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An Educational Resource for Women and Their Families FREE ~ Please Take One What To Expect After A Total Knee Replacement

At All-Care Physical Therapy Center we specialize in innovative approaches to make your recovery from a Total Knee Replacement as painless and enjoyable as possible. Pages 2

Aid And Attendance: A Veteran’s Benefit

The Veteran’s Administration operates the Nation’s largest integrated health care system and administers a variety of benefits and services that provide financial and other forms of assistance.

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The Power of Flowers As Gifts

According to a Rutgers’ study, men and women who give flowers as a gift are perceived to be successful, caring and happy. Female floral gifters are viewed as more appreciative of beauty and nature. Page 56

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Meridian Fitness & Wellness opens a state-of-the-art facility to serve the community of Jackson. Read more about the facility and meet the managers on pages 38 & 39.



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Jan./Feb. 2014

Please Take One

Medical Professionals


What To Expect After A Total Knee Replacement A Physical Therapy Perspective Written By: Joel Maietta, Physical Therapist & Manager of All-Care Physical Therapy, Brick, NJ


Does the idea of a Total Knee Replacement scare you?


Why do people need Total Knee Replacements?

While the thought of having a total knee replacement sounds daunting and arduous, there are many misconceptions regarding rehabilitation following the surgery. Often people run (not literally) from the idea of having this surgery because they hear horror stories of painful therapy sessions and a long grueling recovery period. However, with proper education, motivation, and the guidance of a skilled rehabilitation team, recovery should be nothing to worry about.

The primary reason people require a total knee replacement is to rid their knee of a painful condition called Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis develops when the smooth cartilage that cushions your joint starts to break down resulting in stiffness, pain, and that “grinding” sensation you feel in your knee. Unfortunately, our bodies are unable to reproduce adequate cartilage to repair the lost cushioning. As a result, a surgeon must often times perform surgery to replace these painful joint surfaces with artificial materials. This allows for the return of smooth, pain-free motion in your knee.


What does rehabilitation consist of after a Total Knee Replacement?

The key to a successful recovery is early exercise and activity to facilitate the healing process and prevent stiffness in the knee. Our bodies are amazing healers and immediately start repairing following the surgery with the production of scar tissue. However, movement directs the alignment of this new scar tissue, so the earlier and more often you begin moving, the easier your recovery will be! Therefore, the rehabilitation process begins right

away in the hospital following surgery when a skilled physical therapist begins showing you the proper technique for getting out of bed, getting up from chairs, and even walking with the use of a walker! Many are surprised that these once painful activities now feel easier and more comfortable! Once the medical staff and rehabilitation team determine you can move around safely and have proper support at home you will be discharged from the hospital. Most people only end up staying in the hospital for a few days. In some cases, additional medical monitoring is needed and you may be placed in a rehabilitation hospital in which you will receive guided Physical and Occupational Therapy while under the supervision of doctors and nurses. This stay usually lasts a few days to a week and then you are allowed to return to your household. Once you have made it back to your home, your doctor may or may not request a therapist visit your home for a few days to continue with exercises and assist with daily activity training. Following a few home therapy sessions your doctor will direct you to begin Outpatient Physical Therapy at a facility of your choice.


How do I choose where to go for Physical Therapy following a Total Knee Replacement?

When choosing a facility for this phase of rehabilitation, it is important to research your options by talking to doctors and previous patients to find the place that is right for you. Outpatient Physical Therapy is your final step to a full recovery and also the longest step. That being said, it is important to find a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and where all your goals and needs will be heard and attended to.


What should I expect with my Outpatient Rehabilitation following a Total Knee Replacement?

You will be spending 2-3 days a week in physical therapy for sessions lasting around one hour, however it is expected that you perform home exercises daily because the time spent in therapy alone is not enough for a full


and functional recovery. In the facility, a skilled Physical Therapist will work with you to further Source: improve your ability to straighten and bend your knee as well as progress the strength of your whole leg. The greatest gift therapists have is our hands and we have been educated and trained on specific techniques to improve the mobility of your knee to allow you to move with the least amount of pain possible. Once your mobility and strength start to improve, other activities are included to improve your ability to walk without any assistive devices as well as exercises to allow you to walk up and down stairs. Most people are able to walk without a cane or walker as early as 4-6 weeks after their surgery! Your Therapist will also discuss any additional goals you may have including returning to activities such as golf, tennis, and swimming. These are all realistic goals which can be attained with proper guidance by your Therapist.

At All-Care Physical Therapy Center we specialize in innovative approaches to make your recovery from a Total Knee Replacement as painless and enjoyable as possible. Our friendly staff and skilled therapists will attend to your every need and get you back to your life! So fear not the dreaded Total Knee Replacement!

Call (732) 451-0010 to schedule an appointment at the Brick location. Joel Maietta is a Physical Therapist at All-Care Physical Therapy Center and manager of the Brick facility. He received his bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences in 2007 from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT and went on to receive his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac in 2010. He has completed clinical rotations in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient orthopedic settings. Joel’s clinical interests include post-surgical rehabilitation as well as manual therapy techniques for the spine and extremities. Joel is also certified in Sole Supports custom foot orthotics for the treatment of a variety of pathologies including bunions and plantar fasciitis.

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January/February 2014


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Precious Metal Buyers

The Art of Precious Metals ... An Interview With Dov Oppenheim Part II of III Written By: The County Woman Staff


s the owner of Precious Metal Buyers, Dov Oppenheim buys, melts and trades gold and other precious metals.

Dov Oppenheim, Owner

Precious Metal Buyers, LLC

In Part one of our series with Owner of Precious Metal Buyers, Dov Oppenheim, he gave our readers some important insight into the precious metals industry. Here, he dispels some of the myths and stigmas that are commonly attached to the business of selling gold.

Authorized, Licensed, Bonded and Monitored Dealer in Manchester Manchester Twp. License # 11-002

Get what you truly deserve for your valuables! You can find NYC prices for Gold, Silver and more precious metals locally in Ocean and Monmouth County, call 732-597-2225.

Hudson City Plaza, 2nd Floor 2130 Route 70 Manchester, NJ 08759

To Schedule your appointment please call


The TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine

WE BUY: Gold Silver Platinum Palladium Coins Flatware Tea Sets Silverware Diamonds

CW: What happens if a person sells something and later finds out he/she was ripped off? How can they dispute the claim? Dov: It is critical to always get a complete sales receipt. If you sell your item be sure the buyer provides you with a complete receipt with detailed information in case a dispute arises after the sale. This information must include the following: name and address of the buyer, date of transaction, names of the precious metals purchased, the fineness of the precious metals purchased and the weights, the prices paid for the metals at the standard measures of weight and finally, the name, address and signature of the seller of the precious metals. CW: What kind of precautionary measures can consumers take to safeguard against a fraudulent sale? Dov: I like to tell people to weigh their gold at home first or test the sellers scale by putting a penny on it; it should weigh 3 Grams or 2 Pennyweights/DWT so they know

what they have. They should also know the fineness/purity and the value of their gold. You should never let your items out of your sight and be sure and watch very carefully as the buyer tests your gold. I’ve heard of jewelers that have actually replaced items with lower purity ones. Further, some of my customers have told me that their items came up as 10-14k after testing, when in fact the items were stamped as 14-18k. However, sometimes on that rare occasion it is actually the jewelers that cheated their customers years ago by selling them a piece of jewelry as 14-18k that was (actually) only 10-14k. CW: What is the most challenging part of your business? Dov: It would have to be breaking the stigma and negative reputation the industry has acquired. Unfortunately, many fraudulent businesses take advantage of consumer misknowledge and under pay up to 80% of what they truly deserve. visit

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Welcome to the Jan./Feb. 2014 Issue Of Ocean County Woman

As the New Year begins, many of us will reflect on our past year’s accomplishments and will set goals to achieve during the New Year. Without goals and plans, it’s hard to make any significant changes in your life. And without change, your journey through life will just take you in circles! As author Maria Robinson so succinctly pointed out, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending.” There are many areas of life where we might want to set goals - financial, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. In this issue, there are numerous introspective articles that will help us develop self-improvement plans in these critical areas. For instance, there are several articles on how to keep your mind and body healthy. If you have resolved to do some financial planning, make an appointment with Kathy Nolan (p. 49). If your self-esteem could use a boost, consider a facial or massage treatment at Simply Skin (p.32) or schedule a consultation with Dr. Small (p.13). Sometimes, after listing all our New Year’s goals, we may become a little overwhelmed by how much we have to accomplish. The best approach is to take it a step at a time. In the words of author Ida Scott Taylor, “One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and We are the Media Partner with NJAWBO Monmouth, Ocean, grieve over the past, for it is gone: and do not be troubled about the future, for it Middlesex Region. has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth We are members of Toms River-Ocean County remembering.” Chamber Of Commerce. Wishing all of you a good New Year and a happy, healthy 2014! Events in Ocean County •Total Hearing Care (p. 43) January 13 – 15; February 6-7; February 10-11th - FREE Special Hearing Workshop. •Yoga Nine (p. 51) Jan 12 & Feb 16th.& Mar. 22-24 5 Week Course for Beginners. •Wedding Belles (p. 59) Designer Truck Shows: Jan 9-11; Feb. 13-15; March 6-8. •NJAWBO (p. 62) Meeting Dates: Jan 23 – Shore Region Dinner Meeting & Awards Ceremony. Feb 5 –Breakfast & Networking. Feb 27 – Free Networking/Dinner Meeting. •Business Expo (p. 72), Toms River Chamber of Commerce sponsored expo at the Ocean County Mall, Toms River. •Yoga Nine Trip (p. 73) March 8-13: Retreat to paradise in Tulum, Mexico.

Exclusive Deals •Ocean Plastic Surgery (p. 13) Schedule s facelift in January or February and receive a FREE fractional laser treatment of one area. Offer Expires February 28, 2014. •Bella Derma Medi Spa (p. 11) CoolSculpting® Treatments starting at $750 & up. •The Ocean Club (p. 38 & 39) Join today and save 75%! •Total Hearing Care (p. 43) $1,420 Savings on a pair of Bliss by Sonic OR Alta Pro by Oticon. •Treasures From heaven (p.60), When you spend $100 you earn a chance to win a dinner for two at Il Giardanello Ristorante! •Plays (p. 74 & 75) Enter to win tickets to see one of four great shows. Please Take Advantage Of Our Many “Enter To Win” Contests Throughout The Paper!

Featured On The Front Cover:

Meridian Fitness & Wellness At Jackson From Left to Right: Matt Busacca, Personal Training Director, Maria Cito, Group Exercise Director, Peg Campana, General Manager, Brett Rand, Director of Operations. Cover photo by Tracy Harman Photography. Tracy can be contacted for appointments at 732-797-0377. See more of her professional portrait work on page 79.

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January/February 2014

Medical edical P Professionals rofessionals M



Varicose Veins: Not Not Just Just AA Cosmetic CosmeticProblem Problem

Stephen Gosin, M.D. FACS

Jeffrey S. Gosin, M.D. FACS


ne of the most common circulatory system problems affecting individuals of all ages is venous insufficiency, also known as “Venous Reflux Disease”.

This occurs when one-way valves in the leg veins begin to fail and become leaky. This

causes blood to pool in the legs and can lead to the development of large protruding legs veins, known as varicose veins. It can also cause a variety of painful or uncomfortable symptoms in the affected legs. Some of the most common of these symptoms are leg pain, leg fatigue and heaviness, swelling and skin itching. In severe cases, this can lead to permanent defects in the appearance and integrity of the skin and even the development of wounds, called venous leg ulcers. It is estimated that 20 to 40 million Americans suffer from venous insufficiency. Both men and women are affected. The most common risk factors are occupations that require standing, a family history of varicose veins, pregnancy, being over weight and increasing age. However, some affected individuals do not have any of these risks. The diagnosis of venous reflux disease is made with phys-

Are you one of millions of people who suffer from spider veins or embarrassing facial veins?

ur Yo in! e v Lo s Aga g Le

ical examination and painless Doppler ultrasound testing. Advances in treatment now make relief of the symptoms and appearance of varicose veins possible without the need for hospitalization or painful vein stripping surgery. For some people, wearing special venous support stockings will help control symptoms. However, when stockings alone are not sufficient, or when individuals require a more permanent solution to varicose veins, new minimally invasive office procedures can often be used to cure venous reflux disease and its symptoms. One of the most effective treatments for venous reflux disease is the Closure® Procedure. This is a remarkable new procedure that treats the abnormal veins with radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF energy is delivered through a device called a catheter that is inserted into the diseased vein. This causes the vein to close down, essentially removing it from the circulation. The body then redirects the blood into the normal leg veins. This eliminates the venous reflux, markedly relieving the symptoms and often improving the appearance of the varicose veins as well. The procedure is performed in a comfortable office setting and takes about 30 minutes. There are usually no incisions or

Shore Vascular & Vein Center, the Region’s Premiere Vascular and Vein Care Center, is pleased to offer Vein Gogh. VeinGogh is a new, safe and reliable office procedure for the treatment of unsightly spider veins anywhere on the body. A small burst of high frequency energy is applied to the vein through a hair-thin probe, selectively heating and collapsing the vein. Treatment is fast and permanent. Experience the ultimate in vein care right here at the Jersey Shore. Our Board Certified Vascular Specialists can eliminate the appearance of most spider veins and get your legs looking and feeling great.

Shore Vascular & Vein Center Jeffrey S. GoSin, M.D, fACS Stephen GoSin, M.D, fACS

442 Bethel Road, Somers Point, N.J. 08244

phone: 609 927-Vein(8346)

TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine The

sutures. General anesthesia is not required. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort and are able to return to their usual activities in about a day or two. The Shore Vascular & Vein Center, in Somers Point, is the region’s premiere vascular and vein care enter. Their Board Certified surgeons have over 50 years of combined experience in successfully treating thousands of patients with varicose veins. They are one of New Jersey’s leading centers in performance of the Closure® Procedure as well as other vein procedures, including microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy for spider veins.

If you are experiencing the signs or symptoms of varicose veins and venous reflux disease, the physicians of Shore Vascular & Vein Center are available to help. Call (609) 927-3030 for a consultation, or visit them on the web at

Jeffrey S. Gosin, M.D. FACS Dr. Jeffrey Gosin is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Jefferson Medical College. He completed his General Surgery Residency and an accredited fellowship in Vascular Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He is Board Certified in Surgery and Vascular Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons and a member of The Society for Vascular Surgery, The Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, and numerous other national surgical and vascular societies.

Frequently Asked Questions


What causes varicose veins?


Will varicose veins get worse over time?


Who is affected by varicose veins?


Does treatment require surgery?


Is vein care covered by health insurance?


Varicose veins are usually caused by diseased valves in legs veins, called venous reflux disease.


As venous reflux is present for a long time, the appearance of varicose veins may worsen, but this does not always happen. Varicose veins that develop during pregnancy will often improve after delivery of the baby.


Typically, men and women who have jobs that require standing, have a family history of varicose veins, or are overweight are at increased risk. Pregnancy is also a risk factor for women. However, it is not necessary to have any of these risks to be affected.


Major surgery should not be required to treat varicose veins. Usually, if procedures are required, minimally invasive office based or outpatient procedures are most effective.


That is determined on a case-by-case basis, however many times vein care is covered. In our center, our insurance specialists work directly with individual’s health insurance companies to deal with that issue.

Stephen Gosin, M.D. FACS Dr. Stephen Gosin is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, where he also completed his General Surgery Residency and was Chief Surgical Resident. He is Board Certified in Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons, a charter member of the International Society of Endovascular Surgery, and many other professional societies.

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omens journal cardio_Layout 1 12/10/13 10:47 AM Page 1

Medical Professionals

Early Heart Attack Care: Knowing the Signs May Save a Life It’s important to know the early warning signs of a heart attack. Sudden or recurring chest pain is one warning sign that should never be ignored. If you or a loved one ever experiences unusual pain or pressure in your chest, call 9-1-1. A Full-Service Heart Program - Become an Ambassador for Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) AtlantiCare is a proud supporter of the EHAC Oath, a national educational and awareness campaign that encourages early recognition of heart attack symptoms, particularly symptoms that are mild or those that may come and go weeks or days before a heart attack actually happens.

The County Woman Magazine

The EHAC Oath is an initiative of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC), which is committed to preventing untimely death and disability from heart disease.

The Beginnings • Nausea • Pain in one or both arms • Jaw pain • Fatigue • Anxiety • Chest pressure or squeezing • Chest discomfort • Back pain • Shortness of breath • Feeling full • Feeling of impending doom • Heartburn, indigestion • Breaking out in a cold sweat

The EHAC Oath • I understand that heart attacks have beginnings and on occasion, signs of an impending heart attack may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, shoulder and/or arm pain and weakness. These may occur hours or weeks before the actual heart attack. • I solemnly swear that if it happens to me or anyone I know, I will call 9-1-1 or activate emergency services. Risk Factors • Smoking (including exposure to second-hand smoke) • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Prior stroke

• • • • •

Sedentary lifestyle Obesity High cholesterol Increased age Family history

Visit to see if you are at risk for cardiac disease.

January/February 2014

Contemporary &Rattan Furniture


A Report On Up And Coming Upholstery Trends The past year has seen a huge shift toward embracing color. Following the lead of the exciting things happening with color on the fashion runways with apparel, home furnishings are also totally embracing the color trend in upholstery. Using everything from bold and bright to pastel and tonal, a shift is taking place to step outside the neutral box and make a statement.


Blue is one of the biggest and best selling trend colors in upholstery right now. The popularity of blue can be explained by the versatility this color provides. On a whole sofa or as a pop on a chair or pillow, any space created with blue feels airy and effortless. Perfect for every furniture style, especially at the Jersey shore. Crisp it up in combination with cool greens. Brighten darker blues with yellows, whites and oranges. You can’t get more sophisti-

cated than the combination of blues with grays, blacks and browns.


Orange is an unexpected color that has really become a trend in upholstery. It can be used as a bold pop or toned down into a rust shade to create the perfect look of sophistication and polish. Add a vibrant dramatic statement with orange sherbet florals or geometrics. Quiet a busy room with rust-toned textures and floral pillows. Red oranges set the tone for a classic room.


With emerald green having been all over upholstery in 2013, other tones of

green are becoming popular… from pastel mint to chartreuse to deep forest green. One of the reasons green is so strong in furniture is due to its ease of working with many different color schemes and palettes. It is the neutral for nature. It enhances every color scheme creating a cool, calming effect. The most calming tones are moss, loden and gray green. Add zing to a room with chartreuse and mint with whites and grays. Hold the fire with mustard and gold greens used with browns and beiges.


With the movement into color, we are seeing unconventional shades, such as pink, creating a quirky and urban feel that is right on trend. Pale to medium pinks warms up the cool blues and greens in casual rooms. Medium pinks spice up neutrals like beiges, browns and grays in traditional settings. Hot pinks add contemporary drama to whites, blacks and grays


Heritage House Exclusive Is Island Art La Lamps

We Repair Wicker & Recover Cushions

Graphic and Chevron Patterns

Designers are taking the look of graphic trellis patterns and chevrons right off the runway and translating them into the home. Mix with crisp white to create a modern look. Combine patterns in quirky ways with a touch of color. Emphasize the graphic pattern for the most drama.


Now that winter is here you may be thinking about warmer weather in a few months. It’s time to plan your outdoor seating; time to get that recliner or rocker you didn’t get for Christmas. Introduce new life to your great room, family den, or bedroom with lamps, art and pillows in 2014 color trends. Maybe it is time for one of our motion chairs that will coddle you on those cold winter evenings while you dream of the coming days of spring.

Heritage House is here to help you with all your needs. Just call 609 698 7621.

Customer Testimonial “Henry, thank you so much for your help and expertise regarding the table. I could not believe I got it the same day I visited you. Needless to say I love it and can’t wait to have company over to enjoy a meal. Thanks again for all your help and kindness.” ~ R. Bauer

Written By: Wendy Miller



w w

The County Woman Magazine

With N Night Light

January/February 2014






f you buy clothes that accent your natural beauty and suit your personality, you’re going to like what you see when you look in the mirror, and that’s the first step towards self-confidence. The next step is to find clothes that not only bring out your best but are also in step with today’s fashions. And there’s no better time to begin building that kind of wardrobe than at the start of a new year, especially while you can still find 50% - 70% off selected winter fashions at Barbara’s Boutique. The professional staff at Barbara’s can help you with your selections, using the following tried-and-true guidelines:

1. Select the right kind of clothes for your body type.

Don’t buy clothes that are too tight, too short or too big. Stay away from prints that are too large or too small, and avoid fabrics with too much or too little stretch.

2. Arrange your wardrobe well.

Purchase clothes that are perfect for you in terms of style, color and looks. At Barbara’s, you can select several pieces that you can mix and match, thereby doubling your wardrobe!

3. Check the quality of your clothes.

You can be confident that all of the clothes at Barbara’s Boutique are made of the highest quality fabrics in a large selection of styles that are casually elegant and timeless.

4. Choose accessories that look good with your clothing selection and are proportionate to your size. Shoes, bags,

belts, scarves, jewelry and hats should complement the color of your outfit as well as your complexion.

2014 Spring TrendS

Spring 2014 appears to be the season of print, with bold, expressive patterns presented in a variety of ways, such as typography, die-cuts and woodblocks. You will also find oversized portraits on dresses, coats, and bags. Stripes are everywhere, from cotton patchwork knee-length dresses to a more masculine, graphic suit. Florals, another essential part of the spring fashion scene, range from soft, romantic, hand-painted patterns to bold abstracts. There is also a wide range of pantone colors being shown this spring, from cold blues to warm oranges. Prepare to be dazzled by colors such as Radiant Orchid, Freesia, Sand, Violet Tulip, Celosia Orange, Cayenne, Paloma, Hemlock, and Placid Blue. As with all the clothing at Barbara’s, any spring outfit you choose will offer a combination of high fashion and true comfort, whether you’re buying a tunic, pants, jacket, dress, blouse, skirt, cardigan or t-shirt. So stop by and allow the talented staff at Barbara’s Boutique help you achieve your 2014 fashion resolutions! n

Educational Websites

FUN Educational Websites For Kids!

This is a learning site like no other: your kids will be boosting their IQ without even knowing it through games and activities about animals and places around the world. Plus, kids can keep tabs on things going on around the world!

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Medical Professionals


Six years after weight loss surgery, running her life as she likes

April 2, 2007 Former Tuckerton resident Kristina Akers was lying in a hospital bed at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC) Atlantic City Campus preparing for weight-loss (bariatric) surgery.

a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of morbid obesity. “Our approach is about more than surgery — it’s about support and education, aimed at helping patients not only lose weight, but also stay on track to build healthy habits for life,” says Alexander Onopchenko, MD, FACS, FASMBS, medical director of the Center for Surgical Weight Loss & Wellness at ARMC and medical director of AtlantiCare Physician Group (APG) Surgical Services. Prepared to Succeed Kristina admits that prior to surgery

she didn’t make any lifestyle changes. But afterward, armed with new knowledge about how to stay healthy, combined with her own determination to take charge of her health, she started walking and improving her diet. “The weight just started coming off, and I continued walking and getting good nutrition,” she says. Today, Kristina no longer struggles with sleep apnea, high blood pressure or issues with her knees. But she says physical improvements aren’t the only changes that have happened in the

years following her surgery. “So many things have gotten better,” she says. “I have a better sense of well-being, I am more outgoing. I enjoy being able to do anything I want without being out of breath, like being active with my children. I just feel better!” If you are interested in finding out if bariatric surgery is an option for you, or want more information, call 1-888-569-1000, visit, or find AtlantiCare on Facebook at


SURGERY SEMINARS To register call 1-888-569-1000.

June 2, 2013 Kristina proudly crosses the finish line during her fifth 5K race in six months. She has lost about 150 pounds since having the life-changing surgery. “I’m so happy for what I did for myself,” says Kristina, who now lives in Newfields, New Hampshire. “My life has changed so much, and I am doing so well. It wasn’t just the surgery that did it, though — AtlantiCare also gave me the tools I needed to take control of and change my life.” More than Surgery As an American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, ARMC offers

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“Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery” Join us to learn about these minimally invasive surgical procedures for weight loss: • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy • Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion (BPD) with Duodenal Switch (DS) • Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Roux-En-Y • Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND®)

REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER The Center for Surgical Weight Loss & Wellness

View our weight loss webinars at

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ANS_Ocean County Woman Climber ad_ Jan #112


& Wellness

ANS: The Premier Practice For All Your Neurosurgical Needs Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS) continues to pioneer the treatment of brain, spine, and neurovascular surgery, as it has for over 50 years. Our reputation has made us the largest private neurosurgical practice in the state of New Jersey. Since 1958, thousands of patients have sought our help when seeking relief from brain tumors, stroke, brain aneurysms, spinal disorders, traumatic brain injury, pituitary tumors, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, movement disorders, and more. Our continued success has allowed us to expand to over seven offices throughout the state of NJ, giving patients access to the most innovative treatments available to them. We’ve Got Your Back: ANS boasts a multidisciplinary team using the most advanced surgical techniques; including minimally invasive spine surgery. Our doctors were trained at the finest institutions, and practice precise techniques, yielding the most successful results. We are the leaders in performing the most minimally invasive spine surgeries in New Jersey. This procedure, with the use of an endoscope, is one that offers significantly less post-operative pain and shorter hospital stays. Conditions such as severe herniated discs and kyphosis, which warranted major surgery in the past, can now be treated with less risk and minimal down time. Brain Surgery: As leaders in the surgery and management of patients suffering from brain disorders, tumors, and diseases, ANS performs treatments not found anywhere else in the state. We specialize in the rarest of surgeries, including skull base surgery and epilepsy surgery. We are also one of the few groups involved in vaccine trials for the treatment of brain tumors. Our doctors collaborate routinely to discuss all treatment options for their patients. Endovascular Stroke Team: ANS continues to be a leader in the war against stroke. We are the largest private neurosurgical practice in New Jersey treating stroke, with a success rate greater than the national average. ANS was the initial group to treat stroke at the first comprehensive stroke center in New Jersey, and has since expanded to 3 additional comprehensive centers. Our endovascular team is engaged in clinical trials for new

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stroke technologies and therapies, giving our patients access to the next generation of stroke management. Whether you suffer from a tumor, back problems or even stroke, you should always choose a neurosurgeon. Choose ANS. To learn more about the latest advancements in treatment or to view a listing of all hospitals we are affiliated with in your area, visit or call 732.455.8225.

Lack of precision can be dangerous when the margin of error is small.

ANSwers from ANS Q: How many spine procedures will I require to solve my back or neck pain? A: Back and neck pain is very individualized and treatment will vary based on a patient’s evaluation. During the initial evaluation at ANS, we will determine how many levels of damage are causing symptoms. In most cases, problems are found at multiple levels, but only one or two of them may be causing symptoms. While most patients just need one surgery others may need multiple surgeries. Those patients who have multiple pathologies occurring at once may require a combination of techniques that include, for example, both a foraminotomy and a laminotomy. At ANS, these procedures can be done concurrently by our surgeons so that you are in the operating room only once and your recuperation, time and costs are kept to a minimum. For more information please visit or call 732.455.8225.

Unfortunately, failed back surgery syndrome is all too common. Don’t put yourself at risk. When choosing the right specialist for your back, you must consider the following: • You need a healthcare professional to properly assess your condition and correctly diagnose the problem prior to surgery. Neurosurgeons have a far better understanding of the nervous system than any other specialist. • You need a surgical team using the least invasive and most efficient surgical techniques, taking all precautions to avoid further injury and ensure a quick recovery. The extensive schooling and years of training that neurosurgeons devote to the back and the nervous system allows them the utmost precision using the most advanced technologies available. Ocean County residents always have access to superior neurosurgical care with ANS. When it comes to choosing a specialist, choose what’s best for your back. Choose ANS. To learn more about the latest advancements in treatment or to view a listing of all hospitals we are affiliated with in your area, visit or call 732.455.8225.

3700 Route 33 Neptune, NJ 07753 732.455.8225

Dr. David Wells-Roth, MD

11 Overlook Road Suite 180 Summit, NJ 07901 908.516.2941

310 Madison Avenue Suite 300 Morristown, NJ 07960 973.285.7800 89 Sparta Avenue Sparta, NJ 07871 973.729.0266

Additional Offices Bedminster, NJ Dingmans Ferry, PA Englewood Cliffs, NJ

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Stubborn Fat Has Met Its Match

Freeze Your Fat Away With CoolSculpting

About CoolSculpting . . . ®

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology. It is a safe procedure cleared by the FDA and CE marked in Europe that gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. This reduces bulges in treated areas of the body without harming surrounding tissue.


Key Benefits of CoolSculpting


It involves no needles, surgery or downtime.

• Since CoolSculpting® is non-invasive, patients can resume daily activities including work and exercise, immediately following treatment

It’s safe.

• Patients can generally sit or lie comfortably and read, work on their laptop or even nap during the procedure. The procedure is performed in a medical office, under the supervision of a physician specializing in cosmetic procedures.

It’s convenient.

• Procedures last about one to two hours, so treatment can easily be performed during a lunch hour or without major disruption to the day.

The results are dramatic.

• On average, each CoolSculpting® Procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients.

How CoolSculpting Works ®

During the CoolSculpting® Procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, a process of natural removal is triggered, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a visible reduction in fat bulges.

Target Patient

CoolSculpting® is not intended as a weight-reduction program for overweight individuals. The best candidates for the procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly and have pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat but are not considering a surgical procedure.

Treatments Starting At $750 & Up To schedule your personal consultation, contact:

Bella Derma Medi Spa

1430 Hooper Avenue, Suite 204 Toms River, NJ 08753

(732) 281-1988


On average, CoolSculpting® results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients. Clinical studies1 involving hundreds of patients show that, for properly selected patients, CoolSculpting® is an effective way to reduce fat without the risk and recovery time of surgical procedures. The result is noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in the treated areas.

1. Clinical data on file. ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. Pleasanton, CA. 2. Manstein D, Laubach H, Watanabe K, Farinelli W, Zurakowski D, Anderson R. Selective cryolysis: a novel method of non-invasive fat removal.a Laser Surg Med. 2008,40:595-604. Disclaimer: In the U.S., non-invasive fat reduction is cleared only for the flank (love handle). CoolSculpting® and the CoolSculpting® logo are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. The snowflake mark is a trademark of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. Copyright (c) 2011, ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. The products described in this document may be covered by U.S. Patent 7,367,341. Other patents and patent applications pending worldwide. IC0185-A

To learn about all of our services, visit our website at:

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Dr. Christopher P. Godek

M.D., F.A.C.S. - Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Dr. Christopher P. Godek and the Staff at Bella Derma Medi Spa are committed to you.

