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CELEBRATE KANSAS ACHEOLOGY DAY AT COWLEY COLLEGE The Cowley Public Archaeology & History interest group, in association with the anthropology program, celebrate Kansas Archaeology Day on April 21. This event will be held in the Earle N Wright Room, in the Brown Center. Doors open at 9 a.m., and the day’s activities continue until 3 p.m. Admission is free all day. At 10 a.m., archaeology students will give presentations on various topics in Kansas archaeology. Lunch is at noon, with Chris Mayer giving the keynote address, anthropology instructor. The subject of the talk is “History in Your Own Back Yard,” an overview of the rich archaeological heritage of Cowley County. For more information on Kansas Archaeology Day, please contact the anthropology program at 441-5229, or email mayer@cowley. edu. Information can also be found at Cowley College Anthropology on Facebook.

COWLEY COLLEGE CO-ED CHEER TEAM TRYOUTS Friday, April 20, 2012 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Open Gym: tryout material taught Saturday, April 21, 2012 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Open Gym: tryout material taught (Must attend one open gym either Friday or Saturday) 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Registration 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Formal Tryouts and Interviews Tryout Requirements: Cheer (personal cheer, applicant brings from home) Fight Song/Dance (taught during open gym Stunts (coed and/or all girl – current members available to assist) Jumps (toe touch and one other) Tumbling (standing or running pass – no minimum requirement) Interview (bring copy of high school transcript & recommendation letter) Cheer Scholarships will be awarded to qualifying individuals!

For more information contact: Lindsay Sanderholm 620-441-5301

Who will be our next champion?

Katey Hubler President

Classier than a drag show



Mr. Cinderfella Pageant April 12 in the Brown Theater at 7 p.m. for $2.00

Brittany Thiesing Staff photographer


aving a very diverse group of guys on stage willing to throw their dignity out the window is very brave of them; Mr. Cinderfella has been around Cowley for 24 years now. April 12 at 7 p.m., Miss Kansas and the Mr. Cinderfella will take the stage and make a great show. The making of Mr. Cinderfella is to find 14 guys that are willing to embarrass themselves on stage, having Miss Kansas secured for the show, and the technical process of putting the show together. “There’s a lot of behind the scenes work because we don’t have rehearsal,” said Scott McClaughlin, director, theater and theatrical services. Since the contestants do not have rehearsal, the team behind the scenes is in charge of lighting and

What have you been doing out in this nice weather?

the soundboard, “it gets a little technical to put it all together,” said McClaughlin. “First the guys will do an opening number with Miss Kansas, followed by beachwear, talent, and evening wear,” he said. Having that opening number with Miss Kansas, Carissa Kelley is familiar with the Mr. Cinderfella. This year will be the first year during Mr. Cinderfella that Miss Kansas has been a former Cowley student. While at Cowley, she was an escort and a judge twice for Mr. Cinderfella. “I thought ‘Well, that’s exciting; I get to go back to my home town and back to Cowley, I used to be a part of this program and see it, so I have been looking forward to it the whole year,” said Miss Kansas 2011

Maggie Detrick Sophomore

“Horseback riding, running, and job hunting.”

Carissa Kelley. “I have MC’d a lot of pageants in the past and have been a part of Mr. Cinderfella, but I am prepared of what is to come,” she said. “It is set up like a normal pageant other than not serious, but I do think the guys take it seriously. It is kind of a big deal for them.” “The cool thing about Mr. Cinderfella is seeing all the guys from across campus come together and put on a great show for the judges,” said McClaughlin. Speaking of the judges, “(They) are randomly picked members of the community,” said McClaughlin. “Sometimes we will throw a man in there to have it fun,” said McClaughlin, most of the time the judges are women for gender diversity. The judges will be looking for personality, creativity and a sense of having fun. “One year a guy wore a cooler for his beach-wear with suspenders, that was pretty fun,” said humanities department secretary Robin Graves.

Imo Vdido Sophomore

“Work out, play some soccer, and hanging with my friends.”

“One student did the “Don’t fear the reaper” number from Saturday Night Live, and he played the Will Ferrell character with the short tight sweater. (That) was my favorite I saw a student do one year,” said McClaughlin.


thought well that’s exciting, I get to go back to my home town and back to the college I used to be a part of this program and see it, so I have been looking forward to it the whole year, -Carissa Kelley, Miss Kansas Mr. Cinderfella contestants and the community will welcome Miss Kansas with open arms since this is her first time hosting a male pageant. Kelley being a part of the Miss Kansas Organization has done so much for her college, “since Cowley and all of that it has lifted me up as a person with confidence. It gives women and myself a chance to be involved with their community,” said Kelley. “It will definitely be a different experience for me, from helping out as a student when I was at Cowley to hosting Mr. Cinderfella, I am just looking forward to it and getting into my community and doing something for the college,” said Kelley

Sam Nolting Sophomore “I’ve gone to the river, had a picnic, gone tanning, and some hard core swimsuit shopping.”

Brittany Swopes Vice President On Monday, April 2, 2012 The new Student Senate Officers were inducted to the positions of President and Vice President.


Ace Franklin Freshmen

“Walking, enjoying the weather. I should really go tanning...”

April 5, 2012

Presidential races heat up Primaries no place for chippy attacks

Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter


his is the time of year I hate the most. Presidential candidates take pot shots at each other, and for what? It is almost as if the goal is to be elected and be powerful, not lead the American people to prosperity. No longer is it enough to run on what the candidate wants to do, but on what toilet paper their opponent uses, or the way they turn their head to sneeze. It turns many people off of elections and is nary the way people want to be treated in

everyday life. Who cares if one candidate asked for an open marriage with his wife? Will that influence his decisions in office? Instead focus on real issues that matter to you, issues that are a hot button for the American populace. Issues like where they stand on abortion, or government spending, or the wars overseas; if they have changed their stance on major issues, and if so, if they really believe what they say they do. Personally, I look at what these candidates are doing and how it affects the American people and wonder how insensitive their image advisors are. When attacks turn from policy to personal, it should be a sign of desperation. It sickens me to see how we treat one another. Obviously we have lost sight of what is important to us. It is no longer about leading the country. It’s about what is warming the big chair in

