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Commencment Issue May 7, 2011 Words of wisdom and list of Cowley graduates for 2011


May 7, 2011


Encouraging words from Cowley administration Cowley Graduates of 2011,

to do in life will be a continual challenge. Be sure to find something you really love. You might have to spend considerable time seeking what you really want. Don’t be afraid to work in several areas before you decide. However, when you find what you really want, strive to be the best you can be. My wish for you is that you find joy in your work. We need every kind of worker in this society. Everyone’s contribution is important. You will make us proud! May God Bless You and keep you always in His care.


want you to know how much I appreciate your attendance at Cowley College and thank you for all of your contributions to our College. The staff, faculty, administration and Board of Trustees wish you the best in transferring to a four year college or in your search for a job. You have every reason to be optimistic about the future. In spite of the bleak economy, and all the negatives you hear in the news, there will always be a place for those who work hard and have a positive attitude toward life. I encourage you to prepare yourself for a dynamic future. As you move on from Cowley, deciding what you ultimately want

By: Alexia Grier

Friday 6th


Low 62º

Saturday 7th


Dr. Pat

Low 59º

Sunday 8th

82º Greeting Graduates: Every year when I watch our graduates leave us, I feel such mixed emotions. I am sad to see you leave us, but I am so excited for you and the possibilities that lay ahead of you. I encourage you to challenge yourself each and every day to be a “better” person than you were the day before. Never settle for being average! Good luck and God Bless! -Sue Saia Vice President of Student Affairs

-Slade Griffiths Vice President of Academic Affairs


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I have many wonderful and poignant memories of the graduating class of 2011. Probably the most powerful moment was the concluding scene from The Miracle Worker when Helen Keller was transformed. I can clearly remember the raw emotions exhibited by both Shaelynn French and Amy Dunlap (and the rest of the cast.) For me that exemplifies what I saw in a majority of students here at Cowley – a fantastic transition. Upon reflection, this scene truly represents what all our graduates, whether transferring to another school or entering the workforce, will face. Life is all about choices, determination and how hard we are willing to work to be successful; I urge all our graduates to follow Helen’s steps.

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CP News

May 7, 2011

Honored for shining at Cowley

Involvement in a variety of activities put sophomore Jordan Lukert’s face all over campus. This, paired with excellent grades, brought him the honor of being named Student of the Year. Top left: Lukert helps in the library as a tutor. Top right: at homecoming in the W. S. Scott Auditorium with fellow sophomore Milissa Crawford, Jordan Lukert was crowned Homecoming King. Bottom right: downstairs in Galle Johnson Lukert leads a meeting for Fellowship of Student Athletes. (photos by Wil Austin and Katie Arnett)


his student says he’s nothing special, but he caught the eye of enough faculty and staff to receive one of the most prestigious awards Cowley has to offer. At last week’s Honors and Awards banquet, graduating sophomore Jordan Lukert was named the 2010-2011 Student of the Year. He didn’t see it coming, but everyone else in the room could. His name was called for so many awards during the evening that one student suggested placing a chair at the front of the room to save him from walking back and forth all night. This wasn’t his first time to receive recognition at Cowley. Back in September, he was named the first Student of the Month for the 2010-2011 school year and won first place in the small group category for his performance of The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow at Puttin’ on the Hits. Then in January he was named Homecoming King alongside Queen Milissa Crawford. In addition to those spotlight

number of outstanding students at Cowley College and he recognizes the risk of overlooking some shyer though equally remarkable individuals. “I think we’re imminently better off by trying than not doing anything to recognize students, even if we miss something,” said McAtee. “I’m a firm believer that memories in life are important,” and he believes recognition for a job well done makes some of the most uplifting memories a person can ever have. In any case, this Student of the Year was considered worthy of the honor. Director of Student Life Kristi Shaw knew Lukert well and saw him work on a lot of projects: “He’s a lot of fun and he’s very highly intelligent.” Lukert is also a tutor and finds time in his schedule to attend five different bible study groups during the week. The list of activities goes on, yet his grades don’t suffer. His GPA is still at 3.99. He enjoys keeping busy, it shows in his confident smile and over-the-top humor. But he said he doesn’t consider himself more special than other students. He just works hard.

moments, Lukert has kept a high level of involvement on campus as a leader in several groups such as Fellowship of

If you put yourself out there, opportunities will come.

BY WIL AUSTIN Editor-in-chief

- Jordan Lukert, Sophomore

Christian Athletes and Phi Beta Lambda and as the R.A. in Storbeck. Cowley College President Patrick McAtee said he is glad to reward students for their work and their presence on campus. Strong student involvement in college activities is something he and all of Cowley’s staff care very much about. He views the title of Student of the Year as a very meaningful award because it picks one student out of 1200 to congratulate him or her specifically on their achievements. McAtee knows there are a great


“If you put yourself out there, opportunities will come,” said the sophomore. Lukert said he will miss Cowley. He had a lot of good experiences and learned as much about his major, business, as he did about life itself. But he looks forward to the challenge of a new place: “you have to ... take what you’ve done and apply it to the next situation in life.”


May 7, 2011

CP News

Erin Griffiths

“If something is not worth fighting for then its not worth keeping” INFORMATION

Home Town: Winfield, KS Majoring In: Business and Marketing Year: Sophomore Clubs Involved In

Cowley College Student Senate, CAAT, Intramurals, FCA

What’s your favorite thing about Cowley? Being able to work with such great people everyday.

What do you think Cowley has to offer that four-year universities don’t?

