students around, make new friends, or grab the ones you have a hop in the car, cruise main, take a detour, see what you can find. There is always something to do. Holistic Body Works, on Madison, provides henna tattoos at a decent price. They also sell jewelry. Henna is a temporary and intricate alternative to a permanent tattoo. (Photo courtesy of

CC Singers leading the Rat Pack BY RHIANNON ROSAS Layout editor

Formal wear, Tuxedo and Costume Rental Costume rentals Ask us about discounts

307 N. Summit St. Arkansas City, KS 67005 442-1224


The Cowley College Singers of 2010-2011: Sophomores; Aaron Brooks, Jessica Coldwell, Amy Dunlap, Shaelynn French, Anne Harmon, Whitnie Means, Jade Sparks, Bryce Sund and Andrea Workman and freshmen; Zach Bush, Alexis Denoncourt, Aaron Kucharik, Dylan Muilenburg, Jimmie Norman, William Wegele and Kyle White. This year’s show is remembering “The Rat Pack,” their first show with the Cowley Concert Choir will be on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. in Brown Center Theatre. “ I’m excited for this year’s new comers,” said sophomore Shaelynn French, “not only are they vocally talented but they are good dancers, which is good to see because this year’s show you can expect a lot more dancing and jazz music.” (photo by Katie Arnett)


NEWS CP The Miracle Worker auditions produce many emotions SEP 9, 2010


deaf child who ruled the house with her bad behavior. All of the women who tried out for the part of Helen had to find some way to appear blind, which can be very challenging. Even more impressive was that every woman who tried out did a great job of it. Dejon Ewing, humanities instructor, said


wenty-four faces, 14 of them chewing their lips. 46 feet tapping anxiously. 9 students quietly conversing with each other. Yep, it’s time for the fall play auditions. On Aug. 26 at 2 p.m., 24 students arrived to audition for the fall play, The Miracle Worker. This play is the story of Helen Keller, and her journey from a spoiled, misbehaved child who could not see or hear, to the influential woman she became. For the auditions, students were provided with the scripts for particular scenes in the play and were asked to volunteer to read a character’s part. Each scene was enacted by five or so groups of students, the groups changing each time. Scott MacLaughlin, theater director, said, “The audition process can be a tough thing to go through for many students. I am very sensitive to all those who put forth the effort to even

of the Helen role: “One of the hardest elements will be on Helen’s shoulders [as] playing blind convincingly is very difficult. Shae will have to work very, very hard and be open to direction.  Drama can easily turn into melodrama—something no one wants.  Keeping the emotions ‘real’ will be paramount.” Mrs. Ewing sat in on

audition. It requires students to throw themselves out there, to see whether or not they can ‘fit’ a Top: Peter Fairchild, right, reads for Captain Keller, while Zachary Bush reads for James Keller, Helen’s brother. (photo s by Katie Arnett and Alison

particular role.” It was fascinating to watch the women in the auditions act as though they were a blind,

Clockwise from right: Rebecca Munoz, right, reads for Helen, as she uses Helen’s sign for ‘Mother.’ and Jilysa Daniel, left, portrays Aunt Ev. Rebecca Munoz, far right, plays a defensive Kate Keller, while Helen fights with Anne Sullivan over her habit of taking what she wants from the plates of the family Rachel Curtis, middle, plays Helen while Jilysa Daniel, left, plays Anne. Scott McLaughlin, left, Dejon Ewing, middle, and Jamison Rhoads, right, contemplate the actors. Dylan Muilenburg shows his incredulous disbelief in what’s going on around him as he plays Captain Keller.

auditions and was able to give the girls advice on how to play blind, and saw each girl’s ‘Helen.’ Other major parts auditioned for were: Captain Keller, Helen’s father; Kate Keller, Helen’s mother; James Keller, Helen’s brother; Aunt Ev, a relative of Kate’s; and Annie Sullivan, the woman who teaches Helen to behave and communicate.

bottom, refuses to tolerate it.

