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The Student Newspaper of Cowley College Issue 1 august 30, 2012

TheBenefitting Cowley Press through service learning

Campus Chatter I’m Dreaming...

Cowley’s acclaimed theatre program is back in gear for the school year. Auditions for the winter musical “White Christmas” will be underway on the Brown Center stage on Aug. 30 at 2 and 6 p.m. Information sheets are available in the humanities office.

Winter Clothing Drive

The 4th Annual KNEA-SP Winter Clothing Drive is on the horizon. If you would like to donate any of old clothes to a good cause, then stop by the Social Science Department from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon through Fri from Sept. 1 through Nov. 1. The goal is to collect 10,000 articles of clothing – so start digging in those closets!

Riding in Style

The college recently purchased a 2003 Bluebird LTC 40 motor coach in order to help make transportation of the hundreds of Cowley’s athletes and club members much easier. What makes the 49-seater even more awesome? Five television monitors with DVD capability for the students to utilize on the longer bus rides.

Don’t Forget the Tutor Need a little help tackling that terrifying math assignment? Want to comprehend your composition homework? Don’t worry, there are free tutoring services available on campus. Various tutors are available throughout the afternoon and evening hours. For exact times be sure to pick up a copy of the tutoring schedule in the Renn Memorial Library.

Movie Night

Creative Claws will be hosting a movie night on Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Wright Room. Be sure to show up for a fun evening.

No Classes

The college will be closed on Sept. 3. All services will be shut down in observation of Labor Day. Classes will resume like normal on Sept. 4.

Students learn life lessons while volunteering Trevor Reichle Staff Reporter


owley students are required to complete course specific community service hours – or “service learning” hours - in order to pass the social/behavioral science classes, such as sociology, psychology, and so on. Instructors point out that even the smallest of acts during this volunteer work can have a far-reaching and positive effect on the people being helped. The question is how exactly does it affect the students. The numbers of hours, no matter how big or how small, and the positive feedback students’ get from volunteering has a positive effect on them. As ACES Director James Fry said, “I like to see the kids get out there and put these hours out. It’s more about the experience for me then it is the hours.” Even the students themselves realize how much of an impact the service learning has. Sophomore Lindsey Bierle said, “It gets the students involved in their community and lets them know what’s going on.” She

did her volunteer work at the Cherokee Strip Museum, and said that she has volunteered since on her own accord. Sophomore Sierra PalacioOliver, who did most of her volunteer work at Big Brothers and Big Sisters, said service learning is beneficial because, “it keeps kids out of trouble and helps them out in life.” Oliver also became actively involved in volunteer work after completing her service learning hours, staying as a big sister for four months after she had completed the service learning. Fry has been directing the ACES program for quite some time now, and he said even the students who do not want to do the volunteer work originally see just how important it is in the end. What work, however, is out there for students to do? “There is a lot going on,” said Fry. “We got the food pantries, probably two within six blocks. You’ve got the teen pregnancy center, you have Arkalalah coming up, you’ve got the car show… They are events the whole town enjoys, but they wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.” Other places, such as the Humane Society, the

Students participate in various volunteer activities throughout the semester for credit. The hard work not only benefits many people but allows for students to take away life long lessons and memories. (file photo) Presbyterian Manor, and the Burford Theatre are open to volunteers as well. No matter where you choose to earn service

learning hours, the selfless help administered affects every person involved; or, in the wise words of Fry, “You can’t go out into the

community and fix problems if you’ve never went out and experienced it.”

Providing a positive impact on campus

C.A.A.T. members look to help students and the community Alex Diaz Staff Reporter The Cowley Activity Awareness Team (C.A.A.T.) strives to be a positive influence on campus and on their peers. The team is all about making the campus a better place to be. The club, led by sponsor, Charlee Wilson, works to make the campus and community aware of issues fitness, smoking, proper nutrition and homelessness. In the three short years the program has been active the C.A.A.T. team has tackled cancer, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness awareness both domestically and abroad. C.A.A.T. hosts presentations promoting awareness of issues important to the college community. True to their mission statement C.A.A.T. creates a positive environment and welcomes students as a part of the campus. C.A.A.T. members become Certified Peer Educators [CPE]. CPEs help their peers with everyday problems. Both full time and part time students can benefit from this program. Wilson said, two problems CPEs often

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encounter are homesickness and relationship problems through listening and emotional support CPEs try their best to help students. Some people never realized it, but they may have seen C.A.A.T. doing their work along the highways, picking up trash or planting plants. In the winter C.A.A.T. host C.A.A.T.’s in a box an overnight homelessness awareness event. This fundraiser is for different organizations that are in need of help; especially around the holidays when people need to be reminded someone still cares about them. A person can usually identify a C.A.A.T. member by the shirt they wear. It is an orange shirt with a C.A.A.T. emblem. The C.A.A.T.’s can be found in the C.A.A.T. office located in the game room of the jungle or in the basement of Galle Johnson. For anyone who wants to become a C.A.A.T. the best way is to find Wilson, and ask for an application. Wilson said, students who are active in the community are a lot more likely to be accepted then a student who is not involved at all.

Ty Gerber Freshman

“Saggy pants, too many people do it without knowing the real reason.”

Playing around that the C.A.A.T. booth during the club fair, freshman Tori Idland and sophomore Charidy Kester answer questions and talk to interested students. (photo by Brittany Collins) Afterwards, if the application looks promising Wilson will set up a time to interview the prospective student. C.A.A.T. members get scholarships for their work; however, they must meet the standards the instructors set. To remain a member you must, maintain a 2.5 GPA, be a full-time stu-

Briana Moore Freshman

“Bumpits, because they’re ugly.”

dent, and have 130 hours of C.A.A.T. service a semester. This scholarship is renewable for up to two years. Up to sixteen students can join C.A.A.T.. Wilson the director of tutoring and retention services says he would like to thank these students’ hard work and dedication

Braden Lebeda Sophomore

“Loud voices, it’s distracting.”

on behalf of Cowley County Community College. It is a big achievement to have a place where students are taught to watch out for others as well as themselves. Students can find Wilson in the basement of Galle Johnson or contact him by email at

Sierra Palacio-Oliver Sophomore

“Yolo, because my best friend says it too much.”


August 30, 2012

Cowley college

Understanding how important a college degree really is

Todd Shepard explains the beneifits of an education with the state of the economy


es, that is the question many college students have on their minds today. With all the negative press about the state of the economy and rising tuition costs, who can blame them? It seems as if everyone knows someone who has lost their job and the thought of spending thousands of dollars to get a degree with the possibility of not being able to find a job is frightening. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college tuition has risen from $7,685 per year in 1980 to a staggering $17,464 per year in 2009, and there seems to be no end in site. There has been much effort put into what is wrong with our economy, and not enough on what is good about it. And, as it turns out, America has in its possession what much of the rest of the world wished it had – the best higher education system in the world. But from the government down to the average citizen, education is thought of as an expense, not as an investment. As budget deficits soar and personal debt rises, it seems the first thing to be cut is education. Why? That is the billiondollar question. I think it is a matter of perspective. For better or worse, Americans, as a whole, take a short-run view of the world around

them. We want gratification and we want it now, and if we can’t have it now we will move onto something that will give us the rush we crave. But this view has sacrificed not only our personal long-run gain, but our status as a national as well. But if you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe the entity that knows more about this subject than anyone – the labor market itself. If you listen to the news, you know the unemployment rate has remained relatively unchanged at 8.3% for over two years now. What you might not know is how your employability and wages are affected by your level of education. Consider the following data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2011: It is readily apparent what the labor market values. But we should also look beyond the numbers and ask why the labor market behaves this way. The answer – the market rewards investment. Yes, I said investment because that is what an education is. A business will make an investment when it believes that investment will make it more competitive in the market or it will be rewarded with profit. An individual thinking of obtaining an education should consider this line of reasoning as well. In fact,

