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The Student Newspaper of Cowley College Issue 4 October 11, 2012

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Campus Chatter Brown Center

On Oct. 13 the whole Brown Center building will be without power. Make sure you plan ahead and plan consequently.

Electronic Transcript Ordering service

Want to transfer your transcripts electronically? Go to the Cowley website, and select “Transcript Request” you will be directed to the “Transcript Request” page that will explain this new service along with all the previous services and current transcript form. If you choose to use the electronic transcript ordering service the fee is $6. Questions or concerns please contact Mark Britton Registrar 620-441-5595 or 1-800-593-2222

Clothing Reminder

Cowley College Education Majors accepting s used clothing, shoes, coats, hats and gloves of all sizes. Those items may be dropped off in the Social Science Department through Nov 1st, Monday – Friday 8:00am and 4:00pm. Volunteers are needed to sort clothing through Nov. 1, assist with the clothing store set-up Nov. 2 beginning at 10:00am in the Wright Room and with distribution Nov 3rd beginning at 9:00am in the Wright Room. For more information contact KNEA – SP sponsor Julie Rhoads at

Dropping a Class

Are you still a little iffy about a class you’re taking? Well, Nov. 15 will be the last day you’ll be able to drop a class and receive a “W” on your transcript. If you drop a class after hand, you will get an “F” on your transcript.

Halloween Dance

Do not forget about the cash prizes for the best Halloween costume on Oct. 18 at the Rec Center from 8p.m.-11p.m. Bring out the best of you that night.

During the “Walk in the Woods,” Freshman Elizabeth Lewis cackles around her cauldron. Lewis played the part of the witch from “Hansel and Gretal.” The play was a mix of fairy tales put on for surrounding school children and members of the community. (photo by Brittany Collins)

A twist on original childhood tales

‘A Walk in the Woods’ provided entertainment for audience members of all ages Tera Mills Editor-in-chief


undled up children with squeaky shoes piled into the Brown Center Theatre for the first showing of this year’s children play “A Walk in the Woods”. The play, which featured over a

dozen characters, was a combination of The Three Bears, Red Riding Hood, the Three Pigs and Hansel and Gretel. One by one, dozens of little voices created a sea of excitement in the crowd as the room grew dark. This signaled that the play was about to begin.

This moment for Director of Theatre Scott MacLaughlin is one of his favorites. “My favorite moment is when the curtain opens and the kids go “ahh” and there’s the collective gasp,” said MacLaughlin. Once the play started the children began to slowly recognize the various

stories within. Immediately after Red Riding Hood stepped out onto the stage the children all started to whisper the character’s name. Throughout the play, the children would yell and laugh at the strange but interesting things each of the

characters did. The one of the biggest array of excitement came over the small children when the wicked witch appeared. In between the last few scenes the children would start to clap once the


Laying it down on the court: all or ‘love’ Tennis competes in Central Regional Championships Sam Robinson Staff reporter


ennis is a sport that takes strength, stamina and stability; and Cowley’s tennis players have it all. The tennis teams consist of thirteen men and nine girls that play in both double and single matches. The teams showcased their talent the weekend of September 28 through September 30 when they competed in the ITA/ USTA Central Regional Championships. The Central Regional Championships were held at Cowley at the Arkansas City High School tennis courts and determined whether or not individual players or doubles teams will get to travel to Mobile, AL on Oct.

What are your Halloween traditions?

11 through Oct. 14 for the USTA/ITA National Small College Championships. The women’s doubles consisted of Freshmen Sarah Giraldo and Ana Ruzir. They both worked their way up to the championship finals by defeating two other teams with scores of 8-1 and 8-6. In the final match, they winded up losing on a tiebreaker match with a score of 2-10. “Ana and I were just learning how to play doubles, and we were having some communication problems; but we put forth our best effort and in the end we had some really good results. I was proud of us,” said Giraldo.

Continues on PAGE 11 TENNIS

Jace Franklin Sophomore

“I used to carve pumpkins, but now I go to scary houses!”

Playing a singles game against Johnson County Community College, freshman Ana Ruzir competed in the USTA/ITA Central Region Championship. Ruzir took home the singles title where she will compete in the National Small College Championships. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Jessica Holdt Sophomore

“My friends and I dress up slutty and party, party, party!”

David Sage Freshman

“ I scare people and trick or treat with my little cousin.”

Bethany Bell Freshman

“I work in my small town haunted house.”


October 11, 2012

Cowley college

This season’s fashion: exposing pumpkins Halloween costume trends lean towards the more revealing Lauren Llanes Social media manager


ing-dong, dingdong. It’s safe to say that the ringing of a door bell is a familiar sound on Halloween, but what happens next isn’t always as familiar. Trick-or-treat? Definitely trick. Now, I’m not talking about the phrase trickor-treat being unfamiliar, because it is as familiar as the phrase “Just Do It,” and they probably are, but that’s a whole other article. I’m talking about the Halloween costumes; well a shoe string, two buttons, and a pair of stockings. Remember back in grade school, sitting at your desk getting ready for the Halloween party to start? It was the coolest thing in the world at the time, to be able to pick that one thing that you have always wanted to be and get to be it for the day. Being able to dress up as someone or something else, and see everyone else dressed up. Now that you have strolled down memory lane, do you remember what you were? Most likely little girls were something along the lines of a princess, witch, cowgirl, cheerleader, or anything else that was idolized by children.

So, what is in the candy corn that wasn’t there before? What makes women want to dress up as sexy cops, Snooki, and dirty cartoons? Is this really what women idolize and want to portray? If you ask most people, men or women, they say it’s the one day of the year where they can dress like anything they want, and not be judged for it... boy are they wrong. First of all it does not matter what day of the year it is, if someone dresses like a themed prostitute, people are going to talk about it. Second of all, you are telling me that on the one day where it is acceptable to dress like anything you want, and “not be judged for it,” that women choose to portray a go-go dancer at the club? More like a no-no dancer, and at least go-go dancers are getting paid to dress like a skank. It is obvious that once women grow out of Halloween as a child, that they stopped dressing up as things they want to be, and started dressing up as things other people want to see. I think it is safe to assume, that when girls at any age start dressing slutty they are doing it for the attention, and to impress guys. Because the only way to

impress a guy and get his attention is to show him how little you can wear without exposing your pumpkins. The only thing that is more crazy than how slutty women dress on Halloween, is how mad they get when they are confronted about it. If someone is wearing their costume, and half their butt is exposed, all the stomach, and everything but their nipples are showing, they have no right to be mad if someone asks them if they are a stripper, slut,

prostitute, skank, or go-go dancer. There is a fine line between sexy and slutty, actually there is two. Those lines typically fall on the butt and breast region. Most people in today’s society have forgotten that it is possible to dress sexy without looking easy. This is the real problem when it comes to how women dress on Halloween. They want to be portrayed as sexy, all women do; they want people to look at them

and see how good they look, because image is so important to people these days. Therefor women will do anything to get that satisfaction and attention so they can feel sexy. Including, on the one day of the year were it is “acceptable” to dress any way you want, degrade themselves by wearing as little as it takes to look and feel sexy.

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‘Dormestic’ violence occurs more often than people realize

Time to grow up and stop hiding behind the rose colored glasses. As young adults, we must get over avoiding the taboo subjects that so many hush. Domestic violence as well as peer violence between one another happens and it happens a lot more frequently than anyone wants to admit. It does not matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation of a person; personal crimes occur every day. Nobody is an exception and no one will completely avoid some form of attack their whole life. By attack, I do not mean just physical actions; I mean verbal and emotional as well. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, it can happen. There are endless amounts of excuses and reasoning people can have. Being on a college campus puts everyone in close quarters, which will at some time cause tension to arise. This does not give anyone an excuse to harm someone. Not only does being constantly around people cause problems but the addition of alcohol and/or drugs can greatly influence actions. Alcohol is a depressant; it can also lower inhibitions as well as cloud people’s judgments. Even with that said, does that give a drunk person any right to harm another person? No, being drunk is no reason at all. In an example, a girl and guy are hanging out together both drunk. One of them wants to pursue a sexual relation with the other. Because of the alcohol, there is a chance that one of them is not sure how to say no or how to stop what is occurring. This does not mean that they were willing; this means they were unable to control the surroundings. Even then, there is a possibility if the person was to push away, the other could get violent out of frustration. Now these situations do not necessarily only occur when alcohol is involved but at any time. There is also the common misconception that only males provoke domestic violence. This is not true; females are just as guilty. No one gender is worse than the other one. There are plenty of females who know how, and will keep pressuring a male to react until he does. This still does not give either of them any reason to react in a violent matter but after being pressured to hit or fight back as human instinct, it happens. As I started to write this, right in front of me was the perfect example: a few people were talking about how they decided to yell at some random girl to get them something. It was a girl that they did not know at the time. Feeling offended, the girl fought back and told them “no”. The leader of the pack talked about how he took it upon himself to “go off” on the girl for being what he thought was disrespectful to him. Things like this happen way too often, and awareness is a must when it comes to violence. So what can we do to stop the cycle that was created long before us? Realize it does not take anger and irrational behavior to solve a problem. Staying calming and working your way through a situation is one of the best ways to resolve issues. As well as keeping alcohol out of the mix.