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Editor-in-Chief Wil Austin Campus Editor Tera Mills Online Editor Jacob Korte Design Editor Rhiannon Rosas Photo Editor Samantha Francis Assistant Photo Editor Autumn Mumford Ad Manager Brandon Hanchett Distribution Managers Jacklynn Anderson Jordan Bellin

Mitt Romney is infamous for his attack ads on Gingrich, and Santorum. He has generated controversy with his unprecedented assault on fellow GOP candidates. (courtesy photo) the Oval Office, and whether or not it is yours.

a i d e e N l a i c So

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Taking a Closer look at SOme of your favorite Social Netowrk Sites

Rhiannon Rosas Design editor This morning when I woke up, before I even got out of bed, I checked into my dorm on Foursquare, updated my status on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter about how today feels like it’s going to be a great day and turned on Spotify to an upbeat playlist to get me motivated for the day ahead. Nowadays, technology is programmed into our brains. We have to be the ultimate creeper out there and know everything that’s going on with people we know or don’t know. Let’s take Facebook for example. Facebook was started back in 2004 for students attending Harvard University alongside founder Mark Zuckerburg. Eventually it expanded to other colleges and universities. Next thing you know your mom, grandma in Texas, aunt in Ohio, little brother and your friend’s pet poodle are all on Facebook. Although Facebook has come into our lives and

made us crazy status posting zombies, it does have its advantages. I moved to Kansas when I was about 8-yearsold, and lost contact with my friends back in Texas. Once I got on Facebook in 2006, I found my best friend Jackie who lived across the street from me growing up. My mom has even found all of her old high school friends. Since I’m from Texas, Facebook is an easy way for me to stay in contact with family members and old friends. It’s like I never even left. As we all know, for every shiny golden coin we find, there’s a lump of coal to accompany it. When you’re on Facebook you post everything, including the crazy parties with the pictures to prove it. Later on down the line when you’re trying to get a job, that future employer might decide to look you up and your Facebook page could be the first thing they see, and could cost you a job. I’m not saying don’t talk about your social life on Facebook, that’s what it’s there for. You just have to think before you post or at least go through your photos later and delete or untag yourself from photos that you wouldn’t want you future employer seeing. Twitter is another form of social media that has grabbed the attention of everyone, including Ashton

Kutcher who was the first to been and check out new places you’ve never been to. have one million followers. Most people say why have Foursquare also has an option to leave a tip where twitter when you could say the same thing on Facebook? you’ve checked in where you Yes its similar to Facebook can tell people about your experience at the venue or because it is updating a status about what you are doing offer a tasty meal you think or where you are, but it also others should try. Combining these three allows you to hash tag things or places and follow trends. forms of social networking may sound a bit hectic, but Twitter helps you to stay with Tweet Deck or Hoot up to date with everything, not just your friends but Suite you can update them all in one spot. celebrities too. You can even hear about things in real Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite allow you to sign in to time. your Facebook, Twitter, and This past year during the MTV movie Foursquare awards I was have a Myspace ac- accounts constantly so you can count but I haven’t update them updating my been on it in years, all simultanetwitter about - Sophomore Katie who I thought ously. This is not only should win Ford. or who wore handy but the best dress saves space on your and it wasn’t smart phone so you aren’t just me talking about it. It running three different apps was trending and everyone to do the same thing. was talking about the MTV movie awards. Companies Its finally here, something like taco bell and subway to take the place of Facebook and twitter and put everyeven have special offers on thing on one site. This is occasion that you’d only what the media was saying know about if you followed about the hype over Google them on twitter. Another fun and interest+. It offers the same things ing social media site is fourthat Facebook and twitter square. Foursquare allows offer like allowing you to follow celebs and friends and you to check in to places, see update a status. So what’s so what’s near you or who is near you, achieve goals and different? Why choose Google +? badges and even become Truthfully, I have no idea. mayor of the local hotspot. This way you get to see I have an account, it’s nice where your friends have I check it about two times


a week, but I only have a handful of friends and family on there, everyone is still on Facebook. I think Google was tired of Facebook and all its glory and wanted to be top dog, but they went about it in a not so promising way. To even get an account someone would have to invite you to join Google + or you could go to the site and send them your email and once they started letting people on the beta they’d contact you. A bit out there if you ask me. I think they should have put an ad on Facebook if they really wanted to get people’s attention. Remember that one website you would get on every day after school? No not Facebook, think back even more, Myspace. Myspace used to be at the top of the food chain like Facebook but at the click of a “like” button everyone was on Facebook. Myspace was a great way to really show your individuality and set yourself apart from everyone else online. You could add music and fun backgrounds to your page and sparkly pictures of cartoon characters. Along with showing off your individuality Myspace was a great way to keep up with your favorite music artists. You could see when their next show was scheduled and add their songs to a playlist that would play on

Facebook Cowley Press Twitter @TigerTrackers

Press Policy

The Cowley Press is a public forum produced bi-weekly by the newspaper production class. The paper is distributed free in single copies on campus. Extra copies are $1 each. Student editors make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval. Editorials, columns and letters reflect the opinions of the writers. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for the taste and length. Letters must be signed by the author.

your profile. “I have a Myspace account but I haven’t been on it in years,” said sophomore Katie Ford. Facebook and Spotify have now teamed up and let you check out your favorite music artists and listen to their music for free. Sorry Myspace, it was fun while it lasted. Another social media outlet has recently become more popular for those looking for a job. LinkedIn is a site that is specifically designed for employers looking for workers. LinkedIn lets you have a profile page that’s more like an online resumé making you look good for your future employer. Not all social media is completely horrible, some have a good use.

It is better to give than to receive Helping others with our hearts, and without conditions

Autumn Mumford Staff reporter Doing something nice for someone else is perhaps one of the simplest pleasures left here on planet Earth.

Especially if the person you are helping truly deserves and needs whatever it is you have to give. But there is something about today’s society that has made giving hard to do. While we all hope and pray we do things for the right reason, there are sometimes anterior motives to our kindness. Unconditional giving is rare these days, especially to those brought up in our generation. Whenever we give, we expect something in return. This can be as small as a polite “thank

you”, or as big as receiving a better present in return. But most of the time, we want to be recognized for doing something nice. This “everyone-look-here,” “throw-us-in-the-spotlight,” “make-a-Facebook-statusabout-it” kind of need for attention from our peers to acknowledge the good deed or the gift we gave is tearing the joy of giving right from the ground. When we do a nice thing for another human being, or we give someone a gift, it should be completely unconditional. The only

thing we should expect from them is a smile, and maybe not even that. God intends for us to give unconditionally, as His son gave his life unconditionally for us. “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” -Romans 8:32-33 Remember also that everything we have is not truly ours, it is God’s property, and He simply loans it to us out of His kind and gracious heart.