January/February 2014



& Finance

Copiers Plus Makes House Calls Written By: Robert P. Matthews Sr., President Copiers Plus Inc.


am sure many of you have experienced frustrations with your SOHO (small office/home office) printers, copiers, and multi-function devices. Things like running out of ink at the worst possible moment … when the stores are all closed. Then only to find out after spending $$$$$ on cartridges, there is still something wrong with the printer. And other little annoyances like when the Automatic Document Feeder jams or pulls multiple sheets at one time, image quality takes a dive, or the device mysteriously drops off your Wi-Fi network or just plain loses connectivity. When you factor in how many of these products you’ve gone through, combined with the high cost of cartridges, it might make sense to source your next SOHO product from Copiers Plus. Let Copiers Plus and Samsung make life easier for you.

Our professional sales staff will recommend the right product to fit your needs yet remain within your budget. Our I.T. professionals will install and configure these products to work within your environment regardless if you’re using Mac, PC, or both. They will even program the device to work from your tablets or smartphones. Copiers Plus and Samsung are now offering a complete line of fully featured economical multifunction devices. Copy, print, scan, fax, and email in both black and white and full color. Founded in 1986 by Robert and Debra Matthews, Copiers Plus Inc. enjoys serving as a traditional office products company. At Copiers Plus, we sell and service the

award winning lines of Lanier, Ricoh, Samsung, and Kyocera office products. We offer traditional office copiers, large format copiers and printers; black & white and full color multi-function products, printers, scanners, fax machines, and all the software necessary to improve business workflows. Copiers Plus offers our products and services to all of Southern New Jersey, with offices located in Egg Harbor Township, Ocean City, and Palmyra.

Mention this article and Copiers Plus will provide up to three hours of consultation and I.T. services for free.

Copiers Plus and Samsung are now offering a complete line of fully featured economical multifunction devices.

Three Convenient Locations:

Copiers Plus Inc. 3112 Fire Road, Unit C, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234 609-645-7587 21 East Broad Street Palmyra, N.J. 08065 1-800-834-3598 935 West Ave Ocean City, N.J. 08226 609-398-7676

Robert P. Matthews

Visit us at

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


We Can Help Your Facial Lines And Sagging Skin! Submitted by: Dr. Stephen E. Small, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Question: I am 64 years old and my cheeks and neck have gotten lax and saggy. I’ve also developed lines around my mouth and I would like a more youthful look. How can this be treated?


Your question is one I frequently hear when consulting with patients your age. As you age, sagging and laxity occurs, a facelift will restore your look by tightening the facial tissue over the underlying muscle. The tissue is returned to its younger original position and the skin is then gently positioned resulting in a natural, supple and smooth appearance. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours. Your procedure is handled Schedule A Facelift In January OR with extreme care, which minimizes bruising and facilitates prompt healing. February & Receive A Free Fractional Most patients shower and wash their hair in 48 hours. The average Laser Treatment Of One Area. recovery is 10-14 days during which time, sutures are removed and any Offers expires February 28, 2014 negligible bruising and swelling diminishes. We tell our patients they Disclaimer: void where prohibited by law. Must be 18 years of age or older. No promotion or discount offer is transferrable. can return to work in 14 days safely and with confidence. Most patients Offer subject to change without notice. The patient, and any other person responsible for payment, has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a experience no pain after this procedure because it is done with a precise, result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. gentle and efficient manner. The procedures are performed in a state-ofthe-art out patient surgery center. Call Today! Complimentary Consultation The vertical lines around the mouth when extensive are best treated Great Prices and Packages for other laser hair removal areas. with a fractionated laser. This procedure can be done in conjunction OCEAN PLASTIC SURGERY P.A. with a facelift type procedure to enhance your results. This treatment AND LASER CENTER Toms River, NJ • Manahawkin, NJ takes about 15 minutes and will result in approximately a 40-50% softOffice: 732-255-7155 ening of these lines. Other areas of the face can be treated for a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Artistry • Beauty • Rejuvenation If you have been thinking about this for a while, now is the time to give us a call for a Face Non Invasive Body Facelift complimentary facial evaluation. You will be Botox Liposuction Cheek Lift Juvederm Tummy Tuck starting off the New Year with a more youthNeck Lift Radiesse Body Lift ful, vibrant appearance. Eyelid Surgery Boletero Laser Center Great Prices and Packages for other laser Breast Matrix Fractional Fat Transfer~ Lipoaugmentation treatments available. Augmentation C02 Resurfacing Dr. Small’s goal is to help his patients achieve a beautifully natural appearance. He understands that undergoing plastic surgery is very personal, and strives to provide an exceptional experience by attending to your unique needs and expectations. You will be cared for in a comfortable, compassionate setting with a staff that is ready to serve you. Call to schedule your appointment, 732-255-7155.

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Lift Reduction Reconstruction Revision Augmentation Revision Reconstruction

Hair Removal Spider Vein Tattoo Removal Photofacials Erbium Laser Refresher Peels Pulsed Dye Laser Scar Treatment

Rhinoplasty Chin Augmentation Otoplasty

Vectra 3 D Imaging Breast Face Body

1301 Route 72 West Suite 260 Manahawkin, NJ

780 Route 37 West Suite 240 Toms River, NJ • 732-255-7155

January/February 2014



Rebuilding Credit After A Bankruptcy


ne of the most common questions I hear from clients is, “How will this affect my credit?”

I hope that the foregoing proved helpful in relaying the message that bankruptcy is not an end. Rather, it is a new beginning – an opportunity to start again and empower one’s self to set your own fiscal course and rebuild over time.

It’s a common question because it’s a good question, with many subparts. Often times, clients fear the credit ramifications of filing a bankruptcy. The perception is that the filing of a bankruptcy is an “end” rather than a “new beginning”. I try to relay the latter, as it is the intent of the bankruptcy courts to provide the honest debtor a fresh start. This fresh start includes the ability to rebuild one’s credit over time. Let’s address the various subparts that pertain to the overall theme of rebuilding one’s credit:


How long will it be for me to rebuild my credit? Generally speaking, it takes people approximately two years to rebuild their

credit after the filing of a bankruptcy petition. What I try and emphasize to clients is that, although your credit will take an immediate hit, the bottom line is that you are being proactive in addressing and resolving the situation. This is a far better approach than languishing with poor credit for a number of years and getting nowhere. In some cases, it is best to take the initial credit hit, wipe the slate clean, and start to rebuild.


How do I rebuild my credit? The best way to rebuild credit

is by using credit. Many bankruptcy clients are surprised to find the number of credit opportunities they will be inundated with after filing for bankruptcy. The reason for this is that creditors know that a bankruptcy debtor is ineligible to file bankruptcy again for another eight years, generally. Therefore, the creditors wish for debtors to resume the practice of relying on credit as soon as possible. I recommend a conservative approach to most clients, whereby they look to obtain a secured credit card (where the client essentially fronts the amount of credit offered) and use it for their monthly groceries or other regular expenses. Then, pay it off every month. Using credit helps to rebuild credit.


How long will a bankruptcy be on my credit report? Make no mistake about it; a bankruptcy will be on your credit

report for a period of ten years. However, as stated above, it will take you about two years to rebuild your credit. In the interim, the cash that will be freed up from not having to pay exorbitant minimum fees and the like will help most debtors operate their households while simultaneously rebuilding their credit.


Will I ever be able to obtain a mortgage again?

Absolutely. Most mortgage companies will not consider applicants who have filed until they are 2-3 years post-bankruptcy. However, this period of time is also essential for clients to re-evaluate the course of their life/lifestyle. While rebuilding one’s credit post-bankruptcy, it is important that folks take advantage of the clean slate they have been provided and set a strategy that makes the most sense going forward. Therefore, that 2-3 year period of rebuilding is a welcome and needed respite.

Daniel Straffi, Jr. was admitted to practice in the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as the District Court of New Jersey in 2001. A graduate of Boston College in 1998 and Rutgers-Camden School of Law in 2001, he began his legal career in 2001 serving as a judicial law clerk for the Presiding Judge of Family Law in Mercer County, the Hon. Lee Forrester, P.J.F.P. After completing his clerkship, Mr. Straffi was an associate at the law firm Cooper Levenson for two years where he concentrated his practice on the area of negligence defense. In 2004, he joined his father's law practice. He has focused his practice on representing individuals and businesses in the areas of bankruptcy, divorce and criminal defense. He is further an active member of the NJ and Ocean County Bar Associations.

Enter To Win

Protect Yourself Against Foreclosure, Judgments & Harassing Creditors We are a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the bankruptcy code Chapter 7 & 13 Individual, Business and Creditor Representation Payment Plans Available

Bankruptcy • Criminal Defense

Daniel Straffi Jr., Esq. 670 Commons Way Toms River, NJ

Conveniently Located Directly Off Of the Parkway


Free Consultations

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City: _________________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________


Phone: (______)______________________ Email: ______________________________________ (212) 868-4444

Barrow Street Theatre 27 Barrow Street at 7th Ave.

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Or Visit to Enter Online! One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entrants may enter for tickets to multiple shows. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2014. Some shows will be drawn sooner based upon run date. Winners are responsible to redeem their tickets. No refunds or exchanges. Transportation or meals will not be provided. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

January/February 2014

Elder Law


• Estate/Trust Administration • Guardianships • Will Contest • Special Needs Trust

• Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care & Disability Planning

Elder and Disability Law

Nancy M. Rice,

Esquire, CELA

Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation

200 Asbury Avenue • Ocean City, NJ 08226 • 609.398.3447 1236 Brace Road, Suite F • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • 856.673.0048

Nancy Rice Answers Questions About Retirement Assets, Savings Bonds And More


hen we plan estates or advise executors and trustees who are handling estates and trusts, we need to consider both the income tax and the capital gain tax. Why? • Retirement assets (IRA’s, 401(k)’s, profit sharing plans, etc.), annuities and savings bonds all have one thing in common: as they grow in value over the years, you do not report the income earned and you do not pay income taxes on these earnings. All of these assets grow “tax deferred.” This is different, of course, than “tax free.” An example of a tax-free investment would be a Roth IRA, which is funded with after-tax dollars (i.e., you do not get a deduction for the amount you put in a Roth IRA) but it grows tax-free. By contrast, a traditional or rollover IRA is tax deferred: you get a deduction for the money you put into a regular IRA, and you do not pay taxes on the money as it grows, but you do have to pay taxes when you take the money out. • Similarly, annuities and savings bonds are tax deferred. You do not pay taxes on the money as it grows but you are required to pay tax on the increase in value (but not on the money you initially put in). There are several reasons why we pay attention to the income taxation of these investments when we write Wills. We

need to make our clients aware of the fact that there beneficiaries will have to pay income taxes on the money they receive from certain types of investments, such as traditional IRAs, annuities, and US savings bonds. • Sometimes, we recommend that if a client is interested in leaving money to charity, that they leave all or part of an IRA to charity, naming the charity as beneficiary of the IRA, because charities do not pay income taxes. It is important to keep in mind that only a spouse may “rollover” an IRA. If you leave an IRA to children, they can create “beneficiary IRA’s” which will defer the reporting of the income. In other words, they will not have to report all of the income in one year or over five years; they can “stretch it out” over their life expectancies. • US savings bonds (E, EE and I Bonds) are also tax-deferred investments. You pay one half of the value of the bond at the time of purchase, and it increases in value over the years, such that it can actually grow to three or four times the stated value by the time it is cashed in (depending upon the interest rate). You can’t tell by looking at a US savings bond what it is worth. You can, however, use a chart to value them, or enter the bonds into a website program located at savingsbondcalc.htm

When a person dies owning a significant number of US savings bonds, we have the option of reporting the accrued interest on the decedent’s final income tax return (1040), which is something we discuss with the executor. • When we work with clients whose assets include IRAs annuities and savings bonds, with a lot of “trapped interest,” we encourage them to redeem these assets carefully, matching up deductions they might have (for example, if a spouse is in a nursing home and medical expenses are very high). On a non-tax note, we emphasize to clients that IRAs, annuities, and life insurance are not governed by their Wills! We spent a good amount of time with clients confirming that the beneficiaries of their IRAs, annuities, and life insurance are consistent with their overall estate plan. Capital gain tax is different from the income tax. It applies when you purchase a quote capital asset (such as a house, or stock in a corporation). When you sell a capital asset, the difference between the sales price and the purchase price is generally considered to be “capital gain.” The gain can be “adjusted” by the costs of sale (such as realtor or broker commissions) and improvements you made to the property (e.g. a new roof on the house). Many times our clients purchased their stock and their residence a long time ago and have quite a bit of capital gain, which

Nancy Rice has been practicing Estate Planning and Elder Law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania  since 1986. She was Certified as an Elder Law Attorney in 1997, and has maintained offices in Camden and Cape May counties, specifically in Cherry Hill and Ocean City. Call 609-398-3447.

The County Woman Magazine

has not been taxed. Capital gain is not taxed until you sell the property. The big difference between income tax and capital gain tax is that capital gain tax can disappear at death (whereas income tax does not). In other words, when a person dies owning a highly-appreciated house or stock, the estate/beneficiaries get a “stepped up” cost basis, meaning that if these assets are sold, the estate/beneficiaries report their “cost basis” as the value of the asset on the date of death! There are some limitations to this “step-up” in 2010 because of the one year repeal of the Federal Estate tax, but for most people, this tax rule results in them paying little or no capital gains tax when they inherit real estate or stock. • When we advise clients about estate planning, we point out this rule when they want to make gifts during their lifetimes. We counsel against giving highly appreciated capital assets, because gifts of these assets during lifetime do not benefit from the “step-up” in basis at death, and the recipient gets the donor’s basis (“carryover basis”) and will have to pay capital gains tax when the asset is sold. This tax stuff is tough to get through, but understanding it can really save a lot of money.

Nancy Rice can answer your questions and concerns, Call 609-398-3447.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

Ocean City: 609.398.3447 Cherry Hill: 856.673.0048

January/February 2014


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Professional Dentistry

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Receiving Donated Eggs – A Highly Successful Method of Family Building Presented by: South Jersey Fertility Center

“It seems that more and more couples are having trouble getting pregnant.

Why is that?”


womb for the 9 month gestation and give birth to a baby who carries her male partner’s genes. This process is known as a “donor egg cycle.” Nationwide over 9,300 such cycles are performed annually. The birthrate per cycle is 55% according to the 2011 national registry published by the Society for Reproductive Technology (SART). Our center began performing donor egg cycles for patients in 1999. The most recent statistics for our center’s live birth rate as published by SART is 73% for all of our fresh donor egg cycles in 2011.

to be chosen by couples who need such a service. The egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation with daily fertility shots and has an egg retrieval procedure in our office approx. 14 days later, just as in a standard in-vitro fertilization cycle. Egg donors often experience pelvic bloating from temporarily enlarged ovaries. Occasionally in the past, an egg donor would have a severe over-response to the medicines leading to a week or more of abdominal pain called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. We are happy to announce that we have successfully implemented an innovative medication protocol that virtually eliminates the chance for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by substituting the HCG shot with a single injection of Lupron. For her effort, the anonymous egg donor receives monetary compensation (typically about $8,000). However, surveys have found that money is not the primary motivator for egg donation. Instead, these women

are truly driven by an altruistic desire to help infertile couples reach their dream.

Frozen Eggs

Starting this year we are offering the use of frozen eggs from anonymous donors as an alternative to fresh eggs. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs have been shown to be equivalent to fresh eggs. The use of frozen eggs speeds up the process since the donors have already passed the screening process and have already undergone the egg retrieval procedure. Frozen eggs can lower the overall cost of the donor egg cycle if the patient does not have insurance coverage for in-vitro fertilization.

One reason is that women in today’s society frequently postpone child-bearing while they pursue a career. In general, fertility declines with each passing year after a woman’s 34th birthday. The chance for successful conception drops even more sharply after the age of 40. After age 46, The Donor live births are rare. This decline is due in The egg donor can be either a friend large part to the fact that a 40-year old We delight in seeing all these or a family member, or the donor can be woman’s eggs are, well, 40 years old. These an anonymous woman chosen from a list happy new mothers who previously older eggs tend to be less likely to develop of prospective donors who are age 20-32. thought they had no chance of into viable embryos after fertilization. In These donors must pass medical and psyaddition, women are born with a limited carrying a pregnancy. chological testing before being accepted. number of eggs and cannot make any more We have several dozen egg donors waiting after they are born. This seems unfair when compared to a man’s reproductive system which makes new sperm constantly throughout his adult life. It Division of Regional Women’s Health Group, LLC is not only the older woman who can experience a shortage of eggs. Some Full Service Infertility Center With: women will run out of good quality SOUTH JERSEY FERTILITY CENTER · All Of The Doctors Are Board Certified In Reproductive eggs even in their early 30’s and can Endocrinology And Infertility is now offering a discount for IVF to have a premature menopause without · Top Doctor Awards For 7 Years In A Row ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS any obvious cause. Other times, the · Laparoscopic Tubal Reversals Call 856.596.2233 ext. 1227 for more information. reason for early menopause is identifi· Money Back Guarantee Available For Ivf And Donor Egg able. Some of these causes include · Full Service Fertility Center chemotherapy or radiation therapy to · Robotic Surgery Available battle a cancer. Surgical removal of both ovaries due to tumors will also Robert A. Skaf, MD FACOG Top Row (left to right): eliminate her egg supply. Peter G. Van Deerlin, MD FACOG Dr. Gary Packin, Woman’s Egg Reserve Dr. Stephen Sawin, Stephen W. Sawin, MD FACOG Fertility doctors are able to roughly Dr. Peter Van Deerlin, Gary S. Packin, DO FACOOG, Dist. Dr. Oumar Kuzbari gauge a woman’s egg reserve through Oumar Kuzbari, MD, FACOG Bottom Row (left to right): a simple blood test. Women who Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN, have a severely limited egg reserve are Tracy Krause, APN-C,MSN Dr. Robert Skaf, unlikely to have a successful pregnancy Tracy Krause, APN-C, MSN even with the use of assisted reproductive techniques such as in-vitro fertilization. Far and away, the highest Visit us on our Website chance for a successful pregnancy for 400 Lippincott Drive Harbor Pavilions Burlington Prof Campus AtlantiCare Life Center these women is to use egg donation. Suite 130 570 Egg Harbor Rd • Suite B4 500 English Creek Ave. • #225 1900 Mt. Holly Rd #4A These eggs can then be fertilized with Marlton, NJ 08053 Sewell, NJ 08080 Burlington, NJ 08016 Egg Harbor Twp. , NJ 08234 609-386-4701 the sperm of her partner. She can 856.596.2233 856.218.8863 609.813.2192 then carry the resulting embryo in her

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January/February 2014





New Year’s Resolutions


. . . Thanksgiving

✓ . . . Holiday parties ✓ . . . Holiday shopping ✓

Keep it moving. When I was in college and med

. . . Family

get-togethers ✓ . . . Holiday Celebrations ✓ . . . New Year’s celebration ✓ . . . New Year’s resolutions…..


he 2013 holiday season was fun, memorable, festive, and…BUSY. As women, we shoulder so much of the responsibility of coordinating holiday cheer.

As a result, we are more likely than men to be stressed and exhausted. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to pack up 2013 and seal the box by planning for a better us in 2014. One study showed that women were more successful at meeting our resolutions when we tell our friends and family about them or when we were encouraged to not give up.

As a result, here are some New Year’s Resolutions I want to share as you embrace yours:


Love of oneself (this comes from age old


school, I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week, and sometimes twice in the same day. Gone are the days of not having work and family and community obligations. I continue to workout (about 1-2 times a week), and have also decided to move my treadmill closer to the television. I hope you consider joining me. This way, during the cold months, we cannot use the excuse of frost, snow, or rain to keep us from moving even if it is just for 10-15 minutes. If we do not own a treadmill, we can always stand and walk in place. Let’s vow to keep it moving!

Preserve my bones. Have you had a bone density test? When I was 28 years old, I had a bone density test at my obstetrician’s office. I found that my bones were significantly lower in density than was acceptable for my age. I have successfully managed to ignore this for many years. However, I have come to the realization that doing so is like “sticks and stones” that can “break my bones.” I do not want to be faced with the inevitable consequence of osteoporosis down the road. To that extent, I have committed to having at least three servings of dairy a day. To do so, I will stock my refrigerator with milk, cheese, and low-fat yogurt. I have also discovered several non-dairy options for calcium—dark green veggies, dried beans, and calcium-fortified juices and cereals. To top these options off I have added a calcium supplement with vitamin D (without this “helper” vitamin, calcium absorption is decreased). I hope you join me in keeping your bones strong.

wisdoms). It is important to free ourselves of anything that is As women, we wear a myriad of hats—mother, wife, employer, businot good for our health, including food, people, things, situations, and ness owner, sister, daughter and friend. Juggling these responsibilities anything that draws us down and away from reaching our full potential. often leaves little time for ourselves. Even the thought of taking time Although this may be mistaken as self-absorbed egoism, it is healthy to for ourselves might leave us feeling guilty. However, I know that as love oneself. We must realize that when we are balanced, healthy and findwomen we find that unhealthy stresses can cause havoc on our health ing the joy of our moments, only then can we be the best possible us and from weight shifts, stomach aches, headaches, sleep disturbances, and share that with others. An example of this is when flight attendants instruct irrational mood swings. passengers, in the event of loss of cabin pressure, to put an oxygen mask That’s why our 2014 New Year’s Resolutions need to be about keepon yourself before you try to help your children or other passengers. I used ing our mind and body healthy so that we can be the best us possible. to think “They can’t tell me what to do. I’d put the mask on my daughter – Cheers to a great new year for YOU! first.” But how much help could I offer my daughter if I passed out while trying to put on her mask? Dr. Radcliff completed her medical school and residency training at UCLA and


Don’t give up candy, dessert, or carbohydrates. Yes, you read that correctly. After

delivering my daughter, I stopped eating bread, rice, and pasta, three of my greatest loves. Granted the weight came off quickly but at what cost? I couldn’t help dreaming and reminiscing about my past loves. As a result, I have decided that 2014 is my time to rekindle those old flames. Instead of depriving myself, I will savor them in moderation. Food is one of the great pleasures in life that should be enjoyed – along with exercise, but in smart moderation.

The County Woman Magazine

has served on the medical faculty at The University of Pennsylvania. She has authored over 100 textbook chapters, research articles, medical opinions and reviews. Dr. Radcliff is called upon by media to speak on medical, fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle topics impacting our lives, today. She is passionate about sharing truths for healthy, balanced living, as well as, wise preventive health measures.

Connect with Dr. Nina at:; Follow her on or

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


My Doctor Says I Have Hepatitis! Q

Written by: Omar Tamimi, MD, Gastroenterologists of Ocean County


epatitis is an oftenmisunderstood condition of the liver that can, at times, be fatal. Proper management in its early stages can prevent longterm injury and liver failure.


What does Hepatitis mean?

Hepatitis is a general term used to describe an illness caused by the inflammation of the liver itself. The individual cells of the liver become inflamed, which results in the dysfunction of the entire liver.


How did my doctor discover that I have hepatitis? Hepatitis is usually first diagnosed by routine blood tests that measure quantities of proteins (enzymes) that are normally produced by liver cells. When these levels are high in the bloodstream, this suggests the liver cells have been damaged and are leaking the enzymes into the blood. Hepatitis is defined as acute or chronic, based on how long the inflammation has been present. Inflammation lasting greater than 6 months is considered chronic. Not all causes of hepatitis are capable of causing a chronic condition, for example, Hepatitis A infection.

There are many causes of hepatitis- too numerous to mention here. The most common causes are viruses, thus the frequent description of the diagnosis refers to it as a viral illness. The viruses that designate Hepatitis A, B and C are the most prevalent. Other common causes include hepatitis from excess fat in the liver, alcohol consumption, as well as ingestion of prescription and over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen. Our own immune system can also cause hepatitis by producing antibodies against liver cells.



Can I have hepatitis without symptoms?

Many, if not most, patients with Hepatitis have no symptoms or are unaware of the symptoms they may be experiencing, which is why patients may be suffering a chronic condition and not even

How serious is Hepatitis?

Acute hepatitis that becomes overwhelming can lead to liver failure and possible death. Chronic Hepatitis can lead to extensive scarring of the liver called Cirrhosis. This may eventually result in liver failure or possible liver cancer.

What testing will I need to undergo?


The vast majority of the investigation will involve extensive blood testing. This will allow your physician to narrow down the potential cause of your Hepatitis. An ultrasound of the liver is almost uniformly ordered to evaluate the anatomy for any structural defects or growths, as an early part of the investigation. A biopsy of the liver is frequently required to determine the severity of inflammation, help isolate and exclude the cause as well as scarring from chronic inflammation. This is usually performed under Ultrasound or CT guidance.

Is Hepatitis curable?

There are many causes for Hepatitis with just as many treatment options. Your doctor will advise you on the appropriate treatment for your individual condition. Some medications can clear viral infections from the bloodstream with eventual

eradication. This results in resolution of the Hepatitis. Other treatments slow the progression of Hepatitis to Cirrhosis and Liver Failure. Therefore the appropriate detection, identification and treatment of hepatitis is mandatory for good health. In summary, Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver caused by a variety of factors. The exact cause must be properly identified to optimize treatment regimens. This will minimize the likelihood of the long-term complications of liver disease. Call to schedule your appointment at Gastroenterologists of Ocean County.

Patient Testimonials

v “I cannot say enough, how everyone was kind and understanding. This was my

first time using Dr. Tamimi and I now have become a patient for life. There was no judgment from anyone. Thank you all, for being so caring.” ~ Wayne, age 51, Bayville v “Dr. Tamimi and his staff are as good as it gets!” ~ Joseph, age 72, Waretown v “Everyone was wonderful and made me feel comfortable, which made me feel more relaxed. The staff is great and explains everything. Dr. Tamimi was very happy and made me feel good about going there. He explained everything thoroughly. The new Endoscopy Center is very clean and well kept. I would give all 5 stars!” ~ Mary, age 58, Whiting v “Everyone was just wonderful! If every doctor and his staff were like Dr. Tamimi and his staff, there wouldn’t be any complaints!” ~ Judith, age 68, Toms River

Gastroenterologists of Ocean County

Meet The Doctors Of Gastroenterologists Of Ocean County.

(Sitting l-r) Omar Tamimi, MD, Jill Collier, MD, and Allan Cohen, MD. (Back row l-r) Jai Mirchandani, MD, Edgar Bigornia, md and Kenneth Glazier, MD. We perform endoscopic procedures in the convenience of our two office based endoscopy centers. We aim to provide the highest quality of compassionate medical care and perform endoscopies in a convenient, friendly, non-threatening office setting. We serve patients from many different backgrounds which is mirrored in the diversity of our physicians.


Board Certified Gastroenterologists

Allan Cohen, MD • Omar Tamimi, MD • Jill Collier, MD • Edgar Bigornia, MD • Kenneth Glazier, MD • Jai Mirchandani, MD • • • •

Colonoscopy and colon polyp removal Colon cancer detection & screening Rectal bleeding evaluation Ulcer pain evaluation and treatment

• • • •

Swallowing disorders Endoscopic treatment of hemorrhoids Capsule Endoscopy Bravo pH Monitoring

Hospital Privileges at Community and Kimball Medical Centers Endoscopy Center of Toms River Endoscopy Center of Ocean County •

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Medicare, HMO’s and most insurance accepted.


know it. Common symptoms, when they are present, include fatigue, fever, vague abdominal pain, dark urine and yellowing of skin and eyes. Acute hepatitis will cause symptoms in the patient more often than chronic hepatitis.

What causes hepatitis?

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Now you can have your Colonoscopy, Polypectomy and Upper Panendoscopy in our tranquil and private endoscopy centers. You will receive intravenous sedation, which will make you sleepy and comfortable. Our colonoscopy preparation does not require you to drink a gallon of solution of Golytely or Colyte.

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Medical Professionals


Lower Back Pain? Relief Is On The Way Written by: John Mak, MD, Board Certified in Pain Management


f you suffer from lower back pain you are not alone. Lower back pain will affect 6 out of 10 Americans at one point in their life. It is among the top 10 complaints patients present to their primary care physician. Most episodes of back pain resolve on their own within 6 weeks of conservative therapy consisting of anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. But what happens to the 10% of patients that experience chronic lower back pain, back pain lasting longer than 3 months? Traditionally, treatment included pain medications, undergoing spinal surgery, or just “living with the pain.” But due to the development and advances in the specialty of interventional pain management, chronic lower back sufferers now have a whole array of treatment choices. The goals of interventional pain management are to relieve, reduce, or manage back pain and improve a patient’s overall quality of life through minimally invasive techniques specifically designed to diagnose and treat back pain. Interventional pain management also strives to help patients return to their everyday activities quickly and without heavy reliance on medications. Treating lower back pain with powerful painkillers only is no longer the medical standard. Although they do play a role in treating acute lower back pain, painkillers such as morphine and Oxycontin only mask the symptoms. Furthermore, multiple side effects associated with these painkillers, such as nausea, constipation, sedation, and the potential for addiction makes them a poor treatment choice for many patients. As an interventional pain management physician, Dr. Mak aims to specifically identify the area that is causing your pain via a comprehensive history and physical exam and with the aid of diagnostic studies, such as MRI or CT scan. Once the area of concern is identified, a detailed multidisciplinary treatment plan is developed with your pain management physician. The cornerstone of this treatment usually includes precise x-ray guided spinal injections or minimal invasive sur-

gery to treat your lower back pain. All the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, therefore minimizing your recovery time. Several injections may be required to control or eliminate your lower back pain. The other components of this multidisciplinary treatment include medication management utilizing narcotic and non-narcotic pain medications and physical therapy. The most common causes of lower back pain include degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis, all of which can result in compression and inflammation of the spinal nerves traveling down the legs. The term sciatica is commonly used to describe the pain traveling down the legs. Dr. John Mak will target this pain with epidural steroid injections that deliver powerful anti-inflammatory medication and local anesthetic to the problem area. Other treatment options include percutaneous discectomy/nucleoplasty, a minimal invasive surgical procedure that removes disc tissue and relieves pressure from spinal nerves. Premier Pain Centers is at the forefront of interventional pain management therapies. Lower back pain can be managed by precisely targeting radiofrequency waves to “turn off ” specific spinal nerves to prevent their transmission of pain signals back to the brain. In the example of facet joint pain (small joint in the spine), radiofrequency lesioning can be performed on the nerves that supply sensation to the facet joint, therefore eliminating the pain. Then there is neurostimulation technology used to manage chronic intractable pain. Neurostimulation delivers precisely controlled, low-voltage electrical stimulation to the spinal cord through carefully placed electrodes. Also referred to as a spinal cord simulator, the stimulation blocks pain messages from reaching the brain. Instead of pain, the patient feels a “tingling” sensation. Multiple patients have asked why they have not been offered this form of treatment earlier, as it has helped them live pain free and regain their independence. Unfortunately, many people feel pain is something they have to live with as an unavoidable part of growing older. Today, advances in pain management offer patients choices to help control pain. Many cases of acute and chronic pain can successfully be treated. Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, don’t just “grin and bear it,” please contact Premier Pain Centers at 732-380-0200. You may also refer to our website for more information.

