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The Student Newspaper of Cowley College Commencement Issue May 2, 2013

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Campus Chatter Book Buyback

The bookstore will be doing book buyback on May 6 – 13. This only applies to books not purchased through a scholarship, which are due by May 10. The bookstore is giving a total of twelve in-store gift certificates away, six at the Arkansas City campus and six at the Mulvane campus. The Ark City store is open from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Student IDs are required.

Athletic Department Changes

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Donnie Jackson has been named the new Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, marking this past season as his last at Cowley. Jackson officially assumed his position on May 1 at NOC. Assistant Basketball Coach Dane Kelly has taken Jackson’s spot.

Late Night Breakfast

Be sure to swing by the McAtee Dining Center on May 8 from 10-11 p.m. for a late night breakfast free of charge as a mid-finals week treat.

Theatre Department Harlem Shake

The Cowley Theatre recently won the Mel Hambelton Ford Harlem Shake competition. The video was filmed after opening night of “Noises Off”. Three participants have been chosen to go up in a helicopter courtesy of Mel Hambelton Ford. The video can be viewed at watch?v=iUzCP6YZoiI.

Aqua Massages

Finals week can be stressful, but don’t worry – free aqua massages are being provided May 6 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Brown Center Lobby.

Great Cowley Duck Dash

Come on out to Spring Hill Farm on May 11 at 4:30 p.m. for the Great Cowley Duck Dash to celebrate the end of the school year.

Texas Bound Cowley men’s tennis team captured its third Region VI title on April 19 in Wichita. Sophomore Edgardo Tapia earned the title of region champion in both singles and doubles for the second straight year and Jack Busby earned a two-time doubles champion with partner Josh Coleman. From left to right: Assistant Coach Charity Andrews, John Rohr, Evan Keller, Carlos Rodriguez, Ryan Hoverson, Jack Busby, Edgardo Tapia, Josh Coleman, Wleymer Jimenez and Head Coach Josh Cobble. (courtesy photo)

Paramedic program completion ceremony Alison Jamerson Ad Manager


here you are, being loaded into the back of an ambulance. You’re in pain, you’re a little panicstricken (maybe outright panicked), and you clearly need medical attention. You just hope these guys know what they’re doing… And they do. For over 15 years, the paramedic program has been offered at Cowley; encompassing both the Mobile Intensive Care Technician (MICT) degree and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. The program consists largely of hands-on learning, such as applying techniques studied in class or at home on dummies and on each other. Sometimes the lecture is accomplished via videos and assigned reading, creating a need for initiative and accountability in the program. Students must be ready to commit to the program, as there is a lot to cover in a small amount of time. The EMT program is a 12 credit hour course, requiring some outside-the-classroom time, and is offered both in Mulvane and Winfield. The MICT course is taken after completion of the EMT class along with several classes in other areas of healthcare and immediate care. Due to the intensity of the

What role does music play in your life?

At the parametic completion ceremony, which was held in the Wright Room April 22, parametic student, Israel Machado, was given the Student Member of the Cowley EMS Advisory Committee award. (photo by Brittany Collins) MICT program, it is highly recommended that students who wish to enter the program complete most of the required courses for the degree— such as psychology and ethics—prior to beginning. Some courses, including composition and human anatomy and physiology are pre-requisites to enroll in the program. In 1996, Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs, started this very popular program. It started

Jasmine White Freshman

“Music is everything to me. It’s my life. It’s helped me get through my problems in the past.”

as one session per year, eventually growing to three and becoming a large part of the Allied Health department, which was created in 2005. “We actually have 12-20 month programs. It is quite intense and does mimic the stress of the job to some extent,” Griffiths said, “The exercises in the lab simulate the real patients they will encounter during clinicals and internship.” The fast pace and sometimes high stress learning

Kaleb Franklin Sophomore

“It keeps me entertained and allows me to have fun.”

environment is very reflective of the urgency with which duties must be performed while caring for a patient on the way to a hospital. Preparing for those moments takes a lot of time, including 13 credit hours of hospital clinicals. The MICT program includes a 16 credit hour internship, in which the student must perform 500-750 hours of prehospital care on real people under the supervision of a certified paramedic.

Rosana Macias Sophomore

“I’ve been playing flute and piano since the 5th grade. It is something that I love to do, and it is my stress reliever.”

The emergency medical training courses are grueling at times, and the people who successfully complete them earn their spot in the back of that ambulance. “They are very well prepared to treat patients. Currently, I would estimate that Cowley paramedic graduates see and treat over 125,000 patients each year. Not bad,” Griffiths said.

Tad Johnson Freshman

“Keeps me awake to and from work.”


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May 2, 2013

Cowley college

Striving for independence:


Cowley Press

Getting more than a degree from your time in college Alison Jamerson Ad Manager


e the people… Oh wait, that’s the Constitution. In the campus world, most of the people milling about are students, and most of those students are young adults. Believe it or not, all of those students are somebody’s children. Part of growing up is gaining independence, but how do you know when you’ve got it? Independence has a different meaning for everybody; financial independence, emotional independence, being independent from your family… Some students will feel that living in the dorms while receiving financial support from their parents is independence. Other students will define their independence as being mostly financially responsible, with one or two things handled by their folks. Some students are living in the dorm, paying their own way or here on scholarship, and wouldn’t call themselves independent yet, because they haven’t finished their degree. So, what’s the overall checklist? Paying for one’s car, housing, utility costs, and schooling is an appropriate

assumption of financial independence; however, it could be said that if they are responsibly saving a comparable amount of money while their family is paying for some or all of those things, they are equally autonomous. Handling the high-stress situations like getting a ticket or finals week is pretty selfsufficient. Not getting a ticket in the first place? Even better. Students striving to be selfreliant will often see only the dollar signs in their way. It should be duly noted that keeping a clean record and following the rules is responsible behavior, as is maintaining good grades without reminders, and having a clean living space. The college sees a large amount of non-traditional students as well, students who have raised their kids and are now ready to go back for their degree. Those students put aside the things they personally wanted or needed to finish their duties as a parent, and have been independent for some time. As a general rule, paying for things on a monthly basis shows that you can handle a budget and plan out how to spend money by paying your car payment, insurance, rent, electric bill, and buying


Editor-in-Chief Tera Mills Campus Editor Trevor Reichle Photo Editor Autumn Mumford Ad Manager Alison Jamerson Assistant Photo Editor Brittany Collins Design Editor Wendy Brigido Staff Members Minelli Valenica Sam Robinson Faculty Advisor Meg Smith

groceries all on time. Financial independence: Check. Doing laundry and dishes before you’re resorting to the sniff-test and eating off of paper towels is a great example of responsibility for your things. Household independence: Check. Get your homework done early? Take advantage of that extra credit opportunity? Study like your life depended on it and aced that final? Nice job. Academic independence: Check. If you skipped out on that

Name: Josiah Twichell Major: NDT- Non-Destructive Testing Hometown: Larned Next Step: Certifying into a level 2 position. Excited to move up the chain and advance. Favorite Cowley memory: I do like the atmosphere over at the tech building. Most of it is self-driven; easy going at your own pace. If you show Joe that you are dedicated and are ready to work, he puts your name in the right places. Biggest impression: Joe for sure. He has always been available. I’m surprised that he could put up with some of the questions he gets asked in class and still keep relatively sane-he is a good role model. I wish him luck in flipping/stripping his mobile home. Made your mark: I don’t know if I’ve really made a mark on Cowley. Cowley made its mark on me. Go to class and do the best I could. Accepted that I was here to go to class. Summer plans: Rail Company-on the road-living in a hotel everyday. Everday a new adventure in every state. Fishing and golfing on the weekends. Favorite quote: Live easy and easy does it. One day at a time Funniest Cowley memory: Out at the lodge-pranks. Just fun times at the lodge. Thanks to the student I lived with out there who helped me to better socialize. Advice to underclassmen: If you are serious about this: make it your primary purpose to come to class. Joe couldn’t lie about it even if he wanted.