Far Left: (top) portrays Helen as she tries to take food from Anne’s plate. This is something Helen does all the time to the members of her family. Anne, played here by Shaelynn French,


Doctor..................Zach Barrett Kate Keller...........Anne Harmon Captain Keller......Aaron Brooks Helen Keller.........Shaelynn French Martha..................Jilysa Daniel Percy.....................Jordan Hill Aunt Ev.................Rachel Curtiss James Keller..........William Wegele Mr. Anagnos..........Eric Denning Annie Sullivan......Amy Dunlap


Viney.....................Kalon Steinaway School Children.......Tracey Marr, Anne Bloyer, Rebecca Munoz, Jade

Sparks, Jilysa Daniel, Krista Whittemore Townspeople............Dylan

Muilenburg, Jacob Guiot, Zach Barrett Stage Manager.........Brooke



Sep. 9, 2010

Flying high with the final book Mockingjay BY ANNE-MARIE SANCHEZ Opinions editor


ockingjay is the third and final installment of the Hunger Games series. The author, Suzanne Collins, has been praised for her final book by Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, Time magazine, and many other acclaimed writers. In order to understand the book it is important to understand the setting. Collins paints a harsh world that had suffered from a great war. The nation is now called Panem and it’s separated into twelve districts. Each district is responsible for the production of raw material and is then sent to district one, also known as the Capitol. Here the people live a life of luxury. There is no travel between the districts except for Capitol officials. Life is hard in the districts but to make it even harder, once a year the Capitol holds the Hunger Games where two children, a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18, are selected from each district, to fight for their lives in an arena setting with a controlled environment. The “game wardens” may make things harder or easier in the arena to make the game more interesting. The Hunger Games are feared and hated because there are only two options for the children: die or kill every other competitor in the games. The Hunger Games, focuses on District 12, the coal mining district. 17-yearold Katniss Everdeen sneaks out of the district with her lifetime friend Gale

almost everyday to hunt in the woods near by. An amazing hunter, Katniss prides herself with being an excellent shot with her bow and frequently trades her kills on the black market. It’s when Katniss’s little sister Prim turn 12 that another Hunger Games is issued and the drawing of children’s names takes place. Prim’s name is drawn and in an act of selflessness Katniss volunteers herself to take her sister’s place. The first book goes on about how Katniss works to survive in the arena and forms a relationship with Peeta, who is the same age as Katniss and is also from District 12. At the very end when all others have died Peeta and Katniss do what no one has done before. Instead of killing each other, they threaten to take poisonous berries. Before they can commit double suicide the Capitol steps in and allows both to live. Catching Fire, the second book in the series Katness and Peeta are living in victor’s lane feeling out of place. It is not until the announcement of the Quarter Quell, where all the victors of all the Hunger Games come together to return to the arena to fight to the death. In this book there is hint of a rebellion against the Capitol with Katniss as the figurehead. At the end of the book Katniss has found a weakness in the barrier in the arena and destroys it, calling for a full rebellion. Finally in Mockingjay, District 13 (thought to have been destroyed long ago) emerges as a rebellion force. They save Katniss and demand she be their

figurehead. Her home is destroyed because of her alliance with District 13. Katniss again faces unbelievable odds but, like all wars, no one comes out unscathed. Mockingjay was amazing but one thing I didn’t like about it was that it was very dark. Books about wars usually are dark and there are very few points that are happy. Katniss faces death left and right, many people close to her are hurt and even killed. But the book is realistic in that Katniss is severely mentally scarred by the war and the horrific events that take place. I wont spoil the The Mockingjay is the symbol of the rebellion, which is ending by telling also the pin that was given to Katniss to wear in the hunif it’s happy or ger games. (photo courtesy of sad I’ll say this fast and very easy read. It’s not a very though the ending happy series but it’s jam packed full of was very satisfying. action, a sizzle of romance, and plenty The Hunger Game series is a very of suspense.