Staff Members Wendy Brigido Alex Diaz Anna Massie Ravyn Pickens Sam Robertson Stanley Smith Ruy Vaz

Enough with the taboo subjects Tera Mills Editor-in-chief

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Where has the original costumes of Halloween gone? Now days females often use Halloween as an excuse to let it all hangout. From skin tight costumes to tops that barely consist of a single thread girls bare their bodies for the world to see. This leaves their pumpkins exposed to all. So instead of dressing up slutty find a real costume that takes time and leaves some mystery for others to ponder on. (file photo)

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Checking for bump and lumps

October is national breast cancer awareness month Alex Diaz Staff reporter If you have a bump, swelling, change in size or shape of the breast; or rash and/or discharge from nipple see your doctor immediately. Being aware of what is going on with your body is the biggest safety precaution against breast cancer you can have. A good exercise is BSE (breast self-exam). Here is how to give yourself an exam: you put your right hand behind your head and with your other hand, use your three middle fingers to go over the entire breast to check for lumps, knots, or thickenings. If you don’t feel anything out of the normal chances

are you are okay, however should you find any knots or lumps you should contact your doctor. The BSE is a great technique, but seeing your doctor at least every 3 years will also help reduce your chances of breast cancer. Once you turn 40 it is a good idea to see a doctor yearly because as you grow older you are more susceptible to diseases such as cancer. (The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.) Director of Health Services Denise Wallace a nurse here on campus said there are three main treatments for breast cancer, radiology, chemotherapy and surgery. There are also home remedies such

as herbs except home remedies are not recommended by doctors. Depending on whether cancer will prove fatal or not generally depends on when it was discovered and if it spread anywhere else. Breast cancer is a long difficult road because even the treatments are generally long and painful. Radiology can make people sick. Chemotherapy is toxic which makes people vomit, lose their appetite and makes them susceptible to infection due to the fact chemo kills both good and bad cells. Most times people who are taking cancer treatments lose their hair and sometimes have burns where the cancer was treated. People with cancer need a lot of help that is why events such as a Walk for a Cure, Race for a Cure and other pledge drives are

so important because the money is spent on schooling, fund-raising, treatment and screening as well as research. Which the Susan G. Komen organization says comprised 28 percent of total spending for 2006–2007. Administrative costs accounted for 8 percent of spending. Overall, the organization says that 85% of spending in 2006–2007 went to program activities. A lot of folks may not know this, but guys have a chance of getting breast cancer too although it is rather rare. According to the National Cancer Institute one in a thousand men will get breast cancer and yearly 410 will die from it. Breast cancer and lung cancer are tied as being two of the most common and dangerous cancers with the exception of prostate cancer which is the worst cancer you can get according to the National Cancer Sonication.

Cancer is no joking matter. Women and men who develop breast cancer are in a battle between fear and hope. October is national breast cancer awareness month. The goal is to make people aware of how to check for signs and symptoms of breast cancer as well as make people knowledgeable of the facts. (illustration by Amy Sternberger and Amanda Yauch )

October 11, 2012


There is no room for judgments

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Cowley college

We may categorize sin, but God doesn’t

Autumn Mumford Photo editor


n Sept. 28, a group of five teenage Philadelphia girls videotaped themselves as they, for no apparent reason, savagely attacked a mentally handicapped woman who was sitting on her front stoop. The video shows the girls laughing and making jokes as they kick, punch,

and attack the woman. The woman even tries to flee to the safety of her home, but is followed by the group of girls, where the beating continues. When the girls are finished, they go home and post the video on Facebook. Someone sees it and reports the video to the police. Four have been arraigned and the other two are in custody, and reports say that they still continue to appear remorseless for their actions. When I first heard about this in newspaper class, I was angry. I mean, I was terribly angry. I began to ask questions like “who are these awful people that would do such a thing?” I was disgusted—beyond disgusted. But that’s when it hit me. Jesus’s crucifixion was an injustice. It was something he did not deserve. In fact, he is the last person on the

face of the earth to ever deserve it. And while he was being crucified, he called out to God, and asked him to forgive the men who hung him on the cross. That’s all Jesus had in mind, was not himself, and what he didn’t deserve, but instead forgiveness for the men who were putting him through torture. This woman did nothing to deserve the beating that she received, either. She had done nothing, just like Jesus, to provoke her assailants. “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34 What finally came to me was this: these girls aren’t saved. They don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Their names aren’t written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. They aren’t reading out of the Bible and praying daily. Maybe they

All you need is love When everything else fades, it will remain Dusty Kelly Contributing writer Dusty Kelly graduated from Dexter High School in 2007. He then graduated from Cowley College in 2009 with an Associate of Arts in Agriculture. From there, he transferred to Oklahoma State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science while getting ministry credentials through the Oklahoma Assemblies of God. After college, Dusty moved back home to help run the family ranch, and remains actively involved with the Dexter Outreach Church. At the end of the day, he’s just a guy who loves to play the guitar and worship God! There is a power in this world that can right every wrong, forgive every sin, and break every chain that holds us captive. This is the power that carried a cross to Calvary to forgive those who deserved to be nailed to it, and by this power a Savior rose from the grave to take his rightful place as King of all Kings. This power is the greatest of all powers, it is love. “Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails.” -1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Jesus told the Pharisees that to love the Lord God with all your heart was the most important commandment and equally important was to love your neighbor as yourself. As a Christian this is a foundational element that HAS to be the cornerstone of our faith. Everything we do should be out of love, first for God, then for others. Jesus showed the greatest love to

us, so that we could show his love to others. I tell you my friends, that love has no discrimination. It does not see color, race, or social status! Love is the ability to look past a “person” and see a soul. Love allows us to regard others with mercy, with grace, and with genuine kindness. “You have heard that it was said, YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy, But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthew 5:43-44 Jesus tells us we should love our enemies, which is not easy to do. God’s love was sufficient to forgive ALL of our sins; therefore, His love is sufficient for us to forgive others’ sins against us. Not only to forgive as though it never happened, but also to love others despite their ongoing actions toward us. Love is not merely a concept, a noun which requires no input on our part. Love is a verb; it is an action, something that requires obedience with physical and spiritual output. We should have an attitude that enables us to go out to find people with a need and meet that need, not just sit idle while people go without and wait for them to come to us. We often pass by opportunities to help others without even knowing. We are so focused on what we are doing that we don’t see the people who can’t pay for their groceries, who have no place to go for a safe nights rest, or even people who would delight from a simple conversation we have with them. Say hello to people and give God the opportunity to use you to speak life into those who are lost, hurting, and hungry! “The righteous will answer Him, Lord when did we see You hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give You something to drink? And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in or naked, and clothe You?