So if we are called to give it away, then we need to do so. Otherwise this is stealing or squandering in God’s eyes, and we are not blessing other people, as He has blessed us. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” -Psalms 24:1 Giving out of graciousness is a joy. To bless another as you have been blessed is one of the most perfect and selfless things that one human could do for another, as long as you heart is in the proper place to do so.

Expect nothing in return, and do not boast or be proud in what you have done, when you have only taken what God has given you and passed it on to someone else. “…the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” -Acts 20:35

April 5, 2012


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Missing scholarships

Wil Austin Editor-in-chief


To the alarm of Cowley’s administrators, a large number of students have been struggling to keep their scholarships. (photo illustration by Wil Austin)

ven important things sometimes slip away. In college, any kind of financial support is cherished, yet it is not 100 percent guaranteed to last. In the fall, an unusually high number of students learned this the hard way when they lost their scholarships. This spike in numbers has been a troubling mystery for faculty and staff who are trying to understand what happened and remedy the problem. Lisa Grose is the

scholarship coordinator for Cowley. She notifies students when they have been awarded a scholarship–and when their scholarship is being taken away. She said every scholarship is granted on certain conditions. A student on scholarship for an activity must devote a large amount of time to that activity. In concert band, for instance, rehearsals and performances are compulsory. The funds from endowment scholarships, on the other hand, only go to a student’s account after they have written a letter of thanks to the community member who’s donation funded their award. Every scholarship also requires that students maintain a GPA of 2.5 or more, and stay enrolled in 12 credit hours or more every semester. In addition to award and suspension letters, Grose also

sends students letters when they start receiving D’s, U’s (unsatisfactory), or F’s. She said staying on top of their GPA was the main stumbling block for students last fall. That was the problem for sophomore Marc Hunt. Hunt was on an art scholarship until he lost it in the spring of 2011. His GPA had dropped too low, “and to be honest,” he said, “that was completely my fault. I kind of struggle with getting my work done.” Hunt said he was put on probation for his pell grant at the same time, but fortunately got that back through a letter of appeal. He said he wouldn’t have come back to Cowley this year if he hadn’t retrieved his pell grant, although losing his scholarship has put him under more stress. The associate dean of instruction, Greg Nichols, said faculty and staff have noticed the increasing number of struggling

students like Hunt, and they’re concerned. He said a committee has been formed specifically to review the cases of suspended scholarships from last semester in search of the factors that could weighed students down. Charlee Wilson, director of tutoring and retention services, checks attendance reports and warns students when they miss too many classes. He said there were five or six different trending situations affecting college students. He named two of these situations; trying to balance school and work, and giving up hope because of low grades in a class. Wilson pointed to tutoring services and the impact program, as places to look for help. “We’re here to make sure students have the abilities to

“It is like a stampede,” said Shaw. The sad part, she added, is that the eggs are not truly glow in the dark eggs, just regular eggs. “We call it glow in the

dark Easter egg hunt because students bring their flashlights.” The glow in the dark Easter egg hunt is free, students should bring a

(courtesy photo)

Continues on Page 6 SCHOLARSHIPS

Hunting for eggs Brittany Thiesing Staff photographer

As a kid, the most exciting part about Easter is going to the annual community Easter egg hunt, diving, jumping over the other kids, and maybe even hitting a couple of them just to get the most eggs. Every year, Cowley holds a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt for students to bring their flashlights and get a different perspective on a famous tradition.. On April 4, Kristi Shaw, director of student life, Charlee Wilson, CAAT sponsor/director of tutoring and retention services, and other CAAT members will be hiding Easter eggs at an undisclosed site. “Every year, it’s in a different location and the

students don’t know where it’s at every year, so it’s on the hush hush,” said Shaw. “The process of putting this together is very intense; we hide normally around 500 to 700 eggs,” Shaw said. “We put coins inside each egg, and each coin is a different color, so each coin represents a different amount of money that each student can win, plus candy and little prizes.” This event is time consuming and intense according to Shaw, “I usually estimate it up to $500 in the eggs, and then there are prizes, like if you get a certain coin and it matches with the prize chart it could be a Easter bunny or duck.” Wilson began helping with the glow in the dark Easter egg hunt when he started working at Cowley.

“I loved Easter egg hunts when I was a kid, and I just love being involved with the students around here. After I first helped Kristi out with the hunt, after that I was pretty much hooked,” He said. “We are using this event as an awareness event,” said Wilson. Rosi Simmons said, “last year we tag teamed one of our earth awareness promos with it by stuffing fact slips in the eggs.” “April being Earth awareness month, our community theme this year is green awareness,” said Wilson. The glow in the dark Easter egg hunt draws a large group of students. Last year more than 300 students participated.

flashlight and watch out for obstacles that could lead to an injury.

CC singers, jazz band seek limelight in Greeley Ensembles to perform at 42nd Annual Jazzfest

Tera Mills Campus editor Cowley College’s jazz band and CC Singers will have something in common with renowned jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter later this month. All will appear on stage at the 42nd annual University of

Northern Colorado/Greeley Jazz Festival. This marks the third year Cowley’s musicians have been prepped and prepared for the northern trip . The 42nd annual UNC/ Greeley Jazz Festival is the largest one of its kind in the United States, according to CC Music Director Josh Fleig. The festival gives students and participants the opportunity to enjoy concerts, performances, and even some educational workshops, he noted. More than 275 jazz bands from middle schools, high schools and college level jazz ensembles are slated to play in front of a panel of jazz musicians. Shorter, a six-Time

Grammy award winning jazz saxophonist, will be performing on the main stage April 19. The festival is scheduled April 19-21. This is an opportunity for participants to witness some of the greatest jazz players. Both new and returning students to the festival are looking forward to the trip, said Fleig, who explained that the trip is a time for the musicians to grow and create bonds as well as enjoy and experience the trip as a whole together. “There’s ups and there’s downs and there’s challenges, and there’s struggles, but all in all this is the best group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” said Fleig.