Hopefully the last exorcism ever BY ANDREW MARYMEE Staff writer There is one word that could describe the Last Exorcism: sad. The movie starts with Reverend Cotton Marcus and his two-man camera crew responding to a call in Louisiana at the Sweetzer residence. Marcus, a religious con man who’s been faking exorcisms over the years finally decides to expose he is a fake on

this trip and that it has always been for cash. While it starts out alright with him faking the exorcism with a cross that releases steam on contact an iPod full of scary music, Marcus suddenly realizes he is over his head. The actors are great at playing the part and the beginning half of the movie is excellent it seems that after a certain point the writer of this movie got lost and didn’t know what direction to go.

The entire half of the movie seemed to me that all they could think of was run and scream. If someone wants to watch a movie about running they have an entire trilogy called The Lord of the Rings where all they do is run and walk. If blood, screaming, and violence, is your thing then it will be the movie for you. I would suggest waiting until it came out on red-box , since the movie would only be worth a dollar anyway. Though according to rottentomatoes.


com it received a rating of 6.1/10 while users rated it a 7.1/10. The Last Exorcism makes first-rate use of religious doubt and religious extremism to concoct a novel horrorthriller clever enough to seduce unbelievers while satisfying the blood lust of its congregation/fanbase, ”said John Anderson, Variety



Sept. 9, 2010

Setting the Bar High BY MATTHEW FOX Staff writer


resh dew and a cool breeze welcomed the tired athletes on an early

September morning. Along with the great weather came a great performance from the tigers. Both the men and women won their divisions. The competition between the team

really boosted the moral and time average. Three of the men finished within five seconds of each other. Pushing each other along, five of the women finished within eleven seconds of each other. Kaitlyn Belisle pointed out “We had a lot of people come in, in groups and that really helps us push each other.” Sophomore Josh Gracia led the men with fifth place and a time of (18:47.98) in the 6k run. Brock Hime followed Gracia in ninth place with a (19:01.47). Hime was pleased with the performance Saturday, “We had two guys place in the top ten and at such a big meet that is really good.” The Women’s team also exceeded expectations with a great leading performance from Kaitlyn Belisle who placed second with a time of (14:36.82) in the 4k run. Purity Cheruiyot was only a few paces behind with a time of (14:51.78). Achieving great times so early in the season competing teams are bound to be excited to compete with a team of such caliber. “We have a ton of teams that are already gunning for us and the bull’seye is going to just get bigger and bigger.” Said Head Coach Vince Degrado. Coach Degrado expects to compete very well against their conference saying “As a whole we set the bar high for Missouri Southern!” The season is still young and great things are still to come.

Cross Country Jargon PR - Personal Best Kick - A burst of speed Flats - Racing shoes Pace - Average speed over the course Finish Chute - A roped funnel shaped finish line Splits - Predetermined marks set to find the pace of the runner Surge - Strategic burst

Leading the way across the course is sophomore Purity Cheruiyot during the team’s first home meet. Cheruiyot finished the Wichita State Classic with a time of 14:51.78. (photo by Katie Arnett)


Player Profile

Josh Gracia Cross Country What is the goal after Cowley: “To go onto a big-time four year university, with a big conference. The Big 12 Conference. What inspired you to run: “Basketball conditioning, I ran pretty well throughout conditioning. So I decided to do track” What was your best college XC race: “(This year) on August 27. When I won the race with one shoe” What was the hardest course to run on last season: “Oklahoma State Jamboree, it was tough with the hills. That is why I liked it” What do you expect this year’s team to do this season: “National Championship, I don’t see why we can’t. We have the weapons, hopefully we could utilize it to win this thing” What are the personal expectations on this season: “Personally, just to compete to get All-American status at National Championships. To achieve this, I have to get top 5” Does this year’s young-inexperienced, but talented team consider you the leader: “Yeah I guess they do, a lot of them will hopefully follow my footsteps. Or maybe even run faster than me this year, and I hope they all could do that”




