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Women and Estate Planning Oftentimes, both men and women have similar goals related to their estate planning. However, there are some unique challenges that women may experience as they age. These challenges revolve around financial well-being, health, housing and long-term care. Moreover, these challenges are magnified for woman because they tend to live longer and may serve in a caregiver role for family members.

It’s important to examine how women can make their later years golden instead of worrisome by taking a few key estate planning steps. To protect their assets and lifestyle, women need to prepare for their elder years. Because we don’t know what the future will bring, it’s essential to take care of these documents before an emergency arrives. Preparing an estate plan under the weight of sudden death, divorce, or health issue can be overwhelming at best and impossible at worst. Almost half of all women over the age of 74 live alone, and one in nine of these women need assistance with daily activities. These numbers make it clear that women need to start planning early. Talk with your spouse or family members

Certified Elder Law Attorney, Annemarie Schreiber answered questions and offered informaton on the Caregivers First TV show, hosted by Lynette Whiteman, Executive Director of Caregiver Volunteers Of Central Jersey. The episode aired last December 12th on local TV stations (visit for listings). It is also be posted on

and start preparing with the idea that a long life awaits you. Find someone you can turn to and trust regarding financial and estate planning. It’s best to have built this relationship and created an estate plan before the need strikes unexpectedly. The basic estate planning documents, including a Will, a Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive are important for everyone tois have in place but ascare noted is also known as a health proxyitdirective, particularly advantageous forhealth women thesedirective. documents a durable power of attorney for careto or have an advance An in individual place. appoints a trusted person to be his or her representative in the event the creator of thebasic document no longerdocuments, make medicalsince decisions In addition to the estatecan planning thefor him- or of herself. majority caregivers are women, it’s vital to set up an estate plan that can provide fordocument continuity of care should something is a legal in which an individual states his or happen to the caregiver. her wishes regarding medical treatment and end of life care. An individual’s Not surprisingly, most residents in assisted facility preferences for medical treatment and end of life careliving are often included in and nursing homes are women. Planning ahead and speaking to an estate planning attorney about long-term care can save thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are financial and estate planning tools available that can help protect a family’s assets. The key is to start planning early. T he elder law attorneys at Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle and Sacks can help you develop an estate plan that covers your needs as well as your families well into your golden years. Estate Planning, Probate, and Administraton Wills and Trusts Powers of Attorney Advance Medical Directives Disabillity Planning

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* As a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the ABA approved National Elder Law Foundation, Annemarie Schreiber is one of only 400 or so attorneys in the entire United States who is a qualified CELA. She is certified by the ABA approved Natonal Elder Law Foundation and has years of experience offering clients in Ocean and Monmouth counties the legal counsel they need to plan ahead for their future or the future of their loved ones work through difficult situations.

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