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The Student Newspaper of Cowley College Issue 12 April 4, 2013

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Campus Chatter Bongo Ball Mania

Ark City’s Outstanding Student Award Cowley’s three finalist annoucnced: Brandi Regier, Micah Fry and Jennifer Mendez Alison Jamerson Ad Manager

Come join us outside of the Brown Center on April 11 between 2 and 8 p.m. for a great time shooting nerf guns, jumping over obstacles and all while trying to capture the opposing team’s flag at bongo ball mania.


CAAP Testing CAAP testing will take place on campus in the Wright Room on April 6, 8, and 10 beginning at 8:30 a.m. All students required to participate in the testing will need to be there during this time

Cap and Gown pick up Commencement cap and gowns will be available for pickup April 22 - May 3. The cap and gowns will be available at the Arkansas City campus bookstore located at 207 W. Fifth Avenue.

Kansas Archaeology Day

Join the anthropology department on April 13 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Wright Room for a chance to look at awesome historical artifacts and learn interesting tidbits during our Kansas Archaeology Day.

Looking for a President?

Cowley College has narrowed down the search for a new president and on April 8-10 in the Wright Room at 3 p.m. public forums will be held, giving the campus and community a chance to get to know the Presidential candidates better before the final decision is made. Be sure not to miss this opportunity.

WorkKeys Assessments

The assessments will begin on April 6 from 8:30 a.m.11:30 a.m. and will also be on April 8 and April 10. All students required to test will need to be in the Wright Room during this time.

Writer’s Corner

The last Writer’s Corner will be held at Willow Fashion on April 11 beginning at 7 p.m. Come out and hear some great poetry and literature presented by students.

After receiving their certificates for being nominated, the college nominees stand together on stage at the Brown Theater. Each nominee exemplified traits of quality citizenship and scholastic achievement. Presenting the awards was Arkansas City Mayor Charles Tweedy. Three of these students were named as finalists and one may go on to be awarded a $500 scholarship and the title of Arkansas City’s Outstanding Student for 2013. Those students were sophomores Brandi Regier, Micah Fry, and Jennifer Mendez, each of whom was also named a student of the month last semester. (photo by Alison Jamerson)

tudying hard, participating in campus clubs and activities, portraying congeniality and excelling academically are hard things to accomplish, especially all at one time. The Students of the Month are always the students who will hold the door open for a stranger and spend all night looking at neon-colored flash cards. Having a good foundation can really make a difference. Micah Fry, sophomore, said, “Having my family close by has definitely helped me be successful at Cowley. No matter what they are always in my corner, and that constant support has been a huge blessing.” Students possessing these qualities from three levels of education are recognized each year by the city. Since 1984, Arkansas City has selected one student to represent the town as Outstanding Student of the

Spring break super seminar:

year. Fry explained, “I grew up in Ark City, but went to a private school so this is my first experience with the Ark City Outstanding Student of the Year Award. I actually had a lot of fun in the interview portion, but I was definitely surprised to be named a finalist.” Although many students are nominated each year, only nine will become finalists and only one will be chosen as the Arkansas City Outstanding Student for 2013. Three middle-school students, three high-schoolers, and three Cowley students will meet again to select one student from each school and finally one student overall. In the Brown Theater on April 1, the selected students were honored for being nominated for the award. Families were encouraged to attend the ceremony and refreshments were served afterwards.

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Phil Chalmers and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman take Cowley by storm Tera Mills Editor-in-chief Bed wetting, arson and animal cruelty as a child may be the clues to a future teenkiller: A child who has never really grown out of wetting the bed, likes to kill or torture animals, is a fan of arson, or likes to peep on people. All these are potential warning signs for children or teens that may one day kill. Over spring break some faculty, staff, area law enforcement and a few students attended a two-day seminar focused on “Why Teens Kill” and “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill.” Going into the seminar it was expected to be bold and serious, Director of Housing Landon West said, “It was a very eye opening seminar. The topic is not one that I enjoy talking or hearing about, but it is something everyone needs to know a little something about.” The seminar opened with nationally recognized expert and author of “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,” Phil Chalmers on March 19. Chalmers, one of America’s leading authorities on juvenile homicide and juvenile mass murder, has studied and interviewed over 200 different teen killers for over 20 years according to philchalmers. com.

What is your favorite outdoor spring activity?

For some this was the first time they had the opportunity to see Chalmers in action presenting his eye opening information. Even those who had seen Chalmers before such as Director of Security and Public Safety Matt Stone still thought his work was impressive. “I have had the opportunity previously to attend Phil

Cameron Roberts Freshmen

Fishing at my pond with my best friend.

Chalmer’s and again, he delivered a very informative and shocking presentation,” said Stone. Chalmers presented facts, video, photos, as well as tips on how to keep safe. Chalmers showed scenes from current movies with scenes of rape, murder, and torture that left the room dead silent.

Haley Strawn Sophomore

Going tubing and fishing at the lake.

“To see the extreme graphic nature of what’s being put out there that kind of surprised me a little bit,” said criminal justice instructor Frank Owens. When it comes to teen murders, the profile is 90 percent male and 10 percent female. Not only that but

Continues on PAGE 12 Homicide

Katelynn Slade Freshmen

Running and driving my jeep with the top down.

In the Wright Room, Phil Chalmers, Americas leading authority on juvenile homicide, presented during a two day seminar on “Why Teens Kill”. The seminar was during spring break on March 19 and 20. Students, faculty, staff, law enforcement and the general public were invited to attend. (photo by Wendy Brigido)

Rayshaun McGrew Sophomore

Chilling with my team, and playing basketball and football.


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April 4, 2013

Cowley college

The not-so-humble death of the opinion:

Trevor Reichle Campus editor


Cowley Press

Why nobody respects each other in these times


n March 26 and 27, the Supreme Court heard arguments involving two very important and ground breaking cases regarding same-sex marriage. On Wednesday, arguments were heard in the case of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex couples from getting married in California in 2008. On the 27th, the Defense of Marriage Act was discussed. Otherwise known as DOMA, this act states that no state is required to recognize a same-sex marriage performed in another state. Naturally, people on both sides of the gay marriage argument were on fire on social media sites the whole week. Many supporters of gay marriage changed their Facebook profile pictures to red equal signs to show that they believe that love between any two people should be

recognized, and opponents of gay marriage voiced their opinions prominently over the issue as well. While I am personally a supporter of same-sex marriage, I have many people, who I respect, who are against it. It’s an understood subject – I’m all for it and they disagree. Does the conversation ever go beyond that? No. And let me tell you why: everyone has the right to their own opinion. We have this awesome document in our government known as the First Amendment, which explicitly states that everyone has the right to free speech. It is far from a crime to express your emotions in a civilized, mature manner, but this appears to be something that we lost sight of somewhere down the line. There is a stark difference between being hateful and voicing an opinion. One might disagree with gay marriage, but calling all of the Lesbian,

Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender [LGBT] community an ‘abomination’ and ‘disgusting’ does not make you opinionated, it makes you a jerk. The same goes for supporters of the matter; not all people who disagree with same-sex marriage are awful people. They just have different beliefs and reasons for those beliefs than you do. I dream of a day when not only will everyone’s love be recognized, but we can learn to love each other in spite of our differences. Our society is so hung up on being angry and argumentative towards those with differing viewpoints that we oftentimes lose sight of what really matters; being respectful of our fellow citizens. The unique vantage points of each individual in our world make life a hell of a lot more interesting, and there should be no reason to shut others down for their beliefs. Think before you speak.

