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Finding The Light At The End Of The Tunnel A

re you ready for the hot summer weather? It has been a dream spring for all of us. As the summer days get longer, many of us will still be left with the feeling of being buried‌buried in debt. We feel it when we’re getting ready for our day. We feel it driving to work. We feel it when we interact with our spouse, our children or our loved ones. We feel it when we try to go to sleep. It can be a helpless feeling‌like constantly being barraged with rain and lousy weather – things we don’t have control over. The theme of this article is that you do have control over your debt; it’s just a matter of taking action. There is no hole too big or too difficult to dig out from underneath. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you take that first step: Don’t be afraid. I cannot tell you how many clients come into my office with unopened envelopes of credit card bills and mortgage statements. It’s a coping mechanism. If I don’t open the mail, then it is not a’s not real. Don’t be afraid of your position. It is what it is – it’s about how we are going to fix it that matters. Acknowledging the problem is an important first step. Communicate. Being in debt can be a very lonely feeling. We all want to pay our bills. It is a matter of pride. In fact, many of the people I help are current on their present obligations and have outstanding credit, but are overwhelmed with the amount

in which they owe. Many of my clients feel isolated from their friends and family – even their spouse – because of trying to “keep up� an image or lifestyle that is simply no longer sustainable. Communicate with those who matter and seek help. I can assure you, that you are not alone. Be proactive. There are solutions to any and all debt related problems. Every situation is unique and requires a different analysis based upon the specific circumstances pertaining to one’s assets and liabilities. No two cases are alike. The important thing to remember is that, unless you are proactive, nothing will change. I treat every consultation as an information session. It’s an opportunity for you to receive the information you need about bankruptcy and other debt solution options, and it is an opportunity for me to set a strategic course for helping a client find relief.

I hope this article proved helpful in not giving up hope and trying to move forward. Like with this dream spring passing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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