Cowley Press


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Editor-in-Chief Tera Mills Photo Editor/Ad Manager Autumn Mumford Design Editor/Distribution Manager Jacklynn Anderson Assistant Photo Editor Brittany Collins Social Media Manager Lauren Llanes

(courtesy photo)

Level of Education

No High School Diploma High School Diploma Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Ph.D. the data shows that both are true in our economy. Does a college degree guarantee you a job with a large income? Certainly not. But it is clear that businesses reward those who take the time and put forth the effort to obtain a higher education. And this trend is growing as fewer people earn higher degrees. From 2002 to 2011, incomes plunged 8.7% for

Put your “butts” away

Unemployment Rate 14.1% 9.4% 4.9% 3.6% 2.5%

those without a high school diploma, whereas those with college degrees soared 23.4%. So why don’t all young people get a degree? There are many reasons and no two people are alike, but I know there are some looking into the future thinking that four year seems like a lifetime. Believe me, I thought the same thing. But looking back, I can’t believe how fast

Average Yearly Income $23,452 $33,176 $54,756 $65,676 $80,652

those four years went. It is about time that everyone, the government most of all, started thinking about education as an investment and make policy to get our labor force back to the point where we can compete in the global environment. So, in the words of Derek Bok, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

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Smoking: not everyone appreciates it Anna Massie Staff reporter

People smoke all the time and it is no big deal. To some people it is and personally, I think it is gross. For one, it makes smoker’s clothes, hands, hair, breath and just the person in general stink and two, do you know the chemicals that are in cigarettes? Fun fact: a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, called urea, is used to add “flavor” to cigarettes, according to Yummy! Tobacco. org also claims, cigarettes contain arsenic (which is used in pesticides), capsicum oleoresin (a.k.a. pepper spray), ammonia (fertilizer, house hold cleaner), carbon monoxide (a gas toxic to humans and animals in high concentrations), and formaldehyde (a disinfectants [bacteria and fungi] and also an embalming agent) just to name a few. While we’re on the subject of fun facts: did you know that there is enough nicotine in four or five cigarettes to kill an aver-

age adult if consumed whole? Though most smokers only take in one to two milligrams of nicotine in each cigarette. The point of this opinion piece is definitely not saying you should start smoking, and it’s not telling you to quit either; but please be considerate about it. Not everyone enjoys smoking and some people are more sensitive to its smoke than others. Also we would be so grateful if you would put your butts (cigarette butts…) where they belong. After all the ash tray cans are only two feet from the tables… It is a myth that people are allergic to the smoke itself. According to airqualitytips. (photo by Ravyn Pickens) com cigarette smoke is considered an irritant congestion, shortness of and not a true allergen. breath, and headaches, but it This means that you can doesn’t necessarily mean that get allergy-like reactions to you are allergic to cigarette the smoke, such as sneezsmoke. Just because people ing, runny nose, coughing, aren’t actually allergic to the

ol! o h c s o Back t

ACROSS 1. Whatchamacallit 6. Parabola, e.g. 9. December 25th, for short 13. Receive, as in debt 14. Swedish shag rug 15. Best of its kind 16. Coffee burn, e.g. 17. Came together 18. *Used in art 19. *a.k.a Reading, writing, and arithmetic 21. *Elementary school supply staple 23. Kum Ba ___ 24. Genghis or Kublai, e.g. 25. Hexagonal fastener 28. Private theater box 30. Young urban professional 35. Singles 37. Hamlet or village in South Africa 39. Cuts, as in hair 40. Outside cover 41. “_____ Last Night” starring Rob Lowe 43. Regrettably 44. Erasable programmable read-only memory 46. Certainly 47. Hatha or bikram, e.g. 48. Stationary part of a

Press Policy

The Cowley Press is a public forum produced bi-weekly by the newspaper production class. The paper is distributed free in single copies on campus. Extra copies are $1 each. Student editors make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval. Editorials, columns and letters reflect the opinions of the writers. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for the taste and length.

smoke doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect them. If someone was drinking in a school parking lot you would be offended, but at the same time, their drinking doesn’t affect

you. If that same person were smoking, it would affect everyone around them. Secondhand smoke isn’t something to joke about. Secondhand smoke is made

motor around which rotor revolves 50. The A in the hit comedy “M*A*S*H” 52. *Found in Kindergarten classroom 53. Reduced instruction set computer 55. Pimple fluid 57. *______ plan 60. *Student’s personal domain, pl. 64. Less bright then supernovae 65. Rocks in a drink 67. Physicists Marie and Pierre _____

6. Coat of ____ 7. It comes dark or marbled 8. “____ 22” 9. Roentgen’s machine 10. Popular Japanese soup 11. End of prayer 12. Sun in Mexico 15. Jimmy Carter farmed this 20. Valerie Harper’s role, 1974-1978 22. Solar beam 24. Beat Generation pioneer 25. *Students must learn how to take these 26. Unfit 27. Earth in Latin 29. Loads 31. Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, ____, Love” 32. Sitcom trial 33. Idealized image 34. *English homework 36. *Famous dog in basal readers 38. Make like a cat 42.

68. Nancy _____ of “Entertainment Tonight” 69. As opposed to don’ts 70. Carl Jung’s inner self 71. “The Way We ____” 72. Half the width of ems 73. Shot at summer Olympics DOWN 1. Essence of idea 2. 1/36th of a yard 3. Harry Potter’s mark 4. Having no horns 5. Trying experience

up of two different types of smoke; sidestream smoke is the smoke that comes from the end of the lighted cigarette/cigar/pipe and mainstream smoke is the smoke the smoker exhales, according to Carcinogens are the cancercausing agents that cigarettes give off. Unlike most bad habits, smoking isn’t just bad for the inhaler, it’s bad for the bystanders who have no choice. If you’re ok with smelling like an ashtray then by all means go ahead, but don’t make others pay for your smellfishness.

Pace of music 45. Breadcrumb, e.g. 49. Site of next summer Olympics 51. Popular North and Central American shrubs 54. Like a hurtful remark 56. Malodorous mammal 57. Mother ____ 58. At any time 59. *Popular seasonal lure 60. Is it really more? 61. One of Great Lakes 62. Frost residue 63. *Taken at teacher’s request 64. Betty Friedan’s org. 66. Swindle


ge 10 a p n o swers

Aug. 30, 2012


Maintaining morality is worth it Cowley college

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Sacrificing your soul to conform to ways of the world gains you nothing

Autumn Mumford Photo editor


inding like-minded people can be really tough, especially at college. In this day and age, morals and religion are definitely not that cool. College life is often given a bad name because everyone knows (while it’s not true) the only extracurricular activities on (and off) campus is beer, sex, and partying. It becomes a vicious vacuum that is hard to escape because it’s the prominent campus behavior. Trust me when I tell you if you’re strong in your faith, you won’t get invited to parties. Or out to the bars. And your peers are probably going to call you a ‘square’. But this is not a bad thing, and we should seriously stop thinking so. There are plenty of other Christians on campus to hang with. While it is Biblical to lead and befriend the lost, we should also remember 1 Corinthians. “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good morals.’ -1 Corinthians 15:33

Even those of us who stand on the firmest ground can be shaken when in the presence of nonbelievers. Without even realizing it, we can easily go astray. Whether it’s something as simple as listening to negative music, watching an inappropriate TV show, or it’s something like drinking at a party or having premarital sex, we can easily be influenced by others. If keeping your morality in check first and foremost brings about ridicule or negative comments remember Jesus faced the same persecution. He was shunned by his peers, and he was even hung on the cross for proclaiming he was the son of God. “If the world hates you, just remember that it has hated me first. If you belonged to the world, then the world would love you as its own. But I chose you from this world, and you do not belong to it; that is why the world hates you.” -John 15:18-19 If we belong to the world, what do we have to gain? The world has nothing for us. This world is as bad as it gets for those who believe. The true prize comes after our death, and it is the gift

Spending time in the word is a great way to keep your morals in check. If you’re unsure if your actions are ungodly, chances are, the Bible has a scripture to help you. Most teen or study Bibles offer a glossary of some kind that breaks up the Bible by different topics which allows you access to different scriptures. (photo by Autumn Mumford) of everlasting life in heaven seated beside the throne of our King of Kings. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” -Mark 8:36 This world does not deserve the sacrifice of our soul. If we do, we will find that the world will give us nothing but pain, torment, and destruction.