Lyrical liability: Tera Mills Editor-in-chief

Gone are the days of flipping through the dial to find the perfect jam. It is a lot easier to listen to the music you want than ever before. Listening to music is just as simple as logging onto the Internet and searching for a song on youtube, grabbing a phone and opening Pandora or picking up your iPod, and blasting the music you legally bought (because we all know illegally downloading is not allowed). With the majority of our population likely to need hearing aids by age 45, due to obsessively loud music, the question is what kind of music are we feeding ourselves? Well, to be honest we are filling our heads with awful messages and disturbing lyrics.

Not every track is complete and utter crap; there are some decent meaningful tunes. With that said there are songs such as “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry. The song starts off with, “There’s a stranger in my bed, There’s a pounding in my head…” as you continue to listen, Perry sings, “... We went streaking in the park, Skinny dipping in the dark, Then had a ménage à trois.” Now, I know I am not the only person who has sung along to this song not knowing what a ménage à trois is.

If your language is hurtful to others, than you are better off letting things remain silent. It doesn’t

matter if you’re gay or straight, being hateful doesn’t work out well for anyone.

of the pair) share sexual relations especially while living together. What kind of junk are we putting into our heads? Yes,

Editor-in-Chief Tera Mills Campus Editor Trevor Reichle

With the recent Supreme Court arguments dealing with same-sex marriage, tons of people were spouting their opinions on the issue left and right. But these “debates” lacked one key component: respect.

Photo Editor Autumn Mumford Ad Manager Alison Jamerson Assistant Photo Editor Brittany Collins

(photo illustration by Sam Robinson)

Design Editor Wendy Brigido Staff Members Minelli Valenica Sam Robinson Faculty Advisor Meg Smith

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Keeping explicit music away from children defines a ménage à trois (noun): “an arrangement in which three persons (as a married pair and the lover of one


Perry’s lyrics were already atrocious but knowing the meaning of one simple phrase made it sickening to think of letting children listen to this stuff over the radio. This is just one example of how music has taken a turn for the trashcan, yet this is not new news. The ever so famous “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent came out about the time many freshmansophomore college students were just entering their pre-teens to freshly teenage life. This song is an example of how culture demoralizes the female race

Twitter @TigerTrackers

with lyrics like, “… I’ll let you lick the lollipop, Go ‘head girl don’t you stop, Keep going ‘til you hit the spot (whoa).” As a young preteen girl, I vaguely knew what the words were talking about, however I knew they were not appropriate. Now looking back, I question why this was on the radio for a child to hear. Not only can music degrade and discourage people, it can incite violence and rage. There is no doubt in my mind that music has a huge effect on those who listen to them. I mean it is apparent that many people listen to music that alter their mood, so tell me how it would not affect the way we act.

Press Policy

The Cowley Press is a public forum produced bi-weekly by the newspaper production class. The paper is distributed free in single copies on campus. Extra copies are $1 each. Student editors make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval. Editorials, columns and letters reflect the opinions of the writers. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for the taste and length. Letters must be signed by the author.

The popular music of the current generation is filled with messages of sex, drugs, and a mischief-filled lifestyle. Children listen to this music and take away the idea that this behavior is acceptable. (photo illustration by Sam Robinson)

Video may have killed the radio star, but Facebook is slaughtering the news Alison Jamerson Ad Manager

In the course of a day, a person can see about four relationships crumble, two more begin, six people sharing outdated information, and a million pictures of “awareness” propaganda. Like this, tweet that, InstaGram it, put it in your news feed, update your status. We have moved from gossiping at the water cooler and calling each other to discuss the six o’clock news to staring at our phones and sharing “facts” about cancer and religion because some Internet deity told us to. That little girl is not going to be cured of leukemia because you shared her picture. Jesus is going to be more impressed with the time you spent with other people than the time you spent sharing pictures of him on Facebook. We spend all

this time wanting to know more, faster, that the quality of what we’re discovering is plummeting. The information shared on Facebook never seems to expire; by the time you see that picture of a lady trying to find her family because she was adopted, she’s already found them. The October shenanigans to “raise awareness” for breast cancer have started popping up in inboxes in August. Or April. The recycling of old information and the confusion it causes cheapens the purpose of the original posts, whether that was to make everybody take a second to think about cancer research or to help a woman reconnect with her mother. This past November, the fur was flying and teeth were bared as everybody and their dog shared unsolicited opinions about the presidential election.

Half of the things being shared were inaccurate, outdated, misconstrued, or just plain obnoxious. Gone are the days of debating face-to-face about the ethics of a campaign or the stance on a hot issue. Instead, there are painfully-typed feuds in which neither party usually knows what they are talking about. Rather than actually getting out there and reading what’s available about the Affordable Care Act, we hold our phones three inches from our faces and frantically leave out the vowels in our outcries of arbitrary dislike based on other arguments and posts we saw on social media. The news on the Internet isn’t the only web of lies out there, either. More and more, being the first to report a story is taking precedent over reporting an accurate story. According to a 2009 study done by the Pew

Research Center, the public perception was that 63 percent of news stories were inaccurate, nearly double the 1985 findings of 34 percent. Regardless of this spike in rushed news and delayed facts, the same group found that cable news was still the most believable, surpassing that found on websites. The generation of people currently in college and high school are the future of our country. That’s right, the ones who don’t know which channel the local news is on. We are setting ourselves up to be a largely uninformed group of voters and leaders. The MySpace generation will be making history one way or another, just like any other group of people, and we have just enough time to keep from screwing it up. So, what should you be looking for in your daily dose of news? First and foremost, look out for “the shocker.” The

headlines and the scandals are there for a reason: to draw you in. Once you figure out what the claim is, read it carefully. Find the facts listed in the text or broadcast and dig deeper. Google it. If what you’re finding on other pages doesn’t corroborate the original story, find out what really happened. When you know where you stand on a controversy, read at length about the opposition. Find out why the other side believes differently, so when you tell someone they’re wrong, you know what you’re talking about. Remember that we are the voters now, and in another 10 years or so, we will be the law-makers, the parents, the teachers, the doctors. Share that picture of a kitten riding a bicycle, but get your news and facts from a more reputable source, because you’ll need it when faced with real-life decisions.