When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You? The King will answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me” Matthew 25:37-40 Love is the ability to put God first in your life, to put everyone else second, and to put yourself last. Not that you shouldn’t love yourself, you are a creation of God and are made in his perfect image, but you should put the needs of others above your own selfish desires. This world will tell you different, to, “look out for yourself because who else is going to?” I’ll tell you one thing friends and that Satan is the “ruler of this world” (“Now the judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” John 12:31) and the best power he has is to get you focused on yourself! Take heart though because Jesus has conquered this world (“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33) and his love has overcome the evil one. This world will try to drag you down, take heart and know that God loves you. Let that knowledge invade your heart, let it mold you and shape you into the being you are supposed to be (“But the vessel that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter, so he remade it into another vessel as it pleased the potter to make.” Jeremiah 18:4) and never let it go. If you accept Jesus into your life and you love others as he loves you then you have overcome the world as well. Is that to say life will be easy? No, quite the contrary actually, but God’s love can never be taken from you. If you lose everything you have on this earth, as Job did in the Old Testament, you will still have God’s love and God’s love is all you need.

never have a day in their lives. Which translates: they know not what they do. They have no remorse for their crimes because they don’t understand the sin they have committed. The only way to handle this tragic situation is to pray for not only the healing to take place in the body of the victim, but for the salvation of the women who committed this heinous crime. One day, judgment will be passed onto these girls. And I pray that judgment comes after their salvation. We’re all sinners. Just because we have sinned differently from these women doesn’t make us better. We can’t judge people just because their sins seem to exist on a different caliber than ours. All sin separates us from God, no matter how minuscule the sin appears on the surface. While the law may have different consequences for different

types of crimes, the penalty for any and every sin is eternal death. So please, don’t be like me when I first heard the news. I was judgmental and angry at their actions, instead of being saddened by the fact that they don’t know Christ. Whenever we see ourselves sin, understand the sin, repent, and learn from it. “and saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.’” -Matthew 3:2 We must not judge others for their sins. There is no

place for judgment between believers, because while we are believers, we are also still sinners. But we had a savior stand in our place, and hang from a cross so that we could be saved and freed from the sin that holds us in bondage, and separates us from the Creator. Our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ bore the weight of our judgments. “…and in regard to judgment because the prince of this world now stands condemned.” -John 16:11

Using our time for God Leonard Mumford Contributing writer

Leonard Mumford gew up in Great Bend, Kan. and has spent the majority of his life in western Kansas until moving to Winfield in 2008. Leonard now owns his own contacting business, Mumford Contracting, with his son, Kansas Mumford. His business jas served the Cowley County area since 2009. Outside of contracting, Leonard has taught Bible studies at numerous men ministries, as well as King’s Treatment Center., a drug and alochol rehab cetner. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Jozette and his daughter, Autumn Mumford, who currently attends Cowley College.

life“time‘’ spent as Christ Jesus spent his time, His life being about the work of the father? I ask this question not only to you but to myself as we seem far too easily caught up in the ways of the world, worried about profit and loss, about bigger and better, more and more… so how much is enough? How much wasted time is enough? “What profit has he who works in that wherein he labors?” -Ecclesiastes 3:9 If, in fact, man labors only for this present world, then there is no profit. However, if man’s labor is

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1 God has given to us everything in this world, and offers to us a future in Heaven. We are all given only our allotted time here in this world. Time is our most precious commodity and unfortunately we spend it on ourselves and the pleasures of this world. So with that said, let me ask you: what do you spend your time on? School, homework, sports all very Important tasks I am sure. But what about God’s work? Are you doing his will in your life? Is your

engaged to provide the necessities of life and to do the work of God to help spread his word to the world then the profit is eternal and everlasting life will be your reward. So, with all this we have heard and read let me leave you with this thought: we do not know the hour or the time he will return or we will be called home. I beg you to spend your time wisely for father time catches us all. Spend time with loved ones and family. Work as you must to survive but rely on God to provide your needs, don’t spend your life collecting things that will pass from this world, even the great king Solomon’s great works have all crumbled and fallen just as the work we do with our hands will also. However, the works we do in God’s name with our hearts will live on forever. Spend time with the orphans, the widows, the lost for they will be eternal. For it is written that nothing new is under the sun, all has been done before the rivers flow into the sea and the sea is never full.

Doing God’s work is the most important use of our time. (photo by Autumn Mumford)

Your Calling in Life: Citizenship Mark Boxman Contributing writer

Pastor Mark Boxman graduated from Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1983, and Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1987. After serving two years on the staff of St. Paul’s High School, Concordia, Missouri, he accepted the call to the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Ark City in 1989, and has served as their pastor ever since. He is also the adjunct insturctor of relgion here at Cowley. “What should I do with my life?” In previous editions of this paper, we have discussed God calling us into His Church and into a family. Each of these callings

has many blessings and responsibilities. Today we turn our attention to another vocation (Latin for “calling”). God calls you into community. He calls you to be a good citizens toward the people around you. You can think of your citizenship globally, nationally, locally or in your neighborhood. In each of these arenas, you are to respect those in authority, obey laws, and pay taxes. In many ways, you can contribute to the betterment of our society. Some may be able to contribute volunteer hours or generous dollars to worthwhile projects. Others may be called to public service as an elected official

or member of the military. You can be faithful to those around you by keeping your corner of the world clean, by helping those in need, by being friendly, pleasant and courteous. Walking the old lady across the street, mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn, taking food to a sick family, these are what God calls you to do as you have opportunity. Life on a college campus has its own opportunities to be a good citizen. Be an easyto-get-along-with roommate. Respect your professors and others leaders. Keep the campus clean. Participate in activities. Pay your bills. This is what God wants you to do. This is your calling as a citizen.

October 11, 2012


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Cowley college

Arkalalah: a tradition of “good times” The celebration offers fun, food and festivities for the whole family Anna Massie Staff reporter


rkalalah brings fun around for the whole family. The smell of funnel cake, the sound of kids screaming on the carnival rides, and the atmosphere of people having fun; that all is exactly what Arkalalah is all about. It all began in 1928 as a morale booster for the town of Ark City. Business men that had been eating lunch together, thought the town needed some sort of festival to bring the towns people together and lift their spirits. This is how the Arkalalah Festival came about. The name itself comes from “Ark” for Arkanas City and “alalah” which is believed to be the Indian word for “good times”.

going on at Arkalalah. With so many food vendors to choose from there is no reason to go hungry. Funnel cake, lemonade, kettle corn, roasted corn, onion blossoms, hamburgers, caramel apples, cotton candy, nachos, French fries, hot

During the week of Arkalalah there is a Parade of Lights, a children’s parade, an all you can ride night at the carnival and so many other activities. There is a marching band contest; “The Office Olympics” which features Office Chair Races and Water Cooler Bowling. There are even helicopter rides from Curry Field. On Oct. 26 there is the Coronation for Queen Alalah. A coronation is the act, or the ceremony, of crowning a king or queen, and in our case the queen. One of the five sophomore finalists, from Cowley College, will be crowned the Arkalalah Queen at the coronation ceremony. The crowning of the queen is one of the biggest events

chocolate for days and even some barbeque thrown into the mix, there is definitely a plethora of choices for every picky eater.

People come from all over to participate in all the excitement. These people travel miles and miles to indulge in the fun, some

of these people have no physical connection with the festival others once lived here or that have family here come back to experience Arkalalah and all of the festivities it has to offer. Most, if not all, of the high school reunions are held during Arkalalah along with the rest of the activities. The food and games is not the only thing that Arkalalah is about though, it is the togetherness of the town. All the people of Ark City and their friends and families, and even people out of the state of Kansas, come to Arkalalah. There is an air of familiarity and friendship that everyone wants to take part in.