The Jazz band and CC singers performed Feb. 18 at the Friends University Jazz Festival in Wichita providing the students feedback and practice leading up to the Greeley festival. “We’ve had plenty of prep time. I think we’re going to be pretty relaxed about it all, until [the] time for the trip comes,” said sophomore Ryan Cells. The band which practices multiple times a week in class and outside of class has been working hard to perfect their musical ensembles. Jazz band performs at Friends University. (photo by Brandon Hanchett)

“When we first started rehearsing every little black dot on the page intimidated me, but with every practice we tackle the rough spots and I think we’re going to blow Colorado away ,” said freshman Sarah Enderud.

Once the Jazz Band and CC Singers return from Greeley, Co. they will have another performance Tuesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. in the Brown Center.

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Arpil 15, 2012

Rock to Pop to Country to Metal, hits abundant


rtists outside the mainstream are flooding listeners with new music this week. Do you want to know the

best part?! Most of it is really good! Some of the big names dropped their latest over spring break, and I took a look at those as well. Enough

filler, let’s get to the meat of this round of reviews!

Against the Odds In the Trenches Release Date:April 2, 2012 Genre:Hardcore Rock Top Tracks: “Persevere” “Tuna Helper”

Stan Smith Staff reporter

All American Rejects Kids in the Street Release Date:March 26, 2012 Genre:Alternative Rock Total Length:43:12 Top Tracks: “Someday’s Gone” “Beekeeper’s Daughter” These alternative rock mainstays from Oklahoma return with their fourth studio release, and seem to either be at odds with themselves or with the sketchy girls that simply won’t text them back. While the music itself is actually fairly upbeat and fun, that positivity gets drowned out by the constant whining and complaining style

that vocalist Tyson Ritter has turned into a trademark, even when he doesn’t mean to. The album is innovative as far as the pop punk scene is concerned, as Kids in the Street is flawlessly injected with retro 70s/80s, jazz, and stylized rock sounds to keep it fresh. The album really is a work of art in how well the different styles collide. Songs like

“Beekeeper’s Daughter” are blissful, carefree, and pleasant, almost assured to be a hit on the radio, but are countered with songs like “Heartbeat Slowing Down” to completely squash the positive mood dead in its tracks. The roller coaster that the All American Rejects call Kids in the Street is a fantastic album, definitely the band’s best record to date.


Hutchinson, Kansas might be one of the last places that you’d expect a hardcore band of this caliber to pop up. Veterans of the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, In The Trenches have kept themselves busy finishing this record at Bullet Ride Productions (produced by Dustin Ridder, who has also produced for other notable regional acts such as The Excellence of Execution, Untapped Market, and My Marionette) out of Folwer, KS. I’ve been a fan for a while, and I must say that I am NOT disappointed. Rather, I’d say the boys surpassed my expectations. The music

has a nice hard edge to it, while retaining a healthy amount of its punk rock roots (of which hardcore music evolved from). The band, all fans of the pop-punk movement, let their influences sneak into their song writing in an incredibly tasteful way. The guitar lines are not overly complicated, yet are so catchy that if minor tweaks were made (such as tuning) you might assume that In The Trenches were from the same vein as bands like New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, or Blink 182. The songs are all around

two and a half to three minutes long and absolutely bursting with energy. Against the Odds borrows some tricks from the metal subgenres to add extra bite. This blend of hardcore attitude, pop punk songwriting and metal styling sounds wacky, but produces a sound so catchy, so heavy, so bubbling with energy that it simply cannot be ignored. When musicians are allowed to truly write for themselves, this is the end result. This album has some serious raw power behind it and is sure not to disappoint.

More new music releases... April 9th April 10th

Madonna:MDNA Wretched:Son of Perdition Lionel Richie:Tuskegee Shinedown:Amaryllis Nicki Minaj:Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Willow Smith:You Think You Know Me Rascal Flatts:Changed The Used:Vulnerable Lostprophets:Weapons MxPx:Plans within Plans

Emmure:Slave to the Game Taproot:The Episodes

Counting Crows:Underwater Sunshine Job For A Cowboy:Demonacracy Exumer:Fire & Damnation Monica:New Life

The Hunger Games: Sticking to the book Director Joe Carnahan Staring Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller Length 1 hour, 57 minutes Rating Rated R (profanity, alcohol/drug use, intense scenes, violence)

Neal Andrews Contributing writer Being a fan of the series it was hard for me to separate the good from the bad in “The Hunger Games”. Not to say the movie was bad. The movie followed the book fairly closely however there were a few things missing in the movie. Madge, the daughter of the District 12 mayor, and the mayor were missing. So the Mockingjay pin was a gift from Katniss to Prim who ended up giving it back to Katniss before she left for the games. I

understand the need for this change. There are only glimpses of the Avoxes and Katniss’s prep team whom I viewed as big characters in the book. I understand movies have time constraints. Would be lengthy scenes had to be cut from the movie. The Capitol gadgetry was taken down a few notches. If all the gadgets were kept then the place would not have had the feeling it did in the movie. Don’t get me wrong the gadgets in the book were really cool but I think the director, Gary Ross, (Pleasantville) did not want the Capitol to have an overpowering futuristic feel. Suzanne Collins wrote the screenplay for the film. She had to have made some of the decisions on what to cut from the story. Sadly that has to happen with any book-to-movieadaptation. Other things were changed, but I don’t want to go into further detail for

those who have yet to watch the movie or those who haven’t read the book or who are still currently reading it. Overall the changes were not bad and I enjoyed the movie the way it was. Now, for those of us who have read the books “The Hunger Games” was pretty gruesome at some parts. The movie was kept at a PG-13 rating because director Gary Ross knew these books are appealing to all ages and he wanted all ages to be able to see it. I understand his reasoning for doing so and it’s a good thing that he did what he did. A part of me wishes that it did have an R rating and another part is just fine with its current rating. The score was intense when it needed to be, It was soft, romantic, and adventurous when the scenes called for it. James Newton Howard never ceases to make great film scores that are memorable and incredible.