April 4, 2013


Autumn Mumford Photo editor

and served with the heart of a king. So with the name Royal Tailor we give honor If Bruno Mars sang to God, who is the King of Christian music, he’d sound Kings, who acts as a tailor just like Royal Tailor. on our behalf.” At Winterjam 2013, Royal Since the band started Tailor took the stage with in college, Wells said they a demanding presence and faced different challenges upbeat sound; a mixture over variety of issues, of rap, rock and pop. but especially staying They were on fire for the grounded. “It is [hard Lord, and brought a great to stay grounded],” said message: be aware of what Wells. “There are obstacles you’re putting into your with any endeavor, but I mind. think that adversity is an But how did this opportunity to experience young band of assorted God’s glory. We may feel 20-somethings get started? like the weight of the world “I was just sitting around in is on our shoulders, but He a lobby, it was college you is actually building us and know,” explained guitarist preparing us for our future DJ Cox. that he has called us to.” “Tauren was running Royal Tailor left college, around saying ‘Dude, we and in the last two years, should just start a band. You they have should play here are obstacles with played over guitar, Blake any endeavor, but I 300 shows, can play the think that adversity is an including the bass, and I’ll opportunity to experience Winterjam sing.’ It was God’s glory. tour, which kind of like ~ Tauren Wells just wrapped ‘okay, why up Saturday not? We can night in Texas. Over those 44 do this.’ So we wrote a few Winterjam shows, including songs, we played them for a their Wichita date, Wells pep rally, and people really said he’s enjoyed working liked It. So we kinda liked with all the different artists it that people liked it, so we on the tour. “Everyone out just kept doing it.” here is so awesome,” Wells After that, they started enthused. “We’ve loved calling churches and getting to know TobyMac performing. In 2009, they and the Diverse City band, met the band Leland, who passed RT’s music onto their those guys have become record label. Sugar Hill later like our older brothers. We’re already friends with signed them. It was in 2009 Matthew West, so it’s cool to that they were nominated hang with them. The OBB for a Grammy. guys… everyone out here is “We had to go out and so great!” kick it with John Legend While being able to play and Tony Bennett,” said lead music is a perk to their job, vocalist Tauren Wells. “It their main goal is to spread was a great experience.” the good news of Jesus With an unusual name Christ. Wells left off with like ‘Royal Tailor’, there this piece of advice: “Keep has to be a back story. your head small, keep Most Christian artists are your heart big, and keep named after themselves your eyes open,” he said. (The Rhett Walker Band, “And that’s just a general Matthew West, TobyMac) principal for life. Walk in or they have a special name humility, keep your head that points to Christ. “[Our small, keep your heart open name] was inspired by a 2 and generous, keep your a.m. trip to Wal-Mart- you eyes open, always aware of know, inspiring things something that He’s calling happen there,” joked Wells, you to. I think that those remembering. “But there’s are good guiding lines for a a quote that said that Jesus successful life.” led with a heart of a servant,

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Cowley college

Winterjam brings the heat to INTRUST Bank Arena during the last leg of the tour Autumn Mumford Photo editor


housands packed into INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita on Good Friday, March 29, to see ten of Christian music’s biggest artists, including Matthew West, Royal Tailor, Jason Castro, and TobyMac take the stage, and of course to celebrate the true meaning of Good Friday. The prejam started at 6, where Capital Kings kicked off the night with their electro-rap sound that could be compared to a Christian version of The Cataracts. From there, OBB performed, American Idol finalist Jason Castro, and Royal Tailor. Jamie Grace ascended down the aisle like an angel, performing and shaking hands with her many admirers. TobyMac, the man who discovered her and signed her to his record label Gotee Records

in 2010, joined her on stage to perform her hit song ‘Hold Me.’ “My favorite artists at Winterjam were probably TobyMac and Jamie Grace,” said Caitlyn Martin, freshman. “Many of TobyMac’s songs have helped me through life and I have a lot in common with Jamie Grace.” From there, Christian music’s biggest powerhouses took over, including Winterjam’s founding band NewSong. “My favorite part was when NewSong sang ‘Arise My Love’,” stated Martin. “I just felt like that song was very appropriate for Good Friday.” RED (bassist Randy Armstrong joked that they looked like Ghostbusters with guitars), Sidewalk Prophets and Matthew West took the stage after that with TobyMac closing the deal. But thousands of people didn’t fill a stadium to see some bands play. No, their goal was to worship the one true King, and

be encouraged by other believers. Each band and each speaker brought a special message and personal testimony with them. “I don’t think I could pick a particular message that was my favorite,” said sophomore Alexie Pearce. “There was such an overwhelming feeling of Christ’s presence in that place where so many people were celebrating Him that each message made the one before that much more special and important.” Martin agreed ,“I love to see so many people worshipping God.” Nick Hall, founder of the Pulse Movement, was the guest speaker. He encouraged those gathered in the arena to take on a supernatural reset of their minds, bodies, and spirits. He gave the audience a simple set of instructions: take whatever is destroying you and separating

you from the true and eternal love of Christ, write it down, crumple it up, and throw it in the trash. He explained that he had special trashcans outside each door available for this very purpose. “I think [my favorite part was] seeing people stand when asked if they were ready to ‘reset’ their lives,” stated Pearce. The tour is over now, and if you didn’t get a chance to make it, have no fear- Winterjam will be back next year, with more of Christian music’s best artists. You can see them at INTRUST Bank Arena next winter—and it’ll still only be $10 at the door. “I would recommend everyone to go to Winterjam because it is a great way to experience God and to hear new music that glorifies Him,” said Martin. “Get there super early,” joked Pearce. “The earlier you get in line the better your seats!”