So whether you’re a practicing Christian new to college, or a practicing student new to Christianity, stay aware of your surroundings. Maintaining your morality is very important to maintaining your relationship with Christ.

Chi Alpha offering fellowship and faith to campus Ben Schears Contributing writer

encourage you to look no group doesn’t mean you are further than the fellowship perfect, and it doesn’t mean I vividly remember walkopportunities on campus and you’re a stick-in-the-mud ing through the doors of many churches in the area. who has no fun in life. It simCowley College ply means you have in the fall of 1999 eing a part of a Christian group doesn’t an anchor to help into a theater full of mean you are perfect, and it doesn’t steady the tumultunew freshmen and mean you’re a stick-in-the-mud who has ous life that comes wondering how no fun in life. It simply means you have an with being a college in the world I was anchor to help steady the tumultuous life that student. going to survive the comes with being a college student. Personally, being sea of new faces I -Ben Schears a part of a campus was encountering. fellowship group It didn’t take long On campus, there are two didn’t prevent me from makfor me to figure out that I ing some pretty stupid decineeded an anchor on campus different organizations already part of Student Senate sions when I was a student to keep me from diving that you can join – Fellowat Cowley years ago (because headlong into all the temptaship of Christian Athletes we are all human and make tions I would encounter on and Chi Alpha. A third group mistakes), but it did offer my first voyage out on my is being formed this year by me a place of refuge where I own. I found my anchor in a students from Sacred Heart could meet with people who campus fellowship organizaCatholic Church and will were supportive and where tion made up of Christian hopefully begin meeting this I didn’t feel the pressures of students from all different semester. the world weighing down backgrounds and all walks For the past 3 years it has on me. of life. been my joy to be the camThese are precisely the reaHopefully by this point, a pus sponsor for Chi Alpha – sons I would encourage you few weeks into school, you a low key, laid back Christian to check out Chi Alpha, Camare starting to grow comfortfellowship group on campus pus Christian Fellowship, the able not only with the camdedicated to impacting the many Bible studies that pop pus but with the new friends lives of the students around up throughout the year, and you have met. us. visit one of the local churches While you are searching Being a part of a Christian this coming Sunday. to find your anchor, I would


Anxiety approaches

How to handle stress in a Godly fashion Scott Spradlin Contributing writer

Scott Spradlin, MA is a Guest Service Representative at Preferred Family Health in Winfield, KS. He earned his Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis and is the author of Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life. A new semester is upon you. This means encountering new friends, new professors, new courses and new demands. New semesters often bring with them a certain crisp excitement to enthrall the mind of the earnest student open to intellectual and personal growth. Likewise there are the demands of writing research papers, completing assignments, pop-quizzes, essays, mid-terms and finals! These demands can exert a dreadful weight of anxiety, especially if you’re prone to perfectionism. And where you might find new possibilities for connections with new friends, there can also be a nervous wondering about how you fit in on campus.

You may find yourself becoming wrapped-up in worry about how you will perform in your coursework, or whether or not you have a place among your peers. Compound all of this with other personal demands such as work and family and you could easily find yourself scattering across a horizon of dissipated thoughts that become mental clutter. This mental clutter can take claim of your attention and interfere with your ability to manage your courses effectively. Many bright, intelligent and creative students often flail from the burden of performance anxiety. This semester, as you find both energizing enthrallment and brushes with anxiety, commit to remember (thereby fighting spiritual amnesia) that you are you, the image-bearer of the God who cares for you and who will tend to your heart even among your social entanglements and course assignments. Pass or fail, you are

loved. When you find anxiety rising up within, stop for a moment, take a breath, pray and remember these words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” The Gospel calls you back to your being human with the simple admonition to “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:25-34

Chi Alpha is a nation wide organization that works to unite students under the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was founded in 1953 at Missouri State University and now exists on over 300 different college campuses today.


September 13, 2012

Student Of The Month


Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?


People are made up of stuff: integrity, honesty, selfishness, love, distaste, and the list goes on. My parents taught me how to water and grow the good, and how to pull the weeds: this makes them the most influential people in my life. It’s not that they made me who I am today, rather they taught me to take responsibility and be who I want to. If you love something, grow it. If you are not

Micah Fry Hometown Year Majors Future Plans

I love all of the opportunities to get involved and meet new people.

Arkansas City, Kan. Sophomore

Mass Communications and Graphic Design

I plan to go out and do

something with my life. I

want to make a change and be a difference. In doing

that, I do plan to further my

education, although I am still undecided as to just where that will be happening. I

do not want to waste my

life. I want, not only to live the length of my days, but

also the width. I plan to do

something I love with people I love, all the while serving

happy with it, change it.

What is your favorite part about Cowley?

page 4

Cowley college

the Creator I love.


Kristi Shaw surprised Micah in class Thursday morning with a teddy bear and water bottle when announcing she was the newest ‘Student of the Month’. (Photo by Autumn Mumford)

ACES, Act 1 Drama Club (Sound Tech), Cowley

Favorite quote?

Ambassadors, Cowley

Confidence comes, not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.” -Peter T. McIntyre

Television, News Director, Field Reporter, and Co-

assignment Editor, Cowley

Tutors, Media Club, Student

What is your favorite pass time activity?

Reading, I could get lost in a book any day.

What is your favorite food?

It’s probably a tie between good Chinese and desserts in general.

Senate Representative, Phi Theta Kappa, Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts

Favorite Color


I’ve got a story I’d like to tell...

Gathering around the table to chit-chat about the movie, ‘Louder Than a Bomb’ , Neal Andrews and Craig Cropek also enjoy the snacks that were provided. The movie was a documentary discussing the world’s largest youth poetry slam in Chicago. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Trevor Reichle Staff reporter


illow Fashion will be hosting the Creative Claws’ “Writer’s Corner” on Sept. 13, and according to instructor and Humanities Department director Marlys

Cervantes, it is going to be a good one. Writer’s Corner is an event put on by the Creative Claws club that gets students to not only perform their written works such as poetry, short stories, and rants in front of an audience, but also to give students a way to express

themselves. “It’s a good confidence builder,” says Cervantes. “It’s a really important thing that they hear one another’s works and see what other people are writing. I just think you grow as a writer from reading and hearing other people’s works.”

