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Campus Chatter Graduation Application March 1 is the deadline for applications for spring and summer graduates wishing to participate in commencement ceremonies. Please see the Enrollment Service Office or Outreach Center to complete an application.

Resident Assistant Applications If interested in becoming a Resident Assistant, students can pick up an application in the Housing office or from their dorm manager. The application must be returned to the Housing Office no later than Mon., March 12.

Severe Weather Presentation Director of Cowley County Emergency Management, Brian Stone will be giving a Severe Weather Awareness Presentation Tues., March 6 at 3 p.m. in Webb-Brown, 208. To attend, contact Director of Campus Security, Matt Stone at (620) 441-5599 This event is open to all members of the public.

Happiest among the musicals he listens to on his record player, the man in the chair shares the experience of his favorite Broadway show, “The Drowsy Chaperone” with the audience. Played by sophomore Jordan Hill, the man has much to say about life and the stage. (photo by Wil Austin)

For the love of the musical

Comedy and music sharing the stage in “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Rescheduled C.A.A.T. in the Box has been rescheduled for March 16-17 at the sports complex. This activity is hosted by the C.A.A.T. team and is to raise awareness for the homeless and was originally canceled due to adverse weather.

Phi Beta Lamba Students are still needed to volunteer to help judge events at the Kansas State P.B.L. Conference. The day will begin in the Wright Room at 11 a.m. where an Italian lunch will be served. Competitions will then follow from noon to 5 p.m.

New Scholarship The student who can make the best 3 minute or less video addressing the topic “What school didn’t teach us: the truth about nuclear weapons” will be awarded a $1000 scholarship. To enter and find out more information, go to the 2012 Swackhamer Contest Facebook page.

Wil Austin Editor-in-chief


teadily, Act One Drama Club’s spring musical, “The Drowsy Chaperone,” is rolling towards completion for its scheduled performances on March 8, 9 and 10. “The Drowsy Chaperone” is built as a frame story–a story within a story. The tag line for the show even calls it “a musical within a comedy.” The opening scene finds a man sitting in a chair in his apartment, talking to the audience. This man has a special appreciation for musicals, and decides to listen a recording of one of his all-time favorites, “The Drowsy Chaperone.” “He puts on this record, and the show comes to life in his apartment,” said sophomore Jordan Hill, who was cast to play the man in the chair. What unfolds on the recording is a love story set in the 1920s or 30s, involving a Broadway star, Janet Van De Graaf, who has decided

What is the one fashion trend you never want to see come back into style again?

to retire from is titled “As the stage to we stumble marry her along.” beloved The whole oil tycoon, cast rehearses Robert for two to Martin. three hours a This good day, Monnews is bad day through news for Van Thursday. De Graaf’s They run producer, through the Feldzieg, songs and who is trying choreogradesperately phy, trying to prevent to get their the actress timing just from exiting right. Scott the world of MacLaughshowbiz. lin, director All the of theater while, the and Jennifer “man in the Blatchford, chair” makes choreogracomments to pher and the audistudio inence about structor, give the actors, directions the songs, and make and life in changes as general. opening Other night apcharacters proaches. include two The rehearsal hall is where the cast meets for the first few Hill said weeks to go through the script, songs and choreography. gangsters involvement Practicing a leaning move, freshman Gary Fizer supports disguised in plays or sophomore Rebecca Munoz. (photo by Wil Austin) as chefs, musicals can Adolpho be very timeWhy the character’s name the “Latin lover,” and, consuming for some people. is also the title of the producas a secondary character, In his case though, he said tion is unclear to the actress, the Drowsy Chaperone theatre is his stress-relief. but, just like the man in the herself, played by Jaci Hall, “For an actor in theatre, chair, the chaperone does freshman. stage is their canvas,” Hill quite a bit of sitting on the Hall described her explained. “Their voice is sidelines. character as “a middle-aged their paints, their colors.” “I have yet do a whole lot alcoholic has-been,” who The cast uses actual paints of choreography,” said Hall. fails at her job of keeping and colors on Friday, when She also spends a lot of time Van De Graaf out of trouble. they work with the rest of the stumbling. Her solo number

Kristina Andereck Asst. Athletic Trainer

“Shoulder pads in women’s clothing, it looks weird and awkward.”

Ruy Vaz Freshman

“High waisted jeans, because they are ugly and make them look like a creeper.”

Hannah Andrews Enrollment Services Rep.

“The body suit was like a big onsie. It inconveniently snapped between your legs.”

crew who makes the set for the musical. In the past Act One has gone big, building entire houses or trains that had a side cut off. They have also taken a minimalist approach in plays like “Our Town,” which didn’t use any props and instead relied on mimicry and the imagination. “Cowley has a history of doing really incredible sets,” Hill said. For this semester’s production, the drama club is going in yet another direction with backdrops playing a central role. For several days, large canvases of various sceneries lay stretched over wooden frames on the stage of the Brown Theater, covering the whole floor. These backdrops will provide the surroundings for the musical. According to Jamison Rhoads, technical director of theater, backdrops have long been popular in theatre because they are light, transportable, and affordable. Transportability is essential on the set of “The Drowsy Chaperone” because of the many quick changes in location that take place. By lowering different drops onto the stage, Rhoads said, “the apartment becomes more and more taken over by the actual musical.”

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Saxx Adams Sophomore

“One piece swimsuits. There is not enough skin showing, so it looks weird.”

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March 1, 2012

Making teenagers responsible for their actions


Cowley Press

Father shooting laptop after teenage daughter posts disrespectful note online

Lauren Llanes Staff reporter


ack in the ‘good old days’ kids who talked back to their parents, could count on getting their back doors painted red. The most talking back kids did back then was mumbling a few harsh words under their breathe as they retreated to their rooms. Now days kids don’t listen to their parents, let alone respect them enough to just mumble. This generation is either one extreme or the other. If it is not cussing and

screaming, it is absolutely quiet, until they open up they laptops. Recently a video of a father shooting his daughter’s laptop went viral. If you haven’t witnessed this amusing video yet, go to youtube and search, “Father shoots his daughters laptop,” it is priceless. This video is a perfect example of a kid being way too extreme. When we were growing up we would get beat, or at least that’s what this generation would call it, we knew it as a spanking. The problem with kids is they have no fear or respect for their parents, but the blame cannot be put on the child. Everyone has seen that parent at a store who is at least trying to do something about their disrespectful child. The one who firmly tells his or her kid, “no”, but the kid continues with his or her profane behavior anyway, so the parent starts to count. It starts with, One, two, but

