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Medical Medical Professionals Professionals CORONAVIRUS 3D Mammography

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Every flu season, civilians and healthcare professionals are worried about their health and

suspicious, patients need to be called Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death are taking preventive measures to stay This year, backhealthy. for additional views. The though, multiple we have an extra dose of among women. One in 8 women will develop breast the varietythat of coronavirus. images created by 3D mammograms Cancer in cancer in her lifetime.pressure: Each year it isnew estimated over have such increased accuracy that this breast 252,710 women in the United States will be diagnosed Cyrus Khorrami, M.D. your recovers. there is decreased need for this. On is body difficult to with breast cancer and more than 40,500 women will Fortunately, most people with average 3D mammograms reduce detect on die the disease. This is why early detection is so coronavirus have recovered smoothly with To befrom clear, “coronavirus” callbacks by up to 40% compared to this standard important. With early detection, the five-year survival supportive medical care. is a general term that refers to traditional mammograms. This means mammogram. rate isofnearly The latest weapon in the fight against a group viruses100%. that have less radiation exposure, increased Q: Preventive Measures for the breast cancer is 3D mammography (also known as breast convenience for our patients, and more similar structures. The group isn’t 2019 Coronavirus Outbreak new, but like any virus, has technology has increased early tomosynthesis). Thisit new peace of mind. Your chances of contracting the 2019 changed and over branched out mammograms, especially in detection traditional Ccoronavirus while going about your life Q: What can I expect when are incredibly small. Even among those over time. The outbreak we’re Greater accuracy means women with dense breasts. seeing now is merely the latest better breast cancer detection. having a 3D mammogram? who contract the virus, the vast majority are

branch of that family tree. The clinical name for this new Q: What is a 3Dbut mammogram? How is it different from virus is COVID-19, for ease of understanding, we’ll call it regular mammograms? the 2019 coronavirus. A: 3D mammogram--also called breast tomosynthesis--is one of the most

A: The process of having a 3D

recovering smoothly.

mammogram is the same as a conventional 2D exam. The technologist will position you, compress your breast, and take images advanced forms of breast cancer detection. It uses a very low level of radiation to from different angles. There’s no Q: Did pictures the 2019 takeHow multiple of the breast. The x-ray tube movesAover breast an chestadditional CT the scan ofinthe of a patient withrequired, and it compression Coronavirus Start? images of each breast from different angles. A computer arc, capturing multiple only takes a few extra seconds. cornavirus shows infection in both lungs reconstructs Most peoplethese knowpictures that thistocoronavirus create a 3-dimensional picture of the breast. A regular outbreak started in Wuhan, China, but they Above all, though, the issue is that we Q: You Diagnosise the mammogram takes a single picture of the breast. Q:How Do Do insurance companies don’t realize how. don’t know if there are other mysteries and 2019 Coronavirus? The illness started among vendors at a problems with the 2019 coronavirus that Q: What is the advantage of 3D mammogram? fish market in Wuhan. It appears that this are undiscovered. A: One challenges interpreting mammograms is normal dense breast virus usedof tothe circulate in the of animals that tissuesold hiding cancer. Additionally, areasYou of normal dense breast were in thebreast market, most likely snakes. overlapping Q: How Do Tell the tissue can look suspicious. is why breast cancer in women In December, though, it madeThis a change wedetecting Difference Between the with 2019dense rarely seeisinmore viruses: it jumped and breasts difficult. Thespecies 3-dimensional images of breast tomosynthesis help Coronavirus and the Common began affecting humans. decrease the tissue overlap that can obscure cancers. It also helps distinguish normal

Cold or the Flu? overlapping breast tissue from breast cancer. The 2019 coronavirus is a respiratory Q: Why Is the 2019 Coronavirus Studies have shown that 3D mammograms improve theare very virus.significantly That means its symptoms Dangerous? detection of breast cancer, especially in women with denser breast tissue. It also similar to the common cold and the flu. The problem with this new coronavirus The most reliable way to know which picks up breast cancer at an earlier stage, which may be missed by traditional is the word “new.” While researchers know illness you may have is through your travel mammography. 3D mammograms much about how other viruses in the find 20-65% more invasive breast cancers history or average that of someone to you. compared to traditional 2D mammograms, with an increaseclose of 41%. coronavirus family behave, we don’t yet

While there are a few 2019 coronavirus know how different the 2019 coronavirus cases in the United States, Q: Is there increased radiation performing a 3Dyou’re highly may be. unlikely to contract it unless you’ve recently mammogram? We already know some concerning been to China, especially around Wuhan. facts about the virus. We know that it’s This coronavirus also The tendslevel to cause A: Mammograms expose patients to very low levels of radiation. of contagious before the symptoms appear so shortness of breath, body aches, and chills. radiation exposure from a 3D mammogram is the same as that from a traditional it’s difficult to contain. We know it spreads While these can also be present with a cold mammogram. So a patient from person to person and thatreceives the virusall the benefits without any increased risk. the flu, theyfinds do increase chances that mammograms, when aorradiologist an areathe that is may With be abletraditional to live on non-human surfaces you have the 2019 coronavirus. for 24 hours or more.

Of course, it never hurts to take preventative measures. In fact, many of the tips to avoid the 2019 coronavirus are the same measures you can take to avoid other illnesses. They’re good habits to have allaround. Using 3D mammogram 1. Keep Your Hands the Clean. technology, Hand wash often! cancer was able to be 2. Avoid touching others when it isn’t clearly seen. necessary. cover 3D mammograms? That’s especially true for people you don’t There is overlap between this disease you may In notthe realize A: Medicare, private insurers, coverknow 3D because mammograms. past,they’re not and flu or a badand cold.many Doctors use clinical sick. all private insurance companies covered 3D mammograms. However, in August symptoms including travel history to help 3. Clean Surfaces Often. with theNew diagnosis. andaCT findingsrequiring nearly all the major health insurers 2018, JerseyX-ray enacted mandate Especially areas that are touched by show disease the lung. Today, the only to cover 3Dinmammograms. multiple people. organization that can test for the 2019 4. Stay Home if You’re Ill. Toms isRiver X-ray has been performing mammograms coronavirus the Centers for Disease The rule of thumb is to stay home until Control and Prevention (CDC). and serving the community for over 30 years. Our 3D you’ve been fever-free for 24 hours. mammogram If you think you may have the virus,on the market and has the most is the latest 5. Pay More Attention to Your Overall call ahead to a medical office so theyItcan advanced technology. is our mission Health. to provide the very prepare the facility and alert the CDC. Common mistakes like sleeping too little, best for patients. We thank Explain yourour symptoms and whether you’ve you for trusting us with your eating an unbalanced and non-nutritious health and the orhealth your loved visited China recently have hadof close diet, having excessive stress, or exercising contact who has. to offering ones.with Wesomeone look forward too little can make your immune system you this significant advance in breast less effective. During this outbreak and Q: How to Treat the 2019 cancer screening. other high-illness times, make your Coronavirus healthy habits a priority. For the 2019 coronavirus, as with many viruses, there is no direct treatment for the For more health tips, check out virus itself. The primary treatment is to Cyrus Khorrami, M.D. other articles on our healthcare blog. relieve symptoms and prevent the illness Medical Director from spreading to those around you while PARVIZ KHORRAMI, M.D. CYRUS KHORRAMI, M.D. Founder Medical Director PARVIN MOTEMADEN KHORRAMI, M.D.


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