Which wich

One, my name is Erin, not e749g994. Two, the faculty and staff is all about the students, trying to make college as painless and successful as possible. Three, Cowley really is a big family. What do you plan to do after Cowley? I’ll be attending the University of Kansas starting this fall. I’ll be double majoring in: business/marketing and communications. What or who influenced you to do well in school? My parents have always told me to do my best. Their success has motivated me to be just as successful if not more. What has been the most challenging part of balancing academics and a social life? While having the responsibility to attend all Student Senate events and as many athletic events as possible it is really hard to make time for studying. However, I make sure to study at least a little every night.




CP News

May 7, 2011

2011-2012 Student ambassadors 1. Major 2. Fave thing about Cowley 3. Fave food 4. Fave musician 5. Hobbies

Alyssa Drosselmeyer Rose Hill High School 1. Biology (Pre-Optometry) 2. The people are great, very friendly and fun to be around 3. Chinese food 4. Don’t have a favorite, I just like a wide variety of music (country, hip-hop, rock) 5. Doing activities outside and going to the movies

Devin Dice Arkansas City High School 1. Communications 2. The campus size and friendly atmosphere 3. Perfectly ripe bananas 4. Tie between The Beatles and Sufjan Stevens 5. Crochet, sing, bike

Brad Luthe Wichita North West High 1. Leadership 2. People 3. Everything 4. Goo Goo Dolls 5. Movies

Charley Garrison Shidler High School 1. Computer Science 2. All the friendly people 3. Pizza 4. Jason Aldean 5. Hangout with friends

Clinton Meyer Bishop Carroll High School 1. Chemistry/Pre-med 2. Teachers and staff 3. Ice cream 4. Josh Turner 5. Sports

Angela Shockey Mulvane High School 1. Undecided 2. Everyone is friendly and the choir is awesome 3. Mexican 4. Reba McEntire 5. Sing, hang out with friends

Gavin Brown Junction City High School 1. Business Administration 2. How nice the teachers and advisors are 3. Cheeseburgers 4. Trey Songz 5. Workout

Haley Rouleau Wellington High School 1. Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership 2. The friendly atmosphere 3. Pizza 4. All :) 5. Spend time with friends and family and volunteer

Jordan Hill Derby High School 1. Psychology 2. The small, friendly homey-ness of it all 3. Donuts from The Donut Whole 4. Rick Astley 5. Raising Zombie Awareness

Jordan McDowell Arkansas City High School 1. Pre-Law 2. All the friendly people and the fun activities 3. Ice Cream! 4. Audio Adrenaline 5. Hangout with friends, watch movies and play sports

Katie Arnett Anderson County High School 1. Graphic Design 2. The instructors are very helpful 3. Strawberries 4. Miranda Lambert 5. Take pictures

Kaylee Jackson Ponca City High School 1. High School Pre-Pharmacy 2. Environment 3. Olive Garden 4. Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean 5. Sports, draw, hang out with friends

Kendall Hale Deer Creek High School 1. Sports Medicine 2. Sports Activity 3. Steak 4. None 5. Play Basketball

Molly Warren Ark City High School 1. Nursing 2. Softball 3. Mac & cheese 4. Rascal Flatts 5. Swim

Rosi Simmons Arkansas City High School 1. Undecided 2. The friendly people and home-like atmosphere 3. Ice cream 4. Elvis 5. Reading, painting, working out

Sam Nolting Bishop Carroll High School 1. Business 2. The closeness of a lot of the students and awesome staff 3. Chinese food 4. Miranda Lambert 5. Reading, napping

Shelby Cornejo Wellington High School 1. Nursing 2. Sports events 3. Enchiladas 4. Anything 5. Swim/Be outside

Tiffany Clock Bixby High School 1. Nursing 2. All the nice people 3. Pasta 4. Jason Aldean 5. Run or play soccer

Wil Austin LycĂŠe Georges Brassens (France) 1. Communications 2. I like how easy it is to meet people 3. Lentil Soup 4. Joseph Arthur 5. Make music, be outside, watch movies



May 7, 2011

Aaby Michelle Administrative Office Management (AAS) Achenbach Shawn Graphic Design (AA) Acosta Roslandy Business Administration (AA) Adams Chelsa Dental Hygiene (AS) Adams Heath Liberal Arts (AA) Adamson Elanor Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Addis Ashleigh Business Administration (AA) Ailey James Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Akers Brianna Accounting (AA) Albers Ashley Business Administration (AA) Alexander Angela Social Work (AA)

CP graduation “Michelle Schoon because she’s very funny in class; She is pretty good at actually advising and teaching whenever you need it.” ~ Ashlee Clinard- Sophomore

“Got chased by two high school kids in bear costumes.” “Get involved; Make friends.” ~ Ashley Campbell- Sophomore

Allen Renee’ Web Design (AGS) Allender Justin Machine Tool Technology (AAS/C) Allison Alyssa Business Administration (AA) Alonzo Matthew Undeclared (N) Andes Ashley Accounting (AA) Andes Kiley Criminal Justice (AAS/C) Andra Gregory Welding Technology (AAS/C) Angell Lisa Business Administration (AA) Anis Roberta Medicine-Pre (AS) Arseneault Ashley Chiropractic-Pre (AS) Babb Andrew Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Babcock Jessica Medical Transcription (AAS/C) Baldwin Bates Pre-Athletic Training (AS) Balmer Justin Graphic Design (AA) Banks DeAge’a Social Work (AA) Barbeau Pamela Medical Coding (AAS/C) Barrett Brandi Social Work (AA) Bayhylle Lynora Emergency Medical Services/ MICT (AAS) Beard Shelby Business Administration (AA) Bedolla Ana Cosmetology (AAS/C) Bell Sheila Accounting Clerk (AAS) Beltran Kimberly Psychology (AA/AS) Benton Alstin Physical Therapy-Pre (AS) Bercaw Karen Accounting (AA) Bergkamp Shawn Accounting (AA) Bernhardt Leslie Psychology (AA/AS) Berroteran Elena Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Berryman Brittney Nursing-Pre RN (AS)