This will be a score that I will add to my collection and listen to again and again. The acting throughout the film was great! Jennifer Lawrence, (Winter’s Bone) Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia), and Woody Harrelson (Zombieland), all had great performances as Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch. The cast was wonderful in this movie and I can’t think of anyone better. I know people say that a lot but I am serious, I can’t think of anyone else to play these characters. One thing that I didn’t like after a while was the fact that the camera was way too shaky. During a lot of the action scenes and sometimes the actors looked all blurry. I think Ross was trying to make the audience feel like they were right there in the action. That is not an easy thing to do with movies. I like the fact that he tried. It didn’t work out too well though. The shaky camera is really my only huge complaint

Protagonist Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hensworth) talk during their usual hunt in the forest outside of their district. (courtesy photos)

Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), mentor Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) share survival tips in their Capitol penthouse. with this film. Don’t let this stop you from seeing the movie though. It is worth paying full price and worth seeing!

Overall Acting + Cast Sountrack Plot + Theme Visuals + Scenary

This film lands a solid 4.5 out of 5! Fans will not be dissatisfied with the movie adaptation. “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

April 5, 2012


Debating drugs, curfew, and microwaves

Quiz Corner

Disagreements over housing rules and regulations


Page 5 Tank the Tiger’s

7-Day Forecast 5TH Thursday THE Showers

1.Who is the highest grossing comedian? 2.Which comedian is #1 on Comedy Central’s All Time Greatest Comedians list? 3.How many calories does one good belly laugh burn off? 4.Louis C.K. accused which comedian of stealing bits from his stand up routine? 5.When did Saturday Night Live premier on NBC? 6.In what three ways does laughter affect our health? 7.True of False: Laughing for 15 seconds adds two days to your lifespan 8.What company publishes Mad Magazine? 9.On average, how many times a day does an adult laugh?

Wil Austin Editor-in-chief


hen a police cruiser pulls up in front of a dorm, or a dorm manager leaves staff unexpectedly, students are prone to wonder, why? The questions could stop there, and perhaps they should, but dramatic stories soon begin to spread. Tales of conflict between housing staff, and accounts of students arrested on serious drug charges quickly circulate. Here comes the anticlimax: there was never a meth lab in the dorms. Police officers were sighted outside Central Avenue dormitory with housing manager, Landon West, Wednesday, March 7. Half of the officers were in uniform, half of them undercover. Quickly, a rumor spread to the effect that an odd and reclusive student was cooking meth in his room, though no one ever heard the story from anyone but their friends. According to Matt Stone, director of campus security, that story is false. If it were that serious, he said, “that would just be a nightmare for me, for the college.” If there were any traces of the drug, the residents of Central would not still be living in Central. The risk would be too great.

Stone said some students may have seen officers going into the dorm wearing masks, but Stone said it was only a safety measure, and other people including himself weren’t wearing any protective gear. What they did find was another form of paraphernalia. It was not enough for the police to take action, but the college did. Often, Stone said, Cowley’s rules are tighter than state laws. For example, if marijuana seeds were found in a dorm room, there wouldn’t be any legal repercussions for the student. But the school, and more specifically Sue Saia, vice president of student life, could choose to have them removed from campus housing if they believed it was necessary. “It’s the college’s property, it’s their dorm, it’s their rules,” Stone said. Some students don’t want all the rules. Sophomore Brandon Patterson lives in Storbeck, one of the two all-male dormitories. He said he feels as though a college student should be trusted to have a coffee pot in their room, or keep visitors past midnight. For the college, it’s all about safety. One incident could have unexpected repercussions.

Landon West, director of campus housing, said, “it’s not just affecting [one] student, it could be affecting another 300 students plus a dorm manager.” For Patterson and other students, that reasoning is hard to accept. “How many fires have been started from a coffee pot?” the sophomore asked. The answer from campus housing and the rest of administration is; as long as they are the rules, they will be enforced. It is campus security’s job to take every threat seriously, just like a public dispatcher. On Saturday, March 24, as spring break was coming to a close, flashing lights and sirens appeared up in front of Oscar Kimmell dormitory. Campus security, the police department, and the fire department had come in full gear. In the days that followed, many wondered aloud what kind of event had called a police car and two fire trucks to the dorms. Sirens and flashing lights always seem serious. What the firefighters discovered that night was a microwave that had burnt out, releasing a lot of smoke and a very bad smell. The fire department turned on a fan, and the microwave was thrown in the dumpster.

10.What one expression shared in all cultures?


In December ’95, Bob Foster sold his furniture building to the college next door. 17 years later, Cowley College still uses that same building after transforming the ground floor to what is now the Ben Cleveland Wellness Center. The wellness center ironically began as a mortuary called Oldroyds in the late 1800’s. It has four levels, including a basement. The ground floor is the wellness center. In the west room with the free weights, there is a narrow orange door leading to the basement. The basement is dark and dank, but most notably it is empty. On the west side, there is a rack of old car-


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Ben Cleveland Wellness Center: The hidden jewel of Cowley College pet samples and the southwest corner has a concrete room. The room has old books, funeral receipts litter the floor, and there is an old icebox in the corner. Next to that room against the west wall is an elevator that spans all four levels. The second floor, directly above the wellness center, is used for storage. Cowley keeps all its old technology, mowers and general odds and ends. However, the second floor is unique in ways that makes Ireland Hall green with envy. The second floor is home to a beautiful high ceilinged chapel. The chapel looks like it was used as a dance studio at one time, and is complete with changing rooms as well as

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The foundations of history Ethan Goodwin Staff reporter


Humor Quiz 1-Jerry Sinefeld 2-Richard Prior 3-3.5 Calories 4-Dane Cook 5-October 11th, 1975 6-reduces stress, fights infection, reduces pain 7-True 8-DC Comics 9-15 10-Laughter

An Arkansas City Police vehicle sits outside Central Dorm while officers investigate a dorm room. (photo by Wil Austin)


The wellness has served several purposes over the years as reflected in the contents of each room. (photos by Samantha Francis)

plumbed bathrooms. The plaster ceiling is ornate, with beautiful trimmings and architecture. There are also high arching windows that light the room naturally, eliminating the need for lamps during the day. The third floor is all storage. The floors are in bad condition, and need work. It is a partial floor due to the high ceiling of the chapel. The wellness center is not without stories. Most are folk tales and legends. A favorite is that there is a crematorium in the basement. To the dismay of many, it is one of the legends. There is one legend that is has merit. The elevator is a rickety platform in an open shaft that spans all four

floors. Each floor has regular doors instead of regular elevator doors. Back when the building was still a funeral home, one of the directors was talking on the fourth floor when he lost track of where he was while backing up. The doors were not closed and he fell down to the basement. He was taken to his house where he passed a short while later. The building is nondescript from the outside. It shouldn’t fool anyone. On the inside, it is the most magnificent on campus, and well worth remodeling. There is history in abundance, and is not lacking in the looks department. Consider it the “hidden jewel” of Cowley College.