3 5

Royal Tailor put on a great show and caught the audience’s attention with their upbeat songs, similar to Bruno Mars. Lead singer Tauren Wells was full of energy and ready to celebrate the true meaning of Good Friday. (photo by Autumn Mumford)

4 1.) Matthew West, of his self-titled band, sings his hit song ‘Strong Enough’. Overall, he brought a message of how important forgiveness is; not only God’s forgiveness, but to forgive others, and allow them to forgive us. 2.) Getting his start on ‘American Idol’, Jason Castro has made his way into Christian music, and is most well known for his song ‘Only a Mountain’. He performed a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ during the time for a love offering. 3.) The heavest band of the night, RED, brought with them not only a slew of pyrotechnics, but also steampunk outfits and just a little bit of screamo. Their stage set up was complete with giant gears and flamethrowers. 4.) TobyMac, perhaps the most well-know Christian artist in the world, didn’t just rap and sing. He packed with him a marching band, where he played the symbols. Mr. Mac closed the show, and preached to the auidence about finding someone you truly care about, but loving yourself and God first. And if they don’t treat you right “kick ‘em to the curb... unless you’re married. Then give them a little love tap to the curb, let them sit outside for three hours, and then maybe let them back in.” 5.) Sidwalk Prophets singer David Frey reminds us to ‘take our time and pray’ in his song ‘Live Like That’. Ten bands total peformed at the Winterjam 2013 Tour Spectacular, hitting 44 cities. The last show was March 30 in San Antonio, Tex., allowing the bands to get home to their families just in time for Easter Sunday. (photos by Autumn Mumford)


C.A.A.T. SurveyS


Cowley college


April 4, 2013



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Students aide the future thru online questionaires


uring the next few weeks, everyone enrolled in classes at Cowley will receive e-mails asking you to participate on some online surveys. One of the surveys will be the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI). The SSI provides Cowley with an idea of what students think should be changed around campus and how they feel about the services provided to them. “If you take pride in your college, you want to better it,” said Director of Tutoring and Retention Services, Charlee Wilson. This survey will be available from April 1 through April 19 and will only be sent to your C-mail. After students have completed the survey, they are entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of three, one hundred dollar cash prizes. Another one of the surveys will be the National College Health Assessment [NCHA] which will be available from

April 15 through May 3. Unlike the SSI, which is an every year survey, the NCHA survey hasn’t been available the past seven years. This survey asks questions over a wide range of health issues such as: alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, sexual health, weight, nutrition and exercise, mental health, personal safety and violence. “[These surveys] are very beneficial,” said Vice President for Institution Advancement and Student Life, Ben Schears. With this survey, Cowley has an idea of what students do and how they can help them, and better their services or plan out future programs. The results of these surveys also help guide towards some decision making. “It’s an important thing to do,” said Counselor and Student Life, Roy Reynolds. Students will not be identifiable so as to not cause intimidation and so they can answer truthfully.

You will be notified about this survey through your C-mail as well as your personal e-mail. Both articles have to be done in one sitting. They will take up to 30-40 minutes of your time. After you get your unique passwords, log on to their websites and complete the surveys. Something that could benefit from students answering these sureys would be the way -faculty would know how to help out a student. For example, our counselor would have more of an idea what students struggle with everyday and come up with new ideas on how to help those in need. Like the SSI, after students finish the survey they will be entered for a chance to win one of two cash prizes. “As an institution, we want to get better and better,” Wilson said. (photo courtesy of

Live Band Karaoke

Student Senate hosted a live band karaoke event at Willow Fashion in Ark City on March 29. There, students enjoyed listening to fellow students and faculty get brave and sing along to their favorite songs, accompanied by a live band. Performing under the lights is sophomores Brandi Regier and Haley Rogers. Willow Fashion is a small women’s boutique located on Summit St. downtown, they often host events for the college inculing Writer’s Corner for Creative Claws. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Green Door-Lafamilia Mexican Restaurant 714 West Madison Avenue Arkansas City, KS 620-442-2685

15% off meal for Cowley students!

(Discount only available to student with vaild I.D.)

Twenty-four student leaders selected 2013-14 ambassadors are chosen

Busy: a word that many people think applies to them, and very few actually have the legs to support the meaning behind that word. However, student ambassadors are a part of those few. With a hectic school schedule, they take on two office hours each week, campus tours, and planning/ aiding with campus events like dorm storm, senior day, junior day, career day and graduation. Lory West said “Becoming a student ambassador is hard; however, it’s being a part of something great that not only involves the students with the campus but [also] allows them to have practice with a busy schedule.” In order to become an ambassador, students must be nominated by a staff or faculty member, or a current student ambassador, and must be a freshman with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. After the students are nominated, they are sent an award letter and invited to sign up for interviews. The 2012-13 ambassadors took on the yearly challenge of interviewing new nominees to take part in the hectic (yet important and fulfilling) schedule. After much deliberation, 24 new members were selected to take part in

Sam Robinson Staff reporter the next year’s program. “I haven’t had much interaction with the new group of ambassadors, but from the looks of the roster next year should be a success,” stated Micah Fry, a sophomore at Cowley and current ambassador. Although the full ambassador obligations don’t begin until the fall for these 24 nominees, there are a few events this spring they help with before the semester ends. On Tuesday, April 16, Cowley hosts its annual awards banquet. This is a chance for the new ambassadors to get excited for next year and get a feel for their new positions. The new freshman ambassadors will also take part in helping set up and run Cowley’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 4. Being a part of something so prestigious and rewarding as a graduation ceremony is an exciting way to enter something new that is foreign to these new members; it’s a jump start into the new and exhilarating life that they will now lead being a student ambassador. Dakota Richardson, one of

the new student ambassadors, expresses his excitement for the following year. “[I] can’t wait to make memories, and help create new ones next year! Cowley tigers, assemble!” After the spring semester ends, nominees get a break during the summer to relax. The new ambassadors come back a few days early on Aug. 12 for training before they help out at the new student orientation just two days later on Aug. 14. “We’re just really excited about our new group of ambassadors,” said West, “we couldn’t do [everything] we do in admissions without all of their help, [so] we really appreciate the ambassadors that we have each year.” The 2013-14 Student Ambassadors are: Allison Anderson, David Boxman, Allie Crain, Sainey Darboe, McKinley Feaster, Alison Flickner, Victoria Hutchison, Emily Loy, Gabriel Lynch, JP Maciel, Brynn McIntyre, Marissa McKinley, Caitlyn McVey, Jamesia Milton, Siara Price, Ashley Randel, Dakota Richardson, John Rohr, Corey Rothwell, Jessica Seay, Kristin Seiwert, Kara Thomas, Paige Traffas, Will Weeks.


APRIL 4, 2012


Movies Evil Dead

The Big Wedding

Five friends head out to a remote cabin in the woods only to find themselves surrounded by demons. While in the cabin, they find the Book of the Dead, which causes dormant demons to be summoned. Each of the friends become possessed until only one is left to fight for their life.

