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reetings, readers and friends! I hope New Jersey has not yet presented you with “spring fever.” You know, the coughing, sneezing, congestion, nasal drip, itchy eye, headache, dizzy, miserable feelings of seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis. It is expected that 2017 will bring on some of the highest mold spore and pollen counts in history and, with that, thousands of individuals suffering with the above symptoms and no new therapies to combat them! At least until now……. Until now, the currently available medications minimize symptoms at best for a small minority of allergy sufferers and often, the side effects of the therapies are equally troublesome if not worse than the symptoms they are intended to resolve. Perhaps the better therapeutic option would be one that addresses the underlying cause(s) of the symptoms rather than the symptoms. Believe it or not, this therapy already exists and has been available for over half a century. This therapy is part of the air we breathe that contains the same irritants causing our allergy symptoms. The therapy is known as OZONE, which is a supercharged molecule of oxygen that is manufactured in nature through electrical storms that also is part of what colors the sky blue and produces the familiar freshness scent of rain. Ozone nourishes and cleanses our body just as it nourishes our plants and cleans our atmosphere. Ozone is used to filter and provide for safe drinking water. It is what protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and, when used medicinally, has the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus and even cancer cells. It also provides relief from pain and arthritis as well as hundreds of other medical

indications. In fact, it is easier to list the medical conditions that ozone doesn’t help than it is to mention its thousands of indications. To familiarize yourself with the “miracles of ozone,” refer to AAOTUS.COM and read it in its entirety. While you are there, I request that you click on “become a member.” It is a free membership that will help support the cause and potentially lead to the acknowledgement and more frequent use of this invaluable therapy by mainstream medicine in the future. Are you among the tens of thousands of sinus/allergy sufferers who get worse rather than better the more that you intervene in attempting to treat your symptoms? Do you ever notice or wonder why, after your doctor calls in a prescription for an antibiotic, your symptoms persist? Unfortunately, far too often what happens next is you are brought into the office for evaluation and a different antibiotic is prescribed with the explanation that you need a “stronger” antibiotic – which, you will soon see, only further compounds the underlying problem! Now that your doctor’s therapies have failed, you are left to fend for yourself and resort to the overuse of previously failed over-the-counter therapies such as nasal sprays, neti pot, antihistamines and decongestants that only serve to leave you wired and tired and, at best, provide only minimal temporary relief. As a last resort you agree with the referral to the “specialist,” who recommends all the previously failed therapies and a CT scan that usually offers nothing more than a lighter wallet and the opportunity to glow in the dark from the radiation it exposes you to. Now comes yet another course of antibiotics and both a nasal and oral course of steroids, which is exactly what

you don’t need. Not only will this not be effective, it will be counterproductive. You are then likely to be offered painful and unnecessary sinus irrigation surgery that may provide temporary relief. BOTTOM LINE: How do you prevent this cascadeof-failure medical events? SIMPLE!!!! You address and treat the underlying problem. More often than not, the cause or etiology of the problem is a fungal infection in those with chronic sinus problems. A simple, painless injection of ozone into the sinus cavity frequently eliminates the symptoms and underlying problem in a matter of seconds to minutes. For those with allergies, the same therapy has been found to be extremely effective. The same medical protocols that worsened chronic sinus sufferers’ symptoms will do the same for allergy sufferers. This is because they suppress the immune system on many levels. Come live the ICAM EXPERIENCE and relive your former health free of sinus and allergy problems while rebuilding your immune system and regaining your health. We are offering a discount on all OZONE therapies through the month of June. Yours in Health…


TESTIMONIALS: “As a lifelong sufferer of perpetual sinus infections, I can attest to the effectiveness of direct injection of ozone. I have used steroidal-based sprays such as Flonase with the potential consequence of fungal infections. Snorted salt water through my nose and had to spit the solution out my mouth. More than once I have aspirated the solution. I found the neti pot procedure to be much more efficient, but saline rinse always dried out my mucus membranes, causing nosebleed or bloody post-nasal drip down the back of my throat. Direct injection of ozone into the sinuses not only relieves the sinus pressure almost instantaneously but clears out any mucus or infection within minutes. I find this means of treatment to be the most complete and longest lasting of any treatments I have tried in the past.”

“When I moved to Ocean County over 20 years ago, I found myself suffering from allergies that caused congestion, pain, post-nasal drip and chronic infections. I sought help from various doctors but nothing worked. I was considering surgery for a deviated septum when I heard about the ozone treatment offered at ICAM. I made an appointment for this simple procedure, which was quick and painless. By the time I left the office, I was free of symptoms for the first time in years! I haven’t had one sleepless night due to my sinuses since then. It is amazing to me that I could enjoy lasting relief after such a simple, brief, and painless procedure. I have told everyone I know about this (and even some total strangers!)” —P.G.,’ Toms River, NJ

—D.B., Syracuse, NY

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 609-978-9002.

Institute For Complementary & Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Drive, Suite 3, Manahawkin, NJ 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk., Suite 202, Wayne, NJ 973-790-6363 By Appointment Only: 639 Stokes Road, Suite 202, Medford, NJ 609-654-5900 Mark James Bartiss, MD is a medical writer, lecturer, and author, and is recognized as a top ten specialist in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He has helped numerous individuals take their lives back and reclaim their health. The County Woman Magazine

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