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In Vitro Fertilization Zika Virus and Fertility

For some, IVF provides the very best chances at successfully becoming pregnant.

What Every Woman Needs to Know

a parent. you feel youofmay struggle tosafety afford eliminate the possibility of Practice passing Enhanced on a genetic By by DrDr. Allen Morgan Precautions” and If suggests a few the following Allen Morgan possible multiple cycle treatments, you may disorder, such as cystic fibrosis, to their children. Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine steps to staying proactive:. Allen Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, NJ choose a smaller practice, where you are We can also test for gender1.using PGD, Do not travel to an areawant with to Zika. more likely to with find Zika special discounts effectively allowing you to choose thesex sexpartner of your n vitro rying fertilization (IVF) isand a smart 2. If your is traveling to areas make sure to and use even to conceive planning on traveling? Here’s payment plans in some cases. child. choiceeverything for many you people condoms during sex. needsuffering to know about Zika virus before 3. Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- registered insect repellent from infertility because it produces you buy those plane tickets. Zika virusAnother is a pandemic process to consider conjunction toinavoid mosquito bites. the highest success rates. If you’re Forpants more information, which is spreading throughout the western withhemisphere, IVF is preimplantation genetic screening 4. Wear long-sleeve shirts and to avoid contact with mosquitoes. considering IVF, you should have an (PGS). PGS is for anyone wishing to to control mosquitoes raising concerns for pregnant women and those trying call 732-363-4777 5. Take steps entering your homeor by repairing understanding of the clinical process, eliminate the possibility of having a child screens, doors, and windows. to conceive, leading fertility specialists to costs involved, and andprompting the decisions Visit with chromosomal abnormalities like Down launchin informative Individuals who have traveled to an affected area or have had intercourse involved each typecampaigns. of IVF cycle, syndrome, and may be recommended for with someone who has traveled to a Zika-impacted region, simple blood and such as embryo testing and freezing How the Virus Operates anyone experiencing recurrent miscarriages, urine tests can be performed by your fertility specialist or womens’ health options. The serious illness is spread from infected Aedes species mosquitoes someone who is older or whose ovaries physician to alleviate any concerns. to humans but can also be contracted through sexualdocontact, blood not work as well as expected, Egg Freezing The basics oforIVF are fairly straightforward. transfusions laboratory exposure if the virus is present. Researchers or someone with have multiple failed A woman’s eggs are removed from to thecross through suggestedmature the placenta is aiding the virus maternal- Just like There are no recommendations or policy statements from the American fertilitythetreatments. body and fertilized a laboratory fetal barrier. This in explains the lackenvironment, of nutrients and blood the also babytest forCongress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) or from the Society PGD,supply PGS can where growth can be evaluated, prereceives. gender in order to select thefor Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) for women who choose to implantation testing (PGD/PGS – see below) sex of your child, if you so freeze their eggs for later use in order to prevent Zika exposure. To those Possible Effects women spending an extending period of time in regions with Zika, freezing can beThe performed, andknown viable effect embryos can be virus ischoose. most widely of the Zika Microcephaly, which eggs could give women a sense of security. This decision is a very personal selected for transfer intowhere the mother’s uterus is a lifelong condition the baby’s brain does not develop properly choice and should be discussed with a physician. for resulting implantation and growthsmaller into a head healthy in a significantly size than normal. Other include Once yourisks meet with bouncing baby physical girl or boy. When egg sperm miscarriage, deformities and or severe damageaoffertility the child’s nervous specialist and donors are used help the process, we refer to the system. have discussed the kind About Dr. Morgan: Dr. Morgan is widely recognized for exceptionally high IVF success rates process as third party reproduction. of IVF cycle you will with minimal use of fertility drugs. Dr. Morgan completed his fellowship in undergo, you should Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at The University of Kentucky There are several variations to the have a one-on-one basic IVF process that can increase meeting with a financial before opening his own practice in central New Jersey in 1993, where he chances of success, ensure genetic counselor to discuss the has helped over 3000 patients become parents. He is also a clinical professor at Jersey Shore Medical College, teaching OB-GYN residents since 1993. disorders aren’t passed on, identify costs of IVF. Out-ofHis expertise also encompasses advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic chromosomal abnormalities, shorten pocket expenses can be very surgery to preserve and enhance female fertility, treating conditions such as thePrecautions number of cycles required and and Prevention little if you have insurance endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids and polyps. cost less. Because the lifetime of the virus is unknown, anycoverage. person actively trying However, if you are to conceive should follow safety precautions to avoida self-pay contracting the virus. patient, costs can be For example, you may choose For more information, call 732-363-4777 or The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued “Level 2But finances quitehas overwhelming. preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) should never keep you from becoming Visit along with IVF. PGD is for anyone wishing to


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