then the parent knows he or she has lost the battle. Instead of punishing the child, the parent continues. Two in one quarter, two in a half, two in three quarter, until the parent can’t think of anymore fractions. After all of the worthless counting the parent just gives in to what the kid wants. This is exactly how the problem begins, it starts with giving in to a ring pop at Wal-mart and ends with a college student losing his or her scholarship for a partying a little to hard one night. If someone is use to always getting their way and never truly having to worry about the consequences of their actions, it is harder for him or her to bite the bullet when they finally have to grow up. The true problem is with the parents. Parents need to be consistent in punishing their children. Parents can’t give into a child once and punish them other times. A child needs to know that no, means no. He/she needs to

understand that what he or she is doing wrong, so they understand consequences for bad behavior, otherwise it is confusing to be punished. Second is the media. Parents are always blaming their child’s behavior on what they see on TV or in movies. This is a valid argument, children’s brains are like sponges, they soak up everything they see and learn by watching other people. So, if a child sees someone doing something bad on TV and not being punished for it, the child is likely to think the behavior is okay. Nonetheless, it is still the parents fault. Parents can control what their allow their children to watch, there is this magical thing called Parental Control. It is so crazy to think with todays technology their is a way to block what programs children watch, amazing. Parents go on about how they can’t always watch what their children are doing, and the reason they

misbehave is because what they see on the Internet. Well, if you can block television programs, there are ways to block websites too. If parents are really concerned about what their children are doing on the Internet, don’t let the kids have a computer in their room. Put the computer in the family room that way the parents can monitor their children’s activities. If parents truly want their kids to respect them and listen, they need to show their kids they are the ones in charge. Not only do they need to punish their kids for bad behavior, and reward them for good behavior, they have to start at a young age. If parents do not show their kids they are the parents from day one, kids are likely to act out and never listen because they have always gotten away with it in the past. Kids are also likely to keep up with these tendencies and take them along with them in the future.

Campaign issues for presidential hopefuls


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Oil crisis and Middle East unrest front and center this election cycle

Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter Gas will hit $4 in less than a month. By the summer it will hit $5. Minimum wage may go up a few cents, but don’t expect much. There is no significant increase in jobs, no matter what the Obama administration tells the left-wing media. We are in the middle of a job in the Middle East. Our President has no idea about

the culture of our enemy, or of our client for that matter. The US has a role to play in the world, and President Barack Hussein Obama is slashing our collective throats. Gas prices will hit record highs, and will not come back down. The reason is simple. The world is running out of oil. That’s all there is too it. You can point at proven reserves all you want. Look at all the advances made in the technology to squeeze the last drops of oil from the earth. Oil sands? Advances in synthetic oil? Drilling in the hardest places to reach? The US is being forced to start drilling on their limited oil fields. We are running out. Nobody wants to admit it, but it is time to start thinking about life after oil, life after petroleum. Alternative fuels will be tested out. The gov-

ernment cannot spearhead this effort. It has to be lead by the private sector. The US cannot stand under the strain of supporting all of her citizens. We need a leader that understands that. We also need a leader that understands the Middle East. It is absolutely devastating to see Obama topple decades of effort and careful planning in a single bow. People forget that the President is the true leader of the military. We have a president that has never got his hands dirty before, or has never soiled his clothes for the US. Yet, he thinks he knows more about what needs to be done than the men and women who have made it their life. We either need a military figure to lead our military, or someone willing to listen to their advisors. The US has a role to play

in the world. We are the big bad dogs in the west, and the supreme military power in the world. When a nation is in trouble and needs somebody to come in and clean up, and generally be awesome, they give the US a call. The US has to be that figure. We are the glue that holds the world together. We are the brawn behind the UN. Countries fear us, or at least used to. If we pull out now, the Al Ciada will see it as a victory. There is a scene from the movie Tombstone where Wyatt Earp and his posse ride out and clean up the bad guys. They do not stop no matter what the odds are. They kill everybody but a coward. The reason the Allies won World War II was because they took the fight to the

Germans. The Germans attacked other countries, the Allies attacked back. That is the mentality that the US needs to have when dealing with the Middle East. When they attacked Kuwait, we cleared them out. Then pulled out. They attacked us on our soil. We go in and whoop major rear end. The end is in sight, but if we pull out now, they will attack. We need a leader that realizes these are the most important issues. We need a leader that is not afraid of taking the fall in the name of good. George W. Bush did it. He is now the most hated president in history. He was also one of the best because of it. We need another. We need Newt Gingrich.

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Parking permits now required at Cowley

From the desk of Matt Stone, Director of Campus Security and Public Safety In the spring semester of 2012, Cowley College implemented a policy which now requires all staff, faculty, administration or student to display a parking permit for their vehicle. In the past this permit was recommended but not required. If you had registered for a permit previously, thank you. I am frequently asked by members of the College community what happens if they don’t acquire a permit. Before 2012, the answer was really nothing but with the new policy, there could be several benefits. Parking can be a challenge on most campuses across the country and while Cowley strives to provide sufficient parking, access is limited to the number to the number of parking stalls available and is available on a first come

basis. No one likes to think about a flat tire, dead battery or other car troubles, but these things do happen. When

provide assistance before you are out of class, you may miss less class time or be able to leave as planned. There are many mov-

low Security to notify you sooner so again you have no surprises waiting for you at your vehicle after classes. There is no fee to register

Parking permits will mark your car as registered with the college and makes it easier to contact you if there is a problem concerning your vehicle. (photo by Brandon Hanchett) Security notices a car with its lights left on or a flat tire, we can find the owner by the permit. If we can notify you and

ing vehicles on campus so there could be a chance that your vehicle could sustain some type of damage while parked. A permit will al-

for a parking permit at Cowley. I know of other institutions that charge students as much as $14/day to park on campus and charge housing

students $270/month for parking in dormitory parking areas. Faculty and staff also have to pay as much as $150/ month at some institutions. Cowley is not looking to make a dollar but rather to save you money with these parking regulations. This brings me to the last type of surprise that you don’t want to find with your vehicle after class, which is a parking citation for not displaying a parking permit. The cost for acquiring a permit is nothing but there is a fee of $5.00 for not having one displayed. In the event of any type of crisis or emergency should occur and we need your vehicle moved immediately, the permit can save precious time. Another important ben-

efit of requiring permits on campus is safety. Displaying a parking permit helps keep the College community safe and allows Security and Public Safety Officers to know who is on campus at any time. The Campus Security and Public Safety Department may, on occasion, need to close a parking area or roadway for a special event, safety reason or repair. The campus community will be informed when changes occur. Campus Security and Public Safety personnel has the authority to ticket, immobilize, or tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle that is in violation of the establish rules and regulations.