Rated: NYR Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Rated: NYR Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

This movie portrays life story of Jackie Robinson and how he went on to make history by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of Branch Rickey. It is full of passion and creativity which combines into it a meaningful experience for any audience.

A couple, that has long been divorced, fakes a peaceful marriage because of their adopted son’s wedding. The once married couple takes on a long ended role for big laughs and even bigger drama.

While terrorist Mandarin tears Tony Stark’s world to pieces, Stark goes on a journey to rebuild his life and seek retribution. Iron Man 3 action packed and filled with fierce scenes to create an overall exhilarating film.

After getting $100 million in Rio, Dom and Brian went two different directions. Meanwhile, Letty, who was thought to be dead, has been helping lead an organization of lethal drivers. Hobbs promises Dom and his team full pardons if they can help him stop Letty and her drivers.

Coming soon to headphones

April 23

Save Rock and Roll Fall Out Boy, who just got back together this year, is known for their emo pop sound. The song “Sugar We’re Going Down” put the band on the map. Now grabbing a bit more of a rock sound, their newest release is sure to have heads turning.

May 24

Rated: R Genre: Comedy

Rob Zombie

April 16

May 3

Fast & Furious 6

Rated: PG-13 Genre: Biography, Drama, Sports

Music Fall Out Boy

Iron Man 3

April 26

April 12

Rated: R Genre: Horror

April & May

Coming soon to theatres


April 5

Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor This album is set to be another head-banging, pool-jumping, party-dancing good time. The house will be jumping as the songs ring out in true rock anthem style.


Kenny Chesney

Goo Goo Dolls

April 30

May 7

Daft Punk

May 21

Life on A Rock


Random Access Memories

“It’s slower, it’s easier, it’s more invested and it’s also more about really enjoying the moments as they are, when they are.” With his current song “Pirate Flag” taking the airwaves by storm, this is CD will be perfect in any country music fan collection.

Their new album, Magnetic, is set to hit stores May 7. The positive vibe that comes through in this music is sure to please the already increasing Goo Good Doll fan base. This is their first album since 2010. Don’t miss out!

Perhaps you’re waiting for more information about Daft Punk’s fourth album. Well, there’s not a lot to share. They are putting out a new album that will be released May 21. Vinyl and CD copies can be pre-ordered through the band’s new website.

Coming soon to a shelf

Don’t Go

April 9

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Cowley college

Whiskey beach

Silken Prey

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A solider in Afghanistan gets notified that his wife has died. Returning home, Mike Scanlon has to take care of his 7 month old daughter, only to discover a secret that shakes up his life.

Over the last 300 years, the Bluff House has been guarding secrets and sitting just above the beach. Eli Landon, a Boston lawyer, has never been in trouble, even after being accused of killing his ex wife.

Full of murder and scandals, this book has been recommended by Stephen King. Lucas Devenport will have to survive through the intense plot of an extremely dangerous woman.

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April 4, 2013

Cowley college

Pi in the Face Top left: Gathering at the Calder Bonfy Amphitheater between the Brown Center and Galle Johnson, the faculty members in the competition included: Meg Smith, director of journalism; Ben Schears, vice-president for institutional advancement and student affairs; April Nittler, developmental math instructor; Adam Borth, director of communications; Martin Shaffer, engineering physics, general physics and physical science instructor. Top middle: Cowley College’s Mu Alpha Sigma Chi raised money on national Pi Day by setting up money jars. Students and Faculty put money in the jars trying raise enough money for the individual they wanted to get a pie in the face. With the results in hand, Greg Nichols, associate dean of instruction, explains the event. Top right: Taking second place, Liz Shepard, upward bound director advisor, got hit with a pie after winner Scott MacLaughlin was out of town for the event. Bottom: Teasing the finalists, Steve Cooper, mathematics instructor, Jason O’Toole, director of IMPACT / student support services AA and Adam Borth, director of communications, Patty Mugler, administrative assistant to the athletic director, finally took Liz Shepard, upward bound director advisor, by surprise. (photos by Brittany Collins)

C.A.A.Ts in a Box

To encourage motorists to stop and donate, freshman Aaron Bennet held a sign suggesting just that. Each sign said something different, and were used to bring awareness to homelessness, poverty, and hunger in America.

The CAAT team accepted not only canned goods, but also cash, as sophomore Craig Cropek’s sign points out. They reaised $226 cash, which they donated to Five Loaves Meal Ministiry in Ark City.

Cars honked and waved if they couldn’t stop as freshmen Ashley Flaming and Aaren Blossom held signs. 254 lbs. of canned goods were donated, which the CAAT team brought to Manna Ministries.

Though it rained on the CAAT Team that night, the members endured through it, because that’s exactly what a homeless person would have to deal with. The outside of the box was decorated with different facts about homelessness in America.

The CAAT team, as well as other volunteers, camped out in a box from 3 p.m. Friday March 29 afternoon until 3 p.m. Saturday March 30. The CAAT in a Box camp was located in the W.S. Scott Auditorium parking lot. (photos by Autumn Mumford)

April 4, 2013

campus Cowley college

page 7

Haunted Windchimes

“The Haunted Windchimes”, whose music is based on traditional folk and American roots, performed for students and members of the community. Their style takes elements from bluegrass, blues and country which gives them a distinctive sound. The band members include: Desirae Garcia (ukulele), Chela Lujan (banjo), Inaiah Lujan (guitar), Mike Clark (harmonica, guitar and mandolin) and Sean Fanning (stand-up bass). The group, from Colorado, started in 2006 with their release of their EP “Verse/Visa”. “The Haunted Windchimes” are scheduled to perform in September of 2013 at the Walnut Valley Festival, which is held in Winfield third weekend of September every year. (Photos by Brittany Collins)

easter egg hunt Top left: After finding so many Easter eggs, freshman Hosea Bottley, happily picks his grand Easter basket, provided by Kristi Shaw, director of student life. Top right: Before the egg hunt, students surround the Deli catching up, and making plans of where to look for Easter eggs. Bottom left: Students gather round Kristi Shaw before they head out to the secret destination to find prizes inside the Easter eggs. The prizes consisted of money, candy and prizes. Bottom Right: Kristi Shaw regulates the rules to all the students participating in the Easter egg hunt. Students had to search Paris Park for the eggs which had different colored items that were to be brought back to the Deli to receive their prizes. (photos by Wendy Brigido)


page 8

Cowley college

April 4, 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2 3



5 6



o w well do you know your campus? Take a look and find out! Each of these photos are of items you pass by each and every day here on the Ark City campus. If you think you know where they are located, write down your answer next to the number. Submit your guesses in the manilla envelope next to the newspaper rack in the vending area of the Kerr-Tech building. The prize for this contest are two tickets to Professional Bull Riders at INTRUST Bank Arena on April 13. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets courtesy of 1025 The River. In order to win, you must guess all photos correctly and have the form submitted by 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10. The winner will be called Thursday, April 11.


