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Sacroiliitis/Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

degenerative disc disease, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, neck and back Many patients tend to develop chronic pain, nerve injury, plastic surgery, burns, split-thickness skin graft degenerative joint issues as they age. Pain donor sites, and stress fractures. It may also be used after surgical from the hip, knees, elbows and shoulders procedures to assist in the healing process in areas of poor blood supply. plague a large majority of the chronic pain position. Pain can be referred to the hip, groin, and occasionally The sacrum One of the main the patient’s down the leg above thebenefits knee if of thePRP painisisthat severe. If there isown blood population in our country. These complaints is located in the is used, making this procedure safe, cost effective, andextremities, without side numbness, weakness, or decreased reflexes in the lower are common lower portion of and can cause decreased effects. The natural healing process may take 3-6 weeks after the then more proximal issues involving the lumbar nerves should be range motion and a poor quality of life the spineof and injection and the procedure may need to be repeated 1-2 more times investigated. in a 6 month period to encourage fulldiagnosis healing and regeneration. lies between since it becomes more difficult to perform There is no single reliable test in the of SIJ dysfunction With stemmaneuvers cell therapy,that stem cells are the harvested fromare the iliac the lumbar and but provocative reproduce symptoms activities of daily living. Typically noncrest (a bone in the hip) and then also injected into the site of tissue coccyx. The anti-inflammatories (NSAID’s) are suspicious for sacroiliac joint issues. The gold standard of diagnosis steroidal damage to help decrease pain, increase mobility and regenerate SIJ dysfunction resulting from the SIJ itself is by performing an sacroiliac joint by (SIJ) prescribed physicians to help decrease of damaged joints. These two techniques are safe andThe great for patients X-ray–guided SIJ injection with a local anesthetic. diagnosis is is located on either pain that can come from achy joints. As who are hesitant to undergo surgery or for those patients who have confirmed if there is significant relief of the pain and function from side between been told by their surgeon that joint replacement is not an thealready injection. time progresses, patients may benefit the sacrum and option them. Imagingforwith lumbosacral X-rays to rule out bony pathology is fromofcortisone injections and joints or joint ilium the pelvis. The left and right are held beneficial. CT scan and MRI are alsoSTEM beneficial in examining theare AUTOLOGOUS ADULT CELLS (ASCS) replacement. together by strong ligaments, which contributes lumbosacral to rule other thatand may involve the being usedspine to treat manyout types of pathology chronic pain degeneration. its However, before considering going under the knife to to have to stability. There is minimal movement the joint replacement surgery a new modality is gaining popularity SIJ. Tt It functions as a shock absorber for the spineand providing patients the opportunity to “regenerate” damaged joints. and aids with weight transfer to either extremity Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting field that is showing during The ligaments of the sacroiliac promiseambulation. in reversing years of joint deterioration. Regenerative joint loosen during pregnancy due to circulating medicine utilizes the ability of the body to heal itself. The two most hormones to allow techniques for pelvicthat widening during thejoint promising regenerative are providing chronic pain reliefprocess. are platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell (ST) birthing therapy. inflammation of thefrom SIJ, it termedand sacroiliitis When With there PRP, is whole blood is drawn theis patient then spun and cantobea unilateral or plug. bilateral. dysfunction is a a down platelet rich ThisSacroiliac powerful joint platelet plug contains result of abnormal motion in the sacroiliac joint. SIJ dysfunction multitude of growth factors that when injected into painful arthritic can result sacroiliitis not the sole etiology. Sacroiliitis can joints caninhelp regrow but and isregenerate years of damage. occur a component of inflammatory conditions of theincluding spine, PRP as therapy may be used to manage numerous injuries which termed(hamstring spondyloarthropathies. muscleareinjuries sprains, bicepsSpondyloarthropathies and triceps injuries, are of but not limitedligament to ankylosing reactive calfinclusive and quadriceps injuries), injuriesspondylitis, (ACL, MCL, LCL arthritis, andtears psoriatic may (Achilles also occurtendonitis, due to sprains and of thearthritis. knees), Sacroiliitis tendon injuries osteoarthritis, Crohn’stennis disease, ulcerative trauma, childbirth, rotator cuff injuries, elbow (lateralcolitis, epicondylitis), golfer’s orelbow infection of the joint. (medial epicondylitis), patellar and quadriceps tendonitis), Signs and symptoms sacroiliitis include mild to moderate degenerative conditionsofsuch as arthritis (osteoarthritis), joint pain, ache in the lower back or buttock pain on either side. Stiffness can occur especially with prolonged sitting or walking. Discomfort can worsen when standing from a seated position or a knee-to-chest

Currently doctors are treating shoulder, knee, hip, and spine discs, bone, and nerves. degeneration, in addition by to soft tissueand (muscle, tendon, ligament) Treatment is determined the type severity of symptoms, bone related andand theother underlying cause injuries. of the sacroiliitis. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest,stem change position, or medication While cell of therapy mayheat/ice, be appropriate for certain conditions, (NSAIDs). Other conservative care is inclusive of physical it is not applicable for every condition. However, it is hastherapy, proven to chiropractic therapy, or osteopathic manual manipulation to help be a viable option for several individuals suffering from pain. Good restore range of Fluoroscopically candidates formotion. adult stem cell treatment guided usually SIJ are:injections with aidthat in decreasing and pain.complications • Asteroids patient wants toinflammation avoid the inherent For severe intractable pain not responsive to nonsurgical that come with an invasive surgical procedure treatments interferes with daily functioning, surgery (sacroiliac • A painthat sufferer that is interested in an option that offers jointpotential fusion) is designed to fuse improved the SIJ to stop the motion for an overall quality of life in the joint. • Every patient is different, the success of the stem cell therapy is dependent on the severity of your condition and your body’s response to stem cell therapy.

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