The event always draws a diverse group of people, not only in terms of audience, but also in the works that participants choose to perform. According to Cervantes, all different types of themes and styles are performed. “It’s a real nice variety, and usually with a lot of different themes. The short stories, too, have been some fiction, some non-fiction” said the Cervantes. Sophomore Charity Kester

Creative Claws to host ‘Writer’s Corner’ event at Willow Fashion says she enjoys performing her poems and short stories at the Writer’s Corner events. “I’ve been reading on and off in front of different groups of people, basically anyone who will have me.” Kester said. “These days, Writer’s Corner is where my stuff is heard most often.” Abbey Ferris, also a sophomore, says while she has not performed any

Not exactly your average fairy tale

of her written works in front of people before, she would possibly let someone else perform one of her works in the future. Additionally, prior to the Writer’s Corner, Bill Hancock, executive director of the Bowl Championship Series and author of Riding With the Blue Moth, will be speaking to the crowd.

The drama department diligently prepares to present ‘A Walk in the Woods’ Anna Massie Staff reporter

There is one girl who is running from bears, as well as another girl who is being followed through the woods. This does not sound like your average fairy tale. ‘A Walk in the Woods’ is this year’s children’s theater show for Cowley’s 90th anniversary. It is a mash-up of the classics; Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, and Hansel & Gretel. Direct of Theater Scott Maclaughlin said he wanted to choose something that he knew the children would enjoy but also was different from past plays at the same time. “We’ve done a lot of the classic fairy tale stories,” said

Maclaughlin. “I wanted to find a children’s show that’s not in Grimm’s woods.” This year there were open show auditions, meaning that anyone could audition. The audition process is more than walking in and reciting lines. Auditioning in itself involves becoming the character without even truly knowing much about the character as well as really showing that a person can play the part. Nobody knows who will show up and what part he or she may get. “It can be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. An actor’s got to be able to handle the rejection too,” said Maclaughlin. “You might audition a thousand times for different parts but

only get cast once.” This year is all about going big or going home because of it being the 90th anniversary. Maclaughlin is pretty eager about the show. “The children’s show is so much fun for the actors, the cast, and the crew. We just really enjoy working on a show that we know we’re going to be putting on for little kids,” said Maclaughlin. There are usually 16002000 kids from around the area and various schools that come to see the show. “I think that there’s a great deal of exciting and interesting characters, or a lot of fun characters, that the kids will be able to relate too,” said Jamison Rhoads, technical director of theater. Some kids have never been to a live performance before, so the children’s show gives them a chance to experience live theater. “[The] point [of children’s theater] is to give the kids, both

our college students and the children that come to see the show, to give them a new and different experience,” said Rhoads. “Our students get the opportunity to have an interesting, varied experience. And for the children that come, I hope that the experience is a good one.” This year’s children’s play is bound to be exciting and entertaining. Everyone is encouraged to come out and see it live on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Brown Center Theater.

Hiding behind the evil witch, played by Jacy Milard, freshman, Gary Fizer, sophomore, plays the part of Jack to perfection. The children’s play actors have been working really hard to prepare for their performance of ‘A Walk in the Woods’. (photo by Ravyn Pickens)

Campus life

Aug. 30, 2012

Page 5

Cowley college

Bringing together both sides

The endowment reception brought together donors and recipients to celebrate Lauren Llanes Staff reporter


n Tuesday, August 21, Cowley hosted its second endowment scholarship banquet. The banquet was to honor Cowley students who have received endowment scholarships and to thank those generous donors who fund the scholarships. Not only was this event an opportunity for recipients and donors to be recognized, but also it was

an opportunity for the donor and recipients to meet each other. The night wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Shannon Massey, Executive Director of Alumni and Development, Lisa Grose, Scholarship Coordinator, and Ben Schears, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Schears also acted as the voice of the evening, by the host of the night and announcing all the scholarship recipients.

At this years banquet, former student and Endowment recipient, Manny Thompson, returned to be a speaker. He told everyone about his time at Cowley, and how it became the foundation of his career, and his life. For this academic school year, Cowley College’s Endowment Association awarded over $120,000 to students through 200 scholarships.

The endowment reception gave both, donors and recipients the opportunity to meet each other. Sophomore Jennifer Mendez, recipient of the Jodi Sanderholm Memorial scholarship, got the chance to meet up with her scholarship donors, Don and Peggy Shanks. (photo by Lauren Llanes)

During the scholarship reception, Ben Schears emceed for the evening, while Shannon Massey awarded the scholarships. The reception was held Tuesday Aug. 21, in the Wright Room. (photo by Laruen Llanes)

Young and the restless

This year for the reception, Cowley invited a former student to speak during the ceremony. Manning Thompson, former endowment recipient, enlightened donors and scholarship recipients about the impact cowley has had on his life. (photo by Lauren Llanes)

Kicking the new season off, the young team shows promise Lauren Llanes Social media manager The preseason scrimmages show coaches what talent they have on the field, the only thing that they have to do is make a team out of the talent. The men’s team has a talented group of athletes, it is obvious when the team is in a 100 percent game situation that mentally, physically, spiritually, the team has it put together. The team is very freshman heavy, but it is hard to tell. The team works incredibly hard and is extremely determined. Even though the team is young, the sophomores are doing a great job of stepping up and nurturing the freshmen. “We have more committed players than last year. They are younger, but they put in more effort. Yesterday was our second game, but it looks like we have been playing together for a long time, but we do have some things to correct,” said sophomore Evandro de

Souza. A good way to see what kind of team a coach has is to see how the players act as individuals and as a team during game situations. Throughout these scrimmages, the athletes have responded really well and have stepped up as a team. Tue, Aug. 21, the Tigers played Roger State, it was a very challenging game for the team, with some questionable calls. “It was a great game, they have a good team and we responded really well. Unfortunately, there is things during the game that we can’t control, which is a referee. It is based on opinion, but I think that anyone would agree that there was questionable calls. I’m really not focused on that though, right now I’m really focused on the chemistry we are trying to put together on the team,” said men’s head soccer coach Roberto Dos Santos. The good thing about the athletes that are on this team

right now, is that they are versatile. Soccer is very demanding sport, consequently people get injured regularly. So, it is always a great asset to have a versatile team. “I have been using players that are forward as a defense player and they have been doing a terrific job,” said Santos. As of right now there are three athletes that are out for minor injuries. The team this season is really trying to push the expectations and go beyond the standards. They want to show people that right now they are good, but they will be great. “All the players are good, defense is good, mid field is good, attackers are good, right now we are just trying to go from good to great,” said Sophomore Buba Minteh. “I know this year is going to be tough because last season the teams we played against are going to be prepared, but we are going to show them that we are more prepared.”

Practicing to become the best midfielder/defender for the season, Erick Galvan practices with his teammates to prepare for their first game. Galvan plays against his teammates to improve skills and new tricks to get the ball to the other side of the field. (photo by Wendy Brigido)

er g i Words from T Parking relief: Quiz! Mulvane campus Student New classrooms, new President dean, new parking lot in Mulvane Stan Smith Staff reporter As students at the Cowley Mulvane Campus are showing up for class, they are able to park in the parking lot before walking into class. While past students might scoff at the idea, it is fact. The great parking lot challenge has been eliminated, and several other key upgrades have been made. Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services at Cowley College, reported that Cowley College had officially acquired the old Mulvane Post Office building on June 6th. “We were able to strike a deal with the landlord. Cowley College will be holding classes in the facility for a minimum of five years. This is great news for

students as it provides much needed space for class rooms, and especially for parking relief.” Clinton Marlow, Director of Computer Services, was tasked with making the new facility usable in little over a week. The new classrooms are located just east of the Bloomenshine building, at 410 E Main Street. The new building will provide room for a new student lounge, tutoring room, and traditional classrooms. The Mulvane campus also added Stephani Johns-Hines to the staff as Cowley’s new Dean of Online and Outreach Education.