Tank the Tiger launches t-shirts to the crowd during the Arkalalah Parade. (file photo)

“An American Tapestry”

Band and choir prepare for their upcoming fall concert

In preperation for their upcoming concert, the choir practices one of their songs entitled ‘Down in the Valley’. The concert consists of music from all over the United States. (photo by Jacklynn Anderson)

Alex Diaz Staff reporter The choir and band will perform their recital free of charge on Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. The musicians will perform in the Brown building to here at Cowley College for any who love music and would like to attend. Director of Instrumental Music Josh Fleig, says he choose the music of a composer who resembles Bach’s. He said it is nice because with music that they are going to be doing, every musician can be heard. No one instrument will be heard over the others. There are 45 players in the band which is pretty good for a two year college

like Cowley as well as the amount of talent the musicians have. Every level from the most experienced to the least experienced of the musicians have practiced with Fleig, as a group, and alone; all of them working hard in preparation for their recital. “The whole concert is different most of the time it’s calm and relaxing but, there are those songs that really have a beat,” said sophomore Alex Smitley. The choir is also doing real well. Their theme will be American folk music which has been named, American Tapestry. Director of Vocal Music

CHILDRENS continues from PAGE 1

“I feel fantastic, because all those little kids loved it and laughed. It was a great time, and the energy on stage was fantastic,” said Sophomore Kailtin McDonough who played Red Riding Hood. For some this was not the first play they had performed in the Brown Center Theatre but for others it was their first real moment to show what they had to offer to the public. Freshman Addam Porter said, “This was my first children’s play and I really enjoyed it.” Porter played the Mason Pig from the Three

music came on. One young boy even went as far as to stand on their chair and fist pump into the air. The play was not only special and fun for the audience but as well as the crew and cast behind the magic. It seemed from the moment the cast had stepped on to stage that the energy feeding in from the crowd has a positive effect on the cast.

Connie Donatelli said their music selection is based on music from all over all over the United States. The choir is made up 57 students who have auditioned for the unique opportunity to perform. “Home on the Range” has been sung by many people, but it still means a lot to Kansans. That is the kind of

Little Pigs. Not only does the crew have the opportunity to truly enjoy the children and audience reactions but they also are able to keep the memories from the play forever. “I love the children’s show for the simple fact that it’s just about the kids and their imagination, the things that they remember… is just incredible,” said MacLaughlin. The children’s play was performed multiple times over a two-day period. With the last performance

Preparing for jazz band practice, sophomore Lara Schmidt warms up her saxaphone. The band and choir concert is Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. (photo by Autumn Mumford) music that will be heard along with other American folk songs that are sure to be enjoyed. The choir will show elegance as the ladies will be dressed in black gowns and the men will have on their tuxes resembling true professionals. For an extra, special treat a guest singer will be arriving from Kansas City to sing two or three songs. It is suggested that anyone who can should attend the band and choir concert. The

music selection contains a little bit of everything for everyone. Be sure to spread the news and invite friends and family to support the musicians while they perform. For the students performing it is rewarding to see a crowd full of faces. Sophomore Mollie Talbert said, “I just wish people where more aware about our performances. Most of the time the main ones who show up is our families because nobody else even

on Sept. 27 which was opened for students and the general public. The play that which is meant for a children audience was truly enjoyed by audience members of all ages. Just as with the children, the public had many of the same reactions to the various scenes, as well as the clapping to the music. The laughter could be heard through the big wooden doors of the theatre during that final evening. Once the curtains closed applause and whistles filled

the area. With the delivery of the message the play held the cast then piled out onto stage to take their final bow before the audience and wrapped up the production. As the audience walked out into the hall where they were greeted by all the characters mimics of the witch as well as other characters could be heard. The play overall left many people walking out laughing as well as smiling. This to the cast and crew was a huge sign of a job well done.

knows we are performing.” Both the students as well as the directors are excited for the performance. “It is going to be a very enjoyable evening, both band and choir are top notch,” said Donatelli. “I always look forward to working with the choir and the 23rd is no exception. I am real pleased with the band and I’m sure you will be too,” said Fleig.

Campus Jennifer Mendez

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October 11, 2012

Cowley college

Student Of The Month


Hometown Year Major


If you could be like anyone, alive or dead, who would you choose? Why?

My Grandma because she was always happy and always looked on the bright side of life. She always taught me to never give up on my goals, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

What is your favorite part about Cowley?

It’s close to home and has a family environment. I live getting to know everyone and making new friendships.

Favorite quote?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse to have never tried to succeed.” -Theodore Roosevelt.

Why did you choose your major? What is your favorite movie? Why?

Autumn Mumford Photo editor

Future Plans

Activities Favorite Color

Arkansas City Sophomore

Pre-pharmacy After Cowley, I plan to transfer to either Pitt State or Ft. Hays majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology and then transferring to the KU School of Pharmacy.

Tutors, Math and Science Club, Ambassadors, PTK Purple

(photos by Autumn Mumford)

Because I really like chemistry and the science and math. I want to learn about different medications and their affects help people. I love the movie ‘She’s the Man’. It’s so funny and entertaining. I love the part where Channing Tatum’s character has a nosebleed from a fight, so he puts a tampon in his nose. And all of his roommates are confused. It’s too funny.

Taking a ride on the wilder side Hot air balloon rides entertain students, staffers and members of the community 5






1.) A group of spectators gathered at the Tiger Athletic Complex on Oct. 2 for hot air balloon rides provided by Rohr Balloons out of Tex. 2.) Flying high in the balloon, sophomore Bridget Paulk shows off for the crowd below. 3.) While watching the flames, sophomore Lane Trudo, freshman Levi Skinner and freshman Garrett Hoover enjoy their time spent floating above the soccer field. 4.) Preparing to take flight, sophomore LaMont Agee, freshman Stephanie Platek, freshman Al Peterson, freshman Chealsea Blasi and freshman Sydney Denney express their enthusiasm about the free balloon rides. 5.) After loading into the hot air balloon, freshman Kristin Phipps anticipates take off. 6.) A group of girls look down to those who await their turn for a ride. (photos by Brittany Collins and Autumn Mumford)

PIPER McCORD Hometown: Arkansas City

(photos by Brittany Collins)

What is your definition of success? “Success

Major: “My major is undecided as of right now, but I will

to me would just be thriving in whatever you do and doing it best.”

Plans after Cowley: “I am planning on going to

If you could change one thing at Cowley what would it be? “The thing that I would

probably be something with business administration.” Oklahoma State University and doing something with business there.”

Activities/Involvement: “At Cowley, I’m involved with

Act 1 Drama club, student ambassadors, math and science club and I also work at the Cowley Bookstore as a student assistant. In the community, I’m involved with my church, Calvary Chapel. I also work at Ark City dance. I’m an instructor and an assistant there.”

change would be fall break, if it was a different weekend or something because all the kids leave during fall break and go home and no one really gets to experience the best part of Arkalalah.”

If you could be on the cover of any magazine what would it be? “If I could be on

Favorite Arkalalah Food: “My favorite Arkalalah food is

the cover of any magazine, it would probably be Dance Spirit magazine because I enjoy dancing so much and I always enjoy getting those magazines and I would love to be on that.”

Favorite Arkalalah memory: “My favorite memory of

What type of heel (or shoe) describes your personality the best? “If a heel would describe

definitely the kawana’s chicken and noodles.”

Arkalalah is definitely dancing, the parade on Saturday and also dancing at coronation.”

Favorite thing to do at Arkalalah: “My favorite activity

at Arkalalah has always been dancing, no matter if it was at the parade or coronation. And I also enjoy eating.”

What famous person does your personality parallel?

my personality best it would probably just be wedges because they are easier to walk in and I’m easy going.”

Who or what inspires you the most? “My role model in my life would definitely be my mom. She is always there for me and always teaching me to be the best that I can be.”

“The famous person that I think my personality would parallel with would be Reece Witherspoon in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.”

Hometown: Arkansas City


Major: “I finished Cosmetology school last May and I am currently finishing my applied science degree.”

Plans after Cowley: “My plans after Cowley are probably just to continue to work at Ionic Salon and just keep doing hair there.”

What famous person does your personality parallel?

“My personality probably parallels Amanda Bynes the most just because she is easy going, laid back and sporty.”

What is your definition of success? “My definition of

success would probably just be getting where you want to go in life and being who you want to be.”

If you could change one thing at Cowley what would it be? “If I could change one thing at Cowley, I would

the Hits last year. I’m not really in any clubs or anything, but the cosmetology department.”

probably involve the cosmetology department a little more with the other students because when I was there I just kind of felt like we were a whole different school.”

Favorite Arkalalah food: “My favorite Arka-

What heel (or shoe) describes your personality best?

Activities/Involvement: “I was in Puttin’ on

lalah food is probably the kawana’s chicken and noodles.”

Favorite Arkalalah memory: “My favorite

Arkalalah memory is probably just seeing all my family because that is when they all come home and of course, eating all the food.”