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dorm party you heard was going to involve beer pong, observed the 45mph speed limit, and kicked your friends out of your room at curfew, you’ve come a long way towards general responsibility, which makes up a lot of ground on the way to being independent.

Although its hard to place the steps to achieving independence in a chronological order, knowing what you’ve already accomplished can help you tackle your next step. Make a list of things you already pay for, take not of the times you handled something on your own, and think about the state of your space. Check off those things to see which areas you could still improve on. (photo illustration by Alison Jamerson)

Name: Kendall Lusk Major: Liberal Arts Hometown: Wichita Next Step: Go to K-State and study interior design. Favorite Cowley memory: All of it- except for the bad parts. Biggest impression: Kara Thomas because I met her working at the Deli and she reminds me to do my homework. She’s like my mom. She likes all the same nerdy things I do. Favorite quote: You’re either a tater tot or a tater not! Made your mark: I fed hungry people while working at the deli. I brought Autumn chocolate milk! Summer plans: I’m trying to find a job- an adult job and a fun job to save for K-State. Funniest Cowley memory: Doing Bill Cosby impressions with my friends. Advice to underclassman: Do all of it!

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2012-2013 has been a time of transition at Cowley College. Almost every department across the college has seen personnel change in their area. Of course, the biggest change of all has been the retirement of Dr. McAtee in December. The constant throughout all the change has been you, our students. You have continued to hold to the standards and traditions that have created the incredible reputation that Cowley has, not only in south-central Kansas, but across the state and beyond. The list of accomplishments is long, individually and collectively, academically and athletically. For fear of leaving something out, I’ll not try to create that list, but I thank you for and congratulate you on your efforts. To those of you returning next year, have a great summer and hurry back! To those of you who graduate this week – CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed a very important step in your life’s journey. At this point in your life, you have taken responsibility for your future, securing at least some of the knowledge needed for your future successes. But I would like to offer a few challenges. First, recognize and embrace that learning is a life-long process. You can be open to new ideas or you can be closed-minded to new ideas. Choose to be open. Second, THINK! Your education to this point may have appeared to be about memorizing facts or figures, but the true value of education is gaining the ability to critically consider all sides of a situation and, from that critical thinking, chart an appropriate course of action. The world has yet to find a substitute for the human brain’s ability to study, understand, adapt, and react. The world needs your ability to think. Third, recognize and embrace that no one makes it on his/her own. All of us, no matter our station in life, had help along the way. Thank those who have stood by you in the tough times, thank those who have pushed you to do better, thank those who have taught you to think. Finally, the opposite side of thanking those who have helped you – be the person that helps others. You may never see the impact of your action. Do it anyway. Classic though it may be, I firmly believe the message in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Again, congratulations. Please stay in touch. All of us at Cowley wish you nothing but the best going forward. Tony Crouch Executive Vice President of Business Services/ Interim President

May 2, 2013


Staying in God’s will

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Cowley college

Even after we take the diploma home and move on

Autumn Mumford Photo editor


n two days, 630 Cowley students, including myself, will be graduating from a place we’ve called home for the past two years. From there, we will go onto our next steps in life, perhaps another college, or into the workforce, or maybe even into the military. If you’re one of these

graduates, or are even maybe looking ahead and are worrying about the future, there is a simple and quick fix to this problem: submit to the Lord. Yes, sometimes it is in fact harder than it sounds. Sometimes, God asks us to do things that are difficult. He doesn’t always offer us the easy way out. A life lived for the Lord isn’t smooth sailing all the time, but it is one laden with blessings. “Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6 If you don’t even know where to begin, seek God’s will through prayer, His word, and through Godly counsel. Ask Him what His will is; find out what he desires for you.

Control and the ragged blanket

Anonymous Contributing writer

I think we’ve all felt pretty low from time to time. Sometimes friends turn their backs on us, family members can have us walking on eggshells, pain engulfs our hearts, and life can just seem like too much to bear in general. When all havoc has been let loose, people tend to try to grasp all control and relinquish none to God, making life’s circumstances even more difficult. Taking control is the exact opposite of what we should do with our situations when we feel out-ofcontrol. As we try to take control, we slowly push God’s power away because we all, to an extent, have a hard time trusting the invisible despite a history of miracles. There’s a part of us, whether subconscious or conscious, that whispers doubt into our minds; making us question, “God are you really enough?” In the Bible, the Lord clearly says He IS enough (2 Corinthians 12:710), when Paul speaks of having a “thorn” in his side from a messenger of Satan to keep Paul from becoming prideful. Paul asks three times for the Lord to take it away; however, the Lord replied “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Although we know He is enough for all our needs, it can still be hard to believe. Eventually, our circumstances become too much and then we finally give it to God. In many people’s lives, control is an issue especially when, to us, our problems seem un-fixable, be it friends, family, pain, etc. We don’t like to admit we cannot do something or we just want to do everything without help, both traced back to pride. When I think about God being sufficient for everything,

and believers struggling with giving up control I picture a stubborn child with a “comfort blanket”. The way I view it is how a child will fall in love with a blanket then play with it for a lengthy amount of time. The child will drag it through dirt, take it in bad weather, sleep with it, wipe her nose with it, and so on. The whole time the parents will be watching the child and seeing how dirty and worn out the blanket is becoming, knowing it needs to be washed and fixed, knowing they can fix it where as their child cannot. The child eventually notices her blanket isn’t as soft, doesn’t smell so nice, in addition has some holes; however, tries to fix it on her own though she knows her parents can repair it for her. After a while, the blanket is in even worse looking after the child’s failed attempts to fix it. Her blanket left with tape residue from worn off tape she used to try to fill in the holes. A funky smell from different perfumes of her mother that she tried in order to make it smell nice lingers. So many different things she tried, resulting in a failed attempt on her own. Finally, she knows she can’t do anything more with her blanket and takes it to her parents: ragged, ugly, and smelling. Days later, the little girl got her blanket back more beautiful than before; it had been washed, sewn, and given a sweet fragrance. Just like the child, we hold onto things and, eventually have to give it to God when there’s nothing left except for a huge mess. The Lord can wash the stains from our circumstances, sew up the holes in our hearts, and spray us with the sweet smell of His love and mercy. His work can only be done if we surrender our control trusting that He is sufficient, plus will allow Him to take over to do His handy-work in our lives.

When you do this, he will often reveal to you all that you need to know—but in his time. It may not seem perfect to you, but remember that God is perfect, and his timing is always perfect. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” - Philippians 4:6 I’ll let you in on a personal secret- this was the very first verse I ever highlighted in my Bible, and it has done nothing but reassure me ever since. If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I worry about everything. While preparing to go to K-State, I worried: Where will I live? Where will I work? Will I get onto the newspaper staff

there? And after careful prayer and putting all my faith into God to provide, he did just that. I am a member of the newspaper staff. I have a beautiful home with my best friend from high school. And God is in the middle of lining up a job for me, I just know it. If you’re worried about any of these things, don’t sit in fear any longer. Have faith that the Lord God will provide. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” -Psalms 24:1 Everything on this planet belongs to God. We just borrow it. The earth we stand on, the house we live in, the money in our wallets- they all belong to God. Fortunately, he is a

loving God who wants us to succeed and further the Kingdom of Heaven. He wants to share what is His, that’s why we have what we do. Do you not think if it’s in God’s will, He will provide for it? I have been facing this issue myself. I feel like I am called to Manhattan Christian College to receive a partial degree in ministry and missions work, yet my worldly brain says to me ‘you or your folks can’t afford for you to attend a private university. ‘ It’s in times like these that I need to call upon the Lord, and seek His face in this situation and trust that if it’s in His will, He will make a way. I know it might be tough at times. Your faith will be tested, the enemy will be sure of that.