“Do your homework.” ~ Caleb Griffin- Sophomore

Bierle Jeremiah Religion (AA) Biltz Raphael Creative Writing (AA) Black Trevor Pharmacy-Pre (AS) Bland Valerie Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Blaylock Reese Accounting (AA) Bloxham Jeffery Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Bogle Sandra Social Work (AA) Botello Elizabeth Education - Elementary (AA) Bouray Mary Administrative Office Management (AAS) Bowker Jason Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Bowker Lindsay Liberal Arts (AA) Bowman Caitlin Art (AA) Bowman-Bekemeyer Talia Art (AA) Briscoe Joshua AAS Generic Degree (AAS) Brooks Aaron Chemistry (AS) Brown Julie Accounting Clerk (AAS) Brown Lacy Psychology (AA/AS) Brown Shanna Law-Pre (AA) Bruce Amber Liberal Arts (AA) Burke Brandon Liberal Arts (AA) Burkes Baye Physical Therapy-Pre (AS) Burton Melissa Education - Secondary (AA) Butler Kyle Accounting (AA) Buttram Chad Liberal Arts (AA) Byers Daniel Music (AA) “The trips with the soccer team.” Byers Justin Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) “Go to class.” Cahill Meghan Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Campbell Ashley Mass Communications (AA) ~ Wallison Gomes- Sophomore Carter Jo Anne Medical Office Support (C) Chace Emily Liberal Arts (AA) Chandler Lindsey Education - General (AA) Chrisman Kaylee Education - Elementary (AA) Clinard Ashley Biology (AS) Coelho Lucas Business Administration (AA) Coen Hannah Liberal Arts (AA) Coffman Amber Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership (AAS) Coldwell Jessica Music (AA) Cole Amanda Psychology (AA/AS) Colton Shaleen Dental Hygiene (AS) Corkill Matthew Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Cothran Elizabeth Education - Elementary (AA) Cox Michelle Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Cox Sara Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Crabtree-Tayrien Starlyn Business Administration (AA) Craig Andrew Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Crawford Milissa Psychology (AA/AS) Creed Jordan Engineering-Pre (AS) Crenshaw Joshua Criminal Justice (AAS/C) Cross Krista Biology (AS) Crum Dustin Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Cullum Brooke Business Administration (AA) Cuthbertson Nichole Liberal Arts (AA) Czaplinski Colby Machine Tool Technology (AAS/C) Czaplinski Ilissa Graphic Design (AA) Daley Christina Medical Office Support (C) Daniel Matheus Business Administration (AA) Daniel Michael Hotel and Restaurant Management (AA) Davis Adam Liberal Arts (AA) Davis Houston Automotive Technology (AAS/C)



CP graduation

Davis Kristian Liberal Arts (AA) Davis Scarlett Cosmetology (AAS/C) Day Casey Liberal Arts (AA) Dewey Jason Management Information Systems (AA) DeWitt Dane Engineering Technology (AS) Dezotell Brian Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Dickerson Latoriea Health Miscellaneous (AS) Donals Benjamin Mass Communications (AA) Donals Graham Hotel and Restaurant Management (AA) Donley Bridgette Pharmacy-Pre (AS) Drayton Shannon Business Administration (AA) Duckhorn Connor Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) Dumbauld Jazmen Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Dunlap Amy Music (AA) Earls Alyssa Cosmetology (AAS/C) Edgerton Helen Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Elliott Jacob Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Endicott Dustin Mechatronics (AAS/C) Engle Brittany Law-Pre (AA) Engraf Colli Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Eskew Brittany Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Evinger Amanda Criminal Justice (AAS/C)

“Go for what you want; don’t let anything hold you back.” ~ Morgan Harrod- Sophomore

Guevara-Smith Lori Education - Elementary (AA) Hagadus Michael Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Hales Susan Elementary (AA) Hall Curtis Engineering-Pre (AS) Hall Jared Medicine-Pre (AS) Halley Jonathan Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Hamilton Nichole Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Handshy Jannah Psychology (AA/AS) Hankins Christina Art (AA) Hann Chassey Medicine-Pre (AS) Harmon Anne Music (AA) Harp Emily Accounting (AA) Harper James Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Harrod Morgan Physical Therapy-Pre (AS) Harrold Patrick Engineering-Pre (AS) Hawkins Bailey Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Hayes Jacob Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Hays Tina Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Heim Angela Cosmetology (AAS/C) Heincker Haley Mass Communications (AA) Heitman Kaitlyn Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Henning Ashlee Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Henning Douglas Mathematics (AS) Higgins Scott Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) High Kayla Business Administration (AA) Hills Joshua Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Hilton Lindy Early Childhood Education (AAS) Hinkel Dakota Engineering-Pre (AS) Hiwrade Rachel Business Administration (AA) Hoefler Jennifer Psychology (AA/AS)

The end of the year bash last year. Don’t get a bad reputation; Stay true to yourself. ~ Ashlee Henning- Sophomore