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April 5, 2012

Solving the mystery of the “Cloud”

Brandon Hanchett Staff photographer


he Cloud: our future in computing. The end all, be all for our file storage woes. But what the heck is the “Cloud?” The Cloud is simply put: your hard drive accessed through an Internet con-

nection. The Cloud is made up of servers storing your photos, music, applications, documents, contacts and email all in a place that can be accessed anywhere with a simple log-in. One of the first examples that made its way into the mainstream was browserbased email. Services such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Hotmail used Internet servers to store and send email from the browser rather than an application running from the desktop. Of course, with these products being introduced as early as 1996, not everyone had Internet access so these services wouldn’t prove useful to many. Take off in your DeLorean to 2012, a time when everyone is rocking a smart phone

or laptop and you have the basis for a huge intertwine of devices ready for the Cloud. With the Cloud hitting the mainstream, companies have started implementing their own storage services and online applications to use them. Google Docs uses the Cloud for documents, spreadsheets

and email on ten gigabytes (GB) of Cloud storage. Microsoft uses SkyDrive to host email, contacts and just about any file that the user wants to upload onto 25 GB of storage. As of fall 2011, Apple introduced iCloud to store photos, and sync documents, music apps and game

Tigers show big hearts through micro loans Tera Mills Campus editor Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. That help can come from friends, family, or a complete stranger. A Cowley College group connected with an non-profit organization that is proving the same apparently holds true in countries all over the world Kiva, a non-profit organization founded in 2005, helps some of these individuals get started on their goals. “Kiva is an online lending platform that allows individuals in the developed world to loan to small business people in the developing world,” said an article by Matt Flannery published in edu titled Kiva and the Birth of Person-to-Person Microfinance. Kiva works with microfinance institutions on five continents. A Kiva lender may loan as little as

$25 to a field partner, which then distributes the funds to the borrower. Borrowers can be individuals or groups. Once they begin to make a profit they repay the loans to the Kiva lender, who need not be a Wall Street trader. The borrowers use the money to help their business and lives grow and expand. Loans have been used to buy a computer to run a computer center, or to help families build a kitchen to improve living standards. “We had both grown up sponsoring children in Africa through our church and families. Why not extend the core of that idea to business?” said Flannery. “However, instead of donations, we could focus

on loans. This seemed like a dignified, intellectual, and equitable extension that appealed to us at this point in our lives. Instead of benefactor relationships, we could explore partnership relationships. Instead of poverty, we could focus on progress.” That is where Cowley students come in. Social Science instructor Kathy Hendricks encouraged students to get involved in the organization. “Anybody can do this. Anybody can go on Kiva. org and start doing it themselves,” said Hendricks. Through donations and repayment of loans over the last few years the Cowley Kiva group has made almost

100 loans, for more than $7,500. Hendricks has sells candy in her classroom to help bring in money to put toward Kiva microloans. Recently students raised $689.70 by selling 100 candles. Freshman Alina VanderVeen not only sold candles, but went further by asking for donations, among them a $50 donation from the Kansas Gold and Silver Exchange. “It made me feel proud. I couldn’t wait to show it to the teacher,” she said. She was not alone in experiencing altruistic good vibes. “It feels good to give money to people that need it,” said freshman Christina Pack, who sold 10 candles. Hendricks said she is getting excited as Kiva closes in on its 100th loan. To donate money to the program, call her at (620) 441-5309.


saves automatically across iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macs owned by one account. Clearly, not all services are created equal. Some (iCloud, Amazon Cloud) act more as a backup and proliferation method while others (SkyDrive, Google Cloud) act as a hard drive where you can

SCHOLARSHIP continues from PAGE 3 to succeed,” Nichols said. In his view, though, outside support isn’t all it takes to bring students up to the level where they should be. It is still largely the student’s responsibility. The first, most obvious steps, according to Nichols, are going to class, paying attention in class, and sleeping outside of class. There is another, essential ingredient: motivation. “Motivation is important for anybody to succeed,” Nichols said. In Wilson’s list of five or six things, Hunt’s dilemma of simply failing to finish assignments on time may constitute another, more general challenge for students: lack of motivation. Hunt said he came to college so he could get good connections in the world of art and hopefully build a career from there. He also credits Cowley with developing his talent. Without Cowley, “I would still be a pretty mediocre artist,” Hunt said. Yet motivation is nowhere to be found in his other classes. Hunt came to college for one thing, and one thing only,

choose what is uploaded. Online storage will of course make those of you wearing tinfoil hats very wary. Who can see my files? What if my internet goes out?! Oh the humanity! These things are still being worked out seeing as the Cloud is still in its infancy. The European Union found itself in a funny situation last year when it realized that its files were being hosted on the Cloud in America (you mad, bro?). All the Cloud amounts to is a big bunch of servers storing files and running programs for you. Where you leave off in your essay on your laptop will shoot off to the Cloud and land on your phone. It’s a great future; DeLorean not required. to be a professional artist. He said other subjects don’t seem as important to him. He is really behind on his math, and he turned in his latest research paper late. “There’s no motivation to learn more,” Hunt said. “I already know how to do math, I can write a moderately good paper.” He said he doesn’t understand why he needs those classes as an art student. Something else he doesn’t understand, is why increased pressure from his parents isn’t having any effect either. “To a normal person that should be all the reason in the world to stay on task and stay focused, but for some reason I just... I can’t,” he said. Hunt said he doesn’t believe having a tutor or the impact program, “breathing down [his] neck” would help him focus either. Nichols and Wilson said the people at Cowley don’t just stare students down, though. “Your instructors want to help you succeed,” Nichols said. “They’re not out to get you, they’re there to help you. That’s the beauty of community college. We’re not here to overwhelm you with our knowledge.”