FOX BY MATTHEW FOX Staff Writer Just a few more minutes, the dorms are just around the block, almost there. Push a little harder and burn off that Red Bull and Twinki that were so enticing last night. Ah, too tired, maybe tomorrow, the workout won’t be as hard. Wrong, one of the biggest problems people have with fat loss and prevention is drive. If you don’t have the determination to follow your workout and diet regiment the sofa might as well be your best friend. With college you have a dorm and a roommate. Make your roommate your work out partner and drastically increase the results you would get alone. Be competitive with your partner. If you make fitness less about maintaining and more about competing it will be a much more enjoyable experience. Watch what you both eat! When your roommate brings back a twelve pack of soda and a bag of chips you might mention that grapes and water would have been a suitable snack too. Working out with a partner will make you more reliable. If you feel like you are letting someone else down you will more likely go to that work out you were planning on skipping. The next time you think about drinking that red bull and Twinkie hopefully your roommate will be there to remind you a red bull has 27g of sugar and 110 calories along with your Twinki containing 150 calories and 19g of sugar. To burn that off you’d have to run two miles at five miles per hour and that is just your late night snack.

Sept. 9, 2010

Tigers add three new faces to athletic department BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor


owley has added new assistant coaches to the athletic coaching roster as well as a new athletic trainer. Cowley filled the staffing voids for both baseball and softball with former players and hired a new trainer fresh out of college. Among those hired is Brock Buckingham. Buckingham starts his second coaching stint here at Cowley for the Tigers’ baseball team as an assistant coach. He last helped to coach the team during the 2006 season. The father-to-be played middle infielder for Cowley during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. He then transferred to Arkansas State University where he played for two years. After his senior year Buckingham worked as a student assistant at the university until he became an assistant coach at Cowley for the 2005 season. Following his two seasons coaching at Cowley, Buckingham has spent the past four years working sales in Wichita. “I missed baseball and I missed the family atmosphere that we have with the faculty and staff,” said Buckingham, “I’m real excited to be back and excited to be back in Brock Buckingham baseball and to be coaching with Dave (Burroughs) and Lefty (Darren Burroughs).” After missing the World Series last year the baseball coaching staff has high expectations for this season. “My expectations are just like Dave and Darren’s, we’re here for one thing

and that’s to go back to the World Series,” said Buckingham, “that’s all that we expect.” Cowley’s softball team sees the return of a friendly face; Jenny Hoyt second-team all-conference and allregion third base player during her sophomore Jenny Hoyt year as a Tiger, has been hired as an assistant coach. Hoyt, who last played for the Tigers during the 2007 season, returns to Cowley after finishing out her collegiate career at Mars Hill College in Asheville, North Carolina. “I thought it (Cowley) was an excellent place, close to home,” said Hoyt “I enjoyed it here playing softball so it made it an easy decision to come back.” After graduation Hoyt remained at Mars Hill College for one more year helping to coach the outfielders and pitchers of a team that finished 29-18. “My role was to help anything that they (players) needed help with. Here I’ll basically help out anywhere and I know I’m going to be working with the pitchers quite a bit,” said Hoyt All though this is only Hoyt’s second coaching position she has high dreams for her career. “I see myself here for awhile at least,” said Hoyt, “as far as in the future I think, like any coach, that you want to coach at the Division I level. I really want to coach a team to the World Series that’s an ultimate goal of mine.” Another addition to the athletic department this season is assistant physical trainer Phillip Tucker. Tucker had no prior connections to Cowley before hiring on for the fall.


Tucker graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State in May with a degree in athletic training meaning he will be doing a variety of things for the athletes. “I’ll do injury prevention or if they are injured I’ll do a rehabilitation process using exercise, ultra sound, or electrical stimulation,” said Tucker “this year so far so good, it’s been busy.” These new additions to the athletic staff are young and excited about their opportunities this year both on and off the field. Both Tucker and Buckingham will serve as dorm Phillip Tucker managers, so many nonstudent-athletes will become familiar with them very soon.