age 10 rs on p


Dear Cowley College Students, It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cowley College on behalf of the Student Senate! CCSS is the group on campus that plans and organizes many different events throughout the year. The events planned for this year are sure to be especially fun and exciting since Cowley College will be celebrating its 90th anniversary. We would love to see you and all of your friends attend the events because the more people that come the more thrilling the event will be! I, Katey Hubler, am the Student Senate President and I look forward to meeting you all! The amount of activities you can be involved in as a Cowley Tiger are limitless! Attend the athletic events, go to the dances, join the clubs that interest you and be involved in the student life events. Involving yourself in all of those activities is a sure

way to make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether you are just beginning your journey or you are a returning student, I encourage you to participate in all aspects of campus life. Positive involvement in the classroom and out is sure to make your experience as a Tiger a success. College is about growing up and putting yourself out there, so do not hold back this year and get involved! Remember that Brittany and I are more than happy to help you as well as the Ambassadors and Staff. Keep in mind that the experience you have at Cowley is what you make of it, and that the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. I hope all of you have a fun and exciting year as a Cowley Tiger! Yours Truly, Katey Hubler

1. How many tigers species are extinct? A. 3 B. 5 C. 20 2. What is the tigers name from “The Jungle Book”? A. Shere Khan B. Kao C. Mowgli 3. True or False? Man-eating tigers are real. 4. In the movie “Kung Fu Panda”, who is the voice of Tigress? A. Julie Andrews B. Angelina Jolie C. Jessica Alba 5. How many tiger species are there? A. 2 B. 6 C. 20 6. In one night, how many pounds can a tiger eat? A. 20 lbs B. 40 lbs C. 60 lbs 7. True or False? Tigers have the same stripe patterns.

8. Who nicknamed Tiger Wood’s “Tigger”? A. Mother B. Father C. Childhood friend 9. In captivity, how long can a tiger survive? A. 10 years B. 26 years C. 42 years


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august 30, 2012

Cowley college

Cowley College singers step into gear


rom auditions to rehearsals, the Cowley College Singers have jumped right into the jazz of things. This year, the group is taking on a new direction. Inspired by the ‘New York Voices’ and ‘The Real Group’, the CC Singers will be performing a vocal jazz show this year. The inspiration came from the UNC Jazz Festival which

CC Singers 2012-2013

was held in Greeley, Colo that the group attend along with the jazz band in April. After auditions were held, the newly chosen CC Singers had their annual fall retreat at Prairie View Christian Camp. They were able to spend time bonding as well as rehearsing. With the day planned out they were able enjoy various activities from swimming to zip lining.

Rebekah Anliker Dylan Berry Jordan Butler Anthony Caldera Joseph Descartes Devin Dice Megan Hamlett Sidney Hogan Libby Hooley Rach McAfee Alex Myers Marissa Spainhower Benjamin Stranghoner Kyle White Kristan Wiedeman Jason Williams During the CC singers retreat, Sophomore Sidney Hogan zip-lines through the trees at Prairie View Christian Camp. (photo by Brittany Collins) Practicing in a singing circle, Sophomore Joseph Descartes reherses with his fellow CC Singers. The retreat, which lasted two days, was a great way for the new group to bond. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Flying down the zip-line, Connie Donatelli, Director of Vocal Music, waves to the students on the ground. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Performing his rendition of “Little Black Submarines” by The Black Keys was enough to to earn sophomore Jason Williams a spot on CC Singers. Auditions were held all afternoon on Aug. 22 in the choir room. (photo by Autumn Mumford)

Clubs around campus CREATIVE CLAWS:


The ACES Program involves participants in the local community, giving their time and talents. They are not just volunteers, but students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves outside the realm of academia. Connections are made between classroom work and service work. Sponsor: James Fry

Cowley College encourages students to develop their

creative writing skills as a form of self-expression and a means of communicating emotions, ideas, history, and perception of the world and the human condition. Creative Claws is an avenue for writers at the college to showcase their works, primarily through Writers’ Corners. Sponsors: Marlys Cervantes and Ryan Doom


“The Purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.” Sponsors: Deborah Layton, Scott Layton, and Chad Killblane


GSA [Probation]:


The Cowley Activity Awareness Team (C.A.A.T.) strives to positively influence lives by setting an example for our peers through our responsible actions and choices. C.A.A.T. promotes healthy lifestyles through alternative activities, awareness, and leadership on campus and within the community. Sponsor: Charlee Wilson

An important part of the Cowley’s Gay-Straight Alliance, theatre program is the Act One or GSA for short, is a club dedicated drama club. The club offers basic to promoting equality between introduction to theatre in every area, all people regardless of their as well as offering the campus many fun sexual orientation and raising activities. Act One members are involved Members experience art awareness of related issues. with two major productions, a traditional appreciation through a variety Sponsors: Meg Smith play and a musical each year. Act One of field trips and special events. sponsors “Puttin’ on the Hits” (a lip-sync KNEA-SP is a professional Sponsors: Mike Fell and Mark contest), and Mr. Cinderfella as well. Flickinger student organization designed Sponsors: Scott MacLaughlin and to promote interest among Jamison Rhoads Every Monday night at 9 p.m. college students in a career in Campus Christian Fellowship education. Membership in KNEAmeets in the Galle-Johnson Hall SP is open to all students majoring in MEDIA CLUB: Room 101. This non-denominational education. Programs presented by the Media Club is the college Christian club is a great opportunity for organization provide opportunities for recognition and fundraising club Christian students to learn more about the professional development, leadership for students interested in media. The Bible, discuss what God has in store for training, personal growth and PHI THETA club is in a ready-for-change stage where their future, and have fellowship with professional competence. LAMBDA: it is time to sponsor more activities and other Christian students on campus Sponsor: Julie Rhoads A professional organization gain more recognition on campus. It is from all walks of life. for post-secondary students primarily made up of newspaper and Sponsor: Dane Straight with an interest in business. A newscast students, but is open to all. major in business is not required for STUDENTS Sponsors: Meg Smith and membership. A variety of community, social, and professional activities are Adam Borth HONORING




offered to help members reach their fullest potential. Sponsor: Sarah Matthews


The film club is designed to allow members the opportunity to explore different avenues in film. From viewing to production, this club is for students who are interested in the film industry. Sponsor: Landon West


For more information on all the clubs and activities on campus, please visit: studentlife/getinvolved/ index.html

MU ALPHA SIGMA CHI (Math and Science Club):

The Math and Science Club seeks to promote student interest in the disciplines of mathematics and science and to enrich learning opportunities in mathematics and science throughout the college and community through extra-curricular activities. Sponsors: Martin Shaffer and Steve Cooper


The Students Honoring All Different Ethnicities at Cowley College is an organization that invites all International students to join and become active on the campus and in the community. Sponsor: Rashelle Cobble