But we have to stand strong, and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground with our eyes turned solely to the maker. He will take care of us from there, and provide for all of our needs. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Mother Teresea herelf. She said “I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” The best part of this whole thing is that we just have to trust Him. To provide, to protect, to keep His promises. He’ll never fail you, I promise. May God bless you and be with you on all of your future endeavors, and might you always keep humble, and walk in a path of righteousness and His will.

Educating with All things a purpose work together Even through trials and adversities, He is still there Adam Glombowski Contributing writer

Adam Glombowski graduated from Baptist Bible College in 2011 with a BS in Youth Ministry. Glombowski is the Youth Pastor/Worship Pastor at Northside Baptist Church in Ark City. He’s married with one child on the way. He has a passion to see teens and college students to come to know Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him. Do you ever have times where you feel like things never work out? Here’s a better question: when bad things happen, do you turn towards God, or run further from Him? I had a hard time answering this question for myself. When I was 11 years old, I came to this fork in the road of either running to or running from God. I had come home from school that day to find out that my mother was taken to the hospital because her throat collapsed and couldn’t breathe. The doctor placed her on the ventilator and was in the hospital for days, not knowing

how things would turn out. I had a difficult time trusting God would take care of her. Until a good friend of mine reminded me of Romans 8:28 which reads: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” Did I really love God in that moment? No. Was I angry with him? Of course. But I had to take a step back and remember that God caused this to happen for good. I wasn’t too sure why, but who am I to question the God of the universe. Thirteen years later, many hospital visits, and death sitting on the doorstep of her life, I see how God used this for good. See, she shared her faith with so many people in the hospital and even more outside the hospital walls. “How are you able to have a positive attitude about this situation?” people would ask. Her response, “It’s all God!” My initial response to bad things happening had to turn from blaming God, to God working this for good. And that is what our response should be.

Greg Nichols Contributing writer

Many students come to this campus with ambition and hope. Some are destined for success while others are destined for mediocrity. What is the difference? As the culmination of another year approaches, what have you done to assure yourself of the success that you planned? Are you fulfilling your original ambitions? Jesus told many stories in the form of parables to make an impact on our lives daily. He said, “Listen! A farmer went out to plant some seeds. As he scattered them across his field, some seeds fell on a footpath, and the birds came and ate them. Other seeds fell on shallow soil with underlying rock. The seeds sprouted quickly because the soil was shallow. But the plants soon wilted under the hot sun, and since they didn’t have deep roots, they died. Other seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants. Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted! Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” Matthew 13:3-9 This lesson has an important place in our education. You see, we are the farmer. As a student, prepare your fields in a way so that thorns and weeds will not choke out the

seeds you have sown. The thorns and weeds take away our time to study and learn. They tempt us and rob us of the hope we once had. The seeds that fall on shallow ground are like the student who shows up to class, yet does little to learn and retain the information needed for success. The potential is there but withers away because the roots are not deep enough to sustain growth. Others are the farmers who sowed the seeds along the path. These students came unprepared for college in many ways. The all-night gamers and partyers that liven up the campus end up never taking root and merely blow away with the Kansas wind. Many graduates may feel that they were in fertile soil because they have accomplished great things while here at Cowley. For those who tended their fields, you have achieved the success that you have worked for. You deserve congratulations for a job well done. The fields are tended and the crops are ready to harvest. Remember now that with the harvest comes a time for renewal and preparation. Some will prepare for university while others prepare for work. The farmers work is never fully complete; it cycles from season to season. You have been well trained to prepare your fields for the impending rain.

Name: Autumn Lynn Mumford Major: Mass Communications Hometown: Bushton Next step: Go to Kansas State University, major in journalism and minor in ministry from Manhattan Christian College. Favorite Cowley memory: Going to Chicago and learning about missionaries in journalism and seeing one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Biggest impression: Meg Smith- because not only is she a great journalism instructor, but I can look up to her as a leader in faith and family and just in every aspect in life. I aspire to be just like her. I would have certainly failed without her guidance, wisdom, and occasional (loving) kick in the pants. Make your mark: I think Cross Reference and the faith page was appreciated by many people. I hope people will remember me for them both. Summer plans: Stay in Winfield until moving to Manhattan in August, work at 102.5 The River and go to Mumford and Sons concert with some awesome friends. Favorite quote: Isaiah 40:31 because it’s a great reminder of having patience and trust in the Lord... or ‘stay classy San Diego’. Funniest Cowley memory: Probably my freshman year when there were these plastic mannequin legs on the desk in the newsroom and I walked past it and they fell on me and I started screaming because I thought I was being attacked. Advice to underclassmen: Stay humble, listen to those around you, pray, seek God in every endeavor and don’t forget the reason why you are here. Nothing is too small for you or is beneath you.


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May 2, 2013

Cowley college

Student of the Year Micah Fry Hometown:

Arkansas City


Mass Communications and Graphic Design


ACES, Act One Drama Club, Cowley Ambassadors, Cowley Television, Cowley Tutors, Media Club, Student Senate Representative and Phi Theta Kappa.

Favorite Quote: “Confidence comes, not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.” -Peter T. McIntyre Honors and Awards: Ark City’s Oustanding Student of the Year, 2013 Student of the Year, Humanities Student of the Year, Media Club Honors, ACES Excellence Award, Outstanding Tutor of the Year, September Student of the Month and April Ambassador of the Month (photo by Tera Mills)

Fry honored for hard work and achievements Known throughout the community for her kind heart Tera Mills Editor-in-chief


his is the life of Cowley’s Micah Fry; named the 2013 Arkansas City Outstanding Student of the Year on April 15. On April 16 at Cowley’s annual Honors and Awards ceremony Fry earned the 20122013 Cowley College Student of the Year, Humanities Student of the Year, Media Club Honors, ACES Excellence Award, Outstanding Tutor of the Year and was recognized for being September Student of the Month and April Ambassador of the Month. Along with clubs and activities, Fry took part in Ark City’s fall festival, Arkalalah. She was chosen to be a member of Cowley’s Homecoming Court. Director of Communications Adam Borth said, “[Fry is a] great person. She is the person I wish I could be and she leads by example. She is the type of student that instructors love to have in class, and the type of person a parent wants their kids to be like.” Fry is an Arkansas City native; graduated Ark City Christian Academy in 2011. Even before she was old enough to enroll, Fry was involved on campus. At a young age, she could

be found in her father’s office checking off her personal ‘to do’ list. “I remember when she used to get out of school when she was young and she thought she had to come up and be in the office after school, and she would come up and hangout in the office,” said James Fry, ACES coordinator. James Fry said one of his favorite memories was during the first few years ACES helped at the Salvation Army setting up for Christmas. “I just can remember taking Micah down there when she was 4 and 5 years old and we would put her at the toy table and she would run the whole toy table herself and give demonstrations on how the toys would work to parents as they came through.” She calls her father her muse and even with her full schedule, Micah is often found hanging out or helping out her dad around campus. “My biggest life role model is my dad, hands down; there is really no question about that. He is my biggest inspiration and hero all around. He is the biggest example to me, just of how to live life to the fullest,” said Fry. As Fry jets from one class to another, tutors in Renn Memorial Library or totes a shoulder-full of film

Fry and her fellow classmates were awarded honorable mention for their documentary over Arkalalah on April 2 at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Broadcast Awards in Topeka. (photo by Tera Mills)

equipment across campus to complete a broadcast assignment, she is always smiling. She is more than a familiar face on campus as she has been taking classes for the last few semesters. With her multitude of talents and interests, Fry has taken courses from a wide array of the instructors. As graduation and finals approach, Fry is preparing to graduate with an associate of arts in mass communications and graphic design; she said she plans to transfer to Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla. to major in visual communications. When she contemplations leaving Cowley and moving on Fry tears up. “Leaving Cowley is a really hard thought for me. Cowley was my home growing up because my dad worked here, and then to come and make it my own home and have two years to get involved and fall in love with the people here and fall in love with the campus, it’s a really hard thought to think about moving on,” said Fry. “I know that great things are ahead but I also know that I love this place and it’s been a great home to me.”