Favorite thing to do at Arkalalah: “My favorite thing to do at Arkalalah is just walk around and talk to all my friends and family and just mingle”

“The type of shoe that describes me the most is probably just plain old Nike tennis shoe because I like to run and be athletic.”

Who or what inspires you most? “My mom because she just is a wonderful person and she is nice to everyone and that is just the kind of person I would like to be.”


What famous person does your personality parallel?

Major: “My major is elementary education and I hope to become certified to teach up to 8th grade math as well.”

“A famous person that my personality parallels would probably be Carrie Underwood just because I want to be her but I’m not really like a celebrity because they are a lot more outgoing than I am.”

Plans after Cowley: “My plans after Cowley

What is your definition of success? “My personal

Activities/Involvement: “At Cowley I’m not

If you could change one thing at Cowley what would it be? “If I could change one thing at Cowley it

include hopefully going to Oklahoma state but if that doesn’t work out I might end up at Emporia and become a middle school math teacher.” really involved with anything on campus besides working at the Cowley Bookstore. I coach gymnastics at the rec center and I also volunteer at elementary schools around town.”

Favorite Arkalalah Food: “My favorite

Arkalalah food is either corn on the cob or funnel cake.”

Favorite Arkalalah memory: “My favorite

Arkalalah memory is probably tumbling in the parade.”

Favorite thing to do at Arkalalah: “My

favorite thing to do at Arkalalah is just walk up and down town and talk to my family and friends that have come back.”

definition of success would simply by happiness, it doesn’t matter what you are doing.”

would be to make it into a 4 year university.”

If you could be on the cover of any magazine what would it be? “If I could be on the cover of any magazine it would probably be a clothing magazine because they would probably give me free clothes out of it.”

What type of heel (or shoe) describes your personality the best? “The shoe that describes my

personality best would probably be toms because they are comfy and you can also be active in them.”

Who or what inspires you the most? “My mom

inspires me the most in life because she has always been there for me and I hope that I can do that for my children.”

MARIAH VARGAS Hometown: Arkansas City Major: “I am a pre-med major.” Plans after Cowley: “I graduate in December and am

hopefully transfer to East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma I will finish out my bachelor’s degree there and hopefully get into the Tonkawa optometry school there.”

Activates/Involvement: “Right now at Cowley I am

involved with student ambassadors and I am on the tennis team.”

Favorite Arkalalah food: “By far it is the chicken noodles I get three or 4 cups every time.”

Favorite Arkalalah memory: “My favorite memory at

Arkalalah would have to be the first time I rode in the parade, I got to see all my friends and family and wave and it was great.”

Favorite thing to do at Arkalalah: “I love the food I stop on every street and stuff myself then I will wait and hour and go to the next one a do it all over again.”

What famous person does your personality parallel? “My personality probably parallels Emma Stone. I think she is very funny, she’s classy and sophisticated.”

What is your definition of success? “Setting up a goal then accomplishing that goal.”

If you could change one thing at Cowley what would it be? “I’m going to be really

cheesy and say nothing. I haven’t had one bad experience here at Cowley. I love the atmosphere, the student body and the staff here.”

What heel (or shoe) describes your personality best? “I’m going to say the

ankle strap heel. I like the way it looks, it is sophisticated and I like sophistication.”

Who or what inspires you most? “My mom, she’s gone through so much and she keeps getting back up and trying new things and she never gives up. And that is really inspiring to me.”

MICAH FRY Hometown: Arkansas City Major: “I’m a Graphic Design and Mass Communications major.”

Plans after Cowley: “After Cowley I do plan to pursue my education but I’m not exactly sure where but I’m ok with that.”

Activates/Involvement: “Here on the cam-

pus I am involved in a lot of different things, I am in Aces, Act One, Media Club along with PTK, I am a Cowly Tutor, a Cowley Abassador and I am involved with Cowley Television. In the community I volunteer a lot. I work with Boy Scouts of America or Habitat for humanity and I teach a youth group Wednesday nights at my church.”

Favorite Arkalalah food: “I always have to get a fried candy bar, I really like the harvest medley or the chicken noodles.”

Favorite Arkalalah memory: “My favorite memory of Arkalalah is a couple years ago there was a sand castle building contest and me and a bunch of friends and my friend’s mom decided to get into this contest and we built our own castle molds, we practiced with sand, we went through training and we made this big deal out of it we ended up winning so that was a lot of fun.”

Favorite thing to do at Arkalalah: “My favorite thing to do at Arkalalah is just to take in all of it. It is always a family thing so my grandparents are there and all my cousins come into town so we will go to the craft fair or watch the parade. You have all ages taking it in so it’s fun just to hang out with the family.”

What famous person does your personality parallel?

“Joyce Myers, she is a speaker but she is kind of a spitfire. She is really serious most of the time but out of nowhere she will say something and you will be like did that really just come out of your mouth. I think sometimes I catch people by surprise.”

What is your definition of success? “I probably define

success a little differently then I think maybe you would immediately think. There is a quote that says ‘Confidence comes not from always being right but from not being scared to be wrong’ and I think success no matter how many times you get knocked down it’s not about necessarily winning but it’s about getting back up.” If you could change one thing at Cowley what would it be? “If I could change one thing at Cowley I think it would be really handy if you could rent Segway’s. Because this morning I got out of my class at Webb Brown and I had to go over to Kerr Tech and it’s just a long walk and I’m kind of lazy sometimes.”

If you could be on the cover of any magazine what would it be? “If I could be on the cover of any magazine I

would say Brio, it is a Christian girls magazine that I grew up reading. It was just all about role models and they always had somebody who was always like a really good role model.”

What heel (or shoe) describes your personality best?

“The heel that best describes my personality would probably be a wedge because those are the only ones I can walk in so they are sturdy and they catch me when I fall. The shoe that best describes my personality would probably be a Tom just because I like to help people.”

Who or what inspires you most? “The people that inspire

me the most would be my parents. My dad has always taught me to take everything in stride, good or bad just take it in stride and go with it and give everything you do 100 percent. My mom has always been kind of my mentor.”

October 11, 2012


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Cowley college

Helping feed those in need with a good deed

The goal of service learning and the benefit it provides Sam Robinson Staff reporter


sychology or sociology majors know all about service learning. Service learning is required

community, and also builds self-character and a good moral standing. Service learning projects have certain stipulations that must be met in order to

of the class • It can be used for more than one class in the same semester; however separate reflective essays must be completed for each course.

CAAT and ACES members Val Phillips, Tori Idland, Andrew Shipley, and ACES advisor James Fry, work on packaging up pulled pork dinners for their benefit dinner. The dinner was held to help CAAT go to Orlando, Fla. and for ACES to hold their SWIPE event. (photo by Brittany Collins) for students enrolled in a psychology, sociology and economics classes participate in service learning. After the student participates in the service, a reflective assignment is required to help analyze the connection between the real world and the classroom. Service learning is an easy way to give back to any

receive credit for the course: • It must be for a nonprofit organization, or a pre approved activity listed under the Cowley Service Opportunity link • It must be pre approved by the Coordinator of Service Learning; otherwise no credit will be given • It must be completed within the current semester

If any of these rules are not met, the student does not get credit for their project or for the class. Although service learning is required at Cowley, many students agree that they get a feeling of self-worth from their volunteering. Freshman Andrew Shipley said, “Volunteering isn’t like actual work. A job is

something you have to do, volunteering is something you choose to do and is extremely rewarding. If you don’t have fun, you’re not doing the right job. It feels really good to know that I am making someone else feel good, and having fun while doing it.” Often times, students pair up with ACES, which stands for Academic Civic Engagement through Service, in order to complete their service learning hours. ACES is a group at Cowley that devotes their time to helping others around the community and campus. In order to see ACES upcoming events or to get ideas for your own service learning, visit student/aces/events.html. James Fry, the advisor for the ACES program, states that so far this semester has been pretty successful with the students’ service learning projects. Students have done a variety of volunteering at different places such as Wichita and Arkansas City schools and Habitat for Humanities, local museums, and libraries. Another event that ACES hosts is SWIPE Out Hunger Numana Food Packaging Event. The SWIPE event will be

hosted at the Cowley Rec. Center on Oct. 20. Numana is an organization that hosts food packaging events to help feed the hungry. Not only is this

event big in size, but it is a great volunteer opportunity that gives something back to the giver as well.