Aug. 30, 2012

Love it or hate it

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Cowley college

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ too hot for some readers to handle Anna Massie Staff reporter


ou must be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of the latest sensation in the literary world Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. It is the butt of many late night talk show jokes and there aren’t many good reviews out there. This book has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and yet it has been hated on so much. It is so widely sought after though; maybe it is the fact that Ana is so likeable or that Fifty Shades of Grey is a love story with a twist. Whatever the reason is, this book is pretty popular. A huge complaint I have heard is that Ana uses the same words over and over. Reading it seems odd, but we have words and phrases that we repeat way too often as well. Seriously, when people say ‘legit’ all the time it gets old, but we get over it. Repetition is everywhere and it’s something that won’t go away. Yes, Ana does think like a teenager in some respects, and yes some people could even go so far as to

compare Ana Steele to Bella Swan. Ana and Bella do have some similarities, and this is actually a valid complaint. Before Fifty Shades of Grey ever came about, James was writing Masters of the Universe, which was based on Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight, but because of comments made on the content, the project was canceled. James’ agent told the LA Times that it did start out as fan fiction based on Twilight when it was Masters of the Universe, but: “’Masters of the Universe (which was fan fiction) and 50 Shades of Grey” are “two distinctly separate pieces of work.’” So the fact that Bella and Ana have similarities isn’t quite a coincidence. Both Ana and Bella are not confident in their relationships with older men, that just so happen to be beautiful and powerful. Besides the similarities between the two books, Fifty Shades of Grey is still a fairly good read. Even though there are many sex scenes, I wouldn’t consider this book to be pornographic material. The definition for erotic fiction from says: “Literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.” But that isn’t necessarily what readers are looking for in the book. Besides it’s not like erotica hasn’t been written before. Prime example, Anne Rice wrote the Sleeping Beauty trilogy under the pen name A. N. Roquelaure. It is an erotic twist of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale, published in the 1980s. So like I said: erotica has been written before! The fact that people are freaking out about this now makes me laugh a bit. While there are a whole lot of sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey that doesn’t take away from the good story. This is a typical love story with an odd twist. This love story pairs innocent Ana Steele with a dark and mysterious Christian Grey. Ana has insecurities, self-doubt, and all of those things we experience in a relationship, but that just makes a reader able to relate to her better. I think this book just goes to show that no one is perfect,

Sticking to the drama

Reading about people being restrained, whipped or tied up might sound like being abused or turotured, but not to the fans of ‘Fifty’. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is an erotic novel by E.L. James that is sweeping the nation. (photo illustration by Lauren Llanes) we all make mistakes and we all want to be loved. Grey is a powerful man. He is the CEO of his own company and owns many little businesses. He has millions of dollars and he craves control. If Grey isn’t in control

he finds a way to make sure that he can be. For example, when Grey and Ana are eating dinner, he always wants her to eat all of her food but she says that she isn’t hungry. She tries to defy him and it drives him crazy. Besides

shop out of Wichita. To make this play as awesome as they can. However, there is no cast

yet, so auditions will be held on August 30 and 31. If interested in trying out information is available in the humanities office or online. They will be working with a great crew: Choreographer Lana Sleeper, Technical Director Jamison Rhoads, Vocal Music Director Connie Donatelli, Instrumental Music Director Josh Fleig, as well as Theatre Director Scott McLaughlin. For those interested and have any special theatrical talents they would like to share, please let contact one of these directors for a chance of getting on the bandwagon for a really great show. McLaughlin discussed what he feels the highlights of these plays will be. “I love all the scenes, the play was fun,” said McLaughlin about “A Walk in the Woods.” Between basing the play on famous Grimm tales and throwing many different morals and values into the pot he said he believed they should have a great turn out. For “White Christmas,” McLaughlin said he saw several morals and values in it too. Such as respect, love, and friendship especially in scenes toward the end when the army general has fallen on tough times and just when he thinks he has been forgotten, his whole regiment paid him a visit on Christmas to show they were still there for him. These upcoming plays have many wonderful morals along with beautiful costumes and scenes for all to enjoy.

too tame to be an Alanis Morissette record. The track “Til You” sounds as if it were written to be played exclusively at wedding reception dances. “Woman Down” harkens classic Alanis Morissette with its superfluous feminist content, delivered with her trademark bite. The

first single, “Guardian”, is an ode to whoever rescued Morisette from the dark place that all forgotten artists get banished to. I’m not sure if the world is ready for an Alanis Morissette that wears a smile, but she deserves it after all these years- don’t you think?

Cowley looks forward to ‘A Walk in the Woods’ and ‘White Christmas’ Alex Diaz Staff reporter

This fall Cowley will be putting on two brilliant plays. One play which will be targeted for children called, “A Walk in the Woods” and another one towards the end of the semester for a theater audience of all ages called, “White Christmas.” Both shows hold great promise. “A Walk in the Woods” will be performed at the end of September. The cost will be $2 at the door and will be held in the Robert Brown Theater for anybody who would like to see it. Director of Theatre Scott McLaughlin said he enjoys placing morals into these stories to help teach kids the importance of faith, hope, trust, family, perseverance, etc. The plays plot sounds like a real fascinating story where Grimm’s fairy tales come to life. It starts off kind of scary, but the story teaches kids a lesson from a characters experience, and ends with the well-known happily ever after. The Grimm Brother stories have been around for a long time, yet kids love them as much today has they ever did. Then comes “White Christmas” showing Dec. 6, 8, and a matinee on the 9. Tickets will be $6 for students and $10 for the community. Tickets can be bought through

Playing the part of the witch form Hansel and Gretel, sophomore Rose Houley auditions for the Children’s Theater performance of “A Walk in the Woods” along with other students hopeful for a spot in the play. (Photo by Brittany Collins) the Humanities department or the in Brown Center two weeks before the show. McLaughlin said they

want this play to be special for Cowley College’s 90th Anniversary. So, they are going to have the music and

tap dancing. They are also trying to rent professional scenes, props, and costumes from Music Theater Work-

seem to get stale when listened to all the way through. If the band displayed a little bit more variety, this album could have been one of the top metal albums of the year.

Minus The Bear- Infinity Overhead Genre: Indie Rock/MathRock Release Date: 8-28-2012 4/5 Sounding a bit more like earlier releases, Infinity Overhead is sure to win back the fans that turned their back on the band after Omni’s weird style. The album begins with an upbeat track, ironically about a car crash, titled “Blood and Steel”. That’s okay, Minus the Bear is notorious for their incredible ability to layer and texture music in such a way that generally only diehard fans reap the benefits of deciphering the lyrics. The music is very easy to get lost in, and I mean that in a good way. “Diamond Lightning”, the album’s first single, is particularly chilling and interesting. The instrumental work in this song just begs to be listened to on re-

peat. This album is very dark and confident, and the music becomes more aggressive before the conclusion. Infinity Overhead shows positive maturity for Minus The Bear, and is an impressive addition to their 11 year history.

More Music Continued from PAGE 4 MUSIC REVIEW

like it belongs on a hip hop album) give the album a much needed break. Individually, the songs are top notch. The album as a whole can

Alanis Morissette- Havoc and Bright Lights Genre: Pop/Alternative Rock Release Date: 8-28-2012 3.5/5 Havoc and Bright Lights isn’t like your mom’s old Alanis Morissette albums. “You Oughta Know” that the Canadian pop princess turned angsty alt-rocker has managed to create yet another new sound for herself. Isn’t it “Ironic” that Morisette’s new album is her happiest sounding one to date? Well, you live and “You Learn”. All puns aside, this is a decent album that seems

being in control of his life there is another aspect of his life that he desires to be in control of, his sex life. Christian has his playroom, or the “Red Room of Pain” as Ana likes to call it, and in there he demands control.