At a young age, Fry became involved in the community. Fry’s father, James, remembers even at a young age she had a big heart and always wanted to help out. James told a story about how just last summer he told Fry that they should work on saving money and that she needed to work instead of volunteer. He starts to chuckle, and says that Fry went ahead and still found time to volunteer. (photo courtesy)

Fry was elected as a member of the 2013 Homecoming court along with fellow sophomore Kaitlin McDonough. (photo by Wendy Brigido)

During Arkalalah, Fry was nominated as a candidate for Queen Alalah. Arkalalah is the annual fall festival in Ark City. (photo by Brittany Collins)


May 2, 2013

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Cowley college

Let the music fill the air one last time:

Music department puts on final concert as semester ends

Left: The concert choir incorporated other elements into their show like clapping and bringing in a string quartet for their elements of Earth inspired theme. Toward the end of their performance, freshmen America Zamudio and Alyssa Warren and sophomores Libby Hooley and Charity Kester sing “Turn the World Around.” Right: During their last performance of the year, the Concert Band performs in the theater, followed by Concert Choir. Performing “Songs of Old Kentucky,” freshman Alison Flickner and sophomore Rosanna Macias showed off their musical talent along with the rest of the band. (photos by Brittany Collins)

Trevor Reichle Campus editor


here were still a few more songs to be performed by the vocal and instrumental music departments, at the final concert of the school year come up. On April 30, the concert band and concert choir gave their final performances for this year, showing off the talent that vocal music director Connie Donatelli and instrumental music instructor Josh Fleig have helped them hone.

The concert choir performed songs in the theme of “the elements”, with songs pertaining to the earth and other facets of nature. One song in particular, titled “The Ground”, struck a chord with Donatelli, leading to the overall theme for the music. Sophomore Rose Hooley has been with the choir her entire time at Cowley and expressed the difficulty of the choir’s final concert. “Everything is really challenging,” said Hooley. With much of her inspiration hitting her over the summer, Donatelli said the

pieces being performed are particularly close to her. “It’s a celebration of the earth…The last piece [performed] inspired me for the entire concert. It’s called ‘The Ground’ and it’s from a young composer that’s really changing the scene of choral music,” said Donatelli. Freshman Joe Descartes was also eager for the final concert. “My favorite song is ‘You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To’. The bass line in it just sets this ‘sexy’ atmosphere that surrounds the music. For me it was fun to experiment with my voice on the solo and discover how to create

a sound that goes with the atmosphere.” Speaking of her experience in the Cowley choir department as a whole, Hooley said even with the challenges, it has been a good one. “It has been really awesome compared previous years in choir, especially in high school,” said Hooley. “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more opportunities, and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more out there. I’m much more confident in my voice… I love Connie so much, and I’m never going to forget her. Ever,

ever, ever, ever.” Sophomore Megan Hamlett also said her time in the music department has been a positive one. “I have made so many friends through choir and met so many new and interesting people. CC Singers has been an incredible blessing to me; I have learned so much and grown closer to people I never may have even talked to if we were just in choir,” said Hamlett. “I will always look back on my days in the Cowley music department fondly, and I hope we all keep in touch. I love those guys!”

The year has been equally enjoyable for Donatelli as well. “There’s been so much growth in the choir,” said a smiling Donatelli. “This last concert is a culmination of a lot of hard work in rehearsals... I’m really proud of the fact that in three days a week [the students] are able to put together such hard literature.” Both the instrumental and vocal music departments have seen a busy year, and the attitudes of the students show that it has been a good one.

C.A.A.T. finishes the semester with a big impact Rape awareness event and highway cleanup project close out the year Trevor Reichle Campus editor C.A.A.T. is known for being a group who raises awareness about rough world issues on campus, no matter what the subject is. As the school year winds down, C.A.A.T. is still going strong in providing people

with information and helping those who need it most. On April 18, the club held “One in Four” in the Wright Room, which was an event aimed at raising awareness about rape including how to prevent it along with when and how to seek help. The event had a turnout of 35 people, and the

information given was quite the surprise to many of them. “Most people think of ‘TV’ rape where it is a stranger who rapes a person, but 93% of the time it is actually a person the victim knows. With chances so high for possible rape, we thought it would be a good idea for people to be aware and cautious,” said

sophomore Julie Hinson, who has been an active member of C.A.A.T. throughout her time at Cowley. “The presentation was more on the awareness/fact side.” Other shocking statistics were presented as well, including that 15% of women in college reported surviving rape and 12% of women in

college said they survived attempted rape since they turned fourteen. Filled with statistics about the reality of such a hard topic, the event spotlighted an issue than many choose to shy away from. “The month of April was originally for healthy relationship awareness, but we felt as though rape could be addressed as well,” said Hinson. The end-of-the-year activities haven’t stopped there for C.A.A.T., either. On April 20, they took on a highway cleanup project, which covered a distance of two miles. This portion of the highway, which C.A.A.T. adopted three

years ago, has been taken care of each semester since by the group. Cleaning up such a high-traffic area is a lot of work, Hinson said, but it is all worth it. “There is normally a lot of trash,” said Hinson. “After the trash is picked up the city is able to mow. It is our duty as citizens to help keep our city clean and welcoming.” Throughout the semester, C.A.A.T. has highlighted a variety of topics and hosted several events such as dances, C.A.A.T.-In-A-Box, and a cash cab. Next year looks to be just as eventful, with many different ideas in the works.

Left: During the C.A.A.T. Adpot A Highway Cleanup on April 20, Freshman Aaron Bennett and Ester Brown helped clean out the ditches of Highway 77. (photo by Alison Jamerson) Bottom: During a C.A.A.T. event held in the Wright Room on April 18, students from Southwestern came to talk about healthy relationships. They provided video clips of what to look for during abusive relationships, and how people who rape think. Cowley students were separated my gender to see the opposing side of women and men who seek to rape. Guest speaker sophomore, Monica Gamez speaks about statistics of rape. (photo by Wendy Brigido)


page 6

May 2, 2013

Cowley college

The Bob Chronicles

by Luke Austin



Partner for Your Success!

Your Cowley College AAS Transfer



Degree Completion


Transfer your associate degree into an NAU bachelor’s degree



Bachelor of Science Degree

Scholarships available for Cowley College graduates

NAU’s Community College Advisor Danielle Ashley National American University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association - • 03/2013

Infinite opportunities.

infinite yo

may 2, 2013 THEME: FAMOUS MOTHERS ACROSS 1. Outdoes 6. Mike Tyson famously bit one 9. Strip of wood 13. Capital of Ghana 14. Bearded antelope 15. Putin’s retreat 16. Hiker’s path 17. Automated teller 18. Bother 19. *Old Mother _______ 21. *”Ma” to some “public enemies” 23. Tokyo, formerly 24. After dusk 25. Bachelor’s last words 28. Turn bad 30. Half-way across 35. Hawk or peddle 37. Croaking leaper 39. Not a soul 40. Smoothie bar offering 41. Flower part 43. *Executed mother of Queen Elizabeth I 44. Showing lack of guile 46. Home to China 47. U-____ 48. Anew 50. “The Big ____ Theory” 52. Fleur-de-___ 53. Neat 55. Red Cross supply 57. *She did her good works in Calcutta and beyond 60. *Where Wilma Flintstone lived 64. Done with a court case 65. The last letter 67. Policeman’s club in India 68. Form of theological rationalism 69. Bird-to-be 70. Trojan War epic 71. Gusto 72. Old PC platform 73. Sunrise side, pl.