Volunteers prepare the meals for their benefit dinner on Oct. 5. The meals contained pulled pork, beans, cole slaw, bread and chocolate cake. While volunteering students got to experience the feeling anyone gets when they do a good deed. (photo by Brittany Collins)

KIVA takes action across the sea

Loans that change lives, many students look into programs close to campus Trevor Reichle Campus editor Recently, social science students reached a goal of $10,000 for the KIVA program here on campus. As a part of the KIVA microloan program since January 2009, students were excited to have raised enough money for 154 microloans to be given out to people in low-income countries in order for them to potentially start their own business. But what exactly is KIVA? KIVA is a program that has a goal of changing the world through lending. Those who want to give their money to the non-profit organization can donate as little as $25, and

that money in turn is loaned in small increments to people in low-income countries with the hopes that the money will be put towards opening a small business, aiding in agricultural business and business ventures of that nature. Most of those who apply for microloans through KIVA ask for as little as $250 to $400 to get

started. The KIVA website,, even allows you to track where your donation money is being spent and the progress made from your

donation. Instructor Cathy Hendricks always gets excited about raising money for the program. “There are several categories you can choose from. There’s education, agriculture, transportation… things like that,” pointed out Hendricks. “I always get really excited when [the social science department] picks out who we give the money too.” She also pointed out that the money lent is eventually paid back in small increments to the school, and therefor put back into circulation, being given back out to other entrepreneurs looking for a

microloan. One thing that Hendricks particularly looks forward to is the fundraisers that the Social Science department does each year to raise money for their KIVA loans. This year, they will be selling

Gold Canyon candles as their fundraiser. Sophomore Sierra PalacioOliver is excited about the program. She said, “I think it’s a good thing because we’re helping others and if other people see what

we’re doing, they might get involved too, and we’re helping these other countries make money so they can start having stuff that they need.” Phone: (828)-479-5482 SnailMail: Kiva Microfunds, 875 Howard St., Suite 340 San Francisco, CA 94103 Email: To Donate: 1.Choose a borrower 2.Follow your loan 3.Do it all again

Weed, spice and everything not so nice

Exploring the dangerous side effects of synthetically manufactured drugs Stan Smith Staff reporter There is a time and place for everything, and it used to be considered college. All around the country, students are being introduced to drugs for the first time and finding out first-hand the negative side effects. Faced with a growing epidemic, legislators and school officials had to make a move to protect students. Synthetic marijuana, commonly known as spice, began appearing in American gas stations, coffee houses, and convenience stores in 2008. The complaints came rolling in soon after. Unlike marijuana, which is a completely natural compound, spice is a blend of chemicals referred to as JWH-018. JWH-018 is the synthetic cannabinoid that produces the high when injected. While only two deaths have been reported which is still more than deaths attributed to marijuana,

reports of users being hospitalized are numerous. Reasons vary, but generally include paranoia, hallucinations and seizures. When it was legal in Kansas, spice was considered a safe alternative to marijuana for many reasons. Not only could users get similar effects, but the legal risks of smoking drugs vanished with spice. The drug was available under many different names (K2, K3, Ed Heartly, Zombie Matter, and many more) at nearly every convenience store with prices that were often lower than street prices for marijuana. “I tried it once, and I had a bad time. I got all sweaty and my heart pounded out of my chest. Breathing was hard. I was scared for my life. I considered calling an ambulance, but I couldn't move. I'll never touch drugs again,” said one Cowley Sophomore that wished to remain anonymous.

Spice was outlawed in 2010, and the drug has found its way into the streets. Considered valuable to marijuana smokers

that need to pass drug tests but do not want to give up their habit, the drug is now sold at prices comparable to marijuana.

While JWH-018 does not show up on home drug test kits, scientists have developed oral

swab and urine tests to find the drug in user's systems. The American Psychiatric Association reported that many spice users endured prolonged psychotic episodes consisting of auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoid delusions. One representative of the APA said, “The compounds have not been approved by the FDA for human consumption, and little is known about their safety.” The drug is rampant on the streets. In September of 2011, the Kansas City Police Department seized over 10,000 packets of spice ranging from 3-5 gram packages in one bust. In both Kan. and Mo., distribution of a banned substance, such as spice, is a felony. (illustration by Marc Hunt)


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October 11, 2012

Cowley college

Mulvane open house

The new Mulvane center will be open to the general public on Oct. 17


The Mulvane campus adds a new building that includes more classrooms, parking and offices. It also allowed for an updated student center. (courtesy photo)

Demons, goblins, ghosts, oh my

tudents that attended classes in Mulvane last semester are all too familiar with the headaches that associated with attending classes a little closer to home. Parking topped the complaint list, as parking spaces were extremely limited, the lot had a tenancy to flood and places to congregate were lacking. Dedicated classrooms were practically nonexistent, which made space a valuable commodity. Resources were available, but in limited quantities. Fast forward to this semester, and all those problems have been eradicated. Cowley is celebrating the opening of the new Mulvane Center, located at 410 W. Main, just next door to the Bloomenshine building. The center’s open house is open to the public from 8

Stan Smith Staff reporter a.m.- noon Oct. 17. Refreshments will be provided, and a giveaway will be sure to put a few

Located at 410 W. Main

Open to public from 8 a.m.-noon on Oct. 17. Refreshments provided and a give away! Available for the first day of classes on Aug. 16

smiles on some faces. The Mulvane Center served as the post office for the City of Mulvane before the acquisition, and was also a doctor’s office and pharmacy prior to that. All of the contractors involved in the remodel played an important role to ensure the building would be

available for the first day of classes on Aug. 16. The Mulvane Center is a 5,000 square foot facility that also added 30 parking spaces to the complex. Inside, new classrooms and office space can be found. The building remodel allowed four new classrooms to be constructed, where classes for a variety of subjects, ranging from multiple types of math to public speaking, are held. The student lounge was relocated to the Mulvane Center. The new student lounge contains specialized outlets for USB devices for charging cell phones and other electrical devices. A tutoring room has been made available to students to use at their disposal. The addition of the new building has been a valuable amenity for students and faculty alike.

Paranormal researcher talks about past supernatural experiences Anna Massie Staff reporter Christopher Fleming, an American medium, paranormal researcher, television personality, and public speaker is coming to the Wright room on Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. Fleming, the co-host of the television shows Dead Famous and Psychic Kids. He claims to have been experiencing paranormal and/or spiritual happenings since age 4. Fleming has written articles and produced different publications on paranormal activity and psychic phenomena. For some time Fleming was in contact with a spirit named Henry that would warn him about other ghosts and entities. Henry would tell Fleming things about the universe and people he, Fleming, knew. Either Fleming himself or someone around him asked if there was any life on planets in our solar system,

Henry or some other ghost/ entity answered on Europa there was plant and bacteria. In the late 1990s Fleming heard on CNN that scientists believe there is life on Europa (which is one of the moons of Jupiter). The college has been around for nearly 100 years. Those who believe in ghosts say they believe there is activity here. At least some students think so. Cierra Erbert, sophomore,


n knowing that Cowley has been here for 70 to 90 years, walls have ears. People pass on and things happen,” ~ Cierra Erbert is one student that believes that Cowley’s campus is haunted. “In knowing that Cowley has been here for 70 to 90 years, walls have ears. People pass on and things happen,” said Erbert. “It should be a little bit haunted;

presence should be here since it is a historical place pretty much. We are living in a historical place in Ark City, there has to be some kind of a presence here.” Other Cowley students have claimed that they have had some sort of supernatural experiences. “Well I was with a friend at the lodge and they suggested [that] I step into this room, since that person knows what my religion is,” said Rash. “I probably took five steps into that room and ended up feeling sick to my stomach and rather cold on a warm night.” When Fleming visits our campus, we will be able to hear a professional’s views on ghosts, spirits and spiritual and supernatural events. So even if you are not sure that you even believe in the supernatural, go and see Chris Fleming and if nothing else, it will be an entertaining night.