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Cowley college

Just keep running, running, running

august 30, 2012

Moving their way into a successful season with hopes of nationals at the finish line Lauren Llanes Staff writer


here is 168 hours in a week, the average person should drink 448 fluid ounces of water in a week, and a Cowley Cross Country athlete will run anywhere from 35-75 miles a week. The team is preparing for their first competition, the Wichita Classic Sept.1, in Augusta. The new head cross country coach is Kevin McDougal. There has not been any major changes since McDougal became the head coach. “I was pretty much already doing the duties, I was just earning the title. Which I am okay with earning my spot, maybe there is a little more paperwork, but other than that everything is pretty much the same,” said McDougal. The training has not changed to much form last year. Made up of freshman, the men’s team is a little different. They are slowly working up their intensity so the athletes can the endurance they need to compete at a higher level.The women on the other hand are picking up where they left off last

season since they are sophomore heavy. A hard practice for the athletes is a 20 min. warm up, about 3-4 miles of intervals and then a 20 minute cool down, so about 8-9 miles of work in. On a recovery day they do a 6-8 mile run. Every day the team does a core complex to work the abs, and on Tue and Thu the team hits the weight room. The team looks to be very promising. Both the men’s and the women’s teams have very talented athletes. “The women have five sophomores back with a lot of experience, they all ran at the national championship last year they should still be tough. On the guys time we have a talented group, they’re just young. The first meet will be an eye opener for most of them,” said McDougal. McDougal earned his title this past year, it’s time to earn thiers.

At the new Travis Hafner sports complex the cross country team stretches and do warm up drills to start off practice. Striving to have a repeat of last year and go to nationals. (Photos by Wendy Brigido)

Preparing for another successful season Sophomore Julia Stafford starts off with a light jog before practice.

Tennis team prepares for the upcoming fall season Just because the temperature is lowering doesn’t mean the intensity is Matthew VanHorn Staff reporter

This year’s tennis team seems fired up and ready to play. While running and doing drills are no new feats for these guys, this year’s training seemed to be much more difficult. Returning Freshman Jack Busby said, “This year’s training has been a lot more tougher. Especially as the new recruits are coming in, I think the coach is trying to get them as fit as possible for their matches.” Busby seemed to be ready for anything that come his way as well as the new challenges that his captain and coaches have prepared. The team and coaches have high hopes for the season after holding various titles. Head Tennis Coach Josh Cobble said, “To return to regionals the guys have won it the past two years in a row and the girls have won it the past 4 years in a row.”

A slightly nervous freshman Evan Keller talked about the transition from the high school level to the college level. “I have been wanting to come here since I was in high school, and it’s totally different. The training and stuff is pretty intense,” said Keller. Even with the intense never ending work, Keller said he is looking forward to his upcoming matches. Not only are the men working hard but the women of the team are preparing for the upcoming season with just as much effort and enthusiasm. Freshman Sarah Giraldo said, “The activities that they give us are really good, because they are going to make us improve. They are the kind of activities that if we do it we can fix our mistakes and we can be a great tennis player in the future.”

The excitement to improve and win is really helping the team build potential. Sophomore Trevor Adams said, “This summer has been really intense. Coach has been really pushing everyone, trying to get them all ready for their matches.” Adams is not only excited for the upcoming matches but as a returning player, he is anxious to see how the freshman will play. Their first match is in September in Wichita. The team seems enthusiastic and ready to hit the courts to show how prepared to win they are. Between training and practice, they are not only ready for the season, but to annihilate the competition. The 2011-12 season tennis teams are ready to continue the success they’ve had in previous seasons as they head into the 2012-13 year. The men’s team placed 6th overall in nationals and the women’s teams placed 4th overall in nationals, with both teams bringing home the NJCAA Region 6 Champions.

High hopes of stepping up to the plate Pulling through and over coming previous seasons Alex Smitley Staff writer The Cowley County baseball team is coming off a disappointing season last year, and although they made it to regionals, they did not quite get to where they were hoping to be. Coach Brock Buckingham said they just couldn’t get any runs last year. When asked what they did to improve from last season, he said the coaches are going to do better at preparing the team for a better year. The teams ultimate goal is to go to the NJCAA World Series. In addition to positive changes in preparation, Brock also said they had a good recruiting class this year. They have also had a couple guys step up and aid in leading the team, which will also help. The team is currently getting ready to start their fall scrimmage in hopes of getting ready for the season in the spring.

Running towards home plate, Jaden Chappell strides across the field. Pitcher Derek Fogel shows perfect form as he hurls the ball at the opposing team.

During a home game in the 2012 spring season, freshman Mike Parker tries to score points for his team. The team finished with a total of 33 wins and 24 losses.


Aug. 30, 2012

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Cowley college

Working towards another championship Volleyball ignites the fire at practice in hopes of a repeat season Alex Smitley Sports reporter


he Lady Tigers volleyball team came off a great season last year with the NJCAA National Championship. They held a record of 38-2 overall and a 10-0 record in the division. Bridget Paulk said, “[It’s] a lot to live up to, a lot of games to win... the freshman have to step up.” The team had a good showing at the Butler County Scrimmage, where they faced four schools from the Jayhawk conference on August 18. The Tigers ended up winning seven out of eight matches. They are ranked number one right now, even after the loss of some very good players from last year. They reloaded with new players and are looking prime for the season. However, to win they will need players to step up, take on leadership roles, and help guide the team. “Two of the sophomores and a few

freshman will need to step up because you can’t have everyone out at once due to rotation” said Paulk, about who will take on the leadership roles. With the freshman helping out and the returning sophomores taking control of their team, they are planning to take another shot at the title. Having fresh faces on the team is not always a bad thing; it all starts with sophomores taking control of their team in practice and help guiding them so the team grows together and improves. “Step up and help lead the practices and guide the freshman,” is one thing that Paulk is doing to help her team during practice. This year looks like another promising season for the Lady Tigers and even though they have a lot to live up to, they could still work on some things. “With seven new players that all have the opportunity to be on the court right away they need

to have consistency in their play, and also to improve blocking and serving and to just compete all the time,” said head volleyball coach Jenifer Bahner. With that said, the question now is if they can they deal with being under pressure to be repeating national champions. In most sports it is hard to repeat a championship because every team you face will want to play them as hard as they can so they can take down the champs. Bahner said that in order to be the best at the game, it takes “a lot of maturity and to respect what the past players did” and “to approach every match with the same intensity and to do the right things.” It will be very tough, but as long as they stick to the plan and improve what they need to improve, the Lady Tigers are on their way to win another NJCAA championship and make Cowley proud.

With their current National Championship title hanging over their heads, the volleyball team continues to strive every practice to perfect their game. Last year, the Lady Tiger volleyball team won nationals in Toledo, Ohio bringing home a gold trophy to add to the cabinet. Tiger fans anxiously await for this upcoming season to see if they can repeat their winning season. (Photo by Ruy Vaz)

A new year, a new approach

Practicing in a whole new way to bring their game to a new level Lauren Llanes Social media manager It does not matter if you win or lose, when it comes to preseason games all that matter is figuring out what talent and potential there is out on the field. The women’s soccer team has used their preseason games as an opportunity to try different positions and combinations on the field. “I know people would look at our game last night and say, ‘Oh they are awful,’ but it was a scrimmage, and everybody played and I wanted to see everybody play. I didn’t go out to win the game and I didn’t go out to look pretty, to me it was just more of a practice than anything else,” said women’s head soccer coach Dane Straight. The team this year is very young, they only have five returners on the team with

a whopping 16 freshman on the roaster. With such a young team, the main focus has been passing accurately. Coach Straight wants to be sure that the team can make the five to ten yard passes at a 90 percent passing rate, before the team starts playing the ball long, because if they have the ball the other team will not score. There is a fair share of talent on this team, as a whole the women’s team complete good passes and touches on the ball, this has been the main focus so far during practice. The next step for the team is to get to a game ready level. Soccer is really an up and down sport, the athletes sprint, jog, and walk throughout out the game. The team does most of its conditions by sprinting as well as multiple interval sprints and working out a lot with coach Sam Vogele.