Overcoming our overwhelming fears

Using prayer and persistence to ease our anxiety about the future

Autumn Mumford Staff reporter “I double dog dare you,” it’s the defacto schoolyard taunt when the regular dare does not quite get the job

done. Everyone has turned down a dare, simply out of fear. It was not because we were afraid to hurt ourselves necessarily; it was because we were unsure of the outcome. Spiders, needles, heights are among the leading fears that cause us to hang onto the edge of our seat, but it is the unpredictable unknown that sends us running away scared and tossing and turning late at night. The future is intimidating because we are so young and endless possibilities lay out before us. It is because we lack faith

that we are afraid. God put each of us upon this earth with a master plan, an intricate and detailed outline for our lives. He knows each second as it unfolds, before it unfolds. However, we cannot be a part of this master plan if live our lives in fear. God tells us to do many things, some of which we would have never done on our own because they are frightening. It is faith that eases our hearts and our minds and suppresses our fear. It is with prayer that our faith is renewed and our paths made evident.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11 God is our comfort because we know that he will keep his promises as long as we are faithful. God is always with us and has plans for us. Sometimes these plans are scary and hard to comprehend, but they are in his perfect, unfailing will and they shall always lead us to great things. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because

of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~Deuteronomy 31:6 God would not give us something we could not handle. He is the omnipotent, sovereign God of the universe. He will aid us with the endeavors we pursue by giving us strength and protection. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~Isaiah 41:10

We should hold back nothing simply because we are afraid. Come to God with prayer; find out what his plans are. We need not to cower and seek shelter because we think it might be unsafe. God is the only shelter and will always provide. Fear holds us back from all that is in store for us, and directly interferes with God’s plan for our lives. If we are faithful and steadfast we will then be set free of the fear that binds us.

March 1, 2012


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Classroom trio make learning interesting Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter


y freshman year I had the opportunity to take several classes with Frank Arnold. While the classes were great, his interactions with Todd Shepherd and Cathy Hendricks were amusing.

Their antics are well known around campus; full of pranks and jokes about old age. I jumped at the chance to interview them. Hopefully I asked the about what students and staff alike were dying to know.

W h o s e l e c t u re i s m o s t d eservi ng o f a n Os c a r ? Frank: I w o u l d s a y m i n e , b e c a u s e I k n o w h o w to be d r a m a t i c . To d d w o u l d b e b e s t s u p p o r t i ng act or. C a t h y w ou l d n ’t e v e n b e n o m i n a t e d .

If the other two were ani mal s w hat w oul d t he y be ?

Cathy: O h , m i n e . M i n e d e f i n i t e l y. B e c a u s e I ’ m much mo re i n t eres t i n g t h a n t h e m . An d m y sub je c t ma t t er i s m u c h m o re i n t e re s t i n g . Todd : T h e o n e t h a t i s m o s t d e s e r v i n g o f a N obel Prize i s m i n e . T h e o n e t h a t i s m o s t d e s e r v i n g of the b e s t w o r k o f f i c t i o n w o u l d b e C a t h y. T h e one that i s p ro b a b l y t h e b e s t b l a c k a n d w h i t e f i l m woul d b e F r a n k .

Who is the most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse? F r a n k : I w o u l d s a y To d d S h e p h e rd . C a t h y w o u l d j u s t p a s s o u t . I ’ m n o t m u c h o f a s u r v i v o r. C a t h y : I w o u l d h a v e t o g i v e t h a t o n e t o To d d . I don’t think it would be me or Frank. Frank c a m e t o m y h o u s e o n e d a y, a n d m y c a t w a n t e d h i m t o p e t h i m , a n d h e r a n f ro m m y c a t . H e s c re a m e d l i k e a g i r l . B u t t h e n , H e w o u l d s u r v i v e t h e z o m b i e a t t a c k b e t t e r t h a n To d d . I j u s t t h i n k t h a t a s o l d a n d d e c re p i t a s h e l o o k s h e w o u l d b e a b l e t o j u s t b l e n d i n w i t h t h e re s t of them. To d d : I c o u l d s e e m e , c a u s e I c a n t h i n k m y w a y out of it, but at the same time, looking at the both of those two, you wouldn’t be able to tell t h e d i ff e re n c e b e t w e e n t h e m a n d z o m b i e s . I t h i n k I c o u l d f i g h t t h e z o m b i e s o ff b u t I t h i n k they could blend in.


y f re s h man year I had the opportunity to take several classes with Frank Arnold. While t h e c l a s s e s w e re g re a t , h i s a n t i c s o n t h e s i d e w i t h To d d Shepherd and Cathy H e n d r i c k s w e re f a s cinating. Their rapport is well known

Fr ank: Well, naturally, Todd would be a goa t, and Cathy would be a weasel. Sneaky. She doesn’t act like she’s sneaky, but she’s sneaky.

I f t o d a y w e re t h e l a s t d a y y o u s a w e a c h o t h e r, w h a t w o u l d y o u s a y ?

C athy: Todd’s a weasel. Frank would be a p o o dle . He ’s no t to ugh. He ’s no t at all. He likes to p lay like it.

F r a n k : I ’ d s a y t o C a t h y, t h a n k s a l o t f o r m e g o i n g f i r s t , a n d To d d ? B y e .

Todd: C athy He ndric ks w o uld de finite ly b e a chicken running around with its head cut off. I c o uld almo s t s e e Frank as a go o s e , w alking around quacking all the time, with nobody really p aying atte ntio n.

Who is the most likely to fall a s l e e p d u r i n g t h e i r o w n l e c t u re ?

C a t h y : F o r F r a n k , i t ’ s b e e n re a l . I t ’ s b e e n f u n . B u t i t h a s n ’ t b e e n re a l f u n . A n d f o r To d d , y o u a re t h e w e a k e s t l i n k . G o o d b y e . To d d : I w o u l d t e l l F r a n k i t ’ s b e e n re a l l y n i c e knowing him and working with him. I would ask Cathy for my $5 back.

Who would make the best ruler or dictator of a country?

Frank: Cathy Hendricks. She just stands in one place! She’s boring! I on the other h a n d d o n ’ t k n o w a b o u t S h e p a rd . . . I w a l k a ro u n d . I ’ m a w a l k e r. C a t h y j u s t s i t s t h e re .

Frank: I would say me, because I know how to r u l e , b e c a u s e I ’ v e b e e n m a y o r. I k n o w h o w t o o p e r a t e . I ’ v e b e e n m a y o r.

C a t h y : I w o u l d s a y t h a t w o u l d h a v e t o b e To d d . He’s just dull.

Cathy: I would make the best queen. I am queen of this department. And I have experience.

To d d : C a t h y i s m o s t l i k e l y t o f a l l a s l e e p a t a n y t i m e . S h e c o u l d d ro p o v e r a t a n y t i m e .