This week in sports Baseball- Sept. 9 at Butler (El Dorado, Kans.) Men’s and Women’s Soccer- Sept. 9 at Barton County (Great Bend, Kans.) Men’s and Women’s Tennis- Sept. 10/11 at Oklahoma City Collegiate Open Volleyball- Sept. 10/11 at Kirkwood Tournament (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Softball- Sept. 10 at Dodge City Round robin Men’s and Women’s soccer- Sept. 11 vs. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Volleyball- Sept. 13 vs Labette


Sep. 9, 2010

Lady Tigers maul NOC Prepare for Kirkwood Tourney BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor


ne day after dismantling Hesston College, the No. 1 ranked Lady Tigers volleyball team extended their winning streak to four matches this season. The Lady Tigers devoured Northern Oklahoma College in straight games 25-15, 25-6, 25-7. The women were in a dominant mindset from the beginning. Following their win in game one, the Lady Tigers took an early 7-4 lead in the second game. That is when Venezuela native, Elena Berroteran, sophomore, found her stride. Berroteran’s small but powerful, 5-foot-5 frame helped her deliver some impressive jump serves enroute to a 13-0 run in the Tigers favor. “Elena had a great match on Thursday. She has a lot of power in her serve and she plays great back court defense,” said Head Coach, Jennifer Bahner, “She is a player that will continue to challenge the other team through her serving, defense, and

attacking.” Berroteran’s streak all but sealed the Lady Tiger’s victory as Cowley closed out the final seven points 5-2. She would finish the day with a match-high six aces and nine digs. Game three was the final nail in the coffin for NOC. Cowley scored the first six points and 13 of the first 15. NOC kept kicking throughout the game but

kills each. Freshman setter, Molly Scanlon returned to the lineup after missing the match against Hesston due to illness. Scanlon was key in setting up points for the Lady Tigers as she led the team in assists with 18. With the win, the Lady Tigers extend their homewinning streak to 17 Kaitlin Stearns, sophomore, serves the ball against NOC matches, which dates back to the durng play in W.S. Scott Auditorium. The Tigers defeated NOC in three matches. (photo by Katie Arnett) 2008 season. “Thursday Grand Rapids, Iowa the following was a great way to start off the season weekend Sept. 10 and 11. at home,” said Bahner. “We came “The Neosho match is a big game out very strong and stayed focused for us because it is our first conference throughout the whole match. I think match of the year,” said Bahner. “At the our serving was a big factor in the win. JUCO levels teams change so much from We were serving year to year that we don’t really know very aggressively a lot about Neosho’s team however we which really know our team.” helps take your As for the Kirkwood tournament, opponent out of the Lady Tigers will see some familiar their game.” competition. Two teams the Tigers Looming on played in the season-opening Johnson the schedule this County Tournament: Parkland week is their Community College whom they lost to conference opener by 3 and Des Moines Area Community versus Neosho College whom they beat by 5. Host, and County on Sept. 8 nationally ranked, Kirkwood will also and the Kirkwood be on the Lady Tigers’ list of possible Tournament in opponents. “This tournament is another great Going for the opportunity for us to go out and dig is Freshman, Shanna Seyfarth. compete against some great teams and see how we are progressing,” said The Tigers’ the head coach, “I know the girls are next match is very excited about the chance to play Wednesday at Parkland again.” Neosho County. (photo by Katie Arnett)

We were serving very aggressively which really takes your opponent out of their game. ~ Jennifer Bahner

could only manage another five points in the 25-7 Lady Tiger victory. All-American sophomore, Roslandy Acosta led the team in kills. The right side hitter and Jayhawk East MVP slammed down nine kills on the night. Sophomore, Lindsey Chandler and freshmen, Danika Maggard and Emily Barto followed Acosta; the three had five


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