GAMES Cowley college

DOWN 1. English town famous for its hot springs 2. Light brown or beige 3. Healing sign 4. Cherokee or Hopi, e.g. 5. Caesar and Greek, e.g. 6. Archaic expression of surprise 7. Aardvark’s crumb 8. Cuban dance 9. Thin 10. Frequent issue for a teen 11. God of thunder 12. Cow chow 15. Make dark 20. Abode tops 22. ___ de Triomphe 24. Performs a pop-in 25. *Ivanka’s Mom 26. Sanka, e.g. 27. Very happy 29. Carbamide 31. Genesis skipper 32. Relating to tone 33. Boredom 34. Olden-day movies 36. Dump 38. *Mother Earth, to Ancient Greeks 42. Dishonored cyclist 45. Put on a pedestal 49. Her counterpart 51. “I swear to ___, I did not ___” 54. In a fog 56. Set of syllables commonly used when humming 57. *California’s Mother of the Forest 58. Knight’s chest plate 59. Pipe problem 60. Solicits or asks desperately 61. “____ Day & the Knights” from “Animal House” 62. Type of room online 63. *Rose Kennedy had nine of them 64. Tool used to cut and shape wood 66. “I” problem

page 7

page 8


May 2, 2013

Cowley college




3. 1.) The 25th Annual Mr. Cinderfella pageant was held on April 25 in the Brown Theater. It was hosted by the current Miss Kansas, Sloane Lewis. Thirteen young men competed for the title by fighting to be the best in each category including beach/leisure wear, talent and formal wear. The competitors included, from L-R: Front: Freshmen Cyruss Tasker, Seth Butler, Ashton Irvin, Ken Stark and sophomore Anthony Caldera. Middle: Sophomore Alex Bowker, freshmen Corey Rothwell and KC Udarbe. Back: Sophomores Josh Korte, Gary Fizer III, Dylan Berry, freshman Jordan Butler and Cody Hollister. (photo by Wendy Brigido) 2.) During the talent portion of the show, sophomore Josh Korte performed a cheer routine that wowed the audience. During the routine, he did several stunts with freshman Holli Rowe who is also on the cheer squad. These stunts included throwing her into the air. (photo by Autumn Mumford) 3.) In attempt to woo Miss Kansas, freshman Corey Rothwell serenaded Sloane Lewis with a mash-up of different Disney movie songs during the talent segment. He ended the song by shyly giving Miss Kansas a bouquet of roses (and a hug) before scurrying backstage. (photo by Autumn Mumford) 4.) To show off his talent to the judges, sophomore Anthony Caldera dressed up as Whitney Houston (heels, dress, wig and all) and performed her classic hit ‘I Will Always Love You’. The performance was not only a tribute to the late singer, but brought the house down with a roar of laughter. (photo by Autumn Mumford) 5.) Channeling his inner Officer Jim Dangle from the satirical TV show Reno 911, freshman Seth Butler pokes fun at himself, being a criminal justice major. He bribed the judges with a box of glazed donuts, and even gave some to admirers out in the audience. This ensemble won him first place in the beachwear competition. (photo by Brittany Collins)


May 2, 2013


page 9

Cowley college




9. 6.) During the beach/leisure wear competition, sophomore Dylan Berry pokes fun at himself by dressing up like ‘Where’s Waldo’. He joked to the judges and told them ‘I’m just looking for your vote.’ His outfit was complete, from the hat to the stripped shirt, right down to the shorts.(photo by Autumn Mumford) 7.) During the talent competition, freshman Cyruss Tasker croons the audience with his version of ‘Ordinary People’ by John Legend. The judges were so wooed by his efforts that they gave him the ‘best talent’ award. (photo by Autumn Mumford) 8.) The judges picked freshman Cody Hollister to be 2013’s Mr. Cinderfella. He was awarded a trophy and a bouquet, as well as many other prizes from area businesses. (photo by Wendy Brigido) 9.) No Mr. Cinderfella pageant is complete without a set of escorts to help out the contestants. Here, the escorts pose with Miss Kansas. The escorts are L-R: freshmen Sarah Everlove, Alex Powers, sophomores Brandi Regier, Mariah Brooks, Kassy Ptacek and Kaitlin McDonough. (photo by Tera Mills) 10.) Joining his cousin Seth Butler on stage for the talent portion, freshman Jordan Butler performed the rap half of the song ‘Gold Digger’ by Jamie Foxx and Kanye West. Jordan Butler went on to win two awards: the ‘wanna take him home’ award and the’best evening wear’ award. (photo by Autumn Mumford) 11.) With the aid of a few of the escorts, sophomore Gary Fizer III joined Kaitlin McDonough on stage in a dance during the talent competition. Fizer tapped danced to entertain the audience. (photo by Autumn Mumford)




page 10

may 2, 2013

Spring sports come to an end Cowley college

Track and field and men’s tennis headed to nationals Tennis:

The number 6-ranked Cowley men’s tennis team is getting ready to compete in the National Championship this May in Plano, TX after having won their third straight Region VI title at the Wichita Riverside Tennis Center. “The Region VI tournament is always memorable, watching 12-16 individual team member compete in separate flights as one team is always exciting,” said Head Tennis Coach, Joshua Cobble. The Lady Tigers came in second behind Johnson County. “I think our team is definitely up for the national title,” said sophomore Jack Busby, who became a two-time doubles champion along with freshman Josh Coleman.


Coming off of winning the Sprint Medley Relay at KU for the third straight year, with the team consisting of Darryl Brown, Tim Young, Eric Gibson and Joshua Beal,

the track team is ready for the NJCAA National Outdoor being held in Hutchinson in May. “Highlights of the year are the Men’s team winning the Indoor Conference Team Title and the Ladies finishing runner-up in the Region VI team race,” said Head Track and Field Coach, Mark Phillips. “We still have our two

most important meets of the year to go with this group and we hope to do well in both the Region VI/Jayhawk Conference and NJCAA National

Championship meets.”


With a current 23 game winning streak and a number four ranking, the Lady Tigers have back-to-back Jayhawk Conference Eastern Division titles. “Maybe the highlight of the season was last weekend when we were playing at Highland with the conference championship at stake. We fell behind 4-0 after two innings and could have folded at that point. However, our pitcher toughened up and our hitters kept getting on base and we eventually got some of them home and we came back to win the game 7-6,” said Head Softball Coach, Ed Hargrove. “We are currently working toward the Region VI playoffs and hoping to qualify for Nationals in Clinton, Miss. again.”


Coming off of winning a doubleheader against Independence Community College on April 28, the currently ranked number two Cowley baseball team has had a pretty good season. Their current overall record is at 41-8, with a couple of games still left including the JUCO World Series which will be held May 25- June 1 in Grand Junction, Colo. Some of the other games that the Tigers have scheduled to play include the Sub Regional and the Region VI tournaments. The Tigers haven’t won the Region VI title since 2009, but as always, the players and coaches are hopeful.