To d d : O h , I t h i n k I w o u l d b y f a r. F r a n k c a n ’ t s p e l l d i c t a t o r.

a ro u n d c a m p u s a s a p o k i n g a n d p ro d d i n g re l a t i o n s h i p f u l l o f pranks and jokes about old age and jokes. I jumped at the chance to interview them. Hopef u l l y t h i s p ro v i d e s a deeper look into their antics outside of class.

What kind of doctor do you want to be?


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March 1, 2012

Traveling throughout the world A guide to helping make spring break a trip to remember

Brittany Thiesing Staff photographer


aving street smarts during sticky situations is crucial, most students plan to travel to popular destinations for spring break, but some students do not have all the street smarts to get through the tough parts of spring break. Here are some tips help out students who are planning to travel over break. Planning a spring break trip is stressful. Deciding how much it will all cost, how to get there, where to get the best deal, who is all going, and the biggest factor of all where to even go. Before picking a place director of student life Kristi Shaw said, “Talk to a bunch of people that have been there before.” Some popular destinations for spring break are usually

Great sites for good deals:

South Padre Island, Texas, Daytona Beach, Fla., Cancun, Quintana Roo Mex., and Jamaica, “the hottest one would have to be South Padre,” said Shaw. After selecting a spring break location the next step is to figure out how much it will all cost and how many people are joining. “Know where the destination is located, have it mapped out, do a lot of research prior to, make sure to have amenities, and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into,” said Shaw. For the students that are flying, talking to other people about it to have a good idea of what do during the whole flying experience. “Don’t pack a lot, always know where your terminal is first, have a good amount of time with your layovers, know your airport, and also chew gum when taking off,” said freshman Hannah McClure. For each bag there is a bag fee, managing money throughout the whole trip is also a critical tip so the fewer bags the better; a faster way to get a boarding pass is through the website of the airline chosen when the flight was set in stone. Boarding passes can be printed from home.


“My worst experience with flying was when I lost my ticket and ID because I left my ID in my suitcase,” said McClure. For those students who are driving, there are a few important things to know when driving to the spring break destination, “avoid driving when tired, being distracted by friends, and driving recklessly,” said sophomore Josh Golding. “Drinking lots of coffee take regular stops to rest, and share the driving time with friends is some tips when driving for a long period of time,” said Golding. When arriving at the destination, “Know your surrounding where ever you go,” said Shaw. Another major tip is to use the buddy system when traveling, “I’m big on the buddy system, girl and guy just don’t be by yourself,” said Shaw. Street smarts are generally just common sense things. Along with gathering knowledge from everyone that has traveled quite a bit, can help someone gain more knowledge that can help in the long run.


Students need to be aware of travel tips, as well as have the ability to talk to others about traveling. Gaining all the possible information before heading out can help for any occasion no matter what mode of transportation. Freshman, Brandi Regier tried to pack as much as she can into her suitcase for her spring break trip to Texas. (photo illustration by Brittany Thiesing)

Living Social



Taking reality to the big screen Director Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh Staring Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano Genre Action, Adventure, Thriller Length 1 hour, 51 minutes Rating Rated R (violence & gore, profanity, frightening scenes)

Plot Synopsis A CIA agent is captured by hostile forces and SEAL Team 7 is sent out to rescue the agent. When they do, they uncover plans of global terrorism starting on United States soil. The film was cast with

Neal Andrews Contributing writer “Act Of Valor” is a glimpse into the life of our incredible Navy SEALs and it is not an easy life to live. The movie is based on actual combat missions and you get to see firsthand what these brave men are more than willing to do for their country. The film follows Seal Team 7 on their various missions. During one missions they discover a plot that puts America herself in danger. SEAL Team 7 will stop at nothing to ensure her safety. The introduction of the

real life Navy SEALs. The real SEAL Team 7 is now on a mission to save millions of American lives from those who wish to bring death and destruction to them.

SEAL team is pretty cool! The narrator is introducing them; on the screen a picture comes up, the team member with his name, rank, and other stats. Each exercise location had a similar introduction. A global map comes up with a red dot symbolizing the location and the name is typed up along with the latitude and longitude of the location. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Throughout the film there are great camera transitions as well as angles. During firefights, HALO jumps, and other parts of the film the angles are in a first person view. It wasn’t like a video game. What you see during the film is real. The people dying are not really dying, of course, but the team use real bullets. The men playing Navy SEALs really are Navy SEALs. Do you get what I’m saying? My brother made a good point: there is nothing sexier than the sound of a minigun

Two SEALs dodge an explosion from a suicide bomber. (photo courtesy) (M134) tearing a vehicle to shreds. MMM MMM!!!! Whenever the SEALs were engaged in a gunfight, the theme song to the movie “Team America: World Police” kept playing through my head which was AWESOME! From beginning to end there are a lot of scenes that build incredibly high tension and put you on the edge of your seat. I really got into it so I was on the edge of my seat! I saw “Act Of Valor” with both my father (retired Navy) and brother and they really enjoyed it. However, my brother’s only complaint was with the acting. I personally enjoyed it. My Dad made a good point, though. These SEALs are not trained actors. They came into this movie acting like themselves. If they had come in and not acted like themselves then the movie would not have had the authentic feeling it had. I agree with both

my brother and my father. However, I would not say that the acting sucked. It wasn’t great but it was good. The movie delivered an authentic feel and that’s what it was trying to do. Now on to the soundtrack/score. The score is by Nathan Furst, I have never heard of him before but he delivered a score that really sucked you into the film. The score made up its half of the movie earning 5 out of 5. The story and plot was very believable and kinda scary too which in turn earns 5 out of 5. The cast and crew I give 5 out of 5. Like I said before the acting wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad which earns a solid 4.5 out of 5. The acting could have been a bit better, but it is important to remember, these guys are not actors; they are trained Navy SEALs.

A SEAL rises from the water surveying the area for hostiles. (photo courtesy)

The Final Verdict I know I have said that there is no such thing as a perfect movie. Well I am going to have to say that ‘Act Of Valor” has exceeded my expectations greatly, earning itself a well deserved 5 out of 5. “Act Of Valor” is directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh. This is the first film they have directed. I’m giving “Act Of Valor” five stars not because of superior acting.

Overall Acting + Cast Sountrack Plot + Theme Visuals + Scenary

Not because of unbelievable writing. Not because of a terrific set design or inspired cinema photography. I’m giving this movie five stars to thank the SEALs that hang it out there every day for this nation and as a way to honor the sixty SEALs that gave their all since September 11th, 2001.