Farley Richelle Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) Ferguson Stephanie Education - Elementary (AA) Filburn Dylan Pre-Athletic Training (AS) Filburn Jesse Pre-Athletic Training (AS) Flowers Christopher Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Ford Kraig Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Foreman Christina Engineering-Pre (AS) Fraas Jakob Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) French Shaelynn Theatre (AA) Gage Jeffrey Numerical Control Programming (C) Gaines Katherine Medical Coding (AAS/C) Gardner Bethany Liberal Arts (AA) Gardner Jimmy Leadership (AGS) Gardner Zachary History (AA) Garza Aysia Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) George Ashley Education - Elementary (AA) George Craig Liberal Arts (AA) Gibaud Thomas Mass Communications (AA) Gilbert Tyler Graphic Design (AA) Gillen Shaun AAS Generic Degree (AAS) Glasser Richard Liberal Arts (AA) Glenn Katherine Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Goodman Kimberly Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Gordon Darwin Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Gorman Kevin Education Elementary & Early Childhood (AA) Gosch Jacob Liberal Arts (AA) Gosch Josey Liberal Arts (AA) Gracia Joshua Psychology (AA/AS) Graves Robin Medical Transcription (AAS/C) Greenlee Rachael Medicine-Pre (AS) Griffin Brittany Political Science (AA) Griffin Tasha Chemistry (AS) Griffith Jacob Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Griffiths Erin Business Administration (AA) Grooms Meagan Liberal Arts (AA)

May 7, 2011

“Getting to meet Dayton Austin Rodrigues.” ~ Allison Hoover- Sophomore

Hofmeier Sara Cosmetology (AAS/C) Holverson Shane Machine Tool Technology (AAS/C) Hoover Allison Education - Secondary (AA) Hope Stephanie Biology (AS) Horinek Kandas AAS Generic Degree (AAS) Horne Nicole Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Horsch Stephan Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Hull Sadie Psychology (AA/AS) Hutson Robert Liberal Arts (AA) Jabara Thaddeus Business Administration (AA) Jauregui Annalisa Pre-Athletic Training (AS)


Tailing Right: Showing their moves and lip syncing skills are the basketball girls. Puttin’ on the Hits had many participants and was great entertainment for students. (photo by Katie Arnett)

Right: Reading a poem for the talent show is freshman Lacie Gaskill. There were many talents ranging from singing to interpretive dance. (photo by Katie Arnett)



October Above: Taking their Talents to the stage are Shaelynn French, Rachel Curtis, and Anne Harmon. They performed in the fall play Miracle Worker. (photo by Katie Arnett)

Bottom: Reaching to catch the ball is freshman Katelyn Edwards. Students played softball at the beginning of the year for a drop in and play activity. (photo by Samantha Francis)

Movies: Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dispicable Me, and Toy Story 3.

March September

Below: Showing love by singing is what CC Singers does best. Singers sold valengrams to members of the community and sang love songs to the recipiants. (photo by Devin Dice)


Above: Sticking it out in the col Simmons. The C.A.A.T team bu the night in the cold to raise ho awareness. (photo by Wil Austi

Enjoying the homecoming dance is freshman Jilysa Daniel and Freshman Connor Tebow. The theme was masquerade ball. (photo by Samantha Francis)


Above: Concentrating on the shot is freshman Brandy McFall. 9 ball tournaments and ping pong tournament were often held in the Jungle. (photo by Samantha Francis)

Television: Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Walking Dead, Glee, Family Guy and CSI.

Bottom: Recieving the Female Athlete of the year award is sophomore Roslandy Acosta. The award was presented by Pres. Patrick McAtee. (photo by Wil Austin)


Technology: Apple Ipad, Google Andriod, Apple iPhone, Call of Duty Black Ops, HTC, Google Instant.


Bottom: Recieving academic awards for art are sophomore Maribel Ramirez and sophomore Jessica Vega. Art instructors Mike Fell and Mark Flickenger presented the awards. (photo by samantha Frances.)



Above: Dressing in their best was no problem for Mr. Cinderfella contestants. Sophomore Jason Dewey was the winner of Mr. Cinderfella for 2011. (photo by Katie Arnett)

ld is freshman Rosi undeled up and spent omelessness and hunger in)

Big Event: Gulf Oil Spill, Japan Earthquake and Haiti Earthquake, Prince William and the Royal Wedding.


People: Kate Middleton, Osama Bin Laden, Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga.



May 7, 2011

Johnson Jordan Liberal Arts (AA) Johnson Lamonica Accounting (AA) Johnson Nathaniel Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Johnson Zachary Music (AA) Johnston Caleb Mass Communications (AA) Jokisch Colin Biology (AS) Jones Alicia Creative Writing (AA) Jordan Newell Criminal Justice (AAS/C) Karki Nisha Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Keiss Adam Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Keiss Warren Mechatronics (AAS/C) Kendall Paula Liberal Arts (AA) Kendrick Cassy Education - General (AA) Kennedy Ashley Business Administration (AA) Kernell Sarah Health Miscellaneous (AS) Kinkade Rebecca Graphic Design (AA) Kirchner Kayla Medicine-Pre (AS) Klaus Caleb Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Klaus Theresa Accounting (AA) Knoettgen Summer Social Work (AA) Kosjer Nickolas Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Kratt Kristin Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Kuffler John Chemistry (AS) Lager Emily Liberal Arts (AA) Lanier Elizabeth Mass Communications (AA) Lara Luis Criminal Justice Administration (AA) LaViolette Ashlee Education - Secondary (AA) Lawson Kyle Business Administration (AA) Leak Josie Art (AA) Lear Michael Education - Secondary (AA) Ledwich Zachary Business Administration (AA) Leonard James Graphic Design (AA) Lewandowski Briar Pharmacy-Pre (AS) Long Tyler Welding Technology (AAS/C) Lukert Jordan Business Administration (AA) Luu Mary Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Lynch Michael Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Magner Tamra Elementary (AA) Markwell Arron Welding Technology (AAS/C)

CP graduation

“Just do your best and focus on your school work and don’t let anything get in your way.” ~ Jessica Mcmillan- Sophomore