Left: During the KU Relays in Lawrence, sophomore Julia Stafford competed against other community college’s as well as universities. Stafford placed 33rd in the 1,500-meter run with a time of 5:03.40. (photo by Tera Mills) Right: While at a home tiger invite, eight teams competed on March 30. In the 800-meter run, freshman Ashton Irvin placed 22 with the time of 2:05.72. (photo by Wendy Brigido)

Athlete Spotlight Martyna Gluchowicz

Minelli Valencia Staff reporter

Brittany Collins Assistant photo editor


What are your plans after Cowley? I’m going to Miami to the Florida International University. I’m so excited, I can’t wait. Why did you choose Cowley? Because of the volleyball program and the great coaches with lots of experience. Also I wanted to go to a small school and learn English.

Year: Sophomore Major: Art Hometown: Krzyzanowice, Poland Sport: Volleyball Number: 14

(photos by Brittany Collins)


Favorite memory? Mostly the people. Everyone knows each other. The teachers are supportive. Coaches help me with everything like school and volleyball. How did it feel to win Student Athlete Award? I was totally shocked and surprised and so happy I couldn’t wait to call my parents, they were so proud. I experienced winning two National Champions, and All American.


What will you take from your time at Cowley?


I will always remember Cowley because it was my first college in America. It was my first time to experience this culture . I will never forget it.


Favorite American Food?


I can’t just pick one, I love everything. Favorite color? Green.

May 2, 2013

Sports Cowley college

page 11



3. 1. While at a home game, freshman Jordan Haya throws the ball to one of her other teammates toward the homeplate. (photo by Wendy Brigido) 2. Playing a doubles match with sophomore Edgardo Tapia, freshman Ryan Hoverson plays against Johnson County Community College. (photo by Brittany Collins) 3. Returning a ball to her Johnson County opponent, freshman Ana Ruzir plays a singles match. (photo by Brittany Collins) 4. Warming up, freshaman Alex Graham pitches on the side of the field before a game agaisnt Rose State. The team won 4-2. (photo by Brittany Collins)


Athletic Banquet

Teams gather to celebrate their seasons and the end of the year

1. After the speakers and dinner at the end of the year Athletic Banquet, freshmen Anthony Buchanan, Erick Galvan and Rafael Rivera take photos with heir teammates.


2. Playing around with their teammates, sophomore Niki Andrews and freshman Austin Rago pose for a picture. 3. At the end of the banquet, sophomores Kira Vega and Lacy Tipton look through pictures from the night. (photos by Brittany Collins)



page 12

SCENE Cowley college

Sophomore Art Displayed

MAY 2, 2013



1. Talking with fellow students and instructors, sophomores Amy Sternberger, Kiefer Waltman and Amanda Dantas gathered in the Wright Room to display their work at the sophomore art show. 2. Sophomore Kiefer Waltman shows off his sculpture along with many other projects by students. 3. Hanging in the Wright Room, a piece by sophomore Alex Bowker is displayed with other art work. 4. Looking at a painting by sophomore Marc Hunt, Art Instructor Mark Flickinger and Humanities Instructor Dejon Ewing discuss the students work. (photos by Brittany Collins)



Life Through Words and Lens

During the 2012 fall semester, freshman Jasmine White looked at photography featured at ‘Life Through Words and Lens’. This event takes place at the end of every semester and allows students from creative writing, graphic design, photography, and communication practicum classes to show off their work and progress over the semester. (file photo)

Autumn Mumford Photo editor


very semester, talented individuals come together to show off their hard work. Works from the creative writing, graphic design, photography, and communication practicum classes will be on display, and some for purchase, May 2 in the Wright Room during ‘Life Through Word and Lens’. Some students have presented their work in the past at this event, while others are newcomers. “We have a wonderful group of writers this semester, and I’m really looking forward to others reading their works,” said Marlys Cervantes, humanities instructor and one of the sponsors of the event. “There are several who have compiled portfolios before, so they’re figuring out something new to do with theirs, and others who are first timers in the showcase. There should be something for everyone.” For those participating in the event, it is a time for them

to highlight their work. It allows them to really show off what they have been working on all semester long. “I look forward to seeing everyone else’s hard work,” said Julie White, a freshman who will be presenting her photography works at the show. “I think people should come out to the gallery to see what talent we have here. I’m pretty impressed with everyone. Some of the works are equal to or better than some of the galleries in Wichita.” ‘Life Through Word and Lens’ is a great opportunity for students to not only showcase their work, but to also get a chance to mingle and socialize with other students, faculty and members of the community. “People should come out so that they know more about the program and all it has to offer, to meet the students, as well as Ryan Doom and myself, and to relax and enjoy a creative celebration,” said Cervantes. “I look forward to seeing everyone else’s hard work and get to mingle with new

people,” said White. “I really look forward to it to see what everyone has done during the semester,” said Adam Borth, director of communications. “It is a great recap of the projects created throughout the school year. I enjoy looking at all of the different creative outlets the students work with. I am a little partial to video production, however, I still thoroughly enjoy photography, creative writing, graphic design, etc.” Overall, the evening will be one to remember with a variety of works coming in from different departments. The gallery opens at 6:30 p.m. and is open to all students, Cowley employees and the general community. “Oh, my, I feel like a coach, one who has encouraged the students to put themselves into their works and then gets to enjoy their feeling of success,” said Cervantes. “I look forward to seeing these portfolios all semester. No doubt, it adds energy to the program every year.”

Free T-shirt frenzie

Below: From picking images to waiting in line, students gathered in the Jungle on April 29 to get a free t-shirt, bag or towel printed with an image of their choice. Sophomore Maru Hernandez leads the line waiting on her t-shirt. Bottom Left: While tearing out an image from the book, freshman Kristen Phipps and sophomore Marc Hunt joke about some of the options. Bottom Right: Looking through the stacks and books, sophomore Talia McNickle tries to find the image she wants. (photos by Tera Mills)


Page 13

May 2, 2013

Temporal Mechanics Union to perform Cowley college

Percussion ensemble plays a combo of traditional rhythms and new music In 2009, the group constructed a new instrument using a 31-edo tuning system. People from Floyd Abang to Larry Whalen have been a part of TMU. The Mechanics, as they call themselves, put on several gigs throughout the year, but have two major concerts that are put on in May and December. Anyone who wants to become a part of this ensemble may join; the only requirements are dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity, according to their website. Some of the gigs that TMU has played include: World Tour…and Beyond in 2011, Movie Night in May of 2011, The Myths of Bharam Chak in 2010, DynoDyne Presents:

Minelli Valencia Staff reporter


emporal Mechanics Union (TMU) is a community-based, multigenerational, all-ability percussion ensemble that was formed in 2002 by Social Science Department Instructor Chris Mayer. “TMU is a changing group of non-professional musicians,” said art instructor Mike Fell. Lynne Hunter, Mike Fell, Bryan McChesney, Chris Mayer and Josh Waldorf make up the current lineup. Their music is experimental and new music with traditional rhythms. TMU currently has a debut album called All Hands.

Your Life in the Year 2000 in May of 2010, The Lost World in 2009 and many more. “Most of our performances have been in Kansas,” said Mayer. To get a little more information having to do with the ensemble, visit their website at or watch some of their concerts on YouTube. TMU has an upcoming concert on May 7 in the Brown Center at 7:30 that is free to the public. They will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary by playing some musical pieces that have something to do with the number 10.

Temporal Mechanics Union  Book the ensemble: GigSalad  Information on concerts and programs: (620) 441‑5229    Temporal Mechanics Union is available for public  performances, school presentations, and private  functions. Can tailor a program for any audience or  event.   