March 1, 2012


Page 5 Tank the Tiger’s

Leading by presidential example McAtee works hard to create good relations among the campus in making Cowley athletics what they are today. “I really feel like it was a recognition of what we all have done here in terms of building not only an outstanding college but in this case an outstanding athletic program,” said McAtee. “I felt really honored to receive it.”

Tera Mills Campus editor


ehind every great community, establishment, and organization, there is a phenomenal person helping make it great. At Cowley one of those great leaders is Patrick McAtee. He is the current president of the college. After graduating from Ellsworth high school, he moved on to Fort Hays State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and a master’s in communication. He then continued his education at Kansas State University and graduated with a PhD in Adult Occupational Education. McAtee became the president of Cowley in 1987. Recently McAtee was inducted into the Cowley Tiger Athletic Hall of Fame for his leadership and involvement

1st Thursday THE



’m most proud of the fact I’ve gone 25 years with this group of people and we’ve kept our relationships right. -Patrick McAtee

Not only has he received the honor of being inducted into the hall of fame. He has received many other awards throughout the year that all gave him a great sense of honor. McAtee has one award that he is the most proud of. In 1995 he received the Nisod International Leadership Award from the University of Texas. “To be honored that way by the University of Texas Community College Leadership program was a real nice honor that’s probably one of the more significant ones,”

7-Day Forecast



2nd Friday THE

Partly Cloudy

said McAtee. Not only does he have awards to show his accomplishments, he also is greatly respected by students and faculty at the college. “He’s one of those leaders who has a vision, is able to communicate it to everyone and has the guts to do things that aren’t always the easiest to do,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Slade Griffiths. “He is truly a good man to work with.” This past fall, McAtee

stepped in to help fellow faculty member Dejon Ewing, a Humanities instructor. For personal reasons, she had to take a leave of absence, and McAtee took on two of her classes without pay. “He stepped in, and talk about a magnanimous gesture,” said Ewing. “For the president of the college to step in and take a class– never mind two–is quite amazing. It really is.” Nonetheless he prides the relationships within the

college. “I’m most proud of the fact I’ve gone 25 years with this group of people and we’ve kept our relationships right,” said McAtee. Filling in for Ewing was the first he had taught in a classroom in nearly 30 years. Through his dedication and compassion he is leaving a huge impact on the college.



3rd Saturday THE


Getting a head start in early education Cowley instructor receives Credentials from KAEYC Wil Austin Editor-in-chief The early education department has just gone through a growth spurt. In late January, instructor Abigail Stevens made Cowley the first and only college in the state of Kansas to receive an Early Childhood Director’s Credential from the Kansas Association for Education of Young Children (KAEYC). The KAEYC is a state division of the national association (tv) that sets standards promoting high quality work in childcare and documents programs that meet those standards. Stevens explained that the Director’s Credential lists core competencies for early childcare providers and recognizes graduates from Cowley’s childcare and development program as qualified to take on such administrative positions as director of a childcare center. The Director’s Creden-

tial is not a state education requirement, but Stevens said it is comparable. The KAEYC’s web page for the credential described it as a voluntary process that even, “exceeds what is required by state licensing regulations.” “It’s a big deal,” said Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs. “My understanding was, it is one of the key things you need to do.” Though other Kansas colleges, four- and two-year alike, have applied for the credential, Cowley College is currently the only school that has been successful. Stevens said the Cowley logo is going to appear on the homepage of the KAEYC to advertise the school’s program. In order to qualify for the credential, the childcare and education program was in need of some change. Stevens added classes in business math and human resource management from the to the curriculum, because a childcare center is also a business, she ex-

plained. She also wrote three new classes to fulfill other education requirements. The changes made to the program had to be approved successively by academic affairs, Cowley’s board of trustees, and the Kansas board of regents. Griffiths said normally, the paperwork will undergo some adjustments during the approval process, but Stevens’ went unmodified. On top of making Cowley stand out in early education, “she did it without an error,” Griffiths said. He said he is proud of Stevens, who is only in her second year as an instructor at Cowley. Childhood and development students are confident in the strength of the program. After graduating, Sophomore Jessica McMillian doesn’t plan on transferring to a four-year program. She said she is going to enter the workforce right away. “[The program] will prepare you pretty well,” Jessica McMillian.

Griffiths agrees. “I think the changes will better prepare students to operate quality childcare centers,” said Griffiths. “And that’s been the goal all along.” Griffiths said for some students, having children has been an obstacle to seeking a degree at Cowley. He said opening a childcare center on campus could be a practical solution that would also provide more hands-on experience to childcare and development stu-

dents with. Before that becomes a reality, though, Griffiths said the school needs to find a way to fund a childcare center and make it self-sustaining.



4th Sunday THE



think the changes will better prepare students to operate quality childcare centers



5th Monday THE


Awareness of the use of birth control Not just prevention but a life decision Tera Mills Staff reporter Oh baby, there are more forms of birth control than there are ways to become pregnant. Women are generally responsible for deciding to use birth control. Choosing a method of birth control, however, is not just about grabbing a box of condoms or taking a pill. Although abstinence is proven to be the most effective form of birth control, not everyone wants to remain celibate until they are ready to have children. There are many methods of birth control available for the public there is just as many methods as reasons for choosing birth control. Preventing pregnancy is the most obvious reason. Sophomore Brandon Patterson said, “If you don’t want to have kids it [birth control] should be used. It’s prevention, a chance to not have kids.” There are more reasons then the obvious ones. Some sexually and non sexually active women start using birth control to help ease medical

conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance that can cause irregular menstrual periods, acne, and excessive hair growth. Birth control also has many risk factors of its own. Most birth control pills can increase a female’s risk of certain cancers, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, migraines, stoke, and blood clotting as well as many more. Still, increased risk does not necessarily guarantee health complications. This is why it is recommended for a female to consult a doctor before starting any kind of birth control. There are over 10 different kinds of birth control available over the counter or by prescription. A doctor will help decide which one best fits based on lifestyle, personal habits and medical sensitivities or conditions. “If anybody is old enough to take birth control, they are old enough to get the information and look at it,” said School Nurse Denise Wallace. Without proper knowledge of birth control women can

be at great risk. Some forms of birth control carry greater dangers than others, even risks that many may not think about. For example, on Feb. 1, Pfizer Inc. released a statement on their website over the recall of Lo/Ovral®-28, a birth control pill, as well as the generic version Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol because of improper packaging. Pfizer believed only 30 packages were improperly packaged, but, because of the standards, if one package does not meet standard the whole lot will be recalled. Twenty-eight lots were recalled; this resulted in a recall of over a million packages of birth control. Improper packaging can put a woman at greater risk of having an unwanted pregnancy as well as cause serious health problems. The protection levels of birth control can also be reduced by improper usage, antibiotics, and grapefruit juice. The label of a medication will have information and directions concerning risks. Sophomore Jessica Holdt

said, “The best way to not have children is to not have sex. It’s kind of take birth control at your own risk.” For any questions contact

your physician or visit the school nurse in the Jungle.