Please time stamp and date your submissions. Submissions without these will not be elegible to win. Good luck and happy hunting!

_____________________________ (Name) _____________________________ (Phone Number) 1.) ______________________________ 2.) _______________________________ 3.) _______________________________

4.) ________________________ 5.) ________________________ 6.) ________________________ 7.) ________________________ 8.) ________________________ Date/Time_______________


april 4, 2013

page 9

Cowley college

Film festival held on campus Trevor Reichle Campus editor


spiring filmmakers got the chance to let their creative works shine with the short film contest sponsored by Mile Marker Review on April 4. The contest, which ran from March 13 – 26, gave students the opportunity to shoot a lowto-no budget short film using camera phones or Flip cameras from the ground up. Those who entered had to do everything from writing the script to editing the final product – all with a budget of twenty bucks or less. There was a catch, however – the entries had to include a quarter, a parking lot, and the line “Somebody’s going to need to talk to the police.” If the entries met these restrictions, they were eligible. Sophomores Micah Fry and Ruy Vaz entered the contest with a comical film about a

THEME: FINISH THE SONG ACROSS 1. Indian instrument in “Norwegian Wood”

foreign drug lord trying to order a pizza. The duo used their individual skills to construct this film, with Vaz using the knowledge he had acquired from his screenwriting class and Fry used her editing experience. It was no walk in the park, however, said Fry. “We decided to edit on a Mac, because we were really going to take ourselves out of our comfort zone because we never edit on a Mac,” said Fry, a mass communications major. “It’s the most random thing ever, but we had so much fun doing it.” The two created the piece over spring break, using students who were still in town for the cast. The results? Fry said she was pleased with the way things turned out. “It worked out perfectly, as far as casting roles. I really liked how it turned out with them,” said Fry. While Fry has experience

in the field of shooting and editing videos, she said the contest provided new challenges that she normally does not face in her usual work. “It was something we were used to, but usually when we do projects like that we don’t take it all the way from writing the scripts to seeing it become the full thing,” explained Fry. “Usually either we’re given a script or we’re at least given a direction.” Despite the challenges, Fry thinks Cowley should sponsor more of these kinds of events. “I think it’s a cool opportunity… [Sponsor Ryan Doom] made it accessible for anybody.” With a number of students in the creative field of film editing and broadcasting at the school, the chance to have their hard work highlighted is a chance that anyone could get in on.

6. Lab eggs 9. *”I want my baby ____” 13. *Mack the _____ 14. Type of test for women 15. Bridal veil fabric 16. Of sour taste 17. Pitcher’s stat 18. Bone-chilling 19. *”I’m the wonderer, yeah, the wonderer, I roam ______” 21. *”Lean on me... I’ll help you _____ __” 23. Hit the slopes 24. *”I read the ____ today oh boy” 25. It makes a guitar louder 28. Small ornamental case 30. *”Hey, I just met you... but here’s my ______” 35. Like beef with little fat 37. Aphrodite’s son 39. Artillery burst 40. Doing nothing 41. Puzzle combining pictures and letters

43. Hula feast 44. Opinions from Barbara, Elisabeth and Joy 46. *”____ no mountain high enough” 47. Danson and Seth MacFarlane’s stuffed animal 48. Like a smell or taste of soil 50. *Now you’re just somebody that I ____ to know” 52. *”I ___ the bad moon rising” 53. 500 sheets 55. Surfer’s turf 57. *”Killing me softly with ___ ____” 61. *”I’m puttin’ on my ___ ___” 64. Bye to Edith Piaf 65. Frigid 67. Impulses 69. Rubber-____ boots 70. And not 71. High-pitched laugh sound 72. Walk, as through mud

Enroll for


n HORNET CONNECTIONS Saturday, April 20, 2013 (Transfer)

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n meet your advisor n schedule your Summer & Fall classes n reserve your textbooks n get your student Hornet ID Card n open your ESU student email account n start lifetime friendships with other

new and current students at ESU

For more information about the Module Program, a complete list of dates and to sign up online, go to admissions/hornetconnection See you soon!

Check-in begins at 8:30 AM for all programs except the Module Program, where check-in begins at 11 AM.


73. ___ Goo Dolls 74. Brewer’s staple DOWN 1. Reggae precursor 2. Ancient Peruvian 3. Bleacher feature 4. Rounded hairdos 5. Chastise 6. Popular newspaper page 7. Variable, abbr. 8. Quickly or rapidly 9. Dutch settler in South Africa 10. Breezy 11. The Muse of history 12. Razor-sharp 15. Sometimes denoted as a

“v” 20. Fertilizer ingredient 22. Barley bristle 24. Nb on Mendeleev’s table 25. *”I will survive... I know I’ll stay _____” 26. The press 27. A whiter shade of pale? 29. Carbamide 31. Scotch ingredient 32. *”Lady sings the _____” 33. Some do this with taxes 34. Awaken 36. Former Speaker of the House 38. Phoenix’ team 42. Dictation taker

45. Corpse’s garb 49. Asian capital 51. *”I didn’t shoot no ______” 54. *”I’m sitting here, doing nothing but _____” 56. *”You and me and the devil makes _____” 57. Door fastener 58. “White Wedding” singer 59. Fodder holder 60. Start of something big? 61. Apprentice 62. Turkish honorific 63. Found in a caddie’s pocket 66. Dove’s sound 68. Part of tennis match


page 10

April 4, 2013

Cowley college

High hopes, bright sky

Outdoor season begins for track make a big impression on their home turf. Big impressions were


ith the outdoor season just beginning, both the men’s and women’s track teams are starting off the season fresh with positive attitudes and plenty of practice. On March 30, Cowley hosted the Tiger Invite, hoping to

certainly made, as many of Cowley’s track team members placed well, with some even taking the top spot in their respective events. Freshman Darragh Rennicks placed first in the men’s 1500 meter run, along with qualifying for nationals, with a time of 4:01.07. Another skilled freshman runner, Rachel Cuffy, placed first in the women’s 200 meter dash, beating out the competition with a time of 25.01. Sophomore Morgan Brant took the top spot in the women’s high jump as well, jumping 1.61 meters. Similarly, Cowley placed first in the men’s high jump thanks to freshman Stefan Johnson, who jumped 2.09 meters. Freshman Jamesia Milton landed in first in women’s shot put, throwing 13.94 meters and qualifying for nationals. Milton also placed in second in the women’s hammer throw, with a distance of 44.05 meters. Regarding the pressure that comes with qualifying for nationals, Brant said the team will work hard to make it big throughout the season. “The only pressure