Mechanics play all sorts of percussion instruments that are sometimes made by some of the members. TMU are available to play for any function. (file photos)

Preparing for commencement

With commencement just a few short days away, Custodian Josh Sprague is helping to prepare the campus by cleaning the front windows on the Brown Center. Over the last few months, the Cowley custodial and maintenance staff have been helping to beautify the campus. (photo by Tera Mills)

Page 14

Campus Cowley college

Final Exam Schedule

Anthony Caldera Major: Vocal Music Hometown: Derby Favorite memory: The Greeley Jazz Festival my freshman year. Hearing the vocal jazz was really cool. Biggest impression: Connie Donatelli- she’s just so passionate about what she does. She’s always there to brighten my day when I feel blue. Left your mark: I mean, I wore a dress at Cinderfella… but probably my dedication to music and my devotion to achieving musical excellence. Summer plans: I will be moving to Wichita and working. I plan on studying privately with a WSU voice professor. Favorite quote: I ain’t as good as I’m gonna get, but I’m better than I used to be. Funniest memory: The Drowsy Chaperone- holding in laughter during all those times we had to freeze and stay frozen on stage. Advice to underclassmen: Remember why you’re here and don’t get caught up in things that may seem important, but in the end you’re here to get your education.

John Laffitte Major: Art Hometown: Wichita Next step: Undecided Favorite memory: The first art club cookout or going to IHOP with everybody after the first final Friday. Big Bubba was our waiter. Impression: Mike Fell; because he has been helpful since day one. Ive learned a lot and he’s been pushing me in the right direction. Left your mark: I’ve probably spray painted something, left clay stains somewhere, and burned who knows what. Summer plans: Staying in Ark City and working. Going to attend Warped Tour and Killswitch Garage. Quote: ’Never let life kill your spark’ – Crown The Empire Funniest memory: While chopping wood, Henry stuck an axe in his foot. Still giving him crap. Advice to underclassmen: Don’t screw around.

Crystal Trammell Major: Cosmetology Hometown: Wichita Next step: I want to do runaway work and possible management with Regis. Favorite memory: Just the whole experience of it as an adult. To experience college at that age is fun. I think its different because of the maturity level. Impression: Mrs. Becky, my instructor. She’s an overall cool person. If I needed help, she was there to help me. She is good at her job, she will do anything to see someone succeed. Left your mark: Just my good grades and what I put into my schooling. Summer plans: I already have a job when I get out of here at Smart Style in Newton. Quote: Be your own kind of beautiful. Advice to underclassmen: Go in there with your head straight. Do more than you came to do to graduate.

May 2, 2013


may 2, 2013

Cowley college

page 15

Congratulations Cowley 2013 Graduates Lindsey Paige Abegg Shaw Paul Achenbach Jennifer Lynn Adams Oriana Rosetta Adams Lucretia Jean Agee Encarnacion Essiah Agosto Tayler Akin Ashley Ann Alderman Devery Nicole Alexander Basem Abdullah Alharbi Bryanna Kaye Allen William Alexander Alvarez Danielle Renee Anderson Jacklynn Ann Marie Anderson Hannah Nichole Andrews Michael Andrews Nikol Andrews Drew Michael Angle Rebekah J. Anliker Mburu Annastacia SoniaLena Lydia Arnett Alex Annong Asarine Belinda Elaine Ash David Aaron Atilus Luke Austin Joshua Allen Babb Brenda Ilene Baer Mary Jo Bakeberg Jundt Valerie R. Baker Brandon Baker Jaron Balderes James Gene Baney Erma Shante Lynelle Barnes Patrick Davis Lee Barnes Baleigh Morgan Barnthouse

Samantha Jo Barrett David Bartlett Lynlea Ann Bartlett Rachel Ann Bazil Michelle Beach Shelby Kay Beard Cristelle Lynn Beard SheRonda Beasley Jessica Anne Beaulieu Jimmy Tyler Bell Malaika J. Bell Tabitha Belshe Brad Benaway Rose Elizabeth Benge Wilma Melissa Bennett Shelby Leigh Benson Bradley Andrew Berkley Dylan Max Berry Skyleigh Brooke Kingfisher Bingham Brian Alan Bird James M. Blake Richard Ryan Ely Bland Rylee Elizabeth Blanton Lea J. Blenz Jean M. Bohannan Keelyn Marie Bonar Julie Booth Guillermo E. Botello Caitlin Renee Bowman Shelby Zuella Bowman Richard T. BowmanBekemeyer Anthony S. Branscum Jennifer Beth Brashear

Dylan Bristor Willie J. Bromell III Andrew J. Brothers Bernadette Brown Lenee Alea Brown S. Darla Brown Samuel David Brown Kiley Renee Broyles Melanie Bruce Aleisha Danielle Bryan Ashleigh Dawn Bryan Tiffany Bryce Paxton Wayne Budd Austin Wayne Buller Chasity Ann Burkett Jeff Burkett Ashley Burnett Kenneth L. Burrell Nicholas Allen Burrell Blake Burroughs Brent Burroughs Troy J. Burton Brittany Bush Jolie Renea Butler Scarlett Regina LaQuita Cain Anthony Mario Caldera Cathleen Faye Call Courtney Rayne Callum Parker Cameron Jennifer LeAnn Campbell Andrew B. Carlson Rebecca Wise Sarah Cody Wise Brooke Wiseman Howard Jerome Witherspoon

Alexis Nicole Czaplinski Earlene Carr-Pemberton Charisma Camille Carson Angelique Joy Carter Tracy Lynn Carver Jennifer L. Cary Nicole Cavin Kyle Joseph Charon Michael B. Chesser Heather Clark Rebecca Joy Classen Joseph Daniel Clore Jeanette Kay Cole Toi Chanel Collins Arleta Colvin Kyrsten Cook Madison Cook Taunya T. Cook Trevor Eugene Corbett Kayla Ann Corbin Gregory Allan Cornish Chelsea Renee Counter Audrey M. Craft Jason Cravens Craig Matthias Cropek Tiffany M. Cropek Abby Lyn Crow Kandi C. Crowe Geydy Marbeli Cruz-Guerra Katelyn Cummings Leanna J. Dale Shannon Dameron Judith Elaine Daniel Jimylee L. Datu Lori Michele Daulton

Suzanne Renee Davidson Justin Daniel Davis Sandra Lee Davis Jennifer Day Elizabeth De La Cruz Evandro Pereira de Souza Rebecca Decaire Amanda E. DeDamos Candace F. Dedman Jamie Lynn DeHamer Cameron Jacob Delgado Dylan Delso K. Scott DeMint Kelly Dillon Dylan J. Dishon Kaitlyn Dispensa Samantha Dombeck Isidro Dominguez Jr. Bryan A. Donlay Heather M. Donohue Joshua Edward Dorman Marina Douangphachanh Eli Douglas Colby Allison Dresher Kiesha D. Dumontelle Jordan Andrew Dwyer Lisa Eberl Brook Eberle Bethanie Edens Amber Lynn Edwards Alexandra Lane Eggers Alyssa Brooke Eli Ludmila Duarte Elias Michael H. Elliott Jacob J. Elliot

Ethan Lynn Elroy Riley Joseph Emley Hannah Rebecca Enderud William (Bill) Engelmeyer Cierra Faye Erbert Crystal J. Espinosa Bre’Gail Evans Curtis Robert Evans Jr. Zack Evenden Sara Everlove Brenno William Silva Ferreira Shayna Marie Feste Sheyann Rose Feste Ruy Vaz Filho Sarah Linsey Fischer Nikki Lee Fitzer Gary L. Fizer Anthony R. Florio Princess Fonseca Eric James Ford Alice R. Fowler Margarita Francisco Shayla RaJeane Franks Melissa Fritschen Micah Michelle Fry Christina Fuentes Tania Fuentes Amber Garrett Kimberly Wilson Mariah Ann Wilson Kimberly Dawn Winans Rodgerick Woods