6TH Tuesday THE

Partly Cloudy

Birth Control Methods: Male and Female condoms Oral Contraceptives The Sponge Depo-Provera shot The Patch Implanon



7TH Wednesday THE


(A matchstick rod inserted into the arm)


(A T-shaped device put inside the uterus)



Page 6

March 1, 2012


Changing and rearranging

Windows and Mac OS X receiving a new coat of paint

Brandon Hanchett Staff photographer Hi, are you a Mac or are you a PC? Is that so? In that case I have some news for you: things are going to change. The Windows you use today will take on a new paradigm by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Microsoft, the creator of the widely used computer operating system Windows, is preparing a new touchscreen friendly version for the masses. This new version will resemble the Xbox’s new boxy layout and will be targeted for tablets and laptops alike. This isn’t anything particularly new for Windows,

but it resembles Microsoft’s realization that they need to get into the tablet market. Now. Microsoft will bring all of it’s services to Windows in this new release. This includes Xbox Live, Zune and Skydrive to sync all of the user’s files between computers and to the internet where they can be accessed from any browser, anywhere. Mac OS X will roll out an extensive line of new features brought over from the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s approach isn’t nearly as much of an overhaul as Microsoft’s, but Apple is taking a page from their mobile products. The features that are to be added by the end of this summer, will allow for the iPad, iPhone and Mac to work more closely together. This will happen mostly by using iCloud, an internetbased backup and syncing service. If you make a change to a file on the Mac, it will carry over to the iPhone or iPad. In addition, Game Center, Notifications, Messages and Twitter integration will be built in.

A desktop app will be included for running regular old Windows 7 applications. Unlike the Windows 7 desktop, however, the Start button opens the Start screen instead of the Start menu, and recent leaked builds leading up to the “Consumer Preview” revealed that the Start orb had been removed entirely, in favor of a hotspot in the bottom-left corner. -Internet Explorer 10 will be included both as a Metro-style app, which will not support plugins or ActiveX components, and a desktop version which resembles Internet Explorer 9 and will maintain legacy plug-in support. -Ability to sign in using a Windows Live ID. This will allow for the user’s profile and setting to be synchronized over the internet and accessible from other computers running Windows 8, as well as

Wi-Fi, server, Angel,

integration with SkyDrive. -Two new authentication methods: picture password, which allows users to log in by drawing three gestures in different places on a picture, and PIN log in, which allows users to authenticate using a four digit pin. -Windows Explorer will include a ribbon toolbar, and have its file operation progress dialog updated to provide more detailed statistics, the ability to pause file transfers, and improvements in the ability to manage conflicts when copying files. -”Hybrid Boot” will use “advanced hibernation functionality” on shutdown to allow faster startup times. These times have been shown to be less than 30 seconds long. -”Windows To Go” will allow Windows 8 to be run from a bootable USB device (such as a flash drive). -A new lock screen

anger ... fix,

Deeper integration of iCloud, which includes new Open and Save dialog boxes across built-in applications, iWork and third-party applications via an API. Applications that make use of this API support a new user interface to view and manage documents in the cloud that are specific to the application being used. -Automatic synchronization of documents in iWork with iCloud -Messages – a multiprotocol instant messaging and texting client (replacing iChat); supports the iMessage service. -Reminders – a to-do list application, also on iOS, separated from Calendar -Notes – previously in iOS and separated from Mail into its own



application, with support for desktop notes added (replaces Stickies). -Share Sheets – a “Share” button and dialog box in Safari and other applications -Game Center – borrowed from iOS -AirPlay Mirroring – remote broadcast of OS X desktop to Apple TV via AirPlay Gatekeeper – an antimalware feature based on digital signatures and the Mac App Store -Twitter integration -Notification Center – A desktop version similar to the one introduced in iOS 5. Application pop-ups are now concentrated on the corner of the screen, and the Center itself is pulled from the right side of the screen.


Troubleshooting without reaching student satisfaction Wil Austin Editor-in-chief A computer technician’s work is never done. The reason is, not every piece of technology breaks down at the same time; nor does

every device run smoothly at the same time. At Cowley, students are most likely to identify technicians as the people responsible for making the wireless internet work, especially in the dorms.

“I live at the Lodge and it’s frustrating because it’s not wireless.” said freshman Allison Roberts. “People had to bring in their own modems.” Freshman Jessica McDowell said, “I’ve

actually had maintenance come out to both dorms [to fix the wifi]. I’ve lived in Docking and now I’m in Kimmel.” One of the key people involved in internet “maintenance,” is a man

Pulled from his office by an instructor, Clinton Marlow (right), director of computer services, connects a computer back to a projector as well as the internet. Marlow said being called upon to fix a technological problem happens all the time. (photo by Wil Austin)

The Bob Chronicles By Luke Austin

named Clinton Marlow. Marlow’s job title is “director of computer services.” He oversees the security and proper functioning of wireless internet across campus, but that isn’t his only concern. He said his focus is also turned towards the server, (what students log into at the library) and Angel, the online education software familiar to every member of the student, faculty, and staff body. The reason for this, he explained, is that Cowley College is an educational institution; and so in a situation where Angel and wifi malfunction simultaneously, educational systems–essentially Angel– take priority for repairs. Still, wifi is important to students. They submit homework online, send their instructors emails, and wait for videos to buffer on Hulu. Peggy Williams, the dorm manager in Kimmel, receives complaints from time to time about computers not connecting to the internet, a common occurrence for campus housing. “It’s just really unhandy for everyone,” Williams said. Even when students don’t complain, she said she sees them come downstairs from the third or fourth floor to the main floor where the connection might be better. Marlow and his coworkers have told faculty they are are more than willing to respond to a calls about technical problems; but Williams pointed out that most problems in the dorms arise in the evening when the college is closed and there is no one to call. When someone is on campus and able to come see what the problem is, it does

Apps of the Week Temple Run

by Imangi Studios, LLC racing free In pretty much every treasure hunting adventure movie there’s one specific scene in which the plucky hero finally gets his hands on the treasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby traps in order to get out alive. Temple Run is this scene and nothing else. From the makers of the award-winning best-seller, Harbor Master, comes the most exhilarating running game on the App Store.

Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, and see how far you can run! -Simple swipe and tilt controls that are easy to use. -Original 3D running mechanic combining turning, jumping, sliding and tilting - the first of its kind!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition by Mojang AB simulation free trial or $6.99

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft Pocket Edition Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.