Dr. John Mak obtained his medical degree from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine Internship at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center-Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He subsequently moved to Boston, MA for his residency training in Anesthesia and Critical Care at the world-renowned Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center-Harvard University. Dr. Mak then pursued a fellowship at the Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center-Tufts University School of Medicine, where he honed his skills in the multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Dr. Mak is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology with a specialty in Pain Management. His areas of clinical expertise include treatment of musculoskeletal neck and back pain, neuropathic (nerve) pain and cancer pain. Dr. Mak is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, and the Medical Society of New Jersey.

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January/February 2014



Divorce Basics: How Long Does It Take? Written by: Jay Turnbach, Esq.

One of the first questions I’m often asked is . . .

“how long does

a divorce take?” While there is no quick answer to that question, you should know that the time is often dependent upon the complexity of the matter, the personalities involved, the specific judge assigned to the case, and, believe it or not, the county in which the divorce is filed. Locally, Ocean County can be among the quickest divorce venues, while Monmouth County cases tend to move more slowly through the system. One thing is certain, however; once divorce is a certainty in your mind, the sooner you begin the process, the sooner it will end. There is a statewide policy aiming to resolve all divorces within a year of the initial filing date. This is more of a guideline than a rule. Presently, there is an ongoing political battle over the appointment of new judges, so the number of judges available to handle cases (even those impacting children and families) seems to be on the decline at the same time as dockets may be expanding.

Without much expectation of a larger budget for the court system, one can expect the situation to worsen over time. The good news is that if you can reach a settlement agreement with your spouse, the actual divorce hearing can occur relatively quickly. Since case processing times are one of the few significant benchmarks useful in evaluating the administration of the courts, the general practice by court administrators is to give priority to settled cases. Often the courts are happy to let the lawyers schedule settled cases at the convenience of the parties. An actual uncontested divorce hearing typically takes no more than 15 minutes, with the court acting to ensure that you have voluntarily settled your case in a manner in which you and your spouse both believe to be fair, and also confirming with at least one party that there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation between the parties. If you are not lucky enough to reach a quick settlement with your spouse, or the issues are more complex requiring some detailed fact investigation, commercial appraisals, forensic accounting, or computer work, then you can expect the process to take eight to ten months or so. Occasionally, cases awaiting trial drag on beyond a year. The unluckiest divorcers find themselves still in the system for two

Jay Turnbach, Esq., LLc

or three years. By that time, you can fairly conclude that the court system has let you down. Fortunately, those cases are the exception, not the rule.

How Long Can I Keep It A Secret? Because the divorce process initially entails compiling a lot of financial information together with names, dates, birthdays and the like, you can hire an attorney to begin the paperwork and start learning about the divorce process and what you can reasonably anticipate without notifying your spouse. This is often a popular approach where clients are concerned with reprisals, domestic violence issues, or the expectation of generally uncivilized behavior by one’s spouse. Once the paperwork is together and filed with the court system (and you’ve got a bit of a head start understanding the process), you can have the divorce papers served on your spouse, or simply notify them of the fact that you have initiated the process.

How Can I Increase My Odds of a Speedy Divorce? While you can’t control the complexity of your matter or the county of venue

The County Woman Magazine

Schedule an appointment with Jay Turnbach, Esq., to further discuss your concerns. 732-286-4860


Free Telephone ConsulTaTion Jay Turnbach has 18 years’ experience handling family law matters in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. He is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney.

Divorce Mediation, Litigation, Collaborative Divorce Post-Judgment Divorce Enforcement of Divorce Judgments, Child Support and Alimony Modifications, Out of State Relocations with Children General Family Law Child Custody/Parenting Time Issues, DYFS Matters Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearings, Motions to Vacate Old Orders

Certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Attorney

for your divorce (short of moving to a different county), you can select an attorney with a strong track record of setting cases, and you can encourage your spouse to do likewise. To that end, the best advice is to look for an attorney familiar with the alternative dispute resolution processes of mediation and collaborative divorce. Those attorneys are more likely to see the value in settlement for the client. They also benefit from having developed the skills to make settlements happen more readily than pure litigators. As a founding member of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group and a frequent mediator, I often advise people that it is indeed possible to actively work toward settlement, often without sacrificing those issues most important to them, by focusing on negotiation rather than litigation. To those of you considering divorce: you deserve happiness, your children deserve peace, and everyone deserves a dignified divorce process.

He is qualified as a divorce mediator pursuant to Rule 1:40 of the New Jersey rules of Court. He is the immediate past president of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group, and a former chairman of the Family Law Committee of the Ocean 229 Washington Street County Bar Association.

Toms River, NJ 08753

January/February 2014


Alzheimer’s Care Community

“My Life…My Story” favorite pastime? What is their history? A person can be celebrated by learning their story, embracing their identity and engaging them in familiar activities that will stimulate their mind, body and spirit.

Alice was so photogenic. With her long brown hair, bright eyes and toothy grin, she was always front and center, arms tightly around her friends and family in every photo. Her smile connected you immediately. She had that way with people. Always the life of the party, Alice entertained everyone from her storytelling to singing horribly off key to Sinatra songs. She never cared. She made everyone laugh and people loved being around her. The adventurer of the family, her passport was filled with colorful stamps from her many journeys, a showpiece she proudly toted around. “Did I ever tell you the story about how I went with no shoes for two days in Prague” Alice would say. A crowd would quickly surround her. She had a way of captivating an attentive audience. She made you belly laugh from her wild and outlandish experiences across the globe. Her stories were always bigger than life. She had so much personality and energy, enough to fill a room.You simply wanted to say you knew her. Sadly, her stories are now told by others. Alice’s voice is lost. She has forgotten the details of her stories. Her memory has slipped away.

Individuals with memory loss may not recall the details of an experience, but they don’t forget the feeling they get from a familiar picture, favorite song, or memorable interaction. For Alice, pictures of Paris may stimulate a memory. The sound of laughter and Sinatra on the radio, may elicit a warm, positive feeling and response - feel good moment that makes Alice feel connected even if it is only for a short time. There is a way to engage an individual and make their story come alive by celebrating how they were and who they are today. No one should be forgotten. Alice’s life should continue with pleasant days and magical moments - moments others develop for her. At Brandywine Senior Living, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality memory care services in a homelike, safe, secure, and supportive environment called Reflections. Our philosophy, “INVEST,” is a creative and dignified approach that involves the family, team members and resident in a true partnership of care giving by nurturing the resident’s individuality and identity. Our approach educates everyone on the importance of investing in the person by creating opportunities to make a difference to ensure their story is heard every day.

For individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, questions about life experiences and cherished memories become too difficult to answer and express. Memories are lost. Communication is challenged. Family and friends become unfamiliar. A life story is forgotten. But Alzheimer’s disease should not strip away who the person is. The life story of an individual and their legacy can stay alive by focusing on the person, not the disease. What are their most treasured memories? Who are the important people in their life? What was their

Maria Nadelstumph Brandywine Senior Living Vice President of Organizational Development & Program Excellence

Brandywine Senior Living at The Gables Brick, NJ | 732-836-1400 Brandywine Senior Living at Reflections Brick, NJ | 732-785-3370 Brandywine Senior Living at Toms River Toms River, NJ | 732-240-0043

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Where Are YOU On Your “To Do” List This Year? Women are great jugglers and multitaskers, but in our busy-ness of taking care of our work life and the lives of those we love, we often miss a very important person … ourselves!!!

• Learning new ways of coping to better manage stress (e.g., talking about challenging life events, getting new perspectives, and emotional health care during major life changes, etc.)

We don’t consider taking care of ourselves as a critical thing “to do” yet if we don’t, how will we have the energy and health to complete everything on that list?? The New Year is the perfect time to rethink this! What are your top ten priorities? Taking care of yourself (physically and emotionally) needs to be near the top of your list. Finding healthcare professionals who can partner with you to provide care and encouragement to work on your physical and emotional health goals is a good first step! A challenge for many women is finding time to schedule appointments for themselves. One answer to this challenge is a new care model: a convenient care center, where there is no appointment necessary, allowing you to visit when it suits your schedule and be seen promptly. These primary care centers typically provide basic illness and injury care in a lower cost and higher quality, easily accessible setting.

• Understanding the link between physical health and our emotional/mental health (e.g., how thoughts trigger behaviors, how unhealthy relationships wear the body down making us susceptible to both minor health problems and injuries or serious chronic illnesses, etc.)

• At the recently opened New Jersey Community Care Center, we believe that good health occurs when healthcare providers become equal partners with their client/patient to not only treat, but also prevent illness and injuries.

• Schedule time to take good care of themselves such as time with friends to relax, laugh, and have fun, along with time in solitude to find one’s center, and time to get needed screenings & wellness visits.

That partnership also forms the basis for:

We all make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but they often lack a sustainable plan.

• Changing health behaviors (e.g., healthier eating, staying active, flossing your teeth, etc.)

Nancy Ellson, RN, MSN, APN-C Nurse Practitioner NJ Community Care Center

• Protecting the body’s immune system (e.g., getting adequate sleep & rest, eating better quality food, etc.)

Consider starting 2014 with a Well Woman

and the opportunity to partner with a VNursevisitPractitioner to create your own unique plan

to keep you and your health care needs at the top of your ‘To Do’ List. We are available from 7AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, for your convenience. You can walk in or call for an appointment at NJ Community Care Center (732) 908-7700, conveniently located on Route 37 Westbound immediately after the Mule Road light.

• Learning skills to better self-manage any chronic illness (e.g., proactively addressing that newly diagnosed high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, memory loss, etc.) Women become healthier and more resilient if they: • Find places and care providers where they can feel cared for, cared about, and be an active partner in their healthcare decisions. • Participate in events where they can grow in relationship with other women, such as a class or workshop series about health or other interests.


CALL NOW: 732-908-7700 864 Route 37 West Toms River NJ 08755

Located immediately after the Mule Road light

Nancy Ellson, RN, MSN, APN–C is the Director and Nurse Practitioner for NJ Community Care Center of Toms River. She has a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of PA as a Family Nurse Practitioner (nationally Board-certified) and a Post-Master’s from Rutgers University as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her clinical practice has focused on caring for women from their teen to senior years. As a busy professional woman, she values the skill of juggling the competing roles women play, while also maintaining a healthy and necessary focus on caring for one’s self. Helping other women improve their self-care and coping skills is at the heart of her clinical practice.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014


& Wellness


If Losing Weight Is One Of Your New Year’s Resolutions, Let Us Help You! It ensures that only the good kind of fat is deposited in the body – the kind that is essential for perfect weight and optimal health. The bad and unsightly fat you don’t want is disposed of.

Written by: Jill Houston, Clinical Director Ocean Health & Weight Loss


f you follow our protocol you will lose! Ocean Health and Weight Loss has cracked the code and found a way to cure the problem of being overweight. This is not a 500 calorie diet. We are not homeopathic. We are the real deal available by prescription only. (Over-thecounter HCG is not the proven protocol.) Dr. Simeon, amazingly, has proved with numerous clinical trials that the key to losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t rest with a fat-free diet and loads of exercise (though exercise is essential once your metabolism is reset.) You see, there is a part of your brain from which our central nervous system regulates all the autonomic functions of the body. Functions like your heartbeat, your breathing, your sleep patterns and the movement of fat! When this part of our system is operating normally, the movement of fat occurs in a very orderly way. The HCG protocol gets things back on track when they are not operating normally.

Obesity, in all its many forms, is due to an abnormal functioning of the body. That’s why some people can eat or drink what they like and never get fat, but the fat is allocated around the body poorly such as around their organs, etc. So let’s get straight to the chase. Reset the very thing that regulates the movement of fat and get things back in order. It’s a discovery that will switch your life from overweight to overjoyed. It’s a fantasy that has become a reality for thousands of people and it can become yours too. Why? Because unlike conventional methods of weight loss that address the symptom, the appearance of fat, HCG addresses the root cause of why the body is having a problem that forces it to store excess fat in the first place. That’s why when you stop eating all those packaged diet foods and give up on your gym membership, the fat just piles itself back on again.

Jill “Before”

But not anymore, those difficult and frustrating days are over. Whether you are 10 pounds or hundreds of pounds overweight, this revolutionary cure will switch your life from overweight to overjoyed! Jill Houston Clinical Director, Ocean Health and Weight Loss

THIS IS NOT A 500 CALORIE DIET! • Amazing Results in the First Week • Lose .5-1 pound per day • No Hunger on the HCG Diet • Easy to Make Recipes

Mother, Jackie (left) and daughter Nicole (below) work together to lose weight! Jackie “Before”

Jackie “After”

Call 732-608-9681 for your complimentary consultation.

Board Certified Physician on Staff!

Nicole “Before”

Nicole “After”

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Prenatal Tests: Should I Have Screening Tests For Down Syndrome Why Should I Have A Screening Test?

Screening tests cannot actually tell for certain if your fetus has Down Syndrome, rather they tell you if there is a high or low risk that the fetusedical is affected. The advantage of the screening tests is that they only require a blood test from the mother and probably an ultrasound, so there is no this phase of life. therapies for treating risk to the mother. If the While it isscreennot menopausal ing test shows a high risk, then known what causes symptoms (hot flashes, they a diagnostic test hot may beare done. flashes) areavailable. thought to be While This involves putting a needle caused thernonebyofathem into the uterus or placenta and are as moregulatory removing some fluid ordysfunction tissue. effective as estrogen, Early in the pregnancy this could initiated at they the level of be Chorionic Villus Sampling are themore hypo[CVS] by removing some tiseffective than thalamus by sue from the placenta. Later placebo andin estrogen withprovide relief for many women. the pregnancy, thisdrawal. is done by Core body amniocentesis, removing some temperature is normal at theinclude: beginning Alternative options amniotic fluid. is a normal small of the hot flash andThere falls below 1. Gabapentin: (Neurontin) is an after it; a rapidutilized dissipation of anti-seizure medication some risk ofyielding miscarriage after aindiagheat. Untreated, hot flashes in most women to treat hot flashes. It is generally nostic test.


Some of the reasons women decide not to have screening tests done:

health. • Myth–My baby won’t have Down Syndrome because no one in the family has had a baby with Down Syndrome.


• I have decided that whatever will be, will be and I am willing to wait until my baby is rofessionals born. • I do not want to be faced with decisions about my unborn baby and because of religious or personal beliefs, I would a decrease in estrogen production, the Smoking cessation, weight loss, never terminate a pregnancy. tissues of the vagina/urethra become temperature regulation and relaxation • Since I already know I am “atrophicâ€?; i.e.additional thin, pale,methods less elastic, techniques are used to going to have a diagnostic test, more traumatized as a result of addresseasily hot flashes. CVS or Oftentimes amniocentesis lesseither lubrication, etc. patients While the menopausal transition is will complain dryness, pain something willirritation, experience, it done, Imost amofwomen not going to bother stillwith appears to be a topic that is viewed as during intercourse, etc. as a result of screening tests.

• Fact–Down Syndrome usually does not run in families. Your baby can be affected even if there is no one else in the family with Down Part IISyndrome. of IIPart I


About Menopause- You’re Not Alone! 5VcihAYbcdUigYrMciºfYBch5`cbY Overaddressed the Having some of of thethe common course signs/symptoms Written By: last few weeks I of menopause or Lesley P. Furman, MD have encounperimenopause tered in the what previous what he first decision you isissue, seemare the ingly availableneed to make is the same options for whether you want to treatment of patient know if your developthese symptoms?


over and ing baby has Down over again. Vasomotor Symptoms (i.e.

Syndrome birth. hot flashes): before The majority of women experiencing mild symptoms She is a middle-aged woman who is Know the facts: usually doabout not require treatment. concerned her menstrual cycle, •For Down Syndrome is caused by those moderate which, up experiencing until a few months ago,towas severe symptoms, the gold standard an extra number 21 chromo“normalâ€?. Now she is skipping months treatment is estrogen. While there [also called Trisomy 21]. atofasome time or having multiple periods are non-hormonal options available, abnormalities perThere month;are sheother is having occasional none of them appear to be as effective hotcaused flashes which are keeping her up extra chromosomes as Granted a woman has atnonight, or ruining hertoclothing with atcontraindications other positions, such its use,as for random bouts of perspiration during Trisomy 18, which can also example coronary artery disease, a the shestroke notesorthat intercourse isn’t history of beday; diagnosed bythromboembolism, these testing quite the same; in fact, she notes signifiactive liver disease, a history of breast methods. cant vaginal dryness and pain with cancer or a considerable risk for thesex. â€˘â€œDr. Down Syndrome occurs inis this aforementioned, short-term course Jones, what isa going on, and 1 isinlong 700will births. Trisomy ofabout estrogen generally recommended. normal? How this last? Can 18 occurs in about 1asintwo 8,000 (Short term being defined to anything be done about these symptoms three years, but no longer than five births. that I’m experiencing?â€? Forwith patients with risk factors •years.) People Down Syndrome precluding estrogen use, or those seeking The transition up tointellecthis is have mild to leading moderate continued management of hot flashes called perimenopause. On average, this tual disabilities. after five years of treatment, alternative period of menopausal transition begins •therapies People withOf Down Syndrome exist. note, in women who four years before the final menstrual retain progestational maytheir haveuterus, birtha defects, such as period. Asand experienced aabnormalimajority ofin agent would need to bebyadministered heart intestinal women intothis transitional period, hot addition the estrogen. ties, and other medical prob-

given as will a single at bedtime. in 4-5 women stopdose spontaneously Anti-depressants: this category years.2.9% of women report hot flashes Some of ofthe of medications is70. firstreasons line for treating after the age

hot flashes inchoose women whoto cannot take women have Insomnia ~ A(Effexor) major sequela estrogen. Venlafaxine and of screening tests done: hot flashes is either insomnia, Escitalopram (Lexapro) are common or


this category being awakened from sleep.that Of are interest, •medications I want asinmuch information utilized to treat vasomotor symptoms. sleep studies noted that nocturnal hot as3.possible about health of Progesterone: whilethe notduring utilizedthe as flashes were more common routinely as the my baby. first 4 hours of previously sleep whilementioned, REM sleep Depo-Provera (progesterone only in following 4 hours was noted to •contraceptive) Ifthemy fetusis has Down effective in treating hot suppress hot flashes, arousals, and awakflashes. Syndrome, I want to know so enings. 4. Phyto Estrogens (plant derived

I can be prepared and learn as

estrogens): are contained in numerous Primary sleepbefore disorders are much as I can birth. foods such as soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, very common in the perimenoseed, grains, etc. Often marketed as pausal population. In a report •flaxI am very anxious and ifofI102 learn a more “naturalâ€? or “saferâ€? alternative to women ages 44-56 who reported sleep that my baby’s risk is low it managing menopausal symptoms, there is disturbances a symptom of perinowill convincing evidence that anxiety. these products helpasrelieve my menopause/menopause, 54 (53%)There had are effective in reducing symptoms. an underlying diagnoses of restless leg • I am planning to deliver at a is also some suggestion that some phyto flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep disturlemsand canmood develop. apnea or both. of estrogens may exert an estrogen-like effect community hospital, so Also if my Atrophy: bances, Vaginal lability are common- syndrome/sleep •place. The Vaginal averageestrogen lifespan for a perinterest, psychiatric issues of anxiety/ on some tissues in the body leading some is an excellent baby has birth defects I may experts to recommend that women depression can be common in thiswith son Down choice for addressing vaginal atrophy. The with average age of Syndrome menopause isis need of tobreast deliver at avoid a center with a history cancer their use population and can contribute to sleep The advantage of vaginal estrogen 50 to 60 years. 51.4 years. Smoking and genetics are specialized services. altogether. comparison systemic disturbances as well. So while vasomotor •inTrisomy 18tomost often factors that may impact theestrogen agecauses one 5. Herbal treatments: the mosttopopular is that the effect of vaginal estrogen symptoms may be contributing sleep enters menopause. Smokers tend to pregnancy loss in the first or •ofIwhich wantis to consider all my black cohosh, have not proven is more local with minimal systemic disturbances, it is important to recogenter menopause earlierThose and arebabies more second trimester. to options be more effective than placebo in clinical and might consider absorption. Vaginal estrogen use remains nize that treating the hot flashes alone apt to experience hot flashes. The age a trials. As with thetermination phyto estrogens, there born withinthis condition usucontroversial patients with a history pregnancy if my is may not solve that the these issue regimens of sleeplessness patient’s mom/sister entered menopause some concern may also ofally breast cancer and consultation with a do not survive past the first as there fetus hasbeserious abnormalities. may other underlying factors exert estrogen-like effects on some tissues. may provide some insight as to when gynecologist and/or oncologist prior to year of life. contributing. As annot aside, withwhat regardItowould do the patient can expect to enter menobe age undertaken. • I am sure •initiation Womenshould of any can have a compounded bio identical hormone pause, the mom/sister’s entry into Angiven alternative to vaginal estrogen dryness is another so Vaginal I amthere going take it one child with Down Syndrome, treatment, is noto data to support would be a was vaginal moisturizer such as menopause a “naturalâ€? entry. symptom experienced by women step at claims a time. If my screensuperiority of these products over but theReplens, risk increases astothe Replens. in addition a heavy in this stage of life. The epithelial linHot such flashes affect 80%is of conventional methodsback of treatment. These mother’s age increases. ing test comes abnormal, lubricant as Astroglide, a popular ing of the vagina/urethra are estrogen compounds also may pose additional risks women in the menopausal tranissues attributable vaginal •remedy DownforSyndrome usuallyto does I will decide atWith that time ifdataI due dependent declining in that theytissues. lack safety andthe efficacy sition making it the most common atrophy; i.e., painful intercourse. not run in families, except in more testing done. function of the ovaries, which leads to to want their variations in purity and potency. symptom experienced by women in Non-hormonal or estrogen



being somewhatmentioned “taboo�. Hopefully this the previously physiological changes.

Womanare to Woman Obstetrics done based on & Gynecology, LLC. Ocean County’s first and only all-female Obstetrics • Myth–I heard that if I have incorrect information: and Gynecology practice. a screening test, it would come t-FTMFZ1'VSNBO .% • Myth–My baby won’t have back positive since most people t"MJPOB.BYXFMM .% "SUJDMF8SJUUFO#Z Down Syndrome because I am t"OHFMB3+POFT .% end up with a"OHFMB3+POFT .% positive result. young, healthy and don’t the smoke. As female healthcare providers, staff of Woman to Woman • Fact–Most people Ob/Gyn bring a unique sensitivity to the health issues and wellness challenges that who women face •throughout Fact–A ofOur anystaff agehas the experience, expertise and critical firsthand everywoman stage of life. have a screening test will have can haveconcerning a baby with knowledge women’sDown healthcare issues that enables us to care for you with a negative result, meaning that level of empathyregardless and understanding Syndrome, of heryou won’t find aelsewhere.

Compassionate Compassionate Healthcare Healthcare For For Women... Women... By By Women Women


The County Woman Magazine

During the 9 months of pregnancy, most of the prayers offered by the mother to be include the wish of giving birth to an absolutely healthy baby in all respects. With the development of medical science, there are several tests that can be undertaken during the pregnancy months to ensure that one is carrying a healthy fetus.

the fetus has a low risk of having Down Syndrome. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that all pregnant women be offered the opportunity to have screening tests done, regardless of their age. Screening tests are voluntary. The decision to have prenatal screening is yours and depends upon your wishes, values and beliefs. There is no right or wrong choice; you decide what is best for your family. Call Woman to Woman at 732-797-1510.

Woman to Woman Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC is Ocean County’s first and only all-female Obstetrics and Gynecology practice.

Lesley P. Furman, MD

Angela R. Jones, Aliona M.D. Maxwell, M.D. >ÄžĆ?ůĞLJW͘&ĆľĆŒĹľÄ‚ĹśÍ•D͝ĞÄ?Ĺ˝ĆŒÄ‚ĹšĹ?ÄžĆšÄžĆŒÍ˛^Ä?ĹšĆľĹŻĆšÇŒÍ•KÍť>Ĺ?Ć?Ä‚^͘sÄžĆŒĹśĹ˝ĹśÍ•D



Woman toto Woman Woman Woman


OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY, LLC Same Day Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Available

rare cases.

The County Woman Magazine

thorough work-up, here’s to hoping that • Fact-–Many Stayyour tunedclinician for thewomen answers the you and can find ainwho treatment regimen, if necessary, that is right for you. May/June issue of The County would not terminate their preg-

Woman. nancy choose to have screening Some common myths tests. The information helps plan about screening tests for delivery and possible need for – Some of thetoreasons Call Woman Woman at 732-797-1510 specialized care or intervention women decide whether to get your questions answered. at birth. or not to have these tests

Having addressed some of the common article has imparted some insight into awhat • Myth–I should not have signs/symptoms of menopause/periis “normalâ€?, and will encourage women to screening testwith unless I know IAfter menopause, what aretheir available options discuss the issue physician. for treatment ofhistory said symptoms? would terminate the taking a careful and pregnancy. conducting a

March/April 2013

As female healthcare providers, the staff of Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn bring a unique sensitivity to the health issues and wellness challenges that women face throughout every stage of life. Our staff has the experience, expertise and critical firsthand knowledge concerning women’s healthcare issues that enables us to care for you with a level of empathy and understanding you won’t find elsewhere.

January/February 2014



What Is A Living Trust?


Living Trust, also known as inter vivos, allows

people to put assets in a trust, while the grantor is still alive. When living trusts are revocable, it is more flexible for the grantor. The grantor or someone whom the grantor has the confidence in, manages the property. Usually, the grantor writes their own self as a trustee and find there is no difference between managing the trust and managing their own property. As both grantor and trustee, they are given the right to buy, sell, or give property. The only difference is that the property is in the trust’s name rather than the name of the grantor.

I. Probate

A living trust is one of the ways to avoid probate. Probating is done to determine the disposition of the property a person leaves posthumously. Living wills eliminate the need to probate because the trustee owns the property.

II. Setting Up

Requirements for setting up a living trust are variable in every state. Grantors execute a document saying that they are creating a trust to hold property for their own benefit and for the benefit of their family, or whomever the grantor wishes it to benefit. Trust declarations list major assets such as homes, major investments (such as corporations, etc.) in the trust; some refer to another document which schedules which of the exact property that will begin the trust; or some may simply transfer the property to the trustee under the trust agreement. Transfer of ownership must be registered on whatever property you put into the trust--deeds, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, etc.--from the name of the grantor to the name of the trust. Sometimes, when grantors name their own self the trustee they must sign their names in transactions as the trustee instead of just their name. In a revocable living trust, the grantor keeps the right to manage their property whether they are the trustee or not, since they have a right to change the terms of the trust, the trustee, and the property in the trust at any time. The alternative trustee, post death of the grantor, distributes the property according to the terms of the trust. Living trusts can extend long after death. If you want the trust to benefit infant grandchildren, for example, the grantor might specify that the trustee distributes increments to the grandchild as needed until a certain age. However, if beneficiaries the living trust die before you do, the property reverts to you, unless there are contingent beneficiaries already set up in the trust.


Taxes usually do not impact living trusts. Grantors should be sure to retain the right to revoke or amend their trust as they wish. An attorney who created the trust can create a revocable trust agreement, which allows the grantor to change the terms or trustee or void the trust all together.

Do you have someone in your life with a Disability? are they financially protecteD? • Special Needs Trusts • Wills & Estate Planning • Guardianships • Health Care Proxies • Long Term Care • Powers of Attorney • Inheritance Tax Planning • Trusts

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Call Matus and Connell at (732) 281-0060 for more information. Two Attorneys, One Mission: to provide professional, efficient legal counsel and representation

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I’m a REAL person!