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the following orbs to destroy it. Hit every orb three times until it bursts into space and grants you one point to your highscore. Destroy as many orbs as you can but beware: The space on the playing field is limited so think hard about where you put the next one! Three game modes will challenge you with addictive gameplay.

April 5, 2012


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Corner pocket, right on cue

POOL TOURNAMENT GETS STUDENTS OUT OF DORMS AND INTO THE JUNGLE Brittany Thiesing Staff photographer Matt Soule has been doing well since he started here at Cowley as the new director of Intramurals with having all events planned for the rest of this year and next year. He pulled together a pool tournament in the jungle last Friday at 7 p.m. Six students played a good game until the winner was freshman Travis Garcia. Corner left: Sophomore Sam Nolting starts a new game by breaking first.

Left: Winner of the tournament, freshman Travis Garcia shot his way to the top. Top right: Freshman Allen Lovelady decides whether which ball he should choose to shoot for, towards the end of his round Lovelady was very concentrated into his game. Center: Brittany Conner gets ready to hit one of her last balls to win this round to move forward in the tournament. Bottom right: Sam Nolting concentrates on her choice of hitting the ball and hoping to move forward and win.

Bulking up with

Michael Fox Stan Smith Staff reporter


(photos by Brittany Thiesing)

Athlete Spotlight

Michael Fox won $750 and the title Best Overall in his weight class. (courtesy photo) points (used to compare competitors, both men and women, in different weight classes), a Kansas record. He also set four American records in the Junior division: bench 281, deadlift 424, and squat 369. Fox plans to switch to Olympic lifts and wants to compete in the 2016

Olympics. Michael trains and competes with his twin brother, Matt. “Our secret is how we plan our recovery, rest, and diet.” said Matt. Fox said “weightlifting is a great way for me to bond with my brother. It’s fun training together.”


ichael Fox is no ordinary student. For starters, he belongs to an impressive amount of extracurricular clubs. In addition to being a tutor at the Mulvane campus, Fox is also a member of the Cowley Math and Science Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Natural Science Advisory Council. He was also named to the All Kansas Academic Team. Anyone that has never met Fox might find it odd that a member of all those organizations is also involved in weightlifting. No, Fox doesn’t mop sweat up off the floor. He wins tournaments. “I started lifting when I was 12 years old. My brother James was strong, and I wanted to be like him.” Fox said. Fox began competing six years ago in the Bench Squat Clean. “About 11 months ago I started competing in USA Powerlifting which requires drug testing,” he said. Currently, he competes in Dead Lift and Power Squat events. Fox’s most impressive showing was at this year’s Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival, which was held March 1-4 in Columbus, Ohio. At 5’3’’ and 121 pounds, he competed in the Lightweight division. He finished as the Best Overall in his weight class as well as Best Junior Competitor. He also received 463 wilks

Year: Sophomore Major: Early Childhood Education Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil Sport: Soccer Position: Mid-Fielder Number: 10

(photo by Autumn Mumford)


How long have you been playing soccer? I have been playing since I was 12. In Brazil, it is common that you start early playing at a high level. Why did you choose to play soccer instead of other sports? It’s cultural. You’re born in Brazil dreaming of playing professional soccer and start building your career.


Why did you decide to come play soccer at Cowley?


I thought I was too old to pursue a professional career in Brazil, and I was matched up with Cowley through an exchange company that brings student athletes from Brazil to America.


What are your hobbies? Playing soccer, drawing, and hanging out with people. What are your plans after Cowley? I am trying to transfer to a four year college to play soccer, but it’s been hard. I am not sure if I am going to stay in the United States and work or move back to Brazil.


What is your favorite thing about Cowley?


When I first got here, I thought it was quiet and kind of boring, but once I got used to it, I found it really easy to concentrate and that was a good thing.


What soccer award did you receive?


What position do you play on the team?

I was selected 2nd Team All-Conference as a mid-fielder, though I only played 1/3 of the season in that position.

I started out my freshman year as a left defender, but then I became a mid-fielder by the end of the season.

Autumn Mumford Assistant photo editor

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April 5, 2012

PREPARING FOR THE MATCH AHEAD Cowley tennis teams ready themselves for the tough teams they will meet on the court Lauren Llanes Staff reporter


Sun in her eyes, sophomore Jessica Penrose prepares for an overhand in a doubles match against McPherson. Penrose is one of the team’s double specialists.

n preparation for, perhaps, the toughest Junior College match of the year against Johnson County on Tuesday, April 3, the Cowley College men and women’s tennis team have kept their positive performances on the court. On Thursday, March 29, after defeating Southwestern Christian University with a 6-0 win, and going 9-0 over Hesston College, the Tiger men improved their record to 8-4 on the season. In the same day, the ladies won all four matches against a depleted Hesston squad. On the men’s side, the matches against Southwestern Christian and Hesston were a good opportunity for Head Coach Josh Cobble to play the members of the team who have had less valuable playing time, such as freshmen Trevor Adams and Wleymer Jimenez, and sophomore Connor Tebow. The three players picked up impressive wins in the matches, thus pleasing their coach. Jimenez defeated Sondercock with an easy 6-0, 6-3win. Meanwhile Adams, somehow harder game, was

able to take over the match and pick a 6-2, 6-3 win. Tebow played with consistence and got a double 6-2 win. According to Cobble, it was “good to see them on court doing well.” In addition, Cobble pointed out that everyone “did a good job of staying focused.” The Lady Tigers are on the same track, as they have demonstrated a solid play, with every player putting one hundred percent of energy on the court. Playing against Hesston, Mariah Vargas and Jessica Penrose pulled out an 8-4win at No. 1 doubles. At singles Kristin Richardson, Shelby Cornejo and Maria Hernandez picked up dominating wins as well. Richardson and Hernandez pulled out a double 6-0 against Wedel and Uruh, respectively, while Cornejo defeated Diner with a 6-1, 6-3 win. Freshman Maria Hernandez, from Venezuela, is glad about her last performances. “I think I am improving every match, I’m feeling more confident,” said Hernandez, or Maru, her nickname. Hernandez credited her improvement to the hard work