-Randomized worlds -Build anything you can imagine -Build with 36 different kinds of blocks -Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network) -Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

help, Williams and Kimmel resident McDowell said. “They’re responsive,” Williams said. “But I don’t really know what they’re doing.” A whole portion of Marlow’s vocabulary sounds like another language to the people around him. Even his coworker, Brian McChesney, who looks after the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) system, sometimes has trouble keeping up with the many acronyms and technical terms linked to another technician’s area of specialization. He and his peers know the exact name for every component of the vast system that stretches the server and internet accross campus. Because there are only a handful of people at Cowley to maintain its technologies, they are never done troubleshooting, Marlow said. The computer and technology specialists of Cowley are often interrupted mid-sentence by phone calls about broken projectors and missing internet signals. With inconsistent perfromance from the technologies on campus, students and faculty see more of the problem than the repairs, but even Marlow agrees, things aren’t perfect. He, too, wishes Angel were compatible with Safari and Google Chrome–his browsers of choice. That depends on the provider, though, because Angel is a purchased software. Williams and her residents may wish for better wireless, but she admitted that with 483 students in the dorms, “it’s really amazing we don’t have more problems than we do.”


by Sickhead Games, LLC strategy + simulation free trial or $3.99 ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based multiplayer strategy game for Windows Phone created by indie studio, Sickhead Games. Part RTS, part tabletop strategy, ARMED! puts you in command of a fleet of futuristic tanks, turrets, and robots with one goal: infiltrate enemy territory, crush their forces, and destroy their headquarters. Play ranked head-to-head games against online opponents,

challenge your friends to a correspondence game, or battle the AI in single player mode. -Five maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features. -Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking. -Play custom correspondence matches against friends. -Tile updates with turn notifications.

March 1, 2012


Page 7

Next issue will get you one step closer by giving you a bracket!

Ed Hargrove already the winningest active softball coach in the NJCAA, Cowley head softball coach Ed Hargrove joined a select group of coaches before him in reaching 1,000 career wins as the Lady Tiger softball team swept a doubleheader at Rose State College on Tuesday. Needing two wins to reach 1,000 in his 28-year career, Hargrove’s team won the opener 10-7. Like so many of Hargrove’s wins in his career, his team dominated Rose State in a 8-1 win of the nightcap. Hargrove began coaching the Cowley softball team in 1985 and has had only one losing season in his 28 years as head coach. He has guided Cowley to at least 40 wins in 13 of the past 14 seasons and has amassed a .750 career winning percentage. He is one of a handful of NJCAA softball coaches to achieve 1,000 career wins. Winning 1,000 games made Hargrove look back on all the people he has coached and worked with during his time at the school. “Obviously, 1,000 wins couldn’t happen without each of the players I have coached over the last 28 years,” Hargrove said. “The consistency we have had is probably the neatest thing about the record. Twenty eight years ago I was just trying to get through one year as coach.” Cowley has now won four games in a row and is 5-3 on the season. In the first game, Cowley hit back-to-back home runs on three separate occasions and finished with six home runs by six different players. Laura Seemann and Haley

Strawn homered in the third inning, Kelsey Fisher and Austen Hilt homered in the fourth inning, and Courtney Rash and Colby Dresher homered in the top of the fifth inning to put Cowley on top by a score of 9-0. Sophomore Taylor Parsons (1-2) pitched four scoreless innings before handing the ball over to Molly Warren in the bottom of the fifth. Rose State struck for three runs off Warren before Parsons re-entered the game to try to record the final out. However, Chelsea Akers belted a three-run homer off Parsons to make the score 9-6. Warren wound up being charged with five runs in 2/3 of an inning pitched. Cowley got a run scoring double by Strawn in the top of the sixth to increase its lead to 10-6 and Parsons worked out of a two-on, two-out jam in the bottom of the seventh inning to earn her first victory of the season. Parsons allowed eight hits and two runs in 6 1/3 innings pitched, while striking out six and walking none. In game two, Cowley pitcher Haleigh Sills sur-

-Live game-following experiences from around the nation plus live game streaming for authenticated WatchESPN users.

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Updated for the 2012 season! Follow your favorite teams and get ready for all the college hoops action in March with breaking news, Bracketology and video highlights from the ESPN Bracket Bound application!

-Aggregated Twitter feed featuring ESPN College Basketball talent. -Ability to customize the app with your favorite team for easy access to schedules, custom news, video, Twitter and more.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2012 features include: -Nightly video highlights and video analysis from ESPN College Basketball

-Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology featuring who’s in and who’s out of the tournament.

Pitcher Haleigh Sills strikes out a batter from Maple Woods College. The softball team won 8-1 and 10-1 against Maple Woods. (photo by Samantha Francis)

-Whether your on the road, at work or just enjoying the weekend you can gain access to March Madness® tournament brackets. Predict who your favorite team will play next or in days to come as they take the road to the Final Four and to the championship game in Indianapolis.

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Download this app for either your iPhone or iPad to extensive access the latest news, tweets, photos and videos for the college basketball March Madness®. Stay in touch with your team through your wireless provider or your local wireless network.

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10 years of Champions

Tag takes you directly to the app that works for your phone!

rendered a home run to the first batter she faced as Randi Yousey put Rose State in front 1-0. Sills would settle down on the mound and Cowley grabbed the lead with a home run by Hilt leading off the fifth inning. Leading 3-1, Cowley would put the game away by scoring five runs in the sixth inning. Seemann’s three-run homer highlighted the scoring. Seemann and Strawn are now tied for the team lead in home runs with three. Cowley finished with 15 hits in the nightcap and 27 hits in the doubleheader, to go along with eight home runs in the two games. “I have said all along that this could be one of the better hitting teams we have had here,” Hargrove said. Sills won her third straight start and improved to 4-1 on the season. The right hander allowed five hits and one run as she lowered her earned run average to 1.40. The Lady Tigers will return home to play a doubleheader vs. Maple Woods Community College Thursday at 2 p.m.

Andy Katz and others.

-Get in-depth analysis from respected college basketball analysts Dick Vitale, Fran Fraschilla, Jimmy D,

Go to for scanner app

Hargrove reaches 1,000 wins as coach of the Lady Tigers Rama Peroo Director of public relations

March Madness Mania


arch madness is right around the corner, March 13. To host the proper March melee snacks are essential to the experience; Popcorn, nachos, salsa and cheese sauce, and of course wings top off the list. Clip coupons to stretch your dollar. If potluck is not the way, then try share the pot instead and ask your friends to pitch in. “I think of chips and salsa and grilling out when March Madness comes to mind,” said sophomore Krista Logan. Once you have your food and your friends grab your bracket, sit back, and enjoy. In order to accommodate all the bodies, pick the dorm room with the best T.V., move beds and desks to opposite sides of the room. Make as much room as possible for seating arrangements. Lawn chairs are an inexpensive way to expand the seating. Once you have the dorm room picked and your seating settled, be sure to stay updated with ESPN Sport Center and other bracket-broadcasts to help make the best choice for your bracket. Pick your upsets wisely, because you never know

experts. -Latest news, columns and blogs from Andy Katz, Doug Gottlieb, Jay Bilas and others.