January/February 2014

Home Care


& Hospice

All About Pain: Myths And Realities Written by: Kathy Zonin, RN Holy Redeemer HomeCare & Hospice

Persistent uncontrolled pain causes suffering and significantly impacts quality of life, as well as, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being. Physically, uncontrolled pain may lead to other physical symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, poor appetite and nausea. Uncontrolled pain can even compromise the immune system resulting in an increased risk for infection. Socially, it is often difficult for pain sufferers to interact with others, leading to social isolation. Depression, loss of control, anger and anxiety are not uncommon. Spiritually, one may begin to question the meaning of the pain and wonder “Why is God doing this to me?” Living with advanced or life limiting illness does not mean that one has to live with uncontrolled pain. Pain can be controlled by relatively simple means utilizing oral medications a majority of the time. However, despite having the ability to control pain, there are many barriers that get in the way of controlling pain effectively. Understanding what pain is, how it can be managed effectively, and alleviating misconceptions is the first step towards effective pain management and ensuring optimal quality of life. Myth: “Pain is a normal part of aging.” Reality: Although older adults are more likely to experience pain, it is not a “symptom” of aging, and should not be considered inevitable. Myth: “My loved one doesn’t look like he is in pain — that must mean that the pain is not that bad.” Reality: Pain research expert Margo McCafferty defined pain as: “whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he says it does.” We cannot tell if a person is having pain by looking at them. Only the person

having pain knows how it feels so it is important that we ask the person if they are having pain and how it feelsand we need to listen to their answer. Myth: “It is best to wait until the pain is severe before taking pain medications.” Reality: It is best to stay ahead of the pain by taking medications around the clock when treating persistent pain. The longer pain goes untreated, the harder it is to ease. If the prescription says to take the medicine at certain times or at certain time intervals (i.e., every six hours), make sure this is done. Myth: “People who take strong opiate (“narcotic”) pain medication become drug addicts.” Reality: Opiates (narcotics) are highly effective for many types of pain and can be given safely. Addiction is characterized by compulsive craving and use of a drug, which results in physical, psychological and social harm to the user. An addict’s drug use continues in spite of predictable, consistent harm (self-destructive behavior). Addiction is NOT a problem for people who take opiate medications for persistent uncontrolled pain. Myth: “The side effects of opiate pain medications make people too sleepy and can stop their breathing.” Reality: Most side effects are mild, tolerable, treatable, and fade with time. The most common side effect is constipation which can be controlled with a regular routine of medications aimed at keeping bowels normal. Achieving comfort while maintaining optimal level of consciousness (wakefulness) is the goal of pain management. Side effects of drowsiness will reduce or disappear within a few days. Myth: “Once you start taking morphine, the end is always near.” Reality: Morphine does not initiate the final phase of life or lead directly to death. Morphine provides not only relief

Kathy Zonin is director of nursing for Holy Redeemer HomeCare in Egg Harbor Township. Holy Redeemer HomeCare and Hospice is the largest non-profit provider of home health and hospice services in New Jersey. The organization also works with Cape May Healthy Families and sponsors the Holy Redeemer Food Pantry in Swainton. For more information, visit

The County Woman Magazine

of severe, chronic pain; it also provides a sense of comfort. It makes breathing easier. It promotes relaxation and sleep. Morphine does not cloud consciousness or lead to death. Morphine does not kill. Good pain management improves quality of life. It is important that the treatment of pain be individualized to each person according to their diagnosis, stage of disease, response to pain and treatments, and personal likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, many people with chronic pain do not get the help they need and the effects may be devastating for the patient and the entire family.

The Holy Redeemer Palliative Care and Hospice team assesses and manages pain and symptoms associated with advanced or life limiting illness, ensuring comfort and quality of life for patients and their families.

Holy Redeemer HomeCare and Hospice can be reached at 888.678.8678 or

when you

eel better about your

surroundings, you just eel better.

Home. Being there is critical to your state of mind and your state of health. And with the right care, it can bring you one step closer to the life you knew before. That’s what we want for you. Your home and our care. That’s HomeCare from Holy Redeemer.

888-678-8678 New Jersey: Camden • Gloucester • salem • Cumberland • Atlantic • Cape May Ocean • Mercer • Middlesex • Monmouth • somerset • Union and sOUtheAsterN PA

About Holy Redeemer HomeCare and Hospice . . . HlyRdmr_HomeCare_5x7.indd 1

2/18/13 1:28 PM

Holy Redeemer HomeCare and Hospice offers a continuum of services throughout 12 New Jersey counties, including Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Middlesex, Ocean, Salem, Somerset, and Union. Holy Redeemer HomeCare and Hospice provides care to patients and their families in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. It is part of Holy Redeemer Health System, which offers a wide range of healthcare and health-related services, including an acute care hospital, home health and hospice services, two skilled nursing facilities, supportive care, a retirement community, low-income housing, an active living community, and a transitional housing program for homeless women and children.

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Can A Meal Fit For A King Cause Big Toe Pain?


out, commonly thought of as “big

toe pain”, is an extremely painful form of arthritis that has been around since ancient history. Gout had been referred to as the “disease of kings” because it had been associated with the overindulgence of food and wine that only a king could afford. This assumption is incorrect, as gout can affect anyone along with various risk factors. It is reported that gout affects approximately 5 to 6 million people in the United States, and is steadily rising.

QWhat is gout?

Gout is a sudden and severe attack of pain with redness and tenderness in the joints, and is usually at the base of the big toe. Gout is an inflammatory arthritis resulting from hyperuricemia which means a higher than normal level of uric acid in the body. This is caused either from overproduction in the body or under-excretion out of the body of uric acid. Urate crystals accumulate in the joint causing inflammation and intense pain, which leads to a gout attack. Under normal circumstances, uric acid dissolves and passes through your kidneys to excrete out of the body. With high levels of uric acid build-up, needle-like, sharp urate crystals form in the joint or surrounding

tissue causing pain, swelling, and inflammation. Gout can result in the deterioration or destruction of the joint.

QWhere is gout?

The first symptoms are usually an intense painful swelling in a single joint, most often the feet, and most commonly the big toe. An acute attack has been described as “waking up in the middle of the night feeling like your toe is on fire”. Even your bed sheet resting on it may seem unbearable. Common risk factors: • Men more than women • Postmenopausal • Alcohol use, particularly beer • Diet high in purines (i.e., red meat, seafood, organ meat, asparagus, mushrooms) • Dehydration • Family history • Obesity • Kidney disease • Organ transplants • Certain medications and medical conditions

do I minimize my QHow risks? 1. Stay well-hydrated with water 2. Limit sweetened beverages with high fructose corn syrup.

Offering Expert Care For Lower Extremity Disorders

Comprehensive Services Include: • Bunion and Hammer Toe Correction • Heel Pain- Non-Invasive to Minimally-Invasive Treatment • Fracture and Trauma Care- Foot and Ankle • Ulcer Care/Wound Care • Diabetic Foot Care • Plantar Warts • Diabetic Shoes/Custom Orthotics

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The County Woman Magazine

3. Limit alcohol intake to 2 drinks/day for men, 1 drink/day for women. 4. Eat a balanced diet, with protein intake more from low-fat dairy, eggs, or nut butters. 5. Limit meat, fish, and poultry intake to 4 to 6 oz./day. 6. Choose healthy portions to attain desirable body weight.

Photo Source: wp-content/uploads/2013/12/gout-makanan.jpg

7. Weight loss if needed. No one wants to suffer from an unwanted gout attack. The American College of Rheumatology acknowledges that medications are the most effective way to treat gout symptoms, and that diet and lifestyle modifications alone are not likely to prevent gout attacks. However, one can still have a meal fit for a king while following some simple dietary guidelines as listed above. This may help protect against attacks as well as prolong symptom-free periods. Should you experience foot or toe pain, it is best to see your local podiatrist quickly since medications are appropriate for an acute attack.

To learn more about gout or any other foot concerns, call Dr. Manooj Prasad at: (732) 557-9900.

Photo Source: images/gout1.jpg

Photo Source: images/4_6.jpgmd_99-14-0009.tif.jpg

Testimonial . . . “I have suffered with pain from gout for many years. The pain had always been on

the bottom of my foot beneath the big toe. So when I began to get pain on the side and in the upper joint of the toe, I wasn’t sure what it was and got concerned. When I explained my pain to Dr. Prasad, he asked me to come to the office as soon as possible. His staff made time in their busy schedule and Dr. Prasad examined my foot, gave me an injection to stop the pain, and issued a prescription for medication. Dr. Prasad explained it was gout, and that it just attacked a different area this time. I thank Dr. Prasad and his staff for their excellent service and caring enough to help stop my pain and suffering from the gout.” – J. Cuozzo

Dr. Manooj Prasad of Garden State Foot & Ankle Group, located at 20 Hospital Drive, Suite 9 in Toms River, is an experienced doctor of podiatric medicine and trained surgeon who focuses on disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Dr. Prasad offers comprehensive care exploring both non-surgical and surgical treatment options based on his patient’s needs and lifestyle. Dr. Prasad was born and raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, and received his doctorate from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. His surgical training was completed at both Our Lady of Mercy in the Bronx and St. Vincent’s Hospital BrooklynQueens. He then continued with advanced training in foot and ankle surgery with nationally-renowned surgeon, Dr. Stanley Kalish, in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Prasad is one of the only surgeons in the area trained to perform the STAR Total Ankle Joint Replacement, the latest treatment for severe ankle arthritis. He also uses the latest technology for wireless hammer toe correction surgery providing a quicker recovery time. Feeling that Ocean County was a great place to begin his career and raise a family, Dr. Prasad opened his practice originally in Lakewood, and recently moved to his current location in Toms River. He lives in Toms River with his wife, Krystin, a native to Toms River, along with their four children. He enjoys gardening, tennis, and training his dog, Max. He is on staff at both Community and Kimball Medical Centers. For all of your foot and ankle concerns, for more information and to make an appointment with Dr. Prasad, please call: (732) 557-9900.

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Quit Smoking, Live Longer

Submitted by: Dr. Sarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP Ocean Hematology & Oncology


igarette smoking is injurious to health… It is written right on the package itself. Then why do 45 million adults continue to smoke? Maybe they don’t know how negatively cigarettes can affect your health. The number of smokers has gone down consistently in the last few decades. In 1965, 42% of the population smoked; it is decreased to 19 percent by 2010. This is due to the increasing awareness about the adverse effects of smoking. Nineteen percent is still a significant part of the population. Tobacco-related illnesses are a major cause of death in adults.


Why do people smoke? Most people start smoking at a young age. 1 in 3 male and 1 out of 5 female high school students used some form of tobacco, based on a survey in 2009. Often, the habit is started due to peer pressure, to impress people who are smokers. The tobacco industry also spends millions of dollars

on marketing that attracts youngsters. Once started, smoking is difficult to control. Nicotine is a very addictive substance. It gives a pleasant feeling by working on the brain cells, altering the chemistry, making the person want to smoke more. The habit-forming potential of nicotine is similar to that of drugs that can cause addiction. Smokers develop emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit. So even when someone wants to quit smoking, the process becomes very difficult.


What are the diseases that are related to smoking? Heart disease, atherosclerosis, lung disease (COPD, Emphysema), vascular disease (blockage of arteries), stroke, cancer… the list goes on. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the Unites States. Smokers are at high risk of getting heart attacks and of sudden death from heart disease. Smoking especially damages the lining of the lungs, resulting in chronic lung diseases such as COPD. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the US. There are 12 million people in the US suffering from COPD and 75 percent of those cases are related to smoking. The risk of developing COPD is related to the number of cigarettes smoked and the duration.


What are some of the cancers that are related to smoking? Smoking accounts for 30 percent of cancer related deaths in the U.S., and causes 80 percent of all lung cancers. The risk of developing lung cancer is also proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked in one’s lifetime. Smok-


ing can also cause cancers of the throat, mouth, nasopharynx, larynx (voice box), esophagus and urinary bladder. Cervical cancer and pancreatic cancer are also linked to smoking.


I was already diagnosed with cancer; what is the point of quitting now? This is very common attitude among smokers when they are hit with a diagnosis of cancer. Actually, the treatment of cancer will be more difficult if a person continues to smoke. Side effects such as nausea, mouth sores and loss of appetite are more pronounced in those who choose to smoke than those who decide to quit. The following is an excerpt from, the official website of American Society of Clinical Oncology:ASCO, on smoking cessation:

Myths about quitting smoking

Myth: Quitting smoking is not helpful for a person diagnosed with cancer. Fact: Quitting smoking can improve the results of treatment and a person’s overall health, survival rate and quality of life. Myth: Quitting smoking is too stressful for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Fact: Although nicotine dependence is hard to break because the withdrawal process can be uncomfortable, the benefits of quitting smoking outweigh the discomforts.

resources are available for people who want to stop smoking, including medications and counseling. Your likelihood of successfully quitting is greater if you use a comprehensive plan that includes steps such as setting a quit date, developing strategies to deal with smoking triggers, and building a network of support. Talk with your doctor about which approach may work best for you. NEXT ISSUE: METHODS TO QUIT SMOKING Call us with your concerns:

Sarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP


Compassionate Cancer Care, Close to Home

personal choice.

Fact: Although more

than half of all Americans who ever smoked quit, tobacco contains the addictive chemical nicotine, and many people experience nicotine dependence for a long time after they start smoking.

Myth: Smokers can quit by themselves; a doctor’s advice isn’t needed.

Fact: Doctors provide

support, information and any necessary drug therapies to help people to quit.

Myth: Most smoking

cessation treatments have a low success rate.

• “I am so appreciative and grateful that I was put in contact with Dr. Easaw and staff. They are so compassionate about your treatment and personal well being… the doctor gave me the confidence and reassured me. They certainly kept me lifted even when I would get so depressed that I would want to quit. Something about the doctor and staff always gave me an uplift, even when things got very tough.” ~ Cecile , Brick, NJ

W We offer a full range of Hematology & Oncology services. W We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art cancer care in a warm and personalized manner. W Our newly renovated, spacious infusion room provides a peaceful and friendly atmosphere to patients while they receive chemotherapy and other infusions. W Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and compassionate.

Sarah J. Easaw MD, FACP Diplomate of the American Board of Hematology, Oncology & Internal Medicine

Ocean Hematology & Oncology 1255 Route 70, 31S Easily Accessible Location, Near Exit 88 on GSP

Lakewood, NJ 08701

• “Dr. Easaw has continued to monitor me with regards to my Hodgkin’s Disease in a very professional yet compassionate manner. From the moment I enter her office I am greeted warmly by her staff, and I know I will be well cared for by someone who cares.” ~ David , Manchester, NJ

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successfully quit smoking without any medication or other support, there are treatments that can significantly improve smoking cessation rates. Among people with cancer, quit rates often exceed 50 percent.

Myth: Smoking is a

Patient Testimonials:

Fact: Although very few people A variety of treatments and

732.961.0010 Accepts Most Insurances Affiliated with Kimball Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center and Community Hospital Access to Clinical Trials

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Detecting Bone Disease At The Cellular Level QA

What is nuclear medicine?

Cyrus Khorrami, M.D.


t is often the case that pain experienced by patients can be the result of bone disease. Bone disease may include fractures, infections, and cancer originating from the bone or having spread to the bone. There are many ways to detect bone disease including X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.  However, these tests are limited to a specific area of the body.  These modalities sometimes cannot detect very early stages of disease. A nuclear medicine whole body bone scan, on the other hand, can detect potential disease in the entire skeleton quickly, and with very little radiation. This test works on the cellular level exposing disease very early on. The nuclear medicine bone scan is one of the most sensitive tests doctors have at their disposal for the discovery of bone pathology.

As with other examinations such as diagnostic X-rays or CT scans, an image is made by passing X-rays through the body from an outside source. Those X-rays are then absorbed by a detector and an image is created. This image shows the anatomy and structure of the body. By contrast, nuclear medicine procedures use a radioactive material called a radiopharmaceutical or radiotracer, which is injected into your bloodstream. With nuclear medicine bone scans, the radioactive material accumulates in the bone, where it emits a small amount of energy in the form of gamma rays. A gamma camera is then used to detect this energy, and with the help of a computer creates pictures offering details on both the structure and functioning of your body’s skeleton.


How does this show bone disease?

The material used in bone scans is call Tc99 MDP. This radiotracer attaches specifically to the bones.  If the bones are diseased, the body automatically tries to repair the damage. This radiotracer accumulates in the areas of bone repair with greater intensity called “hot spots”.  These areas of increased accumulation can be seen in fractures, areas of infection, or cancer. This examination is very precise and can detect bone damage on a cellular level.  Often this nuclear medicine examination will show disease in the bone before it can be seen by x-rays or CT scans.


injection, and (3) finally three hours after the injection.

How is this examination performed?

There are two parts to a A whole body bone scan. First, the radiotracer is injected into a Q vein. It takes several hours for the


Radiologists use the “ALARA” (“As Low As Reasonably Achievable”) principle when performing any examination. The goal is to select the amount of radiotracer that will provide an accurate test with the least amount of radiation exposure. Therefore, the amount of radiotracer used in a nuclear medicine bone scan is extremely small and the patient’s radiation exposure is minimal. The amount of radiation in most nuclear medicine tests is comparable to a diagnostic x-ray.   

radiotracer to circulate and absorb into the bones. Patients can leave the radiology office during this time and return later for the scan. The doctor or technologist will instruct the patient to drink extra water before returning for the scan. The scan is painless and easy. The patient is asked to lie still on a table while the gamma camera passes over their body. A scan of your entire skeleton takes from 40- 60 minutes. The gamma camera is open on both sides so claustrophobia is rarely an issue.


How safe is this examination?


What is the difference between a whole body bone scan and a bone density scan?

It is a common error to A confuse the whole body bone scan with a bone density

scan. The bone density scan (also called a DXA scan) uses low dose x-rays to determine the extent of bone loss.  It helps determine whether a patient is osteopenic or osteoporotic as well as in predicting the future risk of fracture. Contact our office and our staff will be more than happy to assist you. 732-244-0777.

What is a three phase bone scan?

Some patients can have soft A tissue swelling of a specific part of the body, such as the arms, legs, hands or feet. If it is suspected that there is an infection of the skin or muscle, a three phase bone scan can determine whether the infection has spread to the bone.  If there is no soft tissue infection, the three phase bone scan can determine whether there is a fracture of the underlying bone that is causing the soft tissue swelling. This examination is performed the same way as a regular whole body bone scan with a radiotracer injection.  However, in this case the area of interest is scanned three times: (1) immediately after the injection, (2) a second scan five minutes after the

A single metastatic lesion found in the spine in a patient with breast cancer.

Normal whole body bone scan.

This patient came to our office with knee pain. A “hot spot” in the left knee proved to be a fracture that could not be seen on x-ray.

Multiple hot spots seen throughout the skeleton shows the extent of metastatic cancer spread.

As always, contact our office where our staff will be more than happy to assist you.



you can count on.

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& Wellness

Let’s Begin the New Year Taking Care of YOU! Eating healthy and exercise are all part of the New Year changes many of us vow to make. Let’s get started by getting the largest organ of your body- your skin into shape! Stimulation and hydration are imperative to the health of your skin.

Any of our facials and Body Treatments will help you get a fresh start to taking care of the largest organ of your body, your skin!

• January’s scent for Seasonal Salt Glow and Scent of the Month Pedicure is Champagne and Rose • February’s scent for the same services is Chocolate Covered Cherries Both scents are serious about hydrating your skin!

Drink water, use an emollient moisturizer day and night, and keep caffeine drinks to a minimum. Use your Clarisonic brush to keep facial skin free of too many dead cells on the surface that can prevent your moisturizer from doing its job. At Simply Skin, we have many years of experience as well as quality skincare products. Part of our dedication to you is to share our knowledge of homecare and to get you Do you want REALLY started right. For the skin of your body, we suggest a good body brush on a long handle to do the same for your body as the Clarisonic brush does for your face. Also apply body butter/lotion right out of the shower. We have wonderful soy and oat lotions that are emollient enough to care for the skin on the body. Our body therapists will show you all of this after your body treatment.

2014 Begins our 20th birthday year. We are very grateful to all of the people who have visited us over 20 years and we look forward to serving all of you!


Try our Clarisonic facial cleansing system. We will use this amazing brush to deeply cleanse your skin and have better penetration of vitamin products within our facials. We also have Clarisonic System for purchase (great gift item) for you to use at home. See our facebook page for comments.

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back!

Every service I’ve ever had done at Simply Skin has been simply wonderful! Today’s aromatherapy by Melanie was no exception! After a very stressful few months, I feel rejuvenated! Thank you! ~ Dawn Lovely manicure and pedicure with my mom to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I love Simply Skin and look forward to the times we can come in and just RELAX! ~ Larissa Waiting a year later, older, but when I have a facial at Simply Skin, feel (and look) 10 years younger. There must be something to esthetics and treating yourself right after all. Be back soon! ~ Joyce

£ £ £

We are located at:313 West Water Street, Toms River, NJ 08753


& Finance

Written By: JoAnn Juralewicz, owner, Simply Skin. A Day Spa Experience

(Just a quarter mile east from Exit 81 of the Garden State Parkway.)



Business & Finance

Please call Simply Skin at 732-505-9448 to make your appointment.

Are You A Boomer With Healthcare Questions? Written by: Janet Langstaff Managing Principal / Healthcare Specialist Lang Insurance Group

and budget. She surveys all available options, weighs them against requirements, and presents recommendations. The focus always is suitability.

Are you turning 65 soon?

Rose is a senior member of the Lang team, based in Spring Lake. As independent healthcare specialists, we represent you, the insured, not the insurance carrier. That independence allows us to identify only the most suitable options. And we represent all major carriers offering health insurance in NJ, PA, and FL.

Who is Lang Insurance Group?

Are you already on Medicare but confused about your benefits? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, Rose MacNish, a Senior Healthcare Specialist with Lang Insurance Group in Spring Lake, can help you. Why is it so hard for people on Medicare to find suitable benefits? Finding coverage that supplements Medicare is a daunting task, especially given the myriad options and the rules and penalties imposed by Medicare. Insurance companies inundate people with brochures, each affirming that their plan is the “best.” Plan benefits are complicated to understand. So finding good coverage is often a “painful” experience.

How do you determine what’s best? Rose begins working with individuals as much as 6 months in advance of retirement or Medicare-eligibility. She follows a structured process that analyzes every client’s needs—their preferences for care, preferred doctors and hospitals, medications,

Health & Wellness The County Woman Magazine

How can you reach Rose? You can speak with Rose by calling 732.282.2700 (x 304). And remember: there’s never a fee, and she’s always happy to help!


Insurance Group

Our Plans Begin With Yours 1011 Highway 71, Suite 200 Spring Lake, NJ 07762

Phone 732.282.2700, ext. 304 Fax 732.282.27906

Toll Free 888.391.4500

Rose MacNish Healthcare Specialist Life and Health Insurance Broker cell 732.300.4763

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Welcome To Your Child’s Home Away From Home: The Peppermint Tree


e provide a warm and nurturing home-like setting, filled with passionate, loyal, long-term teachers that truly become an extension of your family. We take a personal interest in each child, and in your family. Your child will feel right at home.

child captivated and motivated to learn throughout the school year. We respect the unique individuality of each child, and therefore we teach each child, based on their unique style and interests. Another reason we say...Your child will feel right at home.

“Family-Like Environment” “Peppermint tree is a great place for your child to start school. The staff and feeling is so comforting and family like! The teachers go 110% to keep up with the newest, latest fun activities for the kids to do as well as keep them interested in learning. My experience with Peppermint Tree has been amazing and I’m glad I chose this school.” -Bethany Landero

“An Atmosphere of Fun, Active Learning” “The Peppermint Tree School has created an atmosphere in which children actively participate in the learning process and have fun while learning. My children are always excited to discuss the day’s lessons and activities and I love hearing about the new things they learn each day. Thank you for giving my children such a wonderful learning experience!” -Mary Bell

Our Curriculum and Teaching Philosophy Research shows that children learn best in an environment that allows them to explore the world and learning materials in their own way, at their own pace. For our Preschool and Pre-K programs we use the research-based The Creative Curriculum ® as our guide, which is the same curriculum that the Toms River School System has chosen for it’s preschool initiatives. The curriculum is comprehensive and aligned to essential early learning standards, using exploration and discovery as a way of learning. • We believe that children deserve individual attention, and that they do not thrive as well with a “canned” approach that you may see at larger centers. Our teachers are skilled at tailoring The Creative Curriculum ® to each of our students to assure that every child enjoys learning and grows in all areas of development. Our goal is to keep your

• Academically gifted children are never bored, as we do not “drill” on learning facts, instead, our curriculum is infused with hands-on activities, where critical thinking skills such as predicting and analyzing are required. In addition, children engage in discussions about the books the class is reading, such as “What would you do?” and “What do you think will happen next?” and making connections to their lives such as “What does your family do at the beach?” • Children who need extra help get the support needed, as our experienced teachers differentiate the instruction and spend time one-on-one to assure each child is taught at their appropriate developmental level.

Valerie Frost-Lewis, MS Ed.

to the children and have made teaching young children their life’s work. Their length of employment at Peppermint Tree not only shows their dedication, it also provides your child with a stable, consistent environment where mutual trust and respect abounds. The depth of our teachers’ experience is reflected in our students, who are confident, happy and motivated learners. Our warm, nurturing and experienced staff will help your child feel right at home. “Exceptional Staff ” “I am a full time working mom and often struggle with the reality that I am often not home during the week to spend time with and teach my children. It makes me feel very comfortable to know that both of my children are not missing out on any learning experiences from me not being home during the week, because I have watched them grow so much since they have been at Peppermint Tree. All of the staff at Peppermint Tree are exceptional and Miss Val should be very proud of all of them. She has an outstanding team on her hands.” -Krista Sipe

Voted “Parent’s Pick 2013 Preschool of the Year” For Northern Ocean County

Children learn by engaging in hands on, imaginative activities. The Peppermint Tree Child Development Center, serving Toms River for over 35 years is state-certified and privately owned, offering a research-based curriculum developed for young, inquisitive minds. Our highly qualified, dedicated and creative faculty has been with the school on average, for fifteen years or more, providing a warm and stable environment for the children.  

Our Staff Our passionate and energetic teachers have been with Peppermint Tree on average over twenty years. They are dedicated

If this sounds like the kind of environment you would like to see your child in, please call or email Valerie to find out more about our programs for children from 2.5 years of age through fifth grade at 732-929-2500 or

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January/February 2014


Elder Life Management

Aid And Attendance: A Veteran’s Benefit The United States has the most comprehensive system of assistance for veterans of any nation in the world. The Veterans Administration was established in 1930 when Congress authorized the President to “consolidate and coordinate” Government activities affecting war veterans. The Veteran’s Administration operates the nation’s largest integrated health care system and administers a variety of benefits and services that provide financial and other forms of assistance to Service members, Veterans, their dependents and survivors. One of the programs available, but not often utilized by older veterans and their spouses, is the pension commonly known as Aid and Attendance. Aid and Attendance is a benefit paid by the Veterans Administration (VA) to veterans, or their surviving spouses. It is direct cash (pension) provided for individuals who need financial help for in–home care, assisted living facility or care in a nursing home, if needed. Eligibility is based on meeting certain requirements, including dates of service, care needs and income and financial criteria. A veteran or the veteran’s surviving spouse may be eligible if the veteran: • Was discharged from a branch of the United States Armed Forces under conditions that were not dishonorable AND • Served at least one day (not necessarily in combat), during the following wartime periods with 90 days of continuous active military service: • World War I: April 6, 1917, through November 11, 1918 • World War II: December 7, 1941, through December 31, 1946 • Korean War: June 27, 1950, through January 31, 1955

• Vietnam War: August 5, 1964 (February 28, 1961, for veterans who served “in country” before August 5, 1964), through May 7, 1975 • Persian Gulf War: August 2, 1990, through a date to be set by Presidential Proclamation or Law. Veterans, spouses of veterans, or surviving spouses that can be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits must also meet the following disability criteria: • A caregiver is needed to assist in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as : bathing, walking, feeding, dressing, toileting, adjusting prosthetic devices, or • The claimant is in a nursing facility; or • The claimant is blind, or visually impaired affecting ability to live safely (5/200 or less, in both eyes) As a general rule, to qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit, the Veteran’s assets cannot exceed $80,000. The primary home and vehicles can be excluded when determining net worth. The beauty of the program is that the Department of Veterans Affairs does not put restrictions on how this pension money can be used. It can be applied toward Home care, Adult Day Care, Skilled nursing, Assisted living facility, or for necessary home modifications. Determining eligibility for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit can be an arduous and complicated task. The Veteran and spouse’s income is one of the determining factors of eligibility. It is important to be aware that the VA allows individuals to deduct their out-of-pocket medical expenses including health insurance premiums, assisted living, and home care costs from gross income. As a result, many veterans who may not have previously qualified for VA pension money, might now become, entitled after needing to pay for care that has become necessary. Typically the cost of this care is not covered by traditional insurances, but is the care covered by

private long term care insurance products and/or Medicaid. A key feature of the Aid and Attendance benefit is that veterans’ pension eligibility differs from Medicaid’s asset test. Medicaid “looks-back” at an applicant’s past asset history for 5 years preceding the Medicaid targeted eligibility date. There is presently no transfer penalty with Veteran’s money. The law stipulates that Aid and Attendance income should not be counted towards income eligibility for Medicaid programs. However many veterans have reported that some states do not honor this regulation. Fortunately, New Jersey does. The application process for either Medicaid and Aid and Attendance is very complicated and time consuming. It is recommended to seek the help of a professional who is knowledgeable in community options and public entitlement programs to assure quality elder care services and timely success. If you or your loved one presently needs additional care and do not have the private resources to continue to pay for it, know to reach out for help. v Veteran’s Administration: v Monmouth County Office On Aging: v National Association of Professional Care Managers: v Elder Life Management: Judith S. Parnes, L.C.S.W., C.M.C., Gerontologist and Elder Care Consultant is Executive Director of Elder Life Management, Inc., Ocean, NJ. ELM provides quality elder care planning, management and Medicaid application services to older adults and their families. Please visit or call (732) 493-8080 for more information. 931 West Park Avenue, Ocean, New Jersey, 07712

Testimonials Say It All . . .