Marshall Kandace AAS Generic Degree (AAS) Marshall Kelton Art (AA) Massey Jessica Biology (AS) Massey Parker Welding Technology (AAS/C) Matt Jake Engineering-Pre (AS) Mavec Michael Mechatronics (AAS/C) May Erin Accounting (AA) McClure Bethany Cosmetology (AAS/C) McGee Tyrus Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) McKown William Liberal Arts (AA) Meeker Christa Cosmetology (AAS/C) Meloccaro Coni Education - Elementary (AA) Mendoza Robert Liberal Arts (AA) Meyer Aundraea Liberal Arts (AA) Miller Deana Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Miller Lindsey Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Miller Robert Web Design (AGS)

Miller Taryn Music (AA) Modesto Nathan Business Administration (AA) Monroe Jess Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Monroe Mandi Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Montoya Phyllis Sociology/Social Sciences (AA) Moon Mariah Psychology (AA/AS) Moon Matthew Welding Technology (AAS/C) Moore Adrianne Psychology (AA/AS) Mora Scarlett Education - Secondary (AA) Morris Ronnie Liberal Arts (AA) Morris Tear Education - General (AA) Mueller Kelly Liberal Arts (AA) Murray Jesse Political Science (AA) “I didn’t really participate in school Myers Andres Mathematics (AS) activities.” Myers Megan Liberal Arts (AA) “Go to class.” Myrtle Charlotte Accounting (AA) Needham Garrett Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) ~ Christine Jones- Sophomore Neises Ashton Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Nelson Angie Education - Elementary (AA) Nichols Joel Education - Secondary (AA) Nola Sonny Chemistry (AS) Nulik Kristina Liberal Arts (AA) Nuse Austin Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Omarkhail Britany Veterinary Medicine-Pre (AS) Paschal Eric Machine Tool Technology (AAS/C) Pate Kalena Dental Hygiene (AS) Patrick Jace Welding Technology (AAS/C) Patterson Kelsy Psychology (AA/AS)

“Broadcasting” “Live in the dorms, it is a better experience.” ~ Elizabeth Lainer- Sophomore

Patterson Michael Welding Technology (AAS/C) Patton Ashton Liberal Arts (AA) Pauler Micheal Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Payne John Liberal Arts (AA) Peetoom Toni Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Perkins Cody Biology (AS) Pham Lisa Education Elementary & Early Childhood (AA) Phillips Kathleen Liberal Arts (AA) Phillips Kylie Accounting Clerk (AAS) Pike Jondalar Biology (AS) Pittman Amanda Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Polly Andrew Law-Pre (AA) Porter Adrian Business Administration (AA) Posey Delicia Cosmetology (AAS/C) Pratt Jeanette Cosmetology (AAS/C) Pruett-Reid Tabitha Health Miscellaneous (AS) Pudden Aaron Welding Technology (AAS/C) Quinones Joseph Welding Technology (AAS/C) Ralstin Ruthann Education - Elementary (AA) Ramirez Maribel Art (AA) Ratcliff Jenifer Biology (AS) Ratzlaff Jessica History (AA) Ray Scott Psychology (AA/AS) Rea Aaron Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) Rea William Business Administration (AA) Rebold Sarah Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Redford Chelsea English (AA) Reeves Dana Dental Hygiene (AS) Reeves Jonathan Automotive Technology (AAS/C)



CP graduation Stucky Kaitlyn Veterinary Medicine-Pre (AS) Sublett Douglas Accounting (AA) Sutton MacKenzie Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) Swiggart Jocelyn Emergency Medical Services/MICT (AAS) Tackett Erica Pharmacy-Pre (AS) Taylor Betty Administrative Office Management (AAS) Taylor Davin Business Administration (AA) Thieme Bonnie Recreational Leadership (AA) Thomas Lindsey Psychology (AA/AS) Thornton Amy Business Administration (AA) Tobble Christina Psychology (AA/AS) Tolley James Computer Science (AS)

“Driving up to the art museum with Mark Flickinger.” ~ Kat Myers- Sophomore

Reichle James Computer Information Science (AA) Reynolds Kelley Music (AA) Rhone ShaQuora Business Administration (AA) Richardson Kaleigh Mass Communications (AA) Roan Joel Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Roberson William Liberal Arts (AA) Roberts Stuart Machine Tool Technology (AAS/C) Robinson Brittany Education - Elementary (AA) Rosendale Daniel Law-Pre (AA) Ruhter Kimberly Mortuary Science-Pre (AS) Sauceda Sarah Mass Communications (AA) Savala Christina Physical Therapy-Pre (AS) Scharff Jeffrey Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Schell Kylie Business Administration (AA) Schwartz Joseph Biology (AS) Schwyhart Katherine Accounting (AA) Scott Shelby Business Administration (AA) Scott Wesley Welding Technology (AAS/C) Sears Leland Business Administration (AA) Shields Tyler Business Administration (AA) Shipley Daniel Education - Elementary (AA) Shipman Scott Liberal Arts (AA) Siever Cody Welding Technology (AAS/C) Silva Ariani Liberal Arts (AA) Simon Christina Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Skinner Sarah Biology (AS) Smades Chelsi Liberal Arts (AA) Smith Jan Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Smith Justin Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Smith Megan Liberal Arts (AA) Sotelo Claudia Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Soukup Jeffrey Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Sparks Brandon Business Administration (AA) Sparks Jade Theatre (AA) Speck Carissa Business Administration (AA) Spengler Tammy Liberal Arts (AA) Stark Heath Biology (AS) Stearns Kaitlin Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Steinaway Kalon Theatre (AA) Stephan Alexander Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Stettler Jayson Criminal Justice Administration (AA) Stettler Martha Psychology (AA/AS) Stevenson Michael Liberal Arts (AA) Struble Alyssa Nursing-Pre RN (AS)