Shelby Welch Staff photographer

who will come to play. Smartphone-users can get ahead of the game by downloading apps to keep up with the latest on specific teams. A March Madness app like Mania for the iPhone or iPad gives details ranging from in-depth looks of all 64 teams to tweets and pictures. Android-users have an app called ESPN Bracket Bound 2012, which is free and can be used to get all of the action. Showing highlight videos of the games you missed while in class to video analysis of upcoming match ups. Last year’s NIT champions Wichita State University is looking at a promising tournament this year. WSU is already qualified for the NCAA national championship tournament. ESPN analysts have predicted WSU going to the final four. This is their chance to prove themselves in the big tournament. WSU is not the only promising team coming from Kansas as we enter March Madness. No. 3 Kansas is a promising candidate for a no. 1 seed. “I don’t participate in the brackets usually but as for the national champs I always have to root for the Jayhawks,” said Logan. Depending on how each team finishes the rest of the season, both have great odds for being top seeds and finishing well in the big dance.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2012

Let the madness begin Students’ guide to stay updated on march madness

University of Maryland vs Indiana University 64-52

University of Florida vs Ohio State University 84-75

Syracuse University vs University of Kansas 81-78

University of Kansas vs University of Memphis 75-68

University of Connecticut vs Georgia Institute of Technology 82-73

University of North Carolina vs Michigan State University 89-72

University of North Carolina vs University of Illinois 75-70

Duke University vs Butler University 61-59

University of Florida vs University of California Los Angeles 73-57

University of Connecticut vs Butler University 53-41

Athlete Spotlight Year: Freshman Major: Welding Hometown: Winfield, Kan. Events in track: Decathlon- shot, hurdles, sprints (60 m indoors, 100 m outdoors) Pole Vault

(photo by Autumn Mumford)


What is your favorite event to do?


What is your personal record in pole vault?


Did you go to state in high school for track?


Yes, in pole vault. I received 7th place at the 5A level.

Pole Vault



When did you start pole vaulting?


Why did you continue to do track in college?

Did you do track in high school? Yes, all four years. I also did wrestling and football.


In the 7th grade.

I loved the sport and I loved pole vaulting. It was like riding a roller coaster and having this huge adrenaline rush. What’s your favorite part of being on the team?


What’s your favorite thing about Cowley?


What are your plans for after you leave Cowley?


I want to move to Alaska and do underwater welding. Unless I get a track scholarship to a university, then I will continue my education.

It’s a great school with great activities. There is a lot of help here, and if you want to do anything, you can.

I love getting to practice with extremely good athletes every day.

Tony is leaving with the track team on Feb 29 to compete in the NJCAA National Indoor Track & Field Meet in Charleston, Ill. The competition will be March 2 and 3. Tony stated that he is feeling great about nationals, and that he is “psyched to get to see some of the best pole vaulters around.”

Page 8

Musical Cont. from page 1

Broadway star, Janet Van De Graaff (sophomore Rebecca Munoz) sings a humorous and sentimental piece for her “monkey” Robert. (photos by Wil Austin)

March 1, 2012


The backdrops are reminiscent of the early 20th century when the musical takes place and when this sort of stage decoration was especially common. Rhoads has a surprise in store towards the end of the show. Music is a major historical element and serves as a reference in “The Drowsy Chaperone.” “The music really kind of ranges from the 20s up to the 40s,” said Connie Donatelli, director of vocal music. She described the music as very “character-based.” Hill said he has been enjoying the music, “there’s not a weak song in the bunch.” Donatelli, with Josh Fleig, director of concert band and jazz band, will lead the band in the pit. The pit is a hollowed out space towards the front of the stage where the musicians can be heard but not seen. “It’s just a whole other experience itself down in the pit,” Donatelli said. “We’re listening to the show like you would...

on a radio show.” She said good sightreading and timing are the most important skills for a musician playing live in a musical. “The Drowsy Chaperone” especially, with its two stories happening at once, is extremely unpredictable and a real timing challenge. Because the musical is supposed to be spinning on a record player, the man in the chair can pause – even rewind–the show at any time to share important tidbits with the audience. Hill compared him to Mr. Rogers. “I see a lot of myself in him,” added the sophomore. Hill said he was excited about this part. From the first rehearsal, Donatelli said he had everything memorized. Now, with a week left before the first show, everyone knows the lines, and forgets them during rehearsals. “Scott [MacLauglin] is freaking out,” Hall said. He is also having fun giving actors feedback, dancing and humming along with the tunes; seeing another production come into being. Tickets are available at the Cowley Box Office, or by calling 620-441-5570.

The relationship between Mrs. Tottendale (Kristan Wiederman, freshman), and her “underling,” (Dylan Berry, freshman), blooms into something more than a traditional division of social classes in the duet, “Love is always lovely in the end.”

On the stage, Scott MacLaughlin and a group of students work together on spattering white and black paint spots onto backdrops, a process called speckling. The spots, shown below, make drops more responsive to different colors and levels of brightness from stage lights.

Walking through the steps of “Toledo Surprise,” choreographer Jennifer Blatchford (center right) directs two ‘gangsters’ and a ‘Broadway producer’ (middle) through hand motions. Left to right: Sophomore Eric Denning, freshman Ben Stranghoner, Blatchford, and freshman Jason Williams.

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tudents take time out of their day to participate in activities around campus. On Feb. 14 Cowley hosted the Groove dance where students could go get their groove on and spend time dancing with their

friends and significant other. Then on Thurs. Feb. 23 students participate in a survey to find out how healthy they really are. After the survey was finished students took it to the counselor is see if they needed to be assisted or if they were well on their way to being healthy.

Left: Clinton Meyer, Rosi Simmons, Brenda Mapel, Jordan Mcdowell, Sam Nolting, Kelsey Nolting, and Amanda Westerman all enjoy the Groove Dance on Valentine’s Day. Bottom Left: Ali Scott and Mateo Rodriguez slow dance on Valentine’s Day at the groove dance. The rest of the room fades away around them. Below: Students take a survey to see how healthy they are. Mariah Brooks and Curtis Evans learn if they are truly healthy.

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Online Issue 8 2012  

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