we have is to place better than we did during indoor nationals,” said Brant. “The girls’ team got tied for 7th during indoor and we want to place higher for outdoor.” Prior to the meet, sophomore Coleman Long stated that he was “feeling pretty good” about the meet since it was on home turf. Long placed fifth in the men’s triple jump, with 10.95 meters. “I just want to be able to do my best,” said Long. Freshman runner Ashton Irvin stated he is just excited to get back into the swing of things after sitting out for two years. He also expressed excitement at the team’s national qualifiers, saying in the end, that is the collective goal for the whole team. “Everybody wants to go to nationals. If you don’t want to go to nationals, we don’t know what you want to be on the team for,” said Irvin with a laugh. He stressed the importance to giving “your 110% every time, no matter what the result is at the end of the day.” With such high hopes and the skills to back it up, both teams seem poised for a stellar remainder of the outdoor season. As the heat of the season carries on, Irvin left these words for spectators to remember: “It’s all eyes on us.”

Trevor Reichle Campus editor

Top: During the Tiger Invite on March 30, Darraph Rennicks, freshman, finishes the race strong and gets first place on the 15000m with a time of 4:01.07. He is also a national qualifier. (photo by Wendy Brigido) Middle: Throwing the discus, sophomore Kira Vega keep her eyes on the prize as she competes in the Tiger Invite. (photo by Autumn Mumford) Bottom: Competing in the high jump, freshman Stefan Johnson placed first in the Tiger Invitation qualifying for nationals. (photo by Brittany Collins)

Tennis teams prepare for stiff competition Upcoming matches include top-ranked teams are ranked in the top-10, while three of the Tiger men’s four opponents are ranked among the nation’s top-six teams. “It will be a tough

weekend. We will need to come out ready to play and try to keep our legs under us,” Cobble said.

Athlete Spotlight Evandro de Souza

Playing its first home matches of the spring season, the Cowley College men and women’s tennis teams had some impressive performances while combining to win four of five matches played at the Arkansas City High School tennis courts. The No. 7-ranked Tiger men defeated Seward County by a score of 8-1 on Friday before picking up a solid 6-3 win over No. 4-ranked Johnson County on Saturday. Cowley went just 3-3 in doubles matches but won 11 of 12 singles matches. “The guys were a little sluggish in doubles, but I thought we played pretty well in singles,” Cowley head coach Josh Cobble said. “The win over Johnson (County) was good because they will probably be our biggest threat when we get to regionals.” The No. 18-ranked Lady Tiger tennis team played a pair of matches on Friday as they defeated Seward County 9-0 before slipping past Seminole State (OK) College 5-4. Cowley came back Saturday afternoon to take on No. 9-ranked Johnson County. The Lady Tigers appeared a bit fatigued after Friday’s matches as they fell to the Lady Cavaliers by a score of 6-3. “I felt pretty good about the matches, but obviously there were a couple places in the lineup I thought we could have played better,” Cobble said. “This is probably the best Johnson County team we have faced since I have been here. I look forward to seeing them again at the regional tournament.” The Tiger tennis teams will take part in the challenging Seminole State Invitational Thursday through Saturday at the Oklahoma City Tennis Center. Matches will begin at 3 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m. Friday and Saturday. All four of the Lady Tigers’ opponents at the invitational

Year: Sophomore Major: Business Adm/ Marketing Hometown: Piranguinho, Brazil Sport: Soccer Number: 20 Position: Midfielder

(photos by Brittany Collins and Autumn Mumford)

Brittany Collins Assistant photo editor

Q A Q A Along with freshman Ryan Hoverson, sophomore Edgardo Tapia serves in a match against Johnson County Community College. The pair won the match 9-8. (Photo by Brittany Collins)

Why did you choose Cowley?


My coach is Brazilian too and that was an influence. The great number of international students was a factor to my decision as well. Who is your role model and why? My role model is anyone who lives with simplicity. We give importance to fancy stuff and forget that the simple things are what inspire us the most.


What are your plans after Cowley? I am transferring to Oklahoma City University next year. I want to get a degree there and go back to Brazil to start another degree in Education. In some years, I want to go back to South Africa and teach there. How old were you when you started playing?

Soccer in my country is so famous that babies already have a soccer ball. When learn how to kick the ball before learning how to speak. It was like that with me too.


Have you won any awards this season?


What is your favorite hobby besides soccer?

I got Jayhawk 2nd Team All-Conference, Jayhawk Academic All Conference, NJCAA Academic All American, and Athlete of the Month December 2012.

I play the guitar and like reading. Favorite movie and why?

The Shawshank Redemption. It is a story that shows that hope can get you anywhere you want.


April 4, 2013

page 11

Cowley college

No place like home:

The men go up on their NJCAA ranking Minelli Valencia Staff reporter


fter having a nine-spot jump in the NJCAA Baseball poll, Cowley sits at a No. 6 ranking. On March 22, the Tigers took on Fort Scott winning all three games and improving their overall to 21-4 and a conference overall of 14-0. That Tuesday, Cowley trailed NOC 9-4 into the ninth inning when Zack Mills, freshman, tied the game with a two-run single. Freshman Seth Holman earned the win for the Tigers. Freshman catcher Gage Grant went 1-for-2 with a two-run double for Cowley. While playing in the cold against Fort Scott, Cowley got a strong start by Mark Meadors, freshman, and three dominant innings of relief from Holman. The Tigers won the opener 3-2 in nine innings. Leading off the ninth inning with a double was sophmore pinch hitter Jon Davis who also came around to score the winning run on a two-out single by freshman Dylan Delso. Meadors and Holman combined for 11 strikeouts and only one walk as Meadors struck out seven and walked

one. “If we stay with the approach that has brought us success thus far, we should be playing for something none of us will ever forget,” said sophomore infielder, Mike Parker who started the seventh inning with back-to-back singles along with sophomore catcher, Tyler Munger. Tyler Day, freshman, struck out six and walked none. Levi Skinner, freshman, went the first six innings on the mound for Cowley and allowed only five hits and one earned run. Cowley pitchers allowed only 11 hits and three earned runs in the doubleheader. Parker had two of Cowley’s seven hits and scored two runs in the victory. After the game against Fort Scott, the Tigers played Butler and took a 14-4 win, boosting their overall to 22-4. Cowley led 5-4 going into the ninth inning. Parker’s three-run homer highlighted the ninerun uprising. “We have been playing well, but…there are [always] things to work on, we can become more consistent and that will come with the more we play and continue winning,” added Parker. Delso got the score moving for the Tigers with a three-run homer in the top of the first