It has been a long time since we last spoke. I wanted you to know I will be forever grateful to you for all of the help you gave me in getting my dad approved for Medicaid. ~ Michael N., Toms River, NJ


I want to tell you how happy I am with how you have helped us with our parents over these last ten months. The response you provided was exactly what we had hoped for and has given us peace of mind over this period. Thank you for your continued help with my parents. ~ Paul B., Encino, CA


Thank you for all you have done. I was able to relax at my daughter’s wedding abroad knowing you were taking good care of Mom and Dad at home in NJ. ~ Paula K., Marlboro, NJ

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Dr. Kathy Banks Opens Her New, KATHY A. BANKS, DMD State-Of-The-Art Office In Barnegat Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

Kathy A. Banks, DMD

Dr. Banks is pleased to announce that her solo private practice in Barnegat, New Jersey is open! Dr. Banks is Board Certified and Re-Certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She has more than 15 years experience in treating patients of all ages. In addition to treating dental conditions such as “wisdom teeth”, she is qualified to treat pathologic conditions of the jaws and face, traumatic injuries, and performs advanced bone grafting techniques and dental implants. Most patients can be treated comfortably in the office setting using a variety of anesthetic techniques such as local anesthesia, nitrous oxide inhalation anesthesia, intravenous conscious sedation and general anesthesia. However, Dr. Banks holds hospital privileges in two hospitals, Jersey Shore University Hospital and Community Medical Center and does treat patients on an outpatient basis when necessary.

electronic health records. In this day and age, it just made sense to me to ‘go paperless’.” “Even with the best scheduling possible, things can sometimes get hectic. My new office is somewhat slower paced, with more time allotted to each patient’s care, and we are open every day Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.” “Anesthesia safety is a prime concern. Sometimes doctors like to avoid this discussion, but I don’t. I hold myself to the standards set by the American Association of Anesthesiologists and by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. This means that all patients are appropriately monitored under anesthesia. This may include non-invasive blood pressure, pulse, pulseoximetry, ECG and capnography. This means that I am ACLS and PALS certified, and the surgical-anesthesia team members are BLS certified. This means that we train for and prepare ourselves for situations we hope will never happen, and that we take this aspect of our job very seriously.” “I chose the i-Cat FLX® 2D and 3D scanner because of the comparatively lower radiation doses for 3D scanning when compared to other Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machines currently available. The i-cat FLX® is designed to provide greater flexibility in scanning, planning,

and treatment. I can target the area of the patients face, head or jaws that I need to see, while minimizing the radiation dose to the patient, allowing me to follow the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) radiation principles. The images are available immediately for me to show the patient or parent, or to begin treatment planning. I can perform “virtual surgery”, including planning bone grafts, and implants. I can determine the position of a tooth, as it relates to a nerve or the sinus and nasal cavity. I can determine the size and extent of a jaw tumor. There are even applications where a model of the patient’s bones can be created from the scan data. The applications are limitless.” “The Nomad Pro-2® portable hand held x-ray head and Dexis digital film system also allow me and my surgical-anesthesia team members to obtain small x-ray films when necessary at radiation doses that are lower than conventional film systems. The hand held unit is completely portable, safe, and allows greater comfort and flexibility of positioning during the capture of the x-ray image. And of course, adheres to the ALARA radiation principles.” “The Beamer 980 laser can be used for managing and treating a variety of soft tissue conditions such an excessive frenum—that is the small band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, or the upper lip to the tissues of the top jaw

249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Barnegat, NJ 08005

Tel: 609-488-2325 Kathy A. Banks, DMD

Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

249 S. Main Street, Unit 4

Kathy A. Banks, DMD

Barnegat, FellowNJ of 08005 The American Association Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Barnegat, NJ 08005

of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Tel: 609-488-2325 Diplomate of The American Board Fax: 609-488-2342

Fellow of The American Associationof of Oral Oral && Maxillofacial Surgeons Maxillofacial Surgery

Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Tel: 609-488-2325 Specialty Permit # 4070 Specialty Permit #4070 Fax: 609-488-2342 Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Permit # 4070

KATHY A. BANKS, DMD Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Barnegat, NJ 08005

Tel: 609-488-2325 Kathy A. Banks, DMD

Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

249 S. Main Street, Unit 4

Kathy A. Banks, DMD

Barnegat, FellowNJ of 08005 The American Association Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Wisdom Tooth Scan Barnegat, NJ 08005

of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Tel: 609-488-2325 Diplomate of The American Board Fax: 609-488-2342

Dental Implants

Fellow of The American Associationof of Oral Oral && Maxillofacial Surgeons Maxillofacial Surgery Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Permit # 4070 Specialty Permit #4070

Tel: 609-488-2325

between the front two teeth.Fax: 609-488-2342 able staff. A patient is welcomed This tissue band can be treated upon arrival, and we try very very nicely with the laser, with hard to make each visit as comless heat transfer to the surfortable as possible. We underrounding tissues compared to stand that the prospect of needother techniques such as the elec- ing surgery often evokes unpleastrocautery. This translates into ant feelings of anxiety and trepiless inflammation and surgical dation, and we will make every pain during the healing period. effort to alleviate your fear and The laser can also be used for anxiety. We have already develbiopsies, apthous ulcer treatoped a special niche for pediatric ment, and gum procedures.” patients, but we truly welcome “And finally, I would like to patients of all ages. I am looking say that THE BEST feature of forward to practicing in my new my new office is my very friend- Barnegat solo practice ly, competent, and knowledgefor years to come.” Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Permit # 4070

Dr. Banks explains how her new practice is a cut above the rest:

“I have taken an environmentally friendly approach to my office, with a special concern for cleanliness of the office and following strict sterility protocols. We have made every effort to use latex- free products wherever possible.” “We are using the powerful Win-OMS operating system for our practice management and

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January/February 2014

Whiting Business Association


Perfect Fit Ortho is a medical back and knee bracing company focusing on patient service in their home. The bracing helps patients continue a normal and active lifestyle, while providing better posture and balance.

Whiting Business Association The bracing requires a prescription from the patient's Fighting Osteoporosis Physical is committed to Through medical doctor and an appointment is set Therapy up at the patient's home. Medicare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Replacement Therapy was the calcium consumed in foods such These exercises, in conjunction by preventing bone destroyi serving the needs re you one of most common intervention. as dairy products, oatmeal, tofu, with manual therapy techniques osteoclasts from digesting b Shield networks. the 44 million soy seaweed, dark green vegetables, Currently, Selective Estrogen to elongate muscle tissue and The final class of thecompression community. Receptor Modulators (such as fish and some types of nuts. For forces on the Americans suffering of reduce pharmacological treatment


Nolvadex, Evista, Fareston) are those who are lactoseSame intolerant bone, can drastically reduce the bone forming medication k day and emergency service is available. more commonly recommended (meaning they are unable to incidence of fractures. A physical as Forteo. This is generally for the prevention and treatment therapist can determine if a simple breakdown calcium into a bone prescribed for those osteopo Rich Tyas of osteoporosis in postexercise program can alleviate your building product) lactase drops patients at high risk for frac Device Specialist Through research, the medical menopausal women. may be utilized. symptoms. Currently the FDA only community has discovered Antiresorptive medications or 3. Pharmacology: 2. Nutrition: recommends the utilization National Sales Director methods not only to combat Biophosphates (such as Fosamax, One of the biggest developments Nutrition and lifestyle play a key class of drug for 2 years due Ph: 908-907-1316 Osteoporosis, but also prevent it. Boniva, Actonel, Reclast, Fortical over the past 20 years in the role in bone loss. Individuals potential side effects. Fax: 732-894-3291 In order to treat this condition, treatment and prevention who are not receiving adequate and Miacalcin) are now commonly Whiting Branch • Donna Gould, Branch Manager, let’s discuss the facts. nutrition (low calcium or Vitamin of Osteoporosis has been in Specialized Treatment utilized in the treatment of Email: Member of the Whiting Business Association pharmacology. Initially, Hormone osteoporosis. Biophosphates work At All-Care Physical Therap Founding • Osteoporosis is a condition D) or an excessive intake of that causes bones to become thin specialize in the treatment a Back prevention & KneeofBracing 732.350.9500 and porous, decreasing bone• Visit Osteoporosis strength and leading to increased Diabetic Shoes Osteopenia. We are one of risk of breaking a bone. Ocean Cou Activitiesonly Offacilities DailyinLiving • During their lifetime 50% of that have been certified in t In Homeof Service all women and 25% of all men treatment Osteoporosis. Medicare over the age of 50 will have an essentialAccredited that a physical ther osteoporosis related fracture. is aware of the risks of treati Are you losing your COBRA? • Are you turning 65? • Fractures from osteoporosis Osteoporosis and understan are more common than heart the most optimal therapeut Are you losing your current health plan? attack, stroke and breast cancer interventions to not only pr Call 732-784-7017 to find out which plans combined. the progression, but combat are right for you! • Women and men alike begin disease itself. to lose bone in their mid-30s. As ALL PLANS AVAILABLE!! theyCare approach menopause, women• Disabilty Insurance • Health Insurance Written By:River, Michael yorke, MPt lose bone at a greater rate, from • Major Illness Insurance Our family-owned outpatient facilities in Brick, Toms Whiting, • Pharmacy Plans Yorke graduated with honors from Barnegat, and Manchester, NJ are directedMichael by a practicing physical • Long2-3% per year due to hormonal Term Care Insurance • Travel Insurance changes. College optimal in 1997, majoring therapist, Michael Yorke. Our primary goalGettysburg is to provide pain-freein Exe Phoebe Shagan, Science with a focus in Athletic Training. physical therapy for all patients. Pain is a physiological response to damage Risk Factors: Age, sex, tobacco/ RN, CCM He continued his education at Hahnemann or injury. The old adage “No Pain- No Gain” could not be more incorrect alcohol use, vertebral compression (732) 784-7017 earning Master’s therapy degree in Physi fracture, fragility fracture, family in the field of rehabilitative medicine. We University stress hands on amanual Therapy in 1999. history of hip fracture, medical as well as consistent therapist/patient interaction. Michael has continued to expand his conditions orWhiting use of medications { Jackson Here’s how we differ from other physical therapy facilities: knowledge through continuing education hours with focus in that inhibit absorption of nutrients or contribute to bone loss. ( Free Transportation Orthopedics as well as Geriatric Medicine. He has completed cour the treatment of osteoporosis and postural changes. In 2005, Mich Help Is Out There: ( Innovative, pain-free approach to physical opened All-Care Physicaltherapy Therapy Center with a focus on personal, Over the past 20 years, treatment on-one, care.inMichael been a member of the Americ ( Our large, cozy facilities offerhands-on the utmost patienthas comfort and satisfaction and prevention of osteoporosis For all of your Estate Planning, Physical Therapy Association since 1997. Michael’s experience has have come a long way. Solutions ( We’re family owned sohim we to aredevelop not harnessed by a pain-free approach to physical thera an innovative, Estate Administration can be broken down into 3 corporation categories. and Elder Law needs. 1. Physical Therapy: ( Our energetic, family-like staff, and upbeat atmoprotein, sodium and caffeine By far the most conservative are considered at increased risk. sphere supports rapid rehabilitation 108 Lacey Road, Ste. 2 treatment for Osteoporosis is Interventions such as calcium Whiting, NJhave ( We provide one-on-one personalized care exercise through Physical Therapy. or vitamin supplements With the correct exercise program, 1622-A been recommended for many Beaver Dam Road ʓʐʚʗʗʐʕʣʮʮʥʣʴʧ the human body has the ability individuals, as research has Point Pleasant, NJ not only to prevent the loss of indicated that 1200-1500mgs of ComeExecutive Experience The All-Care Jim Yorke Director, All Care Physical Therapy Center bone density, but also increase calcium a day along with 7-80 Membership Director, Whiting Business Association bone strength via the S.A.I.D. IU of Vitamin D reduced the Difference For Yourself! Principle (Specific Adaptation fracture rate in post-menopausal ʹˊˋ˖ˋːˉ͙ʶˑˏ˕ʴˋ˘ˇ˔͙ʤ˔ˋ˅ˍ to Imposed Demands). By The County Woman Magazine women by 50%. This is generally January/February 2014

from Osteoporosis or Osteopenia?

We are proud to support the Women of Ocean County

Always an answer, Never a fee!

Lynnette E. Brennan Attorney at Law


Perfect Fit Ortho

Medical Professionals


Choosing Nursing Care Or Rehab? Make sure your choice measures up. Quality measures and benchmarks can tell you what you need to know about safety and successful outcomes for you and the people you love.


hen it comes to finding the right short-stay rehabilitation or extended residential care, you want to be confident that you’re making the right choice. But how can you know for sure? It’s always important to visit the center, observe and talk to the caregivers. Getting a good feeling about a center and its people is very important. But numbers also matter—a lot. Statistical measures of performance can provide real insight into a center’s quality, demonstrate proof of positive patient outcomes, and give you the solid evidence you need to help you make this incredibly important decision. After all, a care and rehabilitation center that sets high standards for itself is more likely to meet your high standards.

Know The Statistics ...

While many measures of quality exist for nursing and rehab, there are a number of key statistics you should know about, says Regina Figeuroa, Executive Director at Whiting Health Care Center in Whiting, New Jersey. She explains, “You want to look at quality measures that show a safe environment, real medical skill, and indicate the staff is fostering a superior quality of life for residents.” For instance, for many older people and those engaged in rehab, falls that result in injuries can have grave consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three people over the age of 65 experiences a fall each year, and up to 30% of those people suffer injuries that impair their mobility and can increase the risk of an early death. Fall rates are even higher in many acute settings and sometimes more at home. It’s a problem that’s estimated to cost the U.S. health care system more than $30 billion a year. So you should ask: What’s the fall average at the center you’re exploring? With the understanding that not every fall can be prevented, how does your center compare to state or national averages, and to other centers in your area? • Other essential statistics to consider include the incidence among residents of urinary tract infections, symptoms of depression, or pressure ulcers (commonly known as bedsores.) While falls and illnesses happen, Figueroa says that centers can significantly reduce their occurence by educating each resident’s family, staff and caregivers on fall risks. Make sure that the center you choose utilizes all of its resources to create and maintain a safe environment for care. “For instance, we know that falls are more likely to happen when lighting is poor, when floor surfaces are uneven or slippery, or when people with frailities aren’t getting the level of support they require when moving from beds to chairs or walking,” she says. “Those are all factors that a high quality center can and should control through deliberate planning and comprehensive staff training programs. Here at Whiting Health Care Center, we have kept avoidable accidents and

injuries as low as zero by setting clear benchmarks, and regularly communicating our goals and expectations to every staff member. We’re all invested in a common goal, and there’s no stronger motivation than knowing your colleagues and the residents are counting on you to get it right. We regularly review our progress, and make corrections on the spot. Consumers should feel free to go beyond the statistics and ask how the numbers are achieved.”

In Addition To Stats ...

In addition to stats from the center, look for supporting information. Whiting’s attention to quality benchmarks have recently earned it Tier II recognition from the American Health Care Association’s Quality Initiative Recognition Program, for increasing staff stability and increasing customer satisfaction. “It’s always nice to be acknowledged,” says Figueroa, “but honestly, it’s even nicer to know that it’s because our residents are safer and happier.” Figueroa knows something about the importance of quality benchmarks. A 15 year industry veteran, she is a member of the American Health Care Association where she has served on the Quality Sub Committee, is Certified with the American College of Health Care Administrators, and is a member of the Education Committee of New Jersey Health Care Association. One more key statistic to learn: the center’s rate of hospital re-admission. With increasing pressure to control health care costs, hospitals, doctors and nursing care centers are working together more closely than ever to reduce the need for patients to be transferred back to the hospital. Centers like Whiting are collaborating with physicians and emergency rooms to prevent health issues that might require transfer, and to address them in-house when they arise. “A low readmission rate tells you so much about a center,” explains Figueroa. “It says that they have the medical skill and technology they need, on hand, to deal with problems on the spot. It also says that they have open lines of communication and good working relationships with local hospitals and other caregivers, which should be reassuring to residents and families.” Some centers will provide you with statistical information up front, in brochures, on posters, on the web or in person. If you don’t see statistics, don’t be afraid to ask! As you make one of the most important decisions in your life, you can never have too much information.

Whiting Healthcare Center 3000 Hilltop Road, Whiting, NJ 08759



The County Woman Magazine

To learn more about the importance of statistics in making the right short-stay rehabilitation or long-term nursing care choice, call Whiting Health Care Center at 732-849-4400 or visit them online at January/February 2014



& Wellness

We are Meridian Fitness and Wellness By Julianne Dods, Meridian Fitness & Wellness


t Meridian Fitness & Wellness, it is our goal to provide our members with the proper environment, education, motivation, and professional instruction needed to assist them in achieving long-lasting fitness, weight loss and rehabilitative goals. After all, the business of fitness is simple: create an environment that fosters care and compassion while delivering the best health information and guidance to support members and guests. The friendly staff at Meridian Fitness & Wellness is dedicated to providing each and every member with a unique, personalized fitness experience. Meet the managers of the brand new Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Jackson!

Margaret “Peg” Campana, General Manager

With over twenty-five years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Peg has consulted on over twenty fitness center projects throughout her career providing expertise in the areas of Clinical Integration as well as Medical Wellness programming. “Providing the most state of the art equipment, professional staff and innovative programming will be just a small sampling of what Meridian Fitness & Wellness Jackson has to offer,” says Peg. “It is our mission to partner with the community to become their preventative healthcare provider as well as provide excellent customer service in a safe environment.” Aside from being an avid golfer, Peg Campana has over thirty years of experience with the sport of volleyball; first as a player than as a coach and, now, Peg as an NCAA Official. “My passion for volleyball has enabled me to have the opportunity to officiate the NCAA Championships at the Division One level,” says Campana.

Brett Rand, Operations Director

Brett Rand, who now lives in Jackson with his family, has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. “After working with Perlmart Shoprite Inc. for eighteen years, I decided to follow a lifelong dream and become a Personal Trainer. After earning my certification from the American Council on Exercise in 2002, I opened my own fitness facility,” says Rand. Currently, Brett is also a Group Fitness Instructor holding certifications with Body Training Systems and Les Mills teaching BodyPump and BodyCombat. Aside from weight lifting and conditioning, Brett enjoys sparring, hiking, cycling, racquetball and spending time with his family. Brett and his wife, Daniela, have been married for 10 years and have two sons; Joshua (9) and Andrew (3). “At Meridian Fitness & Wellness Jackson, we look forward to creating a refreshingly positive workout experience by providing our members with the proper environment, education, motivation, and professional instruction to assist them in achieving all of their fitness goals,” says Rand.

Matt Busacca, Personal Training Director

Matt Busacca is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. While working towards obtaining his degree, Matt played four years of football for William Paterson University. After college, Matt began his career in cardiac rehabilitation as well as strength and conditioning training. During this time, Matt also spent three years as the head strength and conditioning coach for Nutley High School working with scholastic athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including Football, Soccer, Baseball and Basketball. Matt has continued to expand his knowledge and education in

The County Woman Magazine

rehabilitation and periodization and takes great pride in being able to help others achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life. “The professional staff at Meridian Fitness & Wellness understands the important role that exercise plays in disease prevention, rehabilitation and the improvement of overall health and we pride ourselves on offering effective programming that accommodates all ages and fitness levels,” says Busacca.

Maria Cito, Group Fitness Director

Maria Cito moved to Jackson fifteen years ago to raise her family. After becoming a mother of three, Maria became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist through AAAI and the International Sports Medicine Association. Driven by her own success and desire to help others achieve active lifestyles, Maria began teaching Group Fitness classes and is currently certified in Les Mills programing including BodyPump and BodyCombat along with freestyle classes. Over the past several years, Maria has enjoyed helping people transform into healthier versions of themselves and is excited to continue changing lives at Meridian Fitness & Wellness Jackson. “At Meridian Fitness & Wellness, we realize that a sense of community and access to nutritional support is critical to overall success when trying to achieve measurable health and weight loss goals. I look forward to assisting members as they learn to

adopt healthy habits and helping them to feel comfortable in the gym environment,” says Cito. For additional information regarding Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Jackson, Manahawkin or Hazlet please call (732) 928-1126 or visit Julianne Dods Vice President, Meridian Fitness & Wellness

Join Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Jackson social networking followers on

Making Fitness Your Family’s Focus

At Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Jackson, we are committed to creating a healthy and fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.



- Erin, Member since 2012

JOIN TODAY & SAVE 75%! Life is busy, but Meridian Fitness & Wellness helped me put myself first. Their friendly team designed a program just for me, so I can make the most out of my time. With 100+ classes each week, pools, yoga and 75+ Certified Trainers, Meridian Fitness & Wellness helped change my life.

Find the club nearest you by visiting! Applies to new annual memberships only. See club for details.

January/February 2014


& Wellness


A Note from our General Manager.. Over the last year, we at Meridian Fitness & Wellness have designed a welcoming, new, 30,000 square foot state-of-theart facility to serve the community of Jackson. Complete with multiple group fitness studios, childcare, juice bar and aquatics center, our club offers the area’s most professional and knowledgable staff, certified personal trainers and exercise physiologists with specializations as varied as weight loss, sports-specific training, and medical rehabilitation. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just continue your healthy lifestyle, our team will ensure that you exceed the goals you set out to meet. We are excited to launch 2014 with our grand opening scheduled at Meridian Health Village, and we look forward to an exciting year changing people’s lives!

First Floor

Peg Campana, General Manager

Lower Floor For more information about Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Jackson, visit our website at or call Peg at 732.928.1126.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014



& Wellness

A Healthier Approach To The New Year

Jay Greco, RPh

Here we go again. It’s another new year, and you know what that means.

“New Year’s” and “resolution” are about as inseparable as Jack and Jill or salt and pepper. So what’s it going to be this year? Eat less, exercise more, quit smoking, or spend more time with your family? Easy does it. Before you take the plunge, try rethinking your approach. Instead of making vague, sudden, and difficult-tokeep resolutions, think in terms of healthy lifestyle changes – more of a work in progress.1 Start small, with one goal at a time, and make a solid plan. Remember: small changes really do add up. One way to be more effective is to create SMART goals. These are the elements of SMART goals: Specific. State exactly what you want to accomplish. Make sure your goal is not hard to understand. Getting fit is not a specific goal. Being able to run a 5K under 30 minutes is. Write down exactly what you plan to do as well as when and how often. Post it where you’ll be sure to see it.1 Measurable. If a goal is measurable, you can evaluate your progress and know when you’ve succeeded. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you can check your body mass index (BMI) or see if you can get the zipper up on a smaller pair of pants.


Attainable. Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds by your class reunion this summer. But seriously, now, is this really realistic? Instead, have a conversation with your doctor about safe methods and rates of weight loss. Losing one or two pounds a week might be more reasonable. Or, maybe you’d like to quit smoking cold turkey, but you know that tapering off will make it easier for you. Set yourself up for success by setting goals that are truly attainable.2 Relevant. Is this really a goal you’re interested in? Or is it something a family member has foisted upon you? Make sure the steps you’re taking will help you meet your specific goal. Time-bound. It’s human nature to put things off. So remember to set specific deadlines. Try setting lots of shorter time-bound goals. This may make it easier to stay on track and reach your final destination.2


out clothes within easy reach. By the same token, remove things that will undercut your will. 2 For example, if ice cream is your weakness, it won’t help to know that there’s a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip in the freezer with your name on it. But, remember: slip-ups happen. So don’t beat

yourself up. Just get back on the proverbial horse and keep going.3 Need more ideas about lifestyle

changes you can make? Stop by the pharmacy and we can discuss your goals.

Restoring Hormone Balance

å å

You are also more likely to succeed if you are clear about why you want to make a particular change and know how it will benefit you. Also, identify your support system and ask for help when you need it. And come up with rewards for reaching specific goals. All these things can help you stay motivated. It will also help to create visible cues that remind you that you want to make a change. Maybe that means keeping work-

answers Women have questions! We have answers! Interest in Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged after Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized HRT. Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive research and with the help of a compounding pharmacist and her physician, she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms and turned the "change of life" into a positive experience.

For more information on customized For morecall information on customized hormones, hormones, our professional call our professional compounding pharmacy. compounding pharmacy.

Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships prescription orders, within 300 miles of the Jersey Shore Pharmacy, by UPS. Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111


Sources 1. American Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: Accessed April 18, 2012.

2. American Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way." Available at: display.aspx?itemid=2637. Accessed April 18, 2012. 3. Hungtington Medical Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Available at: Accessed April 18, 2012.


We also offer a 609.927.8900 medication disposal program.

Jay Greco, RPh Jersey Shore Pharmacy JSRX Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC , 580 North Main St., Barnegat, 08005 Phone: 609-660-1111

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals



become the ‘new norm’! Take contol and solve your symptoms at their source for natural, lasting relief through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).


or most people, the first thought that comes to mind regarding hormone imbalance is a women in menopause. A decline in a woman’s hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) is generally seen at a stage in life known as menopause. The decline is usually rapid and dramatic, and is accompanied by symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, sleep disorders and a loss of sex drive, to name a few. Unbeknownst to most of us, however, men too go through a period or phase similar to a woman in menopause known as andropause. Andropause, sometimes referred to as “man-o-pause” or “midlife crisis,” is experienced by nearly every male at some point in their lifetime as hormone levels decline, although the onset is much more gradual than in women and therefore not as readily noted as are those symptoms affecting women in menopause. Mark James Bartiss, MD is a medical writer, lecturer, and author, and is recognized as a top ten specialist in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He has helped numerous individuals take their lives back and reclaim their health.

Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Drive, Suite 5 • Manahawkin, NJ 08050 | 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk, Suite 205 • Wayne, NJ | 973-790-6363

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014

Assisted Living


Is It Getting More Difficult Being Part Of “The Sandwich” Generation”?

Caring for older parents, and being needed by your own children… Spring oak assisted living understands....

Call for an Appointment Today

According to the Pew Research Center, one of every eight Americans aged 40 to 60 is raising a child and caring for a parent, either physically, financially or both. Seven to 10 million adults are caring for aging parents from a long distance.


601 N. Main St. (Route 9)

This midlife group is called the Sandwich Generation, a term added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2006. In some cases, kids go off to college, leaving mom and dad in an “empty nest.” In other cases, elderly parents need help and kids come home again, sometimes with children of their own. You Can’t Be In Two Places at Once ~ We Can Help Do you feel like you are being pulled in different directions and do not know which way to go first? Your aging parent needs you to help, but your children and husband need help too. Often times the guilt and anxiety is overwhelming for many of us in this situation. It is important that we take care of ourselves, too! Relieving some of the burden of responsibility is where we come in. We at Spring Oak Assisted Living of Forked River meet and help families everyday with solutions for their aging loved ones. Managing Midlife Challenges For millions of working people, the challenges of midlife can quickly change and catapult you into a category called the Sandwich Generation. You fit the profile if you are “sandwiched” between the demands of the workplace and the changing needs of a multi-generation family.The circumstances can pull you, your family and your finances apart, especially if changes are unexpected and unforeseen. Try to avoid surprises by educating yourself and finding programs and assistance to help you through trying times. What Happens If Our Loved One Runs Out Of Moneyy ~ Spring Oak Says NO PROBLEM!! We at Spring Oak Assisted Living of Forked River understand the concerns of finances. Of course most families are concerned about expenses and if their loved one’s monies will support them forever. We offer “peace of mind” to families by accepting Global Options Medicaid. Potential residents and their loved ones can rest easy know-


Lanoka Harbor, NJ

ing they can age in place and stay in their apartments here. We do not require any financial information or minimum monies upon admission and even accept Medicaid at admission. Talk to your parents about how they’re doing financially and what plans they’ve made if they become ill or incapacitated and investigate long-term care insurance or savings to cover the costs of assisted living or extended day care. Get The Power If an emergency arises, you’ll need legal authority to act swiftly on your parents’ behalf. Ask your parents to authorize Power of Attorney to sign checks, pay bills, make financial and health care decisions and protect the wishes of their living will. If you live long distance from your parents, arrange for papers and documents to be located in a central place. Suze Orman’s fireproof kit is helpful. It’s so much easier to find what you need in an emergency if it’s all in one place. Find out what federal, state and local benefits your parents qualify for. The range of government-sponsored and social service programs varies by country. A Visit to our Community Makes you Feel Better Often times families tell us here at Spring Oak that just walking through our doors made them feel better. Families of aging loved ones can set up an appointment to tour our community anytime. We welcome families to bring their loved ones along to make the experience positive. The sound of active and happy seniors interacting during activities, exercise and mealtime makes families smile as they tour. As they enter the dining room, families are pleasantly surprised by the aromas of home cooking. Our outstanding menu provides seniors with choices and courses of delicacies and entrees, all accompanied by fresh vegetables, fruits, and let’s not forget those desserts!! The happiness continues, as families enter our lovely apartments. We offer 3 models styles to choose from ~ studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms. “Our price friendly” schedules of costs enables families to breathe a sigh of relief, especially in today’s economic times.

zWhat Health Apps Are Beneficial To Seniors?å

It is estimated that more than half of American adults have apps on their phones. The US government is trying to fill the gap in services to seniors and spreading information by using apps, too. Here are a few apps that we thought you might find interesting and are free to try:

Health Hotlines

52 Weeks For Women’s Health

My Dietary Supplements (MyDS)

My MedList

Helps you to locate health-related information and agencies including toll free contact numbers; a directory of 9,000 organizations across the country which include support groups, professional societies, and voluntary associations.

This app gives weekly tips about health topics and allows you to track your own personal health information such as medications, allergies, and other prevention items.

Gives you a list of your personal supplements including dose amounts. Take this list with you to the store to buy more or directly to healthcare provider for advice.

Stores a list of current and past medications (information protected). This list can be printed, shared, and mailed to anyone you choose. Reminders for taking medications are provided by your healthcare provider or hospital.

BMI Calculator from the National Institutes of Health A great way to keep track of your weight and risk associated with being overweight.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Connecting with people and activities you love!





A NEW YEAR... A NEW YOU Press The “Refresh” Button On Your Life!




VED O R P AP ms exisabra

One of the very best things you can do to stay engaged in an active, healthy lifestyle is to make sure hearing loss isn’t holding you back. The ability to hear makes many facets of everyday life enjoyable. Even with a mild hearing loss, using hearing aids can help you… • • • •

Be more at ease interacting with friends, family and coworkers. Feel more relaxed and enjoy social gatherings. Increase your earning potential and enhance job performance. Stave off depression and dementia.

Make 2014 The Best Year Yet!

Total Hearing Care invites you and a guest to join us for our special events to learn more about hearing loss and the tremendous strides hearing technology has made in the past few years. We are caring, knowledgeable and focused on your individual needs. Total Hearing Care can help you determine the best options to improve and protect your hearing. Join our friendly and caring staff for a FREE Special Hearing Workshop.

Call to schedule your appointment today!

NEPTUNE: 444 Neptune Blvd., Suite 1


January 13 , 14 & 15 • Mon., Tues. & Wed. February 6th & 7th • Thursday & Friday Call 732-474-8977 to schedule your appointment. th



Hearing Care

BRICK: 525 Jack Martin Blvd., Suite 104

January 13th & 14th • Monday & Tuesday February 10th & 11th • Monday & Tuesday Call 732-474-8949 to schedule your appointment.

Hear more. Anywhere. LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! Anytime. $1,420off *

We Listen, YouPlease Hear call early to make an appointment.

Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are FREE OF CHARGE.


Hearing Care

We Listen, You Hear

TOTAL HEARING CARE’S SOUTH JERSEY LOCATIONS Experience the all new Alta. BAYVILLE • BRICK • CAPE MAY • HOLMDEL • MANALAPAN • MONROE The hearing device customized exclusively for you. NEPTUNE • NORTHFIELD • VINELAND • SEA GIRT • SHREWSBURY • WHITING Your life. Your world. 1-855-YOU-HEAR (968-4327)

a pair of Bliss by Sonic OR Alta Pro by Oticon • Invisible performance. • Low maintenance. • Durable & easy to use.