Certain buildings around campus are thought to be haunted. Ghost hunter, Chris Fleming, will be taking students on a ghost tour around campus to clear up the cases of paranormal activity at the college. (photo illustration by Brittany Collins)

The addition of the Mulvane Center came with more parking spaces that will relieve parking stress at the Mulvane campus. The new building is located next to the Bloomenshine building. (courtesy photo)

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October 11, 2012

Cowley college


15. Alderman in Scotland 20. Short composition for solo instrument 22. Sashimi quality 24. Hannibal Lecter, e.g. 25. Russia’s famous ballet troupe 26. Run off, as in lovers 27. Supplies with an excess of

29. *Race measurement 31. City in West Ukraine 32. People of the land of silk, to Ancient Greeks 33. *Candidates do much of this 34. Stocking fiber 36. Pas in ballet, e.g. 38. Give temporarily

1. Things on a list 6. Grease container 9. Bear with the biggest chair 13. Halves of diameters 14. *He followed “Give’em Hell Harry” 15. Underneath 16. Bornean ape 17. NFL QB ___ Newton 18. Knightly cover 19. *Party choice 21. *It narrows the field 23. Usually comprised of 6 - 12 games in tennis 24. Often the object of desire in old spy movies 25. It often draws a crowd at parties 28. South American Indian people 30. *He defeated both Taft and Roosevelt 35. Ailments 37. American Girl, e.g. 39. Each and all 40. Blowout 41. Former “American Idol” judge, given name 43. Word of mouth 44. Chose instead 46. ____ Turner 47. *A Presidential power 48. Evening worship

42. Actress Watts 45. *Political showdown 49. The ___ Pack 51. Potentially existing but not presently evident 54. Beyond suburban 56. Pertaining to hair 57. Immense

50. America’s singing favorite 52. *Former title of Barack Obama 53. Symbol of country life 55. It usually comes with a key 57. Island nation of South Pacific 61. *One with a vote 65. *One is usually alongside either candidate 66. Home of 2016 Olympics 68. High society 69. “Wake Up Little _____” 70. “Much ____ About Nothing” 71. Relating to birth 72. Opportunity to show one’s knowledge 73. Down and back in a pool 74. Sol-fa-sol-fa-sol-fa, e.g. DOWN 1. Used for smoothing 2. Tropical tuberous root 3. Edible and often encased in red covering 4. Tiny cars 5. Seal on a document 6. *What Paul Ryan hopes for 7. Theodor Geisel, ___ Dr. Seuss 8. Allegro and lento, in music 9. Chemically-induced curls 10. ____-Ata, Kazakhstan 11. “Give me your tired, your ____,...” 12. Not functioning properly 58. Malaria symptom 59. Loch ____ 60. Army group, e.g. 61. Chicken house 62. Edible tubes 63. Et alibi 64. Jodie Foster’s 1994 drama 67. Civil rights advocate ___ Wells

Music Quiz

1. How did bluegrass music get its name?

2. What are blue notes? Sharping the 3rd, 7th, and 5th scale, playing the 3rd, 7th, and 5th scale or flatting the 3rd, 7th, and 5th scale. 3. What two types of music formed country music? Rock and rockabilly, blues and bluegrass, or classical and spiritual.

5. Who was called the “King of Pop” Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, or John Lennon? 6. Who was called “King of Blues” B.B. King, Muddy Waters, or Buddy Guy? 7. What year did rap music start? 1950, 1972, or 1979.

9. What country did Salsa music come from? Portugal, South America, or North America. 10. Who was the Fab Four? The Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, or the Beatles. 11. How many different types of music are there? 50, 100, endless.

8. Is the LaBamba the name of a: Person, Dance, or alcohol?

Make a difference. Help people. 1. Kentucky 2. Flatting the scales 3. Blue & Bluegrass 4. Aretha Franklin 5. Michael Jackson 6. B.B. King 7. 1979 8. Dance 9. South America 10. The Beatles 11. Endless


4. Who was called, “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin, Diana

Ross, or Tina Turner?



October 11, 2012

Cowley college

Chemistry dictating the game

page 11

Volleyball is staying up on top Ruy Vaz Sports reporter


aintaining a high performance level on the court, the No. 1-ranked Cowley volleyball team has blasted their opponents after the epic win over No. 6-ranked Butler College. The Ladies seem to have refined their game as the players have stepped up and performed at their best. Cowley is now 23-0 overall and 5-0 in the Jayhawk Conference Eastern Division. On Sept. 26 the Lady Tigers entertained the crowd with a 25-17, 25-22, 25-19 win over Seminole State inside W.S. Scott Auditorium. Despite losing Sophomore middle hitter Cathy

Hafenstine with a minor injury in the first game, Cowley was able to keep playing strong, as Freshmen B.J. Specht and Jessica McDougald did not back down when called to play. Sophomore Bridget Paulk also performed very well. Paulk played an important role of leadership throughout the game. “Unfortunately Cathy went down with her ankle injury, as well as the another middle hitter Toi with a knee injury,” said head coach Jenifer Bahner. “That left us with one true middle, Bridget, and she did a great job, being that lead person in that position. We also kind of used the combination of Jessica McDougal with B.J Speck. They were amazing playing in their position.” Having less than 24 hours

to rest, Cowley went back to the road to pick up another impressive win, this time against Hesston College. The Ladies showed great determination as there were only 9 players available due to illness and injury. Coach Bahner used a mixture of different and effective lineups throughout the match and the players did not have much problem to pull up a 25-17, 25-19, 25-16 victory. “I’m happy because we always come together as a team, and despite the injuries, we have players who step in and do their work really well,” said Bahner. Going back inside the W.S. Scott Auditorium , the Ladies, for the second time in this season, blasted Longview Community

College on Friday, Sept. 28, to continue its impressive winning streak of 44 matches in a row. The 25-16, 25-11, 25-13 win was proof of the great capability of the team to dominate its opponents. ““I thought we played really well,” said Sophomore Cathy Hafenstine. “We took them out of everything, we completely shot them down.” Cathy, who is injured hopes to be back by the middle of October. Freshman B.J. Specht, had an outstanding performance with a team-high 12 kills. She has helped the team by making up the Hafestin’s absence. The away game against Highland Community College was supposed to be another usual battle for the Ladies as they have a target in their backs. They

Tennis continues from PAGE 1 The women’s singles matches walked away with seven wins and eight losses. Ruzir worked her way to the finals and defeated Johnson County in the championship match with an intense game. In the third match, Ruzir finished and won with a score of 11-9, qualifying her to compete in the USTA/ITA National Small College Championships. The coach for the women’s and men’s tennis, Josh Cobble, says “I was really pleased with Ana. She showed that she wasn’t just a good player, but a good competitor as well by winning a match she was five points down in.” Men’s tennis did just as well. Freshman Joshua Coleman and Ryan Hoverson made up a doubles team and beat two other teams and made it to the championship match before being defeated 0-8. Hoverson said, “Making it to the championship match was the biggest accomplishment I have had so far in my tennis career, and it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.”

did not expect, however, another injury as the third and final middle hitter, sophomore Bridget Paulk, who rolled her ankle and had to leave the court. But, as the game became tougher, the Lady Tigers got stronger. Overcoming another obstacle on this season Cowley picked up another important win. The 25-18, 25-19, 25-17 victory raises the question: Do these Ladies have a limit? What is the secret to stay on the top once you reach there? “I think this week our team really came together, and our chemistry was the best,” said freshman Katelynn Slade. Our hitters did a great job, everyone on defense just ran after the balls, making amazing plays, and everyone stepped up. We made the other teams play our

Both Freshman Evan Keller and Carlos Rodriguez put up a good fight in their matches, but did not make it to the final match. Men’s singles ended the championship with eight wins and ten losses. Coleman and Hoverson, both players, made it to the consolation singles and competed against one another in the finals. In the end, Hoverson played extremely well, but was defeated by Coleman 8-3 in the final match. Both men’s and women’s tennis had results of immense accomplishment in the ITA/USTA Central Regional Championships, walking away with fifteen total wins and eighteen total losses. The Cowley tigers will be represented by both Ruzir and Giraldo at the National Small College Championship in Mobile, Ala. – In the end, it’s all or “love”.