in the practices. “The practices have been really tough, but everybody is putting all the effort in order to play in a good level.” It is, indeed, really important to focus on the practices in order to be ready to perform at high level since the Regionals are approaching. Along with tough practices, the capacity of the players has been put into evidence against top players of Division One Schools. Despite the defeat of both teams against Wichita State University on Saturday, March 10, at the Sheldon Coleman Tennis Complex, the Tigers took the occasion to understand what they need to improve on when facing experienced players. The teams were not able to pick up any wins, but it was a challenging experience, where the players could learn something out of the defeats. After the match with WSU, freshman Edgardo Tapia was convinced that the Tigers are “not so far from their level.” The Chilean believes Aiming for a flawless record against that working harder, both teams will “have much better McPherson, sophomores Zack Evenden serves the ball without a hitch. (photos by results.” Dylan Nichols)

bouncing back after falling short Ruy Vaz Contributing writer

Woman’s basketball

The women team lost in the quarter finals of the Region VI Tournament to Cloud County. Unfortunately their strong defense during this game did not make up for their poor shooting, and because of this the team did not meet their expected conference championship and Region VI title. Despite their loss in the quarter finals the women had a pretty good season coming out with a final record of 22-10, and with a lot of memorable moments, Head coach Todd Clark said, “There were several, like Beating National Ranked NorthernEnid at home. We also had a huge come back at Allen we were down 8 with 1:08 left in the game and came back and won! That was exciting.” It is during those exciting moment when people really get to see good ball and there was a lot of good ball to be seen this season. Not only did the fans get to see great basketball, they also seen great athletes and coaches, who gave it there all. “We as a coaching staff are always trying to do better, but you don’t get do overs in basketball. So I feel like for this season we all, players and

Men’s basketball

The team fell short during the Region VI Tournament, after there 62-48 loss to Seward County, one of the most aggressive teams they have played all season. In the first half Seward was up 27-23. This was some tough basketball for tall of the men. Freshman James Milliken helped keep it close in the first half by scoring eight points in the first half, while Adonis Bailey trailed right behind him with seven. Head coach DeSalme once said, “Adonis is my type of guy, he is going to have success and make mistakes while playing at the same speed.” This is true for all of the men in this final game, unfortunately in the last half they just couldn’t catch back up to Seward after having 22 turnovers. Sadly this was the end of the men’s season and their goal for nationals is put on hold for another year. The team finished their season with a final record of 24-10 and an overall great season. They played some good basketball and put up a good fight with some tough teams. The team did suffer some defeats against Garden City, Coffeyville, Labette, Johnson County, Neosho County, Independence, Highland, and

coaches, did the very best we could this season,” said Clark. Even without their region title or conference championship, it is clear that Cowley has a strong program. This season six sophomores, Jasmine Scott, Clarissa Cannon, Symone Murray, Chynna Ramelb, Emily Barto, and Breanna Bryant are all moving on. “I always hate to see our sophomores move on. You build relationships with them and you want them to have success,” said Clark. Not only does the team have six sophomores leaving but they have six freshmen returning. Theses freshman have a lot on their plate and big shoes to fill. “We want to see them take ownership and help lead this program. They all need to get stronger and improve their skills this summer,” said Clark. Next year the team plans on winning their conference and competing for the Region VI title. Also they plan on recruiting good players and people who can help them as a team. They already have a great core group of returning players that will make a solid foundation to help them reach their goals.

Raising the bar for the Tiger Invite, freshman Nikol Andrews clears the high jump. The Tigers placed 1st in eleven events and over ten athletes qualified for nationals. (photo by Dylan Nichols)

beating more than just records

Tigers beat the heat and set record times During the Allen County game on Jan. 25 Devery Alexander, a freshman surveys the court before passing the ball. The Lady Tigers finished their season with a 22-10 season. (photo by Autumn Mumford)

Seward County. There were a lot of great athletes on this team this season including Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference Freshman of the Year, James Miliken. Milliken finished his season with an average of 17 points per game helping the Tigers tremendously. Along with Miliken, Kamren Belin, and Adonis Bailey were each named to the Region VI All-Tournament Team. All three worked hard for their recognitions this season and gave it their all on the court wether they were making plays or mistakes. Cowley has to say goodbye to some good Tigers this semester. The sophomores that are leaving are Kamren Belin, Gavin Brown, Zach Nelson, and Anthony White.

Only inches from a dunk, Adonis Bailey tips the ball in. The Tigers went 22-10 this season. (photo by Autumn Mumford)

The Cowley Track & Field team hosted the 9th annual Tiger Invite Invitational on Saturday. With unbelievable March weather the Tigers had some very good early outdoor season marks. 8 teams (5 JUCO, 3 NAIA) and 275 athletes competed in the meet making for some very good competition. Tigers finishing 1st in their events were; Earriel Willis – 100m, Jessalyn Lanoy – 800m, Niki Andrews – Pole Vault, Fred Taylor – 100m, Darryl Brown – 200m, Rick Valcin – Pole Vault, Charles Ross – 800m, Men’s 4x100m Relay – Darryl Brown, A.J. Singh, Dane Steil, Fred Taylor Tigers hitting National Qualifying marks were; Maria Schmidt – 300m Steeple Chase, Lenee Brown – Discus, Bryan Jasmin – 110m High Hurdles, A.J. Singh – 400m, Fred Taylor – 100m, Darryl Brown – 200m, Fred Taylor – 200m, Charles Ross – 800m, Rick Valcin – Pole Vault, Men’s 4x100m Relay – Darryl Brown, A.J. Singh, Dane Steil, Fred Taylor, Men’s 4x400m Relay – Rodgerick Woods, A.J. Singh, Willie Bromell, Charles Ross. Tigers Setting New School Records - Bryan Jasmin – 110m High Hurdles, Men’s 4x100m Relay – Darryl Brown, A.J. Singh, Dane Steil, Fred Taylor. Up next for the Tiger Track & Field teams will be the KJCCA vs. ICCAC Challenge at Barton County Community College Friday April 6 starting at 4:00pm and

Saturday April 7 starting at 11 a.m. This is a very unique meet in that Barton, Cloud and Cowley will take on Iowa Central, Iowa Western and Northern Iowa in a scoring meet challenge with each conference scoring against the other. This is a throwback to the old days when all meets are scored with a new twist being a conference against a conference for the points.

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