Deanna Rene’ Garver Lacie Gaskill Tonya Gastineau Maria Soledad Gatson Esme Dora Geraci Rachel Getchell Katie J. Giddeon Heidi Gilbert Mark Gilliland Jr. Nicholas Jacob Gills Joshua Mark Glaser Steffanie Ann Glover Martyna Gluchowicz Derick Ryan Gonzales Shane M. Goodaile Ashley Arlene Gray Robin Meredith Greenup Jason Griffee Regina Gripp Gary Hadley Catherine Christine Hafenstine Tara Mae Hageman Ann Olivia Hale Jaci Leigh Hall Rachelle Hall Sarah Hall Jaclyn Aurora Hamilton Megan Hamlett Chelsi Marie Hampton Jandi Vaughn Handlin Lindsay Christine Handlin Evan Craig Haney Jon W. Hardin Savannah Phoenix Hardister Andrea Harris

Courtney Jo Harris Brandon Harris Jasper Haskin Ashley Hawes Charity Bethanne Hawkins Larissa M. Helms Bailey Joann Herrman Ivy D. Hickey Derl A. Hicks Austen Elizabeth Hilt Cheyenne Elizabeth Hinkel Haley Hinman Julie Nicole Hinson Adrienne Rose Hock Calvin Adam Hock Jared K. Hodges Jessica Dawn Holdt Anna N. Hollingsworth Cody R. Hollister Jennifer M. Holmes Jared Nathan Holthaus Megan Honas Nicholas Cole Howard Caleb James Howell Katelyn Ann Hubler Heather Brianne Huff Jason Hull Amber Hunt Chanda Hunter Chrisinda Lyn Hunter Amber Ives Sarah V. Jackson Omar Jaiteh Cherno Sadu Jallow Buba Jammeh Bryan Jasmin

Jessica A. Jensen Christopher P. Johnson Cory Johnson Jamie Renea Johnson Montia Johnson Teresa L. Johnson Christina Elaine JohnsonPerez Kyle L. Jones Robyn Jones Ronnie M. Jones Christine R. Jones-Hoyt John Judd Hayley Danielle Jurgensen Nicholas Wayne Kahm Jill Nadine Kanning Johnie James Karr Karina Kaska Timothy David Kelley Janelle Kelly Charity Kathryn Kester Darci Nichole Kier Aspen Daniell Kill David Koch Emily Koman Joshua Prescott Korte Mark L. Krchnavy Crista Kronmiller April R. Wright Aline Yukare Yamamoto Tia Ybarra Alilia Marie Yerxa

Andrew Allen Krummrey Carolyn L. Kuntz Heather Danielle Kurtz John Daniel Laffitte Jasmin Nicole Lake Felicia Lama Seth A. Lambert John Lee Landrum Jessalyn Lanoy Maria Eugenia Hernandez Larez Barbara Larsen-Peak Angela J. Lauer Adam R. Leach Braden S. Lebeda Owen J. LeCounte Michelle R. Leidy Amber Lynn Leist Jaime Lynn Leon Laurel Danielle Lewellen Jason Isreal Lewis Bria Loffer Alexander Dale Long Jonathon Lorg Tiffany Annette Lorg Jennifer B. Lowe Katherine Lowe Tristan H. Lumbert Kendall Lusk Bradley Austin Luthe Pamela Sue Lynch Israel Schweitzer Machado Rosana Macias Aimee Maestas Shannon Mahon

Tiffany Nichole Mahoney Casey Main Latasha Latrie Mangold Ashley Dawn Manley Christina Marie Manning Katelyn Luan Mantz Trinity Nichole Mantz Brenda Elaine Mapel Melissa Marshall Nicole Renee Mason Emily Macall Mauk Britni Shaye May Alexandra N. Maytubby Rachel McAfee Candace Janel McArtor Piper Lynn McCord Christina McDonald Kaitlin Marie McDonough Jessica Elizabeth McDowell Zachary Chase McDowell Anna McGregor Rayshaun McGrew Alesia McIntyre Ashley McKnight Misty McLaughlin Talia DeeAnn McNickle Cody McNulty Jennifer Vanessa Mendez Abigail Caitlin Mettling Amanda J. Michael Samantha Mae Miller James Milliken Tera Mills Buba Minteh Chatara Mitchell

Melissa Rose Montiel Kaela S. Moore Sandra Janell Morgan Jennifer L. Morse Ralph William Motley Jr. Lynae L. Moulton Rolex Kiptoo Mudibo Autumn Lynn Mumford Tyler Munger Taryn Murphy Chris Myers Travis C. Myers Corrine Rene’e Nasworthy Emily Suzanne Navarette Todd V. Newman Marie Hang Nguyen Michael Steven Nguyen Van-Anh Nguyen Megan Renae Nichols Valerie Nielson Brian M. Niles Kimberly Michel Nivens Leland E. Noble T’Ondria Nolen Kelsey Jo Nolting Ashley Nichole Nooney Michael A. Norem Rebecca S. Norton Alyssa Denise Nulik Daniel O’Crowley Olayemi Alake Okeowo Ethan Samuel Young Lisa A. Young Nicole Fay Young Sabetha Young

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May 2, 2013

Cowley college


Frank Owens: Criminal Justice Instructor What do you enjoy most about working at a two-year college? “I love preparing students for future law enforcement and seeing the learning going on.” Which sophomore would you say you spent the most time with and what was your favorite memory with them? “Chris Johnson, he was one of the students that have helped me adapt to the job.”



Becky Morgan: Cosmetology Instructor What do you enjoy most about working at a two-year college? “Watch the students grow and get their AA with their certificates.” Which sophomore would you say you spent the most time with and what was your favorite memory with them? “Esme Geraci, it’s been very enjoyable to watch her grasp the color wheel on hair.”



Tyler Gurnee: sophomore Major: Criminal Justice What are you looking for in your next college choice, and what will you take with you there from Cowley? : “Basic skills to succeed and to go on further, somewhere that has a hometown feel.” Most memorable moment at Cowley? : “Kill week for the freshmen, because we got payback and hanging out and getting to know my classmates.”


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Maru Hernandez Major: Pre-engineering Hometown: Valencia, Venezuela Next step: “Bluefield State College to major in architectural engineering.” Favorite Cowley Memory: “When my sisters came as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting it at all.” Biggest impression at Cowley: “Every single person that I’ve met here, because of the diversity, the different cultures, and different point of views.” How did you leave your mark at Cowley: “I don’t know if I made an impact but I hope I at least made someone smile.” Summer plans: “Spend time with my family, work and practice.” Favorite quote: “Carpe Diem” Funniest Cowley memory: “At a tournament in Missouri, Chile (Edgardo Tapia) was playing a tough match and when he won he made a Michael Jackson dance. Then we started to scream.” Advice to underclassmen: “Enjoy every single day no matter what and always do your best.”


Luke Austin Major: Mass Communications Hometown: Villabe, France Next step: I’m going to KU to get a bachelor’s in film and media studies. Favorite Cowley memory: Making a short film for communications practicum. Biggest impression at Cowley: Nick Reynolds- he was respectable and a genius. Make your mark: I filmed Cowley a lot. Summer plans: Go back to France and spend time with my family. Favorite quote: Probably when the drawf in Narnia says “it’s so warm out.” Funniest Cowley memory: Colton Russell. Advice to underclassmen: Help others. If you want to be a leader you have to devout time to serving others in your community.

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4/11/13 10:50 AM

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