May 7, 2011

“Participating in PTK.” “Try to learn to be mature.” ~ Chi fung Ng- Sophomore

Tracy Devon Graphic Design (AA) Valls Joan Sports Management/Sports Administration (AA) Vega Jeremiah Graphic Design (AA) Venn Jessica Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Vieyra Margaret Pre-Athletic Training (AS) Viola Nicholas Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Waldorf Shirley Mass Communications (AA) Watson James Exploratory (AA/AS/AGS) Weathers Chelsea Health Miscellaneous (AS) Weaver Tiara Psychology (AA/AS) “Going to nationals for volleyball.” Webb Charlotte Cosmetology (AAS/C) Weber Christol Psychology (AA/AS) “Get involved and get out of your White Llana Social Work (AA) comfort zone.” Whitehead Nichlous Emergency Medical Services/ MICT (AAS) ~ Kelsy Patterson- Sophomore Wiley Marissa Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Williams Jordan Dental Hygiene (AS) Williams Ryan Automotive Technology (AAS/C) Wilson Isaac Religion (AA) Wilson Phillip Physical Therapy-Pre (AS) Wonser Kelsey Business Administration (AA) Woods Mitchell Business Administration (AA) Workman Andrea Music (AA) Workman Zacharih Welding Technology (AAS/C) Yeoman Debra Health Services Management/Community Develop (AA) Young Bonnie Medical Transcription (AAS/C) Young Colleen Hotel and Restaurant Management (AA) Young Evan Non-Destructive Testing (AAS) Young Logan Nursing-Pre RN (AS) Zettl Brittny Nursing-Pre RN (AS)

Questions for Sophomores:

“Cuddling on my quilts on the hill with my friends.” “Get involved and have fun.”

1. Favorite Cowley memory? 2. Advice for freshmen about sophomore year? 3. Favorite teacher at Cowley?

~ Devon Tracey- Sophomore




May 7, 2011

shares his experience

Q: Where are you



A: I am originally

from Tampa, but moved to Kansas in January 2000. I lived in Wichita until moving to Derby in 2008.

Saving for the fall

Q: What organizations were you a part of?

A: I was an original mem-

ber of the Mulvane Campus Writer’s Group and I served as the President for the Mulvane campus Phi Theta Kappa chapter. I was also inducted into the Math and Science Club, but did not really have time to participate

Landing a summer job will help students save more money BY BRITTANY THIESING Staff writer


n today’s economy prices on necessities have risen leaving wallets almost empty. Students don’t always work as much during the fall and winter; instead they look to find a summer job. Summer is a time for fun with friends, but it is also a good time to look for a major-related job, internship or volunteer opportunity. “Volunteering would be better,” said sophomore Amanda Cole. One “that pertains to my major and it looks good on my resume.” The knowledge gained from certain activities help a student find a decent starting job that involves their area of study. “Try doing internships to work your way up to get your foot in the door,” said sophomore Wes Ross. “Treat looking for a job as a full time

job,” said Mulvane Coordinator Cynthia Jones. “Be ready for an interview. I called businesses and then went out with a stack of resumes to companies. I scheduled interviews, made phone calls to various places.” Landing that interview can be tough, after applying, calling the company is a good tactic for landing a job interview. Good personality is key when it comes to securing a job. When making a resume make it personalized. Studying the company, knowing the names of those in charge and what they do is a very important tip. After the interview, writing a thank you letter is a must. Once the company calls with the job offer and the paychecks start coming in, save up. That way when the prices increase, cash is still filling up the wallet. On top of that security, having a job that is relevant to one’s major is a good experience for the next step forward.

Q: What advice do you have for freshman?

A: My advice to incoming freshman would be: If you have some free time, join a club or organization. Cowley has a lot to offer outside of the classroom and it makes the semesters fly by.


Where are you attending after Cowley? Above Left: Trying to find a job, sophomore Tyler Gilbert goes over his application for Grinder Man as an option for a summer job, located behind to the police station near the main campus. (photo by Brittany Thiesing)


1-800-522-1887 ext. 230 or



I will be attending WSU.

Q: What’s you major? A: I am going for a double major. My first is graphic design and my second is Spanish.

Q: Fondest memory of Cowley?


My fondest memory would be Phi Theta Kappa. Through PTK, I made lifelong friends from Kansas and across the country. I also got to go to two International Conferences (Orlando in 2010 and Seattle in 2011) that would not have been possible otherwise. Aside from PTK, I got to meet some awesome teachers and have made friends with people from the Mulvane campus. With graduation on May 7, sophomore Justin Balmer shares his thoughts about past two years. Balmer made the best out of his time at the Mulvane campus. (photo by Brittany Thiesing)

Looking for a Job 1. Look through newspapers 2. Look for jobs through the Internet 3. Go around town and look for jobs at smaller companies

Offering a 20% discount to all Cowley students Don’t forget your Cowley ID!

A: After Cowley



Mapping out a major

May 7, 2011

Finding direction in college education BY WIL AUSTIN Editor-in-chief


he future waits, inconclusive, for sophomores to graduate and take on life’s ever-larger responsibilities. Big questions hang over Cowley’s graduating students: Where will they transfer? What will they study? Do they even want to stay in college? The answers come easier for some students than for others. The second week of April was the most stressful week Chelsea Weathers had experienced in a long time. Just like for other sophomores, the approaching graduation put a lot on her plate. She knew exactly what she wanted to study: radiology. But whether or not Newman University, the one school where she applied, would accept her was another question. If she wasn’t accepted, the alternative would be to work in Arkansas City for another year and hopefully intern at the new hospital. “My life is considered like a big I.D.K., like I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” said Weathers. But she did receive an acceptance letter late in April. She also knew what she wanted, which is more than some sophomores can say. At the end of his sophomore year, Travis Black is still a little uncertain about what direction to take his studies. “I’m taking a year off to figure it out,” said Black.