Your day takes you from one difficult hearing situation to Elizabeth W. Cook, M.A., FAAA, Chief Audiologist another. Alta is customized to give you optimal performance.NJ Hearing Aid Supervising Dispenser Lic. #697 It’s sound-processing architecture is our most advanced

*Offers may not be combined. Service fee may apply. No other offers or discounts apply. ever. ThinkDiscount of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony does not apply to prior sales or any 2fer Special. Offer expires 2/28/14. with your brain. Your personal hearing preferences are used by the Alta chip so you can differentiate sounds and

The County Woman Magazine

hear with more clarity. Yet for all its sophistication, each

January/February 2014

Wigs & Hair Replacement



On Rite has the Edge on the Competition!

Introducing A New French Lace LACE

Get over the Winter Blues

IntroducIng thE NEW EdgE LACE

Where advanced technology meets comfort & style

with a

Where advanced technology meets comfort & style

The Edge Lace has a Superfine French Lace Front with a deep recession plus a NEW thin PU base that gives your client a natural and undetectable look. This light to medium density graft is designed with V-loop knots in the PU area and single split knots in the Lace Front area which provides a “freestyle” hair direction. With a virtually invisible hairline that looks so natural, styling is made easy, allowing you to achieve today’s modern look.

The New French Lace offers a deep recession up front plus a NEW thin PU base that gives you a natural and undetectable look. This light to medium density graft is designed with V-loop knots in the PU area and single split knots in the The Edge Lace is available in 66 colors including provides a “freestyle” hair 6Lace new AshFront colors andarea, high heat which synthetic grey. So, get an edge on your competition switch easy allowing you to direction. Styling is and made your clients over to the Edge Lace! achieve today’s modern look with a virtually SizE: 8” X 10” invisible that looks so natural. dENSity: hairline Light to Medium typE:

Human Hair with Synthetic Grey

20% discount on all Chemical Services Good thru Feb. 28, 2014 Not to be combined with any other offer.

20% discount

for any New Clients. Good thru Feb. 28, 2014 Not to be combined with any other offer.

The New French Lace is available in 66 colors including WAvE/CuRL: 28mm COLORS: Colors (See Color Chart inheat synthetic grey. 6 new Ash66 colors and high our On Rite men's catalog) LENgth:

4 1/2” – 5 1/2”

We Are A Member of:


Call Abstrax Hair Designs for more information, 732-255-1733 Stone Hedge Professional Building NEW Suite #1, Toms River, NJ 2494 Moore Road, THIN PU BASE

Suppliers of: Local Supplier of Jacquelyn Wigs


5130 N St. Rd 7 • Ft Lauderdale, FL 33319 1-800-327-5555 • 954-677-0404 Website: • eMail:


CALL tOdAy AND ORDER Local Supplier of Custom-Fitted Wigs for your Medical Needs!


Toms RiveR, NJ

Largest selection of wig styles and colors now available for immediate purchase We represent Lindi products in NJ Skincare products designed specifically for cancer patients.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


The Ten Commandments Of Good Sleep Stephen L. Newman MD MBA Diplomat American Board of Sleep Medicine

◌ Sleep Apnea ◌ Ambulatory, at home, sleep studies ◌ Overnight in laboratory diagnostics ◌ Driving Evaluation ◌ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Insomnia ◌ CPAP/BIPAP therapy ◌ Provent therapy ◌ Mouth Devices ◌ Narcolepsy evaluation 35 Beaverson Blvd, Suite 7C Brick, NJ 08723 Phone: 732.920.8022

drink alcohol within eight hours of bedtime. Alcohol may help certain individuals fall asleep, but this sedative effect rapidly wears off and results in rebound insomnia. Do not smoke at all and particularly within four hours of bedtime. Nicotine has been shown to simulate our level of alertness.


Establish a favorable sleep environment. Please keep your room dark and quiet. With the temperature and humidity suited to you and your bed partner’s comfort level. Please remove all clocks and watches from your bedside. Noting that your current bedroom may present a mental barrier to obtaining good sleep, if possible, change your bedroom.


There are no safe and effective sleep medications. Avoid all sedative medications whether over the counter, herbal therapy, homeopathy, dietary or by prescription. Indeed, it is essential that you wean off these medications as they may actually prevent good sleep. There are exceptional circumstances during which sedative medications could be prescribed for a brief period of time.


Establish a firm wake-up time regardless of how long you sleep. This wake up time will create the necessary rhythm I your body to make you sleepy at each bedtime.


Never, ever nap during normal waking hours. Sleeping during the normal waking hours reduces your ability to fall or stay asleep at your regular sleep time.

3 Dr. Stephen L. Newman, a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is the first Board Certified Sleep Specialist in Ocean County. He also established the first Sleep Disorder Laboratory in Southern and Central New Jersey. A resident of Ocean County since 1986, he is married to Merrell Newman and has two children. The pride and joy of his life is his granddaughter, Madeleine.

Enter To Win

For the New Year it is worthwhile to make some resolutions. Let us all get a better quality of sleep by following the following:

Do no worry, think, plan, or perform other activities that require mental concentration in your bedroom. Instead, write out a list of activities for the next day, several hours before bedtime. If you find yourself planning, thinking, or worrying in your bedroom, go to another area of your house.

9 10

Exercise regularly in the morning or early afternoon. Try to avoid strenuous physical activity within five hours of bedtime.


Never remain in your bed at any time of the night, beginning, middle or end, if you are awake for long periods of time. Staying awake for long periods of time leads to a level of frustration and concern that prevents you from falling back asleep. Instead, get out of bed go to a bedside chair, without eating, drinking, reading, watching television working at the computer. Perform the prescribed relaxation exercises and return to bed within an estimated 15-20 minutes of time.

Your bedroom is reserved for the two S’s: sex and sleeping. Do not read a book, talk on the telephone, work, use a computer, eat or watch television in your bedroom. You want to associate the bedroom with sleeping.


Eliminate caffeine in all of its forms entirely from your diet. Even the morning cup of tea or coffee can affect our ability to fall or stay asleep. Be aware that many beverages such as orange soda and “decaffeinated” coffee and tea often contain small amounts of caffeine.

If your fatigue, insomnia or lack of energy continues, please call 732-920-8022 for an appointment.


Do not eat within four hours of bedtime. Food could provoke digestive upset that could prevent one from falling asleep. Do not

Happy New Year, Stephen L. Newman, MD, MBA, DABSM

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Local Supplier of Jacqueline Wigs

Phone: (______)_____________________ Email: ____________________________________

Stone Hedge Professional Building

2494 Moore Road, Ste. 1

Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012.

Toms River, NJ 08753

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One entry per person. Valid for all services. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through 01/31/2014.

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January/February 2014





Start 2014 With MORE SPACE!!

Is Your Resolution To Finally Declutter Your Home?

Let Airship Storage Help! Airship Storage is friendly, clean, affordable and family owned and operated!

We Offer:      

Low Cost File Storage Competitive Pricing 24/7 Unit Access Video Camera Monitoring Individually Alarmed Units Fax & Copy Service



Tire & Auto Service Center

5’ x 5’ Up To 10’ x 25’ Units *Unit availability is subject to change.

Get a fresh start in your home!

Store your treasures with Airship Storage!

Go From This...


& Auto



Easy access for you at the intersection of Rt. 37 West and Rt. 70, behind the Lakehurst Diner. ervice enter

SBR Tire is a customer service

company that just happens to be in the tire business! Bernie Rothman is a Tire Guy who has three generations of customers counting on him to keep their families safe! Everyone At SBR, from the Rothman Family- Ron, Michelle, and Bernie to all the fantastic technicians, believes in tire safety & providing a comfortable and dependable service center that customers have counted on for decades. We are the original local car care professionals! Our passion is our customers! We take pride that our level of service has exceeded expectations every day for the past 25+ years. SBR Tire respects your time, respects your value and we strive to help you to keep your vehicle maintained properly & professionally.

Your Family Is Our Family When It Comes To Your Vehicle.

We offer Detailed Classic Car Repair and Maintenance. We Know You Consider Your Classics Part Of Your Family, Because We Do Too! SBR Owner Bernie Rothman discusses Car Care and the latest technology with Classic Car enthusiasts at a Car Show SBR held to benefit Oceans of Love.

Filler The County Woman Magazine

We work with Top Suppliers Such as NAPA, Michelin, Goodyear, and more to ensure that you have the best products available to meet all of your vehicle’s needs from Tires, to Brakes, to Full Tune Ups including Factory recommended Maintenance. We Love Nitrogen Tire Inflation...Because Nitrogen is the safest and Greenest Thing You Can Do for your Tires. SBR offers free air ups to everyone… regardless of where you purchased your tires. So Air Up America!! We’ve got the equipment and know how to handle whatever comes along the road in order to keep your family rolling along.

We ARe TIRe SAFeTY ....That’s What We Do!

Great Customer Care Is Great Car Care! Best Tire Prices In Ocean County!

Our Facebook Fans Said Why They Choose SBR Tire exchange. . . • Atlantic Driving School LLC said: “Outstanding service, and genuine people who know what they’re doing.” • Pat said: “Because of the people that work there. Honest and reliable every one of them!” • Lisa said: “Always nice when I come in...knowledgeable .” • Crystal said: “Level of skill and quality of service.” • Jeri said: “Great people and personal service!”

January/February 2014

Adult Community


Land Lease Community for 55+ W

inter is the right time to plan the details of your new home for spring occupancy. It is a great time to find the way to live comfortably within your Nancy Viviano financial means. Fountainhead Manufactured Properties homes in land lease communities are one excellent alternative for people who want single-level living, and some personal space. Fountainhead is an alternative to apartments, townhouses, and adult high-rise living. Most houses at Fountainhead are no more than 1400 square feet- and that is enough for a 3-bedroom, 2+bath home, abundant closet space and a budget-saving price. The equation for living comfortably within your finances is often maintained for a very long time in the land lease scenario. The usual home ownership expenses are generally included in the lease fee, and proportionately less than a home including the real estate. People are used to leasing cars, cell phones, office machines, vacation properties, so there is no mystery in a simple plain language

lease. Home site leases are very clear, define the process for early termination (no penalty) and are an instrument for uniformity in the residential community. Every community, whether it is a land lease community or not, has some written documentation that performs the same purpose. Residential leases enjoy special consideration under NJ law. Your new manufactured home - your castle - can be customized with added features or modified to suit your personal preferences. Linda, pictured, and her husband Bob visited the Fountainhead models and selected optional architectural features to create the perfect home. The builder was able to adapt to their changes easily and the result is just what the customer wanted. Linda says, “I love it here, it’s like my own little neighborhood”. People are friendly and they care about their home, lot, and neighbors. Fountainhead has several sites ready for custom home selections. Stop in to visualize your dream home on one of the almost- ready-to-go sites. Doris and John, who had already downsized, chose to buy a new right-sized home for energy efficiency and design flexibility for their changing needs. They enjoy very low energy bills while living in their 1,000 square foot home. “We wish

we had moved to Fountainhead sooner!” Fountainhead has been providing single-family home ownership opportunities to people at least 55 years of age for over 20 years, and offers new home sites and pre-owned homes. While the construction has changed over the years, Fountainhead has always offered the best the manufactured home builders have to offer. The quality is visible, the thoughtful designs will satisfy the most discriminating buyer. The home sites are large along the wide streets and divided entry. The location in Jackson could not be better: 1 Rose Drive is off N Cooks Bridge Road, between County Line Road (C.R. 526) and Bennetts Mills Road. This location offers great benefits such as proximity to shopping, fitness/recreation, services, gas and worship places. Everything you need to know about land leases, manufactured home living, and buying or financing your manufactured home is available at the Fountainhead- the source of a new lifestyle, the source of living comfortably within your finances. To make an appointment, or to have an informational brochure about manufactured homes sent to you, please call Nancy at 732-928-3100 or complete the info request on the website.


The Source of a New Worry-Free Lifestyle in Jackson! • • • • • • • •

Quality Constructed Manufactured Homes Central Air & Gas Heat Deluxe Appliances Energy Efficient Insulation 2 and 3 Bedrooms Beautiful Kitchens Land Leasing Saves You Money Spacious Lots, Mature Trees, Wide Streets, plus Off-Street Parking • 25 minutes to Trenton, 20 minutes to the Shore • New and Pre-owned Homes Available

1 Rose Drive, Jackson, NJ 08527 For directions call or visit our website 732-928-3100 •

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Do You Have Diverticulitis? What is Diverticulitis?

Nina Paonessa, DO, FACOS, an established colorectal surgeon practicing in Ocean County, answers questions about diverticulitis, a common condition of the colon. Dr. Paonessa specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients with colon and rectal conditions/ diseases and frequently performs laparoscopic surgery for her patients. She also offers conservative and minimally invasive treatment options for many common anorectal disorders. She frequently explains to her patients that “just because I am a surgeon, doesn’t mean everyone needs surgery. There are other options I can offer you.” Dr. Paonessa has been named Proctologist of the Year by the American College of Osteopathic Proctologists, awarded the Patient’s Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor’s Award by for six consecutive years, and is on the HealthGrades Honor Roll. Board-certified in gener• al surgery and proctology and a fellow of the American

Diverticulitis is a common condition of the colon that afflicts about 50 percent of Americans by age 60 and nearly all by age 80. It occurs when diverticula (pockets that develop in the colon wall) become inflamed or develop various complications. When this occurs, it becomes necessary for your physician or surgeon to take action to prevent the diverticulitis from worsening. Mild cases of diverticulitis are usually not associated with symptoms, but in some cases there is bleeding from the colon. Other symptoms may include pain in the lower abdomen (usually left sided, but not always), change in bowel habits as well as bloating, nausea, vomiting and anorexia due to a small or large bowel obstruction.

How is diverticulitis diagnosed?

Always consult your doctor for a diagnosis because diverticulitis symptoms resemble other medical conditions. Your physician will perform an extensive medical history and physical examination prior to any action taken. Generally, doctors perform an abdominal examination, and may order blood work and/or a CT (computed tomography) scan of the abdomen and pelvis.

of laparoscopic surgery include less pain and scarring, and shorter recovery. When possible, Dr. Paonessa performs less invasive, laparoscopic surgery for her patients. “In dealing with surgery for diverticulitis, my goal is to “restore bowel continuity and for my patients to be free of permanent colostomy bags,” she said.

What happens if it’s determined that surgery is recommended?

Following the initial examination, Dr. Paonessa will arrange for a consultation with the patient and their family members, as she feels it is important for every patient to have a strong support system when he/she is facing a difficult medical issue. Dr. Paonessa will explain the surgery in detail and draw a diagram to help the patient understand exactly what the surgery will entail. She and her office staff guide the patient and his/her family throughout the entire surgical process.

Call 732-899-2291 for our new office location.

Who is at risk?

This disease tends to affect men and women equally, but the prevalence of the disorder increases with age. Studies show that individuals with low fiber diets are more at risk than those with high or normal fiber diets.

What are treatment options?

Most mild cases of diverticulitis can be treated with a course of oral antibiotics, dietary restrictions and possibly stool softeners. Surgery becomes necessary if patients develop recurrent episodes or complications, such as abscess, perforation or obstruction.

What type of surgery is available?

Two approaches are available: traditional (open surgery) and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery requires larger incisions while laparoscopic surgery uses several small incisions. Using laparoscopic surgery, many of the same operations performed via open surgery can be completed with smaller incisions. Benefits

Client Testimonials ...

“Dr. Paonessa is such a caring person and really knows how to speak to a patient. Everything she says comes from her heart. She made me feel at ease and treated me like a human being. Dr. Paonessa is an excellent surgeon. I’m so pleased that I don’t need a colostomy bag following colon resection surgery for diverticulitis.” ~ Ella S.

In addition to being a skilled surgeon, Doctor Paonessa is so caring, compassionate and attentive, I felt like she was my good friend. I considered going to a New York hospital until I met Dr. Paonessa, but because of her I decided to stay local and I am glad I did. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Paonessa, and I highly recommend her to everyone I know. ~ Marie S.

College of Osteopathic Surgeons, Dr. Paonessa specializes in colon and rectal surgery. She has been in practice for 9 years. She completed her colon and rectal surgery fellowship at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. She is co-editor of the textbook Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids, 2nd edition. Dr. Paonessa believes in patient-centered care and preserving each patient’s independence, well being and dignity. She provides the latest, up-to-date treatments and tailors each plan of care to the individual patient’s needs.

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January/February 2014


& Finance


Protect Your Future Purchasing Power NOW!!! What might it cost you to provide yourself and your family with everyday basic necessities like food & clothing in the near future?


lthough it is a very familiar word, “inflation” is one of the least understood economic terms. By definition, inflation is “a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.”

That can be good and bad. It’s good if you have a fixed-rate loan or mortgage, or are in the business of selling gasoline, or precious metals. It’s usually good if you own real estate. It’s bad if you own bonds with fixed interest or are retired and living on a fixed income with no new paycheck to count on. The government tells us that inflation has averaged 2.6% since 1990, so most Americans haven’t really worried about how it would impact their future cash flow needs. What many people don’t realize is that in 1990 our government changed the way it “calculates” inflation. It removed two major costs -fuel and food. If you used the old, more realistic formula, inflation for the last two decades would average closer to 6.5%. The American Institute for Economic Research says it’s actually closer to 8%!

What does that really mean to you? At an estimated 8% inflation rate, $100,000 cash will only be worth $46,319 in 10 years, and only $21,455 in 20 years. In other words, inflation would cut your wealth in cash by about half every 8-10 years. Even though it appears that inflation may not be rearing its ugly head in the short term, it is certainly prudent to plan for rising costs to our basic living expenses in the near future. Not planning for this could wreak havoc on your retirement income needs and lifestyle. The “Wall Street” way suggests owning inflation-sensitive assets like certain “blue-Chip” stocks, safe companies that can raise their prices on their products because they sell items that we need, no matter what the cost. We also hear about the benefits of owning tangible “hard assets” like precious metals and coins. While these types of inflation hedges may help, they may not be enough to make a real difference.

becomes available for saving first, and for living a better quality of life. Consider relocating to a less expensive area or part of the country Someplace where living expenses, property taxes, car insurance are less expensive. If you are still working, consider moving closer to your job. Maybe you can get by on one car? We have lots of strategies and suggestions to help you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, for sure.

Start the NEW YEAR off on the right foot. Pull out that bank ledger and credit card statements right now. Identify ways you can cut back, and just do it! Identify ways that you might earn extra income. There are countless possibilities. Your future starts today!

Call us at Family Focus Financial Group. 732-364-5462 All initial discovery consultations are complimentary. *Kathleen A. Nolan is an Investment Advisor Representative. Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Neither Kathleen A. Nolan nor Global Financial Private Capital gives tax or legal advice. Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Global Financial Private Capital.

So what’s the answer? You may not like it, but here goes. SPEND LESS, SAVE MORE! Americans save a meager average 5.8% of their income which means we spend 95.4%!

But how can we cut back? Think about moving into a smaller house. Not everyone can do this, but smaller homes mean fewer expenses. It doesn’t necessarily mean lesser lifestylequite the contrary. Perhaps more money

Call your friends at Family Focus Financial Group at WE SUPPORT CASA of Ocean County. See how you can help a child in need of your support.

The County Woman Magazine


Kathy Nolan Investment Advisor Representative President/Founder

Our philosophy at FFFG is to provide intelligent solutions for you, our clients, so that you have confidence and security in knowing that your strategies are consistent with your objectives and values.

or visit them at 2042 West County Line Road, Jackson NJ 08527

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Caring Heart & Brain Imaging Is Truly Saving Lives Lorraine Catalano is the

Imaging Director at Caring Heart & Brain Imaging. Lorraine said, "The Cardiac PET Perfusion Scan that we perform at CHCI assesses how well the cardiac arteries are distributing blood flow to the myocardium, or heart muscle. We are the only facility in Monmouth and Ocean counties offering this type of scan.” She adds, “This scan detects preclinical disease, i.e., coronary artery disease that is not yet obstructive and may not be causing symptoms. Patients also love the fact that our scan is completed within 45 minutes rather than the typical 3 to 5 hours.” The scan also evaluates progression of disease in patients with known coronary artery disease and quantifies the presence and extent of obstruction to insure that correct decisions are made about necessary procedures or medication and lifestyle adjustments. Above all, patients trust that the results are accurate, specific and conclusive enough to address their concerns and provide answers to a family practice physician. This means that patients can continue seeing their family practice doctor who can order the scan and then treat his patients because he will have extensive information guaranteeing follow-up that is appropriate and right on target. This scan also delivers a much lower dose of energy and that means less exposure to radiation.


Elizabeth Canning received a Perfusion Scan simply


because she was feeling out of breath and was due for an overall checkup and blood work. As a smoker, not only was her cholesterol high but so was her blood pressure.





The County Woman recently discussed what the scan did for her and why she feels it saved her life. CW: What made you decide to have the Perfusion Scan? EC: High blood pressure for me was usually 120 over 80, so for my blood pressure to be even higher was a red flag. My Family Practice physician, Dr. Deluca scheduled the scan for me but I was rushed to the ER at 5am with chest pains before it was performed. I felt like I was unable to breathe and actually did not even want to breathe. It seemed the only relief was doing my Lamaze breathing. I had five kids; so I was quite familiar with it.

CW: What were some of your symptoms? EC: My symptoms sounded like reflux however there was some indication of irregular heart symptoms. The hospital kept me for three days performing numerous EKG’s, a chest X-ray (my second in a week), an Echo and a nuclear stress test. Even though there was some indication of irregular heart, the tests were clear and I was sent home with medication for reflux. I returned to Dr. Deluca still complaining and he changed the reflux medication. I returned again because my blood pressure was still high even on medication and I was still having several episodes a day of severe chest pains. Dr. Deluca was convinced it was the heart and once

again rescheduled the PET Perfusion Scan. Sure enough, my left circumflex was 90% blocked and two stents were inserted by way of a heart catheterization. CW: What do you recommend that

people do to avoid this sort of misdiagnosis happening to them?

EC: What I went through – three days in the hospital with numerous time consuming tests that did not even show any results was frustrating. This nonintrusive, low radiation, 45 minute scan cannot be compared. Chest pain is chest pain – dangerous to ignore. CW: How was your recovery and

what concerns do you currently have regarding your heart?

EC: Hardly any recovery from the catheterization but a couple days of rest and no heavy lifting for a short time. Thankfully, I now feel great and am relieved to have found the right solution.

Caring Heart & Brain Imaging 2414 Highway 35, Manasquan, NJ 08736 Phone: 732.292.1008 E-Mail:


The County Woman Magazine

Unfortunately, this Cardiac Breakthrough is slipping away at the Jersey Shore: Caring Heart & Brain Imaging has made this latest cardiac technology available to residents of the Jersey Shore, who could only benefit from this same testing if they traveled to NY, PA or northern Jersey. Unfortunately, educating patients and doctors is taking time, and not enough patients are aware that they can ask their family practice doctor or cardiologist to write a script for the test that will accurately and specifically determine if your heart muscle is receiving adequate blood flow and if that blood flow is evenly distributed. The test to ask for is called a Cardiac PET Perfusion study with Rubidium. Caring Heart & Brain Imaging is honored to be the first in the state of NJ to bring the AMYVID PET Scan to its residents, and provides this breakthrough in diagnostic capabilities even before Medicare does. Lorraine adds, “We want to deliver this imaging resource to you so that you can make decisions based upon diagnostic accuracy. This fantastic imaging tool can diagnose and differentiate the forms of dementia at even earlier ages. Another important benefit to undergoing a PET brain scan at CHCI is the reduction of radiation exposure. Our scanner does not use CT in obtaining brain images. This is a huge factor for patients who may have had substantial radiation in the past. Caring Heart and Brain Imaging. Early detection and treatment can help slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. If it’s not important to you for your reasons, it is important for your children and their future!

January/February 2014



An Affordable College Education Awaits You At Ocean County College!


btaining a college degree doesn’t have to break your budget.

With a combination of low tuition, financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans, you can afford to attend Ocean County College (OCC)! Over the past several years, despite the economic crisis that has gripped the country and a decrease in funding from the state, Ocean County College has kept tuition down. OCC still has one of the lowest tuition rates in New Jersey, just $101 per credit for fall 2013 tuition! If you need financial assistance, OCC administers federal and state financial aid programs to help eligible students pay for school. Federal aid programs include the Pell Grant, and William D. Ford Direct Stafford and Parent PLUS loans, among others. State programs include the Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG), Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), and many more. You may apply for these need-based and non-needbased programs by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and listing Ocean County College as your school of choice. Data from this application is forwarded to the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to determine state financial aid eligibility. To qualify for state aid consideration, you must be a legal resident of the state of

Health & Wellness

New Jersey. In order to assist you in earning money during the academic year, OCC also offers work-study programs, which allow you to be employed on-campus or perform community service work off-campus. Most on-campus jobs include various work assignments in academic departments, administrative offices, laboratories, or the library. If you have a specialized skill or training, you may find a job in your area of expertise. You may also qualify for a private scholarship or grant, available from local and national organizations and foundations, including the OCC Foundation. All students are encouraged to investigate their eligibility for these funds. There are even state and federal assistance programs that provide student aid for veterans, members of Selected Reserves and National Guard, veterans with ratable disabilities, dependents of veterans who died or became disabled as a result of active duty, and dependents of military service personnel who are officially declared “Prisoners of War” or “Missing in Action.” If you want to attend classes, don’t let finances keep you from achieving your goal of a college education. OCC’s Financial Aid Office is ready to answer any questions you may have. For more information on Ocean County College, call 732-255-0400 or visit



.0 04 VILLE 4 . 9 ITH


r Ce ft i G

9 .92 LBI

NI .494TTOM A G 09 BO

O .Y 9 W 99

ble ila a Av es t ca tifi

For more information, call


or visit

11/27/2013 4:48:49 PM

YOGA 101 5 Week Course • For Real First Time Beginners


r p M • hera ic Se T list ing n • i o i a e H h • ai C er Tr schedul h T • eac or class T ite f OM 9 • ebs .C


OCC’s Financial Aid Office is ready to answer any of your questions.

OCWoman_Financial_Aid_Jan-Feb_2014_4x5 ad.indd 1

S SE K S A EE CL W e A N ag s PE YS s n a O a D A Yog itatio ic M s t e 7 • ed eu vic


Obtaining a college degree doesn’t have to break your budget. With a combination of low tuition, financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans, you can afford to attend OCC!

Jan - Feb 2014 Upcoming Events WINTER WORKSHOPS

“ Re -you-venate”

e Se

An Affordable College Education Awaits You at Ocean County College!

s ge sa s a 6 HIP rM S o s se las C r fo

New to the studio? First month $50 UNLIMITED CLASSES

Sessions Start Week of January 12 Sunday & Thursday Then again the week of February 16 Sunday & Thursday Space Limited • CALL FOR DETAILS AND/OR PRE-REGISTRATION Includes 5 weeks of unlimited classes and a “green” top quality latex/jute mat Call NOW or sign up at

March 22 - 24 Edward Clark Tripsichore as Tantric Practice

Call for information or go to

Rope Wall Classes - Smithville 12:30p-1:30p Call for information or go to

Retreat to Paradise in Tulum, Mexico March 8 - 13, 2014 Call for information or go to

Shop In Our Fair Trade Store for Gifts That Give Twice Organic Cosmetics, Green Products & Therapeutic Massage Unique Jewelry, Bags & Gifts From Around the World


Photo by Paul Dempsey

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We We Accept Accept Medicare! Medicare!

When was the last time you When was the last time you had your feet measured?! had your feet measured?!

(732) 849-5013 (732) 849-5013 Fabulous F oods


Fabulous Foods

Now Carrying Now Carrying Jobst Support Jobst Support Stockings! Stockings!

Trupia’s WE’RE BACK!!!! Trupia’s Old World Pizzeria After a short retirement, Bob Trupia (retired NYPD) and wife AnnMarie decided to make a come back - we missed doing what we do well.

Old World Pizzeria 1116 S. Main St. (9 South) 1116 S. Main Street West Creek, NJ 08092

the two are former owners of trupia’s Pizzerias and restaurants, which started in Manahawkin in 1998 and then expanded to LBI and Bayville.

We have now teamed up with good friends and partners, Susan and Rick Martorano at our newest location located at 1116 South Main St, (RT 9 South) - 609-597-4300 ( With generations of experience and an obvious love for what we do, we take pride in our newest family-owned Italian Pizzeria & Restaurant.

Bob’s family has been in the restaurant business for about 100 years and has learned from the best. His grand(9 South) 609-597-4300 mother opened the first Italian Restaurant in Staten Island in early 1960. “I think the quality of the items I use- the West Creek, NJ imported Italian tomatoes, a special brand of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil- these ingredients make the differWe would 08092 like to welcome you to our newest Italian Old World Pizzeria. “Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in ence,” he says. “And with the years of recipes handed down, I’m doing things just like my grandmother taught me.” doing things extraordinarily well!” 609-597-4300 Thank you for visiting and your continued patronage. Your Friends,

TheFor TrupiaEat & Martorano IN or Family Open 7 Days a Week takE out We Deliver! open 7 Days a Week Visit our Dining Room Feel free toyour bring your own Spirits Bring Own Spirits We Deliver

We have a new cozy dining room (BYOB) and welcome you all to dine in with us, as well as take advantage of our delivery and, of course, pick-up services. It’s all about family here- between the Trupia’s four college children and Martorano’s two, you will always see a friendly, familiar face. Besides our large varieties of pizza, calzones, stromboli, rolls, zeppoli, etc., we still offer our full menu, including all of our past favorite entrees and specialties- like Seafood Trupia, Veal Trupia, Chicken Martorano, Fried Calamari, Mozzarella Caprise, just to name a few. We are open 7 days a week. We hope to welcome back all of our old friends and meet our new ones!!

Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing things extraordinarily well!!

The County Woman Magazine Filler

January/February 2014

edical Professionals rofessionals M Medical edical P P rofessionals

11 27 53

Dry Eye:Your Eye: Your Questions Questions Answered! Answered! Dry Answered! of dry eye patients. The majority of DED is evaporative in nature. Oil secreted by the meibomian glands in the eyelids comprise the lipid layer of the tear film, which prevents evaporation. When these glands become clogged, lipid (oil) is unable to be secreted. Without enough oil in the tear film, the tears will evaporate more rapidly than normal.