inning. But, Butler tied the game 4-4 in the bottom of the fourth inning by scoring four runs. Delso finished the game 4-for-5 with four RBIs and was only a double away from hitting for the cycle. Cowley hit nine of its 17 hits in the nine-run ninth inning. Freshman pitcher Alex Graham earned the win by striking out four and walking none in three innings of relief. Graham, Day and Holman combined to shut Butler out over the game’s final five innings of play. Cowley out-scored Kansas City 28-5 Friday and Saturday in a four-game sweep at home, improving their record to 18-0. Parker went 3-for-3 with a double and a run batted in, and Zach Cantwell, freshman, earned the win on the mound in game two. The Tigers have won eight games in a row and 18 of its past 19 as they lead the Jayhawk Conference in runs per game and runs allowed per game. “I’m looking forward to many more wins with my teammates,” said Munger.

Top: During a home game against Kansas City on March 30, batter Tyler Rolland, sophomore, gets a hit and runs to first base. The tigers win their Friday and Saturday games 28-5. (photo by Wendy Brigido) Bottom: On the Saturday home game pitcher Mark Meadors, freshman, strikes out the opponents for most of the game. During the first game, tigers won 9-0, and then won game two 13-3. (photo by Wendy Brigido)

Dominating the diamond:

Lady Tigers achieve double sweep vs. Johnson County Sam Robinson Staff reporter

Top: On the side of the field, freshman Jessica Seay practices her pitching during a break at a double header against Pratt Community College to prepare for the next inning. Right: Practicing before beginning a game against Pratt, freshman Taylor Watham helps her pitcher warm up.

We’ve all had it. That dreadful feeling where we feel as if everything we do is wrong, and we really need something to pull us out of our funk. The lady tigers felt the same way after a spiritchanging doubleheader split vs. Cloud County on March 27. However, against the odds, they found that ‘something’ to pull them out of their funk – an unexpected sweep against Johnson County just one day later. Not only were spirits low because of their loss against Cloud, but early on in the first game, the softball team were behind by two. By the end of the game, the girls had come together and achieved a final score of 4-2 for their first victory. In the second game, the lady tiger’s dominated the diamond and played to a blow-out victory

with a score of 6-1. Sweeping against Johnson meant that the softball team’s record has improved that much more, making them 25-6 overall and ranking them 10-2 in the

Jayhawk Conference Eastern Division. The victory also ended a winning streak for Johnson County that was six games long, and put them at 6-4 in the conference, dropping their rank considerably and definitely making them remember the Cowley Tigers softball team with their devastating loss on their minds. Colby Dresher, a sophomore and first/third baseman for the softball team, says “Give it your best with no regrets and leave it all out on the field,” stating that even though the game

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against Cloud wasn’t their best performance, they worked through it and came out with no regrets and played to victory against Johnson. It is likely that they will have many more games like that. Dresher was one of the many players on the team that definitely showcased why they are on the team in the first place. She accomplished a two-run in the third inning, and played hard all game. Now out of their funk, the Tigers have their match against Hutchinson on Wednesday, April 3 and a Kansas Club Team in Lawrence on the third to look forward to and prepare for. The Lady Tigers have definitely shown that even if they have a bad game, they can set their minds to victory and perform better than expected on the turn of a dime. It’s no doubt that with a 4th place under their belts at Nationals last year, they could go all the way again and this time take home a blue ribbon for all of Cowley’s campus to be proud of.


page 12

April 4, 2013

Cowley college

Homicide continues from PAGE 1

During the Outstanding Student nominee recognition on April 1 in the Brown Center Theatre, sophomores Brandi Regier, Micah Fry, and Jennifer Mendez were announced as the three finalist from Cowley College. (photo by Tera Mills)

Outstanding continues from PAGE 1 The Outstanding Student Awards program has been recognizing students for over

25 years, awarding a $500 scholarship to the student who wins the overall award. This year, Mayor Charles Tweedy III was in attendance to present nominees with a certificate and congratulate finalists.

Students are selected on the basis of scholastics and portraying good citizenship. Each of the three college finalists were selected as Students of the Month last semester.

contrary to popular belief only 10-20 percent of teenage murders are mentally ill, while 80-90 percent know what they are doing. There is also no single motivation of teen murders; generally, they are multiple cause crimes. Chalmers gave advice such as not having a home phone, to use a P.O. Box, and to get a surveillance system to protect against a teen murderer set on revenge. He suggested not setting your GPS to your actual home address to avoid being a victim. “I thought Phil Chalmers presented his seminar with great interest to inform people on how to prevent themselves from dangerous encounters with a teen killer,” said freshman Wendy Brigido. She added she really enjoyed the opportunity to attend the seminar. On March 20, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman spoke, the former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger has written numerous books and co-authored, “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence.” Grossman focused more on what media feeds the younger generation than the crimes they commit and the potential for terrorism on American soil.

During a two day seminar over spring break Lt. Co. Dave Grossman talked about terrorism on and off the homeland. Grossman who used took it back to the world of marker and paper to make his point to the audience. (photo by Tera Mills) While speaking, Grossman pointed out many of the crimes kids and teens are, committing is stuff we have never seen in human history. “Grossman was very well spoken, he drives his audience to pay attention,” said Brigido. “The way he presented with marker and board was pretty cool.” While both speakers touched on many subjects, their messages were

loud and clear. “Overall, the seminar was very thought provoking and educational. Col. Grossman helped stress awareness and readiness, and that education and preparation are keys to excel at both,” said assistant to student life Matt Nies. “Phil Chalmers was successful in detailing the brutality and callous nature of teen killers.”



From classroom to showroom:

Art students display their art work at Final Friday in Wichita 1. During the Final Friday show, freshman Emily Loy shows off one of her pieces, a dress made out of paper fans. Many attended the show, including Cowley students, faculty, staff as well as residents of the Wichita area. 2. On the afternoon just a day before Final Friday, art instructor Mike Fell prepares to place student art work into the kiln. Preparations for the show were being made all that afternoon. 3. Chiseling through the afternoon, freshman Kristen Phipps works on a project outside the Kerr Tech Building. 4. Two students admire sophomore Marc Hunt’s piece at the Final Friday show. The show was held at the Frame Guild in Wichita on Friday, March 29. (photos by Tera Mills and Desiree Harrison)



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Issue 12 2013  

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