“We are really just working on the speed of the game and connecting with each other. The biggest challenge as a freshman is we know what is expected in the game, but we are not ready for it. Learning the speed of the game and the physical side of the game is important,” said Freshmen Brittany Pratt. This season, Coach Straight is taking a new approach on many different aspects of the game. Not only is he coaching drills differently, but he also has a new view on how to deal with the team and a new list of priorities. “I am absolutely coaching different, part of that is I really enjoy going and taking coaches courses, I was up at the national convention in January,” said Straight. “I worked three weeks of camp at Oklahoma State this summer and a couple of high schools. When you are deal-

ing with division one division two coaches every time anyone did something I was writing it down and bringing them to practice.” With the new changes in coaching, the addition of coach Vogele, and a manager the team seems to be adapting very well with the changes and are improving. “We are working hard and we are taking a different approach than we have been the last couple of years and it seems to be working we are

doing a lot of team building because if we don’t work as one than obviously we aren’t going to work very well. We are not working as much on the little things because everyone already has them down, which is a good thing; we are not wasting any time,” said Sophomore Samantha Miller. Change is something that is happening all the time, if a team does not make room

Athlete Spotlight Name: Georgina Perez Year: Sophomore Major: Pre Veterinary Hometown: Guaynabo,

Puerto Rico

One, Two, Three Matthew VanHorn Staff reporter

This fall has been a busy one for those on the Cowley Cheer team. The team started off the season having gone through two training camps over the summer. This year they have gained enough members that it is necessary to split into two groups during practices. There is a total of ten girls and five boys on the team. As well as a full time mascot for the first time in quite some time. “We have more flyers; girls who can fly. And we have more girls who can tumble,” said head cheer coach Lindsay Sanderholm who seems fairly optimistic about this year’s team. Sanderholm further went on to state that there is a possibility of some cheer competitions in the future, as well as

a stunt clinic. Freshman Alex Powers and Morgan Sliger were in high spirits talking about the summer training camps. “I think it was really nice that so many new people could come together and cheer like we did,” said Powers . Sliger chimed in saying that since cheerleading is mainly about trust and being able to rely on one another that such trust so soon was a great thing. Nick Green, sophomore at Cowley and dedicated gymnast, had a definite opinion about being called a cheerleader. While most males of the sport feel emasculated being called a cheerleader, Green states with great emphasis to anyone who dare label him a yell leader “I am a cheerleader. I tumble and stunt. I don’t yell things.”

The explanation of a yell leader is a guy who shouts through a megaphone to pump the crowd up and occasionally help the cheerleaders with stunts. Cheerleaders do everything else. They tumble, stunt, and do crazy acrobatics that most people only wish they could do. When brought up about being emasculated by such a title, in a sport dominated by females, Green simply smiles and states that if you think that risking your body and life every time you throw a pass (A routine in tumbling) is not manly, then you should try it. With this easy going quick witted cheer team, the college will definably be pumped for the upcoming volleyball games and ready to cheer the girls on to another title.

The incoming cheer squad for the 2012/2013 school year shows promising spirit for the upcoming seasons. (File photo)

for change, then the team is not making room for growth. Some people cringe at the sight of change, especially when it is a fast change, but when it comes to the Cowley soccer team, people cringe at the black and white blur flying across the field.

Sport: Volleyball Position: Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist Number: 1

(photo by Ruy Vaz)


Why did you choose Cowley?


How do you feel about the team this year?


Our team has a lot of potential this year, and there is always room for improvement.

I chose Cowley because I wanted to play volleyball. And it has a really beautiful campus.


Who do you spend most of your time with at Cowley?


I spend so much time with my roommate Brianna. She is a big part of my daily life. And my suitemate Jessica, we have built a good friendship.


What is your favorite color? Blue



Who inspires you to play volleyball? Hector “Picky” Soto. He is my inspiration in volleyball. He has been one of the most important Puertorican volleyball players. Due to his outstanding performances and behavior on and off the field he has become a model to most Puertoricans


Ruy Vaz Staff reporter

I like to ride horses. What is it like being away from your home country?


Obviously, Kansas is very different from Puerto Rico but I feel this is a great experience because it helps me to grow up as a person and helps me to see what life is like living alone and taking care of things by myself.


Who is your role model?


What is your favorite food?

Do you have any pre-game rituals? Before game days, especially the night before, I always drink a lot of water or Gatorade. In the game days I always listen to Puertorican songs an hour before the game. The songs remind me that I have to keep going on.

What is your favorite hobby?

I look up to my mom because she really is a strong person and she has accomplished a lot of things within her lifetime.

My dad’s grilled cheese sandwich.


Aug. 30, 2012

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Cowley college

Kicking off the year with many enjoyable activities

Between the hypnotist, water slides, and live music, students both new and returning had plenty of things to keep their schedules busy 1





8 7 6



8. B. 9. B.


he semester began on a rainy day and continued with a storm of events through the week, that kept new and returning students busy. Creativity came out during the dorm storm, with all the piling, balancing, and organizing. This allowed friendships to be created from the start. After the dorm meeting fellow students went to the Jungle to enjoy a concert put

on by Gary Johnson. Johnson played what the crowed requested through a text messaging system. These songs were from various genres and during each song he played Johnson added his own little twist. As the storm brewed on each day carried on a new wave of events. Orientation helped the new students learn their ways around the campus. The ice cream social held in the wright Room allowed for various local churches and clubs to get together and

Answers! 1. A. 2. A. 3. True 4. B. 5. B. 6. C. 7. False

Abigal VanZandt Staff photographer


hold a fair for any student wanting to see what Cowley had to offer. The next peak of excitement occurred when the hypnotist performed in the Brown Center. This lead people anywhere from speaking Martian to them walking their invisible dogs around stage allowing for the theater to fill with laughter. On the fourth day, Cowley held a free movie night starting at mid-night for any student who had their ID in hand. Not only did the students have free admission but they were able to choose from any movie was playing at the theater. Finally, the calm of the storm had hit for some Fun in the Sun. Between water slides, food, and ice cream students were finally in for a relaxing evening. The weeklong storm of events showed the incoming students how fun college really can be.

1. Students participating and following directions from Kevin Hurley, the hypnotist. They prepare to be hypnotized by clasping their hands together and sticking their index fingers out to see if they touch. 2. During the hypnotist, Hurley hypes up the crowd by asking what he should make his victims do next. He walks around setting the scene for the audience. 3. With the command of the hypnotist he swims in his chair with eyes closed. The students compete swimming to see who is faster. 4. Simon Says Sleep! Awaiting for Hurley’s next command he sleeps. 5. Running the art club booth at the Club Fair sophomores Alex Bowker

and Kat Low tell freshman Kara Thomas and Tianna Francis everything Art Club has to offer. Different clubs around school joined church organization in the Brown Center to recruit new students. 6. After handing his number out to a bunch of college students, Gary Johnson’s phone literally exceeded its messaging limit with odd song requests. Gary Johnson played a wide variety of music for students Aug. 14, in the Jungle as a part of the back to school bash. 7. Students don’t have to party like a rock star, to be a rockstar. Key note speaker for orientation, John Battaglia gave cowley students a image building make over Wednesday

August 15 in the Brown Center. 8. During the Club Fair President Katey Hubler and Vice President Brittany Swopes wait to tell incoming students about Student senate. 9. Caroline Strikland (Sophomore) getting everyone involved at the fun in the sun event. Not only did she get many people to join in throughout the game but taught gamers new tricks. 10. Students bond at the Fun in Sun event which was held on Aug. 19 to welcome students back to school. The day consisted of a BBQ, water slides and fresh slushies for everyone. (Photos by Wendy Brigido, Brittany Collins, Ravyn Pickens, Lauren Llanes, and Abigail VanZandt)

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