Q: What is Dry Eye? A

: Dry Eye Disease [DED] is a condition in which the tear film does not properly lubricate the surface of the eye due to tear underproduction or tear evaporation. The tear film is comprised of 3 different layers: when this balance is disrupted, the tears cannot function properly to maintain a smooth corneal surface, providing comfort & clear vision. For many years, it was thought that underproduction of the aqueous layer of the tear film was the major cause of dry eye. In reality, this accounts for a small percentage

Q: Who Gets Dry Eye? A : DED is the most under diagnosed condition in eye care; it may affect between 10-20% of the population. Women are affected almost twice as much as men; hormonal changes that occur around menopause are generally the culprit disrupting the tear film. General health conditions such as thyroid disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can contribute to symptoms. Medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy and high blood pressure medications can be a cause. Contact lens wear intolerance can be exacerbated by DED. Our technology driven world certainly does not improve DED symptoms. Staring at electronic devices for even short periods of time causes a decrease in the blink rate, which leads to an ineffective distribution of the tear film across the eye’s surface.


’Œ‘Š›Â?ȹǯȹ’Â?•’—ǰȹǯǯǰȹǯǯǯǯ ’Œ‘Š›Â?ȹǯȹ’Â?•’—ǰȹǯǯǰȹǯǯǯǯ ÂŽÂ?Â’ÂŒÂŠÂ•Čą’›ŽŒÂ?˜› ÂŽÂ?Â’ÂŒÂŠÂ•Čą’›ŽŒÂ?˜›



Call us  today at    



The The County Woman Magazine TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine

Q: How do you know you have it? A

: Symptoms of dry eye include tearing, burning, blurry vision, light sensitivity, or a sandy/gritty feeling. Often contact lens wearers find their lenses are very uncomfortable. Sometimes the patient’s symptoms will even outweigh signs we find clinically. These patients are looking for relief and we perform a dry eye exam to assess their condition.

Q: What can be done about it? A

perform. The goal of LipiFlow treatment is to completely evacuate the contents of the clogged meibomian glands, allowing the glands to “reset� and produce better oils.

Q: How soon after A

: Patients usually start to feel the benefit about 4-6 weeks after the procedure, sometimes even sooner. The goal of the LipiFlow treatment is evacuating the meibomian glands of their clogged, solidified contents. The glands can then “reset� themselves. We do recommend that the patient continue with their current Ocular Surface Disease regimen, (artificial

: Depending on the severity of the patients’ symptoms, different recommendations are made. If the patient has very mild signs or symptoms, artificial tears (lubricants) can provide some (although short) lasting relief. Prescription Restasis eye drops is a topical form of cyclosporine, a potent anti-inflammatory drug. It works to decrease inflammation that causes dry eye and over time produces healthier tears. It can be very beneficial especially in conjunction with oral Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids act to improve the oil secretions, which leads to a better tear film.

Q: What is the A

treatment will I get relief?

LipiFlow treatment like?

: Quite relaxing. It is comprised of heat & a gentle massage applied directly to eyelids. No other part of your eye is exposed to the heat. The patient is reclined and both eyes are treated simultaneously. We talk the patient through treatment, with calming music in the background. I, myself, underwent LipiFlow earlier this year. I found it to be very comfortable & soothing; it was like a spa treatment for my eyes. It takes about 15 minutes to

tears, lid hygiene, Restasis, and O 3 FA supplements).

Q: Who Can Perform this new treatment? A : At the Witlin Center, I perform the Lipiflow procedure, from the applicator insertion to the removal. DED poses a wide range of vision and quality of life issues. We at Premier Dry Eye Group at the Witlin Center for Advanced Eye Care are excited to provide patients with an option to manage this frustrating condition. It is the only FDA cleared procedure that treats the root cause of Dry Eye. It is extremely gratifying that we can finally give our many Dry Eye patients some true and long lasting relief.

CAROLYN N., AGE 62, EVAPORATIVE DRY EYE SUFFERER SINCE 2005 How did suffering from Evaporative Dry Eye impact your life? “It was horribly uncomfortable light sensitivity; I couldn’t wear my contacts much. Sometimes I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t read.� After the LipiFlow treatment, when did you start feeling relief? “I would say within a few days.� What has been the difference since the LipiFlow treatment? “I can wear my contacts. It’s very exciting. This has made a huge, huge difference.� How did the treatment compare to your expectations? “It’s been better than I expected.� How did suffering from Evaporative Dry Eye impact your life? “I had trouble keeping my eyes open because of the burning and the pain. I couldn’t read in the evening. I was just miserable.� What were your expectations of the LipiFlow Treatment? “They weren’t that high because nothing helped me before. But I was willing to try it because I was pretty desperate.� What was the LipiFlow procedure like? “There was some discomfort; there wasn’t any pain. Compared to the other treatment it was like going from 15th-century medical treatment to 20th-century.� How soon after the treatment did you start feeling the effects? “Immediately.�

Dr Lisa Ortenzio is a 1990 graduate of the University of Delaware and received her Doctorate from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1995. She then spent 2 years in post graduate training and subsequently practiced at 2 large ophthalmology groups in Central Jersey. Dr. Ortenzio has specialty training for the Lipiview/Lipiflow system, which treats the root cause of dry eye.

January/February 2014 January/February2013 2014 September/October


Women Of Ocean County

Lauren Ramondini, DPT

All-Care Physical Therapy

Maria LaMantia

Practice Manager Ocean Hematology & Oncology

Lauren Ramondini is a Physical Therapist at All-Care Physical Therapy’s Brick location. Originally from Long Valley, New Jersey, she is currently residing in Beach Haven. She graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from UMDNJ & Rutgers-Camden in 2011, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a concentration in exercise physiology from the University of Delaware. As a physical therapist, Lauren believes that it is important to utilize evidencebased treatment methods to develop specialized programs that will meet each patient’s individual needs. The goal of these treatment programs is to assist patients in returning to their prior level of function, improve their overall quality life, and help them achieve their personal goals. Lauren feels it is important for the patient to play an active role in their overall treatment plan and encourages an open line of communication. She utilizes strength and range of motion exercises, manual therapy, home exercise programs and patient education to develop these individualized programs. Outside of All-Care Lauren has a strong passion for health and fitness. In her free time she regularly takes part in Crossfit. She enjoys cooking, the beach and spending time with her yellow lab Jack. For more information, please visit

Maria was born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island and now lives in Toms River with her two children. She attended The College of Staten Island and St. John’s University, majoring in biology. She worked as a histology technician at Staten Island University Hospital before moving to Toms River. Since 1998, Maria has been working in oncology and currently works for Dr. Sarah J. Easaw as the practice manager at Ocean Hematology & Oncology in Lakewood. In addition to ensuring the practice runs smoothly, she uses her creativity and compassion to organize events for cancer patients, such as the office’s annual Cancer Survivors’ Day celebrations. Maria also designed a boutique in the office with wigs, scarves, hats and more to donate to needy patients. Patients who come to Ocean Hematology & Oncology are impressed with Maria’s caring nature and her readiness to help them. “Maria has such a contagious personality that you just can’t help but feel welcome,” says one patient. Maria is an active member of the Saint Barnabas Office Managers Association and serves on the advisory board. She also serves on the committee of the New Jersey Society of Oncology Office Managers. To learn more about Ocean Hematology & Oncology, visit or call 732-961-0010.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Nancy Ellson, RN, MSN, APN-C

Director/Nurse Practitioner at NJ Community Care Center

Nancy has recently moved to Toms River to pursue her newest professional adventure as Director/Nurse Practitioner at the recently opened NJ Community Care Center in Toms River, NJ. Nancy received her Masters of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and became a Nurse Practitioner 35 years ago. Her career has always been on the forward edge of changes in the way health care is delivered. She has created innovative models for care, counseling, and wellness education for teens to seniors in many different settings. Nancy’s goal is to create a high-quality, cost-effective, friendly, walk-in nonurgent care facility in an environment where people feel cared for and cared about. Her passion is to help healthy people remain healthy. Nancy enjoys establishing a working relationship with patients that lead them to improved overall physical and emotional health. Nancy is active in Rotary and the Unitarian Universalist Ocean County Congregation. Her proudest role is that of being a mother to her 22-year-old son, Gregg. Nancy can be reached at 732-908-7700 or Visit for more information.

Renee Wolf, PA-C

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

The County Woman Magazine

Premier Pain Management

Renee Wolf was born in Bronxville, Westchester and lived in Queens, NY until she was 27 years old. Upon marrying her husband Gregory, she moved to New Jersey and eventually became a resident of Monmouth County, where she has resided for 12 years. Renee received her Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Degree in a combined six-year program at Saint John’s University/Catholic Medical Center. She then spent 10 years at the Hospital for Special Surgery assisting in orthopedic surgeries including spine surgery, sports medicine and total joint replacements, and moved on to work with the anesthesiology department managing patients in CCU. After relocating to New Jersey, Renee took on a dynamic position with plastic and reconstructive surgery, focusing mostly on assisting in neuropathicrelated surgeries. Renee has joined Premier Pain Management’s team in evaluating and treating patients with acute and chronic pain syndromes. Her experience with orthopedic related issues, especially with spinal cord pathology, gives her the tools she needs to diagnose and prepare treatment plans for our patients. Renee is the mother of Samantha, her 7 year old daughter. She enjoys spending time with her family, dining and traveling. To learn more about Premier Pain Centers, visit or call 732-380-0200.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

January/February 2014

Women Of Ocean County Margaret “Peg” Campana

Lesley P. Furman, M.D.

Woman to Woman Obstetrics & Gynecology

General Manager of Meridian Fitness & Wellness

Dr. Furman started practicing Obstetrics & Gynecology in Pittsburgh, PA

Margaret “Peg” Campana, General Manager of the soon to open Meridian Fitness and Wellness in Jackson, NJ, is a veteran of the health and wellness industry. With over twenty five years of experience, Peg has consulted on over twenty fitness center projects throughout her career, providing expertise in the areas of Clinical Integration, as well as, Medical Wellness programming. Aside from being an avid golfer, Peg has over thirty years of experience with the sport of volleyball from several perspectives; first as a player than as a coach and, now as an NCAA Official. “I have even had the opportunity to officiate the NCAA Championships at the Division One level,” says Campana. “I am very excited to be able be a part of this exciting new fitness facility. I am confident that Meridian Fitness & Wellness’ innovative approach to overall health and proactive care will be beneficial to the community of Jackson,” says Campana. For a sneak peak of Meridian Fitness and Wellness Jackson’s state-of-the-art equipment or for an advanced membership, visit the sales office located at 715 Bennetts Mills Road in the Manhattan Street Plaza. For additional information, please call (732) 928-1126 or visit

Atlantic Celebrating Our 5th Year

Change Your BodY In Just 55 MInutes a Week!


Dr. Stephen Zabinski with Shore Orthopaedic University Associates is one of the expert surgeons from Shore Medical Center’s Advanced Spine & Orthopedic Institute included in our Meet the Doctors feature. Pages 30-31

Page 14

Ocean for Women and Their

FREE ~ Please Take


Woman Nov./Dec. 2013

YoUr tiMe is PreCioUs ... @TheCountyWoman we woN’t

Please Take One

tHiNk twiCe Before igNoriNg tHat PaiN iN YoUr sHoUl Der

As time goes on, everyone experiences aches pains. The difficulty and lies in figuring out what pain we can endure and ignore from those that are more serious. At the top of the list is shoulde r pain. Page


ing Ou r 5th Ye ar

An Edu


Total Hearing Care is passionate about too! Meet the hearing health professionals and – and they want schedule your you to be passion free hearing care ate about your workshop on pages hearing health 38 & 39.

Photo By Tracy


@TheCountyW oman

www.TheCoun tyWo

tte Jenk

Holmdel Orthodo ntics Page 17

Harman Photogra



for Wom

en and

Seaview Orthopa edic Page 20 s

Nov./Dec. 2013

Their Fam

Elder Life Managem ent Page 38

Please Take One

Donna Financia Hlavacek, l Se Investm rvices and ent Advis Repres or entativ e, will help yo u fin to avoid d solutions financia a personal more ab l crisis. Read out th on page e solutions s 32 & 33 .

ins Phot ography


us on Visit Us On


line ...

Ocean County Woman P.O. Box 619 Turnersville, NJ 08012-0619


Photo By Donna L. Andrews Photography

Ce leb rat

Photo by Anne

Or mail to:


Page 41

Visit Us Online...

her Obstetrical practice. Dr. Furman feels women’s issues are of extreme importance and need to be stressed more emphatically in the future. Her personal interests are leisurely walks on the beach, as well as fishing and bird watching. Please call Woman to Woman, an affiliate of Barnabas Health Medical Group at to get your questions answered, (732) 797- 1510. Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Email resume to:


Designs is the local supplier of Jacquelyn Wigs. We carry a large selection of styles and colors that are availab le for immediate purchase.

Pages 34-35

the DaVinci Robot, as well as continuing

waste it! morning phone call? Visit Us Emergency. Abstrax Hair It startles us – we wonder who’s and what action in trouble we need to take, all before we’ve had our first sip of coffee.

She is trained and practicing the latest technology for Robotic Surgery, with

tiona duca

Since 2010, The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel has partnered with area businesses so that their customers are free to spend their comps as they choose ~ all over South Jersey. Page 59


What’s the first thing we think of when we get an early

her patients and delivering the level of care and attention that they deserve.

e for

urc Reso

en Wom

heir &T


il Fam


CluB loCal gIves CustoMers a ChoICe!

Dr. Carfagno gives a few points of the Affordable Care Act which are expected to improve women’s health care on page 38. He is truly a physician who is “with you all the way.” Don’t miss the Feature On The Cover article on page 39!

How Do CreDit ors Harass PeoPl e?

Dr. Furman’s reputation speaks volumes about her. She believes in listening to

An E

Celebrating Ou 5th Year r

An Educational Resource

Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Publication Distributors NEEDED


Meet shore’s spIne & ortho doCtors

Being physically active is one of the most important steps that people of all ages and fitness levels can take to improve their longterm health and quality of life.

Medical Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine and is

Part-Time Delivery Position Available


An Educational Resource for Women and Their Families FREE ~ Please Take One

and has been practicing in Ocean County for over 20 years. She received her

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Job Opening

55 heCoun tyWoma n


@TheCou CountyW ntyWoma n m


Nov./De c. 2013

e Take One

The County Woman Magazine


Part-time publication distributors needed throughout Ocean County.

Qualities required are:

Mature, responsible, and enjoy talking to people. Must dress and act presentable to make deliveries in professional offices. Must have own vehicle and a valid drivers license.

Approximately 10 - 30 hours every other month.

January/February 2014



The Power of Flowers As Gifts According to a Rutgers’ study, men and women who give flowers as a gift are perceived to be successful, caring and happy. They are also thought to be more emotionally intelligent because they have a desire to share their feelings and take the time to understand what others may be feeling. Female floral gifters are viewed as more appreciative of beauty and nature. M.J. Ryan, author of “The Random Acts Of Kindness” book series says,” a successful person is not necessarily someone with a lot of money and material goods, but rather someone who is in tune with people and knows how to touch their hearts.” Ryan also says, “ I can think of no other item besides flowers that evokes such positive feelings and perceptions of both the giver and the recipient”. Stella and Sandy Skolnik, owners of Skip’s Toms River flowers and Gifts understand these sentiments and agree. “Our customers are very special people with big hearts.” Every day, men call to send our beautiful long stem-roses for an anniversary along with lovely words to express their affection. The Big Hug Bouquet is popular for someone who is not doing well, emotionally or physically. For a birthday, no other gift has the same impact as a gorgeous vase of assorted flowers in happy colors with a few balloons floating above. The smiles generated from receiving a floral arrangement are sure to last through the day. There are customers who also come into Skip’s

Florist to simply buy a bouquet of flowers for themselves because they “deserve flowers”. Whether it’s a single long stem rose or a seasonal loose bouquet, these people truly appreciate the beauty flowers bring to their homes. Known for over 60 years as the Showplace of Ocean County, Skip’s Florist stocks an abundant supply of different color roses, exotic flowers from Hawaii, like orchids and anthiriums, and Holland mixes of lilies, Lisianthus, Gerbers, Pompoms and so much more. For gifts to include with the flowers, Skip’s stocks chocolates, greeting card, Lenox gifts, Waterford Crystal and a gourmet area in-store for baskets brimming with fruit and gourmet. So, whether it’s to reach out to someone and let them know you care through the power of flowers, or just a little something for yourself, call Skip’s Florist. You’ll be glad you did!

1187 Washington St, Toms River, NJ 08753 •

New Year’s Quotes

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year in 2014! “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a ‘going on’, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form and invincible host against difficulties.”

- Oprah Winfrey

- Helen Keller

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” - Edith Lovejoy Pierce

The County Woman Magazine

“Each New Year, we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages. Let us fill them with all the forgotten things from last year—the words we forgot to say, the love we forgot to show, and the charity we forgot to offer.”

- Peggy Toney Horton

“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential.”

- Ellen Goodman

January/February 2014





Experience The Difference At Lynne’s! Lynne Goldberg, owner of Lynne’s Fashion Boutique, has been in the women’s retail clothing business since 1989, and her boutique has evolved and changed along with the times. Specializing in mother of the bride or groom, she also carries a wide selection of casuals, sportswear, and accessories that will allow you to dress well and feel comfortable everyday for any occasion. Do you know the important difference between a boutique and a department store? I can tell you that as far as Lynne’s Fashion Boutique goes, there is a BIG difference! To start with, we carry exclusive designers who produce their creations for boutiques only. In every category, from evening fashions to sportswear and accessories, the quality of craftsmanship is much superior to mass-produced items that you would find in department stores. Another huge difference is the customer service. If you request our assistance, our fashion consultants will help you coordinate a great outfit or a whole wardrobe. You can even bring in pieces from your own wardrobe and we will match your pieces with new tops or bottoms to give it you fresh new look. We only get one of each size in casual clothing and only one piece representing each style of evening wear, but we can order other sizes and colors as needed. And each month, we get in new and different merchandise. We’ve already received several spring and summer styles for our evening collection and expect to receive more in January. Resort and transitional sportswear items are beginning to come in too. One particularly popular item this year is the “Lisette L,� the only pant with “Flaterie Fit,� as seen in O, The Oprah magazine. This pant is sold exclusively at specialized fashion boutiques like ours. We also carry accessories, such as Giavan, a line of fashion jewelry with distinctive designs and exceptional quality. Also popular is our Joseph Ribkoff collection. Ribkoff designs for Miss America, with ready to wear outfits for media appearances, as well as, evening dresses. We may not all look like Miss America, but we can feel like her in a Joseph Ribkoff ensemble! We specialize in mother of the bride and groom gowns and dresses, but unlike a bridal store, we have a wonderful selection of evening and casual attire in a wide range of sizes. We even have a fabulous in-house seamstress who works by appointment, and will tailor your clothing even if it was not purchased here. Prices on alterations are additional, but very reasonable. All this personalized service, together with gift-wrapping and free layaway, make shopping here a stress-free, pleasurable experience. And if you come in February when the winter sales begin, you’ll find great deals! So if you’re in the market for clothing that’s wearable and comfortable, as well, as elegant and flattering, pay a visit to Lynne’s Boutique. Our goal is to dress you to look your best and enjoy your shopping experience!

Since 1999

31 Church Street Little Silver, NJ (732) 530-5443

• We carry sizes 2 to 20. • Sportswear. • A wonderful selection of evening attire, specializing in the perfect mother-of-thebride and groom dresses and gowns. • Fabulous jewelry. • Belts and accessories. • Handbags and more!


Tuesdays - Fridays 10:30 am to 6:00 pm Saturdays 10:30 am to 5:00 pm Closed Sunday & Monday

Lynne & Staff Fashion Apps








The County Woman Magazine







New Year, New Gifts Beginnings, Dreamy Holiday from New Underpinnings... Leisure and Lace Not sure what to get? A gift certificate from Leisure and Lace is always Busting Need aour lift? a winner. Hand writtenout? and beautifully wrapped, gift certificates are more that personal than your average plastic card. Cups runneth over?


Contain yourself at Leisure and Lace. Today’s sleepwear has a Gift cate

ready to wear look. Relax on

tifistart? First, do not goyournear eryou front porch in your o whereCdo PJs and no one will ever have a measuring tape! The objective is to have a to know! good fit and all bras are not sized the same way. This will take time and we have the time and Now for the Bride to Be... patience. Does your new outfit have no back, a low back, or a plunging neckline? Do you need a push up We“The carryperfect everything a bride could undergarment anky Panky has need for her special day. Your dress orinaevery push in? Does that clingy dress need to lay just completes the perfect dress” become a staple is in, your fitting is near and we right?fromWe can minimize, maximize, smooth or slim. 199 New Road woman's wardrobe, Suite 9 Linwood, NJ 08221 609 927 5572 have the undergarments to make sleepwear to the most No, it’s not magic. It’s simply years and years of expeit all work. While you’re here you comfo comfortable thongs and rience.


e pay special attention to exceptional support and comfort. onsider We givinglook a for superb fit in the front while eliminating ride up in the robe for a gift that does not like back andlooksolving the infamous “douyour grandmothers. Today styles are that ble bubble.” Always 'sremember computer jackets, sleeveless vests, cocoon finding thestyles correct fit marshmallow can be challengand hooded that are soft ing, but with the help from thewith women and cozy. PJ Salvage robes are creative fun prints. for thethe grandmother ofcute, Leisure andNowLace, properly fitting on your list, we offer zip front robes bra and undergarment is notoo! longer a myth.



panties on the market. A Hanky Panky gift is always id you get a good deal on the bra you are wearappreciated.

will notice we offer bridal chemises, peignoir sets, and bridal sleepwear. We also carry playful Hanky Panky ing, but look like you are hanging in two fabric thongs in a rainbow of colors, a treat bags? Quality, durability and for the groom and much more excitcomfort are what we aimaddi Murphy softies combines ing than a toaster! fashion to achieve. Buying good is with function, they make you look and feelBetty, beauti-Phylis and Leah will assist you cheaper in the long run. Before with all of your undergarment and ful. They are designed especially you come, take a critical look at lingerie for women experiencing hot needs. From the very importhe bra you are wearing. What tant wedding dress, to the mother of flashes, menopause, chemotherapy, pregnancy or diabetes. bride or groom gown, or any of your many women do not realize is special occasion needs. Experience that a properly fitted undergarthe pleasure of shopping locally with Don’t forget, Leisure and Lace place to get all of your mentiswillthe make a dramatic knowledgeable sales staff that will holiday outfit needs, from bras andinshape wear to ofhosiery and change the appearance help you to look your very best.



Tawayoday’sfrombusythe woman has moved long gown to the pretty above the knee chemise. The chemise is cute, more contemporary and much easier to move about in.

accessories that will make you look your very best. your clothes.

“ You will see such a difference in your clothing with a good bra.” – A quote from one woman in the dressing room to another.

Before: A Bra that does not fit properly is unflattering and uncomfortable.

“The perfect fitting bra might as well be a myth, unless you shop at Leisure & Lace!”

After: A visit to Leisure & Lace Assures a proper fit every time. See for yourself!

Betty Vasser (Seated) Owner, Phyllis Doran, 24 Year Employee

199 New Road, Suite 9 • Central Square • Linwood, NJ 08221 • 609 927 5572

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014





Upcoming Events & Trunk Shows


January 9-11

Aire By Rosa Clara Trunk Show

February 13, 14, & 15 March 6-8

Stella York Trunk Show

Montage Mothers of the Occasion Trunk Show Call us at (609) 241-0134 for an appointment to one of our fabulous trunk shows.

Special incentives during show only.



is in the


The Plaza • 1205 Tilton Road Northfield, NJ 08225 Phone: (609) 241-0134

Fence &Railing Contractor

The County Woman Magazine

Bridal • Special Occasion • Mother of Bride/Groom Jewelry • Accessories

January/February 2014

Consignment Shop


Treasures From Heaven... The Consignment Connection and always participate in countless community causes and events. Colleen went on to add, “As we participate together as residents of Ocean County in this project, you will be supporting the community now when they need it most after the recent destruction of the Jersey shore. People can come and get affordable luxury items to help rebuild their homes.” is a ministry of the Billy Graham Association that has been helping the residents in Ocean County since the start of Hurricane Sandy. We have selected this ministry as one that Treasures From Heaven’s Written B W By: C Colleen P Pisacreta, profits will support. Samaritan’s Purse initially sends a Owner, Treasures From Heaven disaster team that helps residents pump out water, takes down trees, and salvage items from their homes. “We Treasures From Heaven is a watch Americans from all over the country come to the consignment shop that allows everyone to both sell and buy products, and participate in shore’s aid in time of need. Samaritan’s Purse workers the support of two major causes, one of which have been sleeping at the church and going out everyday, working and even praying with our neighbors who supports residents devastated by Hurricane lost so much,” stated Colleen. “There is love, grace, and Sandy, and the other an organization helpbeauty that subsides in this ministry that inspires us, and ing women and children in need who are in recovery from the pain and emotional/physical often times brings us to tears, as we watch them help our friends and families here.” After the disaster team, a trauma of abuse. rebuild team comes in to help those without insurance or A consignment store concept encourages finances to restore the places they call home. residents to bring in items they would like to sell and, of course, purchase. As a consignor, is the second organization supported by you receive a percentage of the selling price. the shop. This ministry is a refuge and The store has set the goal to be a high-end quality retail establishment in the community. restoration home nestled on a beautiful farm, which proThey accept only quality items- in style and in vides a safe and loving environment to help women and children to transform their scattered lives. Colleen said excellent condition. The consignment period that during a women’s retreat, she had met the founder is sixty days, and all items are priced by the Treasures From Heaven staff and agreed upon of the ministry, Rhonda Calhoun, who later asked her to come to the center to help minister and cook for women with consignor. Treasures From Heaven ~The going through the program. After seeing first-hand the establishment and the work being done there, Colleen Consignment Connection is registered with knew in her heart that this was a job much needed in the the Toms River Chamber of Commerce. world, and it became her vision to one day help support Colleen, as well as her entire family, are also such a mission. members of The Church of Grace and Peace

Toms River, NJ

The store is open on: Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm Thursday, Friday, & Saturday: 10am-8pm. It is closed on Sunday and Monday. Treasures From Heaven ~The Consignment Connection is seconds away from the Garden State Parkway entrance in Toms River.

Address: _______________________________________ City: _______________ State: ________ Zip: _________ We offer new, gently used, and designer clothing, furniture, housewares, jewelry, handbags, shoes and more! The County Woman Magazine


Name: _________________________________________

(Stella Towne Center)

“One of the goals here is to feature stories on our site from these ministries so that the community can see the people they are helping to support by participating in the Treasures from Heaven Connection,” added Colleen.

Win a Valentine’s Dinner from Il Giardanello Ristorante!

1240 Rt. 166

Phone:(732) 505-0150 Fax: (732) 505-0186

20% of all business proceeds go to charity!

Phone: (_____)__________ Email: __________________ Bring in this clipping for a chance to win dinner for two when you spend $100 or more at Treasures From Heaven!

January/February 2014



Getting Straight To The Point About Acupuncture

Submitted by: Keith Koehler, MAOM, CA Koehler Acupuncture Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Formulas

FAQs What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a treatment involving the insertion of fine needles into the skin to relieve symptoms (such as pain), strengthen the body’s immune system and balance the body to facilitate healthy body function.

How does it work?

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s qi (pronounced chee). Qi is the body’s life energy. It flows throughout the body in a series of channels. Each channel is connected with a specific organ and has specific physiological

functions, as well as emotional and spiritual components. When the qi flow is disrupted the body can experience dysfunction, ill health and/or pain. When the qi is flowing freely through the channels all body functions, such as Sleep, Digestion, Energy, Immunity, Concentration, and Mobility are enhanced.

Does it hurt?

The insertion of the needle is generally painless. Many patients do not even realize when the needle has been inserted. This is because acupuncture needles are solid and hair- fine, unlike a medical hypodermic needle, which is thick and hollow. Once all of the needles are in place, the patient usually becomes very relaxed. The lights are dimmed and gentle music is played. Many patients fall asleep during the treatment.

How long is a treatment?

During a treatment needles are retained for twenty to forty minutes, depending on the patient and the condition being addressed.

How many treatments does it take to feel relief?

Some patients feel some relief after the first treatment. Typically, patients feel some consistent relief after three to five treatments. It is usually recommended to receive two to three treatments for two to three weeks, followed by an evaluation to determine the need and/or frequency of further treatment. Complete relief varies from case to case. In general, acute symptoms resolve quicker than chronic or complex conditions.

Is it safe?

Yes. All needles are pre-sterilized, and packaged for single used. During treat-

ment, the acupuncturist opens the needle packages and inserts the needles, using proper clean needle technique. When the treatment is over, the needles are removed and placed in a biohazard container, just like at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Does insurance cover acupuncture?

Most insurance companies have plans that cover acupuncture, though coverage varies from plan to plan. The best way to find out if you have coverage is to come in for a consultation, and let the acupuncturist verify your benefits with your insurance company.

Who can be treated with acupuncture?

Everyone from infants to seniors can be treated with acupuncture. Treatments vary accordingly. Infants and toddlers may be treated with acupressure techniques or acupuncture with no needle retention. Children tend to respond very

quickly to very little stimulus. With adults and seniors, sensitivity and response to treatment varies, therefore different treatment techniques can be used to achieve the best results for each individual.

What is the most common condition people get treated with acupuncture?

For adults and seniors, pain is the most common complaint. Low back pain tops the chart, followed by neck, hips and knees. For children, the two most commonly treated complaints are digestive (colic) and respiratory (asthma and allergies) conditions.

Koehler Acupuncture 128 Drum Point Road Brick, NJ 08723


Enter to Win a Consultation & Treatment

at Koehler Acupuncture Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________ Phone: (______)______________________ Email: ____________________________ Please Clip Out And Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012

❏ Check Here to Receive Specials from Koehler Acupuncture

One entry per person. Valid for new patients/clients only. Value not to exceed $100. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through February 28, 2014. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014



Letter From NJAWBO Shore Region President Jackie Berman Wishing you a Happy 2014!!

Jackie Berman President, NJAWBO Shore Region Monmouth/Ocean/Middlesex 732.610.1567

Non-members are invited to attend a Shore Region event at member price – mention this article!