While hosting a tournament at Ark City High School, freshman Joshua Coleman and Ryan Hoverson made it to finals in doubles at the USTA/ ITA Central Region Championships. (photo by Brittany Collins)

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game and we controlled the game.” The chemistry of the players, regardless the circumstances, seems to be the key of success this season. “I was proud to see our team coming together, supporting each other and helping each other out because when you put people in a position they are not used to, it can change a little bit the chemistry in the court,” said Bahner. “So as a whole I think the team did a great job stepping up and still being able to compete and come out with wins.”


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Putting an end to the season

October 11, 2012

Softball and baseball winds down in time for winter Lauren Llanes Social media manager


oth baseball and softball have been hard at work with their fall seasons. Spring is the main season, but fall is the foundation of it all. Fall ball consists of twenty games for both baseball and softball. The teams started out this season with a lot of conditioning, fundamentals, and trying to get back into the swing of things. Baseball When it comes to fall ball it is not a win or a loss that determines how successful a team is, and will be. It is all about what the team has taken from the games played. Cowley’s baseball team looks at the fall season as a way to develop and define. This is the time where athletes develop their skills and mechanics through practices and fall ball. “I think the fall has gone pretty well so far but I think we need to get more consistent as a team hitting and pitching and defensively to get where we want to get to in the spring, which is the World Series,” said sophomore Lane Trudo. With some games under the team’s belt they have an insight on what they need to be working on. “Staying consistent throughout the whole game and putting a complete game together. One day we are pitching really well, one day we are not. One day we are hitting really well, one day were not. We just need to put a full game together,” said Trudo. Not only does the skills

and fundamentals have to be there for a team to be successful, but the team has to work as one. It has to function as one. “We have bonded really well, we came together quicker than any team I have ever been on and it’s just going to get stronger down the road. As long as we keep improving we will get to where we need to be,” said sophomore Mark Meadors. Fall ball helps the athletes define their skills, but it is also a tool for coaches to define roles on the team. “We want to play a certain way and getting to do that is what fall ball is about. Who can play where, who can hit where, who can pitch where, or whatever. That is what our fall ball is about,” said head baseball coach Dave Burroughs. So far the team has had a competitive fall, and has played some talented teams. “I feel like we have a good team this year, so far we have had a pretty good fall. We practice about every day and I think we are getting a lot better each day. I look forward to the spring,” said freshmen Ryan Mc Broom. The fall games have given the team insight on where they want to put each athlete, and where they need to focus their attention at practice. “Practices have been good, they work hard. There are always things to work are, and that will definitely be the case forever, as long as you play a sport there will be things to work on. It’s been productive, the guys have worked hard, and I have been pleased,” said Burroughs.

Softball Last year’s, sophomore heavy team, had the best fall season ever, with a record 24-1. This year’s team is not trailing too far behind. The team has a record of 15-3, with two ties. There were a lot of cleats that needed filled for this season, so there are a lot of fresh faces on the field. The women have spent large amounts of time together, and have taken several opportunities to bond. “We played whiffle ball in the lobby, we do homework together a lot, we go to dinner together, and go to the movies together. We are not as tight as we were last year, but we are getting there,” said sophomore Mckenzy Sisson. During the fall, the team tends to play mostly four year schools, for obvious reasons like player exposer and tougher competition. They have faced some tough teams throughout the fall and have progressed a lot. “I think that we are getting better to the point that spring season we will be just as good, if not better than last year,” said Sisson. It is hard to see where a team is without seeing them in real game situations. With the fall season competition, it gives the team an opportunity to see where they are slacking and where they are excelling. “We need to work on playing as a team, playing as a unit,” said freshmen Jordan Haya. Even though it really does not matter if a team wins or loses during the fall, it is still beneficial for the team. This lets them know where they need to focus their attention

Rachel Schoonover

Athlete Spotlight Year: Freshman Hometown: Wichita Sport: Soccer Major: Nursing Number: 14

(photo by Wendy Brigido)


Why did you choose Cowley?


Who is your role model?


My older sister.


I wanted to play soccer here.

What hypes you up before a game? Focusing on winning.


Who is your favorite athlete?


Hope Solo.


What is your favorite hobby and why?


What are you going to be for Halloween?

Soccer. It takes a lot of team work. And I like running... plus I can’t catch or throw.


I’m not sure yet!


What’s in the future for you?


How did you start playing soccer?


Are there any downsides to your sport?


What do you want to do with soccer in the future?


I’m not sure yet. Maybe coach a kid’s team.


Where is your favorite place to shop? American Eagle.

Working, nursing, traveling, marriage and kids!

From watching and playing with my sister.

It’s really easy to get hurt.

Wendy Brigido Staff photographer

during practice. “Basically, fall ball we try to get them to know our philosophy when we want to bunt, when we want to hit and run, and all that stuff. We want them to know our philosophy, and by the end of fall ball they pretty much know what we expect in every situation,” said head softball coach Ed Hargrove. Much like baseball, the softball team has surrounded their practices around fundamentals. More specifically making sure the fundamentals are being executed properly.

During a game against Butler Community College, sophomore Brent Burroughs strikes out the opposing batter. The baseball team will face Butler again on Oct. 16. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Getting down to the wire Soccer prepares to wrap up their seasons Trevor Reichle Campus editor Men’s The men’s soccer team has had a great season so far, with the players working hard together and pulling through wins with almost every game they have encountered. The men’s first loss was against Barton County with a score of 6-1 against the Tigers. Sophomore Ruy Vaz scored the first goal of the game his eighth of the season, but at halftime, Barton still had a 2-1 lead against the Tigers. However, the players are not letting that faze them and hope that the rest of the season will be filled with more wins and exciting games. However, on Oct. 6 the team beat Independence with a 6-1 win, with freshman Anthony Buchanan quickly scoring three of the goals, making his goal count for the season eight goals in ten games. “We play really good as a team,” said Buchanan. Buchanan is a forward. “From the first game until now, there has been a big improvement [in the way the team plays].” It was a big confidence boost for the team, as they just experienced their first two losses of the season. They are now 8-2 for the season overall, still faring better than many of their competitors. “I think the season is going well,” said Danny Saldana, sophomore midfielder/defender. “We have our ups and downs

like every other team… We still have some adjustments to do. There has been an improvement, but at the same time there’s been a couple setbacks, “Sophomore Evandro de Souza, defender, said improvements are needed, but overall the season has been going well. “We still have a lot to improve, especially when we get nervous during the game and we just don’t know how to fix it.” Nonetheless, the Tigers are looking to finish out the season with a great standing, even with a game against the undefeated Cloud County team on the horizon. Women’s The women’s soccer team season is in fullswing right now, and the excitement has only just begun for Sophomore Sierra Palacio-Oliver, defender. On Oct. 3 the ladies played at Hutchison and despite playing a good game, lost 2-1 against the ranked team. Oliver says that is a mere blip on the radar, however. “We almost had them, we were tied 1-1. We played really hard.” said Oliver. “We’ve won most of our games so far.” On Oct. 6 the Lady Tigers hosted Independence, and beat them with a score of 3-0. Midfielder Ludmila DuarteElias, sophomore, scored her first career hat trick during the game, scoring all three points for the team. Freshman Tori LaForce has also had a positive outlook on the season so far, saying that the team gets along great and has been playing

hard. “I think the season has been going great so far,” said LaForce, who is a defender for the team. “We are keeping things under wraps.” She says the team gets along great and plays hard together, which she says is an advantage when it comes to game time. “I think we’re just like any normal team. I mean we’re friends on and off the field, and we work together very well.” Head Coach Dane Straight has been very proud of the team this season, saying they are one of the best teams he’s had since coaching at Cowley. The game against Hutchison, he says, was the most exciting game this season so far. He even went on to say it was possibly the most exciting game he has had since coaching here. “The girls played really hard, and even some of the players that we normally think of as being on the bench stepped in and played really hard,” said Straight. The season has been tough, but he said he has been so proud of the team this season. “We’ve had a lot of games where we were outshot for most of the game, then we came ahead and we’ve won them.” The team’s final home game is on Oct. 17, against the currently undefeated Cloud County. During a home game against Northeastern Oklahoma, freshman Anthony Buchanan, a forward, hugs Sophomore Ruy Vaz after he scored a goal. (photo by Ravyn Pickens)


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