Deciding what degree to pursue is a common challenge for college students. As students conclude their community college experience, the issue becomes more pressing. (photo illustrations by Wil Austin) He came to Cowley as an exploratory major. After a while, he tried psychology but now he is leaning toward music recording. Black has been apprehensive about committing to one major. “That’s your career for the rest of your life, and everybody says do what you love, so I’m trying to do that,” he said. Heather Allen, director of enrollment management, works with a lot of exploratory students so she knows how much they can struggle with indecision. She tries to help them sort out their interests and choose a satisfying major. “The first thing that I try to get people to think about is whether they’re going to get an associate of arts degree or an associate of science degree,” said Allen. Then she helps them enroll in a variety of classes that fit their interests. She even finds opportunities for them to shadow professionals in fields they are considering. Cowley’s President, Patrick McAtee, remembers his struggle as a student to find direction. “I was one of those people that was undecided and very confused as to what I wanted to be in life and what I wanted to do.” In college he joined the theater and through the experiences that followed his

doubts and questions began dissipating. McAtee realized he wanted to go into the field of education. “By getting involved in something you kind of find yourself,” he said. Allen also believes life experience helps individuals find a sense of purpose. One of her advisees left school to do volunteer work in Africa. It was a fulfilling alternative to university that ultimately caused her to return to the United States and pursue a specific degree. Weathers’ degree choice was also guided by a serious event in her life. When she was 13, Weathers had an accident that called for six surgeries in two different hospitals and left a scar along her right forearm. It was a scary experience but one


that gave her the impression God was telling her to pursue a career in the medical field. So that’s what she did. Although many students eventually pick a direction, Allen admitted that there are still students who don’t make a choice. She addresses those students specifically, asking them to look for help before giving up on a college degree.



May 7, 2011

Dancing their way to Daytona BY RHIANNON ROSAS Layout editor


ourteen girls, 11 teams and one national title; the road to nationals in Daytona Beach, Fla. was filled with flips, flights and foibles. The Tigerette danceline started competing in National Dance Alliance in 1998, but it wasn’t until the following year that current head coach, Lindsay Sanderholm, took the team to nationals. When the team arrived in Daytona they took only a minute to soak in the sun and gaze at the ocean. Then the whole team kicked into dance-mode and prepared to ‘drop it like it’s hot.’ The girls competed against junior colleges and small universities across the country including Barton Community College, who took first place in challenge cup, and New York University, who won first place in dance division III.

The team performed “Beautiful” and took second place in challenge cup and eighth in dance division III. The following night the girls performed their hip hop routine and placed 12 in hip hop division II. The Tigerette danceline left Ark City with the courage and determination to perform their routines to their fullest extent and brought back two trophies. “Nationals was a great experience,” said Krista Logan, freshman, “I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for next year to see what our future holds as a team.” Front Row: Sarah McWhirter, Shelby Kreische, Devon Tracy, Lindsay Sanderholm, Alyssa Struble, Chelsa Adams, Leah Riley Back Row: Jessica McMillan, Kalena Pate, Kaela Helt, Gabi Griffin, Rhiannon Rosas, Jamie Mayfield, Krista Logan, Megan Boydston. The Tigerettes danced in Daytona Beach, Fla. in the National Dance Alliance competition and brought back two trophies. (courtesy photo)

Celebrating Cowley athletics BY WILL AUSTIN Editor-in-chief

Free food, nice clothing and a real team spirit made up this year’s athletic’ banquet. The banquet took place in the Ag. Building on April 26. The sound of lively conversation from tables of student athletes and their family members continued to fill the space even as Athletic Director Tom Saia began his announcements.

Sitting with their teammates, soccer girls Alina Tamiosso and Alejandra Aloso, both freshmen, enjoy the food and time with their fellow athletes. Dressed for the occasion, Kammie Mercer, freshman, Whitney Green, sophomore, Janesa Kobza, freshman, and Allison Hoover, sophomore wait in line to get some food. (photos by Wil Austin)

The Hamburger Shack The Hamburger Shack is back!

Left: new male student athlete of the year Josh Gracia, sophomore, gives a short speech. Above: an inside joke sparks laughter between Gavin Brown, freshman, and head coach Tommy DeSalme. Right: Ian Muto, sophomore and Aldo Hernandez, freshman, exchange some warm words.


Great food on a college students budget! (620)-442-0385 611 W Madison Ave Arkansas City, KS 67005



May 7, 2011

Tigers take three out of four from the caveliers BY VICTOR OTHERS Staff writer

blank. Next inning the Tigers got into rhythm and penetrated a 4-0 lead. In the third inning they would score three runs to make it 7-0. The defensive minded Tigers would keep the Cavaliers scoreless heading into the final inning. Cowley closed the victory for good as they batted in two more scores to have the 9-0 shutout win. Game two had the Tigers get off to a rough start. In the second inning the Cavaliers had a 1-0 lead. The Tigers would be held empty handed through four innings. Cowley finally got on the scoreboard in the fifth inning scoring twice to have a 2-1 advantage. This would spark a feeding frenzy as they scored four unanswered points to end game two. The Tigers closed game two with a 6-1 victory by holding the Cavs scoreless in the final seven innings. Game three had the Tigers get to the early lead 2-0 in the first inning. The


Steve Argo, freshman, launches a pitch over the plate for a strike against Barton. Argo pitched with a winning effort 8-5. (photo by Rhiannon Rosas)

he Tigers (32-10) were looking to cross swords for the victory slash against Johnson County Community College (26-19) on April 22-23. The team came prowling into the four-game series after a tough loss to Barton County. To open up game one, both teams would end the first inning

Cavaliers would cut the deficit to 2-1 to end the fourth inning. Both teams would be shutout the whole game until the final inning. Cowley broke the dry spell with a score. The 3-1 score was good enough to prevail in game three. Game four had Cavaliers down 0-3 in the series, unlike LeBron James ditching out while times are tough with his Cavaliers. These Cavs were staying and not going down without a fight. Tigers started the final game with a 1-0 lead on top of the first. But the Cavs responded to swing in six runs in the first inning to retrieve the lead. The next inning had the Tigers scoring a run to make the score 6-2. But the Cavaliers again answering back with four more in the third inning to take a commanding 10-2 lead. The Tigers would score only one more run to end the game. The Cavs prevented the clean sweep to win game four 13-3 over the Tigers.