As we are starting a new year and new goals, NJAWBO should be in every women business owner’s 2014 business plan. The increasing success of women-owned businesses in our society will continue to build on itself and contribute to the development of still more confident women running thriving, thoroughly accepted, businesses. The very special place of NJAWBO - women supporting women - will continue to be an important environment for women business owners in New Jersey. In 1997 a little over 155,000 business in NJ were owned by women, compared to over 223,000 in 2013. That’s an increase of over 43%. As the population of seasoned women business owners grows in New Jersey, our membership mix is evolving to match this. As the businesses of our current members grow, their expectations change. It is increasingly clear that, to continue to meet

Upcoming Meeting Dates LinkedIn for Business, Part 2 Jan. 7, 6:00pm Route 27, Edison Shore Region Dinner Meeting & Awards Ceremony Jan. 23, 6:00pm Nonna’s Route 9, Englishtown Breakfast & Networking Feb. 5, 8:30am Freehold Microsoft Store Freehold Raceway Mall Free Networking/ Dinner Meeting Feb. 27 Financial Planning Jeopardy Location/Time TBA For details, or to register, visit: Limit one per person. Valid for NJAWBO Shore Region (Monmouth/Ocean/Middlesex) events only.

The County Woman Magazine

Make Y Reser our vatio Today n !

our members’ needs, we must reach new heights and expand our offerings. NJAWBO Shore awards the Donna Myers Entrepreneur Scholarship every May in memory to our Past State President and Region President who past away in 2011. This scholarship is awarded to a college student who has the passion and work ethics as the woman it is in memory of. The scholarship is open to a female college student, residing in Monmouth, Ocean or Middlesex County who has the dream of being an entrepreneur. The scholarship application can be found on our website. "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Energize!! Empower!!! Engage!! Warmest Regards, Jackie Berman President, NJAWBO Shore Region

Networking • Friendships • Education

Visit our on-line calendar for up to date info: It is Our Mission to provide tools for members to compete in any market place enabling them to operate financially successful businesses. Our Objectives * To encourage and support business ownership by women * To enable women business owners to network and conduct business with one another * To offer ongoing training in business ownership, through programs and seminars offered by the State and Regions * To increase the visibility and clout of women business owners, while furthering their influence and participation in the general business community * To interact with other business organizations



Energize January/February 2014

Book Corner


New Books Help Parents of Children with Special Needs Experience Successful Family Vacations Jesemine Jones and Ida Keiper, co-founders of Starry Night Travel, LLC, announce the release of their Starbrite Traveler Book series. As experienced professionals in the field of special education, Jesemine and Ida realized that there were limited resources for parents wishing to travel with their children with special needs. They decided to use their expertise to create a series of guidebooks. The first book in the series, Starbrite Traveler: A Travel Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs, is an illustrated guide that gives families a well organized, easy to read travel resource.

Learn How You Can:

special provisions and accessibility for your child with special needs ✰ Teach and reinforce vacation safety with our illustrated activities ✰ Address challenging behaviors by applying evidenced based strategies ✰ Use checklists, questionnaires, worksheets and timelines to plan your trip ✰ Identify

The second book Starbrite Traveler: Destinations for Kids with Special Needs, East Coast Edition includes destinations and attractions along the East Coast of the United States that are special needs friendly.

You Will Find:

Special needs friendly destinations, including zoos, museums, aquariums, discovery/science centers, beaches, planetariums, amusement/theme parks, and state and national parks ✭ Accessible accommodations, programs, and supports provided for children with special needs ✭ Interactive activities and games to enhance learning ✭


The books are fully illustrated, interactive and even offer a companion activity/coloring book, which introduces the idea of travel to children with special needs in a fun, interactive way.



What Is Project HOME?


The books are available on or For additional information visit their website at A portion of the proceeds of our books is donated to children’s charities.

Since 1989, Project HOME has helped more than 8,000 people break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by providing a continuum of care that includes street outreach, supportive housing and comprehensive services that focus on health care, education and employment.

Housing. Since its inception Project HOME has leveraged $106 million

for housing and economic development. Their Public Policy, Education & Advocacy team won a landmark case in the Third Circuit Federal Appeals Court, which established a legal precedent ensuring fair housing practices for homeless persons with special needs. For nearly 25 years, Project HOME has worked with a variety of coalitions on the city, state, and national levels to impact public policies, educate elected officials and maximize resources for housing and services.

Opportunities. The Employment Services program works with over 200 residents and alumni each year on educational assistance, job search, job coaching, resume writing and budgeting. They make employment referrals and maintain relationships with community partners included Fresh Direct, The Fresh Grocers Loews Hotel, PA CareerLink, Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Shoprite. Medical. The St. Elizabeth’s Wellness Center is committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of people living in our community, including residents

of Project HOME-sponsored housing, people living in North Philadelphia, and people who are currently homeless. These health services, located within the St. Elizabeth’s Community Center in North Philadelphia, include primary medical care, behavioral health care, and care coordination services. We also work with many partners to promote physical and mental health to our patients and the wider community, especially around better nutrition, increased physical activity, smoking cessation and healthy stress reduction.


Education. Project HOME recognizes that education and employment are

critical tools to help all people—young and old—improve the quality of their lives. This is particularly vital for formerly homeless people and people from economically distressed neighborhoods that may not have had access to meaningful educational and employment opportunities. They offer a wide range of services based on best practices that are tailored to specific needs and goals of the individual. Increased access to these services provides solid support for adults, children and youth to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Located at: 1515 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130

If you want to volunteer OR make an in-kind donation: Volunteer & In-Kind Donation Coordinator 215-232-7272 x3023

If you want to make a monetary donation: Please contact the Development Department

If you see a person on the street in need of support, please call our Homeless Outreach Hotline at 215-232-1984. If resources are limited, you may call the Hotline for no charge at 1-877-222-1984.

Telephone: 215-232-7272 215-232-7272 x3057

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January/February 2014



For More Information on Classes, Workshops and Memberships or if You’re Interested in Sponsorship – Please See Our Website:

We Wish to Thank Our Corporate Sponsors: Kenneth M. Irvis, MD FACOG NJM Bank

Funding for the HAC is provided in part by the NJ State Council on the Arts, Department of State, a partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts through the Local Arts Grant administered by the Atlantic County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs. The HAC is a member of the South Jersey Cultural Alliance (SJCA). The media is invited to visit the SJCA press room at Visit the HAC at The HAC is ADA accessible.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014


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The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

January/February 2014 2014 January/February



Help Us Provide a

“Home Away From Home”

Children heal faster and better when they’re surrounded by their family. You can help us make sure that happens. The number of families in need of specialized healthcare for their children-- and a place to stay close to them during their treatment-- continues to increase. In 2012, our Houses had a record-high 92 percent occupancy rate. Providing the high-quality services we’re known for comes with significant costs. Every night, it costs us approximately $65 per family staying in our Houses. Your gift, no matter the amount, will help us serve families so they can focus on what really matters their seriously ill child.

“... A study published July 23, 2013 in Families, Systems and Health, a journal of the American Psychological Association, finds that families who stayed together at a Ronald McDonald House, for even a portion of their seriously-ill child’s hospital stay, believed their ability to stay nearby helped their child recover and spend less time in the hospital. This is the first published research to explore the role of family accommodation in enhancing the family experience, psychosocial well-being and perceptions of child recovery for hospitalized, seriously-ill children.” Below are heartwarming stories of the Horan & Procaccini-Brooks families and look at the pictures of their beautiful children. These are just two (2) of the families that have stayed at our Houses over the years. For each of the stories there are hundreds more. Please make a donation today to help our families into tomorrow. Visit our website:

“In April 2013, our twins, Grace and Sean, decided to join us 6 weeks before their due date. When we came to the house we were trying to adjust to being parents, to 4 hour feedings, to the special needs of NICU twins, to say the least we were overwhelmed. In RMH we found love and support, we found friends whose daughter was in the crib next to Grace who taught us the best hours to get extra time with our kids. Even though we lived less than 1 hour away we would have missed so much if we’d had to commute to the hospital. The house gave us the opportunity to be parents, instead of visitors in our children’s lives. We will be forever grateful to the house and its benefactors for helping make us a family.” ~ Krista Horan

The County Woman Magazine

“Our King Julian arrived 8 weeks early on 11/13/12. At 2 days old, he was transferred over 46 miles away to RWJ New Brunswick. We were grateful and relieved to get a room at RMH, especially because Julian was diagnosed with RSV that same night. Despite Julian’s setback, being so close afforded us our best nights’ sleep since his birth. For 62 days, Jill’s morning hellos, the caring cook’s meals, among many other loving gestures, kept us strong. On 1/12/13, the night before Julian’s due date, we finally brought our tiny miracle home. Living at the RHM carried us through our daily struggles; our first Christmas as family, and most importantly, ensured our peace of mind and happiness. Thank You!” ~ Katrina, Jule and Julian Procaccini-Brooks

January/February 2014

Women’s History


Doris Lessing Winning The Royal Flush


s a mental health therapist I encourage all of the individuals I counsel to journal. Journaling can be therapeutic and can also be a reflection of a life lived. Every individual I have met in my life has a story to share and an interesting life lived and yet we all do not get the pleasure of learning about the trials and tribulations of so many on a daily basis. As we embark on a new year with renewed hope, consider documenting your life as a legacy to those who may one day find themselves reading about it to future generations. Doris Lessing


gave society the guts and glory of her life and became a recipient of many awards including the Nobel Prize for Literature. What made Doris Lessing so interesting and historical? Born to the name Doris May Taylor on October 22, 1919 in Kermanshah, (retrieved December 1, 2013) Persia which is now Iran, Doris’ parents were British and after World War I relocated to Zimbabwe. It is noted that Doris endured a difficult childhood and stopped attending school at the age of 14. Doris ventured out into the world of employment engaging in jobs that included nursemaid, telephone operator, office assistant and most of all a journalist. Doris married in 1939 and had two children from the marriage. Doris felt confined to suburban living and divorced her first husband in 1943. Doris soon became involved with the Rhodesia’s Communist

Party and not long after her divorce, Doris remarried Gottfried Lessing in 1945. At that time that Doris took the proper name of Lessing as her last name. Doris had another child with her second husband, however this marriage also ended in divorce after four short years. Soon after Doris’ divorce from her second husband Doris relocated to England where she had her first book published in 1950. The book was titled, The Grass Is Singing (1950). It is interesting to note that Doris boldly wrote about a controversial topic in which a white woman who is a farmer’s wife has an affair with an African American man who is the servant. Doris’ writing would receive much attention through the years that spanned through various genres. However Doris’s book titled, The Golden Notebook (1962) would be the literary artwork to which Doris would be recognized through winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. The subject matter of the book was crucial at a time where women were fighting for equality and the women’s movement. The book featured a female writer struggling in a man’s world. The main character was a single mother who attempted to create a new way to look at life such as living as freely as a man was able to live. The book encompasses a series of five total notebooks or journals each -coded that represent different periods of the main character or Lessing’s life. The last notebook or the “gold notebook” is the compilation and reflection of how each of the other colored notebooks tie together Lessing’s life journey from childhood into her adulthood. The journey taken is both spiritual and physical and endures the struggles of a woman during a tumultuous time in history. Doris received numerous awards throughout her lifetime that included the Somerset Maugham Award received in 1954, France’s Prix Medicis in 1976, being recognized by the British government as a Companion of Honour in 1999. This award is a prestigious award given that dates back to the early 1900s to men and women who are nationally recognized for their work in cultural awareness. During the course of her writing, Doris used surnames that included Jane Somers, Doris Tayler, Doris May Lessing and known to (retrieved December 1, 2013).

society as Doris Lessing. It is noted in Doris Lessing’s biography that when she won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature that (retrieved December 1, 2013). she responded to reports in an interview by stating, “I’ve won all of the prizes in Europe, every bloody one. I’m delighted to win them all, the whole lot. It’s a royal flush.” Doris was known to speak her mind about personal experiences as well as her passion about politics. She was a voice for those who had no ability to stand on their own. Doris Lessing died on November 17, 2013 in London at the age of 94. Her literary legacy lives on through her writings. As you embark on your own personal journey heading into 2014 take the time to write down your life’s reflections. Not only will they become part of your legacy left behind, they will become part of history. References: Lacayo, R. (2013). Doris Lessing Protean Nobel Prize winning novelist. Time Magazine, December 2, 2013 edition. Doris Lessing Biography., Retrieved on December 1, 2013.

Rita King, MSW, LSW is a full-time mental health therapist and advocate of women’s history. During her undergraduate studies in psychology, Rita developed a strong passion for women’s history after completing classes in political science. As an activist, Rita has raised awareness of the importance of women’s history through lectures, history lessons in elementary and middle schools and creating women’s history displays at local libraries. Rita also utilizes her knowledge of women’s history to empower women and young girls in her current role as a mental health therapist.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014



Ocean County Animal Facilities Ocean County Health Department

ANIMALS FOR ADOPTION 360 Haywood Road, Manahawkin, NJ

Public Hours: Daily- 1PM-4PM Wednesday- 1PM-6:30PM


615 Freemont Avenue, Jackson, NJ

732-657-8086 “Give A Homeless Pet A Second Chance”

Why not start your pet search at our local Northern or Southern Ocean County Animal Facilities? Critter Corner featured pets are located in our Northern Facility. For more information call 732-657-8086. To see more great cats and dogs visit their website,

Adopt a Pet, Save a Life! Did you know that all of our pets are vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped before being adopted to their furever homes? We still have a number if kittens and cats as “kitten season” winds down. We also have a number of smaller dogs and full breeds. Adopting a pet from the Ocean County Animal Facilities is not only a great way to find your new best friend; it’s also a great value!

Critter Corner ~

A 5-Year Effort Continues; Thank You For Your Support.

Ally- DSH Female

Nook- DSH Male

Ally is a three-year-old female and is surrendered. She is mellow, friendly, and lovable all at the same time!

Nook is a one-year-old male. He was left on the side of the road in a cat carrier with his sister Mayday. ----------->

Ally gets along with other cats and would do well in any cat-friendly home. Call 732-657-8086 to find out more.

Nook is sweet, playful and very affectionate. He would do well in any home with other cats.

Call 732-657-8086 to find out more.

Mayday- DSH Female Mayday is a one-year-old female. She was left on the side of the road in a cat carrier with her brother <---------- Nook. Mayday is very sweet, friendly, very playful and affectionate. She gets along with other cats too!

Call 732-657-8086 to find out more.

Georgia- DSH Female Georgia is an eight-year-old female and is surrendered. She is quiet, lovable, and friendly. Georgia gets along with other cats very well and

would do well in any cat-friendly home.

Call 732-657-8086 to find out more.

This submission is an independent publication provided to the press by Mitch Geier and Betsy Lane and is not meant to be construed as an official publication of the Ocean County Health Department.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2014

Cooking Boutique

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Heirloom Kitchen Opens

At ‘The Village Of Town Center’ In Old Bridge, New Jersey Kitchenware Boutique Brings Brooklyn Aesthetic to the Heart of the Garden State Heirloom Kitchen, a culinary boutique offering kitchenware and tabletop accessories, had its grand opening on November 14, 2013. Located at 3853 Route 516 in Old Bridge, New Jersey, the boutique provides the community with a destination to explore and expand their culinary skills as well as inspire them to enjoy their time in the kitchen as never before. “Opening this store has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to highlight the amazing resources such as great chefs and bountiful agriculture that Central Jersey has to offer and make it accessible to the community,” said Neilly Robinson, Co-owner and Managing Director of Heirloom Kitchen. “There is nothing like bringing friends and family together through food, and we hope to make people’s time in their kitchen enjoyable and truly meaningful.” Run by the dynamic mother and daughter team, Judy Rosenblum and Neilly Robinson, Heirloom Kitchen seeks out the most unique, artisanal items from around the globe to carry in its boutique. An independent retailer, they aim to present their clients with alternatives to the typical stock carried in an average chain store. With a keen eye for both form and function, high-end products are stocked side-by-side with just-assavvy economical alternatives.

Getting an opportunity to learn from chefs you admire is a very unique experience,” said Judy Rosenblum, Co-owner of Heirloom Kitchen. “I have been fortunate enough to gather insights and inspirations from chefs all over the world and I strongly believe that these kinds of experiences can not only alter your approach to cooking but enhance your whole life. I wanted to create a venue accessible to anyone looking for the same opportunity—a little closer to home.” In addition to kitchenware and tabletop accessories, Heirloom Kitchen will soon be offering recreational cooking classes in its state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen. Sponsored by Arclina Design & Cooking School, Sub Zero & Wolf, Caesarstone, and Messermeister Knives, the kitchen is state-of-the-art, and the heart of the space—all accented with subway tile, stained concrete floors and vintage wallpaper from the 1920’s. Accommodating up to 24 people for a demonstration class and 12 for a hands on class, a variety of classes are offered, everything from canning & jamming, knife skills, and making the most of the season’s fresh produce, to digging into a fourcourse meal you’ve made yourself— all with a little help from local

About Heirloom Kitchen: Heirloom Kitchen is a carefully curated purveyor of kitchenware, both unusual and renowned, as well as a venue for recreational culinary classes that will inspire novice and professional chefs alike. For more information please visit: or check out our blog at For Press Inquiries contact Neilly Robinson: e: neilly@ t: 732.727.9444 c: 646.596.2739

butcheries, fisheries & farms, and prestigious chefs local to Central New Jersey, as well as the Tri-State Area and beyond. Whether it be learning how to make the perfect pastry, picking up an unusual gift for a loved one, or enjoying a demonstration cooking class on Friday’s date night, Heirloom Kitchen offers a culinary center for all the foodies out there.

Neilly Robinson, Co-Owner and Managing Director.

Neilly has spent the past seven years at a global management agency in New York representing established artists in the fashion industry. While she excelled at her job and enjoyed her success, she came to realize that her work was not fulfilling, and after extensive soul searching, she decided to follow her foodie heart and open up Heirloom Kitchen. Neilly is an active member of the burgeoning “foodie culture” of Williamsburg Brooklyn, participating in local CSAs, volunteering with the Brooklyn Food Coalition, dining with various supper clubs, and supporting sustainable growth as a consumer, organizer, and advocate. Inspired by the foodie community in Brooklyn, she sees an opportunity to cherry-pick the best of what she’s discovered there, and craft something original in the neighborhood she grew up in.

Judy Rosenblum, Co-Owner

Working alongside Neilly will be one of her greatest influences, her mother, Judy Rosenblum. When Judy started a family 35 years ago, her interests in food, nutrition, and healthy living increased exponentially. She quickly became an avid culinary student and an accomplished home cook. From that point on, food has been a major focal point in Judy’s life. Whether it’s hosting a lavish dinner party or cooking simply for her family, the act of bringing loved ones together ignites her passion for food. Following the latest food trends, her menus focus on wellness, nutrition, taste and presentation. Incorporating Judy’s background in interior design with her passion for food education, her involvement will range from the design and layout of the space to merchandising to spearheading its philanthropic initiatives. Judy will also help facilitate day-to-day operations.

Heirloom Kitchen Culinary School & Retail Boutique Open Tues – Sat: 11am – 7pm

3853 Route 516, Old Bridge, NJ 08857 w: t: 732.727.9444 f: 732.709.1161

The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

January/February 2014 2014 January/February



& Wellness

H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness

XCut PrescriptionCard CardOffers OffersSignific Signifi Cut Prescription

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How much does it cost to participate? The Prescription Savings program is a free service to all families and individuals that wish to save on their prescription.

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Or Fill Return avings up to 75 percent THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING family and friends. All cards family and friends. All cards criptions, lab and Request Cards Through Email: Rxplus@Thecountywoman.Com ~ Phone: 856-881-0302 ~ Or Fill Out And Return prescriptions, lab and Or go to our website or email you have a prescription. You can THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING 336.587.3370. family and friends. All cards egging resource that provides Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. ptions, lab and distributed are active andand ready distributed are active ready services. services. Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. even share the same card with distributed are active and ready oervices. savings up to 75 percent for use. for use. 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Costco Duane Rea receiving benefits! receiving benefits! nts typically range from must continue to pay your Part D fall into this doughnut hole, you counts typically range from unts vary, depending on The County Woman Magazine January/February 2014




Thank you to the residents of Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the greater Jersey Shore community who supported our Walk to End Alzheimer’s® event on September 28 at Point Pleasant Beach. With well over 3,000 people in attendance, it was our best Walk yet!

Most of all, we express our heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of walk teams who made the day one of such camaraderie and inspiration. Together, we took steps to raise funds and awareness in support of the over 500,000 people in New Jersey directly impacted by this disease.

We are grateful to many: the individuals, families, businesses, social clubs, and student organizations who made donations and contributions; Celebrity Champion Jack Ford of CBS News; Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Vincent Barrella, the Police Department, Township Administration and Public Works Department for use of this special venue; and our tireless volunteers for helping to plan and realize the event.

The money raised is used to fund research and support vital programs and services for Alzheimer’s disease individuals and families throughout the New Jersey communities we serve. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2014 Walks!

Alzheimer’s Association Greater New Jersey Chapter, Southern Regional Office, 732.832.7818,

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& Finance

Toms River - Ocean County Chamber of Commerce News A Letter from the President: Happy New Year! With 2013 behind us, the Chamber is looking forward to a new year! We are so excited about all of the new ideas our staff, executive board, board of directors, committee members & members are executing to revitalize the Chamber. Our Membership Committee has started Football Nights, our Technology Committee has their first technology seminar on January 21, 2014 & our Economic Development Committee will be organizing a series of Building Your Business Seminars in 2014. Our golf committee has announced the Maureen Stankowitz, President

Save the Date for our 21st Annual Golf Outing on June 12, 2014 at Woodlake Country Club. Additionally, the Chamber newsletter has been reestablished & is being emailed two times a month to our membership, if you would like to include business and community events, please email information to our office, Not everything is changing!! The Chamber will be hosting the always successful Annual Ocean County Consumer / Business Expo at the Ocean County Mall on February 8 & 9.

Toms River - Ocean County Chamber of Commerce OCEAN COUNTY CONSUMER / BUSINESS EXPO 2014 SATURDAY & SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 8 & 9, 2014

We would like to wish you & yours a very happy, healthy & successful 2014. We encourage all to Shop Local & Dina M. Vicari, Esq. Chairwoman

discover Ocean County.

At the OCEAN COUNTY MALL, 1201 Hooper Avenue, Toms River Promote Your Business to Regional Consumers and Business People Face to Face

EXPAND your advertising audience.... EXHIBIT your products and services.... EXPERIENCE the EXPO!

Welcome New Members Remax Real Estate, LTD Rene A. Zipfel Ray Zipfel 406 Grand Central Avenue, Lavallette, NJ 08735 732-232-0769 732-793-1100 Real Estate Garden State Hearing & Balance Center Annette Quinn Sharon Westervelt Kim Richards Isidore Kirsh 250 Route 37 West, Toms River, NJ 08755 732-818-3610 732-818-3663 Professional Services Angela Squicciarini Photography Angela Squicciarini Shore Area Toms River, NJ 08753 732-608-9257 732-608-9259 Photographers & Entertainment NJ Community Spine & Pain Maureen White 864 Route 37, Toms River, NJ 08755 732-503-4079 732-503-4127 Doctors & Chiropractors

UCEDC Robin Preisler 75 Chestnut Street, Cranford, NJ 07016 908-527-1166 908-527-1204 Financial Services The Marchitello Farmers Agency Jeff Marchitello 104 Beachwood Boulevard, Beachwood, NJ 08722 732-608-7320 732-608-7517 jmarchitello Insurance Mariners Cove Apartments Kayte Peters 372 Kettle Creek Road, Apt. 1, Toms River, NJ 08753 732-255-5200 610-994-6232 Apartments

The Chamber EXPO provides your business with a unique way to advertise your products and services at this once a year event! As a member of the TOMS RIVER-OCEAN COUNTY CHAMBER you have the exclusive opportunity to meet thousands of area consumers and businesses.


BOOTHS INCLUDE: 6’ Covered Table, 2 Chairs EXHIBITION HOURS: Saturday: 10:00 am - 9:30 pm, Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, SET UP: FRIDAY 10:30 pm



extra tables @ $25.00 =



extra chairs @ $7.00 =

ADDRESS: PHONE: We need electricity

Exhibit Space Rates: ( ) Members: $625

Little Caesars Ray Starego 285 Route 9, Bayville, NJ 08721 Restaurant

New Members Always Welcome

The County Woman Magazine

EMAIL: We do not need a table ( ) Non-Members: $625 + Membership Fee






Phone: 732 349-0220 Fax: 732 349-1252 •

January/February 2014


& Wellness


Yoga Retreat in Tulum,Mexico

March 8 – 13, 2014

Join Laurie Greene for a 5 night escape to Mexican paradise on the pristine shores of Tulum. Daily yoga practice in front of the Caribbean Sea, plenty of free time for rejuvenating and relaxing in nature, beach walks, optional nature excursions and spa services will fill your retreat experience. Escape with us this winter for some sunshine on your back, quality time on your mat, and a wonderful time with amazing folks to put a smile on your face.

O P E N C L A S S E S 7 D AY S A W E E K

• Yoga • Bellydance

Early Bird sign-ups through January 1, 2014 save $100

• Meditation • Tai Chi

• Therapeutic Massage • Holistic Services

Gift Certificates Available for Classes or Massages

WWW.YOGANINE.COM 609.404.0999 609.481.2455 609.494.9299 SMITHVILLE




TheCounty County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

November/December January/February 2013 2014




performances begin


Ben Brantley, New York Times (212) 868-4444

Barrow Street Theatre 27 Barrow Street at 7th Ave.

concept and lyrics by


JOHN THOMAS FISCHER Photo: Joan Marcus Design: Fraver

An original musical inspired by the true story of a Broadway producerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife who is suddenly jilted by her husband after decades of marriage. Determined to celebrate a new chapter in her life, she turns to her wickedly witty friends, who together sing, dance and laugh their way through the ripple effects of divorce and self-discovery. or (212) 239-6200 Groups (10+): 800-432-7780

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The most fun you’ll ever have in the dark

NOW LIVE in the heart of

BROADWAY! 212-239-6200 New World Stages, 340 W 50th St.

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An Educational Resource for Women & Their Families

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Are You Ready To Stand Up For A Child Who Needs You? children in the foster care and child welfare system. A system full of devoted and deeply caring people that is simply too overAbused and neglected burdened and under resourced children need more than to protect the rights and needs of the system can provide vulnerable children. • A six-year-old girl rescued The solution is a CASA volfrom an abusive father only to be unteer—a specially trained advobounced around to eight foster cate, appointed by a judge, who homes and six different schools fights for the rights of children over the course of two years. during the most vulnerable time • Four children separated from of their young lives. A trusted one another and placed in differadult empowered to ensure that ent locations after their mother each child is well cared for—able was jailed. to find a safe, loving, permanent • A young boy prescribed 12 home. different psychotropic medicines But nearly 90% percent of by healthcare professionals who the children in our community have no access to his medical who need a CASA volunteer do records or ability to follow-up on not have one. Over 600 children his care. in Ocean County don’t have the • A teenage girl kicked out of hope a CASA volunteer can offer. her house, and forced to sleep on We won’t rest until every a cot in the hallway of a group home until she turned 18—when child has a CASA volunteer. Stand up for these children. all her possessions were handed Stay connected as we fight to to her in a garbage bag as she ensure every child has a safe, perwas officially “aged out” of the manent, loving home. Volunteer system. These are not isolated stories. Your Time to Change a Child’s Life! They are everyday realities of Submitted by: CASA of Ocean County, Inc.

Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care. As a CASA volunteer, you are empowered by the courts to help make this dream a reality. You will be the one consistent adult in these children’s lives, vigilantly fighting for and protecting their fundamental right to be treated with the dignity and respect every child deserves. You will not only bring positive change to the lives of these vulnerable children, but also their children and generations to come. And in doing so, you will enrich your life as well.

What Do CASA Volunteers Do?

CASA volunteers listen first. Then they act. Volunteers get to know the child by talking with everyone in that child’s life; parents and relatives, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers and others. They use the information they gather to inform judges and others of what the child needs and what will be the best permanent home for them.

Who Can Be a Volunteer?

You do not have to be a lawyer or social worker to be a volunteer. We welcome people from all walks of life. We are simply looking for people who care about children and have common sense. As a volunteer, you will be thoroughly trained and well supported by professional staff to help you through each case. You must pass a background check, participate in a 30-hour pre-service training course and agree to stay with a case until it is closed (a year and a half on average).

Interested in helping children but not ready to commit to becoming an advocate? Then consider sponsoring a child and providing them with a CASA of their own. Please call our office today to become a volunteer or sponsor a child. Please call the Executive Director, Vicki Weiss, at 732-797-0590 or visit our website at

Thank you to our corporate sponsors that support the CASA program With your contributions, CASA was able to serve 136 children during the 2013 program year. CASA, with 58 volunteers, advocated and assisted with 68 closed cases that found a forever home with 10 adoptions and 36 successful family reunifications. It is our goal to serve over 150 abused and neglected children in Ocean County for 2014. If you would like to sponsor a child and would like more information, please call the Executive Director, Vicki Weiss, at 732-797-0590. Tax ID Number 4350731. Your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

EVERY 35 seconds a Child is Abused. Time is Precious and So am I.

Sponsors for 2013: • Provident Bank • Ocean First Bank • Lakewood Rotary • Lakewood Co Gen • Novins Jacobus and York • Gannett Foundation • Lakewood Rotary

The County Woman Magazine

• Wells Fargo Bank Foundation • Family Focus Financial • Soroptomist Club of Central NJ Coast • Lakewood Co Gen • Roots Hair Lounge


Like us at Ocean County CASA

Vicki Weiss Executive Director CASA of Ocean County 1108 Hooper Ave. Bldg. 1 Suite C Toms River, NJ 08753 Phone: 732-797-0590 Fax: 732-797-0594

January/February 2014


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ountry Club HomeC & Business Expo


January/February 2014

Fine Art Photography

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It never hurts to know more about your current situation.

To help more people make informed decisions, we now offer our

Second Opinion Service. We’ll take you through the same discovery and analysis process we use for our clients everyday to help you gain clarity on where you are now and where you would like to go. We’ll examine any of the gaps that need to be filled.


We find out that you are in good shape and advise you to stay where you are, or,


We find out that you could better your situation. If we are not a fit for your particular situation, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to a financial advisor who can work with you more effectively, or,


We find gaps in your current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage in helping you reach your goals. We would then explore the idea of working together.


Please contact us at (732) 364-5462 email or visit for more information. *Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Global Financial Private CapitalLLC and Family Focus Financial Group are not affiliated companies.

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The Ocean County Woman publication is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for more than 31 years. There are over...