Softball snags two wins from the ravens BY VICTOR OTHERS Staff writer

The Lady Tigers (33-14) were looking to chomp down on Coffeyville Community College (8-26). Going into the game the team was riding a three game winning streak while the Ravens were the exact opposite with a three game losing streak. Cowley stepped out on the field ranking as the 12 team in the country.

Victories would not allow Cowley to win a conference title but, it would lock them a spot for second in the conference standings behind only Labette Community College. Even though they were hungry for a two-game series sweep of the low graded Ravens; the Lady Tigers started out cold by being held scoreless in the first inning. To start the second inning, Cowley slashed a couple runs to take the 2-0 lead. Both teams would show good defense up

to the fifth inning. Cowley hit a single scoring run to make it 3-0. Ravens answered back with a score of their own to cut the deficit 3-1. In the next inning the Ladies chomped down hard and blasted four scores to a commanding 7-1 edge. Lady Tigers would finish up game one with a 7-1 victory over the Ravens. At the start of game two for the ladies showed they were not going to slow down the momentum. Considering they

opened the first two innings with seven runs piling through. They kept chomping away scoring twice in the fourth inning. But the Ravens also scored twice in the inning to trim the lead 9-2. In the last inning of the series the Lady Tigers closed in the win with two more scores. Tigers closed game two with a 11-2 victory. Cowley walked away with the two-game sweep and a runner-up finish in the Jayhawk East Conference.

Advice for freshmen “Take your classes seriously because you don’t know when you will have tests or anything and if you miss, you’ll probably miss a lot.”-Kirsten Patterson Freshman

Advice for freshmen “Just get out there and join as many clubs as possible and stay busy.” -Jilysa Daniel Freshman


Hopes to do better “I hope to get less dorm fines next year.” -Tyree Parker, Freshman



May 7, 2011

Cowley adds weights club BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor In case you’ve dropped the bar as of late, Cowley recently beefed up its list of clubs by adding a weights club to its repertoire. The weights club is sponsored by Sam Vogele and was initiated by freshman Matthew Fox. “I was getting bored in the weight room just lifting against myself,” said Fox, “ I wanted some competition to help me train. Plus I thought I could help out some other people who wanted to get into lifting.” The club currently has 12 members. There has not been a strong presence of the club this year since it only began in late March. However, Fox is looking to take the club a step forward next semester. “The major goal is to get kids together to have lifting partners and to share ideas for workouts.” The club will meet bi-monthly to max-out on bench, squat, and deadlift in the Wellness Center. Together members will; work out together, discuss different techniques, and talk about other nutritional habits. Fox said he hopes after he has left Cowley the program will continue to grow, possibly even to start competing in collegiate lifting meets. “Next year I’m going to recruit some guys into the club. And we’re going to go up to meets; not as a club representing Cowley but just as individuals. It would be really cool if we got to the point where we could represent the school at a collegiate level at a meet, or even host one,” said Fox.

Twins set American Records Freshman brothers Matthew and Michael Fox set American records at the Nebraska State Championships on April 22-23 in Lincoln, Ne. Matthew set the American Record for bench press and squat while Michael set the American Record for the teen raw division in the 123 weight class and bench, squat, deadlift and overall weight.

lady tigers nab third straight conference title BY BENJAMIN DONALS Sports editor ed by their outstanding freshman one-two combo of Diana Davitaia and Zsofia Biro the Lady Tigers tennis team won their third straight regional title April 23 in Wichita. The title was also the team’s fourth regional title in the last five years. Cowley came into the tournament on a hot streak having blown through Johnson County, Seward County, and Barton County at some point earlier in the season. The Lady Tigers continued that level of competition by putting all but one of their doubles teams and all of their singles players in the finals matches for each division. Cowley had regional champs at the Nos. 1, 2, and 5 singles slots in Davitaia, Biro, and fellow freshman Mariah Vargas. While freshman Kristen Richardson and Cowley’s lone returning player from last season sophomore Brittany Berryman fell in straight sets to Johnson County’s Marijana Gjorgjevska and Lexi Hertling at the Nos. 3 and 4 singles slots, respectively. The Lady Tiger’s Shelby Cornejo, freshman, also had a hard fought match in the No. 6 finals match against Seward County’s Lindy Kowalcuk, falling in three sets 7-6, 3-6, 4-6. In doubles it was Cowley’s dynamic duo of Davitaia and Biro that took home the regional title at No. 1 doubles, ousting Seward County in three sets 6-1, 2-6, 6-2. The Lady Tigers will next take to the court in the NJCAA’s Women’s National Championships in Tuscon, Az May 8-13. At the same tournament last year the Lady Tigers finished fourth. The team had its top two singles players enter the semi-finals before losing. Their number one doubles team also moved to the semi-finals. This year’s team has some large shoes to fill after last year’s success but, the Lady Tigers have been powerful this season. Following through, freshman Zsofia Biro, launches the ball down the line. Biro and her partner, Diana Davitaia, have outstanding records. (photo by Katie Arnett)



Graduation Issue 2011  

Graduation Issue 2011

Graduation Issue 2011  

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